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- laasani bM lmi
' 'tl U pidmie' of aotomoMU
It whk kit Darmport sad
. KM trcelas, six can
v atolv mm : of which ; had
'"rw of IkiweMiM belonged to
r x bllMn ' Tm were Uken
t M4 tan to Davenport. Td
i , Mra, who, ' became losars last
Ifc D. Bocirs Fira passenger
C. 4awMle -Uken . from near Jiia
" K, jeaea, Twaaty-second street
ari Mxtoasth arsons.
.VUlUaai Hlldebrandt. E17 Thirty
. r 3ta street Ford stolen In Daren
,C. )L Case, Ul Forty-fifth sre
r Ford stolen from corner of
latanttath street and Second are
i re. -
,41 ana Johnson Ford taken from
oatalde Industrial Home, where his
aOes is located. '
' 7 L. M. Micklewrlgnt, Davenport
OMamobtle stolen In Davenport.
Another car stolen across the river
described to the Rock Island
department, but the owner's
waa not stated. -
Police in all three cities have ac-f
cerate descriptions of these auto
aebUes and are keeping a look
out to recover any of them it possible.
V fry ' )
J : t nf
Gaorae Bva. lsMar-bld Calais. Me., youth. Is stilt a bachelor, al
though be recently married his own grandmother, Rebecca P. Eye. a
woman of (8.? When the officiating minister learned of the relation
Ship ha broke np the wedding party by seising the marriage certifi
cate, annulling the union and returning his fee. . .. . -
Interest on Second Issue of Bonds
Payable at Banks Wednesday;
Many Rock Island Holders. -
In the Lodges
rum kMsao, Lakenr, la Yfdtti
si AaMcat to Tarda Left
in Is Sererei, " -
(daedal Moline Sa-riee.) '
Phillip Passos, 36 years old, em
ployed as a trackman by the Rock
Inland lines, died at 10 o'clock Sat
urday night in the Molina city hos
pital as the Mault of injarlea he In
curred when he was run over by a
botcar in the Silvia yards Saturday
ttwnshJpg Elect .Board of Dl
.; rectors Saturday; Close Tear's
. B ashless November 25.
Twenty-seven directors for the
Bock Island county farm bureau
will be chosen at township caucus
a' next Saturday, and the new
hoard will hold an all-day meeting
In bureau headouarters In the State
Bank building Saturday, Nov. 25,
to close up the business of the or
ganisation for tbe year.
Some townships are entitled to
three, and some to two directors.
bat in most cases one, the num
ber of the directors in a township
depending upon the number of
farm bureau members residing in
the township.
A report on the accomplish
- meats of the year 1922 will be pre
sented at the annual meeting by
P. R. Edgerton, farm advisor,
whose resignation is effective De
cember 1.
-en . November 25 Mr. Edgerton
will have ended two terms as ad
visor in this county. His succes
sors Oscar E. Ackerson, Craw
' fordsville, Ind., will be here Thurs
day stopping enroute at the Uni
versity of Illinois for a conference
with representatives of the exten
sion department
yMr. Edgerton, who is to resume
fMrming near Marion. Ind., after
Sicember 1, is in Urbana today,
attending a meeting of the farm
af visors' association executive com
mittee. ,
Holders of the second Liberty
loan bonds, some of which bear 4
per cent and some 44 per cent,
may cash their coupons next Wed
nesday. A Jar go number or tnese
bonds are held here and cashiers
will face a busy day.
The transfer bsoiis for register
ed ndtes of the uncalled series of
Victory 4?4 per cent bonds,bear
lng the distinguishing letters G, H,
I, J, K or impressed to tneir scnai
numbers, will be closed, according
to the federal reserve bank of Chi
cago, from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15,--n
account of '.ho Dec. 15 interest pay
ment, and interest checks covering
the Dec. 15 interest will go forward
in regular course to holders of rec
ord Nov. 15.
It will be necessary upon pre
sentation of such uncalled regis
tered notes during the closed per
iod for holders to make adjustment
of interest by paying to the United
States an amount equal to the in
terest from the date of redemption
to Dec. 15. Payment of Interest on
called Victory notes bearing the
distinguishing letters a, a, u, tu
and F prefixed to tnelr serial num
Members of Independence camp.
No. 28, Modern Woodmen, which
meets tonight in Odd Fellows' hall,,
nave been requested to bring tneir
benefit certificates to the meeting.
Tbi3 request does not pertain to
assessment rates, but is simply in
the interest of the membership as
a whole. There will hlso be con
sidered at the meeting further
plans for an intensive campaign to
reach the quota of camp No. 26 in
the Illinois 12,000 campaign. At
the conclusion of the campaign in
December a banquet and class
adoption will be held at which all
of the camps In Rock Island coun
ty will be present.
The coroner's jury which heard
testimony of witnesses at the in-
auest yesterday afternoon reinrneo
a verdict that death waa due to
shock caused by loestof Wood as a
result of Injuries. Passos' left arm
was severed at the shoulder and his
right hip was broken. Two wheels
of the car passed over the shoulder.
Passos was working In the yards
at the time of the accident One of
the engines was doing some switch
ing and several cars Were shunted
onto the track where Passos was
working. Passos waa attended by
DT. j. h. Fowler, who had the man
removed to the Moline hospital.
George .Passos, a brother, Is the
only surviving relative. Passos
lived in a bunk house in. the Sil
via yards.
Funeral services were held at
2:30, o'clock this afternoon in the
Greek church of East Moline. Bur
ial was in Riverside cemetery.
.Ar - I'.
cnmxsEB, have .
Raymond Jr. and Irene Clara,
children of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Ehlers, 2717 Ninth avenue, celebra
ted , their birthday - anniversaries
SaUrday in the home of their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Nelson, two miles east of Milan.
Raymond was born on Armistice
day three years ago and Irene was
bora between 11- and 13 o'clock
Armistice day a year. ago. :
Among the guests were ' the
great-grandparents of the celebra
tors, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Johnson,
2318 Ninth street. A bounteous
chicken dinner was served at noon.
The centepiece of the table was a
huge birthday cake, colored red,
white and bine. The cake was bak
ed and sentj by friends In Prince
ton, Iowa, The children received
many gifts. .
Corning, N. Y., Nov. 13 Four
men were killed and three injured
when a locomotive boiler exploded
at Loreland, 13 miles from here. -
Mac mr Bead eUMMcstton SS ot
Ik ClanMed Ad Section mnd telephone
aUabai trackman to call for roar trunk.
Jadge 6. O. Diets la Coanty Cewrt
Grants- More Tbae'te Pre- -
pan Defease
Eleven liquor cases in county
court, originally act for trial this
week, will be heard by Judge G. a
Diets next Monday. On motion of
the defendants he granted the con
tinuance. - I 'A,
Principal among the cases are
those against Lawrence Pedigo,
Bert Oupres and Abe Starr. W. A.
Allen, attorney for Pedigo. stated
mrttns when the) retarn on the
warrant and tavetoryof gooda at
tached, by the stterur was made.
Pedigo's effects, ? represented in
th furnishings of the Sherman ho
tel, bare been attached penvUna; dis
posiUon of claiaaa for 7M back
rant....' ,
fLenla Uksa, Taken in Uaer Iim
v May IiTettlgsie,
Un. Prances E. Larkin. superin
tendent ,of commanity anrsas. East
Moline, will demonstrate the right
method' ot making a bed at the
meeting of the East Moline unit of
the home bureau tonight in - the
Community league rooms.
Miss Ladle Allen, .home mtisot.
411 mttmmA - Allan in BehaaV
that he needed more time to pre-jqjed to attend tSe meeUng of the
pare the defense. Counsel for Starr
pleaded for continuance to the De
cember term or court, ana wnen
the judge granted only a week's de
lay, withdrew his- appearance as
attorney. Some ot the defendants,
claiming John Looney aa their at
torney,, declared, they needed more
time in which to secure someone
to take his place.
Distress for rent case against
Lawrence Pedigo, brought by the
Coe township unit In the home of
Mrs. Albert Meyer tomorrow; Wed
nesday at the Cordova unit in the
community high school; Thursday
Illinois City and Friday, Bowling.
Mies Mollie McEnlry, Moline,
chairman of the finance committee
of the bureau has sal led a meeting
of that group in organisation head
quarters in the State Bank build
ing Thursday morning.
The committee will prepare ,a
I S. McCabe'a store company, was . budget for 1923, to be submitted
formally filed in circuit court this to .the executive committee.
' Louis Likas, 3524 Flfth-and-a-luw
avenue,' arrested by police o4W
in a raid Friday night when ttm
gallons of wine were found at ki.
place, waa dismissed by MaeiitrTt!
D. J. Cleland at a hearing u
court Saturday. 8 ,n
No evidence that Likas had dm
selling the wine was secured J
Likas waa dismissed on recommJ"
datlon of City Attorney John r
Scott. Likas did not have a J
mit from the government to maki
the wine, and it'is believed thit th.
case will be investigated by th.
federal authorities. 7 '
New York, Nov. 1J. Join n
Rockefeller, Jr., in an address to i
bible class, attributes violation o
prohibition laws to presumption bV
Americans to choose which laws to
obey and which to break.
Dealing a destructive blow in the
dark and then continuing its on
ward way, an automobile whose li
cense number is ' known, caused
extensive injuries to the automo
bile driven by W. A. Newport of
Davennort at '12:30 o'clock last
night .The crash occurred at Sev
enth avenue and Forty-fourth
Newport's car was put out
j " '. .i .w.lstreet.
observance of cancer week in Rock ot m.ml8Sion.temPha-yh flni
j asked the nolice to help him find
i.. 1 o , i .. the driver of the other car, which
the observance of the week have hotjwas topped after the accident
io uug was uuiu
yet been completed,' but programs
With speakers are scheduled to take
place. The proclamation issued by
the mayor follows:
"This week, Nov. 12 to 18, in
clusive, tas been by the American
Society for the Control of Cancer!
set aside as cancer week. The ob-j
Ject is to promulgate knowledge re
The state list of automobile 11
censes at the police station gives
the owner of the car as A. v. 1.
Johnsori. 323 Eighth street. Rock
Island. Police .have not yet located
v .,p a A7Z inL wo.r garding cancer and instruct the
bers, if redeemed any tune between , nhlicn -. to ht th. d.8paiie
Nov. 15 and Dec. 15. will be made fb"c ? J th
Chicago. To awaken the con
sotenee and intelligence of the peo-
' pie ot the Protestant Episcopal
church to the needs set out in the
: program adopted at the Portland
Okneral convention, ' thereby rais
ing the average of regular giving
: throughout the communion, is the
. main object in view in the nation -
Wide campaign to be conducted
Siolly within the ranks of the
urch, according to a statement by
31caga headquarters of the de
mlnation. Results of the. campaign in the
tiree years now closing encourage
clurch leaders In the belief that the
efsning three years will be equally
Sccessful, says the statement,
oting the secretary of the field
''In the 88 dioceses of the church
la the United States the work of
informing our people of the conven
tion program and explaining the
, educational methods of the lead
ers, already is going forward." con
tinues the statement. "Our reports
show enthusiasm and determina
tion that will go tor another big
advance in the missionary, educa
- tipnal and social service fields."
whe program, which fixed a budg
et of $21,000,000 for the next three
Tears' work, will sunnort 3.000 mis-
efs-narlea in America and through-'
i the .world and carry on the
rk of rellaious and social serv-
tcl to which the church is com-
A forward program also
adopted Involving an addition-
18.400.000 of which 82 per cent
be spent In the United States
its territorial nnaaeiisinnn for
bApitals, schools,, new churches
aad community houses, with spe
cial emphasis upon work among
Indiana, negroes, mountaineers and
saJU workers, according to plans.
Amertcanisathm, and rural and in
dustrial efforts also come under
too program.
Vln appropriation of $2,000,000
(of denominational colleges and for
student work at 55 of the great sec
ular institutions all over the land,
Is- provided In the program. The
bsjdget la to be raised by quotas in
to three years ending 1925.
simultaneously with the payment
ot principal, as the transfer bocEs
do not close Nov. 15.
The federal reserve has request
ed Rock Island banks to ur,ge their
clients to present such. Victory
notes for payment so they can be
forwarded to the reserve bank at
least two weeks before Dec. 15, as
that bank cannot make payment
until the treasury department has
released registration, . which re
quires" approximately 10 days. .
I School Savings
o : o
Eugene, Kemble and Washington
were the three leading schools in
the school savings collection made
by State bank last week.
The school savings were:
Audubon $ 30.29
Center Station 4.58
Edison 13.35
Eugene Field 45.81
Frances Willard 12.20
Franklin 15.37
Grant 25.55
Hawthorne 36.86
Horace Mann 36.00
Irving 29.64
Kemble 38.2S
Lincoln 32.C5
Longfellow 24.06
Lowell 4.3?
Washington 38.21
to educate the people to cancer
symptoms, aGHhey will realize they
have cancer before It is too late
and the disease has reached a
stage where it is incurable. During
this week medical men in every
part of the country will hold meet
ings and carry on propaganda to in
duce persons affiliated with cancer
to obtain treatment immediately.
The press reports that thousands
The X-ray Was so Called by Pro
fessor Rontgen because, in algo
bra, "X" signifies an unknown
quantity, and the mechanism of the
ray was unknown to him
Ford Runs 57 Miles on
Gallon of Gasoline
A new automatic Vaporiser and
Decarbonizer, which in actual test
has increased the power and mile
age of Fords from 25 to 50 per cent
of persons lose their lives every ,partlcle of Thon. from Uie cylin-
Total $383.20
year because of superficial cau
which could, in a great majority of
cases, be easily and painlessly cured
if treated early.
Signed. : "MAYOR."
Kobe, Japan. Shipping interests
have started a movement to induce
the government to establish a free
port in Japan, to enable Japanese
importers to compete more success
fully with the merchants of Hong
kong for the trade of China. Kobe
is the port which most of the sup
porters o the scheme believe to be
best adapted for the purpose. Mr.
Toru Oiahii, managing director of
the Nippon Ysen Kaisha, declared
the lack of such a port prevented
Japan from becoming the trade
center of the orient
ders is the proud achievement of
John A. Stransky, 3025 South Main
street Pukwana, South Dakota. A
remarkable feature of this simple
and inexpensive device is that its
action is governed entirely by the
motor. It is slipped between the
carburetor and intake manifold and
can be installed by anyone in five
minutes without drilling or tap
ping. With it attached, Ford cars
have made from 40 to 57 miles on
one gallon of gasoline. Mr. Stran
sky wants' to place a few of these
devices on cars in this territory
and has a very liberal offer to
make to anyone' who is able to
handle the business which is sure
to be created wherever this mar
velous little device is demonstrated.
If you want to try one entirely at
his risk send him your name and
address today. (Advertisement.)
Osaka, Japan. Because they
are too suggestive of militar-,
ism. gaiters, which have hitherto
been worn by the boys of middle
schools in Osaka, are to be dlspens-'
ed With, except when physical ex-!
ercises are boiug performed or the ;
weather is wet. The ' high collar
is also to be abolished on the
ground that it is not healthy.
The 1 women teachers also have '
started an innovation, they having)
decided to wear foreign clothing!
when on duty. It is explained that-fl
tne roreign dress is cheaper and
simpler. At most . of the girls
schools in Japan the students wear
semi-foreign dress a skirt With
a kimono-like bodice.
Tokla The reduction In the at
ari will enable the recruiting ger
y lata to choose when this year's
e scripts come before them for ex
aLji nation and only men who here-.
. tofbre hare been claased A physic
al ry will be taken for the army. The
training will be more Intensive for
the asms amount ot work willbe
'done in U smtoav - - '
Quaker Oats
Cooks to perfection in
3 to 5 minutes
' Now our experts have per
fected a quick-copking; Quaker
Oats the quickestScooking oats
in the world.
It cooks in 3 to S minutes. It
is'the quickest-cooking oats in
the world.
The same super-quality, the
same exquisite flavor. All Quaker
Oats are- flaked., from queen
grains only.
:- But for Instant Quaker the oats
are cut before-flaking. They are
rolled very . thin ' and partly
' cooked: So the flakes are smaller
and thinner that' is alL And
those small thin flakes cook
Grocers now have both styles.
Bat InMmt Quaker is marked
InsUmt on the labeL Get that if
yon want quick cooking: No
other oats on the. market cook
nearly so quickly as these.
To properly take care of
your teeth is indeed a
cleanly habit. And con
ceding: this to be true it is
well then to select one's
Dentist with more than a
passing fancy. Select that
Dentist who renders a
genuinely good service who charges, only a reason
able fee and who guarantees a satisfactory and
lasting result. Just such an office is this one and our
business maxim is -.
Estimates Free. Lady Attendant
Northeast Comer Second Awe. and Eighteenth St.
Orer DeLuxe Sweet Shop
Rock Island, Illinois
Phone R. 1. 1529. , Open Evenings and Sunday a. m.
I -Watch for
I , Thursday, Friday and Saturday .
The store that
keeps the
cost of living
down. -
eanaww Miav m h. n. . VVBHSWt ft .43
If it isn't right
tell us.
We'll make
it right
Tuesday, Customers at the Fisk and Loosley Store Will Find a Good Showing
of Gifts for Early Shoppers, and a Lot of Good Bargains Expressly Made for
One Days Selling, Only.- Among them are:
Made-up Curtains for Every Room in the House:
, Beautiful super-filet net cur
tains, airy yet with every as
pect of durability. Seme 42,
some 45 inches wide. Finished
with fringe in rich quaint ef
fects: choice of many inter est-
. Just received: fresh
shipment of madet-up
Nottingham lace cur
tains, 212 yards long,
38 inches wide;
bought to sell at
$1.50, Tuesday, only,
while they last,
$1.19 pair.
For the guest room:
pretty curtains of
veryMine net with a
ing patterns, $5.00, $5.25 and
$5.50 pair.
A pleasing assortment of
genuine Scranton shadow lace
and filet lace curtains are here
at $2.25 pair.
dainty little figure
made up with ruffles ;
a tiny little border
takes the place of a and ironed ' without
hem. Something dif
ferent. These are
$3.75 pair.
Plain hemstitched
curtains : two-
inch hem; 2 14 yards
long. Can be washed
having to be stretch
ed ; make especially
good hangings; Tues
day 98c pair.
Flat curved brass finish extension cur
tain rods; complete with fixtures; 15c
value; Tuesday 10c each.
IV & Time Now to Make Flannelette
Night Gowns and Pajamas.
27-inch colored outing flannels,
light and dark styles 1 8c and
15c yard. -
36-inch colored outing flannels iiv
pretty fancy stripes and' pla'ds;
28c, 25c 22c and 18c yard.
36-inch dark outing flannels for
comforter ' linings, children's
dresses, etc.; 25c and 22c yard.
27-inch motled guinea flannels, in
dark colors; 25c and 22c yard.
Full bleached white tennis flan
nel, 30 to 24 inch widths; 28c,
25c, 22c, 19c, 15c and
12Vic yard. ,
36'inch full bleached white Ten
nis flannels at 38c, 33c, 25c
and 22c yard. ,
Tuesday, These Special
Prices oh Japanese Lunch
Another shipment Japanese lunch
cloths; to sell at special prices;,
make delectable Christmas gifts, or
for the bride's shower; four differ
ent sizes: 483nch, usually 98c for
79c; 54-inch, the $1.25 size, 98c;
60-inch, the $1.50 size, $1.25; 72
inch size, $1.75-
SS-indi Uflfctrtssn1
"Jewel Hot" for
lunch sets, bed
spreads, scarfs: Sl-33
All pare linen art
era sit and art linen:
18, 20. 22, 24, 27,
30, 45 and 54-inch
widths: 50c to $2.98
rari. S
An pore linen hack
towelinr, plain or
with floral dnirju:
15. IS and 20-iaHi
widths: S5e, SOe aal
$1.00 yard.
Ail pore lines eat-
red handkerchief
squares f 12 inch i:
worth 20c: Tuwdsr,
4 to each at UJie
Tuesday Bargains in Our
Infants' Department .
' Children's (2 to 7 years) flannelette sleep
ers (with feet) : 50c.
Infants' white rubber pants, medium and
large sises: will wear as well as the 45c kind:
Infants' Rubens silk and wool vests: sixes
2 to 6: at $1.00.
Infants' Rubens vests, part wool snd cotton
50c h-
Infants' "Rubens vests, all cotton, 25C
In the Hosiery Depart- Two Suggestions for Beautiful Corsages and Toilet Sundries:
ment Tuesday: Gifts from Our Jewelry Bontonnieres: I Danderine, to braulify the hair;
Ladjes' full fashioned silk and Department: Never so eoraeous. Autumn 5-s 55e bottle (or 39c.
Jiiile hose in fancy sport mixtures: Beautiful high Spanish combs colorings are delightfully matched Listerine tooth paste, 2oc tube,
worth ?2.50: Tuesday only: in transparent red, green, blue and in these large velvety gold and oil- Ladies' Good.rear rubber $uvti:
$1.50 pair. golden brown: piain shell and ver tinted flowers and fruits. An to protect the hands: sizes S and
Ladies' black thread silk hose black : some with colored sets, some unassuming little silk taffeta dress 8 V4 : for 50c pair. ' '
with the new wide panel back: plain : fasxand other novel shapes: immediately takes on every sent- Mennen's talcum powder: one
$1.50 pair. $1.00 to $5.98. blance of a "just for partiea" dress ran to eaeh for Ifc.
Gordon's good wearing hose for '. Beautiful 24-inch indestructible with one of these lovely bunches Lournay's Lemon face cream:
the school children: heavy and fine pearl bead strings: in satin lined of Cowers or fruit at the waist: large SOe jar for 37c.
rib: 2Se pair. velvet gift cases : $3.15 to $7.Rt. ' 60c to $2.75. Djer Kiss face powder : 45c box.
! - ' m
These Two Good Snappy , Three "Close-ouV ' Bargains in
Bargains in Shoes: t Women's Winter Underwear:
Tuesday, all day, Misses, good strong high-top A "clean-up" lot ladies' fleeced and medium
brown leather school shoes: sizes 12 to 2: our spe- - weight union suits: sizes 36 to44. Worth to $2.00:
cial "leader" at $2.50; for one day only, choice Ju? 98,1 uit
$1.98 pair. Ladies' wool wests: Dutch neck and elbow sleeve:
i , 1 . , - . , ' worth $2.25. Nearly all sizes: Tuesday, $1.25
Ladies patent leather one and two strap slippers, each
with cohered Cuban heel : Tuesday only, $4.50 val- Ladies' fleeced wests and pants, nearly all sirea:
ues, selling as a special" here at $3.75; for $238 worth $1.00; to close them out, choice, 59c gar-
Pair' . ment
,, .' i , ' .. ' ' - -. : :
This morning's express brought thirty new coats for Face Veilings:
women, some fur trimmed, some sport models $29 75 CoU criPV daus remind us of the
and $35.00 coats. We put these on sale Tuesday V Tk7 S
$25.00. melius me here now at 75c, 50c
-- - - : ' v " '. - --v .. and 25c yard.
Silverware Makes An Ideal Christmas Gift
Crenuine Wm. Rogers and-Stn guaranteed silver plate;
La France patterns: 26-piece set (in fitted flannel
roll): consists of six knives and six forjes, six table
spoons, six teaspoons, sugar shell and butter knife.
Complete set, with solid .handle knives, $ 1 0,00
Complete set with hollow handleTfcnives $13.50 set.
, -. . For the Boy:
Boys' genuine All Weath
er Crompton knickerbock
er pants: made with parity-waist
' band or ' belt
xIoops, sizes 6 to 16: for
$2.25 and $2.45 Pair.
Boys . double seat brown
corduroy knickerbocker
pants: sizes 6 to 16
years: $1.98 pair.
Groceries, Tuesday:
Pare Cone Sugar, 10 lb, tor 65c with other Groceries
over $140. .
MarshalFs Best hard winter wheat flour equal to the
best in the world, $1SS sack. i
Pure Steam Rendered Lard, lie lb.
Navu Beans, 3 lbs. for 25c.
"P. & G." White Saptha Laundry Soap, 10 bars for 45c
Fresh Creamery Mutter, 2 lbs. tor 89c.
vaners Lnocoiate. 43c lb.
Thomas X Webb's SOe Steel Cut
Coffee. ft.
Fancy California Paaebea in sy
rup, S cans for $1.00.
Pure Olive Oil, gallon can S3JS.
New Cleaned Correal, S phga.
Taney No. S Sifted Paaa, S aasa
- for SSc
Vanilla Extract, am. fettle Ue.
Boiled Ham. altcetl, half
far SSe.
Brick Cheese, Ste lb.
New Salt Mackerel, 1 e
Tomato Catsup, laree bottle
Chili Sauce, SSe bottle.
Extra fancy Boneless Cod Fn.
SSck. "
Pure Raspberry rresewe,
Jar. -
Aaparasus Tips, $Se eaa.

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