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Erres Jria lems Peefto Orer
r , State In Anton for Debate
. ra CeiuUtaOsn. ,
Myron Jordan of Mollne, after
retaining ,from a trip throughout
tne northern part of the state, In
behalf of tne People's League of Il
linois, of which he Is secretary, in
forms The ArgnS that eterywhere
the people are talking and reading
about the proposed constitution
-With the craring to know about the
"I And," said Mr. Jordan, "quite
an Inclination' to want this issue
threshed out in debates, so the peo
ple, who are not making a specialty
of constitutional law, may near as
sertions, and the answer, if any is
forthcoming, on the spot, so as to
clear up whatever debatable points
there may be.
"I wag passing through a town
in Cook county, on my way to El
gin, and ran across the editor of
the village weekly. He was eager
io hear the negative bide of tnis
"constitution matter, so I gave him
eoBTMtJon'a delegates were
u toat election, which
Not. 4, 11, a majority of nearly
M,M Totes were cast, tacitly in
ilracting the delegates to put, In
Ue initiative and reterendam.
' ."That this instruction was not
heeded by the convention- Is ad
mitted by everyone and by Mr.
Oreen, spokesman of Ue conven
tion, ths further admission is made
that section 21 was pat In there to I
acting a constitutional statute to
apply that principle in tne state of
, "I cannot but admire Mr. Green's
courage, not only in defending this
clawee in its evident purpose, bat in
blending such defense with dec
laration against Ibis principle
which we call tn initiative and
referendum. In so doing he brings
up for closer scrutiny a much dis
cussed principle.of government, but
concerning which I find little un
derstanding of its true meaning and
purpose. .',"'
- "There are now 11 states which
have the initiative and referendum
in their constitutions, and though
its application may vary slightly in
each state, it is generally the same.
In Ohio, for example, after an ex
tended debate, the constitutional
convention of 1912 inserted the
principle in this form: A three per
cent petition duly filed with the
secretary of state within the speci
fied time halts any act of the legis
lature going into effect, whereupon
that proposed law must be referred
to the voters of the state as a pub
lic oolicv Question in a referendum
an interview of a column or so, set-1 election such as we are now hold
ting forth some of my objections to Hug. jf n receives a majority of
this draft of a constitution and j tne votes cast for it, the measure
comparing it with some other con-1 becomes the law of the state and
stitutions which have been adopted the governor has no power to veto
.In states of the union in. recent it; but if it s defeated at the polls,
years. A week later I received tiiu j then it is killed, or as you might
following number of the weekly, ay vetoed by the people.
wmcu me eunur jiau sent lue, uuu-i iK......in. r.n..ilt.,tl..n
grape growers
Iadastry Has Increased Eaenaems-
ly Daring Drouth; California
Yield Wartk fMJOMM.
"Upon a 10 per cent petition in
I may be brought before the legisla-
BI J. C E0T1B. .
(Cooyritht. 1922V by The Argus.)
New York, Nor. 16. The grape
industry of the country has grown
enormously since the advents of
nrohibition. - Figures ' Just . com
oiled m the Vineyard districts of
the country bx state officials and
individual statisticians show that
demand, especially in eastern cen
ters, has grown steadily. The wine
industry of California is dying out,
according to California agriculture
officials, but the value bf the grape
yield has risen from $10,000,000 to
$26,000,000 in that, state. About
18,000 cars were shipped east this
Similar conditions prevailed in
parts of New York state and other
grape sections. Sales totaling over
a million pounds of fresh grapes a
day were .common this season in
Philadelphia, . Foreign born resi
dents of the east in many instances
made a practice of clubbing to
gether and buying grapes in car
load lots.
Apple growers,' however, are in
sore straits in some sections.
Growers are unable to secure ade
quate value for even the best offer
ings because oN the tremendous
production which has swamped the
market in spite sf restricted ship
ping facilities. Prices at many
consuming centers are lower than
chase could be
; Passenger traffic on the Grant
Lake ended Cor tne sea eon today
but freight traffic will conttue un
der increased pressure amtil v the
weather forces suspension. The
Chicago, Back' Island and Pacific
MCpaad la just placed an oroer
for. 1400 freight ears and Is in the
market Jtot more than 1,500 addi
tional cee.
" Tire makers have speeded op op
erations again In Akron and other
centers der heavy demand from
dealers for snrlng stocks. Costs of
raw materials have Increased but
only one maker so tar has advanc
ed prices. - '
irV Will M DHW.A .um. !n.n, Li. .
tmc jnuivr jtiv wu iiuuwi itvui i V'&iiiuDuis in ine next tmj.
pany 6 per cent advance went Into The sales of fall woo! h. TS.."
"re recortilr,.
effect Wednesday.
Tourist traffic is increasing daily
and railroads are preparing to han
dle heavy traffic to Florida and
Insure heavy
growers and the condlUoBarL1'
on the ranges is h
... . . orntroPo a fr o c b-i n cr a t nmrf li i T"l u-
a constitutional amendment,": " ."s '--o
sluuuus. rrices are uie luwesi iu
many years in the Pacific north
west , . '
Apples Glut Market
The 5,165,000 bearing apple trees
. :.. .... i i o- . r
lainlng a lengthy attack upon my
interview written by Judge C. S.
Cutting,' formerly a judge of Cook
rnuntv and, tirpsiilpnf. fif thn Chi
cago Bar association. Judge Cut-1 ture- and latar UDon 018 signing of
ting sat in the constitutional con-a supplementary petitiqn of three
vention and is a man of large in- Per cent 6f tne le8al voters of the
fiuence state it is referred to the polls in
. - "As j.iriir Cnttlnr in hi. Hnswpr the same way, except that the vot-
to me assumed a Dosition on the ers are privileged , to choose be-, a full crop. Oklahoma yielded
meaning of section 21 the opposite tween tlle amendment in its ongi-j l,lo4,000 bushels of apples com
of that taken by Mr. Green in his ' nal form and in its amended form, ' pared with 406,000 bushels last
.Mollne address, I have pointed this',n case tne legislature in its wis-jyear. Storage . houses .are full.
uuiu uus Been in iu ciiuuet: ii. uuacs iie (fueu aiuugsiue raiuuaua
"This has resulted in liberating and markets are overloaded,
the constitution of Ohio from such) About 100,000 boxes of Weshing
fetters as we see surrounding the top apples have been shipped to
basic law of Illinois, which, i any , Great Britain up to this week,
way to modernize it, has not been There are 67,000 boxes in storage
amended by the people since the warehouses in Seattle and 60,000
verbiage a prohibition of future iy.ear 1SJ6- The Ohio constitution, aaauionai Doxes on sidetracks
lpiriHlntiirpa nf Hila ntnto pnnniinr ! like that of other states having the awaiting cargo space.
the initiative and referendum while1 Initiative and referendum, contains I As a result of the big apple crop,
fact out in my retort, which I hope
will appear iu this week's issue.
"I mention this because I find
that in some quarters the advo
cates of this proposed document
are making positive denial that sec
tion 21- conceals under its nebulous
much good which is only dreamed ' vinegar prices have been cut about!
4 cents a gallon.
The packing industry is eagerly j
awaiting announcement of the
in otner nuarrpra wp ftml nrrvnn-
'nent orators, like Mr. firpnn frank. I o' in Illinois. Most of these states
lv admitting that it does prohibit ! for instance, have non-partisan ju
1t nrl riefpmlinir mich nntinn r,n fh,,! dicial elections, stricter corrupt
premise that It was the purpose of ! Practices ana anu-ioDoying laws, ul me piuyuseu acquisuiuu..
the majority of that convention t0!Detter ta3C. laws. etc, as the result of Morris & Company by Armour I
keep the bars up against majority'01 "Derating meir super-law iron "V"' view oi me wen es-
rnlp in trip mattoi- nf mal A. A. . uuliuiciv i esii iuuuus. Mkv.LUUs ufc
- v, u.U!L..g VU I ... . ... I
laws. ,
?iot Csual!y Left Out.
"Between the two, I prefer the
latter attitude, because it must be
the federal
"I know that the claim is made 1 trade commission. That ( position.
Pthat this new constitution has a stated in general terms, is that
j more liberal amending 'clause than ! while it is permissible for one com-1
I the old; but this I shall have to.' pany to acquire the physical as-j
! .i 11 nn fn. .. !..,, ...V. ; S. Ft S of the nthpr. it la Tint nprmfa.
. . ..iu.v.i'., i vj i iuc ,chduu inav nunc . , " - r
" uy uuvocaie oi mis , lt allows two proposed amendments 1 81D1e to buy control of the
constitution that the people areito go through the legislature at a stock of the competing company,
sure to come to the conclusion be-i time in place of one, it provides There is a feeIin in Viking cir
fore election day rolls around that (that in order to pass at the polls cIes that whether jurisdiction of the
nA in I tint tva anH ofinn A ! . ii i . .
, iV i "'-i" enough votes must be cast for the le,mB ul "le purcnases lies wita
not casually left out, but was ex- amendment tn Pmial a maioritv nf the trade comm'ssion or the de-
ciuc ea deliberately in disobedience ! the votes cast for state representa- Partinent of agriculture, a long
nit oiicidi ivivrvimvL on me'tivoc
me litai ui wnicn orcurrea
in the same election in which the
t jgrr- w..
Gota coW
k Men I nULATUM n
As the 153 candidates for
members of the house in the aggre
gate call a large vote out in every
election, larger in fact than any
public policy question has been
known to receive, this little provi
sion in my judgment
Dars any cnange being made in
this proposed constitution if adopt
ed, and this is a most serious ohase
j of the question now before us, for
many provisions in this document
are of problematic effect, and as I
battle may be, expected before pur
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practically Peterson a
"All pimples are inflammation of
the skin," says Peterson, "and the
best and quickest way to get rid of
them is to use Peterson's ointment."
Used bv millions fnr M'mn eViw
feel, some of them are not going to and scalp itch, ulcers, sore feet andMJ
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rig Ears
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Fleur-de-Lis V
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To the fastidious woman "this
holiday assortment of handsewn,
Fleur-de-Lis blouses will J be of
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ed voile and richly trimmed in
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are chic Peter Pan, distinctive
Tuxedo, smart ..-V-neiked models
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handworked designs. . v ,v
These .blouses- will convert any
suit into a smart winter costume
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The blouse in the illustration
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Three of the most popular mod-,
els of the famous Lily of Prance
corset known everywhere for its
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22 to 38. For the straight hip typo
a corset of pink brocade with elas
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Lace Curtains
New Quaker Filet net curtains
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Quaker' Tuscan Nets
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ured centers. Priced at $1.15 yd.
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Genuine Irish Lin ea.
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Table Damask
Finest Double Damask Cloths
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Our finer Derryvale pattern table cloths with
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72x90-inch Size, priced, each $18.50
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Damask, full 70 inches vide, of ex
tra fine weave and new designs
that will be welcomed by the
housewife whose linen closet needs
replenishing. Specially priced at
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Good Serviceable Grade
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For everyday use a strongly
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that will stand constant use. It is
70 inches wide and Is evenly wov
en. Its long 'wearing quality will
Insure satisfaction. Specially pric
ed at &B5 yard. .
Special Lot of 50
Real Irish Linen
Pattern Cloths
, An interesting assortment of pat
tern table cloths, in assorted pat
terns 67 i2x68 inches, that can be
used for practical everyday use.
One of these cloths will withstand
laundering and still remain white
and lustrous. They are an unusual
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70-in. Medium Grade
All Pure Linen
Table Damask
$1-95 yd.
A 70 inch medium grade, sll
pure linen Damask table cloth of
good quality flax. This is a good
serviceable cloth at an unusually
low price. Sale price $1.95 yard.
Maderia and Venetian
Decorative Linens
Our display of the ever popular
and attractive Maderia and Vene
tian decorative linens is mors
beautiful than ever. Before the
holiday shopping begins in earn
est is the time to look over this
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Here Is Something New and Unique in Table Linens
Hand-Drawn Hemstitched Linens from Czecho-Slovakia
That Were Bought Before the Tariff Raised the Prices
Ever since the close of the European War, the textile mills of the new Republic of Czecho-Slovakia
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the quality and texture of which have rivaled that of the finer Irish linens. These particular cloths were
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Here's something for a Christmas gift that any housed
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A Beautiful Assortment of
Odd Table Napkjns
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4 Linens, Main Floor
1628 Second Ave. , Rock Island

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