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STAtt tianon
VriMdi iskei t Write 9i
- Uaesa4t PcMcntffe Cm
; Mate fa OftlfW BalUlt
Thomas Hughes of Rock Islaad,
hos petitions ttominattnir him
Independent-Democratic can
didate, for ths .legislature in the
Thirty-third district wore annnled
at a court inquiry hecanae of de
fective addreaaea of signers, doea
not propose :to,vPraitueii adis-
roursginr. detail to keep him out
nf the memi Mr. Huzhea an
nounced todaf that he was still the
independent-Democratic ' candidate
, th laarlafatnra. althmtfirh his
name would not be printed on, the
ballot. Those winning to rote ior
"iim will be asked to write his name
In the independent-Democratic col
nmn '
The Rock Island Ministerial as
sociation, at a meeting yesterday
endorsed the legislative candidacy
of Mr. Hughes and pledged him
1 xurh support as its members were
Mm. in exert In hi behalf. , Mr.
Hughes is member of the associ-
i atlnn, having formerly Baa cnarge
' of one of the -Rock Island Presby
terian churches
The nominating petitions of Mr.
Hughes, were attacked, by H. M.
MrCasKNn. tne Kepuoiican canm
Auta for the leelslature. The lat
ter jalso attributed to his rival pro
British sympathies because of his
navtng been Born in mat country.
Mr.' Hughes,' though betraying a
, alight English accent, declares that
be has been a citizen ot the United
States long enough to appreciate
: and support its laws and institu-
H nMfwi IU etttMshlp
wwfl a reeldewt of Dee
Iflwn. ;
i "I wm . - - tfaanallflail aa a
Mr. HvgBM aaid. "The people who
stgMd my fcnooM wui support
me at the polls. There are enough
of them to give me hope of a
chance ot winning , seat in the
Ute assembly. 1 have some good
friends la the district helping me,
and from'now on i shall devote all
of my efforts to my candidacy, ui
course I realise mat i nave iti
aaiiiMMA tkronch the hoeahia
of my name off. the effJeUf ballot,
bat I believe that act wiu otit um
to arouse my men as w sreaur ac
tivity in my behalf.' i
Imtw - reaneil CoasMcrs Ii
meat of Strctcftaa en XteveaU
and EighteeaHh Aveaaea.
. General. No. . (44.
KAtlm la harabv riven to. all per
sons interested that the council of
k itr r Rnrk inland 111., havinc
mAA h uatrif4inn of & S-iBCh
watermain on Slxta street irem
Eighteenth to Nineteenth avenne
and on Eaghteenth-and-a-half ave
nne rrom rounn w boom
and the ordinancejror the same be
ing on file in the office of the city
clerk of said city, and said city
having applied to the county court
of Rock. Island county, ...Illinois, for
an asseesment of the cost of said
improvement according to benefits,
said assessment being payabte in
seven installments, each bearing in
terest at the rate of 6 per cent per
annum, and an assessment therefor
having been made and returned to
said rnnrt: the final hearine there
on will be had on the sixth day of
Kn.amhor A. II. 1922. at the hOUT
of 9 o'clock a. m., or as soon there
after as the, business or uie court
will permit . i -
All iwfflnni riasirinr mir file nb-
jections in said court before said
day and may appear on the hearing
and make their defense. " -
Dated at Rock Island, 111., Oct 21,
1922. .
Officer appointed to make assess
i ment (Advertisement)
Two large paving lobs on Klev
nrti avanua from Second to EleT-
enth street and on Eighteenth ave
nue irom Finn to isinui iinn
want ronaidared bv the city coun
cil at the regular meeting yester
day afternoon.
The ordinance providing for tne
improvement of Eighteenth avenue
from Fifth to Ninth street also in
corporates the improvement of
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and , Eighth
traiii' from the north line of Six
teenth ' avenue to the - north curb
lino of Eighteenth avenue. The
ordinance calls for the use of as
phaitic concrete in the having and
will cost 153,927, according to the
estimate: made by City Engineer
'Wallas Treir.hler.:--
Paving of Eleventh avenue will
also be with asphaltic concrete,
with the exception of the right of
way of the Tri-City Kaiiway com
pany, and, according to the esti
mate of Engineer Treichler, will
cost $35,154.80.
Pass Sewer Job.
Piv Commissioners adopted the
ordinance providing 'for the con
struction or a iu-incn sewer on uie
west side or iweiun street irom
the sewer at the south end of Mau-
rua addition to a point au ieei
south of Twenty-flfth avenue, and
an 8-inch sewer on the south side
r Twnt v-first avenne from the
Twelfth street sewer east to a point
800 feet east or Tweirtn street, i ne
Job is estimated to cost $3,060.
A resolution that the Standard
On compaBT W trt4 ffennia-
m to erect and ttalntaia a gas
BlUng atattai the northwest cor
m Thtrtv-tlchth street and
Eighteenth avenue was also consid-
erea ny ue cdwbcii.
John r. Harm, eaitor or me hou
ern Woodman, appeared before the
council ' yesteroay , aiiemoon ana
urged the paving of the alley in
the rear of the Modern Woodmen
Building between Fifteenth and
nwtaanth " trneta -. fcnd between
Third and .Fourth avenues. The
matter will be Investigated by the
city engineer. '
Um diiwetiaa of K. K. Terry, Roy.l
committee hre visiting lodges
throughout the llth dlttrict -
. (Specter Molina Berrlea.l .
: Dan Contrekas. Nick ..Demars and
Chris Sp,iros, coffee house operators
in East Moline, were, arrested yes
terday, when it was discovered that
Coutyekas and Demars were oper
ating a place without a soft drink
license. A Jlcenee issued to Splros
in September; :1922,i adorned the
walls of the coffee house. 1 Splros
said that he sold out to the other
two-men two months ago. -
Mayor 6. F.- Johnson this morn
ing revoked, the licese and ordered
the chief of. police -'to see that the
place was kept closed. :: j :
rSmvin MoliM SarvtAs.i
Tigress Temple, No. 219, Knights
of Khorassan, an organization with
a tri-city membership, will hold a
ceremonial session in the Odd Fel
lows' hall. Rock Island, on Satur
day evening, Nov. 18.
The program will be inaugurated
by att oriental parade of candidates
who are to cross the hot sands of
the desert. Delegationa will be
present from Peru, 111., and Peoria
and Maquoketa and Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, with: bands and patrols. -
Members of Tigress temple, under
. "' .. . ' ' .
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that bakes with
1 Calumet and there
are millions of them
has learned three im
portant baltingjacts
First; that she never has
any failures, which means
no loss of time and ma
terial Second; that her bakings
are always pure and
wholesome, which goes
a long way toward perfect
Third; that the greater
than usual leavening
strength of Calumet
J stands for economy be- .
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sales are 150 greater than that of
any other brand.
A pound can of Calumet contain fall 16 ounces. Some ,
baking powder m come in 12 ounce instead of 16 ounce
cane. Be sure yoa get a pound when you want it.
Vmlcanit Sell-Spartnf
Skrmgles are apprevtd by
the Nttioual Boer 4 of
Fin VmdtrmriUrt.
v Vara
vulcanite OelfrJpacmd ihing'les
swrm-iieni ana more anmcuve
r A BJ lei
YOU can't help but admire a smart, trim roof
laid with Vulcanite Self-Spacing Shingles. The
self-spacing shoulder assures perfect alignment and
leaves an evenly spaced slot between the lower
part of the shingles that adds beauty and.life to the
design. f
And more. It seals the roof positively storm
tight and weather-proof. Neither snow, wind nor
rain can blow through to the roof boards. The
slate surface and asphalt body make Vulcanite
Self-Spacing Shingles durable beyond the average
life of even the best shingles. They are fire-resisting
and not harmed by weather changes.
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other individual shingles made. "
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genuine Vulcanite products. There is a wide range
from which to choose roll roofings, decorative
shingles and slab shingles. Colors in natural slate,
soft green and Indian red. All are " Beaver
Quality" products, Identified by the Beaver trade
mark. I
All patented Vulcanite Hoofing specialties
are made in both jumbo and standard weights.
Diilrict Sties Oficts at Albany, Cincinnati, Chicafo and Kaniaa City
Two other Vulcanite
Patented Shingles
Vulcanite Doubi etitb St bs
Nolire how the talented trianteler
projretion em each slab underlie: the
slot in the second conrse above, firiaf
double thickness everywhere. on
cannot let this advantage in any 4-iu-l
shingle except genuine Vulcanite
Doubletite Slabs.
Vl'1.cnite Hexagon Slabs
The most decorative slate surfaced
shingle in the entire Vulcanite line.
A ttractive design and Maa.y advan
tages patented. Double thick every
where easy and economical to apply
and. fire resisting.
51 7' paten,ed .suld exclusive feature of Vulcanite Self-Spacin ShinIe5. It
I ' ,n -'tft way whtch no other individual shingle even approaches. Vulcanite Sclf-
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Sold B
Rock Island Lumber & Manufacturing Co.
All the flews All the Time THE ARGUS

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