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TX ICt. ii
c if !-" J- rt -
- f .rr.ll atraat Eaw
maw. u. ta.
Mrtata of ai-ZHjT .n , - ' "" M gtraa to an Bar
rZSXJtJV'' fro;:awai tatarasted that the iii.niaf
wie cent of man? a gar ca-1-2-J-.
1507 Second av
j p-naaa-ntlr clos-d ita
r as a saloon. Frank' . O.
s, proprietor sine- pro.
m, told hii friends that mU.
M drinks doesn't par and
saloon business is a money
game wuu yruuioiuun taws
today, four years after the:
raw tea vis a4
wDicsu rwauaa m
1 tkat amad vlcta-
vBsoor traffic wis convertad
i clandestine one .- and the
-t days for saloons have ceas
es may bear gar Ules-and
jt oaesof happenings in the
(t-W and the brothel apstairs
X you can bear it Minted.
.i .
-It was hack aad fintfc
to Kmataa tmr tha -El"
- of the ofife-n tarn aad aov
tka dmrtaaeat. said raceatlv.
Ptacfc rsbMttaM tlk Jail. boll.
night from tkat Mock alone That's
mib dm srast frtm the two or
three or
Wdiaary algkta sww.- T vv .
TBsao utter dars hare bronchi
BeHimife ut un iiisai i ii ar na
trade and (Mail mumj .1 .
jBoro deslrsble location, selling tha
! 1-W-s. to Frank O. Bkatroastwo or
was ears ago, Binea then Ek-
r ts peculiar name. Tha
gas iu simply that he arrang
I serve his beer in scoops
i are reputed to have held foa?
the amount which could be
gtkased elsewhere for the same
s nickel. s . j . .
; Orttll was a famous host in
"m days, ten or twelve years ago.
stpn has tried; all known methods
to make tha nlara nav --- oil
per cent of what it did Ire aad It
wiuoat avail. us.
is credited with saying, that pro
hlbltton dUnt bother tha bnsiness.
in Louis Ortell cama'to call if. Sf w torotnient of the dry
ioos. of which he was oro-fi"w "!. that ha has become
uiagasxeo witn trying- to make teth
"n vu, ymaaj income. I
At any rate, the place is baingJ
twuwi ana a ror Rent" sign
stares from tha ti4
brightly lighted, today. '
vtaers same Baate. -
Bkstrom snd tha 1-2-3 are the
calllone of a laavthv -f
r i mi W w-va.wu v&
.Us bar, open at almost all i 10?. ioons and .bartenders
jin of the day and night, echoed , VvL "TT.rT T0W " T dy
minute with the thumps of L" ?e,tJrMk!i. Petr L,D
kig beer glasses passing acro, J?. i'' tB5
t Free lunch, an item for which ! ?h'"r '?iei1 of
aUc was famous, went with Csin. Itk! rnJT? Uf
) fourfold beers. One down and u?i !5!inn fif! ' " C?Un
air is reputed to have lived for , !S cAe"u," J . tn ""'ce of vi.
.e.k on 25.cents due to" ti V iLSTTS " B "SSt
v evww saaasssa uaiiur ii
tka tamoa. 1-8477
pisfisg tka list at taoaa who
Wwnsd Staalers, 74 iath
: "r.hotel; Josepk Merk.
nt-t Twenty first street; Sherman
hoteL liiiiim ,ii. i..
umr, an nirj avenue;
OJJ kow. Fred . Herron. lM-
Twaatlatk atr Wiiu- t
W Fourth avenue. Deaths of Wll-
uaa Okhwl, jail Fourth avenue,
aad Jasaaa Bnn. si a miiv..
have -rasaited la closing of thatr
saiooaa. . ., . . ., . t ..s . ,
'JvfS TBB' b wisest of
. T'. . lr,Bnn report. He
cwaea sua , place aad "retired- at
JT opvting of tha aocallerat
ed drive on bootleggers begun by
the police six week ago. He
counts himself several hundred
dollars to the aood a m-i
this tftaely act. since his loss would
nave goae .uat high either injlnes
tfij afforded at the 1-2-3-4. It
ai-iot a charity venture,' hoWI .sfoneV Mm H 2 o Co
r..S3 witness the hoimcBr nr ,l !810ner ...wt""m. Fitssimmons.
till mmtW la -m lala&l
Cloaa watck te bMag kapt eat tkfssi
y us) rusv tu a ta : aeqewea
tkat aaseur ttsjaor is
ttair lateatioB
short tMa. atscept for a Uw well
esUbUsasd bars is aacepjlOBsl lo-
caOoas, salooBS U Bock Island, as
elanrkana sm a ael nm
as long as tha problbitloa law is
eaforced. la the most common
statement of saloon keepers. Tka
number which baa cloaad so far is
over 2. or 44 par cant of tha total
number of saiooaa operating bare
two months ao.
General. No. 17.. ,
Notice is herahr rivan to all Mr-
ana far4MKil ka h. Bmj m
Local Improvements of-tha City of)
wu lHiHua in nu aim ta fn.
county court of Bock Island county
a ceruncsie ox ua coat Of uo la-
Wonddrful Results
- Ascribed to Use -of
: Turpedine Emulsion
ThouMiids Testify to the Undoubted Benefit. They
Have Received Through Ue of Thu Rezoarkable
- Preparation Now Regarded Everywhere as
Nature's Great Restorative
of accraad tmtZrmmTJrlrZZr, siaawaiks oa Thirty-flfth
emooaJifi.l. ?J treet tsa Kighteaath to Tweaty-
San?7?S- i!0!? '-!" once of tka cttyot!-aj
SSS.iV'LSr W&wt rt tha elty. aad said city havtoa aaalted
Sa1!! -M" coaloflSk bhSd
law ThT".nr"-,r'w.D?s?w
atan abZL . '"acKo wales of u cost of said iaprovoaMnt ae
taoc arrtat. to tha amount carding t. ftwUgZ saoltsost
oroceTn "!? ."S" J -
ba said eaWisilt DI per cent per annum, and
win kaa7-ir5r ci m t an assessment tiierator navtna
W22hfd !5? De- I sde and iwtuwd toSSd
o'aTwr' i;T.!,tI,8 t 5??.rr flnl "lng thereon
as the bsTnM. Trf Vh rIT7,i J" second day of
HJnTu court win i December. A. 0. W22. at the hoar
si. dSLiZLIZrSr? i 8 0"ock was soon there-
nM d7 " un MIor , aaer as the business of tha court
ssuu aay and mar apaear on tha win - l . .
nearlaa and ai
Dated St Rw n. ....
a maiui. Ut.. LUIS
at Ur of No-amber. A. D. 1S2J.
, john inmnLv v
M. Ta IU7DOREN. ' - . ''
Bo oLocaI ImarovemenU of
tyajZZ 1 lwc wand, ni.
(Aavertisement 1
1 - '
All aersons aesfrin mav Ala rwh.
Jections in said court before said
day and may appear oa the hearing
and make their defense.
Dated at Rock Island. nV Nor.
IT, 1122. C.C, CUSHMAX,
Officer. appointed to make asseas-
ment. (Advertisement)
Svatr aahaffjar of ibis vapar can ata(.
ttalris ma aa4 oa OuaScS sds
;Do Ycii
l KE0X7?
that Rcjaa CAld j
fowder b txsim a
the faaaoas viaseyevds of -
the food sajrj. a fitaj.
i tsxuare and each a de
' ItContobfbAhm
Lmv No letter Taaf
The enviable reputation which
Dnnwody's Turpedine Emulsion
hss made for itself as a system
builder, and reconstructive tonic of
mv within . 5 " ' " u nanlUi lj ..n ; .j j v
" saiarv. aavaral aMalra ..r. .- u i waiaivnT VUBUUnea Dy
n who were slwavs within
it til bartenders. ,- -i . r ---. thnnaunH. nr .rf., .vi.
fiausement of a more personal ' "?Ia "i" d o iSteT wSo .renhu. !
tot wu afforded upstairs, where 4 ierefB u. 7"t" I' Trh ' stlc n their praise of this pkepsr-
iiort of hotel was conducted by ; tolersted . atlon and who declare tleZelveS
jm oneii, wue or tne proprietor: There is Bl90 a ,igt th : ready to testify to the grateful re
sts was the status of th l-S.a-a L " ".!rr. " amon f"088 lief thav hava raoaivad H,..k .
r-.i. ..j j..-. C : 7 . - - wuu are qununr, or saloon keenera "I ' - "a
7w w". U "ArVrar--S! 7 PPropnated
ki... i , . ?. Iur luelr nagrani violations or the
bigger stroke of luck to the poIice beadausrters' orders to cease
I Sear Dry Zene Limit.
I Par when the half-mile dry rotfe
fit Into effect around the Rock
sale of liquor. Revocation of li.
Cenaea in thea imh waa a affA
issue attendant upon the offenders
being convicted in police court or
L SB. I VI 11 II II I Iiaa KIITI' O -a avm.w IU inllD LUU1L Ul
iiud arsenal, at the entranca of ! referred to higher courts -for their
n United' States into the war and I Tiol"tions- Places and proprietors
si urnsoning of the ihland, the
M4 was .scarcely two blocks
or the prohibitory limits
This widespread commendation
should not cause surprise when
the fact is considered that : Dun
wody's Turpedine is the original
discovery of one of America s most
eminent chemists who has combin
ed in one preparation a number of
from which the vast majority of
people are constantly suffering.
Dnnwody's Turpedine Emulsion
is acclaimed everywhere as Nature's
Great Restorative and ( nnw rir.
ognfzed as a standard remedy for)
the relief of all stomach troubles, !
such as indigestion, flatuency,
heartburn, sour;, stomach, gas for
mation, also for biliousness, tornid
liver: coughs, colds, catarrh, la
grippe, influence, bronchitis, ner
vousness, insomnia, headaches,
backache, pain in the Side, palpita
tions, impure blood, weak and run
down condition and aaajwiallv fnp
building up those who are conval
escine from tvnhoid. malarial and
other waiting diseases.
u restores lue losi appeal ie, in
proportions and by methods never
oeiore accomplished.
Here are turpentine, iodine.
thus put out of business included:
Edward Butler, 300 Fourth street;
Peter VanDyke. 2s Eighth street:
Kmii v.Mn-nu j. aiaa n iL i nere are lurnentine. iodine.
. was almost U0 first Chance, aui, caao rouriU' ,,.,.. i ..' '
Uritr customer, of IZt "venue; Albert C. Schmidt's "J"00'. oluttoa of ar-
. st tone saloons had to-slake their I Ele'B Annex' 21M fourth avenue.
kiwmt n.. -a xi ... I Pletaaaaaa Haamaa
Old-time saloons here rejoiced in
tha mnat nnvarfn I mm. i - 1 I . . ,
- v - oeiu IUI.EI a uiurv period utimuiuuD
known to medical science and in , of the food, stimulates the liver to
seaic quinine, strychnine, . iron.
w n. ii.V :i.Z Pietaaaase ltaaaa. syrup ot nypopnospmies (soalum.
fiutimT 'hZZJrZ Z.,""1 Old-time saloon. he reloiced in calcluD?" manganese, etc.), oil of
Lit 1-2-3-4 draw . .(rj Picturesque names. Thus, anion ?""yPni ana aromaucs combined
IU. of those eeeking liquid "d fe8 ! Z IrtTlL
uuruinment. i '" ar uum mown as me aanau- lk r r r .
Lwuniib .. .. v ""'tinn that are mnct nratralant unJ
Bar. 1924 First avenue; the Coun-
One whole year for"" aa aA
o1 .r $i.zo
. Pattern Counter.
nwftrf! aT .
II II 11 n .n IVar,7-ft
L. S. MeCabe & Co., Rock Island, IU.
With the Dehor Pattern
your carmeat will be more
beautiful and enable you -to
save material
action,: increases the flow of bile,
enriches the blood by increasing the
number of red corpuscles and seta
the system' in shape to resist and
overcome infections.
If you have any disturbing symp
toms von shnntil Inaa na tima in
taking Dunwody.'s Turpedina, Emul
sion, xou wiu experience relief i
almost before you know it. All
druggists sell it. (Advertisement.)
r ; 1726 Second Atc Rock. Island ' W&sWl
iff f
Are Your Feet
For Winter?
Why Not-Right Now-Tn lime
tor Thanksgiving?
Come here and outfit your feet with winter's
foot comfort. Fully prepared with heavy
winter oxfords or shoes, or, if you neeo! party
slippers you'll appreciate our showing and our
prices. , -
Threfe New Walking
'Oxfords Just Arrived
For Formal Occasions
Have you been looking for a
Gown that is out of the ord
inary for the holiday
social season?
Here they are, in a splendid showing of
afternoon and dinner gowns, in lace,
crepes and velvets, black or bright
shades, to suit your individual fancy.
Very Moderately Priced
$49.75 fa $69.75
. Unusual Dress Values
for $22.50
Every dress in this lot is an exceptional value.
, They are of silk .crepe, tricotine ,and wool
crepe; navy, black and brown; all sizes, 16 to
44. No two garments alike.
I ; r,
W W Hi
B "
Blue and white, absolutely fast colors, qq ,
48x48 inches, each ; . . 05 C
All pure linen, unbleached, 1 0 '
yard ZZC
5 yards for .$1.00
A new shipment just in, includes the popular and
much wanted "Bertha" collars in lace, lace and net
combination and satin. Moderately priced, each
. 50c to $2.25
Collars and cuffs to match
broidery. Set
dainty eyelet em-
50c la $1.00
Just 15 dozen in this lot of "Happy Home" apron dresses to sell tomorrow. They come in both light or dark
colors: all sizes. 36 to 44. and the stvles are snlfmriid. Snariallv nnH fnr
r r - r mi f - mmm fwjwHawaar ar.aiw aws.
tomorrow, each
Dull calf trimmed with patent tip and apron affect, all patent
brogue all tan grain calf, broad square toes, low comfortable
heels. -
-Dull calf ... . $600
Tan and patent . . . .-r $6-50
Satms, patents and
suedes ... $6.50 to $9.50
- .... v (. . i' --, - -. " -
, , 4 1723 Stand Ate Roek Island
g iq , LUSTEN
lHll For'the TKanksgiving ; V I
-y VDinner ill I
' : Our stock of table linens is lr I
, , the best and the prices the I' J
I ' ;' L! lowest in years. Whether it
f is a match set, a separate ILVa
U v pattern cloth, napkins or Yt
a J"v have it in a selection of l
fyy I . . ' beautiful patterns at prices MA J
I jy that puts linens within the -J jl
I " I fST,. reach of everyone again. f Vy
Three More Daya
Bay Xore and Sa?e Jfuner
Soap Special Just 15 cases to sell tomorrow at this unusual
price. Take your choice of three kinds: Bob White, Lenox or
Luna laundry soap, 30 bars mr
No Phone or C. O. D. Orders.
Manufacturer's Sample Line of
At prices !ower than we can replace them afthe factory.
Note the extremely low prices. (No phone or mail orders).
Caps and Saaeers (tea and coffee), 150 dozen in this f A
lot. Limit 1 dozen to a customer, each 1UC
Plates and 7-lnca size. Soup plates and oat meal fk ''
dishes. Limit 1 doren to customer, each lvC
Creaai Pitchers each ...lie apples 7 and 8-fneh ...15
Bakers 7 and 8-lnciea..l5e Platter g and 10-inch.. lie
4250 dozen In thisTotK
Plates 5-Inch; Fralts 4-inch 150 dozen la this lot at, ea, 5e
(Limit 1 dozen to a customer).
High quality at a very low price. All Af
large pieces : ...... , Tr C
? ? DUh Pns- 6-(t- Convex Kettles.
18tPaU.-: . Double Roaster. - .
IMtTmerrlns KetUe. 13-qt. Preserving Kettle.
Values from 85c to $1.25. .
New Dream
Hakes whippina
cream a pleasure.
Regular f 1.00 val
ues, bat during
tali sale, ea Oe
With raney metal
frames, complete
for ,
1 ' Toilet Paper
Victoria ereperU
rolls for 89e
1.000 abeeU in roll.
S rolls for ..... Oe
h t -v ...-
. 1--

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