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nb:nAYTncCK0C3: eland asgus-novisic' ia, C2:
in :
itjM Greea BepDes ts DaireVs
CSSssV IB itMw kivit
District CeaTeatlea, , . '
(Special Moline Serrtee.)
. w men who dratted the
-tala constitution put
jtw trying to saddle upon the
Joor man taxes that should be paid
1 manufacturers, packing houses
04 other indaatriea; likewise the
' Mills, the Mccormick, ue uow-
gu and the mine owners who own
attentive farm lands. And . for
,fclr efforts In 'behalf of the mll
uoaaire members of- the constl-
ttUonal convention ran up expendi
ture amounting to 2.0uu.u00.
rkue are some of the Jibes deiiv
md by Clarence Darrow, Chicago
attorney, before the bar ' of toe
fourth supreme Judicial district in
Moline Saturday atternoou in hla
Sort to defeat the constitution
that restricts the power of Cook
poniaissent foe tke esforcetnent
toersoiJLs; It deems prepet.'- .
The aeeocate of th oaastitittn
aid the real Jssee-fs; Jf the pre
1onjrof taepropossi eew coastl
Mta promtae better goremment
tn'UUBofs than will obtain if the
coaaUUUou of 187 Is retalnedr
v raitare tt the conTentlon to pro-
Tine lor lniuatrre and referendum
and for remoring all limit on ln-
debtedneas to be Incurred In the!
purchase of pubUc - ntlUUes, Mr;
Green said, will arouse the greatest
objection to the proposed constitution.-
. - , -
to connection with the vote tak
en on the question of "instructing"
the convention m the matter of the
Initiative and referendum, he called
attention to the fact that while
there were more Votes for the pro
posal than against it, there were
in favor of tt. only one-third of the
votes cast for the delegatea in that
election. ' Of former votes taken on
the same question, he said: 1
"It Is also interesting ' to note
that the first time the iniatlve and
referendum question was. submit
ted to the voters of the state, which
was in 1902, there were 428,469
votes for, it, and only 87,654 votes
against it It was submitted again
in 1904 in a little different way, and
again in 1910. and at both elections
the vote against it increased. But
in 1919, the time at which it is
claimed there was instruction to
the delegates to adopt these revolu
tionary provisions, the vote tor it
had dropped, from nearly half a
million, as stated above, to 257,640;
! while - votes against this measure
cwnty politicians. '
.Heury I. Green of Urbana, speak
er in HiiDoort of the proposed con
stitution, stated the convention had increased from less than 90,000 in
t.ut'i atata's a nnrknrl n - 1 0A) is )ntt 91B In 1Q1Q ,
kept wiihin the state's appropria-1902 to 209,348 in 1919.
tinn or i;ioo.00U. tne last kZo.Ouu of Mr. Green recalled also tne terms
which is being used to finance the; of the proposed instruction to the
distribution of copies of the pro convention on public ownership,
meed draft ' 'quoting the text for the benefit of
Taking up the matter of tat es-jthe uninformed. The
amotion in nls Closing . argument wasi mat iuuociuai
v, r.rwn iiwiarert mat tne Drovi- snau De aiiuwea 10
ion relating to exemption of taxes works, gas works, electric light
oa areas given to forestry, wmcn:ana power nianis, sireei rnwjs,
Dsrrow said was in the interest of urban and interurban traction sys
tbe millionaires and their estates, terns, telephone and telegraph sys
was inserted at the request of or-.tsms. elevated railways, ware
ranizwl fanners, who had in view houses, elevators, wharves, docks,
the restoration tf forests in Illinois, j cold storage plants and stockyards
Contravening Darrow's remarks! Abattoirs and mines, outside of
to the effect that the constitution ; and beyond any constitutional debt
would encourage a legislature ' .limitations. . . . '
which as a bocy would be deficient1 The advocate - emphasized the
in wisdom and less conscience con- fact that authority already is given
cerning the oath taken by its mem
hers. Mr. Green said that the legis
lature would prefer, if it dared, to
reapportion the state for purposes
of electing members of the general;
assembly. '
The constitution, be impressed
upon his audience, is not a statute,
but a basic Instrument which sets
the bounds beyond which the leg
islature will not be permitted to go.
This distinction between the consti- -tution
and a statute, he faid, Mr.j
Harrow skilfully withheld in pre-,
Snt!ng his arguments to his hear-j
Mr. Green made the opening ar-
enimpnt. Mr. Darrow followed ana
for public ownership,
veution rarest to
bars ob meaning
go into alt these kinds of
There tnow a eoaatiUtJoaal Usstt
r ladeotedaess and the new draft
or the constitution also provide
raeh limitations. . .
- Mr. Green said these- measures
were evicinated In - (Thleaco and
that failure of the convention to In
corporate them In the constitution
has brought opposition to the new
arait tram the Chicago advocates
and as many people downstate as
tney can lnauence.
Darrew EmpUys Bidieala,
Ridicule and sarcasm were the
chief , weapons' . employed by Dar
row against the proposed constitu
tion. The instrumef t was made an
Issue befkreen rich and poor.
. "I don't know whether I am a
radical or not," said the, Chicago-
lawyer. i care not wnat ae may
call people wbo oppose this J2.000.
000 work or a corporation-ridden
convention. I warn the gentleman
that his speech Willi not go in Illi
nois. -
"He says that if this consMtution
is rejected it will be many years
before we will get a c-nee to vote
on another. In 1862 .this state re
jected a constitution. Within, three
or four years a convention began
working on another, which was
adopted In 1870.
"We radicals are not asking fori
a new one, we are pleading for the
old one. which is . conservative j
enough for anyone. - ' I
"I don't know whether I believe!
in the -referendum or not .But. It
the people want it why can't they
have it?" -
Referring to the , argument of
Green that the convention had
made more easy the way to amend
ment of the constitution. Darrow
said:- "How do you do when you
UiiFiiKtinn" want to Deal an ameiiuuieiu : ,iuu
corporations Put Up another. That's been going
la 1910 held ft an-
constitutional. . . .
"He said yon mar read the MM
I la the nnblie schools." said Damns?
circuit ! I doal care whether It is read or
I not, except that I believe ft contrary
the eaereaaa caart to appniat all
of the appellate Judges and that the
peopie shouldn't (Appellate Jqdtfo
atw now selectee ay xam i
court from Judges of the
court, who are elected.) -. - ,
. "Under this rule they can take
an drcatt 'ludaa. and send him to
Cairo. They' can take a circuit would have you believe? Tourknow
ndke from Reck IsUnd county i ft was not It Is pat there beqaase
and send him to Chicago any time. I a certain organization wanted it
"By the supreme court Judges; pat there. r;
having power to appoint circuit, j "Ton have made it paoper for the
Judges to fill vacancies caused by re- j governor to send troops to protect
movina- circuit ludaes to tne ap- property ana to protect uie. Tne
nellnte bench, and by circuit Judges I governor may' make . policemen of
for the rich, m
place f awaa.-
eroaa StJwa lefty.
Grew . made - tppty to principal
points 1 Darrow argument hav
ing the privilege of the closing ad-
to DubUc oolicv. But do too tblak I drees. ,
tt waa pat tn as literature, as net Alter cnaryiag ua wm wh
miu aneui suuuvae mat a n
eonstltuUonai arovlsions.
said 'that the legtsmture can do
everything under the old constitu
Uon'a Tcvenu article that it can do
under the new, except to duplicate
taxes on ctrtaln classes of property.
Provision is made that aa income
"And he sent the troops to pro
tect the property. So, we wrote
Into the conctltutloa the words that
wfll mtrnlt tha nmnur to act ft
such aa emergency, to send troops the net meeting.
at too expense ot tne state to pn
teet life and property." - V "'.
- Green said that the satire aad ar-
I gument about the table on the pres-
Itn O. Bather. !
Action upon a resoiattoa onr
relatlne to requiremcats for adai'i
awn to practice was postponed eai.
having power to appoint Justices of J all the soldiers, whether they are; tax may be passed In lien of other
as Ken ny tne county or not is tnere taxes oa intangime property.
any wonder working men' are j The section relating to use of
against it Do yon blame them? I troops for protection of life and
J n I iiiii.nl, . . Inanh.il
"The governor may send them if t , "Several years ago tbere was a
the mayor or street railway mag- cyclone that wrecked Mattoon and
mt. mmnAu for them Whether or Charleston" said Green. "An anneal
not they are sent depends upon the J was sent to the governor for troops.
the peace. It has been figured tnat
directly and indirectly the supreme
court may have &0Q omces to mi.
Ton wilt see Jobseekers sitting on
the doorsteps of Judges the same
as they do now upon doorsteps of
the common politician.
"We have deliberately done all
we could to corrupt the supreme
court of this state; not with money,
bnt with politics.4 '
In tbe course - of his address
Green had called attention to the
fact that the bible again could be
read in the public schools, without
comment as it was read before the
governor. : . .'j - I
'After discussing at some length
the provision that permits ttfe gen
eral assembly to provide income
taxes on "intangible" property, Dar
row said: i
"This instrument ought to be en
titled, a constitution to provide a
and for two days the legal depart
ment was engaged In determining
whether or not the executive had
authority to send tbem. . Finally,
Governor Lowden. in his manly
way, said:
"'If the state will not pay for
them, I will.
Green tent, occasion was nothing to what
took'nlace In tne convention, nut
that out of all that argument and
disagreement iter proposed sec
tions was produced the document
that was approved with only oe'e
dissenting vote.
"And it will be a sorry day for
the downstate people If this consti
tution is defeated," he concluded,
pointing to limitation of Chicago
representation in the legislature as
the big Issue in the campaign.
Recommendation maae to tne ais
trict federation that the following
be the officers
was annroved:'
President J. J. Nelger, .Virginia.
Vice president Henry Sartord,
Secretary Jesse Heylin. Canton.
Treasurer-Sjohn Lawyer, .Ma
comb. - - S '
Membor of board of governors
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a mo uiijuuicut oo wu ku vv
stitutional limitation upon the gen
eral assembly submitting more
than one amendment at one ses
sion. The conventiqn changed the
limitation, so two may be proposed.
Attacks Judiciary Article.
"We've been electing the Judi
ciary over and over and have beard
the slogan to keep Judges out of
politics," said Darrow. "This con
vention increased the number from
but the con-1 seven to nine. Then it provided for
.1 . . a ....... nllTtiral a faD mlTl
Uie il'l Lilt, i ,ao " ' -
utes for a closing argument.
TF Arvnnivail lahnr la nnnnspil to
the constitution," said Mr. Green,;
"it is because the leaders of that
great movement either ignorantly
or wilfully misled those they claim
to represent by the assertion that
there is snmelhing in the proposed
constitution against the interests of
the laboring man."
In proof of this condition Mr.
Green stated that when he asked a
labor leader in Centralis what ob
jection he had to the constitution,
the man said: "I have nothing
.against it,, but we have been as
sessed 25 cents a head to beat it."
"If any assertion has been made
that the proposed constitution is
against the laboring man the dele
gates to the constitutional conven
tion boldly now declare that such a
statement, is absolutely false and
without foundation in fact
Trees Examination.
"If any laboring man has been
misled by the claim that the pro
' posed constitution taken away any
rights guaranteed him by the con
stitution of 1S70, if he will only
take time to examine the new docu
ment he will find that the only
section that can be construed as
class legislation is a section di
rectly in the Interests of 90.000
men employed as operative miners
In Illinois. I refer to the section i
Which provides: I
"The general assembly shall
Pass laws for the protection of op
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