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The Rock Island Argus and daily union. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1920-1923, October 04, 1922, Image 9

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rjt Ww f Co
rt "CtW Croaa-
M)iir m not a eacceaa,
j fMasytWiis iritim bag an---,
l JeJWreadjAaawt
mWBIIW cfoaetaf cesual
JSmm M ter wnt over laet
"fSt tkif yaart lrte increase in
' ri imtTT- chargeable al
Smly to povtb la the reek
Zataaapeeienced arivtag of
3t ift abftwa by ta tct
JMMttM CfCae-
jnam alb otter ceaae comi-
.... iimnMt'r"'T of aotonobUe
i?eW elatee the balletia -to
. : MM that ot Locomotive en
2 Ha - the safety of their
I rnraa. It is. therefore.
ljitnfr u note that, a against
lakvee loat'ln only three months
t"mn)r" drtrlng of motor ca,rs
ant tracka. that vara r
van UM a mQU M CIi Bw
aawa Oat t-a a-j .ty o(
Mto eaa aaaaa:..ea a railroad
highway araaataga ara attrlbatable
ta a eaajNpaiwtrvaljr ajaail aercaatr
ae af taeaeeHeaeea1 aaa iriweasa
alble nganhja Artves fca kart
neUkea the s-awtedge. training
ftcUnnt ratfttrad. 4er tk aafa a
erattoa of rack machines. Thai re
aalt .-eiaav faltaiM to axavetae
van th saeat efdisary pr--Uaau
MMWf lr the ajataetK vf lite
warn afaaaam r frmaf ave
fajmgMl taaeta. -
nawawtf,- Metleaa triiiu at
atwptuala art eaaaaed to high
W eroaawga. Tata m aaawa W
tb tails reporta ia tka aeveaaaera
of KoeMau caoaad by arhrtag u
toaaobilaa lata telegraph olaa. or
nana wane, aan i mm. w
avtyUg. turalac ever a collld-
iag- Irani uu raaaiu chronicle
tot death aa4 laJarg, the ceaclnaion
ww warraataa thai what w
aaedeo at the present Uae ia aft
merely a Carefo Crosalag1 eaa.
pain to eoacestrate atUaUoa en
croastag aofioaatg alone, bat a na
tional campaign, earefoHy planaed
and directed acaiaat all forms af
fccareieae aatoawhHe dming. .
"In thla vay poaaibly some 1m
pression may be made oa tbe auto-
moDua ' aociaent record, which
shews 12.M0 persons killed and
300,000 injured in the United States
for'the year 1931."
Leswe CafHal ti 014 Cart Wiq
m late Pmt(U Hatnraay
Wlb Bell 0a,
WMbtifton. Oct tT-Wltb an old
slouch bat cocked on the side of
bia head, "Uncle Joe" Cannon suit
ed oat by automobile yesterday far
DanTUle, ill., traveling over the
old National pike his parents took
S3 years age u emigrating west
The veteran legislator was full
of pep as he stepped Jnto bia car'
i ue capiipi ana torn tester Mor
ris, for 10 years his chaaflear. and
bia sole companion on the trip, to
"gira br the gas." t ... .
Ha wared the eld hat reached tor
a cigar ana smuea. ( ., v :
Deellnes Kew Car.
. Jnst before leaving Ifr. Cannon
received a telegram from H. H.
Franklin, the automobile manufac-
-Taia.aM ear tt raoa a "
ajeari I Ukata tWa.wta
Tan: -UaeJa Jaa" .."n A at
ai wasting, Taarsaay at ,
baa, and Friday at
Then, "with bells on," as ba a
delaotag fWP tba Sm-
mannel Lotheraa ebareb. Vack Ia
land, art attending tba 1Mb annual
pressed it. h win oitrg fate Da.leoa;veatJon at toe Central Uiaoig
vine Batardag, .
A teletraia tadsr rreaa tba Daak
er aalaay at Bfrtsejaa. lad, Asbed
wnea mrx uaanoa waaia amva
there, tbat he might ba fifMl
aoaorea. his people vara qua
ara, and Uaele Jaa" waa aaasai
after Joseph Curacy, famaas laadar
af tbe sect . '
"I will ride most of the way an
the front aeat witb better an tba
windshield agd this sweater vest
will protect me" be Mid- "I ant
like soft seats, Whaft I rfda ia ths
back at tba r I nilr oesapy tbt
folding chair. I lib tbe bumpg at
87 years far they real asn af
Bids will be received at a a. m.
Oct, 14. If If, for jalt! Tlfrd va,
nae with brick froaj geeond (a
Ninth streets.
Also for constrnetlag an l-iacb
sewer in fiayes addition,
H. m: BCHRiviR, ifgyw
AOTeruBcmenv; . .
turer at- Syracuse. N. Y afferins
to send down bis best car, open er I
closed, and his crack driver, but! A!J tba news an ska
tne veteran declined. 'Argus.
district at tM Kiasaari ggajei in
Quiney,"llL Tkn aaavaatwn aaa.
ad this roralng and will amttmie
im week. .
Those who are attending the
convention arti Har, pwup -wiu
balm. Arthur Albrecht, Walter
KahlaaT and ball LtodUa. The las.
(aaaatl Utborga school will be
eloaad daring tba time of tba con
Bar, Mr. Wttbalm was te pa
ejaal speaker daribt the session
this morning, bia snbieW being
-Latbaran poetrine af BanUam,"
The convention ia being held in tba
St, jama ltheran church, Quiney.
Rev. O, M, Hor ia pastor of the
ehureb. - - v.-
f . Qalbraitb, Oalbraitb Motor
Co, baa secured agency for the
oidimobile ear in Hocb Islaad,
Mercer, and Henry cpunties, ilh
nqis, and Scott county, Iota, Tfcs
Rock island breach will be Kwatad
Ut tbe Oalbraitb Motor Co. IIU
Fourth avenue. The location of
tbe Oavcnpart braacb adOea bag
ac yt been decided oa.
Mr. OaibralU baa a daa wbcra
byba will givw moo mpag. ar ag.
proxtawtaly a year's service witb
each, car noM. Mr. Oalbraitb' has
maintained a 24-honr service sta
tion far tba past two years, and
since ba baa Ukea tba agency for
tba OMastabUe car in Uia viein-
ny as piaas to Increase the edi
eiaaey of the aervica.
A eemaiete stock of the r.ew
models of the Oldsmobile car are
now an exhibition in the show
WOW. - - .
Qaa. No. MO. --w
Notice la hereby eiven to all oer.
sons interested that the council of
tba city af Rock Island, Illinois,
having or dared tba puvktg wttb
asgbaltie caajerata of TbtrtieU
street to a wMtb
feet rraas ngMaantb w
South IbM ot TwentT-firat
on tbe .West side of TblrOetb
street, "and the ordloanca lor ,tba
eame being on file in tba offiea of
the city clerk of said city, and said
city navtag apmied to tne county
court of RocbVitland county, Illi
nois, for an assessment ot tba cost
of said improvement according to
frontage, said assessment being
payable in ten Installment, each
bearing Interest at tba rata of six
per cent per annum, and an assess
ment therefore having bean made
and returned to said court, tba
final bearing thereon will be bad
on the 14th day ot October. A. D.
1922, at tba boor ot nine o'clock
ag aaom thsiasJtor ae f i
of tba covrt wt parr .
An naraoas jCsstrmg caay
ejbJecCdw aald csrt befeb
aaac7 aa sssv avpwar wa :
baartag and make tbair defaaaa.
nock isiial - uuagCW
OffJeaT,8jBHas)lad bb asaka tbav.
Trt-Ctty Tawat tsjafty
uaveaposg gas,
K I. Cieaa Towel Barvtca.
k i un. .
L. S. McCabe &Co Rock Island, l)h
PHONE R. I. 344
52nd Anniversary Sale
Our Birthday
Your Celebration
2x i
New Fall Merchandise
. Is Being Shown in Every
: Department
and priced at the lowest it has been for many years. Thousands, of
articles' are on display in the gift section on the 3rd floor, that are to
be given away during this Anniversary Sale. You can redeem your
Souvenir Coupons when you make your purchase or if you wish to,
accumulate them in order to get a more valuable gift, you can do so
and have till Wednesday, Oct. 18 to redeem them in, but all cou
pons must be in by that time. If you wish certain articles, they will
be reserved for you and held till you have a sufficient 'number of
coupons to secure them. Come-often. The more you buy the more
valuable the gift.
' H
During our Awuversary
3ale we will show in cue
of our Second avenue
windows an exact repro
duction in miniature of
old Fort Armstrong care
fully drawn to scale. This
display should be of his
torical interest to young
and old. Each building is
designated by a number,
and a chart explains what
eafh building was used
for. We invite everyone
to gee this interesting
piece of work which is
shown through the cour
tesy of Mr. J. H. Hauberg.
! Anniversary Sale of Hats
You will be surprised that so much beauty can be put to
gether forso little money. This special lot of Anniversary
sale hats ate simply wonderful. Gift coupons, too, with ev
ery one. . '
Anniversary Ready-to Wear
What a wonderful opportunity this sale offers in the
purchase of Ready-to-wear for the Fall. A wonder-"
ful assortment of Coats, Suits and Dresses, reason
ably priced and a participation in these valuable an
niversary gifts. " '
For bath robes there is nothing
quite so nice as these soft
warm Beacon Robes, 36 inches
wide and beautiful colors, yard,
We want you to know the satisfaction that comes from using
Autocrat Linen. If you use a box of this stationery you will
be convinced of its superior quality as well as the very reas
onable price. A wonderful assortment Box
50c to $2.00
Fancy Turkish towels with wash
cloths to match. Each set nicely
packed in a box. Each
Anniversary Specials in Men's Wear
Shirta for Fall and Winter.
i The new Glen custom made shirts come in
Plain and striped, gray French flannel and
ray and tan soisette. You need only to see
these nifty shirts and you are sure to buy at
this price of, each . . . . ... . . $2.00 and fL2S
Neckties for Bora-end Men In all the
new styles and weaves of grenadine and
cut silkis, also the famous Cheny crush tie
in all the staple shades and patterns.
Priced from . . . . t,. ... ... 3Sc to $125
For boya and young men. The eolor combi
nations are attractive and the quality excep
tionally good for the prices asked.
'. Coat Swvatara .
For the older men are of high grade wool and
corse m black, navy and brown
Madam, IRaisms
Cost Lees Now ;
So Get Their Benefits and Their Flavor in Scores
of Attractive, Money-Saving1 Foods f .
Not Mora Than 20c
Your retailer hoold atll
yea Sua-Mtid Stedtd Rai
iaa in 15 ex. blue package
far aot awrc tbaa 20c,
DUE to greatly increased crops, even
though production costs are still much
higher than in pre-war days, raisins now cost
almost as little as before the war.
Use this luscious, energizing, healthful food
lavishly, therefore, in scores of "plain foods"
like rice pudding, boiled rice, bread pudding.
Indian pudding, and in cake, cookies, pie, ana
with the children's cereals, tq give them "lux
ury flavors" at "plain food" costt-
Raisins are both good and good for you.
So take advantage of these lower prices.
poto. '..
Seeded Seedless-Clusters
Not Mora Than 18c
' Yonr retailer should tell von
Sua -Ma id Sudleis Rauint
in 15 oz. red package far Dot
more than ISc
New 11 oa Package
' Yoar retailer ihould sell
yea Soa-Maid Seeded and
Seediest Raisins in It ox.
packages for not' mere than
Packed under aastt eanl?
tary conditions in rreaa, at aa
cartaoa. Very highest oaal
lit mi mmA m i A
itv Tnai.t Ml
Brand, the kia
knew it geed.
id that yea
Only $78 for a
vViks uiiig vvgmn
Demonstration on Request .s
Terms if Desired , '
Peoples Power Company
lklslana jM- Moline ;;: : ' East Molino
9 '

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