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r "-y
rreiTrrr Ttirrr "SCTlCXfatjat from J:teatttfe to Tweaty
Oear7al. Hot 7. ret aveanw, etc.- and the ordi-
of th coat of aald improrement ac
cording to froatage, said asseaa
ment being payable in three install
ments each bearing Interest at the
rata; of per cent per annum, and
an assessment therefor haying
tha final hearing thereon t Jeetkme in aaid wmrTk
had on the second day of; day and may appear a tJ?? Ct
ilUn' m r tain 91 iM aaha
oonrt, the
will ha haj
the highest oa the ReamkUcaa ler
.Islatrt ticket. He atataa that the
In mi i slli minority caadidat or-
ntMnktr n lM rihni; Ii 'Z!-.'?Zll?V?!' 00 the
wmw ! 9vb w u a! hit- mw nu ,pb m m
sona latareavd-'that the council of the oBce of the city clerk of aaid
the aty at Rock Island, lllnols. dty, aad said city haying applied
haying rderd the coast njcUon of to the county coart of Rock Island
oameat sidewalks on Thirty-flfth cpanty, IUlnoia, for an asseesment
of t o'cloQk a. nu or aa soon there- Dated at Rock I.ulfi L, '
after aa. the business of the court 17. 1922. ,?c CSUfe' fc
will permit . Officer a WJnted 2?8,U
tAll persona desiring may file ob- ment (AtwerUsemmi i
ertopped Candida tea of. both .par
ties, marring $6,000 vetaa. , -
made and returned to aald
rwmlN JtMk Ulaad Om aai
f ,rt fh Gideons art - planning to
Stake the trl-tat-rany of Illinois,
Iowa and Missouri, to be held In
. the twin-cities Dae. and 19, the
Nat (bat haa ? been held In the
- state of Illinois. J.C. Bennett, Cbi
eso, the national field secretary,
baa reorganized . the camp and it
will be known aa the Rock lsland
atollne Gideons. The Gideons met
r In the Rock Island Y. M. C. Al and
' elected the following officers:
President, W. F. Kaupke; rice pres
ident, Fred Titterlngton; eecretary-
treasurer, E. D. Fisber; chaplain,
L.rE. .West The following were
.appointed ; aa a committee of ar
rangements for this rally: W. F.
Kaupke, Fred Titterington, E. D.
Fisher, L. E. West and Irving Burr.
, . There will be a banquet Saturday
-evening, Dec. 9, in one of the
' churches. The bible will be dis
' played in Lundt & Co.'s store win
. dqw, Mollne, the week of the cdn
vention, and will be dedicated in
the First Baptist church, Moline, at
S :30'- o'clock, Sunday afternoon.
uec. 10.
i The LeClaire hotel wants 300 of
these bibles. The Union Gideon
, pla'.rorm meeting will be held In
the First MethodiRt church, Rock
Island, at 7:30 o'clock, Sunday eve
ning, Dec. 10. Letters mailed-to
the 64 pastors in Rock Island, Mo -
tine, mm Moline, Milan, SilvisanJ
nr., J. ...
i,uoiiuu asu iiih prmiese or met
Gideons prescntina their work Dec. i
10. . ... , ,. I
, . The MiniHters1 Alliance of Rock
Island and. Ministers' Union of Mo
line passed resolutions endorsing
this worlf and pledging their co
operation. The chambers of com
' nierce of both cities are coopera
ting with the Gideons, as this is a
1 commercial body of men.
If weather is favorable, street
meetings will be with the Salvation
Army and Rescue Mission and in
the churches, Sunday schools and
, voung people's societies.
:l In Rock Island, Moline and East
Moline 675 bibles can be placed in
hotels, according to Mr. Bennett.
S . General, Xo. 617
aons interested that the Board of
Local Improvements of the City of
Pnpl, lcUnH 111 un- ; .. . i.
county court of Rock Island county !
a . : . . .v . ... !
iinua to ui me cosi or me im
provement entitled in said court "In
re petition of the city of Rock Is
land, 111., to assess the cost of the
paving of Seventeenth street from
TCighteenth to Twenty-fifth ave
nues", find ASM nrtifinta ol'en
ihnvN f ha mii nnala h. nm....
- wow, uiv aiuuuui
of accrued interest and the total !
amount of said assessment and said i
certificate also states that the said'
Imnpnvanifiiit .. i . I
tially to the requirements or the
original ordinance for the construc
tion of the same as required by
law. The said certiflcate which
aUo shows a rebate In the amount
of the said assessment in the sum
of $2,159.95 has been hied in said
proceedings and that final hearing
on said- certificate and assessment
will be had on the sixth day of De
cember, A, D, 1922, at the hour of 9
o'clock a. m., or as soon thereafter
as the business of the court will
permit All persons desiring may
file objections in said court before
said day and may appear on the
.hearing and make their defense.
Dated at Rock Island, 111., this
21st day of November, A. D. 1922.
Board of Loral Improvements of
. the City of Rock Island. 111.
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i ail
I s i l
Triltflta maatinr nf nlifanna will
Ka hpld In Rnclr Talftnd atif Hfnllna
TVr 9 BBd 10 and Mr. Ronnstt na
tional field secretary, is in the city
now. arranging details oi tne ses
sion. .
Henrv C. Allen: Linden. 111..
elected to the lerislAtura on thp
! Republican ticktet, in the Thlrty-
nitn district, embracing Whiteside,
Lee and DeKalb counties, was in
Rdck Island on business today. This
will be his first term as member of
the legislature.
' As. a JnemJber, of th Whiteside
.T : .
'been active, in the mmenwnt fnrl
j . , ---
r?dVn'1 CT w'tn
Rock Island county in promoting
the Morrison-Aledo highway im-1
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The Claasifled Ad Section Is the ettf,'
marketplao for wanta and offers of j '
kinds. v i
Bttr HoatesWeek
Expoaition At thm
Phoenix Silk Knit
Vests and Bloomers
Something delightfully practical
for gifts. -Phoenix vests and
bloomers made of knitted silk,
plain and designed, in fancy or
Rlcbeleau weaves. Vests are pric
ed at $2.10 and $2.50. Elastic fitt
ed bloomers are priced at $3.95. In
flesh, orchid, ocean green and
grey. , Second Floor
Stamped Articles
To Embroider for
Christmas Gifts
A variety of stamped patterns
that can be embroidered and will
make appropriate Christmas gifts
that cost very little. Each is
stamped on fine quality material
and takes little effort to complete.
Pillow Cases$1.45--
Stamped pillow cases to be em
broidered in plain and appliqued
designs. Tulip and other patterns,
' easily worked for Christmas gifts.
Priced $1.45 and $1.65 pair.
Table Cloth Holder,75c'
Stamped table cloth holders of
heavy unbleached crash made en
velope shape. Priced 76c each.
Napkin Holders-35c
Stamped napkin holders, simply
designed and easy to. work. Priced
35c each. - - .
Huclc Towels,. 55c-75c
Stamped huck towels in a var
iety of designs, including the pop
ular French knot pattern. Make
beautiful Christmas gifts. Priced
from 55C to 75c. '
Silver Cases55c
Silver holders already made up
with space f,or tea and table
spoons, meat and salad forks and
knife. Priced 55c each.
Third Floor
Heavy Marseilles
Bedspread Sets
$7.50 up
For your selection, bedspread
sets made of heavy quality English
Marseilles with satin finish, and
scalloped cut corners. These
spreads are made full sire and
have bolster covers to match
Priced at $7.50 to $12.50 a set.
Extra Lar&e English
Marseilles Bedspreads
$14.50 ea.
Extra large size, excellent qual
ity English Marseilles bedspreads
made of fine Egyptian yarns, with
beautifully designed Medallion
wreath centers. These spreads are
worthy of inspection and will make
handsome holiday gifts that are
both practical - and - ornamental.
Priced at $14.50' each.
New Light Weight
Noveltte Bedspreads -,
$2.95 to $3.95 ea.
New novelite bedspreads, scal
loped and hemmed in white, white
ad blue or pink stripes. They
are of light weight material and
can be easily laundered. Priced at
$3JS each. Main Floor
(BLMJriY 1
Just In Time for the Holidays Comes This
Sale of Silk and, Velvet Frocks
, - - - .
Taken From Our
r.T rTJT7Tvrr i m aj
Auumu "iui uiuimitea Dreaawi oi xnoice, mciuaing irocKs or uniformly high-grade mater
ials and workmanship, offering a Variety of colors .ranging from delicate pastel shades to deep,
rich tones m style effects that comply with Fashion's most recent edict, this sale of dresses at
PTear.lv rpnnrpH nrioag nrsnnito THP nnnt..n;4... tti: j x t i .
, ..v.wo y.wvuio.mu vi'i'vii.uuii.jr ui me pic-xiuuuay
values at unusually low prices. . .. .. .. ..
Afternoon Dresses
Party Dresses
Dinner Gowns
Evening Dresses
Dancing frocks
Frocks For the
i Girl at College
In this assortment' are dresses
for every .event. ' Models for after
noon party, theater or dance, even
ing wear or for street and busi
ness. Dresses for the slender
youthful figure as well as fur those
who desire more matured types
Evening dresses : or rainbow
hues, sleeveless, trimmed with sil
ver lace, vividly colored beads,
contrasting colors or soft furs Any
kind that could possibly be desired
all at these greatly reduced
Over 150 Dresses
In These 3 Groups
Which Assures You
' Pleasing Selection
f : . :
Mme. Hendren Dolls That Walk and Talk
- Are the Kind Little Girls Are Asking Santa for
priced 35 and 495each
Every little girl will want one of these walking -and talking
Madame Heniren dolls to make her Christmas complete. They are
18 and 20 inches high, dressed in pretty white voile or in gingham
rompers with bonnet to match. They have painted eyes and hair
and heads made of composition. 'Priced at $3.95 and $4.95.
"Kiki'VTrick Dolls-$1.25
Kiki trick dolls can do all sorts of
acrobatic stunts and even dance. Their
funny antics bring smiles and laughter
to children. Priced at $155.
Silk Petticoats
New Slender Styles
$5.50 and $7.95
Two-tone petticoats of ra-
dium, Jersey and guaranteed
Belding satin, appliqued.
embroidered, ruffled or scal
loped. t Petticdats that help
produce slender line effect.
All colors, priced at $5.50
and $7.95.
Second Floor
- V-- - ...... l
Regular Stocks and
vl. - j., ; ...
" j v i r a -ad
Toy Waffle Irons 50c
Exactly like mother uses only smaller,
these Toy Waffle Irons make delightful
toys and really' cook! They are priced
at 50e. Second Floor
Needed Housewares for Thanksgiving-
Round Aluminum Roasters 95c
; Round aluminum roasters that help regain the flavor of the
Thanksgiving roast.; Each R fitfed with snug cover that prevents
leaking and retains the. juices. Outside handles. Priced at 95c
each. i f: , ;.,. -..
Savory Black Steel Roasters, Special, $1.25
Black steel Savory roasters with airtight baster top that insures a
delicious roast. Made with concave bottom that collects meat juices
and prevents burning. Priced at $1.25.
Small Oval Wearever Roaater .....$195
Med, Oval Wearever- Roaatera . .. .$4.95
Large' Oval Wearever Roaatera - v. .$5.95
Enamel Savory Roaatera . . $2.65 up
gray Savory; Roaatera ....S3 JO un
Aluminum Savory Roastera .S5.75 up
Plain black steel Roaatera, 25c to $15
Greatly Reduced
ca. J) J)
- . .
season 10 ooiain some exceptional
. .
Chiffon Velvets
Brocaded Cantons
Crepe Satins ,
Satin Cantons
Canton and Caracul
Spanish Laces
All materials that are in them
selves richly adorning, further en
hanced by trimmings of rich Ori
ental embroideries, ostrich feath
ers, caracul and monkey furs
Spanish and horsehair laces
each producing an individual frock
mai wm please tne most discern
1 nese dresses are in the new
long graceful lines, some with pan
pis that hang below the hem of
the skirt; others in Moused, draped
euecis, many witn tne new long
sleeve and rinse nerk-lino All
striking the keynote of smart and
cnic mooes.
Second Floor
You Will Find That
All These Dresses
. Are Noticeably
From the Philippines
Hanl-lVlade Lingerie
$2.50 to $3.95
Hand-em broidered P h 1 1 1 Ip i n e
gowns and envelope chemise in
several pretty patterns, of fine
quality Nainsook in either the
built-up or bodice styles of neck
Rarh aarment is rlaintv inrl nnat
They are priced at $2.50, $2.95 and
$3.95. Second Floor
Griswold Tite-top Roaatera ....$2.55 up
Flat electric Toastera, nickel ....$195
Wearever Windsor kettle, 4 qts. .$1.45 ,
Pyrex Pie Platea, ..........75c to $1410
Pjrex Tea Pota, 3 aizea, ......$230 up
Two Piece Carving acta, ...... $1.65 upV
Mahagony rinished traya, ....... .$1.25
Third Floor
You'll Mlw A Treat
If You Do Not See The
Better Homea Week
Expoaitiea This Week.
The New "Wishbone-One-Strap
Specially Priced
Entirely new ani smart are
these black patent leather dreu
slippers trimmed with fancy Wish
bone shaped tan suede strap thai
extends from both sides of the
vamp to ankle. Have the Junior
Louis heels and are priced at $3.4$.
Main Floor
Women's Quilted Satin
Boudoir Slippers
$1.25 pr.
Women's quilted satin boudoir
slippers with Crome leather padd
ed soles in black, copen, old rose
and lavender. Priced at $1.25.
Women's Fancy Felt
Comfort Slippers
$1.45 Pr.
Womens fancy felt slippers
trimmed with ribbons and pompous
In brown, ecru, copen, gray, oxford,
American beauty, lavender, old
rose and orchid. Priced at $MS.
Men s Felt Slippers
$1.25 to $2.45
Men's felt comfort slippers is
grey, brown, and two color pat
terns. Priced from $1.25 to $2.45.
Main Floor,
Soft, Velvety, Deep-Piled
Alonzo Coating
$6.95 yd-
Soft, deep piled Alonzo coating,
54 inches wide, tbat is so generally
used for the new bloused cuats
and wraps. This fabric is easily
draped and has a delightfully
smooth, velvety finish. In black,
brown, taupe, Mohawk and Joffre
blue. Priced at $6.95 yard.
54-In. Chinchilla Coating,
$4.95 Yard
Chinchilla cuatiug. 54 inches
wide, especially adaptable for
men's and boys' overcoats, and
women's coats. This material is
of a heavy quality but is not bulky
or thick. In golf red. zinc, malay
brown, delft blue, oxford gray and
navy. Priced at $4.95 yd.
54-Inch Astrakhan, $3.50
Silver gray and black Astrakhan,
64 inches wide, with loug, tightly
curled nap. A beautiful material
to use for trimmiug coals, making
collars and cuffs, or scarf and mult
sets for children. It will add great
ly to the style of any costume that
it is used with. Priced at $3.50 a
yard. - , First Floor
Beacon Jath Robes
Make Ideal Holiday Gifts
10 50 to H650
Beacon bath robes with fancy de-
signed borders, . generous
lined Dockets, bound with silk
tailor's braid, finished with fancy
frogs and cord girdle. pncea
from $10.50 to $16.50.
Second now

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