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It J
;ria Jeeeafcien Kegri KaOo
"-rat,(kat AayUoaUoa Sanaa
n 'rri aOatlB Jamaiy.
- rilaoia bonus will be read? for
I Janribaaloa 'January I or abbot
. tut daoa, according to the service
V recognition i board, which notified
rxkr laUud post. No. .200. Ameri
can Legion, that forma will-be for
aarded aa aoon aa available.
The post It preparing to co-operate
with tht auto and the ex-serv-
' ice- men whether members of the
Legion or not. In securing .their
taama. Tbo recognition board's
statement of the rituation follows:
Ollclal applications. Form 1, for
foldters bono will be supplied to
ftnd may be obtained from all
aounty clerks, posts of the Ameri-
tan Legion, Veterans of Foreign
Wars. Spanish-American WarVet-
trant't camps, and such other pa
triotic organisations whose ap-
, Jllcatioaa may be approved by the
j service recognitteft board.
These blanks will be mailed to
.j. (he above orgdnliations on the
tame date, on or before Jan. 1,
t23, and no other forms shall ba
ped. v.. .' " .
i The following are some of the re-
tnirements necessary to be; eligi
le for this bonus:
Resident or state at time of
entering service.
! Two months' service between
1 April 6, 1917, and November .
11, 1918. - .-"';'
The service must have been
; honorable. Conscientious ob
. jectors and those who were
"dishonorably discharged" or
discharged "without honor"?
are not entitled to payment.
A person who has received a
: bonus from another state is not
elegible to the Illinois bonus.
If the person is deceased,
then the husband or wife, (If
not re-married), the child or
children, mother, father,
brother or sister, in the order
named, is the beneficiary.
These applications for bonus
,;,will be. made on Form No. 2,
which will be supplied direct
" ' from the service recognition
f -board to the claimant, and not
from the organisations bere
i tofore named.
I- The amount paid will be at the
'ate of 60 cents a day for active
Service after April , 1917, not to
exceed a total sum of 300. Pay
ment will be made only to the in
dividual claimant and the com pen -'
nation c.n not be assigned or sold.
i '( The application when received
"Will be given a claim number in
J the order in which it is received
'and the claimant will be notified
by postal card acknowledging re
f geipt and advising him of bis claim
-? Payments will begin as soon as
-Claims are checked and verified and
"the bonds are sold and the money
ia in the state treasury,
t,An interesting Instance of the
decrease in value of the German
mark since the World war is shown
ty Henry Fluegel, 2349 Seventeenth
Tatreet, who yesterday sent $10 to a
4 cousin in Sybllla-Sturn, Germany,
.Who will be able to buy 50,000
1 marks with this. Before the war
$$,000 marks would be worth $12,
JB00. Previous to the War a Ger
Ylnan mark waa worth a little less
than 25 cents.
llnwiil Ifalina Sira 1
4 Incomnlete renorts of workers in
iihe East Molina Red Cross drive
indicate that the contributions to
!!he fund, for the public 'nursing
'Service will exceed the quota of
iff 4,800. Reports checked up to
' soon today showed a total of more
ithan $4,500. Several hundred dol-
' lars are still outstanding.
P' : The sum collected for the maln-
tenance of the public nursing eerv-
,'j ,fce is independent of the fees for
I , annual memberships in the Red
! Cross chapter. Heretofore the pub-
"i lie nursing department has been
H financed by the community war
t chest of Mollne. This .fund has
1 i mn denletnd anH It remainnit for
11 the East Moline people to ctntrlb-
Y t ute to ine upseep or mis service.
; fThe East Moliners responded gen-
i j erously and the city ia assured of
1 the benefits of this splendid service
s ; at least for another year.
h 1
i r i
j;. ;
1'., tSndal Moline Santes.1
3 Lutheran ministers of Moline
i and Rev. J. In Benson. East Moline.
Will attend the monthly session of
Mission conference. Rock' Island
I district in Geneaeo tonight and to-
i morrow, ( . , -
I, Rev. A. G Toungdahl, Salem
Church, and Rev. C. O. Morland,
torsi LAineran cnurcn, will deliver
sermons tonight. . Rev. E. F. Be
gren, Calvary church. Moline, wlU
deliver a lecture on "Evolution'
after the business meeting tomor
row moraine k '
t Tomorrow Bight Rer. J. L. Ben
ton. East Mc-Jine, and Robert Acsell,
rtew vnnuaor, win speak. , ' -
F an
J ' (Ssarial MoUae Sentei.) .
' Walter Jones, Silvis, waa sent to
JaM for tlx months by Magistrate
Frank , Qustafson yesterday after
noon. Jones waa found guilty of
operating motor vehicle while ha
waa under the Influence of liquor,
rite' u na t
Joaee was arrested Sunday aft
rnooa. walla ae; is Mli to have
bee menacing pedestrians and ve
hicle traffic. ,
P. a Holland and J. T, Saad
qulst both Mid Baca of IS In Mo-
I Una polloa Mrt last . n'gnt oa
cnarget 01 if sewing.
Holland ni convicted on teat)
act CMt
HMjr of PoUocsm vleaeaw Nag-
ley, feraer twotareycle policeman.
Kegley ru walking, tat ha de
clared Uat Holland waa traveling
at the raU of 20 miles an hoar.
Hatlead denied this, tat the magis-
Md. ailajoeJ eat VmU wltk hlc
wu competent to judge ine
speed of an automobile even while
he waa standing still.
E. C. Sommera, East Molina, ar
rested on a charge of driving' a car
bearing nctitioos plates, waa dis
missed. .--,,
That argument which John Ja
noski and Joe Zamis had with a po
liceman Sunday night cost each of
them. $8.40. The argument took
place when the policeman went to
investigate the cause of am automo
bile accident in the east end. Ja
noski and Zamis are . alleged to
have been drank and disorderly.
Black Hawk Hikers Cad Big Pic
tore Contest; Announce Showing-
of Lantern Slides.
' Miss Carol Thompson, Moline, re
ceived the first award in the picture
contest of the Black Hawk Hiking
club in the Rock Island Y. W. C. A
and also received the largest num
ber of blue ribbons for 'the best
pictures in the exhibit.
The picture entered by Miss
Thompson which won the gold seal
was a sun-set scene on the Mis
sissippi river ice shoving a bit of
the shore line.
. Among the other exhibitors who
received one or more, blue ribbons
for the best pictures were: F. W.
Adelmann, J. H, Hauberg, the
Misses Vernet Johnson, Agnes
Koerber, Moneta Johnson, Georgia
First and' Helen Johnson.
' Judges in the contest were Her
moa Moore of the Tri-City Art
league; Miss Roberta Hosteller,
Davenport, and Mra. Charles Stone,
Moline., ' .
The Judges were enthusiastic in
their praise of the exhibit, and Mr.
Moore and Miss Hostetler, who had
served as judges in previous ex
hibits of the club,. said that the or
ganization was to be congratulated
in giving such stimulus to amateur
photography in the tri-cities.
The pictures are now on display
in the Y. W. C. A. and the public is
invited to view them and attend the
stereopticon views at the Y. W. C.
A. Saturday night at 8 o'clock. Lata
Superior and Colorado views will
be shown. The club is considering
these places for the next "big hike."
Reorganization of the Kinj'j
Daughters' home bureau occupied
the time at the first meeting of the
year yesterday afternoon, tinder the
direction of the new committee, of
which Mist Ella Baumbach ia chair
man and Mrs. Ben Koch vice chair
man. The bureau is to take the
form of an educational club this
year, the members to assist in the
management and working of the
organization, A lookout commit
tee named yesterday has already
laid plant for a canvass of tbe
women thought to be interested in
the club and a secretary named
will- keep a record of the attend
ante and an honor roll of the mem
bership! Miss Baumbach explained her
plana yesterday, which were en
thusiastically received by tbe wom
en who were asked to decile
whether or not the meeting should
be held twice monthly. - They voted
unanimously to hold them on the
first and .third Mondays of . the
Some 25 women were present
yesterday, anij the wofrk started
most ehtbusiasticilly. The first
meeting each month is to be given
over to an educational program,
when Miss Allen will speak and
conduct the round table discussion
oirSiome-making problems. Th9
second meeting will be a social ses
sion, and there will be a program
or tome eocial feature. Refresh
ments will b served at each meet
ing. -
Members of the Reck Island and
Moline units of the home bureau
will meet In the Rock Island Y. W.
C. A. Thursday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock. A sewing machine attach
ment demonstration will be staged.
Mrs. Otis Kimball of Buffalo Prai
rie, county clothing chairman, will
direct the program. Mrs. A. J. Mil
ler, head of the county organiza
tion, will preside.
'The 15th unit of the home bu
reau waa organised this afternoon
by Miss Lacile Allen, home adviser.
in uanoe ureeic- townshin. at the
homo of Mrs. William Eipper.
Tomorrow afternoon, in the Wil
liam Carr eelool, Moline... Miss Al
ienwin address a arouD of wimen
who are members of the Ps rent
Teachers' aisodatlca, and discuss
dreas patterns. Meetings will here
after be held here the afternoon of
the fourth Wednesday . in every
mouth. , .s.v
Nick Boeeln waa found ruilt. nf
carrying concealed weanona akii
waa fined $25 in Moline police court
last night ,
Nick told Magistrate Frank On-
tafaon that be worked late at nlrht
and wat afraid of robbers. The
magistrate did not regard this as a
legitimate excuse and assessed the
e:judad :
gUfeaaa Gee te Ceok Ceaaty JaM
" aaVaTlaW fyfJITnSfB mm W 1 iphtlfju.
StOI at liberty, v When the grand Jury reconvened
m . . this mornitlg there was a note of
. - w , expectancy in the atmosphere of
Edgar Owens and L. K. England.! the house. After weeks ot
Moline members of the communist . prolonged investigation, tbe people
group, whose conviction tor yiola- , Roc Isjana 4re eager. for the
tion of the Illinois espionage law promiged reelaUons .
has been upheld by the United Attorney General Bruudage re
States eupreme court, yesterday be- t0 divulge the extent of the
fB indeterminata sentenees in Jo- szMctd indictmenu other than io
lie.-. They were eonyictM la the My that tb whole situation hat
Cook county criminal court and, be,, covered -He admitted that his
sentenced to terms up to ve years.; 0me in roc, island would aeeev.
William Bross Lloyd, millionaira sarily be limited due to the demands
leader, baa not been taken intofor nig services elsewhere la the
custody, although he haa promised stte, but indicated that the whole
to aarreader himaelf Thureday. J matter might be thrashed out b
Perry ' Snipman, Rock Island ! fre the grand Jury -before he is re
member of the group, surrendered
ycsieruay, wo, ana uegan a year s
sentence in the Cook county Jail.
Thirteen members of tbe group
surrendered themselves at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. Nine entered
the criminal courts building, Chi-1
cago, in a body. Within two hours;
six of them were on their way
Deputies said they "talked and
laughed a good deal on the train,
on the way down but their faces
grew sober when they entered the
prison." All of them carried large
packages or suitcases containing
their effects. ,
Carney, Humorist. '
Carney was the merriest of the
group and told the deputies that
"up to a short time ago I had my
self all set for that Thanksgiving
prison dinner. Now I've lost my
lower teeth." s
Six men accompanied Snipman to
the Cook county jail to begin terms,
..... ,
(Continued from First Page.) 1
atterney, noted for his ability to
draw up a non-impeachable indict
ments, went immediately into the of state secretaries of tbe aasocia
Gabel murder case. This was evi-Jtion opposed to tbe prohibition
denced by the fact that one of the amendment today perfected plans
first witnesses summoned before for modification of the dry enforce
the grand Jury was Mrs. William; ment law and eventual repeal of
Gabel, wife of the murdered sa-lthe Eighteenth amendment at the
loonkeeper. Other witnesses known closing session here of a two-day
to be considered useful in routing ! conference! -
out the full story of the murder of . Resolutions providing tor a plan
Gabel, were also Dresent. awaitrnrtfor disnensine nlrnhnlir. h9i,M
call to the jury room.
Pedigo Is Grilled.
Lawrence Pedigo, right hand
man of Looney, fugitive from jus
tice, and who is himself now in
Jail facing arraignment and indict
ment on a charge of being one of
me muraerers or Gabel, was sub-
peted to an intense grilling by H. I mittee has adopted a resolution op
S. Mosher, state investigator, and j posing restoration of saloons in
member of his staff this morning event of the manufacture and sale
in an attempt to break rinwn his'nf liirht wi.ak ..j v.-i .
claims that he. is the victim of
linv that ha . V. -.:..: 1
irameup. ,
Pedigo was closeted in a small,
unoccupied office room, adjoining
the board of supervisors' hall, in
the courthouse, at 11:30 o'clock,
and at a late hour this afternoon
tbe questioning process was still
going on. The utmost secrecy was
observed in the attempt to gain a
confession of guilt irom Pedigo
which would prove convincing evi
dence not only against himself, But
against four or five other occu
pants of the Gabel death car. No
one put the officers was permitted
to approach the supervisors' room.
The avenue was carefully guarded
by Patrolmen William Epperson
and John Kinney of the Rock Is
land police force, both officers
having been detailed to the court
house thia morning in plain clothes
to apt upon orders, of Mr. Mosher
to bring' in any witnesses or make
arrests which' he might order at
this time.
The first of the witnesses heard
in the Gabel case was Frank Eck
strom, formerly proprietor of the
1-2-3-4 bar on Second avenue and
Fifteenth street, which was owned
by Louis Ortell, Looneyhenchman.
The supposition is that Eckstrom,
having been on the inside of the
Looney vice operations, has certain
well formed ideas of who killed
Gabel; and that in the face of the
downfall of the king and the ar
rest or Pedigo, is anxious to tell
what he knows.
Among the other witnesses who
will be heard today Is R. C. Gosse,
prohibition agent, who was operat
ing in Rock Island at the time
uabe! was murdered, and who ia
said to have received important
evidence from Gabel bear ine on
the method by which liquor viola
tions were protected in Rock Is
Ko Clue te Loo aey.
In the meantime federal author!
ties have redoubled their efforts to
find- John Looney, who it is antici
pated will not only have to stand
trial on a federal charge for the in
terstate transportation of a stolen
automobile, but who will also be
indicted ay the Rock Island count
grand Jury. . 1
Investigator Mosher," who yester
day gave a "tip- to the rederal of
ficers as to Looneys whereabouts,
and which It was said would mate
rialize In Looney s arrest within 24
hours, today professed to have dis
missed tne subject of his capture
from his mind. It was intimated by
Federal Marshal John Murray that
the apprehension ot Looney today
was aa far removed from possibility
as at any time aince the chase be
gan. The raid of Looney's home last
night Is amid to have produced writ.
tea evidence having Important near
Ina'upnn the investigation as it
reaches out and draws him In. One
ot the state investigators who had
the opportunity of giving the eat.-
Celed checks, letters nrl nthav writ
ten matter a cursory examination.
Is authority for the statement much
of it Is of an Incriminating nature.
In addition there were hundreds r.r
letters carrying requests to the edl-
tor of the Beck Island Newt to
write up this aefgabor : or , that
neighbor. Many aad varied were
the descriptions of alleged tocial
That the entire investigation has
beea centered in the Gabel murder
case aad the shake down policy of
vice protection was the hint given
out by one of the iavettigatort-this
. a
out oy one oi tae iavetigaiors-uiis ,
morning.. He id that the number
of indictments would be more even
of iw ore., ha, Muci.
than tae moat aaiamaiasua sap-
quired to leave the city again.
PediffO IraeJU ( amrra,
Pedigo, after being questioned for
two hours, wat escorted to the
county Jail by Detective Mosher and
Ohlcer William Epperson and Joha
a camera man was stationed out
side of the court house to snap a
picture of Pedigo as he was being
escorted to the jail. In coming
down the ttept Pedigo spied the
camera man and walked the entire
distance to the jail in a crouching
position, hiding behind Detective
Mosher. He remained hidden De
bind hit eacortt until the door was
opened to the jail and he was ad
St. Louie, Mo., Nor-Sl. (By the
Associated Press.) A campaign Je
tigned to show that "the evils
which have accompanied Volttead
isra are endangering our national
Ufa' was launched this afternoon
by tbe association opposed to the
prohibition amendment at tbe con
cluding session of a two-day meet
ing here.
" 8t. Louis. Mo., Nov. Jl.(By the
Associated Press.) Declaring elec
tion results were a strong Indica
tion that public sentiment favors
repeal ot the Volstead act, a score
under the regulation of states and
others directing presentation to
congress of bills for legislation fa
vorable -to the "wets" were pre
pared for presentation. - .,
Although the .association was
formed to obtain repeal of the pro
hibition amendment, its active com
. . , ' or
Congressman Hill of Maryland,
and Senator-elect Edwards of New
Jersey, will be spoksmbn for the
association In the house and sen
ate, association officers said, adding
that the body has 457,000 members
and is in a good condition finan
'Special Molina Service.!
Rev. Launcelot Hadaway, pastor
im ine memorial Christian church
of Rock Island, was one of the
speakers at the father and ton ban
quet served at First Christian
church in Moline last night. Other
speakers were Willard VanPatten,
Rev. W. B. Oliver, East Moline, C.
C. Wallace and Rev. W. B. Slater.
Present; at the banquet were 150
fathers and sons. The affair vrss
sponsored by the men's bible class.
A motion picture, "A Tribute to The
flag," was shown, and group sing
ing awas participated in by every
body present. The banquet was
served by the ladies' aid.
Rev. G .A. Sheets, pastor of the
First Baptist church, Rock Island,
gave the principal talk at the fathi-r
and son banquet, af the First BajF
titt church, Moline. One hundred
and twenty-flve were present.
Dinner was served by the primarv
department of the church. H.
Chaffe wat the toastmaster. F. P.
Newell and Kenneth Conrey gave
short talks Music was furnished
by the Sunday school orchestra.
The sons defeated their fathers !n
a game of indoor baseball after the
program. . v
(SbuM Matt 8iL
Moline Kiwanis club will enter
tain Kiwanians from Rank i1m
rxorenpaiT, jnaquoKeta, Clinton.
Ueneseo, Galeaburg and Aledo, Fri
day night. A banquet and enter
tainment will be provided. The oc
casion ia "ladief night" Plans are
being made to entertain 300 Ki
wanians and their guests.
Fred High. Chicago, publisher of
the Billboard, will burst forth in
optimism, and Jules Brasll, Toronto,
Can., Kiwanis International song
leader, will offer some new stunts
in group singing.
Joseph O. Ray, head clerk of
the Modern Woodmen of Amarioa.
addressed the Rock Island Ex
change club at noon today on "Co
operation." He spoke with aneciaH
rcm-ence to tne co-operative plan
worked oat in ioHpHm whii-h i.,,.
fraternal Insurance policies. There
waa large attendance,
Miss Wiaale Bell Sawyer.
Misa Winnie Belle Sawyer, a,
nurse la the Moline City hosiptaL
died? yesterday morning la the not-
..Ti . r
ffi !S fhe!!fJ
she had been 111 three wetke. Mitt
Sawyer, who had. been a lifelong
resident at Davenport, was born
March 13. 1 SIT, In Davenport A
year ago she went to Dot Moines
to enter the Des Moines General
hospital, but later returned to Mo
line., Surviving are the parents.
Mr. ana Mrs. ri. is. sawyer, a sis
ter, Mrs. W. R. Barr and two broth
ers, Walter A. and Herbert B., all
of Scott county.
funeral service! will be held at
2 o clock tomorrow afternoon in
the summit Prasbytreiaa church.
" J. ' f
' Blanche Kelson.
Funeral services for Blanche Nel
ton were held at 3:30 o'elock yea
terday afternoon in tbe family
home, 142 Fourth avenue, Moline.
Rev. Ira O. Nothstein officiated.
Miss Martha Serene and Mr3. Holm
quist sang during the services, and
bearers were George Efflandt,
Jamet Mereer, Henry Koberg, Ern
est VanHoek, Clarence Moore and'
Jcbn Peterson. Burial was in-the
family lot in Riverside! cemetery.
New Yorker Plead for Kindness to
Inmates Plan Bethany Heme
I Christmas.
Selfishness, manifested by poli
ticians, is greatest obstacle in the
way of bringing about better con
ditions in penitentiaries according'
to B. ugflen Cblsholm, New York,
who addresed tneKock Island Ro
tary club today. . ' .
The politican says 'me Href"
remarked the speaker, "the party
next, and last of all the prisoner.
Many wardens instead of obeying
tne dictates ' of their own con
sciences have to submit to political
leaders or lose their jobs."
Hit topic was "Humanizing the
prison-, and r. chisnolm eaid
the second obstacle was the "old
time belief that time is a cure for
crime, this resulting in long seu
tences being' imposed upon offen-
"And third on the list of impedl
ments," he continued, "is the gen
eral belief that it is possible to re
form men by bullyragging and
browbeating them. Many criminals
are prison-made."
"There it a time in the career of
every prisoner," he claimed, "when
reform measures attempted in the
spirit of kindness would be effica
cious. That is the time when a
parole should be issued."
. Dr. B. Lederer, Chicago, made
an appeal for a representing.
The Salvation Army made an ap
peal in behalf of the drive for ,66,
650 to be inaugurated Monday.
T. A. Murphy, secretary of the
Rock Island Welfare association,
said that the Salvation Army had
refused to accept a $2,000 budget
and that it had. not given co-operation
to other organizations in wel
fare work.
On motion the 'suggestion made
by Dr. Lederer that a committee
of Rotarians be named to assist in
the Salvation Array drive was re
ferred to the board of governors.
A committee consisting ot Will
iam Frank, W. N. Phillips, R. J.
Bennett, Henry Kramer and Will
iam L. Stewart was' appointed to
arrange for the club's - annual
Christmas benefactions to Bethany
One of the many "silent" police
ment on duty . along the main
thoroughfares of the city to warn
drivers of autos, motorcycles and
other vehicles, to drive slowly and
carefully, was badly damaged the
other night Presumption is that
in trying to dodge an automobile
be was struck by a street car in
front of the postoffice building. The
street car, was thrown off the track,
traffic waa Jammed, and the "silent"
policeman lay between the two
motors underneath the front of the
street car in a dilapidated condi
tion. -
The wrecker was'called and the
atreet car had to be lifted off its
trucks to be put back on the trajk.
Nothing but the iron base of the
dummy policeman was left to tell
the tale of the mishap.
(Special IfoUae Service.)
Repaving Fifth avenue between
Seventeenth and Nineteenth streets,
Moline, is well under way. The
avenue has been widened 10 feet
and new pavement will be laid the
entire distance.
it was at first planned to resur
face the old pavement with as
phaltic concrete, but fearing this
would be an unsatisfactory Job, the
city engineer decided to change the
plant. The cost of laying entirely
new pavement will be about $1,000
extra and this will ba paid out of
the public benelts fund, thus re
lieving property-owners of any ad
ditional assessments.
(Special afollm Serriee.l
Henry Souvaine. pianist will give
a recital at the East Moline high
school -commencing at 1:30 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon. Friends of the
school areJnvtted. .
The lnterclass batketball tourna
ment opened last nlgbt with the
Seniors defeating the Sophomores
19 to 13, and the Junlort smother
ing the Freshmen 42 to 11. Tonight
the Juniors meet the Sophomores
and the. Freshmen clash with, the
seniors. . - : ;
The Freshman and Sonhomore
are matched for Wednesday night'
. i i
1 00 dtlURGCES
Expect fie la Be-Added f U
theru Hetflta! Fand fty Cea
tinned Cam pals.
- The' Joint committee represent
ing Angustana hospital. Chicago,
and Lutneran hospital. Moline, met
yesterday in Chicago to review the
results of tbe hoeyite.1 appeal that
has been carried on throughout the
churches of the Lutheran Illinois
conference. ; - v
Dr. c, E. Houston, Chicago, tbe
director of the campaiga, reported
that the churches had thus far rais
ed S4i,0OO which represented the
reports from only M of tbe 165
churches la the conMreaeo. In ad
dition to this each hospital report
ed thar-scattering pledges had been
received from various sources
amounting to $7,000 for each insti
tution, and that if this was added
to the church ubacriptiout that the
total results of the appeal ao far
amounted to $SO,000.
The director in commenting upon
the failure of nearly 100 churches
to carry on the every-member can
vass during the week of Oct. 15-22,
said that it can largely be attrib
uted to the rapid success of appeals
that have been made to the churches
68 !
during the past three years.
, Expect $la,00 Here.
IP is estimated that the -Moline
hospital can expect at least $lt,000
in addition to the $5,000 that has
already been pledged to the local
institution from the churches out
side of the Rock Island district
One ' ot the' interesting reports
made at the meeting yesterday was
that the uncertainty of the econom
ic conditions have tended to pre
vent substantial subscriptions, that
people generally will make a small
donation in cash but refute to ex
tend their promlse over a period of
months. Thlt was particularly no
ticeable from the reports coming in
from the country churches. These
reports fell way below their quota,
but In almost every instance the
subscriptions were accompanied by
cash. ,
The committee representing the
Lutheran hospital at tbe meeting
yesterday were Clark O. Anderson,
J. O. Laugman and L. E. voneet
Ml.... I n , MM . .
mipirs if rain wuuiiun lanu Oi
Hearse in Hoeller Garage;
Oil Alto Stolen.
Thieves entered the garage in
the rear of 413. Twenty-first street,
sometime between Saturday night
and yesterday afternoon and drain
ed 10 gallons of gasoline from a
hearse owned by A. J. D. Moeller.
Four gallons- of lubricating oil
were also stolen. The theft was!
discovered yesterday afternoon by
Fred Glenn, a driver for Mr. Moel
ler. Two wrenches, an empty beeti
bottle and an empty ink bottle were
found underneath the car.
Mr. Moeller believes that the
thieves tried to drain the gasoline
tank by unscrewing the pet-cock j
under the tank. They evidently'
were unsuccessful in this ttnothnri i
and decided to finish the job by
siphoning the gas out of the tank.
Empty beer and ink bottles under
the hearse were not explained.
William Carse. nresirtent nf ih
Carte & Ohlweiler Bottling Works,
nat reiurnea irom tne national in
vention of the Amprirnn Rnltlae nt
Ga., last week. Mr. Carse was ac-l
compamed on the trip by bis wife.
At that convention steps were
taken to merge the Illinois State
Bottlers' asnrvintinn with iho Chi
cago Bottlers of Car bona t id Pev-
erages, into one organiration. A
meeting will be held in Chicago in
January and final ctona tnwar.l th
consolidation will be taken.
The convention which is an an
nual affair was attended by 3,000.
Delegates from Janan. Pans, In .mri
other foreign countries were res
ent. Mr, carse was the only dele
gate from the tri-cities.
Judge Nels A. Larson will ad
dress members of the senior Hi-Y
club tomorrow evening at 6:15
o'clock in the Y. M. C. A. on the
subject, "Politics Inside and Out."
Special musical numbers and group
singing will complete the program
for tbe evening.
Personal Points
airs. KaBloem, 100S Sixteenth
avenue, hat returned from Cincin
nati. Ohio, where se spent three
weeks with her Utter, miss Bess
Tolk. Mitt Voik apeni two months
visiting here and Mrs. Bloom ac
companied bar ham.
George Teggy- 12S1 Olenhurst'
court hat gone to West Medicine;
Bow, Wyo., for a twd weeks' hunt-l
tag trip. i
. Word has been received here of i
the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs.:
Roy Suunllf, at -Honolulu. Mrs. v,,, -m-,Aaia. , . .
Sanaiff was formerly Miss Nellie.' be?,ftL0'"t d 'f ,f,r th W
Brooks and it a sister of W. E.' f"' sA"feUttUn I
Shy3- wru S &ci1r
Charles Wilbur and is the
Mr.. Walter Rust. 1929 Ninth ave-!"8 ttis
nue, underwent an operation at, le" 'J3 cf-ual "a fr
St. Anthony's, hospital this morn- SfiS
Fort Armstrong lodgeo. 729. 1 i"8"1,1s.'udLnts; at
. ,k1 .T"""- 1"
VtUJ'S, t0marroW ??ht
Kalghto of Pythias, will meet at
Team of Six Students Will Com
pete With Bock Inlanl in De
clamatory Contest
(Special Moline Service.)
A preliminary declamation con-
toat will lia halH In the afnlifio hifrh
school Friday night, and six stu -
rf.nt. rhnun in i-onrl.ont iho. Plnw
City school in a contest rater with ! of directors, and while it has not
the Rock Island team. Ten stu-as 'et been granted, faith in iti
dents will compete in the test 1 PasslnS nas ,el to the first call tor
The Big Eight boys'! declamation j Wennerberg tryouts. The Orioles,
contest will be steged in Moline Augustana's woman chorus, h.
December 15. Teams from Canton', j Den organized for some time.
Davenport, Rock Island, Oalesburg.i while Arvtd Samuelson, head of
Geneseo, Kewanee, Princeton and tne conservatory department, con.
Monmouth will compete. (ducted yesterday's tryouts, direc-
Try-outs for "the' Big Eight de-1 tors for tne two choruses have not
bates will ba held early in Decern- j been selected. They will probablr
ber, Miss Geneva McKeag announc- j De recommended by the board of dt
ed this morning. ! rectors upon the event of granting
The lnter-city contest will be tne above petition. ;
held March 16. The question for j ;
debate is, "Resolved, that the fed-! TRI-CITY JEWS TO
eral government should own and
operate the coal mines of the Unit
ed States. x
L. A. Mahoney, superintendent of
Moline public schools, will attend
the superintendents' conference in
Champaign next Thursday. Miss
Sophronia Kent, of the
is chairman of the classic
section of the high school confer-i"e is said to be famous interna
ence, which meets at Springfield I tionally and a large attendance is
and Miss Grace Warner, also of the anticipated.
Moline school, will read a paper on Dr. Levin will be accompanied
experimentation in private initia- b.y Dr. A. E. Abramowitz, Chica
live work in Latin. E. P. Nutting so, who is connected with th
will discuss the merits of-the nu -
merical grading system over the
letter system for high schools.
Select Jury to Hear Evidence
- Against Third Avenue Saloon
keeper. Bert Carhan, also known as Bert
Duprer, who Jumped into fame
overnight by announcing a new
cure for rheumatism and kindred
ills, went on trial in county court
this morning on a charge of keep
ing liquor for Sale.
' Duprez was arrested several
weeks ago at his place of busi
ness, 2107 Third avenue, by police
officers. A quantity of 3xch
which Duprez claimed contained
gum of turpentine and was used
only for medicinal purposes, was
taken as evidence. He was first
arraigned in police court, where
he pleaded not guilty and took an.
appeal to the circuit court. Infor
mation was then filed against him
in county court.
The jury was completed late this
morning and the presentation of
the state's case begun.
Emcrak Noppe and August Cla
eys pleaded guilty in county court
yesterday afternoon to liquor
charges. Noppe paid $400 and
costs, while Claeys was sentenced
to 60 days in the county jail. Noppe
was taken in a raid of bis farm,
near Andalusia. Claeys lives iu
Moline and had been making
hooch at his residence on Rail
road avenue.
W. S. Parks, president of the
county humane society, was asked
today to join in hunt for Grattan
Ralph, 4-year-old son of P. J.
Ralph, 33 Charter Oak Place, Hart
ford, Conn. Ralph ran away three
months-ago and traveled with a
carnival. It , is likely, his father
says, that he is "picking up"S-ides
from motor tourists. Reward of
t500 is offered for the boy's return.
for the
aiicic nnnniio
Weanerberg Organizatioa R,ts.
This Season at Least; io k-
pori te saamelsoa. -
f activities, will be glad to teara .!
ini'orkof prganizatfonnrcl'r
' Z ,cll0o''
is actually under way and that tl
Wennerbergs will continue, tmtti.
year at least, to be an integral part
of the school's life. .
Last year the faculty of tht
school decided that tbe custom.
j tours which both the WennerWj
ana urioies iane earn year should
be discontinued, stating that these
tours took too much time from'
school work. The student body
great chagrined, appointed a com!
mittee to draw up and present t
petition to the faculty, requester
that this decision be withdrawn and
the tours be granted.
Faith In Petition M
This petition lias been referrej
! ?nd ,f ecommended by the general
faculty Of the School tO th board
Dr. Shmaryah Levin, represent
ing the Zionist movement, will ad-
f.dress a tri-city meet of the organl-
tation in Odd Fellows' hall toniKnt.
1 Palestine Foundation fund. He win
also talk and Rabbi Bnron, Daven
port, will make a few remarks.
Rabbi Dressier will open the
meeting with a prayer after which
"America." and "Hatikwo" the
Jewish national anthem, will be
sung. .
There will be a violin solo by
Herbert Silverstein, and a piano
solo by Mrs. Martin Silverstein. '
A dinner in the Blackhawk hotel,
Davenport, will follow.
v Daily
Papers fbf
ana tne juniors piay the seniors. -

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