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KmniE3It 22, 1S22.
: .::77TGJBI1
Of ixfc 1TW Tn CM It,
Bet It Who Tnf Cm
: c-a it, OMim rwit
Tk price and demand of coal has
ot . ben affected greatly by the
dni In taaiDeratiir the lact 10
dL 'atcordinr to local dealers.
The demand (or coal has Increased
bat Uttle. It any at all, while the
price of all grade of coal with the
exception OI ruiton , county . kvi
luiTefpraetlcalljr remained the
aam.,. Fulton county coal baa been
reduced from 9 to 8.50 a ton.
- The majority of coal dealers in
the city expect a decrease In the
prices, of all grades of coal, espe
cial!? the blgher priced coal, by
the first of the year. If the weath
er conditions remain as tney are
at present, coal will decrease witn-1
put -ttouoi, iney say. une ui
dealers stated that if the weather
sbouldJreak within a few days and i
the demand for coal should increase .
-accordingly, the supply of coal on
hand in the city would not last a
week. . ', ... I
In speaking of the coal situation
for the past two or three years in
Rock Island it was stated that
"when-you can get coal you can't
sell It and when you can sell it you
can't get it".
' .Franklin county coal sells at $11
to $11.50 a ton with a reduction of
' 50 cents if cash is paid with the
order. The lxnk coal that cornea
from tire Coal Vnlley nwies is 7.50
. to t.i a trn, Snringmd ia $10. SO
t!) $10.75 nnd ethpr conl nr'ned in
southern Illinois $7.60 to $8.25.'
1 i I , ii ' I. i . ' i . f - . 11 ... - , .- : : :
W Vfc . (I s
L " V 1 ..... 1.
I - A I 4
- f . ' V.aYyW r , Plenty.... H
Warm Days Bad rer TluuiksalTlaff
Birds, Expert Says; Iciaff
, , Will Add la Cast.
If all the hubert vaudeville
units that are to play the Illinois
theatre will be as entertaining as
"Oh, What a Girl," which will play
a one-night engagement Thursday
night, it is promised local show
lovers will have no cause for
complaint. The success of any
theatrical production, in large
Pyorrhea Now
Can Be Checked
Thin' Dread I)Iise Yield Hrsdiiy
f to Simple Heme IStmrdy.
-Any suiierer irum iu uis";aLu
conditions of Pyorrhea sensitive,
Weeding gumr, that have become
upongy and receding; loose teeth;
sore mouth; foul breath; etc. will
find fjuick relief in Moore's Pyorr
hea Remedy. . ' "
This remarkable home trcalment
soothes ir.flammatioh and allays
the pain wilh the very lirstappli
:Mi(in. With further use, all signs
of Pyorrhea disappear. Tha mouth
becomes sweet, clean and healthy;
bleeding is stopped and sore,
spongy gums grow firm and solid,
l'us discharge is checked and pus
ppekets and,ulcerations heal. Loose
teeth tighten and. extraction, is
avoided. ,
I Your druggist has Moore's Pyor
rhea Remedy, or can quickly get it
for you. He is authorized to refund
the purchase price if you are not
. satisfied I with result s in your case.
. Use it on this basis, and accept no
substitute. Moore's Pyorrhea
Remedy is madi "and guaranteed
only by Moore's Laboratories, Kan
sas City, Mo. (Advertisement.)
measure, depends upon me spirit wm
of cooperation manifested by the
players. In "Oh, What a Girl"
there is a team play that Is admir
able, and the result is highly sat
isfactory from the viewpoint of an
audience. Everybody in this shbw
works with a zest, and encore3 are
numerous from the rise to the fall
of the curtain. The vaudeville por
tion of the program balances well i
The program opens with toe
Manhattan Trio, three-fourths of a
male quartet, and harmony songs,
assisted by the Wilson sisters in
dance steps that are pretty and
graceful and strictly up-tordate.
Horton and La Triska follow, pre
senting "The, Clown and the Fa
mous Doll." This will prove to be
ja remarkable novelty offering that
keep tbe audience guessin
Buddy Doyle follows, singing
"Blues" songs in an improved fash
ion that will get a deserved amount
of applause. When he imperson
ates such well known stage celebri
ers are fully equal to their vocal
attainments. Comedy of tbe hilar
ious variety will be supplied by the
Klein brothers, Al and Harry, whom
) InMt aQll-aoAdra rcTTl 11TT1 Via," wtl f ft
"The Passing Show" played here
two seasons' ago. William Monro
and Al Wiser produce uncontrolled
merriment with their foolishness,
"The Hat Shop."
"Oh, What a Girl," the afterpiece,
is a miniature musical comedy,
with book by Edgar Smith and ori
ginal musical numbers. In the sup
porting cast are Irma Bertran-),
New Tork. NV Y.,' "Nov. ' 22. The
actions- of then therm&meter be
tween now and next .Wednesday
will have a decided bearing on the
cost of the quality of Thanksgiv
ing dinners in all: sections of th)
country. . The transportation "situ
ation, as it affects the movement of
freight and express shipments, will
also be a decided factor.
Lack of cold weather this fall
has been detrimental to the Thanks-
i giving birds, according to Her-
schel Jones, one of the leading mar
keting experts of New York stae.
Although' the lateness of Thanks
giving this year gave the plr&a an
extra week to reach prime condi
tion, this advantage was overcome
by the warm weathert as turkeys
seldom put on weight or feed to
best advantage until the frosts
come, Jones said today.-
Car shortage wiil exercise a de
cided effect on the supplies in some
'centers and will have an even
greater effect on the condition of
the stocks offered the public. It
the first of next week is warm,
there is a prospect that many ship
ments will arrive in poor condi
tion and that many birds will be
unfit for use in spite of salvaging
methods. 1
' , This will be especially noticea-
jble if the last days of this wees
! are cold and the weather "moder
I ates. In sections where wan 1
1 weather prevails this week, it is
probable that many shipments will
be iced and If not unduly delayed
will arrive in good condition. The
necessity . for icing, however will
add to the final cost - .
The potatoes whlclt will flank the
Thanksgiving turkeys on the dinner
tables will be exceedingly mexpen
1 iin ibis jwr.-'
nearly . every omcr wr,
glutted with tubers. , New Jersey
and New York producers hav rush
ed stocks into this market until the
price has declined to $1.80 for 150
pound sack and there is no proba
bility of cleaning up the surplus
stocks for some time to come.
Sweet potatoes also are very
cheap, selling here at from $1 to
$1.25 4 barrel due to the influx Of
shipments from Maryland. Virginia
and North Carolina. Nuts, which
were high in price-earlier in tbe
season, have declined somewhat and
citrus fruita Ire coming freely from stable. , :.,
Florida- with prices about, normal: Paper box manufact,it
for this season of the year. lag ' tremendous busiacei tJ?Aj
Tha nrir-o f i-anwtrri will hellmiicav riiMlverv Pri. ' "'
. g,. V " " , J .
.11 too tha mnn it 1 firm ilna In Ilia ,. . " "ry
v.v l.,u anil rum fViH hav nn f raw mutorlaW naj k. , 'VOS.S
" J " I - " Hfr ot .nn
Mpnnllni, anrt VMa ... . vwil-
wall atahlliaMl for the arowers of ' Srm due to the advum uTl' Try
t 1 f rA nnLf K,..t.hUl. , , . ISC
vt law iumci wis hmm Uk
Htruction and the nni7z,ci
wages. "T f
Wrapping paper is in rr-u,,
mand and paper mills are I
cupled on this grade. Com"
mills are busy and the deinlMf
of the most efficient marketing or
ganizations in the country and the
like entire production passed out of
growers' hands In the late summer
and early fall.
t'aadles So Higher.
Prices for candies and sweet
meats have not advanced, although
demand has been exceedingly a
five and makers have been working
day and night to 011 it..
Pennsylvania land Connecticut
leaf tobaccos are in demand at high
prices while the purchases of Su
matra and Havana tobaccos Is less
active. Cigar manufacturers are
Extremely busy In preparation for
- rope and twine indicates Utu
sill ness will be active fnr ik. .
"-imnnthR at least r"
vania railroad is adding Ih
to its shop forces and
that the St. Ixiuis & San rrtiSL
rfiilrnari will htiiM 19
j ujiit Of bm
line after Jan. 1 indicates thtik!Z
will h nn lpl-im in K-
will be no let-up in the
and maintenance programtoT S.
nrriora at
the holiday trade and . prices are carriers.
ties as Kddie Cantor. Eddie Leon-! Donald Carroll, Hermosa Jose, &
ard nd Al Jolson, if you did not gene Reading, Jeanne Steele and
know these stars you could hardly ! the entire vaudeville cast are uti!-
j recognize the difference. ized in the telling or this pre.tyi
Another most engaging contriou- i lime story, ana ny way ui lriiei pu-.
Sure Relief
with thik revue, and together theyition to the vaudeville is the offer-elation the Klein brothers introduce
form a very diverting evening's j ing of Marie Stoddard, a versatile : their new .sketch entitled "Tha
entertainment. J gymnast, whose elocutionary pow-' Sleep Walkers."
plays and players
1 Spencer Souare beginning tomor
' row. Playing the leading role ' is"
! Lionel Barrymore, brother of the
; famous John and Ethel and one of
the most talented and best known
Jj players on the American stage ana
screen. Picture fans will remem-
Illinois Nov. '23, '"Oh, What a anee of the various implicating sit-j er with pleasure Barrymore's
Girl," Shubert musical comedy. uations. Mr. Martin in his im,5 r-j splendid work in ' The Copperhead
Fort Armstrong Alice Terrv aud sonation of a man who enjoyed the and "Boomerang Bill." In "The
Lewis Stone in "The Prisoner of days before prohibition was apieu- i Face in the F og," he has the rolo
Zenda " . did. The supporting players we.-e! of. Boston Blackie, one of the favor
Spencer Square Wallace Reid of the same calibre, and inci-: ite crock characters of fiction,
in "Clarence." dentallv the farce furnishes an eve- 1 Seena Owen, the blonde star, plays
Pnlnmhia Tonieht. "Just Mar- nine of amusement to the well me cniei leiuiinne ruie oppoiu
ried." : . v v . -'known tired business man, and i
Capitol Madge Bellamy in "Lor-;hi3 probably equally tired wife aud
na Doone"; Dr. Gunning, famous; family.
psychic. v I '
Garden-"The Prisoner of Zen-:- M s f 8
da. '- .. . i , .. , .. .
firnnrt The Grand Tlavers in1 Not in some time has a picture
"The Seventh Guest."
u 'ri-i snii nn 1 nn i i
Hot water
Sure Relief
35t and 75t Packages Everywhere !
- come to Kock Island with as ais
i tinguished a cast as "The Face In
t The Fog," the attraction at the
By Fern Hawks
Mr. Barrymore, that of an ex
patriated' Russian princess. Lowell
Sherman, who won fame in Grif
fth's "Way Down East," is seen as
the ally of the hero. Louis Woi
heini. who created the title role in
the New York production of "The
Hairy Ape," Eugene O'Xeil's sen
sational drama, is also in the cast,
and will be seen as'The Face." '
given by
Lof Central Fresbyterian
Church ,
Supper will be served from
6 to 8-p. m.
Skin irruptions
s Are Usually Due to
When yon are constipated,
not enough of Nature's
lubricnting liquid is pro
duced in the bowel to keep
the food waste soft and
moving. Doctors prescribe
Nujol because it acta like
this natural lubricant and
thus ieplaccs it.
ii u j o i is a
lubricant not
a medicine or
laxative so
cannot gripe.
Try it today.
I 1 the food waste soft and I
"Just Married,"'opening last night
at the Columbia and continuing to
night, is a trifle naughty, therefore
it's immensely amusing. The play
is a honeymoon farce comedy.
Couples who are contemplating ap
proaching the honeymoon stage my
iind out some of the trials and trib
ulations that beset newlyweds whs
try to keep their recent marriage
secret. Also the more intricate"
trials of a gentleman, slightly under
the influence of some liquid with a
kick in it, who decided to take a
honeymoon alone, but later found
that he- had two supposed wives. .
Henpecked husbands, ship walk
ing bugs, French maidens who re
fused to be left behind when the,
boat sails, twin beds, a fluffy break
fast cap which brings woe to thff
newlywed husband, furnish a sea of
comedy for the company -to f'.oat
about in. The principal parts of
the play, that of the liyuored gen
tleman and the charming but en-gaged-to-an'olher
lady, who through
mistake occupy the same stateroom
on the sea-going hack, are taken by
Miss Sylvia De Frankie and .iweri
Martin. Miss De Frankie ii? an en
gaging little person, who romped
through het part with just the
proper amount of reserve to take
j away some of the strained appo-T-
Apply thickly over throat-o-'r
with not flanne!-
tr 17 MUUon Jan Utti Ycariy
If Neglected, They Often
i Develop Serious Illness
;Take Father John's Medicine
There is lurking danger in every
colli because, if neglected, it may
attack (ho breathing tract. Prompt!
actiun should be takea when u cold j
develops. . V . '
P.ogin asking Father John's Medi-
emu 'right , away. This old
fisshioncu family medicine, whose
basis is cod liver oil scien
tifically ; pre- . t
p i r e d with
other iugTeJi
entv.s o o jhei
and hseli ' the
lrctaing tr.ici
and at the
settle time
builds strengtl
to fight off the
cold. Father
Jojin's Medi
cine is'piaran
, tsod free from
. nerve -..deadening
drugs and
stimulants. -(Advert
yTke shame
of iblemtshedjacel
Ohlif I had only accepted
Mother's advice asd takea
Skin eruntions. nhnnles. ' !
blackheads, blotches, boils. 1
etc., are outward appear-
ances of the impurities which
are in the blood.
S. S. S. will purify yovr
Hood. S. S. S. is the world's
standard blood rrarifier ami
has been for over 60 years.
Begin today to parity your
blood by takine S. S. S. Anv
druggist can suppjy you.
St Sm S,
makes you
feel like
yourself eujaiA
Mr. C. V.
Itti Vint St.
Cincinnati. O..
n-riut: "SJSS.
ha improved
9ini in
wcilU a a
! mack
arm 01
THERE are many
homes once child
less that now are blessed
with healthy, happy chil
den, because Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound restored the
mother to a healthy, nor
mal physical condition.
The following letters
give the experience of '
two young, women and
prove the value of Lydia
E, Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in such cases.
park Rapids. Minn. "I have taken your medicine Lydia E. Pinkham's
V egetahle Compound when I was a girl for pains, and before, and after
my marriage. I now have a sweet little baby boy, and will send you
' ' his picture.' My sisters also" take" your medicine and find it a great help, and
;;' I recommend, it to those who suffer before their babies are born." Mrs,
" IWit. Johnsox, Box 155, Park Eapids, Minn.
Jutztown, Pa. "I wish every woman who wants children would try Lvdia
, , E; Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound. It ha3 done so much for me. "My "
- baby 13 almost a year old now and is the picture of health She walked at
eleven months and is trying to use her little tongue. She can.eay some words
real nice. I am sending you her picture. I shall be thankful as long as I
-; live that I found such a wonderful medicine for toy troubles." Mrs.
Charles A. Mebtz, Kutztown, Pa. - " .'
Theae letter, should induce others to try
ia E. Pinkham's
fegetable Compound
, j ww- , mi riM
Unrestricted Choice of
Velvet Trimmed Hats
Extra Special
1 - - -Hatter's
Sailor, Velour,
Sport and
Trimmed Hats
Dodge Brothers
Many who could well afford more expensive cars
are showing a marked preference for Dodge
Brothers Sedan.
They find it easy to drive, economical to run,
and comparable in beauty and elegance with cars
much higher in price.
In the vast amplitude of Dodge Brothers closed
body plant, this sedan is constructed with all the
studious precision that marks the work of the
finest custom builders. 1 s
Eighteen days are devoted alone to the 18 rub
- bing and varnishing operations which are respon
1 . sible for the unusual brilliancy of its lustre.
Months of seasoning precede the use of the fine,
critically selected ash which gives the body its
rugged firmnms. ,
The interior fittings, too, are chosen with thought
fulness and rare good taste. The upholstery is
covered with genuine mohair velvet of a singu
larly rich and beautiful pattern. The seats are
roomy and luxurious.
Steel disc wheels (with cord tires) harmonize in
a most effective way with the new grace and
smartness which Dodge Brothers have recently
brought to the lines of the body.
The price' Is $1550 delivered
2016 Third Ave.; 417 Seventeenth St.,
Rock Island. Moline.
x ..a
i -

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