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; jidall t.:eu
::::id vviiile
at Aagastaaa djm
M BrteAsa Field.
Tkira nterd 1110 dressing
of th Aogusiana couege
TJJgjj players Saturday afternoon
Tiuttf men were down on Erlcs-
"T 14-fithtlnf for the honor of
p gHia UW ana uwa 7
ti stlcipw, en uai, monij,
Zudtbey conld lsy their hands.
JJrLgl iom was placed at $250.
? sroken lock made entrance
l& (fee dressing room easy for
EL vho committed one of the
-7 ndermlnded piece of thjev-
lL coach Swedberg key. for
assccoontable reason would
Tikrow Iatcl nd 11 wa Bec
Jn to break the lock of the door
a tie players to dress for the
aaitell contest with Monmouth.
jk tired and rather disheartened
loach of players retained to the
tmtaM room after Saturday's con-
ml, tired from the physical exer
ggt which they pat forth In trying
H ttof the attack of the opposing
lute, and disheartened because of
tH (act that they lost the contest
yuw a large homecoming crowd,
ial to add to their ill feeling they'
tin confronted with the fact that
gey were .the victims of such a low
ices of work.
Authorities of tbe college and po
(tce of the tri-cltles were notified
it oace. a were authorities of
goanoath. No evidence aa to who
eoMBitted the theft has been found.
Plays and players
fort Armstrong George Bebaa i
ia person in "The sign of the Rose."
Spencer Square Gloria Swanson
la "Her Gilded Cage."'- v
Mai tic Constance Talmadg in
"Sauce for the Goose." ,
Grand Grand Players in "My
Lady friends."
Capitol Vera Cordon in "Your
Best Frlen4" acd Syncopation vau
deville. -
Oarden Wesley Barry in "From
Rags to Riches."
una of the sweetest, moat
thetlc of stories of lite is told in
the play now being shown at the
Fort Artnstrcng, George Beban'sfJuat one
ramoua production, "The Sign of the
Rose." Not only is the story being
shown on the Mm, but Mr. Beban
and his east are appearing In per
son in the fourth act 'of the play.
This is the first time that the silent
play and the spoken drama have
been mended, So skillfully does the
shadow picture fade away and tbe
real flash and blood performers
take its place that one is scarcely
aware inmi in cnange nas oc
Many theatrical followers have
been disappointed when a favorite
actor or actress has changejd from
the spoken to the silent play and
district where be goes in hia searci
Rosina has cone 'down to - Ue
street to play. The music of the
organ grinder has become too much
and Pietro baa given her permis
sion to play while he goes out to
fill the long list of gifts she has re
quested of SanU Clans. Blindfold
ed in a game of blind man's buff,
Rosina does not see the car bearing,
dowa upon her. She ia struck and
the little life passes out. The-most
pitiful part of the story is the seine
of the father's arrival ,' home w:b,i
gu ior bis oaoy, accompamea ty
a crippled boy who is to play Santa.
li there was anyone in the audience
day are eoM. then rd Uke to take
one hack to New York." There is a
comedy and the regular Paths
News, but it Is doubtful if anyone
la the audience remembered what
either was after viewing The Sign
of the Rot." -
AU ' of tbe conquests which
charming Gloria -Swanson has not
mad among Rock Island Dim fans
will come into her fold when they
see her In "Her Gilded' Cage" the
first part of tbe week at the Spen
cer Square. The play went big be
fore three large audiences yester
day. Appearing in the most fasci
nating role of her career. Miss
Swanson playa exceptionally well
was anyone in the audience! in "Her r.iMd r. it ie u tale
who did noTsbed a tear then theirs pof a woman true at heart whom
pa-mnst have been a hardened heart
Or again In the House of the Flow
ers, where Petro has gone to buy
rose for his dead child.
This act is given by Mr. Beban and
cast In persoaf. Here, too, has come
the mother of the stolen child, pro
vided with money, to pay the ran
som which she think Pietro has
demanded. Unaware that she As
the wife of the man who killed hla
child, Pietro tells her the sad story.
The heart of the mother is touched,
but that of the detective engaged to
apprehend the kidnaper remains
cold and he preparea to take Pietro
to the chief of police. Mr. Beban'a
acting here is wonderful. With hiia
you go into the depths of despair
and sorrow. You are with him
when he tells of the trip to Amer-
w tu '6UI uuij wuii ut ua i
vice versa. Mr. Beban does not dis- pea, when in a wreck at sea his
appoint one here. Hia acting Is just! wife is lost, and he saves his baby
as wonderful on the screen as daughter. You are with htm when
when he appears before you in per-i he fights to go back to the body of
son and lets you suffer with him
tbe loss of the dearest thing in his
Mr. Beban portrays Pietro Bal
litl, an Italian. He lives alone with
his motherless daughter, Rosina.
(The child actress who played thiepens which helps to relieve
I 5 1 Safe
J Xii Milk
OV i CssUren
TfeOriefoal Food-Drink for All Ace.
KttlBk, Malted Grain Extract iaPow
evaTaWetforms. Wmrlmlas lfe Map.
tttnia Utatfav and SssVtiHN
character deserves more than ordi-
The story opens with Christmas
time in two homes, one that of
Pietro, the other of a millionaire
manufacturer. Despite the differ
ence in the homes, the spirit of
Christmaa Is the same. In each
lives a little girl, the sunshine of
the houeehold. In a desperate at
tempt to gain a sum of money a
brother of the millionaire kidnaps
his child. Pietro, who has delivei td
a Christmas tree to the manufac
turer's home, Is blamed. Desperate
with futile attempts to find his
daughter, the millionaire drlvi
madly, through tbe streets, seeking
the Italian who ' he believes has
stolen his, child. In the tenement
his child. The remainder of the
story is again told on the screen.
Pietro has lost his child, and life
seems to hold nothing for him. He
prepares to return to Italy. At the
end of the picture something hap-
the lump in your throat, for Pietro
finds something that brings the
sunshine back again. A feature of
the program vthich it is sure every
one in the audience appreciated waa
the tousle. With the gayer parts -if
the picture, the holiday scenes and
the playing children, came lighN
laughing tunes. When sorrow and
grief were portrayed the music
played fitted perfectly into the
mood of the character. Not only did
Mr. Beban charm his huge audi
ences with his -acting, but be de
lighted with curtain talks. "When
1 1 left New York to come here,"
said Mr. Beban, "I was told that
Rock Island gave one. of tbe cold
est audiences in the circuit If the
audiences that I have played to t-
necessity forced to accept engage
ments as a professional dancer.
and who gained tbe good of appro
bation and the evil of attraction for
the wrong kind of men In fulfilling
her duties. Though the story makes
its direct appeal tor the interest
the plot arouaes, there is attraction
for the student of human nature in
it Revealing the heroine , In her
public life the life of her career
and In her private lite that of
her nature the play gives Miss
Swanson a difficult task to master,
and she displays high talent or at
least excellent directing in her
handling of the part Her costumes
are gorgeous, as befits the premiere
danseuae of gay Paris, and she uses
many of them in tbe course of the
play. Settings, too, are grand af
faire. Mere mention of the names
of Miss Swanson's support will
mean much to movie enthusiasts. It
is a galaxy Harrison. Ford, David
Powell, Walter Hlera and Ann Corn
wall lead too list, and their work
adds much to the picture. AU in
all, "Her Gilded Cage" presents a
variety of attractiveness not to be
found is the ordinary variety of pic
ture plays. A Hy Mayer travelogue,
the la(est pictorial news and one of
.hose comic Aesop's Film Fables
cartoon pictures help make the first
half bill attractive at the Spencer
Rrvue at Capital.
Without question the best revue
the Capitol has presented since its
opening is showing at the Daven
port theatre this week, with Ed
Mwry in the- leading comedy role.
In spite of the bad weather of Sun
day, there was a good attendance
at the theatre and the-audience was
loud In its applause for the Synco
pation Revue. Manager lAveredge
in bringing tbe organization to
gether grouped a number of high
class vaudeville acta, a company of
25, and the entertainment provided
was greeted with a warm wel
come. Mr. Lowry works someth'ng
after the fashion of Eddie Cantor,
announcing his acts and keeping
his audience in a mirthful mood
throughout the presentation of tbe
show. - The Gibson sisters, dancers
of quite a reputation in the theat
rical worlds having been with the
"Follies" last year and "The Pass
ing Show" the year before, have a
terpischorean act of the better
class. Farrman and Furman are
singers who were repeatedly en
cored. Juantta Means, who was
with Raymond Hitchcock's "Hitchy
Koo" and who is to return to the
1923 version Of that revue, was
also high up on the bill as an en
tertainer. The company has an
orchestra of 10 artists which keeps
the performers stepping fast.
1 The revue precedes an excep
tionally strong motion picture MIL
The comer to fast 4 forkesa,
presenting Larry Samoa im "Golf."
Vera Gordon1 appears In- the feature
picture m "Tour Boot Friend." The
Canitol Svmnhonv orchestra alava
line overture anu there is aa organ
number by Walt Steely.
Barry at the GardeaT
Wesley Barry scores again ia
"Rags to Riches." which is being
shownat the Gardes theatre, la
Instant ,
Quaker) Oats
Tbe Qwk WCoolrmg OaU
Now you get two things ia
Quaker pats which no other oats
can offer. You get a flavor which
has won the world. All Quaker
Oat are flaked Jrom queen
grains only just the rich, plump,
Savory oata.
And now there is Insint
Quaker the quickest-cooking
osts in the world. It cooks in 3
io S minutes.
Made from the same queen
grains, but the oats are cut be
fore flaking. They are rolled very
thin and partly. cooked. So tbe
flakes are smaller and thinner
that is all. And those small thia
flakes cook quickly. N
" In either style you get the
finest flavor aa oat dish ever had.
In !tuiat you get quick cooking.
Tell your grocer which style
you prefer.
cMMffmMo aiarst 'fittst irV
adventurous strain. In kJs
eat vehicle he coataranioatea these
voir forcibly to his audienca. Its
a good picture, one that the grava-
rival) UswaSa Si
with the Osrasa oaasKt an-a.
Sore 7ay To Get
Thar ia ana aara wav that never
fails to remove dandruff compleie-
ir and that Is to dissolve It This
destroys It entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of plain,
ordinary liquid rrvon; apply it at
night wheo retiring; use enough to
moisten she scalp and rub it ia
gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of
yoar dalfuraff will be gone, and
three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely
destroy every single sign and trace
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You. will find, too, that all itch-!
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This simple remedy has never been
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nd batMan. - Miofa
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Stair. Interior Snub ot all klmav
Bardtwod immi'E Soerlnf ad ' oeai
t ia stwa 831 ud Eishtasaia
227 Eighteenth St
"Watch for fhmm ads"
V a 0
i . .
T AMES J. STARRO W, fuel adminis
I trator of Massachusetts, says, "Don't
J burn a pound of coal in October.
Cook and heat water for your household
with a kerosene stove. It will save you
-money. It will perhaps keep you out of
the coal line next winter. Cooking by
kerosene is cheaper than coal. Kerosene
can be bought anywhere."
".Kerosene can be bought anywhere.''
This statement is particularly true
throughout the Middle Western states
served bythe Standard Oil Company
(Indiana), whose' distribution service is
lOOb complete. Kerosene is delivered
to the home, whether on a distant farm,
in a smsil town, or in a big city.
Imagination and foresight were required
to anticipate the demand for petroleum
products which exists today Permanency
- in organization, efficient management
and dost attention to the minutest detail
has resulted in establishing within this
Company a spirit of service which is
expressed in the far-flung system of dis
tribution and delivery which makes every
user of petroleum products in the Id"
Middle Western States feel certain that
his needs will be instantly supplied.
. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
distributing system represents an invest
, nent of over $45,000,000. it includes 25
main stations where complete stocks of
products are kept, on hand, 3973 bulk
stations, 1605 service stations and 7167
tank wagons. It has grown to meet the.
needs of the present and to anticipate
the needs of the future. It is highly
flexible and capable at all times of meet
ing emergencies, such as a coal shortage,
in any section of the territory served.
This service is available at everyhome.
To meet th needs of the. public it serves
is the ideal which the Standard Oil Com- -pany
(Indiana) has before it at all times.
It is alert to foresee a possiblepeed for its
products, and w-hen the demand comes it
is ptepared to supply it; for example, the
possible coal shortage has resulted in an
unusual demand for a burning oil for use
in home-heating plants, and the, Com
pany was ready with Stanolind Furnace
Oil, which it had developed for this
particular service. .
Stanolind Furnace oil is equal to kero
sene in heating value pd sells at slower
V price. This is another benefit accruing
to the public at large, through, an em- J
cientlv rotnaged big business. jV
Stcsdcrd Oil Cospcny
" (htdumm)
010 atSckiiasi Aw Ckicalo. EL
' '
TT'S not merely because your windows are drafty that you should have storm sash. There is
an additional reason. Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your outside wall ia
but a thin sheet of glass? These single glass panes, exposed directly to the weather, radiate heat
at terrific rate. You pay to heat not only your room but "all outdoors."
Gordon-Van Tine
Storm Sash Stop This
With Gordon-Van Tine Storm Sashxyou make an insulat
ing air pocket between the outer and inner panes. This air
pocket prevents the radiation of heat. You get full value
out of the fuel you consume. At the same time, with these
properly constructed Storm Sash, you have means for ade
quate, regulated ventilation.
Gordon-Van Tine Storm Sash
,. " Last For Years ,
Gordon-Van Tine Storm Sash costs but little and they
save ao much fuel that a couple of winters' use pays for
them. Made of highest quality clear white pine mortised
and tenoned they last foryears. , r
Order your storm sash now before snow flies. You will avoid the
rush season with its confusion and possible delay. In our ware nooses
right here ia Davenport yon have, the largest stock ot storm sash ia
country to select from. -
Measui4 Your Windows Then Phone Your Order at Once !
Screen and Storm Sash
riSTSii Virtually thumb ta.cks, in pairs,
US ' Vc? numbered alike. Attach one of the.
pair to the sash and the other to
the casement. This identified each'eash with
its proper window, and saves much time when
re-hanging times comes around. Equally use
ful for screens. Number in pairs from 1 to 59.
Packages el " " Hn
twenty -Sve pairs. I v
Combination Storm and Screen Doors
A marvel of convenience tiVrr-
Attraetive in looks, sturdy
In construction. Made'ot
the best clear whits pine,
and will give constant
service year after year, In
all seasons. Complete in
cluding both screenanpnd
glass, from I
Two Light Storm Sash
In sixty-one different sise all
ready to deliver. These eome in
single strength and double strength
$1.11 1. $7.18
m m
Storm Door
Storm Door Set
Storm Sash Hanger
Indispenslble for proper hang
ing of storm eaab. Holds saslt
snugly to casement no rattling
in the wind' Made of wrought
iron, japanned. Once installei.
lasts indefinitely
Price per pair
fraught steel
butt or hinge.
I For easy re
moval of . door
without unscrewing,
Reversible. One pair
to a bos with screws.
Sizes 3s3, 3Vfcx3Vi. 4s.
Prices per pair, re
Storm Sash
Fastener and
Complete ".stores, including
1-inch spring: two 3-inch hinges,
door grip, hook and eye and
necessary screws. Weight of set
I b. Wrought steel. Excellent
' value. .
S60"$7.35 .19C24C30C
For sot
Japan polished.
Telephone, cell
er write for our
Bundinc Material
Catalog containing
f.OftO Items (includ
ing storm sua) on
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make substantial
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factory - to 4 ye
' raetfcod ef Mnimr.
Call Daveapert 1X.
Best device of
it kiaC to bo
bad. Holds the
sash, secmrety.
either open or
closed. Pro
vents rattling.
Wrought stool,
heavily japan
ned. Measarea
'10 . in. . long.
Pa'lr . 13C
nHin tmrnrn
Csm, Cact I3w A V4mi .
, , Da
t v. :

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