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Ess Sejietle to
1 1 U lUmilMrtrfctJJtat
1 f MMMHMi
"plays andpiaye
believe thntanm. . Ws?- ;?$fiL?l.2rU?L?2
Were xoas, sowier ' j IT h J B-i I
Thread Among the Go!dT and J or d for Tri tied. Rock Island
movie rorera "
t ho aiTordedX tHe treat of. their
lives. Du decmnss that oneiton
Can la
12N.'XmiB7 Braid, I jhleago, nn-
Mat president of he women's
bUBn societies of Use Lathers
ntdi, will fire two i iddresses to
morrow, at the ninth mnnal Bee
tana oisinct meeuui ; m iu
woman's mlssl on society In
rt-J Latheran Tbnrdi. 8b to
Iwe the main address) in the after
do and will speak as; the evening
Saon. Mrs. K. T. A ndersoat wtU
? meeting opens at". 1:30 o'clock
i the morning with alwsrness sen
ton? At -42: 20 o'clodf the ladies
it TJrace Lutheran chureh win
krw dinner to the dettates..
f The afternoon sestiton, which
Vlarts at 2:30 o'clock, will the as
Bevotionals Mrs. Andrew Jobn-
Mon, Ifollne. i
Junior work" Miss;Kam. Brwa-
tian, Moiiae.
Vocal soloMiss marion asag-
Musson, Orion.
Address (in' Bwedisn) -Mrs. ev-
Id, Chicago. c . -Sones
- Miss Lcratne 1 Johnson
land Junior mission band fof First.
Mhureh, Moljne.
the evening program tbaglns at
Ah o'clock. It will be aswfo!lows:i
Veeal solo Miss Ebba VCarlsoaJ
"Tie Loggera' and SWtmens
Kisefon at Seattle" Rev, .A, . D.
r'eden, Orion.
Sotgs Group of girls fromZion
3Lnrnran church. . " ,
H Address (in English)-TMri.Ev-
!4' . . . . . ..
Vocal solo Miss uereste uistn.
Remarks Rev. G. A. Branddlle,
JSralre Lutheran church.
I It is expected that 190 delegates
Und members from 12 churches tin
jtlie district will attend the session.
Spencer Busa Tfateat Lieyd In
"Grandma' Bay ssaf Sbubert
vaudeville. , .
Majestic "Urtaf liar.
Capitol KtfkertM eOoaald in
"White SbonUersT. V '
OHew Miriam CooW In "Kln-
dred of) the DostV
Cotnathis Thursday through
Saaday, six acta of Oryheaa vaude
ville; Oct. 1 and It, "Blaebeard's
Kbrhta Wife".
Grand Grand Player, la "Three
wisu-oote". -
CoUseuaa Oct. I Bonaea nana.
Thieves stole 100 Buff Orpington
Mhickens from Charles Denger's or
chard, six miles northwest oi uav-
Mnport, yesterday morning. Tley
touted the haul into a truck at s
'clock and make their, getaway.
5' :
Sealed proposals will be received
tntil 11 o'clock a. m. on the 11th
iarof-October, A. D. 1922, by the
Board of Local improvements oi
the City of Aledo, Illinois, tor im
proving and extending a . sewage
.disposal plant, in said city in con
formity with an ordinance passed
and with plans and specification
'adopted, and now on file with said
Aboard, estimate of improvement be-
pig tne sum or su,msv.
s- All proposals should be submitted
npon blank forms provided by the
f board, which may be secured from
flthe City clerk at Aledo, Illinois, or
(from the engineer, W. S.v Shields,
n209 Hartford Bldg., 8 So. Dearborn
street, Chicago, Illinois.
I All proposals shall be sealed and
addressed to the president of the
hoard and must be accompanied by
ash or certified check for an
amount not less than 10 of the
amount of the enclosed nroDOsal.
iwhlch amount shall be forfeited toi
the board in case of the failure of.
'the- bidder to enter into contract,!
with the board, with an approved;
bond as required.
J Payments will be made by the
'oatd In special assessment bonds
jr vouchers Issued against an as
sessment levied and confirmed, by
ecounty court, which bonds or!
ouchers shall bear interest at the3
te of 6 as provided by law.
? The hoard reserves the right to
reject any or an proposals or xo,
ward a portion of the work as con-J
itions may require.
Aledo, Illinois, Sept 28, 1922.
' W. K. WELLS, President
-s RALPH THEDE. Secretary.
loard of Local Improvements - of
Aledo, Illinois.
Mabel Noftoand H coming to the
Fort Armstrong tomorrow la ben
latest Goldwyn comedy, "Head
Over Heels". In this comedy, Miss
Nonnaad arrives in the American
theatrical offices of 8terling & Law
son, aa a, "find", whom one of the
partners . had discovered abroad.
However, she is far from being a
star and is nothing more than a
fair acrobat But she has a tem
perament that explodes all over the
office. At the suggestion of a press
agent, aid as a last resort, the
"Impossible" star is taken to a
beauty parlor, from which she
emerges with all the trappings of
superlative beauty. Now, however,
the theatrical director sees other
possibilities in.Tina, but these cen
ter about a matrimonial fqjture.
And here Is where Mabel Normand
Hives another exhibition of tem
perament It would be unfair to
those who will enjoy "Head OveT;
Heels" to disclose the solution of
the plot. However, it reveals Ma
bel N'ormand fn the performance
of humorous acrobatic feats of
which she is mistress. The .cast
Includes Raymond Hatton, Hugh
Thompson! Rass Powell and Lionel
Belmore. The picture was direct
ed hy Victor ScherUinger and
Haul Bern. j ,
O'Brien Minstrels Score.
iFun, of the clean, clever variety,
anil the haunting melodies of old-
tin e songs kept the audience at the ,
Columbia well entertained las:
niglbt when Neil O'Brien's Minstrels !
pknyed to a well-filled house.
Sea rcely a number was given that '
did not call for Hearty applause '
and many of the vocalists respond
ed with several encores. The
comedians proved to be clever on
their feet Their offering of pop
ular songs and Jokes was excellent
and the nonse echoed with laugEter
daring their offering. The seri
ous selections given by the vocal
ists was splendid and many an old
time popular song .. was received
with enthusiasm by the listeners.
At the end of. the first act, an elab
oratescenic display of battle
scenes in the late war was shown.
The soldiers' bonus song, "Lest We
Forget," was song daring this
scene. Any reference to remember
the service men usually proves
popular, and last night was no ex
; A comedy farce, "Rnfns In . the
Lion's - Den," written by Neil
O'Brien himself, made up the sec
ond pan of the program. The hu
moroua attempts of- a colored
brother to tame a lion, even though
It was hypnotized, was the theme
of the offering. Perhaps the most
popular part of the program was
the offering of old-time songs and
dance hits familiar to early day
minstrel patrons. Members of the
chorus took the part of darktown
belles and beaux. Gene Pearson,
the mail soprano, claimed hia share
of attention. His voice waa very
clear and when he took the high
notes it was almost impossible to
"That Wonderful' Girt," were pre
sented by thia group.
clever comedy skeicn. rn--
and Take, Bankers." featuring tne
comedians of the cast was given
next Jay Clay, known n',;
walking literary digest entertained
with alk on tonic oi toe aay uu
vocal selections. A. playlet in
three scenes, showing the mysen
ous development of a deep weird
plot called A Certain tany. con
cluded the program. ' Here the
comedians had a chance to score
... . . . i j : JX with
anotner nit, wnicn uiej um
little effort The company carries
its own orhestra. The settings
were unusually attractive and the
lighting effects used during the
different scenic display good.
Old Hsmwatoaa? Coming,
Perhaps yon are old enough to re
call Denman Thompson in "The Old
Homestead". If yom are- yoa will
agree that it was one ef the great
est heart interest plays of its day.
Well, the story .has been filmed,
and all of the- sweet romance and
the thrills, witk plenty of new ones,
have been retained, and H" coming
nexl week to the Spencer Square.
Dan Roche, whose business it is to
let the movie fans in on advance
information about Paramount pic
tures, has come to Rock Island,
and be' has left his card at the
newspaper offices, with stories
about "The Old Homestead". If
to m old
alone to wsrtfc atfea af rtjalH
atoa. Dan doent as a rale tperaosH
ally enthane over a aietare. bnt hta!
te Old Homestead
afom(s8 tor "The Q!
ne u m vaqt
Rock Island
fntww day teostinc another
photoplay, sad if be lias got us all
excited m "The Old Homestead",
and the picture does not lrve ap to
kte premises well. weTi personally
agree to head, a party organised for
the purpose of telling Dan that he
has sprang his wet nictate -story
on the credulous eustA
In Rock Island. So we're aU
ed up over Tb. Old Homeshi?
W believe It's great xAttoiZTL'
ply beeasse Dan Ri-h.
it la. - '
says ft
ove Child's Bowels with
j "California 'Fig; Syrup"
1 Aft
A famous medical man -of ancient
Mmes states reeardine his writlnes
laf they were but a collection of
nowledge obtained from-the "Wise
Do you realize -that in those times
0 women, and not the men, knew
boot the healing properties of me-
icmai plants, roots and 'herbs?
m the earliest times women had
knowledge of the treatment of
isease and of the healing merit
t roots and herbs. -
Lydia E. PInkham's Vegetable
ompound was originated bv
oman, Lydia E. Plnkham. and is
ow known and praised by women
if all ages, it is prepared from
ts and herbs havina medicinal
miction of rreat value in the treat-
nient of troubles women so often
,ve (Advertisement.)
H ill
' ;
Hurry mother! Even a sick child
i loves the "fruity" taste of "Califor
nia Fig Syrop" and it never fails
to open the bowels. A teaspoonful
"today may prevent a sick child to
morrow. If constipated, bilious, fev
erish, fretful, has cold, colic, or ii
'stomach is sour, tongue coated,
breath bad, remember a good
cleansing of the little bowels is
often all that is necessary.
Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has
directions for babies and children
of all ages printed on bottle.
Mother! You must say "California"
or yon may get an imitation fig
lyrup. .(Advertisement)
Restaurant Man Didn't
Eat His Own Food.
"It's pretty tough for a restau
rant man to have stomach trouble.
My customers were alays telling
me 1 ought to eat in a good restau
rant The fact was I couldn't eat
a thing that didn't bloat me up and
no medicine or doctors helped me.
I tried everything recommended
and at last Mayr's Wonderful Rem
edy, and I assure you I didn't have
to look any further. Since taking
it I have been a well man." It is a
simple, harmless preparation that
removes tne catarrhal mucous from
the intestinal tract and allays the
inflammation which causes practi
cally all stomach, liver and intesti
nal ailments, including appendicitis,
One dose will convince or money
reiuntred. Bengston s drug stores,
Rock Island, Davenport, Moline,
and druggists everywhere. (ATI
Save and Beautify .
Your Hair With
RwftfcH b hart for the hir baeanas of Ha
weuw action in baaotif yins- tba hair, ramuviag
ilaiiilielf. atapnlnafallinchair.
After an aspKeation of Berpirida tha hiidi
Rfffeta of jour hair basin to gleam and your acalp
baaiaa S ton op and become heaithy. in m few
dajayoor bate will be eampkitelj transformed.
ToarvriU have tha beautiful hair yon hara
laaaia for. Xoor acalp will be tree Ire
ft. Tour hair will atop falling- out. Ya
Wul be neatly imnrnad.
Kmneom Dcndtf - Stasw Fa&tg Ha
what Km. Anna
banil eays of MawWo's HenaV' atai
HnpkMm ataaV. ft bet
fa bar".
Herpieida baa dona for Km. Connar
oIImub. it erul aDfafar do far von.
Ilii hi nflli ne Me hnlai Ten will Ilka ift
from the Bret apuHcetino. hhrnyhattlsiasnaran.
aealtaenalltnatkt elaknadforll aryttoz
SoU By ABprng
I Dept. Store
- Special Afents
. . . s .
A new shipment of wool
Not too expensive all wool and
awfully attractive that is what
we have been promising in slip1
over sweaters for a long time and
at last they have arrived. They
are in an interesting variety of
colors, both light and dark and
just the thing for the cool days of
Autumn. "
3L k K. is not associated with any other retail store
imV J ufli Ml
tog t
Dependable Merchandise Priced Low
r ' -
" Boys Tom
Sawyer Blouses
LOeV av ifiCV
TTl I3ar
o n
Druo8on-.raft Gland Tonic
Rcsloros Vigor and Hdolth
Your Glands Control Yaw Htaith ami Strenstb! Thoosands Aro Taking
uraKM-ftran bum i Mists for a auk. Easy an. Sara Way
to Rastare Youthful Strength ami Vigor.
Tmv (lamb eentfM roar haailh and
aarentth, and spaa the vital (land aecre
none. yoar Tital omna. heart, Hver. atoai
ach. ami yoar brain deaandl So lone ta
ttle Claude are actlre roar body will be
TKorooa and alert.
But are. wort .eJMtloa and efe-ara of
nodara Urine eonditlona weakraj yoar
rlan da rary day. and thia aland weak
neaa ie tba caoai oi Baoet ill heajtb. am mi
awn and ort! "
CBUSSEK KHAFT (ToaSk-Olandl tab
lata Hklr and eaeily rcboild and
KKractara yonr clanda, instilttnx ncw-rbnr
into tba ayvtem. . Thmr anppb thoaa vital
ecrolione which yonr ymem needs and
without whieh yonr (landa ran not art
DBUX9KS KAAFT waa Aaaoramd tn .
teipatt after yean of naearch and
perunante for a way te rebuild and
otrengtben the flando and restore Tiror
and health. The eaaarfcaMa reanlto ban
arowan coamient aimeurla tnd thoUfh
orny recently orancnt Bar thomanda of
men and women are rebhildinc their worn
tieeuea and rerainini- Tiror and vitality by
(imply takinr threa DWJK&KK KfLLrt
taMata daily. "
Send for fan booklet to DRUE8EH
jnAFT Iboratoriea. lad, 56 S. Randolph
SC. vChicaca, m. Dmcnate "male"
frnrile- ta iarii.t OMSwaek a aiae.
HSi SaM hi Bank lelaaaf aa Carl n.
?T.1lT''.DrT" 8loI 7 leamnTdroil
avarywhaw. CAdvertaaeairnt).
. uvsrr . BB onusRjrKKAiT: to bi thb
Guaranteed washable. Just the
thing or acbool wear. At this
price mothers will supply all
needs for the boy. All new fall
patterns and a full sit rant.
(Mala Floor) ,
Tom Sawyer
Boys' Silk Ties
Boys' Tom Sawyer silk four-in-hand
ties in pretty shades
and color combinations. See
(Mala. Floer)
Men's New Fall
Shown 'in the popular lifat
hades as well as the mere eaa
aarvativ colors. Very special
at S1.SS. N
(ate Fleer) '
Men's Plain Tan
and Gray Shirts.
Collars to Match
Men's plain white, tray end
tan shirts, with separate col
lars to match, and made of to
repp cloth in avery aiae from
14 to 17.
main Blear)
Men's New Silk
; Knit Ties
One large troop of mea's stilt,
knit ties in fairs newest pat
tern, iaetadinc. a few trcaa
dinea, (Mala Fleer)
Girls' and Boys'
; All Wool
'; Sweaters
SBp-over sweaters, coat sweat
era, and such a variety ef styles
and colors to choose from. A
Wonderful value at $1.88. -(Itaetmtnt)
Children's School
A special group of children's
school shoes, bought special.
.wiU so tomorrow at $1.98 pair.
Women's 59c
Mercerized Lisle
Women a fine mercerised lisle
Utt, heavyweight, the regular
50e grade, all first quality, at
ave pair, -
. Children's 50c
Mercerized Lisle
CMMrea's heavyweight mer
cerfand Kale base, all siaea from
SVi to 9V,, all. Brat enallty.
The regular 50c grade at pair
aw. "
New Autumn Dresses!
Styles (or Women and Misses at
Only by inspect km can yon possibly realist what wondrous values
tbcae dreaees art. They are all brand new, scores of models. Fash
ioned ef sigh grade silk and cloth materials that will be so popular
Draped, paneled, basque, straightiine and flared skirts; lower waist
lines and flowing sleeves. In the predominating fall colors of aavy,
brown and black.
Silk and Wool Dresses
These dresses reprveent one of the most unusual values we
have ever been able to offer women and misses of this com-
sanity. Ion must se them te appre
ciate them. The best go first, and
arte early attendance. Ureases that
weaM sell ap to $17.50 at
dfb .ansa, stfat
fBeeend Fleer)
New Apron Dresses
A Special Value
. at
$11 .25
New Polka dot percales. Indigo blue with white
dot and tan with pink and blue dots. Very
attractively trimmed with rick jack braid.
Bave the tie back sash and pockets. A full
aise range for women and misses.
(Seeead fleer)
Women's All Silk
Full Fashioned
Made of pure thread silk with
the double silk garter top, fin
mercerised lisle foot, full fash
ioned leg and foot. Properly re
inforced at the heel and toe.
The regular $3.00 grade with
very slight imperfections that
are not noticeable. Shotrn in
black only. An extra value at
pair $1.40.
(Main Floor)
Dependable Wall Papers!
Enamel varnish tile washable papers in neat block and
tile effects, a wonderful value, at roll
A Few Attractive Paint Prices!
JBrad Wax best grade House Paint, gallon $2.69
Sherman Williams Airplane Waterproof Varn
ish, gallon $4.50
Gladden best grade "Preservit" Varnish, half
k gallon $130
We carry a complete line of Valspar Enamels
and Stains, also a complete line of Jap-a-lac
Varnish .Stains and Enamels.
(Mala Floor)
Exceptionally high
pers for every
home, at
While they last a few beauti-
furxc-lnco imported papers,
Regular price $1.00,
for roll ...........
; New Slip-Over
$1.98, $2.95
$3.95 and up
A wonderfully large iasoTtmcnt
of styles and colore to choose
from, they are arriving every
day from eastern manufactur
ers. Newer creations every day
and we are keeping p itB
(Seread Fleor)
4000 Yards Assorted Cotton Goods
la thia big lot yen will find many worth op to 25e per yard, and as thesssortment is large
yea can select yonr material for most any purpose. We advise coming early as the best will
v be snapped up first. Sale start promtpty at S :30 Thursday morning.
, Percales
(Mala Fleer)

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