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.id Jekastos Teaqelth
-aat Asstreliea Tanam Team
'tfCrtaf FUreef Sp- '
Auckland. It Z, Dec 80. Amer-
Pl7" today swred a
ZuMe triumph w the treatest
SSitoiUn net iUrf tonight
-UUV Potion
h7tsurwnsnt tor th Dt1V
& Mslorte cnsmplonshlp trophy of
ihe tennis world. -Ul:
(William T. nw n of PhiUv
WnOettered down Norman K.
IrilkM. cwtain of tH Antipod
al?0 William T. John-
A of in Francisco, virtually
t,.... aMr who won tne
Esrrsmai. from us
tSSa. ftoaawT in M19.
I Dm to Win.
W ifrirkito . need only one
r i-CiT win the cup. The
;j.th matches follow:
"..Jn defeated Brookes, 10-8;
U- I-t end 0-4; Johnston defeat'
J ipattaraon. ,--3, -1 and 6-1.
, tt mod Patterson have i
-Tm tn1 nartiallr redeem their
ui. in the doublet against Til-
iJtFinA johnsWn, and thefe are1
Mnho believe they are capable I
jtojSm$ the title even yet'd
i ": ',' Cant Batch Yank -.Speed.-; -$
tin ay . which Johnston -and
TOMB sped their way through the
UUns of their opponents today,
iowevsr, Baw supporters of the
tVn reasons to belieTe that
j'pcsvJS and Patterson must flay
jttrtnnls to eren gain 'momen
tttr rlctonr from them.
. Tie national singles matches
Ifll b played on Saturday. , Tllden
t Blaiclr pnszled by the splen-
A TolleTinr of Brookes today, and
rookes maintained a terrific pace
a ihroneh the match. Tilden's
.rUUant returns did much toward
ttrnlnf the tide in favor of the
) Americans, although the heat and
( Brooke's age may have something
Mdo-wKh the final result.
,- . ' TOden Seal Champ.
I ' "Brooke's game was only slightly
alow that shown when he was in
Ne hey-day of his old time mastery.
Jden's play Justified his position
J world s champion.
( The match, was contest bitterly,
at in the ' most sportsmanlike
aaanel Brookes deliberately driv
the ball out of the court on one
xcailon In order to make up for
H assumed error on the. part of a
Je umpire. An analysis of the
natch shows' that Brookes can at
irtkute his deetat to the terrific
Mnes of the American. Tilden's
kseond ball waa' invariably return
ed by Brooke, -who shot the ball to
the Philadelphian's back-hand.
Jehnttom a Flash.
Johnston's sever drives to Pat
's back-band in the back of
e court marked his play with the
jang Australian star. Patterson
jplied to these drvies weakly and
volleying back handers were
Jven back with lightning speed by
I Johnston showed complete ma-
7 oi we game at all times, and
M fore-hand drives to Patter-
Ms back-band were almost al
ys winning strokes.
Cotters and the T-N-T will hook
f eunoay and play off their tie
n of last Sunday to decide the
jampionship of Chicago heavy
wghu. Manager Frank Leviton of the
illmaa eleven is not taking any
Mas With the Boosters and liu
ieo up Tralton of the Staler
iKijr.left cklo. La Ross of the
xvuumis wm tak
ils win n .ik
I"?.'" and Annan, fullback
com and
f uaunacic or tne Caica
Chicago Tigers,
With Puil
1 Will form tha T-N-T harVfl.M
. I.' I ..I r. . - -V I
Sua Bah p.,., ra.t
I fght boxer nf th 4m.L
JUoaary forces .will meet I,
Uker, Kansas Qty heayyweL
' Ground boat here tonight
iro-nd bout here tonight
twitching Eczema,
PU Sores and Piles
r eintoMt.'
on Peter
mm: to. Mod
nr RliaMs di-u-
7St I or wui do?
n't dA
C&rVv nf 1lii. v v .-
auAo-.T mm: I lad
ae Itnibljr with ocmbs. It did U
s oarntmrr uiz LTrri
wo soitkly.'
oboj o txtim h- . V v""
-u mm nr ia Cm
ota. W.;i . i.. . .
!- co. uZrSSLTx. 7.
1 1 be open until 9 p.m.
fiday night but be
sed all dav Nw
a - - w
' Sec'y. & Treas.
cATiFErrnzn has
DessMj Stock Falls to
. Georges' Level, They
New York, Dec. 30. When Frank
Moras finished Jo Beckett In two
rounds, fight'fandom gav up a lot
of nice things ft had been thinking
about Georges Caxpentier. .
He was regarded as a wonder
man because be finished the Eng
champion with on r punch.
when Moran, who doesn't rank
to ten in American heavyweight
circles, did the same thing in a
round lower, the experts figured
Frenchman. would be easy for
Dempsey. . -
Then cam the Dempsey-Bren
fight and the champion's stock
slumped. - . - ,
' The fight folks think-now that
the Dempsey-Carpentier aoair will
be "any man's game.
v -' Three Black Marks.
L Against Brennan, Dempsey show
ed three important things that the
critics were dubious about In his
favor was the evidence .. that he
could ko under hard pressure' for
least 12 roends and that he can
take a hard punch from a hard hit
ter. ' The third, less favorable to
him In doping him with Xarpentier,
is the fact shown by Brennan that
he is very open and can be reached
by a fast man who will carry the
flint to bun.
Against ruiton, wuiara and
Hlske. his last fighU Dempsey car
ried the fight and proved the truth
of the German theory that a per
feet- offense needs no ' defense
Dempsey got that trio before they
had a chance to get him.
Brennan Fooled Hbn.
He evidently figured that Bren
nan would cover up and try to last
as long aa possible. Instead Bren
nan fooled him and dashed out of
his corner on the offensive. Demp
sey was baffled when Brennan in
sisted on carrying the fight, to him
ana he had to wait his chance.
Carpen tier has a punch, and-so
has, Dempsey, thns strengthening
the opinion expressed before that
the first-one who gets his punch
across win win the fight
Joe Beckett is now an admitted
second rater, so Carpentier'a quick
wotk wnn nun cannot be overesu
mated. However, the. Frenchman
may fight Moran and the result will
he interesting.
Brennan Is a better, fighter than
Moran, hut only slightly. If it
takes Carpentier: more than 12
rounds to finish Moran, Dempsey
wm iook Doner. . , !
VM Champ Jfot Himself.
However. It nut lw Mnau.i
th Dempsey waa'. not himself
against Brennan. ? He 'was ; over
trained and stale and. he was' cold
for six rounds. A 4 ,
He also showed the lack of work.
He worked him way up to Willard
by steady fighting and then rew
rusty by having only two bouU In
17 months. . ' -- .
Joe Welling made Benny Leonard
step some to beat him and all the
lightweights, who were dodging
the champion before, are now hot
after him.
The heavyweights nrobahiV Will
figure the same way about Dempsey
win oe more willing to get in
me ring wnn mm. . .
xi ne gets enough . work be
tween now ana July 4 next, the ten
tative date for the next big defense
of his title, Carpentier will not face
" vempaey mat Brennan did,
Chicago., Dec. '30. darpnr Vur
Spears, coach at Dartmouth univer
sity for four years land former AU
Ameriean guard, has signed a one
year contract to become head foot
oaii coacn at tne University of
West Virginia, it was announced
last night by Harry A. Stansbury,
athletic director at West Virginia,
who came here to confer with
Fs spears" record at Dartmouth
made him "one of the most desir-
aoie coacnes in the country,'
oiansoury saia, and every effort
was made to sign him to a West
r irginia contract. The Dartmouth
eleven -wan ranked as one of the
ySSlf J"
- it made cood renorda
fV lie Spears gained his football
re vtion at Da:
in Vd coachin
Is lnvwanee,
ceed i4li, Mch
re VUon at Dartmouth, both play
ed coaching there, his home
see, in. Me will tar-
Mclntyre at West Vir- I
. . :: , i f: -:,v-..
Chicago,' Dec, SO. The boxing
commission of the National Col
legiate Athletic association, will
submit a new plan, amended to the
extent that objections, which caus
ed the association to rentse to
sanction boxing In colleges and
universities, yesterday, will be
eliminated at next year's meeting,
it was announced here today.
Fear that boxing under the plan
offered yesterday would get r . be
yond control of the faculty boards
of control, caused the disapproval
Chicago.. Dee. U (United Press)
Chicago- University and Prince
ton were all set tor their basket
ball engagement here tonight and
although tne student body is scat
tered because of the holiday sea
son, one or ue magest crowds on
record is expeoted. Both teams
tapered off yesterday light, prac
tice.' . o ' -
lYfcfcft Levies Greater Pizdchmsnt,
- Boxing or Wrestling? Read and See
Wit f
sfftor o lew is y
Which had the rougher voyage
Joe Stecher, who lost to Strangler
Lewis, or Bill Brennan, who was
knocked out by Dempsey ? Which
is the harder game, wrestling or
fighting? Which would yon less
rather hare been,. Stecher or Bren
nan? . . -
After viewing both bouts, it
seems to us that Stecher endured
more punishment -'than Brennan
and that both wrestlers worked
harder than both .- fighters and.
were paid considerably less for
same. . Dempsey is said to have re
ceived $100,000 and Brennan $25,-
000. What Lewis and Stecher got
has never been announced, and it
is hard - accurately to guess. But
you can bet it was nothing ap
proaching the fighters' harvest;;.
borne Punishment
Lewis and Stecher manhandled
each other without cessation for 1
hour and 41 minutes.
Dempsey and Brennan lambast
ed each other for' Just 34 minutes
and 37 seconds. The 11 rounds
were interspersed by one-minute
breathing Spells on stools, where
restoratives were administered and
soothing breezes were stirred by
huge fans. , And considerable of
the actual fighting time was spent
AT $1,311 LB.
St Leafs Cards Tan Down fSSV
000 and Five Players far Hens,
by Bat' Cost ifol ' Fwand.;
BT mmtr v. wibwwtt
(United Press Stan Correspondent)
New York, ; Dec. . 30.Basoball
flesh on the hoof is getting into the
platinum class. ; -
Last. winter when-: .Babe Rata
sold for. 1160,000, the: market price
reached the crest at $731 a povad
But this winter that price la al
most sausage class compared with
the choice.- flesh ' that iS: maniac
Leaders, oa' today's bidding are:
ogersA t uornsny, , - ? iil- v. per
wauer .aaranvui: fiBpn. par
Heinfe Oroh. StSCner wound.
The , broken, who have -cornered
these prise stocks are holding out
for; still higher 'quotations. ;. L!
; WMOt for Hernsbr.
The Rip Van Winkles, who were
oiown out or tneir sleep last win
ter by -the price that Babe Rath
drew, must have been knocked into
a pentetnarsnoote last nigh when
tne st Louis Cardinals turnec
down aa ofler aggregating 1250,-
000 for Rogers Hornsbr."
"Fire players and f 258,000," the
uiants tempted. s.ui -
"Throw in Friseh sad well con
sider it" Sam Breaaon answered.
Smelling ' aalta vwere needed
around th Giants' lair when they
considered Ftisch's market price of
S6V.000. -.. . b'i; j.
Heinle Oroh is stiekfnr around
Cincinnati because the pressure of
130.0W iron men cant pry ana off
uarry Hermann's roster.
Hgh Costef Raatt."
The loud voice of J160.000 also Is
falling to work the hearing organs
oi George Washington Grant tat
Babbit Maraavllle.
Coasktermg these prtoas. the
millkm of Charley Oosniakey wtll
not .be worth ootat with the) caul's
in fiddling without the-striking of
Back in Five Minutes,
When the end came both Demp
sey and Brennan were pretty well
battered and blood flowed freely.
Brennan ' was distressed by the
knockout, but was not senseless.
His head was reasonably clear and
urged thn continuance .of the bat
tle. But bis muscles and organic
makeup said "No." It was the only
time either man went to the floor.
Five minutes later, perhaps-less,
Brennan was aa good as he ever
was in his life. i.T-.v
During the hour and forty-one
minutes that Lewis and Stecher
were at grips neithers hands were
off the other except for a few sec
onds. The supply of reserve energy-exhibited
by the two was as
tounding. ; . The match was replete
with' the most torturing grips
known to matdom, heedlocks, scis
sors, and pain-dealing toe - holds
and arm locks. At times the men
catapulted each other across the
ring like a pair of exhibiting acro
MarveiMs Energy.
The amount of energy expended
by each man while extricating him
self from a crushing hold is some
thing to marvel at. Stecher was
probably as badly dased after pry
ing himself loose from the Stran-
London,; Dec M. The Oxford-!
Cambridge team won the cross
country race at Roehampton today
from the Cornell hill-end-dale run
ners. The Bngiuh team scored 29
point sto Cornell's 29.
C. C. Carter of Rock Island Is a
member of the Cornell cross-coun
try team, and was praised highly
by eastern athletic critics just be
fore the 'BSg Red Team" embarked
for Bngland. Carter's individual
efforts against the Britishers .were
not available in the above, dis
St PanL IDnn., Dec 30. Johnny
Schaaer and -Bobby Ward, local
lightweights, will top fistte card
af a boxiag show hare Jan. ?. They
will go 10 rooada. . J -
The local Whirlwinds last night
beat the tri-city T. M. H. A. Seniors
by the score of 26-1 at the rrank-
lin school gym. Thw game was
hard fought the Whirlwinds eut
classing the T. M. H. A. every min
ute of tha game.' , Alexeaberg, ther
Whirlwind flash, was the Individual
turnedtBter f" ,
face on It when ft comns to band
ing up a White Sox machina. .
sry-aigh . prices were not eon-
fined to Urn major leagues.
over in Baltimore Jaea imnn
has two Orioles who weigh in at
five figures oa the scales.
r are ftetng
sought by every major leagae team
ia both circuits. -
Dunn coald tarn the pair Into
at close to 1S0,M, bat he
U aoldinc on and laasnlng sewsy
offers' that started at SS0JM0 ' and
mount higher daw by day. -Dana
chaeklas at- tke wrath ef
the Intarnatioaal lean
who throw It up to bam that fee
- w
m -r
gler's headlocks as Brennan ever
was irom uempsey s oiows. tie
picked at his face and temples to
restore the blood which had been
squeezed probably back into his
heart .:
The suffering he underwent dur
ing the last series of vise-like
Deadlocks which s ended the bout
must have been acute. When they
pulled nim to bis- feet and dumped
him on a chair he looked more
dead than alive.
- And how the Strangler thrashed
J about and struggled and squirmed.
wnen oiecner appuea nis scissors
hold! When Joe's enormous legs
entwined themselves, python-like,
about Lewis' massive body, the ag
onising pressure distorted his face
and turned it an ashen paleness.
It requires- almost superhuman for
titude to endure. such misery even
for a couple of minutes! "
" Ho Pnneh Like It
We doubt that any punch deliv
ered by Dempsey or Brennan in
flicted even momentarily, the pain
induced by one of Lewis' Deadlocks
or Stecher's scissors and toe-holds.
In a word, w wouldn't swap.
were - it possible, , the place of
Dempsey or Brennan for that of
Lewis or Stecher particularly
when you . figure the ' money end
of it! : : .
Buckeyes Windnp Heavy Drills and
Begin to Rest as Kew Tear's ,
. Clash Appreachea. ;
Pasadena, Cal., Dec. 30. (United
Press). Ohio State's football elev
en today began resting up for the
intorsecuonal -test wnn California
university here New Year's 4ay
- Grueling workouts under a sum
mer sun here have melted pound
age off the Big Ten conference
champions and today and tomor
row will be given over to recupera
tion -training with minimum of
signal drilling.' ?. .- ,
Coach. Wilce, however, claimshis
proteges have proved their .ability
to travel at high speed for an .hour
under summer weather conditions
and the slackened sseed will now
put them in perfect trim by Sat
urday. -J?; :
! Chicago, Dec SO (United Press)
Schedules for the major leagues
for 1921. will be framed at a meet
ing of the schedule committees
here on Jan. 8. j
The Joint meetings of the majors
and minors will be held the follow
ing day. The Joint meeting of the
two leagues will be held Jan. 13.
This meeting will pass on the new
national agreement now being
drawn np. .
Akron, - O- Dec SO. (United
Press) Princetoa staged a sens a-,
tional rally in the second half -to
defeat Goodyear. Industrials - last
night 25 to 1. , At the end Of the
first hail the locals led U to 4.
BTixnair wiKS. '.:
Deeatnr. HU Dec 30. Mlllikln
university basketball team won a
practice game with Clinton T. M,
C A. here- lant night, 44 to 22. Cap
tain GOl and Poseover starred for
Mlllikln, with Lane of Illinois, and
a of - Kan, Min u dm
Jor the tsttors. - -
ftpeiUssesfs A. C and BagW Clab
Bot to 8tage PrsnUalns; Skews
as Bis; HelUsy Featares.
like a good begraatng tor
the Queensberry sport with two
new Rock Island boxiag clabs In
fall awing New Tear's day. Right
oa top 'of the announcement that
the Sportsmen's A. C. would re
turn to the field with -. Battling
Johnson of Holine, and Pete Mar
low of St Louis, heading their hol
iday program, comes word from
Honest John" Cowden that
Eagles' hall will be the scene of, a
10-round scrap between Eddie
Summers of Muscatine, and Johnny
Solik of Detroit, and other enter
taining bouts.
Cowden roes the Snortsmen's af
fair one better by announcing that
women and children "will be wel
come." That would Indicate that
the affair will be a first class mati
nee to break the monotony of a
long, ary Mew Year's, summers
has appeared several times in Rock
Island bouts. Ha had the misfor
tune to be over-matched with Eddie
Gillmore in his last appearance
ana tooa tne count in the third
round. Kid Cutis of Rock Island,
and Battling Buck of Clinton, la.,
will be the semi-windup attraction.
Ticket Agencies.
Cowden announces that tickets
for the show may be purchased, to
day, tomorrow and Saturday at the
Eagles' club, both in Rock Island
and Davenport and at Al Schmidt's
soft drink emporium, opposite the
uagie s ciuonouse in this city, spe
cial efforts have been made to ac
commodate a capacity bouse, Cow
den says.
As to the Snortsmen's show,
which will be held in the old Owls'
hall at Third avenue and Twenty
first street Rock Island, Pete Mar
low, who appears In the windup
event with Walter -Battling" John
son, of Moline, appeared here on
two previous occasions. His debut
was with Al Tuttle last sarins- in
the Illinois theatre, the bout result
ing with little advantage either
way. Marlow was matched to meet
Cat Delaney sometime later, but
wnen it came to enter the rag, De
laney bolted because of the poor
auenaance. .. . ..
.-V y JTarlow . Confident. ,.
Marlow arrived in town today
ana predicted that he will break
Johnson's winning streak. Pete is
a.'-4ast aaever lightweght4Twho Is
especially adept at head-slipping
and picking his opponents' punches
out or tne air. His work in these
respects- is regarded the best ever
witnessed in the tri-cities. He has
fought 12 twenty-round battles in
the southwest, . for a total ring
career of more than 60 fights. He
is a veteran of the World War. hav
ing served at Chateau Thierry and
in the Argonne.
Johnson has been training bard
every day and Frankie Sinnett his
manager and trainer, figures that
the "fighting Swede's" steady, con
sistent fighting ' for two years, to
gether ' with his youth, speed and
endurance, will carry him through
Saturday .with flying colors. ,
. Test ier Sinnett.
While grooming - Johnson for
coming- battles, Sinnett has heard
the old call himself and will at
tempt a comeback - on the same
ward with Young Powell of Rock
Island.-as his opponent in the six
round1 semi-windup. His showing
against Powell will determine
largely whether he will be matched
in February -with Carl Tremaine
for a bout in Detroit Jimmy Kel
ly bf Davenport and Young So-
wosn of Moline, those two hard'
swinine little fellows, will con
tribute one of the preliminaries,
and it looks like a good show all
Residence Bales for Eligibility Bis;
: Problem at Meet for Proposed
Bid-West Circle.
. -Chicago. Dee. 30. Proposed for
mation 6T - a new athletic confer
ence composed of smaller middle
western colleges - was discussed
here today by representatives of
six schools in five states. -
Residence rales : for eligibility
proved to be "the big problem
However, It - appeared as though
this Question might be worked out
to the satisfaction of all concern-'
ed. . ' ' -
Among the tentative members of
the new body the residence rule
differs. Some 'require only six
months' residence. Freshmen thus
can compete In track and baseball.
Others allow, freshmen to compete
in all sports. 1 -
Schools with residence rules, it
was pointed out would be handi
capped m competing against those
with no residence rales.
, Many arguments in favor of the
new conference were expressed and
a settlement of the residence ques
tion would leave the way clear for
its formation representatives said.
rnrosHiw tehob. j
Chicago. Dec. 50. (United Press)
Chicago today had discovered a
new American tenor. In the big-'
eat demonstration glroa a ameer
since GalB-Carcl oprang- into fame
here in 1911, Charles Marshall,
singing the title role in Verdi's
-Othello.- was wildly acclaimed
last night s i .
MarshaU. whose home la la Phn-
adelphla, aang In Italy far soseral
years onaer.a Launisea
. (With Dae Apologies.) ,
Bfri Hart's hair grows so rap
idly that he is obliged to get it cat
every month. . v ...
It Is said tnaTVatty irbsekle
never gets into bed wltaent first
takfsf eff all bis clothes and put
ting- en Mb
It is not generally known that
Douglaa fair banks ones, believed
there was a SanU- Claus. .
;' kstern - dreles were snrprbed
the ether day to near that when
Babe Bath steps to the plate he
takes g Ticious swing at the ball.
Bryant Washburn never adjusts
his necktie without first putting on
his collar, -, '
Harry,. rimslBmens gtves fair
waraias; that ltis bad lack to
strike a poUeemaa. . -
Jack . Dempsey fought a dual
(role) with Brennan.. Said he was
not himself. " . .
Charles Bay Is very fend of feed
and seldom sits down to -a meal
without seme of It on the table.
Norma Talmadge always eats
breakfast soon after arising.
-President Wilson has no Inten
tion of ocenpyiag the White house
after March 4.
Kid Gleason seldom misses an
opportunity to see the Chicago
White Sox. perform.
Pete Sttaekeonb. Ohio State grid
star, always brushes his teeth upon
arising, and has a brush made es-
peciauy Tor tint purpose.
One of the most successful song
writers advises that a ballad must
be set to music to become success
ful. 1
The Beck Island Independents
have departed for their homes, bat
wBl not return immediately after
the holidays.
Speaking of holidays, any hard
working father will agree that they
should be called- holidays.
Xan-e'.War, kins; of the turf.
does net de his training with a
tlaycr-piaao and a Iimoaslne. .
Opinion's are divided as to wheth
er Jaly 4 or April 1 should be our
national holiday.
It is exneeted thai fh Cleveland
Indians will nave a fall team in
the field te begin the next pen
naat race.
Tris Speaker is Said to he a
fagin because he' teaches his play
ers to steal bases. . -
The most surprising discovery of
the year is that women would nev
er marry were it not for the men.
Ten dent have te nave a family
tree te tarn ever a new leaL
5V jt
C E, Weston, formerly or Rock
Island, writes from Decatur that
he ii handling the pugilistic affairs
of Frank Zelle; whom he touts as
ons of 4he likeliest heavyweights
since Jack Dempsey began to weed
out the flock.
Weston has made overtures to
all tri-city clubs in hope of getting
a match for his man. Zelle is de
scribed aa weighing 105 pounds, 27
years old, and almost -six-feet-two
in height . .The fighter. Weston
says, served. two years overseas,
aad that his best showing In this
country wss when he earned a pop
alar verdict nrea Captain Bob Ro
per ia Des Moines.
Zelle to bard at work condition,
ing aJauett for any opponent ' I
the heavyweight class. -
"" vlii
snaatgwiasHi'' ' J"
ElsmeUtes la Fine Term Aft.
Workouts yrk Grata, as See
Tlctory TeateRww.;
Despite the fact that only er
member of the Rock Island hlgT
basket squad- ia a veteran, nopst
are high for the locals to win from
Wyoming tomorrow. Coach Kim-,
mel and the squad of sin met
wUl leave tomorrow afternoon ant
return New Year's day. ,
Although, there has been no
school for the , last week, dally
workouts hare been held at the Y. ,
The high boys have been playing
against the alumni basket sharks -Instead
of the second team sad -have
Improved a great deal Since i
the alumni game a week Ago.
Secoad en Scbedsie. (
The came tomorrow will be the i
second bsttle on the locals' sched
ule. A week ago Friday the high n
school met the alumni In the first 1
game of the season. Although they :
fought hard, the school team was
defeated. 30-23. The showing made
was a complete surprise to taose
who saw the game. The. high
school's teamwork was especially -good
tor the first game of the year. '
, since the grad game. tne. isiana-
ers have improved greatly. The
men have had to work harder
against the grads than the scraps
and the results have' been good.
The speed of the squad has in
creased and the ball is passed
down the floor with . lightning
swiftness. -.--1
Leads reuUMters, " -Duncan,
the flashy halfback, who
made most of the locals' points In
the alumni battle, is still , the In
landers most consistent scorer. .
He has a keen eye for baskets and
throws through the loop from ail
angles Inside the foal Una. His
tendency to shoot tor tne oasaet
when covered, in place of passing
to a teammate, has been removed,
and he is showing up In good, form
for so early In the season. ' '
Another one of the locals' Best
bete is Henke. the football cap
tain; Henke plays Ue running
guard position in great style and'
Is responsible tor much sua lag.
Unfortunately he will only be eli
gible until the last week of Janu
ary, when his ninth semester a,
gins. There Is not a man In toe
whole squad who so far has gkaajL
himself capable of filling HehkeV
shoes, v Scbater seems to be Ute
best seen so far, bat It is not
known for sure who wfll take
Henke's place. - . -Vr
. "Reeenkraas In Perm. ;
Although Captain Rosenkras fad
ed to make a basket In the alamal
battle, he played a whale of a game.
He was playing on tne usrsnairo
most , of the time and never; fit
close enough to take a shot Sue
same is true of BiehL Be only
threw one basket bat fed Dnacasi
consistently and was responsible
indirectly for many of the goala,-;
Hall, at back guard, is intpfortafr
and wiU be a star basketear if he
continues. The first of the year he
was slow and clumsy, bat ia raaw
idly overcoming -. these faatts:
There seems to be a great husk of
efficient guards on the squad this ,
year, Henke and Hall being thof
only two men who have shown any I
ability at those positions. ft !
Nothing is known concerning Qm
Wyoming squad. Wyoming - is a 1
town in which basketball la the;
majrn- sport, instead of footbalEi
Candidates for tho basketball squad
work out all fall and the Wyoming ;
team hag played games all through '
December. Last year the Island-1
ers had little trouble in defeating;
the team in the tournament and :
the locals are confident of repeat'!
ing in is year.
Portland, " Ore, Dec 20. 8m j
Langford, Boston heavywelghVl
'.won a 10 round decision from. Jim:,
i Barry of San Francisco, in thai
match here last night - v
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