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4 't- J ,?,Li
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ii fCovtfanodtnm First Pegs.)
Faaropii of Official Permit
ahc John Looney, Jg a Special Police Officer j
; tko HM; wftta w:ar4 s
T . ' W location of IM MU
t to ' tte Kdle Hilary Mm 1b
'w mCTJle of tin cbMt He is Still
-WTilM coUtion add hu
JCU (M Jw of j blpod The
illet which m extracted from
U woondwas a steel jacket type.
aosacide, even when" he was at
times to toemi-eoaiciOus cottiltton
t't the folti and talked of the
kltair. oVUUls at ttw hospital 'atste.
be claimed that be was In front of
h'lMiia'MtMiia tfia IkaanKall
feoir mm he aboard the ahpts and
tatted tfltanrog with the rest of
(beScrow toward Market, squared
a. at jrolng to hospital statements he
aid he wae in electrician by trade
iaC-was in-tSulK Inland looking fori
3f M Ckroe Oatfcrv Arretted.
fSrew'WaTtSjtts' tn charges NJf
murder . were served by city and
fcoenty peaqe officers this morning,
ft Dan Drost, peorge "Crimps"' Hok
apple ond 'George Buckley were
taken into cusotdy. Thoy had prev
iously been arrested and held et the
city hall under suspicion
;. "I have 'evidence 'for the arrest
bf these three, men," Mr. Eagle, the
assistant state's attorney, who
swore out the warrants before Po
lice Magistrate O. J. Cleland, stated.'
Their cases pre continued for 10
days, during which time turtber In
vestigation will be conducted on
the charges against them."
K'The Investigation of the shooting!
proceeaea tots morning, nut Head
quarters were transferred to the
State's attorney's office in the court
house instead of the poiice station
Where "examinations were' con
ducted yotterrCy evening. 1
j Several - other witnesses were
'juestioced during the morning. Tbe
Investigators ere centering their
lixjiuy upon endeavor to identify
idl tlia men in the two automobiles
!,nd,' to -charge with, murder every
jtian so identified. -t
Some time during the ' night
Pcdige, bold on -charge of carrying
i,'Cc?aiol weapons, was released
IroLi the ja.it, and "with him went
El. Taxiftaa, driver said to be in
Pedigu's implcy. They both gave
1 1.000 bonds for appearance 1
tcurt Oct 16. Lou Ortell was their
bondsmnn. V '
j 1 Mr. Eagle said that tbe charge of
carrying concealed weapons will
rest against Pedigo and Taxman,
who are to appear in conn Oct, It,
unlesa more serious reasons d tor
ineir arrest are lonna.
I Sheriff John G. Miller last night
explained to The Argus the reasons
Why John P. Looney was not ar
rested after the fight for carrying
concealed weapons, as was his
Bghttng partner, Pedlgo.
! -"We don't feel justified In ar
resting him." said the sheriff. "We
have several witnesses who say
that he was hot seen to produce a
gun or fire a shot until he was up
stairs in the hotel. That gun might
' have come from inside the hotel or
, elsewhere.
, i "His shooting was In self defense
against an attempt to murder, and
' ne can t ne neid lor mat.
; "And we don't wish to arrest him
while he is mourning the death
of his son."
- Looney Objects to Search,
(following issuance of blanket or
ders by Sheriff John G. Miller to
search everyone suspected of car-
: rying concealed weapons on sight,
Deputy Charles Willis apeosted
John Looney, Sr., and Lawrence
i Pedlgo In the state's attorney's of
fice this morning.
i 'Pedlgo submitted to the search
without protest, but Looney object
ed.-, strenuously before permitting
the deputy to search him. Accord
ing to Deputy Willis, no weapons
of any nature .were discovered on
thm nnmnn nf althni-
Soon after this, Looney appeared
the sheriff's office, presumably
vbeklng the sheriff. Sheriff Miller
waa not tiraslollt At ths tima hnt
everal deputies had an ultimatum
delivered to them by Looney.
! He told the deputies that hence
forth they had better not attempt
to search him without first produc
ing a warrant.
M Sheriff Miner, when confronted
"with this declaration, immediately
-consulted with Assistant State's
Attorney Edward L. Eagle, and was
1 Informed, according to his state-
j ment, that Looney was correct
j Warrants must first be had, the
i sheriff says he was told.
. snenu Miner later said he was
not satisfied with the state's attor
ney's position' and declared he was
eekftig, further legal enlighten
ment at to the' proper course of
sf iNCverythlna- we have found "so
fir substantiates the theory that
! -tils was a war between two rival
iact'ons." said Mr. Eagle, the asslst-
mat state" attorney. "Our evidence
; ladlcates that the men who manned
' tha two cars from which the shoot
; jllg came went cut with the express
: pnrpose of killing Looney and his
eon, and perhaps Pedlgo. That- is
1 the theory the police are working
on,as it is the only- one we have.
?"We have ttamtned 15 persons, I
, beHeve." t-
; Dan Drort was sent to the county
at sn early hour this morning.
George BuAley, former Rock Is
Jiad. saloonkeeper and roadhonse
kaeper, nd now of Davenport, was
bnplfcated In the shooting by some
of the witnesses. He was ar-
riated by the Davenport police on
aaforaatlon from Rock Island
Ie4toe being taken hi custody ajxmt
' l o'clock. At shortly after mid
night ha was brought over to Rock
' igLaad tad : examined. Buckley
i was arrested In a Davenport hotel.
It la aaM his suitcase was packed
P8d he was eyldeaUy preparing to
Uave p altht train. ..
"What ka or the other vrlanawra
HA witaeaaca dirnlfed has act
ia related, beyond the fact that
IU inea:arreta woro amp
St; atatameafa, nade-4it4ha.
i ; - j mi n w, jj.f.
J&f1 f" "trf7PtY
K :i SIM
.a, iT M sureties
3 t
Assistant StateTt Attoracy av
Boatsawa daah at KMaJgkt
Ahoat Holding Stspeota.
SLAND and S'
;"are HEX-4d FIRMLY BOUND tyito the City o! Rock Island, in the mm fff '
fe?4-. -'Jawfql money, for flietayient of VhWCwtll and truly to befcadtvlirfd per formed, we bindottf
s.' ;'Sekes',L6ur' heirs,' executors and admnistfatorsfionly by;eM,reiWv: , v :j
, :: . Sealed With our seals and dated this..f...l.l.day of..J$tJL. ,,, .AT to.
- -y
been appointed City,
. X . x 111- 1 1
in and fof the ClTYpF'ROCK ISLAND,. and has accepted tbesaid officerand. is abouttakifig trponj
himself the, discharge of its duties.'
W, THEREFORE," if the sai
vv as
i ex-,
r5fe,0 faithfuiry'exedJfethe duties!
(of said office, and account for,' deliver and pay1over"att moneys and other properties received by him)
then'this"obligation to bVvoidTbtherwise tcTremain in full force and effect'
Above is a photograph of the of
ficial bond approved by Mayor
Harry M. Schriver authorizing
John Looney, Jr., to serve as a spe
cial oolice officer for the Rock Is
land News. John Looney and D J.
Cleland, police magistrate, -appear
as sureties, the permit having been
issued under date of Dec 21, 1921.
As a meeting of the former board
of fire and police cemmis&ipners,
Mayor Schriver was questioned re
garding special police officers and
the issuing of permits to members
of the underworld. It was stated
that John Looney, Jr., carried such
a permit, but Mayor Schriver at the
time denied knowledge ot it and
said be did not remember having
approved such a permit
The mayor promised the commis
sion that he would offer a resolu
tion at the next meeting of the city
council making it necessary for all
such, permits to be approved by
the board of fire and police com
missioners. That was In July- but
as yet the mayor has not taken
the action he promised.
A transcription of the above
photograph of the official bond
That we, John Looney, Jr., of
the city and county of Rock Is
land and state ofIllinois, as
principal, and John'Looney and
D. J. Cleland as sureties, are
held and firmly bound unt the
city of Rock Island in th sum
of Five Hundred Dollar, law
ful money, for the payuent of
which, 'well and truly to be
made and performed, we bind
ourselves, our heirs, executors
and administrators firmly by
these presents. j
Sealed with our seals, and
dated this 27th day ot Decem
ber A. D. 1921.
WHEREAS, the. above bonden
John Looney, Jr., has been ap-
pointed city special officer for
the Rock Island News, in and
for the City of Rock Island, and
has accepted the said office,
and is about taking upon him
self the discharge of its duties.
said John Looney, Jr., as city
special officer for Rock Island
News shall faithfully execute
the duties of said office, and ac
count for, deliver and pay over
all 'moneys' and other proper
ties received by him, then this
obligation to be void ; other
wise to remain in full force and
John Looney ' (Seal)
D. J. Cleland (Seal) .
Approved H. M. Schriver, Mayor
Assistant State's Attorney Ed
ward L. Eagle, assisted by Acting
Chief of Police ' William-H. Fltl
simmone. Sheriff John G. Miller,
and numerous deputies, detectives
and uniformed oatrolmen. worked
ute into last night compiling evi-1
dence ana oumg me macninery w
the law to function in dealing with
the participants ; In yesterday's
shooting affray. ...'-
It was after 1 o'clock this morn
ing when' Mr. Eagle completed his
labors with ths issuance of war
rants for Holsapple, Drost, Buckley
and. two others unnamed, charging
marder, and againm Pedigo ana
Taxman . on a charge of carrying
concealed weapons.' Taking Of evi
dence and the grilflnx of all known
participants, with the exception of
John Looney, Sr., was held behind
closed doors in the private omce
ot Acting Chief Fitxsimmona,
About 1:30 In the morning Acting
Chief Fltzslmmons was called to
the telephone by John Looney, who.
it transpired, eougnt a guard to re
main with him during the remain
der of the night. In the conversa
tion which ensued Looney appar
ently requested that Lawrence Ped
lgo 'be released on bond. Fitzsim
mons called Eagle toHhe telephone
and after considerable discussion,
in which Mr. Eagle expressed him
self as loath to turn, Pedigo, who
he termed a aangerous character,
loose upon the community, it was
finally arranged that he would be
released on bond and Looney de
clared that he would have sureties
for Pedigo at police headquarters
immediately. .Only a few minutes
elapsed untir Louis Ortell arrived
at the station, collarless, and in a
high state of nervous tension.
He paced the floor and made im
mediate, inquiry as to whether Blll-
burg was behind the bars, and
when told that he had been releas
ed he displayed deep emotion; "It's
a pretty state of affairs," he Jerked
out "The man who framed this
whole thing, the most dangerous
man in the bunch, you turned loose.
What in h is the matter down
here, anyway Ton got- the rest of
'em in here," Jerking his thumb to
ward the cells, "but Blllburg is al
lowed to go." The fact apparent
ly escaped Ortell that while Bill
burg had been released pending
further investigation of -the shoot
ing affray, Looney had not yet even
been questioned by' the authorities.
Ortell Excited. ,
Ortell was then taken into the
office of the chief for questioning.
Only one or two queries had been
put by Eagle when Ortell lost his
head entirely, v "I tell you this is
serious business," he fairly shriek
ed. "What in h kind of
business Is this. . I may be a boot
legger and all that, but this is get
ting serious. The boy is dead. All
we want is a fair deal just fair
play. We want fair treatment,
and "
"Cut all that" out cut it ont right
now,"- ordered Mr. Eagle. "I am
conducting this investigation. An
swer questions when they're asked
of you. I don't want your ogmon
or an oration "
"But what we want is fair play
a square deal," shouted Ortell.
"I've got witnesses who saw Blll
burg and that crowd of
Who eta tftmW--ftMeto.ot
tl INtfty. Thar are trying to tract,
an seeking especially tor aayone
by telegram, telephone calls and
all other moaas, eevwral automo
biles which left town speedily at
about the time ot the shooting. ,
ilhrayer May fc lavolwi. -Sheriff
Miller says he is conduct
ing an livastigattott'of the Shooting
ot Johfl Looney. Jr., and Albert
Allgnyer, but la not ready to kaake
any statements as to what ho has
learned. He says he is tracing down
minora thai Albrutw was directly
Involved la the shooting, and not
an innocent victim. It atenu that
some move is being made to con
nect Allgnyer with the faction op
main Um Looneva. but the sheriff
admits nothing incriminating
ninat this man has vet been an-
covered. , It seems to be well estab
lishedmt Allguyer at least was
not carrVlnc a weapon at the time
of the shooting, but it la hinted that
he has been in the city eight or ton
days and has been an object ot ssu-
Sheriff Miller arrested Lawrence
Pedigo late yesterday afternoon on
a v charge of carrying concealed
weapons. The Sheriff was asked
Why John Looney, Sr., had not been
rMatod on a similar charge.
"There has been no evidence thai
Looney was carrying a gun," safd
tbe eberiff. "The one witness who
seems to have been lhJhe best po
sition to observe declared Looney,
Sr.. armed himself , with a gun tak
en from his automobile when the
shooting started."
The witness referred to is Wil
liam Allen, attorney. To inquiries
this morning Attorney Allen de
clared that Looney, Sr., extracted a
gun from Inside his coat when the
trouble began, put it back; and
hastily retreated to the shelter o:
the Sherman hotel.
lock lajgal Attataay (mtrentar
tare Kr Opened,
Orders Deputies to Arrest Anyone
la Connty Having Firearms
In HJs Possession.
ition room. Buckley was held In
the city Jail until. this morning.
Anthony W. Blllberg was ar
rested on charge ot murder at noon
today by Detective Dennis Ben
nett His hearing was set for 2,30
o'clock this afternoon before D. J.
Cleland in police court
At that time Magistrate Cleland
will hear - the ' evidence against
Blllburg and decide whether or not
it is sufficient to warrant holding
him. Cyrus E. Diets, Samuel R.
Kenworthy and Hays Britton were
present shortly after noon in po
lice court when a hearing was to
have been held. They have - been
retained by Blllburg to defend him.
Mr.. Eagle has insisted that def
inite evidence, be submitted before
serving any individual with a war
rant If this proves the case in i
Billburg's arrest when the evi
dence Is heard -this afternoon in
police court, he will probably be
held without bond for hearing Oct
The Other three defendants, Hol
sapple Drost and Buckley, are be
ing detained without bond, their H
cases .continued to Oct 16.
Durfng the night no one was ad
mitted to speak to Holsapple and
Drost this being forbidden by Mr.
Eagle's orders. Doors of tbe city
garage Which adjoins the iall were
locked, 'leaving only one entrance
into the cell room through the
police station.
The citv forces wr mnhlllnut
last night The whole force of
both day and night shifts were on
duty until a late hour, and with all
the council members and city hall
members aiding Id ' the investiga
tion. Sheriff John O. Miller and his
deputies were in evidence and work
ing with the police, authorlUas.
" , gears Tie Dens.
A number ot plaees suspected ot
containing evidence which would
throw lights oa the identity of the
gunmen who participated in the
riot, were searched. In the desert
ed "longest bar in too world,"
Twtttteta street and Third avenue,
a long barreled repeating ahotgaa
said to have beoa reoantrjr fired.
ad kaUevea to
. Lest You Forget
The Argus on Aug. 5 printed the following prom
ises on behalf of the Rock Island city and county
governments: , '
1. Enforcement of the liquor laws, including
the sale of intoxicant beverafce3 in soft drink
parlors and the traffic in h6och and bootleg
whisky. ' ,
' 2. Closing of disorderly houses, and driving
from the ci'aF of prostitutes, street" walkers and
their male consorts. . "i , . . .
3- Elimination of tool gambling, if any exists.
" 4. Removal of slot machines and like gamb
oling devices.
"This is to be no spasmodic clean-up,' City
Attorney Scott said. "JJe are going to make it
thorough and lasting. We ask the cooperation
of the public "and urge that any citizen who has
knowledge of law violations call Chief Cox or
Sheriff Miller, or both, and give them the infor
mation. We are going to clean house -and the
strict enforcement of the law will .continue at
least as long as tfte present city administration
is in office." .
Sheriff Miller reiterated Mr. Scott's state
ment. "The county and city have joined forces
and we are goiug through with this thing if it's
the last thing we do. We want the police to help
' us and with that cooperation granted, we prom
ise that the community will have nothing to
complain of in regard to law enforcement."
This is Oct. 7. Conditions against which the
city and county authorities pledged ! themselves to
act on Aug. 5 still prevail in Rock Island.
window, waa-dlsoovered by police hio liquor was found and no women
.nil - ' . .
"The men
and confiscated. ' t
Before the turmoil had quieted
down early last evening two sduads
of, armed policemen in uniform
made a canvass ot All saloons and
vice dena in the city. This was
done under erders ot Acting Chief
William H. FltzsimmonsA
The chief later annonnced that
Ovary aalosn down town had been
entered aid searched for liquor.
no tdm every niace ever surowt-
od of being a boose ot proatttatioa
reported that thr
found no illegal conditions In this
canvass," said the chief, "They lo
cated no liquor and there was no
evidence of disorderly conduct at
any of the place visited. This
.canvass was thorough and none ot
the alleged 'protected' joints was
spared.". .
? Pedlew Arrested.
Arrest of everyone carrvlnt wea
pons of any kind, and search of any
llcemen, was ordered by Acting
Chief of Police WiUlam H. Fllz-
Bimmons at 5 o'clock. . .
Lawrence Pedlgo, proprietor of
the Sherman hotel, and a man who
gave his name as M. Taxman, were
the first to be hit by this order.
Taxman. is. said to be in Pedigo'a
employ. Sheriff John O. Miller ar
rested them as they were driving
away from the police station with
Mrs. Charles Downing, chamber
maid at the. Sherman, a witness
who had been examined by the po
lice. "What do you want me for?"
Pedigo asked the sheriff. '
"I want that gun," replied Mil
ler, ag he frisked the hotel man.
"That's a great idea man like
you carrying a revolver."
"Well, if I didn't have it I'd like
ly be killed," was Pedigo's retorjj
o nc "on Hsu Luwaru in ceil.
The sheriff then advised the act
ing chief of police to search every
one upon wnom tne remotest sus
picion mignt rest, and to arrest
every one found armed.
Mrs. Downing, the chambermaid,
talked freely about what she had
seen. ,
She described several individuals
she saw . In the two automobiles
from which she declared the shoot
ing had beeaf done. One, she said,
was jl short, thin man . wearing a
hat pulled down over hit eyes and
who had the appearance of being a
"foreigner." Another; she Said, was
a tall man in a brown salt also
wearing a hat 1
Joints to Drost
, "That man (Indicating Dan
Drost)," she said, " is one of them.
I think. Only he hejl goggles on
at the time of the shooting. If he'd
put" them on again I'd recognize
him." , ;
The woman was' only one of a
half dozen witnesses quizzed iy the
nolirte -
The inquiry was carried on in
the private office or the chief ot po
lice, Edward L. Eagle, assistant
state's attorney, conducting it
John K. Scott, city attorney; Mayf
or Harry M. Schriver; Chief Mtai
Simmons; Sheriff John O. Miller
ana we mayor s secretary, Miss)
Velma. Hickman, who took state?
w kwwa uMuu, ifcic m ine
DaawDroaVwho-4a said -to.
drive up Third avenue and right up
to Billburg's saloon and dump their
guns after the shooting. I tele
phoned the station and asked that
someone be sent up there and get
'em, but as far as I know nobody
was sent until they had time to
put all their weapons away "
Never nynd, never mind we ve
been at work on this investigation.
We've ga the guns. If you accuse
any of us with neglecting our duty
I'll throw you in," Mr. Eagle an
grily retorted.
Admits He's Bootlegger.
"Throw me in, throw me ln ex
citedly broke in Ortell. - "I admit I
may be a bootlegger, but I tell you
this 4 serious business serious
business." Ortlll fairly shouted, ap
parently in a nervous panic, and
his voice could be heard through
out the station. Eagle ordered all
but Officials out of the chief's office,
and with door closed the quizzing
of Ortell proceeded. Shortly after
ward Pedigo was released, with
Ortell as his, bondsman. 1
Following yesterday's gun battle
and throughout the work of investi
gation which, followed, the police
department, even to the untrained
eye, showed a high state of demor
alization. Officials conferred nerv
ously in groups of one and two.
City Attorney John K. Scott and
Mayor SchriVer.hurrled about. But
unlike -the procednre followed im
mediately after the Gabel murder,
the police department, though
piainiy demoralized ana without a
leader thRt could weld the depart
ment as a unit behind him, was de
termined to make arrests and use
the dragnet
Sheriff John G. Miller this morn
ing stated that he had instructed
his deputies to arrest anyone found
to be carrying firearms and that
they would be jailed immediately.
"My .deputies have been or
dered to take into custody any
persons found carrying weapons of
any kind and they will be dealt
with to the full extent Of the law,"
the sheriff said. "This applies not
only in the city of Rock Island but
throughout-the county. I am go
ing to take every step possible to
prevent a recurrence of yester
day's tragedy."
Cqblenz, Germany, Oct 7. The
rifle team representing the Ameri
can forces, in Germany made a
clean sweep in the inter-allied
shooting tournament held by the
British army in the Rhineland at
Cologne yesterday.
The American marksmen, headed
by Warrant Officer Meskil ot the
8th infantry, won every inter-allied
event The final scores were:
Americans 510 .
British 400 "
French , 30:1
Beleians US
The Americans had a walk-away
in the machine gun events, rifle
anan-shootine and in slow1 and
rapid fire with the rifle.
$23r000 HOTEL
(Special Moline Srrica.)
The J. L. Brady company,
Mollne, has been awarded the con
tract to install the plumbing and
heating system in a new 7-story
hotel at Burlington, Iowa. Bid of
the East Moline firm was (23,000.
, Work will be started Nov. 15 and
will require about 7 months to com
plete. ... .
(Special Moline Service.)
Joe lngersoll. East Moline, who
was arrested Thursday night on a
charge of drunkenness, pleaded
guilty- this morning and was fined
$3. He is "sitting out" the fine in
the city Jail
lngersoll, when picked up by the
police, was covered with blood. He
told the police that he had been as
saulted and robbed at Fifth avenue
and Seventh street. East Moline.
He said he had g-'.tended a party In
a boathouse earlier in the plght and
was on his way home when attacked.
William C Allen, Rock Island at- '
tornar. xas talking with John
Looney, who was seated in the hit
ter's oar In front ot the Sherman:
hotel a few mlnates before the
shooting. C - - 1
Mr. Allen said that he wm crow-1
Ing Seventeenth street from UeV
west and as he was stepping apoa
the curb at the corner near the
Sherman hotel he heard some one'
call to him. 'He looked and law '
Looney motioning tor him to come
over to the car which was parked''
directly in front of the hotel, sir. l "
Allen went to the car and Looney
showed him a number . Ot legal ' .
papers which he had in the car.- As
they were discussing the papers,. ' i
Mr. Allen said Lawrence Pedigo i
cams up to Looney and handed him
more papers.
"Connor Looney then appeared,"'
Mr. Allen said. "Connor seated
himself in the rear seat of the car
and Looney talked with him a tew '
minutes in low tones. Looney Was
sitting on the right side of the
front seat and Connor was sitting
on the left side of the rear seat
While Looney. was facing the rear
seat of the car, three automobiles
drove up in the rear and stopped.
Looney glanced at the cars and
exclaimed excitedly to his son, 'It's
come, it's here, get out of this!' ,
He repeated, 'get out of this,' to I
his son several times.
"Looney then jumped from the
car on the right side and walked to- -ward
the entrance of the Sherman
hotel.- Connor left the car from v
the right side and stepped to the
curb. By that time I had started
to walk north on Seventeenth street
and Connor passed a few steps in
front ot me. Then a fusillade ot
shots followed from the cars on
Seventeenth atreet and Connor
pulled his gun and opened fire on
the cars. Looney reached on the
inside ot his coat as If to reach for
a gun. He entered the Sherman
house. I saw Lawrence Pedlgo
come to the door of the hotel but'
in the confusion I am not able to
state accurately whether he had a
gun or not"
People who described the scene -shortly
before the shooting said,
that young Looney and his father
drove up to the curb And parked in
front of the ShermanhoteL Looney ;
remained in the car and a few min
utes later Lawrence Pedigo drove
away in his own car. He returned
in about five minutes and handed
Looney a paper. ;
After the shooting started in the
direction of the hotel, and crowds
gathered, Looney and Pedigo are
said by witnesses to have appeared v
In the third window from the soatb ;
corner ot the eecond story of the
Sherman hotel, facing Seventeenth '
street and were firing on the cars
from which the first shots came.
Used Shot Ga
It is believed that one of the
guns which were employed by the
occupants of the cars which opened .
fire was a sawed-otf shotgun. One
of the holes in the south front wis
dow of the Shermin hotel Is 11
inches in diameter and two others,
one in the door and the other in the
north window are smaller, prob
ably made by revolver shots.
A row of broken slore front
glasses on the west side ot Seven-
teenth street mark the crossfire.
Places of business where shots en
tered andkbroke the glass are the
Island Aty Fixture company,
O'Malley's funeral parlors and the
John Koch company which are
grouped directly across from the
hotel. A tire on a ford car owned -by
John Tindall, Milan, was also
East 1 one of the targets ot the wild bal
Carter Car Shot.
David W. Carter, 1623 Third
avenue, was. directly behind the
last car which opened fire in the
direction of the Sherman hotel.
Mr. Carter was driving a truck on
Third avenue from the east and
turned up Seventeenth street Ut
noticed two cars ahead of him and
thought that they were backing
out from the curb in front ot tht
hotel. "
"The two cars were ahead of sw I
and I was forced to stop," Mr. Car
ter said. "The minute they cam
to a halt 1 saw a gun barrel stick
out from the rear car and opes
fire. They fifed two shots and
when the shots were returned
from the Sherman hotel, I could
not get by the cars ahead of s
so I started to back out of Seven;
teenth street and go up Third
nue. The bullets were tWl
around me and the tire on tM
right rear wheel was punctured Mr
one of the stray shots." '
admitted to the police that he re
ceived his wound in the Market
square duel, was the first question
ed. His grilling lasted more than
an hour, at the end of which he
was locked up in jail.
Geofge "Crimps" Holsaonle was
also subjected to questioning and
imprisoned, as was Anthony W.
Blllburg. These three were held
under suspicion of having been im
plicated in the shooting. State
ments by John Looney, who is said
to have affirmed he saw them fire
shots at hisj party, and the fact that
the Looneycrowd and the arrested
men are known to have been an
tagonistic, were justification for the
arrests, police stated. .
Results of this Investigation were
not announced during the evening.
Chief Fitzsimmona referred all in
quiries to Attorney Eagle, who, the
chief said, is in charge of the In
vestigation, and who stated that the
examinations were keeping-him too
busy to make a statement till later.
Police are following every possi
ble clue, Chief Fltzsknmons stated.
Tney are examining everyone
knows to have been in the sous re
at ths time of the shnotinr. and
(BpeeUl Molina Serrice.t . '
Achille Feys, proprietor of a bar
at .1002 Railroad avenue, Moline,
was fined $110 by Magistrate Frank
Gustafson in police court this
morning von a charge of violating
the liquor ordinance.
Seven women entered complaint
against Fys' place. They declared
that conditions there were much
worse than to be found in a licensed
saloon in the days before prohibi
tion. - The women declared there are
four hooch bars within a shorv dis
tance of Railroad avenue and Tenth
street Feys, they declared, baa
been, conducting an especially
noisy place.
Feys pleaded guilty to a charge
ot disorderly conduct and paid the
fine. He also pleaded-, guilty to
keeping his poolroom open after
12 o'clock at night He was ar
rested at 12:10 o'clock last night
by Policeman Xaoqia rAY
(Snelal WUne Seme ' '
Alderman John Huey, not
fled with the reasons gives ' "
Mayor C. P. Skinner for not twt
ening No. 4 first station, is gor
get the opinion of the city ntwrwr
and other attorneys in the IM"
Alderman Huey stated his '
tlons at a mass meeting of eaw"
citizens last night Anouer
Ing of the east-enders will b
Oct 20. At that time an orf
tion will be formed to seek ;
provements for the east end. -
The city council. In session
day night, voted to open the "JS
station. Action was WWn
and the mayor announced tn
opening would not take Pi0"11"
to the fact that the city baa
money u pay we -ip-additional
men to man wJJi
ment East end residenU. wne
that the closing ot the stations
jects them to loss by fire. ""V1
lieve that the mayor has a "
the eaat eaa.

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