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tor twNr BR I
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l :
- - - j i j " 'j i i ..,... ! A .1 i -
a j ansa M' taavaaamtteesnf
the afternoon o( .Wednesday, Nov.
g, at J o'clock.
- Tie addition will be two stories
1a height c with a basement The
;:rx GtfMr r nmr bb w-
' rftaaicrOM-f
urn m
Joha J. &aM, . toraMrlv of
;rk Jajend,fw1 t M71 married
i- wt i. Denkmaaa, aaagkter.of.
:-. reserfck C. A. aad Catharine
3 atfel Denkmann, M at 4 : 1 t
Itfalock this morning, at Ma resi-t
f-mc. oak Knoll, McClellan!
' i eights, Davenport, f Retarnlng .
. fi,a a trip to the west last April,',
J kar keen la feeble health atace
:" uat time.; -,?.,--!.:' ': ...i.-.
- Bom in Maine, Germany, In 1841,
;Hr. Relmen traw to maimood. In
: tU naUvs land. workia u clerk
f - la a store; bit coming to tie
United States In 18S4 his natural
hintT hid a chance to be ezer-
elsed and he soon began to make hi? j
. influence felt, first In Davenport.,
where be associated, himself with
.Kara ware interests, ana uier m
Kock Island, where ka rose xapid-
1. first in a hardware line ana.
then In the lumber trade. v
In 1870 Be opened a reUll lum-
."eryard In. Rio, Knox county, ml,
-which he disposed of in 1872, com--:lag
to Rock Island ss a stockhold
. ar in the Rock Island Lumber and
.manufacturing company, of which
"later be was made secretary and
: treasurer. ;
: ' Heving to Chicago in 1892, he
-embarked la. the wholesale lumber
- business, continuing until 1902,
-when he Went to Fort Worth, Tel.,
"where ka lived practically retired,
: although retaining his Interests In
-yariOus concerns. In 1910 he re-
- moved permanently to Davenport
i A stronir ReDublican In his polit
ical nreferences, Mr. Reimere was
. an alderman In Rock Island, and
: was on the board of education for
thrnA vears. serving one yeaP as
areHident of the board.
r . Fraternally, he was a member of
trio lodge No. 67, Masons, Rock Is
' laud; Rock Island chapter No. 18,
i Royar Arch Masons; Rock Island
Commandery - No. 18, Knights
-Templar, and Kaaba Temple, No
bbles of the. Mystic Shrine, uaven-
nort. ' '
t The parents of Mr. Relmen'
widow, Mr. and Mrs. .Frederick
- Denkmann, came to Rock Island in
-1852. Mr. Denkmann becoming
t partner In the firm of Weyerhaeu-
'eer t Denkmann, this Arm also
-owning toa Rock Island Lumber
- company. Mr. Relmers was ' asso
1 elated with these interests. I
Mr. Relmers is survived by his
-widow, a sister. Mrs. Sophia Ohge,
1201 Twenty-sixth street. Rock Is
riand, and three children, namely:
-Charles D.. who is a publisher, re
x aiding ftt Fort Worth, Tex.; Anna
":C, wife of Harold J. Richardson of
rBt Paul, Minn., and Frederick W.
. T; OH Hammond. La.
Mr. Reimers held membership in
r the Presbyterikn church. Those
- who were associated with him in
: business speak highly of his abil
: ity, and in the course of a long life
he formed many strong friendships.
i Notice of the funeral arrange
riments will be made later.
Death, claimed John J. Reimers,
prominent resident of Rock' Island
and Davenport, early this morning.
He bad reached the age pt 79.
fifty PfBar Cewfirfswisd by Wssa
' aa iTkM Hastasl Fall at VU,
. !SueUefwertstal.
,t L fc Titian tiaMU wMow of WU
: Mass Oabel, .Whose murder at the
hands of aa underworld gang pre
cipiuted the Investigation of crime
mi iIm conditions in Rock Island,
tdday contributed 8M to the fund
'being raised ror sne laanuaa wnr
lieemea James Green' and Edward
'Miner, alain in a jrun battle with
an underworld nsgro, Thb now at
noon todavlisd reached 81JM.
Amonnt-preTtBBSjrfcknowl-. . . -edgeflr.
. .... .'.W6.06
' wullaiB McCfiaechlO'lc Bona 10.00
iB. H. Guyer '?."... I.
j Mrs: Cyiltbia aowarafft--GP.
O'Hare r.-...
'Mrs, Vlvisn Al Oabel.....
jHorst 'k StrieW .i.fit.ii; ''
'Nelson & Johnson
Independence camp No, 2S, ..
M. W. 4f A.
Dr. Q. Berphardi
Home Tea company
Mayor Johnson Orders Establish
' meat of Mad Glynn Closed
v Tlce Crnsade Continues.
1 rV-
.- "
'-Staff for School Edition Is An
- pointed; Miss Stoddard, Fac-
alty Advisor, to Direct Work.
(Special Mollnt tpniet-t
Mack Glynn, proprietor of a sa
loon at Fifteenth avenue and
Twelfth street, East Mollne, paid a
fine of 8100, plus costs, in police
court this morning on a charge of
violating the Volstead act, and
Chief bf Police -Tom Schafer closed
Glynn's place of business. Mayor
3, F. Johnson has revoked Glynn 8,
cense, and the chief declared that
the defendant would not be per
mitted to reopen a saloon in East
Mollne. -
Selling hooch was the specific
charge against Glynn. Glynn's ar
rest is a step in the enforcement of
Chief Schafer's bah on hooch.' 1
Nick Demarts and Dan Coutrlka,
charged with operating a soft drink
parlor without a liceose, were fined
Jointly 825, plus, coats, in East Mo
llne police corrt yesterday after
noon. Their jplace of business at
926 Fifteenth avenue will be kept
closed until they have taken out
a license.
Chris Spiros, arrested with De
maris and Coutrekas, was dis
missed. Spiros told the police that
he had sold out to Demaris and
Coutregas two months ago, yet th
new owners were operating under a
license issued to Spiros in Septem
berj -
Mayor G. F. Johnson took a hand
in the investigation of the affair.
and the accused men were severely
lectured by the city s chief execu'
Contributions eithqr may be left
at Tne.Argus.omce n cav
be mailed- and made payable to
Areus Policemenls Fund. . It has
been the bppo.of -The Argusthat
the fund would vbe at least 4,uoo,
with "52,000 for '-'each family little
enough to express the appreciation
of the law-abiding people of the
community of the heroic service
rendered by Green and Miner in
seeking to suppress the very con
ditions that brought about their un
timely deaths. ' The money win oe
divided equally between Mrs. Green
and Mrs. Miner:, .
Total of 131 New Chamber of Com.
nieree MembffsWpa Reported
at Noon Meeting Today. .
' : -
T a
baildinaxwill be of brick, and on
aadtumum. -staxe aad gymnasium.
. On the second floor will be the bal-J
t ony of the auditorium, library and
Marge study hall. -. . -!Tea
class roomsV wiU be ta the
fbasement, which will be equipped
j also, with aa ofllce for the principal
aad a domestic science department.
' Specifications for the plumbing
! work, heating and electric wiring
of the building will be given out to
bidders ia a few days.
The Pacific liner City of Hohol via in flames photographed from one of the lifeboats which bore Its
Crew and passengers 218 souls to safety. Flames and smoke can beseen issuing from the hold.
Waddell Hotel, C H. Thode, West
End bakery, Tri-City Brick Co.. B.
B. Zeigler, Smith Auto Top snop.
Liberty Garage, Tti-Clty Posting
Service, Rock island supper tjo.,
H. E. Howe, M. J. Russell, Joseph
Rosenfield, H, A. Klove, M. H. Sex
ton, Sr., F. F. Searle. O. L. Smith,
R. J. . Wiese, Schneider and
Mitchell, F. C. Huntoon, M. M.
Archer, Frank D. Seward, M.
C. Park, M. H. Sexton, jr..
Rock Island Chevrolet Co., C W.
Mots, H. L. Van'Tuyl, Midway Oil
Co., F. G. Maihack, Nelson k John
son, W. A. Schaeffer, Motor Inn,
Schroeder Bfts., Tri-City Healator
ium, Wheelsn Funeral home,
George Lehnerer, W. H. Treman,
Hodgson. and Hoban, Dr. A. E.
Glawe, Prater Coal Co., Gustaf
son's, B. D. Farrar, Jackson Ex
press Co., Gerald Means, F. J.
Hodges, Illinois Shim shop, R. H.
Eichstaedt, G. H. Clapper, A. C.
Cochrane Co., J. T. Pound and
Priester and Hickey. '
Orie Levtaur Adjadred GuUty of
Driving Moto Vehicle While
. loxlaated; ,
Orie Loving of Davenport, driver
for the Ryjn Construction company,
was fined 8200 add sentenced to five
850,000 PLU
Mellae Car AaaJpaient Ceaai
rises ta start Operatloatb)
Two Months.
ISomUI VoUna Imu",
Plant of the Mollne Car ft Emip.
ment company, a new S50jboa wf
dustry. will be in operation by th.
end of the year, or sooner, it
announced today. Repairing frttat
cars for railroads on contract woi
be the principal work of the in,
companyT Between 300 and isl
men will be given employment T
is said, when the plant is is hi
operation. "
O. E. Child, Mollne realtor 'ht
Fred Kellogg of the Mollne pUJ
wuiwujr are promoting the. COM
pany, and the organization? k
expected, will be effected in eihort
. The plant will be situated m,
site or the old Natick yards, w
east of Twenty-fifth street .h.
. the Rock Island Lines once had .
Plans for the addition to the Port
Rvron tilrh nrhnnl hnildinflr' riravn
by Cenrln & Horn, were today given.; tained spirits, was taken fromLov-
euu ana seuiencea 10 live, roundhouse and yards. Only a f..
"i "i -wo v. uunuiugs wui db required for tka
Diets yesterday afternoon. I company's purposes. Most 0f tkl
Loving was found guilty in a-femployes will be blacksmiths bJ
hearing befotO the court of driving j carpenters. The yard will seeon,
uiuivi fwv " mi.! iumi.iuii.cu inoiiaie 1 uu cars at a time.
ne was arresieu vy moime. puuco
on complaint of Axel Carlson of
Silvia, whose . automobile Loving
smashed at the intersection of
Fourth avenue . and Twenty-fifth
street, Moline.
An empty whisky bottle , but
smelling strongly of recently con
out tp contractors and bids will be! 'ng as evidence.
A number of roads find-th nb.
of having their cars repaired on
contract a satisactory one and th
plan growing more popular.
Brad of the wanta and oftrra at an.
pic yon know. Turn to to ClaaauM u
WANT to aril your old furalttmr ftb.
phone a classified A I
3 Where Fashion Reigns Q
Tanpe, Brown, Black
$25 $35 $39.50
' f Natural Colors
Lester Ziffern has been appoint
: ed editor-in-chief of the Rock Is
:"land high school annual for the
-"-eoming year.' Appointments have
rbeenrheld nil for the last three
"weeks .because of the uncertainty
-or the success of the circulation
: campaign of the bi-weekly. Work
. " will start immediately under the
- direction of Miss Cora L. Stoddard,
-TSculty advisor. The rest of the
rataft follows: .
s:: Associate editor Margaret Beck
tr." . .
H, Classes Agnes Bodeen.
Calendar Helen Reynolds.
' Athletics Eskil Ekholm.
. Art Elizabeth Barbou.
- Humor Ludwig Stapp. a
- Organizations Will McConochie.
GJasses Edith Neidorf.'
OrganizatiQi Morris Kabn.
-"' Tvpist4-iAllleretat Dempsey.
- A photographic editor will be
"appointed in a few days. The staff
,-will have its , first meeting this
-afternoon 'when the work, will be
outlined by the editor and faculty
4W,Wr, Frank aad Adelpa &e.
ea aad De Kester Placed
7. f
Cader Beais.
Jadge Edwards of Dixon Vill Pre
side When Erie Man Faces
' Coart on Murder Charge.
Dixon, I1U Ocf. 24. Judge Harry
Edwards of this city, who has tried
every murder case inthe Fifteenth
Judicial circuit since he was elect
ed in June, 1921, has been asked
by Judge Church of the Whiteside
county circuit court, to go Into that
circuit and preside at the trial of
Blair Denton, Erie (111.) young man,
who is charged withhe murder of
bis father-in-law, Roy Sibley, at
Lpne, Oct. 5.
Fall Sweaters
Lovely Mohairs, tO QQ
Special at .2 O
Slipover Sweaters' in round or V-neck style, in
the finest mohair wool navy, black and brown.
Sweater first Fleer ' - ,
With a total of 131 new member
ships, 75 of these being reported at
the noonday meeting of the work
ers' for the Chamber , of Commerce
expansion , campaign' at the W.
C.--A.5 the teams still lack 219 of
the designated goaV of .350.-.
At noon yesterday the taouiation
was 72 new memberships. This was
an error however, on the part of
some reporting': who" turned m the,
number of prospects instead of the
number :of -mew members secured.
not understanding the chairman
correctly. After revision, yester
day's total stands at 56 instead
of 72. ' .
. To this. must, be ,addpd. the totals
ud to noon today, reported by the
various: division.- as ifollows t. - v
Major W. P, Hanggen's "Gumps" 14
Major W. N. Phillips' "Lions" ..21
Major James T. Pound's "Bull
dogs'! ..vp... .iu-.v; ....:::.jvi
Major John A. Weishaar's Ti-
i gers" .-.siJ. .a kA". ...... 11
Executive committee ......... .20
'Totai; ..:.::::: n
Instead of dampening their spir
its the ohartEine of the figures in
cident to the mistakV' Of-yesterday
inspired the workers to increased
effort. 'and at tomorowjs. lunckeon
to be siteld at noon at ihe Y. C.
A., they hope to roll .inf a -eurprts-ingly
good general, total. . -
' Thn .-hipti n? nf tliit nnnn-'vaql
held jointly with;; the ..Exchange Beatrnfony embroidered Night Robes from the
Night Robes
Philippine Hand Made
club, theMclub cancelling Its regu
lar program uuu usuai meeting
place to be' of service Jn the cam
pEign. .Rotarians whov are. active
jh .the movement 1idKnot 'sacrMce
their clqb attendance record by be
ing preseht: --" " -
Chairman R.' C. Mitchell address
ed the workers ..today inspiring
them with his own-hopefulness.- A
100 per cent effort will, be made
between now and tomorrow noon
to realize the goal.
Sew 31 embers 'Listed.' v
Yesterday Phil Mitchell subscrib
ed to . fouf memberships, and , L.
Stapp and, Co. took out an addi-
Jodge Edwards has consented to i tional '- membership. 11 Others who
hear the case and will preside in
the, Whiteside county circuit court
at Morrison when the case is called
Nor. I. - . - - '
Joined the Chamber of Commerce
yesterday are the following indi
viduals and firms : Schroeder, Bros.,
Snyder's- Cash and Carry store,
" Abe Bunt Adolph and Frank
JJrossens and Pete De Kocter were
-Wraigned in county court yester
' day afternoon on liquor charges aad
placed ander bonds of 2,W'EacS.
4&1 were remanded to Jail for fail
.'-are tv give bond.' . v
-r. The quartet aras taken la a raid
" tbe D Roster fans, near Coal
Valley; Saturday night by Sberlfl
- siiner anaejuues. s- y
Kulll&is gazibls
x takes position
- William Gamble, for SO -year a
jfteaber of the Molina Plow- oom
fkky orgaoitatlon, baa been ap
pointed assistant purchasing agent
lor the Rock Island .Plow comaaav.
Mr. Gamble's last position with
the Moline company was as par'
, ahaaing agent for the harvester fac
; bwy at Poagbkeepsie, N. where I
e resided ttfr. six yean. He bad j
recently made bis heme in Moline. !
, 5 Mr. and Mrs. GamblewiU make
Get My Advice and My Lower Price TYm
' - DENTIST -A.: Vf n..--My
Succes is Due to fligrulndeork .
. -. Save Money sojd'iesffiWorlt V ': : .
' I12.50 Set qf Teeth, will liot driif) slip. They are
i , made for Service ahd Ctrhfort.
Have impressions Uken in aAoralnf get V teeth the same day
$lt GOLDt CROWNS $6 v-.
Kyoa can. set bettejr:cibwii.kny price,'-I,H V -,
I return your money. One price to all r .
Silver fillings as lowjw . $1.00
a Gold fillings. as low as ........ .. ,.$3.00
Enamel Crpwns as low as . .'. .v.: . : :$6.00 1
Bridgework j90th, as low as $6.00
AH Work Guaranteed 10 Years'
DR. KALMANr Dentist V
U ,7l9t L' 2 J" West M. A K.C- -Pfcone
R. U490. v. a . - tRck bland, HI:
Philippines of - daintiest nainsook.
ent styles. (
Ten differ-
ttmporkil Beaded Bags
They Would Regularly Be Priced
y v as High as $70 '
$3.95 :
Distinguished for their richness of coloring and
beauty, of design, and shown in drawstring and '
envelope style. .
. . Ban-nnit near
e- ..
Very Special
- $3.98 . .
Of splendid auality, well: '
tailored as ptctaredcol-
. ore, tans or greys, -
The Ideal Garment for
j : Sport Wear
V ': v !
Women's Frocks of Silk and Cloth
Distinctively New and Sensibly Priced
$22.00 $33.00 $44.00 I
1922..frock is a thing of wonderful possi- rrf HE three models sketched illustrate strik
biuties styles have changed so radical- I , , , n .,
ii tv ;0 i t X ' mg style notes of the new mode. Consid-
twill, the marvelously draped gown of satin or er the unusual front drape of the dress at
silk crepe and charming affairs in soft crepey the extreme left. The dress in the center era-'
silks. ploys chenille and Georgette most effectively.
A dazzling display of new Evening Gowns in Taffeta, Salome
velvet arid Chiffon for the early Winter festivities
now ready for your inspection
I Wessen'g aad Misses' Dresses 2nd Floor. '
- " - ,-, . -
Suits and Wraps for Autumn
The Suits and Coats, as well as the Dresses,
are radically ditterent, and, therefore, in
terring from the very start. They have a
way of being tremendously becoming as
well, with an engaging air of sophistica
tion. - ' I i -
At the extreme left is a very
smart mannish Coat of im
ported English fabric a
smart blue gray, with black
leather trimming in a checker
board pattern $45. 1
At the- left, a plain tailored s
suit of navy Marleen is beau
tifully lined with gray silk
crepe $49.50. '
At the right-a suit of navy
blue f ashona with squirrel col
lar and cuffs shows smart
Stitching $98.50.
Medallist, the rich new plTe
fabric, makes the Coat at the
right, in black, with caracul
trimming $98.50.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
Coats for women are
- tailored like a man's. A
splendid selection for ,
Misses or Women-
N (
saeir nome in Koch island.
2 The Store of Quality .
1 ,
1 , -

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