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:; at.S w- :-. 5i. ic.
n:rr.ra: rar? 'rrp'ft Hr
i ir; A i,'K',i.i yi::DEPEtl)tsj:iF"
cnr.o jipfttlGED
Wcrs Set for Tip Oi at Doug.
Park Tenightt t in. Boat
at 8 O'clock. - .
Jlmmr flabby vs. "Stock,
yards" Tommy Mnrphjr,
round at 16 pounds.
Frankie Sehmalzer vs. Bat
tllng Check, six rounds at 14S
Jimmy Gill vs. Young Caesar,
four rounds at 14 pounds.
Young Moha vs. Young Sail
or, four rounds at 123 pounds.
I' lure Douglas park, Kock
Island. '
Time o'clock.
j ne noes lamuu ibjiuh nan Phfraso
well balanced program of boxing J-""- "
.This Is a cfMM iay for.the
thousands of Leglea-nwn here
for Oe state convention, bat
the majority UI in tlms to
MtbFbotweea 8 o'clock and
las Park Tonight lira, Boat L,tiM o'clock to witness Ue box.
f ... t s nrinrk. : I ins- ftrosrasj at Douglas wurk.
All rdan after dusk lead to the
areafe Rock- Island- post, la
cnej$on -with Its entertaln-nr-tnf.the,
visitors, has ar.
' raad an athletic program of
ml Merit, one that Is tally de--servliif;
iof all the support the
eitjsvgnests and the boxing
faas of the tri-cities caa bestow
upon It
-'J' .'
' There will be two 4-round bouts,
one j-coutider.and a windup of 10
rounds. The feature number brings
together Jimmy Clabby, the 'Ham
mond, Ind., middleweight, and
"Stockyards Tommy" .Murphy of
Two hard, rugged maul-
- , - . , f .. CIO Willi UUt a D1UKIC IUUUKUI-
lortne consummaiiuu Ul u.o knockou- Both are terang of the
at Douglas park tonight, beginning
HI 8 O CLUCK. 1 wo 1UUID, a. ni mm.
, .1 ,r,m1
"r . . , .imX hih itinn important than, the main event
?8 thtceJl Frankte Schmalzer of MHwaukee is
"'orVisiting" deTeges-and
i"- .his ability on more than one occa-
iSth-'mBln ,n 3mmv Clabby. sion. before crowds.
" -. c . . 1 'I'ho tiarn nrolimo nnmicA i r
the "gloce F.w.
The semi-windup is hardly less
The, Independents renewed
their tralalng grind at the Rock
Island camp this afternoon.
Manager Contclnian would per
mit his- athletes to rest only
Utlsf minting, after yesterday's
tussle with the Moline Indians.
With the Green Bay game
scheduled for next Snn.lay, only
the hardest kind of prepara
tion will pat the team in hape
known familiarly as
trotter." will meet "Stockyards
Tommy Murphy over the 10-round
route. This paiir will scale in at
about 158. pounds this afternoon,
trim fighting condition for both.
Both are ex-service men, Clabby
having done his bit as a member of;
the Australian lighting torces.'
while Murphy served well on one
of Uncle Sam's sub-chasers.. This
fact is of particular interest, to the
legion men.
In the semi-windup Frankie
Schmalzer will attempt to establish
h'mself in the eyes of tri-city fan-
dom by lacing Battling Check of
Davrnport. Frankie recently took
up his residence in Rock Island.
His record Is such as to command
the attention of the followers of
the pport. . In Check he is going
against a rough, rugged mauler of
the cave man type, one who is very
apt to nut across a sleep producer
at any stage of the fuss unless one
is mighty careful.
The preliminaries are unusually
Jimmv Oill for sometime, and he' HIS Mxound knockout of
will have his chance in one of tlie'V ' . ' ; Frenchman. I
4-roundears- tonight. Jimmy has " !
been boxing regularly in Wiscon-j p. is v cpnt 2 ,Rv ' tho ..
mmCrsXen8 CentrS " U -Olenl
"ThToVenVrtSnld be repute "ri..?hJ?nShH ST F
with action. Young Moha of Rock ? 1""t. trm Wopedeb-
island and Sailor Larson of Mo- .k n ,ni
lino have met once before, and tne -"J1" heavyweight division,
result was a contest that immeJi-' S'' f Senegalese. ham-
ately started the fans clamoring ft.r irer1ih? .Swi "
another engagement between the Butolo Teic-
Moha has been busy for the :rVLZ::'
down in the sixth round to stay. I
The bout was to have gone 20!
rounds. I
Badly Battored.
Besides the loss of his prestige'
ana n's line, carpent-.er today was
to pat ap a real fuss agalart .
the ortaaraerv Greea Bay
' el tbe IndeaendeaU to a 13
to 0 'score last seasoa, aad from
all reports 1s muck stronger
; this year. . ,v , .
The drill during last week was
heavy for only a few of the boys.
Too many came In toward the end
of the week to reap the full bene
fits. There will be morning and
afternoon signal drills and two or
three blackboard sessions each day.
By the end of the week all hands
should be pretty well versed in
signals and plays.
Reverting to Jimmy Clabby, .
" the thought comes to mind that
he has been matched with
Johnny Wilson, middleweight
champion, the bont to be stag
ed in 3rew York some time the
latter part of next month, tf he
bout has practically been
clinched, according to Larry
Litchinsteln, manager of the
Hammond tighter, who is posi
tive his boy wll lift the mid
dleweight crown. .
Clabby spent some of the early
years of his life in Rock Island,
He lived with his parents in the
east end of the city around the
Lonefellow school district. Frankie
Sinnett, who one time came within
hailing distance of the bantam title,
recalls a fistic encounter between
himself and Clabby when both were
fresh youngsters going to Long
fellow school. Some of the older
kids urged them on during the
noon " recess. When a truce was
declared, both were bad spatter
ed, and rather than take the risk
of teacher's disapproval, they shook
hands and went down to the river
for an afternoon's swim.
Johnson, Gavin aad Coaielnui
Carry Ball Across for
Touchdowns. . . ,
f . I II 1 1 . .,' 1 .
.11 Ji r -Cimh Ec Uclfat S3 to k ) .
. Backfield Stazes a Track Meet
wimt r.nhim 1- Snanldinc.l
It; Farmer, lg; Peterson, t: G. De
Clerk, rg; F. DeClerk, rt; KimBall,
re: Brindley, qb; Versluis, lhb;
Alsene, rhb; Jorgenson (C.) fb. .
Independents Lyle. re; Slater,
1 BY J. I" HUGHES. Versluis ror BiancKe. Atsene ior,iuC . .r , v. - nut three nUvs bv Rinck1 and
Displaying an attack rough In Sill. Haege for Kimball Blanche than they ran aU over JJito
. k. .mmtain Minnrh. the for Jore-enson. Rock Island: Lauer losers. . '2"-li. " "V .I...wJ m
BY HAT GEISMAB. Ainude that np and three more on the
rla. " ' ski k...al.U next olar. Reil punted 40 yards to
SeaClagoe SI anck anitte STSMSk ?, A o"
'Union 'rhb kX Sd: 'evTrything that came ita waytho hUno punted rl Mi u, G.
C, Johnson, rhb; Kolls. lhb; -0 5KToi Contingent Point. ,o P. J
nSiinn, - Moline: Lasnier took a chunk measuring 63 to r.72,i?kS5i!: - iS a as the Exolan.
tA. n rLriorir stll fnr Alnene.jOUt of
ntanoba fnr Vorshiis. Anthonv for fbolBall
r.nhom n neClerlt for Farmer, las park
Versluis for Blancke. Alsene fof.the Islanders to get
the hides of tho East Moline nwiou w w Tr" 1
warriors Saturday at Doug- f J n auei.-w, "'"P":
. It tooklwo ouartan tor ummei rusasu ,iu r
. .ttA v ana aner a iJ-yara iim
as the Explan.
at ion.
(Copyright, 1922, by The Argus.)
n iuih, otju &o. ine Vain
anTntsCTnnToS aft!: Gam f Thri-son and Gold pushed SttJ VaT
o2SBit Douglas park' yesterday, for Lauer. Clago for Vo. . Itwo t uch s o e ,d madthcrta world's ser.es Theoddswm1.
last few months and asserts Lar
son will not have a look ia with
him this time. '
Finish Training.
Both Clabby and -Murphy finish
ed their training with fast work
outs yesterday afternoon in Daven
Eddie Usher, three years a
member of the Michigan uni
versity football team, reported
to the Independents yesterday
while the game was In progress
at Douglas park. He is a back
held man and hails from To
ledo, Ohio. I'sher was on his
way to Rock Island within an
hour after he had been reach
ed by long distance telephone
Saturday nicrht.
tosher played with Michigan
in 1918, was ineligible in 1919,
but finished up in 1920 and
1921. He Is stocky of build,
much on the order of Lauer,
and is sn!d to be a great smash
er and exceptional defensive
man. He is said to have been
one of the principal cogs in the
Michigan eleven.
defeating the lighter and less ex
perienced Moline Indians by a
score of 26 to 0. The green clad
warriors registered a touchdown in
each quarter and Jerry Johnson
added two points by goals from
placement. Two attempted kicks
after touchdowns .were blocked by
the scrappy Swedetown represen
tatives. '
. As was to be "expected, the In
dependents looked far from being
a finished product, but the ground
work has been laid and in another
week the squad should hve plays
mastered well enough to withstand
the invasion of the Green Bay team.
There was not the unison that w'.ll
undoubtedly characterize the drive
of the locals later. The Indians put
up a gritty battle but were worn
down by steady line plays and a
sprinkling, of aerial work that wa3
indicative of promise. i-
Work Long rass.
In the first quarter Jerry John
son crashed across the last chalk
line after the opening drive of the
Independents had been stopped on
the one-yard mark by the fighting
youngsters. Consistent line gains
carried the oval down, slowly but
surely. In the second quarter a
pass, Conzelman to Clago, advanced
the ball from Rock Island's 23-yard
line to Moline's 25-yard zone, from
where a series of line bucks
brought the ball to the shadow of
the goal and Gavin smashed over
for the second touchdown. Jimmy
Conzelman staged his on-side kick
ruse in the third quarter at the ex
pense of Walt Brindley to score the
third touchdown. The ball was
kicked by Jerry Johnson from the
vicinity of Rock Island's 30-yard
line. Brindley allowed it to roll
acr'os his owngoal, and Conzel
man, racing at. full speed, smoth
ered the bail in his arms for the
Third Quarter.
East Moline kicked off and the
-V,U1CI1 will ne lull i
dom 8 to 5. New York's sportiuf
population, which is made idk;
Conzelman j first 10 minutes of play and the sec- fded. Rock Island , Bast boys can get it-
Points from touchdown Johnson end was put over in the last part of "
2 (kicks from nlacementl. c Ithe second period. ' I '. ,
Officers Frev. referee; Daven-1 The backfield was the big gun of ' ?""e. ... u.l largely of gentlemen who are will
port umpire. ' Ithe Islander's game. Time after icai ueu u. bu u u ... j t0 0 th h nfe betting tbciaU
porr, umpire. Anderson punted the ball 3 way to a mca, tjckpt todaRv 5,
tripped through the East Moline line yros offside on the Moline is vara creed that th Yanks gh u ST
... . 1 lino Raat Mnlms tried a naftft and . . "
Moline puntea to ijonzeiman, wan ana too many limes to count tney : 7 ,rr oaas carriers.
ran out of bounds on Moline's S3- slipped off tackle and went around 'lle. It was the locals Dan on' commissions
nns T anJiii wtmmm JBu I
G. Kone broke through for-,-. h. wishBa . ', '.""f;
linn ' Tvhnann cm eh orf f Of tha nrl fni lnn vaind
9. Gavin went tnrougn tor iu anir rne visitors put up a wonaerrui 0n Daseoau games and tind nleni
hopelessly out- " " "ZiT I c" . , : Ya ; or company to stand by him, bi
followed with 7. Kolls made a battle but were
down. ' Gavin went over on the next the East Moline line deserved ers who eat lunch in Wall str.
nlay for the final toucnaownx iry special mention ior tne attempt ne . : i V na uinner somewnere arott'ji.
r J ... . . A A A . L . j - . .aininv oHhtl?narhpn RMd v broke . . , rs
for ' XlDal irom placement was maue to stem tne uoe ot aeieat. , f ----- - - : limes square irom maKmg' an
,!,uu f'-j " ' a W'nR. 811 tne wagers on basebii
Black in -e P'nl- "CI1 that will not prevent the booknud
rith I
gaining slightlyhen
blocked. Final score: Rock Is-I
land, 26; Moline, 0.
First Quarter.
' and a touchdown. Anderson missed that ,ey can get jf the odds
Tr- mrAtw.n unv.j Ap m- . . ... 4 , j as- luai ,UCJ c
"Tillie" Voss and "Dutch" Lauer' h - ru wv i"8"? r2r? satisfactory. Ninety-nine per ce
were used sparingly on account ot r," " " " miuu"m""' " 'of them would bet with Commal,
the fact that both only Joined the fTSJJST JS l"?1. "L.! -W Landis himself on the uX,
team Saturday. They were substi- "f" StoTvTck the toirth ""V. 01 toothpaste that he uses if tLa),
tuted toward the end of the second Hfl wifh twA arll)t t whlt. """T'. ,rrtC: V.-- : coula 8el a 6a enou8tl Pt
miarter. Lauer showed v streat 2", ... "Via ' 7. r.. ,, " ucu.uH age.
smashing ability, being particularly ",ej" ,T. rimmage and raop rawr-. Giving odds in a world's serie,
adept at twisting. He also show- C'V ""'.JS' lui alf wrong. There never has tol
ed to
a"e def . K? f '-" .3
uaoa. i'"v-a uisuv BIRO maflA tne urODKlCK ior EUSI.
, ' :; XriJ r nrt KOCK 1B,ana siV- wo!,ne re" , odds-on bet. A scries between tl
, . ,V:.Lr Zr T M0"ne receivea toe iuc-uu uuu clubs in baseball as plaved tnuftc
ihrniiirh fnr thrflo mnrp anil Whit- Mit ..nii tva nnnrarl 1. . r .. . """V
20 yarns as tne quarter enueu. - .or es for a rhamninnshin I,
jk . MMoah o it wrria sAtnnH lAwn with l i a . I "
O KILLiDIULK v -j n""J butterfly of another hue. Anytbi-V
uT. "Tfc T-rr. .V nTi.iilM I " wuw",u- lvuuc """-6-' cata Happen in the first game off.
nit ne line ior a yara ana wnuneia .11 made touchdowns in the penoa i
ESfJL? lrLl "" iLt Lfn wlth Anderson Wching dropkicks j wjnner of the first game
A 7- .'vin after two of u,e8e..and Whitflold theihas an edge that is better tha, J,
JnVl. 7. T.i tlulCT- rasl " weawuouiB that one game. It is the adilf ?
i,.u.iSu .u. vucu - mis quarter aca me lsianuers uuui
MiAre Palm Selected
for Job at Penn
yards and a first down. On the next lttie trouble in making almost all
play Rinck galloped through for 10 elr plays good. The Crimson
yards and the first touchdown. 8eemed to be able to break up the
Jtamser missea a oropsicit on tne forwBr(i passing attack pf the East-
mnral. tt cfnrHn. urith A vintnrw
Where money is the medium'i
conversation and men deal in
solely, it is almost out ot the qtV'
tion to get an even wager ttaattM
(Copyright, 1922, by The Argus.) tor Pjn J f ers in this session and making long b will deffeat tneir riValav
There is a boy down at Peim V" ?T'Z's"."ZJ:.l ,7:: T?1" lacm- . . . bettors have said that the back
"--v- J'"' " J I ll a Illlt'UII. r
League Standing
port. A large crowd of ianswere hu, of "adly, NATIONAL LEAGUE.
around to Judge for themselves.
Consensus was that one of the best
battered body.
closed during
bouts ever given here at the prices sf uKeu anQ ne was tnerwise
. i tn . .. v.V.j. beaten up.
nf SI S'l nn.l -i nn tho hnarHa
for tonight. I
Clabby is confident that he will
be returned
Carpentier never had
after the third round.
the winner bv nonular bareljr able t0 re8Pond to the bell ! Brooklyn ....
He declares "he " has llth ?f sixth. With Philadelphia .
One of his eyes was ! , W. L.
the fight; his nose i New "York 88 58
Pittsburgh 85 65
St. Louis x.. 82 66
Cincinnati 82 68
Chicago 78 71
....74 77
....55 92
....50 98
a chance
He , was
never felt better In hi lnnir rarpor 18 "Ki11 eye completely ciosea ana I Boston
and with the prospect of a bout '8. nSe torohen' ne wag nable toI
soon with Johnny Wilson for the
W. v u.
put up a guard,
middleweight tlf.e. is not going to' t.ne. xt th "eS fifher v.w vnrk '
permit a slipup. .planted series of terrific rights Tiork ..93
Has Hard Right. Freach idol crumpled to the floor, j Detroit 79
"Stockyards Tommy" is regard- pne of his legs caught between the; Chicago 77
ed as one of the hardest right-hand legs of the Senegeiese while he 1 Cleveland 76
hitters in the division today. His was falling. .... . ' , (Washington 66
one failing Iras been an uncontroll-j The crowd, the largest that ever i Philadelphia ...61
able desire to swing his right from witnessed a boxing contest in i Boston . 69
mo iiu.il. mis una Buiueimies gut r lame, . sen sea tne ena. All was
him into a peck of trouble, cspe-,' uproar. Many persons jumped!
cially when pitted against a smart into the ring and carried the Sene-
uuxit. , However, ne possesses a gaiese on weir shoulders to his
fairly good left and is capable of corner.
using it to advantage. - Mm rw.rrni.il.
The referee, Harrv Bernstein, at
first ruled that Siki had been dis-
' qualified for tripping, but me
throng which, considered that Car
pent'er had been beaten squarely
by a better man. received the de
cision with a great chorus of hoots'
.and Jeers and even threatened the
New Brunswick, K. J.. Sept. 25. 'X b"d"yr barm- Tbej
Poster Sanford. the Kutgcrs coach,' J,JJT'BTI and!
rodranTca.?. heyo or S
make a football team." The ret- .USi r!in!lned '? the arena
erence was to the reported on- ' ' r""' ,L. C I "Til
trance In tho naval academy . of ff
urn. . rmov iinon,n .i vJhHo ? ,arS numbers of the crowd asi
a sturdy halfback, who served the 'rom 016 rinS t0 hia
Rlltcnra olnvcn rvcU lact cm. ..lu"iun'
the past few years, Yale, Princeton
und the Army have profited by
players trained in the Rugtrs
school which, perhaps, is as much
a triumph for a coach as winning
cnampionsh'ps in sequence,
i .409
Uiiaa u v uaot invuuc , rrtiA inann it rrtr loiann w am- I . .
State tnriav named Mike Palm, who i, Mh .ini 9s -r.rH. "T."?' "i"", ",. oi tne tanas must give more (UK
, - aer le, nan it, nauuicn ig, viai n. cven
has something of a task ahead of i Second Quarter. 'Aash rg'. Collier rt, Chambers re, visit around among them and
him. He is being groomed by Hugo i it was feast Moline s bail about Whitfield qb. viner inn, , u. none i Win k- found that thev consuaY
score. Line plays were resorted to Bez(iek to fili the shoes of Glenn mulneld. fhe tasters could not rhb. Rinck fb. . -r the American league teams tot
in the last quarter to score tne i Killineer at Quarterback on the gam ana weamana puntea &v yarns east moiine ieurenous re, t.ari- better fielders and to have bttl
.n..v.U , ..V. A ..... lii.,riril nnri-n(r 1 . - . .. . , r. WhilHalrt YClln .1. h. nlT H.ir nn Unmma w Mae, t .-MllltnCT- -. i . . . . . i . , , . .
State eleven, li ne comes tnrouga l" " - - u -iu'uu,n ""e pucners. aiost ot mem uimn im.
he will prove a wonder, ipdeed, tor that distance. - Kinclt ana viner lg. Black It, Ingersoll le,-- Barrett j Giants have no pitchers wo
Killinger was no ordinary gridiron spl't seven yards on a triod of line qb, Sarginson c, rhb, Lee lhb.j wniiei -except Xehf, who piUi
performer. W""? auu lu" yuuim M weaawnu iu. ,.-. jthe deciding world s series gas
Harvard has already taken up Taras 10 iwusgrove no reiurnea Buostitutions. kock' isiana iast year, and they are not v
secret practice That run of lne oau lv yiua. oaigiunuu muuc nuusiuu, Anueraon, . tvone. nm- enthusiastic about him. ir any of
Owen's that settled the Yale ganie ei8ht ya'ds on a pass from Mus- ter. Ekholm, Crompton, Oson, j suggests that the Giants have b
fourth touchdown. Forward passes
were also worked to some advant
age. . t ' ,
F. De Clerk, Moline's right
tackle, played the best defensive
game for the losers: Moline's of
fense was practically nil against the
Independents' celebrated forward iiag fan ls t0 precious for disclos- grove but the Moliners could not Koester, Davis, Turner, Cavenaugh,
wan. uniy ooe iirsi - uuwn was
made, and this was a run of 14
yards by Brindley around end
early in the fracas. Ever after.
Brindley found himself against a
hopeless proposition in attempting
to advance the bail. The Independ
ents' backfield was hardly Called
hatters than their rivals thev
ure. It was certamlv a oewuoer- vnawcn . .o.. -"- set tne aeciaraiion witn ma sia,)
ing play for the Yale team to fae. nr" aow.n- 0CK isiana was on- Jine Musgrove and forsytne. hnent that the American leagfc
Glen Foster Saaford came to sia. new now at quarter ior kock t tteieree. K.egg oraiuornia. urn- pitchers are better than those
Rutgers as an unnaid coach. There isiana snppea va tacme ior one pire, nweaoergoi Augusiana. tieaa the National league. That see-,
are some who dislike Sanford do- yard. Viner lost two but Rinck linesman, Frey of Grinnell. -r jto be right. Anyhow, the Yanke
cause they do not understand hin . " (whether they wish it so or not, at
They do not appreciate his brand!
of humor and at the same time the
into action on the defense. Moline j lofty motives that have character--essayed
a couple of passes that lzcd his career at Rutgers have
were incomplete, in the last few (been totally missed.
minutes. Otherwise it was a soft Rutgers todav is a place of. un-
afternoon for the secondary per
formers. Line Shows Well. ,
Rock Island's line carried the
stamp of approval.' At times tre-
uiciiuuuo uutca vce tutu m cue l t H.olr.T V-n 11
National League.
St. Lonis 10;' New York 6. .
Brooklyn 4-3; Pittsburgh, 2-11.
Others not scheduled.
American League.
Washington, 5; Chicago, 4.
Cleveland, 3; New York, 0.
Detroit, 7; Boston, 2. :
St. Louis, 7; 'Philadelphia, 4.
Introduce Novel System of Keep
the Spectator in Tonch With
the Game. . Ap
posing line, and the Islanders' hack-
field was always there to make the1
most of the openings. Oecasionafy
Moline held the runner to no gain,
and once or twice Rock Island suf
fered a loss of territory, but these
were few and far between. '
The game was remarkably clean.
Only two penalties were called.
both for offside paly.
First Quarter.
Healev kicked off to Graham of
Moline, who advanced the ball loj
the 23-yard line. Rock Island ' was !
offside on the first play. Jorgen- j
son failed to advance "but on the
next play Brindley circled left end)
for 14 yards. Jorgenson plunged
for one, but six yards were lost on
the next two plays and Brindley
punted to Johnson on Rock Island's
25-yard line. Jerry took the bail
forward 35 yards. Gavin made 12,
Johnson 8 and a penalty for Mih
line's offside put the ball within
10 yards of goal. Koils made three,
Gavin five and Gavin one. Johnson
failed to cover distance and the ball
went to the Plow City lads. Conzel-
usually high athletic ideas and to!
Foster Sanford should go, in con
siderable degree all the credit tor
this condition.
Rutgers' coaching bill for six im
portant sports! football, baseball,
track, swimming and
Vanderbusche, c ..4 0 1 12 "1
Radloff, p 3 0 10 3
Lowe, cf 4 0 0 1 0
Krnnn 2h 4 A (I'd 1
Ruff, lb 3 0 0 ft 0? 2
Cobb, ss 3 0 0 ( r.Ot 1
Sowash, If 2 0 0 0 0
Peterson, rf 3 0 0 1 0 0
I tn he forced Intn the nnsltion
0 favorites before the series begi:
8 , If the odds change, it will be inti
0 esting to ascertain the reason.
lanosac Ms i only $4,444 78 an""3' Are Yictors in Games With Sher.
IU1S wuuiu ue luw cvuu 11 a ucou
foot bail coach's salary were added
but Sanford receives not a cent for
coaching at Rutgers. No money is
spent in proselyting and' no longer
Junkets are held out as induce
ments to players.
rard and Osco Saturday
and Sunday.
Totals 30 0 3 27 7 3
Osco 21 000 000-3
Coal Valley .000 000 0000
I Struck out By Radloff 12, by
Jacobsen 9. Bases on balls Off
Radloff 3, off Jacobsen P. Hit by
pitched ball Radloff. Hits Off
Radloff 6, off Jucobsen 3. Umpire !
.... ' t . . . Van Dine. Time 1:50. ' j
Milan won the tn-county cham-, . Saturday Games.
pionship, taking in Rock Island, Milan .010 31100 6 10. ;7
Mercer and Henry counties, by win- Osco 002 000 0103 5 4
ning both its games in the tourna- Batteries Higbee and Erickson;:
ment staged at Milan Saturday and GrstnerJ and ? .7. ;
Sunday. Sherrard, after eliminat- 8herrard, "O-J 11 2
ing Coal Valley on Saturday, fell Coat Valley . . .000000 OOOjfl . 4 2
victifll to the Milan team Sunday, 8 Batteries L. Nelson and D, Nel
to 6. Milan trimmed Osco Satur- on: Peterson and Vandorhiische.
dav. 4 to 0. Osco's 3 to 0 victory ' ' '
over Coal Valley entitled it to third ! r
, place in the standings. I I
WhftesideCoiinfy Semi-Pros Play. The games were some of the best I
to 29O00 People in 33 Games
at Home.
(Special Correspondence.")
Sterling, UlSept, 25 The mem-' MILAN
bers of the Sterling Legion base- F. Looby, 2b
ball club, who held the champion- B. Looby, cf
ship of northern Illinois, together P., Wilson, ss . . ,
with donors to the baseball fund Johnson, If ...
man received the punt on Molina's ! and a few other guests were given H. Wilson, rf . .
40-yard line and advanced three j abanquet by the local Legion post. Fitzsimmons, 3b
yards. Gavin fumbled on the first Nearly two hundred were in at- Erickson, c ..."
of the season. Interest was at
fever heat both" days, the total' at;
.tendance being around the LOCO
mark.. The 'scores:
Sunday Games.
AB. R. H. P,
play, Moline recovering on its own
10-yard .line. Johnson received the
punt on Moline's 40-yard llhe.
Johnson made 2, Colzelman 5
Johnson 7, Kolls 6,. Gavin 1, Gavin
tendance. .Everyone is very enthu- Fisher, lb
siastic over the splendid showing Lemon, p
made by the team this season, and j
although the team will close the Totals ......
season in two weeks with several ' SHERRARD
j Sterling. 0; Prophets town, 5.
; Sterling defeated Prophetstown.
j 10- to 5, Saturday afternoon ,;at
Sterling. Score: . .
Sl BKLlJill AH. K. M. 1"U. A- K.
Located at. 2144
Twelfth Street
Will be sold to close thl
Sale will be held
on the premises
September 29
at 2 O'clock P.M.
George Buck, Auct
8, Johnson 7 and over for the first hundred "dollars in the treasury, Dumphy, cf
..40 8 11 27 9 4
ABl R. H, PO. A. E.
Meinert, cf.
Woodworth. 3b.
Pahlman. lb. ..
Ohlin, 2b
Kingston, ss. . .
Miller, If
Keenan, rf.
Hans, c,
. Prendergast, p.
I Benton, If.
Dixon, . 111.. Sept. 25. Dixon
American Legion football team
won from the Beloit Iroquois A.
C.'s Sunday afternoon. 19 to 0.
Aside from the Rutgers football Risley, a former captain of Indiana
prospects, which are good, the new university in Legion line. Beloit
B-unswick college affords fascinat- Iroquois presented several of last
i:ig example of the influence of in- year's Fairies in line-up. Beloit
itrconegiaie spot on we curve or line could not hold the Leeion
Spectators at Moline high school
football games will be able to de
termine the progress of the ball by l
yarns mis. ian. Big figures will
mark each- yard line on both sides
of the field. Scores will also be
kept on the baseball scoreboard on
the north side of the field. As an
added treat to the . eye, the goal
post will be ' dressed in white
pain? ' , -j.
Officials for next Saturday's game
have been selected. R. S..Truitt of
j Davenport, a graduate of Cornell,
enrollment on alumni solidarity, charging. In third quarter Hess'tu referee. Freeman Campbell, a
-Tfiuutui uiurnie ana viuer taciors ior Legion broke through and with
that may be held desirable in an perfect interference, carried the
tuucauumi inBuiuium. 1 hall 40 yards for tniirhdnwrf
i -,
Twelve years ago Rutgers was a
quiet little college whose teams'!
were regarded by rivals as food for
powder, so to speak. It was not so
much a question of wether Rut.
Buffalo, ft. Y., Sept. 25. Balti
more won the championshin of the
gers would lose as to how heavy International league for the fourth
tne score against her would be.
consecutive time.
:r ","""' L- P1- oo Eldora Springs. Mo.. Sept 23.
Martin and Captain Bob Roper The St Louis conference of the
will tight Oct. 18 for the heavy Methodist Episcopal church ac
weight chaaponshlp ot the Ameri- cused Rev. Price M. Crow of Siloam
can Legion, according to National Springs of misappropriation ot
Knox graduate, is to umpire, and
C. A. Kuttler of Davenport will1 be
head linesman. ' - .- , .
The Tiger Athletic club played
the Junior Independents to a score
less tie at Reservoir park yester
day. The game indicated that prac
tice, Is needed by both teams. John
son of the Tigers and McCarty of
tne Juniors played stellar games.
touchdown. Conzelman held the
ball and Johnson kicked goal for
an. extra point. Rock Island, 1;
Moline, 0.
' U .Second Quarter.
Shortly after the start of the sec
ond quarter, Conzelman received a
punt on Rock Island's 10-yard line
and ran it back 13 yards. On the
first play, a double pass, Johnson
to Conzelman to' Clago covered SO
yards through the air and the big
end ran 25 yards more before be
ing downed. Gavin lost 2, Johnson
covered 10, Gavin 5, Conzelman 7,
Gavin Z, Gavin 1 and Gavin 5 for
the donors are ready to dig down Robertson, 2b
in their pockets for any amount it Muller, 3b
necessary. During the bast season, L. Nelson, ss .
up to last Saturday, the team has D. Nelson, c . .
won 25 games, lost 12 and tied one. Sax re, rf .
In 33 games played on the home J. Haddick, If
lot, not one . of which had to be Sherrard, lb '
postponed on account of rain, al- A. Haddick, p
tnougn ram ana tnreatemng weath- J-
6 5 27 1 2 6
G. Wheat, ct .
Parks, rf
H. Wheat, 3b. .
Mack, lb
F. Smith, If. ..
Shallenberger, :
Swanson, ss. .
Frye, e
Franke, p. ...
..36 10 13 27 10 2
AB. R. H. PO.A. E.
...5 0 0 2 0 1
...5 1 0 1 0
...4 0 1 2 3 4.1
...3 1 05 0r0
...3, 2 2 3' 0, 0
!b. 4 0 O 2 ,2 1
...4 0 2 4 4 0
...3 0 0- 5 0 " 0
...3 1 0 0 4 0
si vn
er kept the attendance down atl Totals 36
some eames. there was an attend- Milan ' .mo m nnns '
ance ot over 29,000 paid admissions, Sherrard ..203 000100 6' Totals 3 5 5 24 14 ' 3;
or an average of 879 per game. I Three-base hits P. Wilson, j Prophetstown ..A 1300001 0 5
This beats the record of Terre Erickson, L. Nelson. D. Nelson! Sterling ....13002031 x 19 J
Haute Of the Three-Eye , circuit Robertson. Two-base hits F. ' Two-base hits Woodworth. i
which boasted of record attend- Looby. Fitzsimmons. Sadriflcp hits I Kingston. Keenan 2, Prenfsrgast.
the second chdwn . Jcnon !B- Uooby- P' wilson- Muller. Th'-base hrt-F. Smith. Sacri-
Dlace kicked for wf The Pre8cnt team 18 composed of Stolen T)ases P. Wilson 2. Johnson. flc hit Hans. Bases on balls-
Rock YsfanH M - Clifford Hans of Lincoln, Nebl, L. Nelson, Struck out-By Lemon Off Prendergast 4; off Franke .
half ended with' Peterson nf mV. er Jerry Prendergast of Ar- 9, by- Harrick 4. Bases on balls 1 Struck out by Prendergast 5; byi
line intercentlni- a naas on hi, nlrt ! Ungton' I.U- .Bnd HarIy Benton i Off Lemon, 4. eff Haddick 1. Hit by Franke 4. Hit by pitched ball
of Warning
rev, vnn trint vour bloow
funis while pastor at Clinton, Mo. Argua,
All tho news all the time Thl
25-yard line.
v t Third Qnarter.
Conzelman returned the'kickoff
to the 30-yard line. t Lauer plunsed
ior s out jonnson lost 2
fumble which he recovered
selman made 6 and Johnson nuntec
with Conzelman on-side. Brindley
let the ball roll behind goal and
Conzelman raced down and recov
ered for a touchdown. The try
for goal from placement was
Fouth Quarter.
Davenport, pitchers; Otto Pahlm3E nitrhed ball B. Loohv
of San Antonio, Texas, first base; VanDine.. -
ueorge? onnn or Chicago, second! OSCO.' AB. R. H. PO. A. K
r-- 1
-At the start of the lasWquarter,
base; uuster woodworth of Deca- ColIIs, cf (...;... 6
tur, third base; Paddy Kingston ot t- Hornecker. If .IS
on a 'Racine, shortstop: Ward Miller of Thtimer.-3b 4
lu.i-.iiiiuL, cenierneia; joev Keenan. or M Hnmsrli.r ih 9
Dixon, rightfleld; Walter Meinert Swanson, c .......3
of Decatur, leftfield, and Earl Red.Kovitz, 2b ........ 3
Sanders of Sterling, manager. 4JJaze..jrt .....4
Madison. Wis., Sept. 25. Johnnv: '
myers, middleweight wrestler, beat! Totals 1,... 35 3L 2? 14 1
Jimmy Demetral on a forfeit in'CfAL VALLEY AB.R.H.PO A.E.
66 minutes. " jToungberg. 3b ...4 0 1 1 2 0
0 ft 0
1 0 1
1 1 12
1 1.
0 0 2
O i 1
0 1
Miller, Hans. Time of game 1:45.
Umpire Jack Pollock,,
Scaton, S; Little York, L
.(Special Correspondence.!
Seaton, Sept 25. With both
batteries - working in excellent
style, the Little York nine received 1
defeat at the hads ot the Seaton
team, by the close margin ot 3 to
1. The game was played at Seaton. i
Vaaco for the locals ' and Morris !
for the visitors pitched an excel- i
lent game. The Seatqn high school j
team defeated the Little York
school nine, with a score of 8 to 3. t
is impure.
. i .. i
Boils are unnatural
fensive! Don't take .cn"
that all your blood tap
ties will force their W
through the sUin.
Take S. S. S. and I wa
your skin clear np nfl y
blood made rich and pur
The power of S. S. ,1
an acknowledtred fact f.
off, it clears the skin of M-
nimmcs. mott"", ------
zema. rash and otner
eruptions and does a
to ,-e.r. to set gurfj- ,
of boiu.
8. S. '
Wolutrly cored, I
that did rt.
At7 good dmccbt
with S. 8. a
antil 1 took 8. 41

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