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piays arid piayera. '
3TM mar m inni im men
Jailed Lut H-fM.
. Majesue Frank Mayo m
Wolf Law -
Bg an alleged plot to blow
la the Capital theatre.
port. Rock Island and Dav-
gjfUt police made two arrests last
OolumbJa Six
va-jdevitle. -v
Grnd-Ta Grand
"Dw Mat"
Capi-i Lionel Barfyiner
lor ff09 V -W i "fL V V
Garden--'Brawn of n. North,"
eta of Orphean
Player ta
. . uinots-Mar. IS, -Tha Bat s prodooeVs with reputations long es-i
F-rt Armstronc Tianook of the .tabliakod for snocesa,
North." -
.- m -Wild Hojy ' -Naoook of the North," the pics
j remaining utrouga ine.weeit:
I at the Port Armstrong, continues'
playing to large audiences. It Is
an mwsuat picture in - that there ;
are no actors in the act, the entire ;
story touring about the lite ini
their native haunts of an Eskimo
.mi 1 1 II j yii . ill ,yu u.u. . . i, .
nature la its most primitive state.
nut containing ail ot we elements
romance, adventure, and
for existence found in
non fnndrn Mirrrmiwlifm . van
or vine uuk severai; -tae Bar la Sack Ulaaa. '.mar think you know and under-;
;,fcki The men arretted are: Aiany kocis Jalaadars nloyri the 'stand the Eskimo, but you'll agree
fctanley Kasmouski, 2t-yW-old?ert0nnal I '"The Bat" a the; that your education has been con
sit" arrested in Rock Island: has ' Columbia, in Davenport, Twgay , sidarabiy curtailed after you have
ittni ot term in Joliel peniten-! Wednesday nights of this week., witnessed a showing of "Nanook of
St for burglary; alias Albert The 8am nipany and productiaa the North." Itiia picture that ev
SAr and rave his name to thJ Wl11 be presented at the Illtnois lery person ia Rock Island owes it
-X.- i,., mrht a. Kan stani. - I theatre in this city next Sunday to himself to see.
mgnv u vm dc tne opening at-;,
traction of the present season at? - ; Nonnw Picture,
the Illinois, and it the patronage is Those who have been. campaigo
what the attraction deserves Cham- Ing for more attention to -. story
berlin, Kindt & Co, lessees of the ; worth of films and less to the stars
theatre, promise they will offer 'will have an opportunity to see -if
Rock Islanders other standard road , their idea, is practicable. Universal
5it which are expected to result. 5- S&ongbeart. the wonder dog, j of love, ro
hi dues to several robbed and raturf f ?. .
5 . u:. A r i more modi
aatica last night as Karl Stanley.
Alan Kordley. arrested In Daven
Ht; j baa been under police sur
wjllance for some time; known as
-Chicago Whitey."
fome of the crimes which police
kttt reason to believe these men
Mlr nart in arm f hA raurnt rrihh'ntr
' . - . nmilniHnna .1 1 1 -i r. Ika H'i, '' I V. m. J .. nnVin , ...... ...a .IiUhh.
of tie Black HawK furniture com- w ... . .z..i- B -"" " '- -" " """ i"""'"-,
uar'i safe, on Fourth avenue 831 18 a tbrtlhng mystery play. It Six now In production are "The
thtftof a lwfige roadster in Daven-' w" wrlUen bv Mary Roberts Rine- Power of a Lie," "The Ghost Pa-,
MTt fceveral aays ago passing of ' barf 411(1 Ayer" Hopwood, both not- trol.". "Forsaking All Others." ,
tottei hecks manuiacuring and eU for the,r sut:ces aa playwrights. "The Attic of Felix Bavu." "The ,
-irn ii.;H)r anri nunurn.u npitv 't-is presented under the manage- Abysmal Brute" and "Merry Goi
pIKermes of accessories and ools mMt oi 'Wagenhala and Kemper, Round."
trem automobiles. j '
In addition these two men; and
robbery of tbe Black Hawk Furni-
tront-ly suspeUBd-1"" pany safe Saturday nighl
imp-irtad heW- bi ,?aA atuer from the Davenport
local; immunity; lsn,.' re"dln8 cent burglary;
probably otners whom thev pol.ee
ue tracing, are
of bavin r, been
nemty-rs of the
tiCK tor the purpose of murdering
perrons who have uenii active in
suppressing that cooibination in
late weeks. Kespansib.e members
of : the police department made
these statements last nignt alter
the arrests were made- and the
prisoners had been quizzed..
Enough evidence is in hand
against Kasmouski, referred' to as
r"."..S..JT!: ffiated on last night, and were to con-; month old
lleved. A guantity of articles be
lieved to be stolen goods, was
foanil in bis room.
in Davenport, lie was careless
enough- to leave' lying loowly r !
around a quantity of letters, rnie (Special Moiine fcmni
books and other papers from wuica ' Infant mortality in Moiine for!
the detectives believe they apt the first ten .months of 1922 was at '
trace him and his confederates ac- tne ratio of 120 per 1,000. During
curately. 'he 10nonths' period there were j
Tells of Third Man. " 600 Dlrtns and 60 children one year j
, . 'old or younger died. 1
One of tte Important leads the Forty-eight of those whose deaths !
Illinois and Iowa detectives oper-, are recorded were less than one
three were less than i
three months; one was between
1 tinue today, is that of a third man
I who. If he exists,- is supposed to three and six months and eight
j have custody of the Uodge road- were between nine months and one
Din. ,afuul l. L'adiiinulri . VPH P
The tip Which led to kasmouski S , ... ... inHI th rrH month fnr
arrest me from Davenport, where . wav min ,n!,hl , rtr,hB hirtha ther heinz 66 babies reeis-
tb department received reliable ;h, pIace 0I reslQenCe in Dav- tered in 30 days. Nine babies died
Information that "Stanley andi , I k t, in Anrit in tnn9r. thpr were
"Chicago Whitey" were to take :
"f; .B. , V-""u' i ski said owned
Hue iai. uiKui. luiormauon was
was this third man whom Kasmou-; 11 deaths and 64 births.
most of (he .sup-:
n.wa.lW eFnlan nrti'laa f,nnH in thffcl A thn nf7S
complete enough to permit seizure in Mikas house- t i argil's
all the time The
of the men early in the night. be
fore they had a chance to get out
on tbe job. Fordley was accord
ingly picked up in Davenport at 10
Raid Mikas House.
At 10:45 o'clock Detectives Den
nis Bennett, Earl Shannon and
Herman Sebnert led a picked force
of five police patrolmen to sur
round the house occupied' by th
family of Charles Mikas, 817 Sec-1
ond avenue, where Stanley or Kas-j
moiiski. resides in a rented room.
Stanley was found in bed and ,
offered no resistance to arrest.1
Midas was also taken along, but
after a careful examination by the
detectives at police headquarters he
was dismissed from custody. He is
believed not to have been connect-'
ed with the alleged operations of
the two suspected "bump-off" men,'
as he proved that he . was-a hard-J
woTKiiig man who had rented a.
roam to a fellow-countryman, in .
good faith.
In a search of the house -the po
lice found two small stills, a keg of
whisky mash, and a half gallon of
white mule liquor. Quantities of
automobile accessories and tool 3
fonnd ' secreted in Stanley's room
and closets included a Ford sedan
rag, a halt dozen automobile keys;
lor various makes of cars these
were laid upon the top of tlie'wood
work around the doors and win-
iows in his room a kit of tools, a
flashlight, several tire test ersi and
other articles. He also had two
bunches of serviceable 'skeleton
In the pockets of his cloth-1
"tp-were two newspaper clippings,
one from The Argus describing the
Search for the missing Dodge
car was really the keynote of the j
hunt today. It is believed to be
either secreted in some public or i
private garage in the tri-cities, in
the mysterious third man's posses-'
sion here or elsewhere, or traveling
away from the tri-cities in the !
j hands of a purchaser of the ma-'
i chine. Stanley, or Kasmouski, !
1 lapses into badly broken English
j when asked about it and Mikas ap
1 parently has the same difficulty.
For Coida,
. . and as a
J0 : - X.
e C
yy i M.rL
1 ..v
I6e First and Original
-Cold and Grip Tablet
, Tbe box bean this signature
f your skin is
very sensitive,
it should have
special care
To prevent a sensitive skin
from becoming rough and
irritated, use this special
Each night before retir
ing, dip a soft washcloth
in warm water and hold it
to your face.
' ; New;, make a warm
water lather of Wood
bury's Facial Soap and dip
your cloth to and fro in it
until the cloth is "fluffy"
with the soft, white lather.
Rub this lathered doth
- gently over your skin un
til the pores are thor
oughly cleansed.
Rinse first with warm,
then with clear cool water
and dry carefully.
out the
slightest wear
any users have told us that the
Cot&eld save enough in clothing
"i alone to pay tor all the cur
tnl used in th hnmn
If t us tell you about the exclu-
patented features of the Cof
nH Wrineer. And show vou all
Ql 1IMI. . .
r- :iuutf reiinemenu ana coqtbu-
in the Washer itself that
so much in years of wash-
bcectric washer
ym pmf by Mr easy paymuui
Thanksgiving and the dining room
is the center of attraction
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday festivities. When company comes
the hostess proudly directs the guests into the dining room all set after planning and pin
ning, for the dining room is then the center of attraction. Hill's, of course, are first in mind
of those who really appreciate extraordinary values in better dining-room furniture. We
are glad to show the many different designs and suggest, for we have for many years studied
the important needs that go to the making xf finely furnished homes. .
Beautiful Polychrome
Dining Room jf
A wonderful example of art
in furniture building. It is
massive in design and decorat
ed with polychrome art orna
ments. Done in Italian Wal
nut finish. This suite consists
of 66-inch buffet, oblong table,
host's chair and five side chairs
with seat coverings of brown
Spanish leather. Very special
at this price $235.00.
Two Months could oot tara in Bed
ponnd Finally Restored Health
.MsS Mokes Stoves
This Dining Room Done
in Queen Anne
Those who prefer the simple
but graceful lines of the Queen
Anne period will do unusually
well to choose this suite. There
is a well constructed 60-inch
buffet, oblong table, host's
chair and five side chairs with
Spanish leather seat coverings.
We know you will be proud to
own this dandy suite at this
low price $159.00.
rvw v
"ry-- - 'j
had chills and
fever and auct
pains in mj right
aide and a hard
Inns there. 1
couidnot turn my
self in bed and
could not sleep. 1
was this way for
over two months.
trying evervtning
any one told me.
until my sister
brought mo a botUe of Lyda E. Pmk
hain'a Vegetable Compound. I took
STZnwTv until all the bard pama
had left n and Iwss abtetotew
O il-8!
Mil- "&1-00 ll iB3
Makes you a member
' of Hill's Xmas Club
Come in and allow us to
explain how you can enjoy
Cheney music in the home
Christmas day and the
days to come.
And you'll want this Hoosier, ; ' i
only $2.00 down
There's little need to go into detail regarding the
Hoosier Cabinet, for its many labor-saving features
are so well known that every housewife always
thinks of the Hoosier when kitchen cabinets are
mentioned. But we do want to emphasize, that you
can now own this wonderful cabinet by paying only
$2.00 down and then only ?1.00 a week until you
have paid $44.75.
Really a beautiful
Kitchen Range at
Beantifnlly finished In grey enamel:
has ground and polished top; key plate
lift and warming ovens. The real feat
ure of course. Is that it cooks all foods
perfeotly. If yon coald bot see It you
would admit il is tbe best move value
we hare ever offered. $89.00.
Furniture Co.
1615-1617 Second Avenue.
Rock Island
Black Silk
Stove Polish
mwm y&mr wnrtiawil mtky tiiili.
V7 " - -
in all ways. I know ox rany " i"1"""" " (
w kilned. t'-Ml. G. BlCHABO- .T" . i
11 bf'?SM stTSeattle. Wash. SS!JSSISZSi
SON, 4640 UTCaS SW " 77-t a u. w-th last
mi otw w .wberB Lytf; -jra
vpmwuiw mmtmm m OMat mm jmw mwmr mmw
plcs' Power Co.
I "Washday smile shop
r il mir.
brought result, after "trying p-
Jrthinz any one told mer tod ETatfSKBS
frttPJ& rOUSU "25S
1 ' 1 .inava tM: II von
are low spirited wP 5"
ir'e. take tyfim E. Pntktoa'i V-
Winter Weight
Men's, young men's, all latest mod
els, colors and sizes. This lot In
cludes serges, worsteds, mixtures,
priced from $12.50 to $15.00 and
J16.60. ,
All wool, all colors. Bring your
old coat aod we will match it with
a pair of odd pasts, prices $1.00 to
$3.50. .
Special line welt known makes.
latest styles, prices ranging rrom
$12.56 to $1S. Com and sea the
wonderful values we offer.-"
MS 3rd Ave, Beck IsUna
Open Evenings
Vm tb tl ttltrt ad well Uk. sea
the utaphoBe book. Tke mi m an
Relieved Without the Use
of Laxative
Xujol is a lubricant not a
medicine ' or laxative so
eannot gripe.
When you are constipated,
not enough of Nature's
lubricating; liquid is pro
duced in the bowel to keep
the food waste soft and
moving. Doctors prescribe
Mujol becacse
it acts like
this natural
lubricant a ad
thus replaces
it. Try it to
Apply Zeno, Clean, Penetratiag.
Aatiseptie JJqaia. J
It Is unnecessary for you to suf-I
fer with Bcxema. Blotches, Ring-
worm. Bashes and similar skin ;
troubles. Zemo obtained at any!
drug store for 35c. or $1.00 for ex-j
tra large bottle, and promptly ap-:
plied will usually give instant re '
lief rom itching torture. It cleanse '
and soothes the skin and heals
quickly and effectively most skia
diseases. '
Zemo is a wonderfuL penetrating.
disappearing liquid and is soothing I
to tbe most delicate skin. Get It to
day and save all further distress.
Br tbe Spcriall, ebarterad nvob m. m. "EMrRF.SS of 6- RANCH lR.tgl m loam.
Vm4tt perul omxtto. 4 Mr. Clark, mitimtm ml Bona tko Wort. Cm,. uj the mmli
' Hta "b. ku t-w m Crane Rows ibe WarM b, cberteiea aim.
A Soe-ie4lMlece tr the trip. Romc: New Y nrk. Peiane. ( r reedu. t i ilo. HoolaJ.l
.are a. Jeaao. Chiaa M.aile. Jen, Siajuen. Baeeaak. Oeeiaa nt 19 dare ia latin. Certno,
m to Ca.ro N,ievH.r. SMkamaiaa:tae9anlOeb K,.u MaMreal aad New York
4 MONTHS. SI.000 ui p. iackaba rUtaW. Oerraa. Caulaa. Fe. ate.
Br Special It Ckertrrea. Smoptaawa S. S. fcM PRESS a) SCOTLANfrrf b.ee.S.sng
fiim; bS Dm ClLUt eW aa: I mm m Kf.p ee Palewiae: besia. lul,.
Greece. Me. FRANK C CLARK. Tiax. Saiidiec New Yark
Costnrtor. and "mudta.
Hirer, ot 8Mb. Dwora.
Slain. Interior fisieb ol mil
Bkrch-Md veneer touring mmd mmmt
era H jlaa. 321 lad U Kijbavnua
' n
r- -l

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