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Jt .THE ftOSK ISLANt) ARGUS November
NOVEMBER 13, 1922.
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TT Tf TT 9 tW PHWTESS SINCE 187J f ' -
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ArtSataa An
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"ft 1 f4 ',": ff . ' v Ei
1WT SMII Vh ! lUM WTftf
tfi fnr Mia rtavMinnrt Dmnocrat ft
artca of rtmfnUcencet of tnterett
to the paopl Of UM tn-ciue nnaer
Om nom do pirn of "Old timer,"
. h. - tin antlrttaHnn of friendl.
published hii manuscript in book
' term in tut Kincun on
entitled Turn wu toe uooa uia
Dtyt In Davenport and Scott
. County ,iowa." The irork 1 char
acteristic of Mr. Porcell'e quaint
Style of refined slang, the dedicatory
line being: "Here's How May
Your Journey Through the Indian
Summer of Lite be Brightened With
Happy Memories of the Good Old
, . Days." -
All the way through the book is
. written in the same entertaining
popular style that has always drawn
1 readers to Mr. Purcell's contribu-
tions, and while the unique vein of
; humor Is maintained there Is merit,,
too, in the fact that the outposts
and landmarks and the familiar
characters and incidents of history
are properly portrayed, among
which "Can't Loose" Alex Anderson
has a conspicuous place.
In a word. -it is as claimed, "a
n record book for old timers." It
.- is neatly bound and published by
the Purcell Printing company,
with copyright by W. L. Purcell. It
Is finely illustrated, the special car
tooning by W. A. Capperly.
Boy Scout News
The lntertroop efficiency contest,
in which all Boy Scout troops in
the city compete, Started off this
morninK and it is expected the
contest will not only advance
scouts to higher rank but aid in re-1
cruiting members. The scribe of
each troop must bring in his re
port the day following the meet
ing that a complete check of all ac
tivities may be bad at scout head
quarters. The scoring of points
has been arranged stf that smaller
troops will 'be able to compete with
tbe larger troops on an equal basis.
This week's actirities among the
troops will be centered in advance
ment for the -regular monthly
meeting of the court of honor will
be held Friday evening at scout
headquarters at 7:30 o'clock.
Troop No. 16 will meet this eve
ning with the scoutmaster, Bert
ram Swanson, at 7:30 o'clock. This
troop is advancing under leader
thin nf th npw scoutmaster and
new members are expected tonight
The troop meets . tne zion uuia
eran church.
Scoutmaster Earl Reynolds of
troop No. 14, and Rev. Mr. Erwin,
pastor of the African Methodist
church, are selecting a new troop
committee. The troop meets this
evening at 7:30 o clock.
Troop No. 4 will meet tomorrow
In the Broadway Presbyterian
church at 7:15 o'clock with the
new scoutmaster, Harry W. Leifer
mann, who was formerly interested
In the scout movement in Des
Moines. A new troop committee is
being secured and efforts are also
being made to secure an assistant
scoutmaster that tis troop may
have all possible support. Rev.
John McGown Stevenson, pastor of
the church, is anxious that every
urn Yimm(
I W M 1 jsTH m M M .-m l
' "Elonine" toeether was a "Kay Drank" for three youthful couples' of a Lafayette, Ind.,' "puppy love
cult" until police broke up the party. The youngsters had arranged to try marriage for six months,
say police, but the youngsters deny it. Three of the group were stopped in St. Louis, another in Kansas
City and the remaining couple in Bloomington, 111. Two of the girls are shown above. Mary Frances Zn
fall, left, is 15 and Mary Alice Morehouse is 16. The third girl, Mabel Cartwright is 14. The boys, left
to Went below, are Glenn Cunningham. 17. who was paired with Mary Zufall; Leonard Johnston, 16,
who says he was mersly proxy for an absentee, and Levan Cunningham, 19, paired with Mary More-
nouse. . : , , j
boy who attends Broadway Sunday
school, and who is eligible tor
membership, should report tomor
row evening at the meeting.
Troop No. 3, First Methodist
church, will meet this evening at
7:30 o'clock with the scoutmaster,
Raymond W. Walker. -
The executive committee of the
local council will meet Thursday
noon in the Y. W. C. A. at 12:15
o'clock. Plans for the annual
meeting in December will be dis
cussed and the nominating com
mittee is expected to report recom
mendations for officers next year.
Paul Johnson, 22, 1122 Thirty
seventh street, was arrested last
night by police officers on a charge
of rape alleged to have been com
mitted on Florence Kindelspergcr,
aged 15 years. The complaint was
made by the girl's father, Arthur
Kindelsperger, 1328 Thirty-ninth
street. '
A bearing was held this morning
in police court before Magistrate
D. J. Cleland and on motion of
Johnson's attorney the case was
scheduled fo 3 o'clock this afternoon.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 13. Bel
lamy Storer, attorney and former
diplomat of Cincinnati, died in
Paris, France, last sight, according
to a cablegram received in Cincin
nati today.
Wait for
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
For Your
Home Entertain
ment Three O'clock In the
Morning .......... 75c
Whlteman Orch.
Those Longing for You
Blues 75c
Benson Orch.
Call Ma Back Pal O'
lChaa. Harrison.
Tomorrow Land ..... 75c
Sterling Trio.
Zapmteado (Violin) .$L25
The Wren $L25
-Moment Musical . . .$1.25
Philadelphia Sym
phony Orch.
Ten earn always get Just
the reeerd yen want at
" Rest, to
Fort Armstrong Theatre
Phone B. LSM
For a Conservative
Investment Yielding
10, we desire to present for your consideration
our 7 cumulative Preferred Stock, retirable
after five years at $ 1 1 5.60 per share.
This stock has behind it more than two dol
lars in value for each dollar invested in it.
It is a well known fact that where REAL re
turns are made is in the Common Stock of hon
estly s and efficiently managed manufacturing
companies, as in such companies returns of 25
40 and even 60 is not uncommon with the
corresponding increase in the value of the stock.
In the distribution of our issue, we are giving
our subscribers an opportunity of making part
-of their investment in our common stock. This
opportunity will last only a short time longer
and thus we suggest that if it is your desire to be- .
come-associated with this real Rock Island In
stitution, that will be NATIONALLY KNOWN,
that you take advantage of it without delay.
Ifunfactaran of Rubber and Canvas Robber Soled Footwear
401-402-403 Central Trust Building,
Rock bland, minois.
I November Brings Thanksgiving Sale of
Has neat Blue Conven
tional Border 'pattern, 42
piece set, complete serv
ice for 6 people
I $
$5 Down
$2 per week
IN connection, with many other Nevember Sales
comes this splendid collection of Dinner Sets,
Glassware and Art Wares quoting some of the
best values of the kind we have known for many
months. There are values that will increase the,
popularity of this active, well-stocked department,
and will be welcomed not only for your home use'
but for the purpose of gift-giving.
This stock w&; bought by us before the Tariff on
China increased 15 per cent, and therefore, is still
very low priced. With the potter's strike to con
tend with there is bound to be a shortage of Amer
ican Dinnerware, and with higher tariff on im
ports, prices later will necessarily be higher.
You may buy now on our Club Plan and pay for
the China while using it
A beautiful semi-con-
entional border pattern S
of Rich Persian colors in- S
terlaced with pink flow- a
ers. Gold band and gold a
handles. 42 piece set s
for 5
$C7.75 I
$10 Down
S3 per week
. Haviland China
Tliis beautiful White and Gold Set consists of 42
pieces a complete service for six people
6 dinner plates
6 pie plates
6 fruit saucers
soup plates
V saucers -i
, gravy or sauce boat
, 1 pickle dish
1 vegetable dish
1 covered dish
1 medium size platter
42 pieces for
English Po -eelain
Ameans Pattern a beautiful Conventional pattern
in the Persian effect with gold handles. A 50 piece set
consisting of
$10 down
$3 per week
6 large plates
6 pie plates
6 individual butters
6 soup plates
6 fruit saucers
6 cups
6 saucers
Gold Band
Bavarian China
Gold band pattern with full gold handles and knobs.
Complete service for 6 people. 42 pieces. This set
taken from our regular stock.
vegetable dish
covered dish
pickle dish
gray boat
50 pieces for
$2 per week
6 dinner plates .
6 pie plates
6 fruit dishes
6 soup dishes
6 cups
6 saucers
1 platter
1 vegetable dish
1 covered dish
1 gravy boat
1 pickle dish
42 pieces for
$5 down
$2 per week
Choice of
Three Patterns
American China selected from our open stock pat
terns. 26 piece set consisting of
26 pieces for
The Blackstonc Pattern
on Bavarian China
A neat dignified pattern with a small black Grecian
t i :x l J
buds. Gold band and gold handles. JC 7 111
42 nieces, comolete service for 6 peo- Vll II MM
pie for
$5 down, $2 per week
Thin Blown
Table Glassware
Here Are Prices
Thai Create Very Special
6 large plates
6 fruit saucers
6 cups
1 platter
1 vegetable dish
6 saucers
The Rajah Pattern
on Haviland China
Another handsome Haviland Set with Blue Brocaded
Border Pattern with Bird Medallions;
gold band and gold handles and nobs.
42 piece set. Complete service for 6
$10 down, $3 per week
Vfitrh and low stem sherbets and wine
glasses of fine quality thin blown cut t 0 .
class in neat daisy pattern drt 4Q Dird etS
set of 6 for ...... p'x7
Needle etched or iridescent sherbets,
EE high and low stem style , drt A Q
EE set of 6 for p'K7
EE Thin blown cut glass or iridescent tum
blers, set or 6
....... ...... ......PAVt7
PttarMB'i BsmbmL.
EE for
Genuine Stag Handle
Carving Knife with good
steel blade. Nickle plat
ed fork, per set $1.98.
Timely Sale of Roasters
For Thanksgiving and the Holidays
Wear-ever Aluminum Roasters
Small size for $3.95
Medium size for $4.95 S
Large size for $3.95
Lisk Bine Enameled Roasters
SizeO $2.25 Size 3 $3.93
Size 1 ....... . $2.98 Size 4 $4.50
Size 2. ...... .$3.50 Size 5 $4-98
Savory Roasters
Black Steel Savory Roasters
Small size $1-00
Large size , $1-98 g
Blue Enameled Savory Roasters
' Small size $2.93
Large size $3.98 2j
Aluminum Savory Roasters
Small size ..: $4.98 g
Large size $6.98 s
. Btrras
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