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to-day 'TIIgCK'TSLAWD: AEIGUSqctqbbr , im.
" '..i- SSSSSSSSSS. , SSSSSS , r - . " , j
Mma aft m. mmmr of tMlnln
perform tnCjcorp. officer, temporarily serving
gendarmerie by trainla
It la. Ann". tlwaa officers tnu military auues oi piiunin f
nader tne Haitian color, xne
senior officer ia Lieutenant Colone'l
Douglas C. McDoagal.i who bold
w Hw4 rniiinm Mam
satisfactorily. Tbe nnaaS!
vmUm) Ronn Minetii hi aides .leers, but will attend a military
nalsn tha nIH Irng nf ml TP. 1 MChoOl for tWO Year.
cainst tbe time whea tasTIK
dannerie will be a puniTaJM
ir ornamental aide who were us-! ui u American unicara aoriiug : ujo nu ui iujui-scmiai "
oallr appointed for political rea-j with tha Haitian gendarmeria. 120 ractlng as chief of gendarmerie,
ana. The newly commissioned of- 'ln all. the field officers are marine i The gradual buUding up of the
tore, not. rank and ale.
WfWi'i laxOJary Bom- Is Aetlre.
If tmgtftt IBtkeru
JUepHal CwptlfB.
i The Woman's auxiliary board of
'the Lutheran hospital, which con
sists of a representatire from each
Dt the 17 hospital circles, with a
membership totaling 400, ara ac
tivttiv encaaed in the appeal for
.tunas which is being earned on for
toe Lutheran hospital.
, At the last meeting of the board,
Sept. 25 a resolution was pasted
asking the circles to pledge an
amount equal to at least a per
member. The plan proposed by tbe
board was that this money was to
be raised some time Luring the!
coming year by means of social
functions and rummage sales. Since
that time several of the member
ciicles have had meetings and ac
tion has Wen taken in regard to
tbe appeal for funds. - In almost
every case the circles have adopted
the recommendation of the board
and alieady plans are being made
to make their pledges good.
Tne circles that have acted on the
hospital appeal and have made their
plecges are as follows: The Van
Borah, Lutheran, Mothers, Siloa,
. Bethel, Twin-City, Bethesda, Serv
ice, Phoebe, iFraacis Willard, Au
gusta Erickson, Orion Hospital cir
cle, the First Salem circle. The to
tal amount pledged thus far is
S1.165. ,
; Workers Praised. '.' f;
The appeal committee of the Lu
theran hospital in commenting upon
the response from the hospital cir
cles has expressed its high appre
ciation of the action that has been
taken in the present appeal for
funds. The committee considers it
significant in view of the fact that
the auxiliary board ' has already
pledged itself to install a hydro-
& M
Standing, reading from left to right: Mrs. Bert Quist,! Rock Island, Mrs. Louis England, Moline,
Miss Emily Anderson, Rock Island, Mrs. E. A. Freed, Moline. Mrs. F. Erickson, Chicago t visitor), Mrs.
E. Johnson. Moline, Mrs. William F. Johnson, Moline, Mrs. Roy Samuelson, Orion, Mrs. Martin J. An
derson, Moline, Mrs. Clifford Paul, Moline.
Seated: Mrs. Dan Johnson, Moline, Mrs. Gust Carlson, Moline, Mrs. Alfred J. Comber, Moline, Mrs.
Augusta Axelson, Molina and Mrs. Charles Crakes, Moline.
Members missing in picture: Mrs. S. H. Forsberg, Moline, Mrs, Lyle Pluniett. . New Windsor, Miss
Amelia Peterson, Swedona, '
carnival promoter. Three of four
jurors selected are women. ,
KodelL ' '
White, Cloud, Mich. Mrs. Meda
Hodell, on trial for killing her father-in-law,
David Hodell, with
poison, repudiated her previous
confession to police, declaring
some time next year. The appar
atus that the auxiliary board has
In mind will cost approximately
$2,500. Another reason why the
committee is gratified over the ac
tion of the hospital circles is be
cause the majority of them ' are
riembers of the Lutheran churches
ia Rock Island, Moline and outlying
communities and the pledges of tbe
circle members is In addition to
their pledge within their own
Chicago,. Oct 24. Nine tragedies try Mrs. Clara Phillips, accused of
stand out as dramatic spectacles in j beating Mrs. Alberta Meadows to ; the confession was obtained by
the news of America today, and all ' death with a hammer, was tenta-, threats of being haunted by spirits
1 of them present women in tne lean-; tiveiy completed. Mrs. Meadows 0f ner father-in-law and her.hus-
ing roles. They have their settings was tne alleged rival for tbe love j band, Ramie Hodell
! in six sections 01 tne country. 1 01 airs, rnmips nusDaim.
; Six sensational murder cases, five i Harlow.
with women as defendants, are in , Fresco. Calif. Georee T. Har
various stages of trial. Another i0w, acquitted by a coroner's jury j tempting to solve the murder of the
woman, "Peggy" Beale, won ber!after ne ciUDbed his wife to death, ! Rev. Edward W. Hall and his choir
freedom from a Jury in Kansas Citytwill be tried f0T manslaughter, ac-j leader, ,Mrs. Eleanor Mills.
last nignt, ana a sevenm, maun- cording to District Attorney Dailey.
lynne Obenchain, awaits her third h. C. Blanchard, 19, who Harlow
trial in Los Angeles. -found in his home with Mrs. Har-
MOSt Ol tne cases present me i law was sentpnred tn SO fiavs in
Jail for disorderly conduct.
Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Cather
ine Rosier, accused of killing her
husband. Osrar Rosier, and hiR
Ktpnnsrranhpr Mildrpd fleraklinp ! merie. Thirty SUCh . young
therapy apparatus at the Lutheran "eierqnal irian,gle" with variations,
hosnital as soon a Rnarp 1 mari ! Briefly, the nine sensational cases
available and the committee be- aPPar as follows:
lieves that this will be possible
Gninr away? Read claMtfleaHon 25 of
the Claawfled Ad Section and telephone a
reliable truckman to call lor your trunk.
Kansas City, Mo. Marie F.
"Peggy" Beale stepped out to free
dom, acquitted last, night after a
short trial on a charge of murder
ing her lover, Frank Warren An
derson, i .
Jball-aiilsi - 1
New Brunswick, N. J. State of
ficials took over the task of at
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The
sons of the best families In Haiti
are seeding commissions jn tne
y i : . : i i
and ; ridiLimi iuiai gudia
Reckitt, faced trial for the murder
of Miss Reckitt.
Hackensack, N. J. George Cline,
Los Angeles, Cal. Arthur Burch i "u "uluVe ,r,el:lorA uce
of Rvanston. 111.. far his third .mormon auu vnaries ocui.uon.
trial on a charge of killing J. Bel
ton Kennedy. Eight women and
four men constitute the jury, with
two women as alternate Jurors.
, nrotner-in-law ot (Jilne, were on
joint trial for the murder of John
Bergen, motion picture actor. The
defense began its testimony today.
Madalynne Obenchain awaits her
third trial on the same charge.
Los Angeles, Cal. The Jury to
I Cleveland Mrs. Mabel Cham
i nion, 22. is on trial charged with
the murder of Thomas O'Connell.l
or Tgendar
now ho'd commissions, and 21 oth
ers are awaiting their final examin-
Burns and scalds !
cools the pain and
wheals the olisters.
W ednesday Another One of Our Inimitable Millinery Events
$8.50 and $7.50 New York Models For
l- 1
300 Hats purchased for this sale. Hats which sell
day in and day out at prices from $7.50 to $8.50
Hats we could place in our higher priced stocks. To
morrow you can choose any at this very low price.
The assortments embrace all that is new and want
ed, such as:
Draped Metallic Cloth Hats
Brocade and Panne Combination Hats
Coque-T rimmed Hats
Panne and Metallic Cloth Combination Hats
Pompom-Trimmed Panne Hats
Lace-Trimmed Panne Hats
Flower-Trimmed Lyons Velvet Hats "
'. Draped Panne Hats,
trimmed with ornaments or pins
Panne Hats, with Glycerined Feather
i Trimmings -'
Bow-Trimmed Hats
Panne Hats, trimmed with biot feathers
Youthful styles, small head sizes for bobbed hair, and
matrons Hats, in black, brown, .beige. ?rav. navy brick
jruiger, red and purple. Sale starts at 9 a." m., and early
selection will mean best selection "
i First Floor.
For These Chilly Autumn Nights
Very Specially Priced ,
If you have priced wool blankets lately, you will
know that f 7.00 is a remarkably low price for a
pair such as these. Full 5 pound weight, size
66x80 inches, in blue, pink and tan plaids. A lim
ited number in this lot at $7.00 pair.
Beacon Plaid Blankets-$5.00
Thick, fluffy, warm Beacon Blankets in a
beautiful variety of pink, blue and tan plaids. As
warm 'as wool, and much lighter. Price $5.00
Fluffy Maish Comforts $5.00
Heavy, well filled Maish comforts covered with
a fine quality silkoline in very pretty patterns and
colors. Good soft, clean cotton filler. $5.00 ea.
Parker's, Third Floor
Rich Colorings Are Found in
These New Fall Woolens
Many fascinating new weaves in rich
Autumn colors that will im
mediately attract the woman
who is planning to
make her own coat,
suit or dress. Selec
tions are now at their
nB 'i "ran
ISFt... ay mv 1. THMaTkVKV 1
54-in. All-wool
$3.50 yd.
This is a neat checked coating of good heavy qual
ity that is especially well suited for women's tailored
coats or capes. 54-inches wide in shades of gray, tan
and brown, Special, $3.50.
Deep, Soft Chinchillas-$4.95 yd.
Beautiful all-wool chinchilla coating, a lovely fabric
for women's and misses' Winter coats. Warm but
light weight. Colors of seal brown, new-blue, golf
red and gray, 54-inches wide, $4.95 yd.
54-in. Navy French Sere--$jl. 95
A very superior quality of navy blue French serge,
especially suited for women's tailored dresses, 54-inches
wide. Already sponged and shrunk. Price, $1.95
42-in. All-Wool Eponfce--$1.65
One of the Fall season's new and very popular wool
fabrics for dresses. A fine variety of the new Autumn
Shades. Priced, $1.65. Parker1, Main Floor
Mercerized Damask Table Cloths
With Scalloped or Hemstitched Edges
These make very attrac
tive cloths for everyday use
and are plenty large enough
for the average dining room
table. They are made of
fine quality mercerized
yarn. Size 72x72 inches.
Price, $2.25 each. i
Beautiful New Lace Centers-75c
A special purchase of beautiful center pieces, full 24
inches square, and with fancy cut-out corners. Some
thing entirely new in centers. Priced, 75c ea.
Hemmed Crochet Bedspreads$2.35
Very practical, serviceable crochet bedspreads of a
good weight for everyday use in homes, rooming hous
es and hotels. Size 78x88. Price $2.35 each.
' N Parker's, Main Floor
r fl .' ! . 1 ' i. - ...a-..,...,'. rf... I til
Extra Heavy Outinfe Flannel--25c
Jnst the tlnd of outing flannel you'll want forsaking the chil
dren's sleepers and pajamas. Fancy striped patterns. Specially
priced, 25c yd.
3-lh. Stitched Cotton Batts$1.00
Bleached, fluffy, ciean cotton batts, full comfort size, 72x90 inch
es. Weight 3 lbs. A very special value at $1.00 ea.
Fine New Comfort Cretonnes 18c
Beautiful new comfort cretonnes in floral and Persian patterns '
Light, medium and dark colors. Special, 18c yd.
There's a Brilliant Story Unfolded in
Rich New Autumn Silks
All the weaves that the new season brings are
here in a fascinating variety. chiffon velvets, quilt
ed satins and all the much wanted crepes.
Black Satin Charmeuse$2.35 yd.
A lovely soft draping fabric that readily followt
the lines of the new silhouette. Soft, glossy finish
that will wear excellently, 40-inches wide. Price
$2.35 yd.
Sun-Fast Korean Silk$1.65 yd.
A charming new silk fabric for lingerie wear. De-'
lightfully soft and sheer, yet of good wearing quali
ty, 30 inches wide. Price $1.65 yd.
36-in. Satin Messaline$1.95 yd.
This is a splendid quality silk messaline for wear.
A complete assortment of the new Autumn shades
including navy, brown and black, $1.95 yd.
40-in. Black Canton Crepe-$2.95
An exceptionally good quality of black canton
crepe the favorite fabric and the favorite color for
Fall frocks. An unusually good value at $2.95 yd.
Beautiful Phalanx Satin$2.95
Phalanx satin is unequalled for good service. We
are showing this popular fabric in a complete range
of new Autumn colors, suitable for dresses and over
blouses. Very moderately priced, $2.95 yd.
Women's Carter Union Suits
In a Medium-weight for Fall
Women appreciate the quality of Carter's union
suits. These are of medium weight cotton in long
sleeve or sleeveless style, ankle or knee length.
Other makes are fleece-lined in high, low or Dutch
neck styles. $1.65 ea.
Women's Knit Vests and Pants-$1.00 ea.
Women's Fall and Winter weight knit vests and
pants. The vests are in high and Dutch neck styles.
The pants are ankle length. Sizes 36 to 44. Pric
ed, $1.00 ea.
Brighton Flannelette Gowns-$1.50 up
Women's fine flannelette gowns of well known
Brighton quality in pink and blue stripes. Double
yoke and drape styles trimmed with braids or hem
stitching. Brighton gowns are cut very full and
well made. Sizes 36 to 44. $1.50 and $1.95 ea.
Women's Flannelette Pajamas$230
Cozy, warm, flannelette pajamas in one-piece
style, especially suited for sleeping porch wear dur
ing the cold winter months. Pink and blue striped
material, trimmed with frogs. $2.50.
Parker's, Second Floor
More Smart New Arrivals in
Finer Autumn Footwear
"The Stockbridfce"
A smart new one-strap pump with two buttons, plain toe,
patent leather vamps and black ooze quarters. r-J A Cft
Hand turned soles and covered heels ayXU.tlV
V . "The Bossy"
A neat new TTfrter oxford in patent colt or Russia calf
with perforated- tips, welt sewed soles and dQ CIA
military heels. A very dressy okf jrd dOOv
"The Irene"
A fancy two-strap pump in black satin wit i snefle ap""n
effort, or in patent with biene trimmings. Ligct &f vfl
.Ol tV
Shoes, S--.- Flo"-
soles and military covered bee's

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