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trc a Bashes for Cera.
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Sock Uaod Anas.
Not. 25. Illinois
would receive ten cents
i bushel tor their com if the
: Lakes-St Lawrence water
reject were completed, in
id 01 Mimor scuiniey.
support of Illlnoisans in
(or such a waterway is
granted, McKinley is the
ostate member from eith-
to express himself on it
sow cooperating with other
western senators on plans
ml the project before congress
a duuukt ul iuuulus may
UK beiore me urae is consul
Zfavorable for such action.
M group during the week took
Mdiate steps to squash a move
th od tbe St Lawrence water
mt Idea to the ship subsidy bill,
ndsrtng that SQCh an alliance
Dild barm both propositions tre-aasousK
isnirance of Canadian coopera
tes by treaty will be necessary be
ige say steps toward the interna
ls) water route to the Atlantic
M be taken. In view of this, it is
Mobablr that plans now enter-
dined by the middle western group
tbe upper house will be held in
tttrsm until the Canadian gov
anment ran be induced to make a
bronbie move.
Back Hirer Projects.
Tbe present outlook is that tbe
HUsois senators will divide their
fstrrway activities from now on,
JcKInlry working with the sup
iwters of the St. Lawrence route
voile McConnick takes charge of
bbs eeV
1 l L :
Kbubbw "a f V if &,- p"""
H nWiKI -11
bSbIbXij bP ' s .Zadsl
Vice: Its Significance.
Kansas City, Nov. 23. Editor Ar-
aiuures for government improve-1 gus: if The Argus is ou the level
ant or Illinois streams, ineiuuing
tke Illinois and Mississippi rivers.
Senator McKinley, while a mem
ber of a congressional party which
Investigated conditions down the
Hiitaaippi last spring, conceived a
pits for financing levee construc
ts with government assistance,
Chicago. Nov. 25. Jacob S.
volves incomes. Involve or ques
tion a man's income and a tender
spot is reached. The profits of vice ;
nna tneir way to high places where
such an ugly word as vice would
profits of it warm the np-turned ! his Ohio
paim and if the source is question-1 naid as a fine
in its fight against lawlessness in j ed, someone's 'right' and 'private ; rested in Evanston
Rock Island, I would suggest that i affairs' are interfered with. j speeding.
it publish the following taken from KWQlng a community of vice is
the weekly bulletin of the Jackson ' not a matter of correcting a habit
County Medical association: I prevalent among the citizens. It
"Recently published reports of means the breaking up of an or-so-called
vice conditions in a small ganized business, whether it be
city in the bordering state indi-J gambling, boot-legging or what
wMch he may propose to congress cates a deplorable condition; but as!n.ot- is a business whose func
it the next session. He would ad- bad as it is. it is not this specific i titm is getting money. Vice can
noce levee districts such amounts instance we . wish briefly to discuss, int be legislated out of business.
u they need in return for their i but to put the question: 'Why,But tbe individuals who fatten off
Washington, D. C. Nor. 25. Dp
setting the calculation of Reoubli-
can leaders who had conn ted on
them for administration support,
members of the down state Illinois
delegation in the house of repre
sentatives today showed unmistak
able signs of a swing away from
the ship subsidy bill.
The developing opposition among
the downstate members was the
more surprising in that it became
evident after the delivery on Tues
day of the president's message,
which three of the most prominent
Illinoisans in the house Mann,
Madden and Cannon declared "one
of the most convincing ever deliv
ered.'' J
Illinois congressmen who today
predicted that their votes would be
cast against the bill on Nov. 29,
said that they were only express
ing convictions that had held for
some time, but had not felt called
upon to assert.
Several took the stand that the
ship subsidy raised as an election
issue had beep generally disap
proved by the verdict of voters.
Others felt that such legislation at
this juncture was not "timely."
. The latest expressed opposition to
the bill comes from Congressman
Allen F. Moore of Monlicello. rep
resenting the Decatur district, and
Thomas S. Williams of Louisville,
both of whom have definitely decid
ed against it.
Will Demand Chances.
cold chills creep up and ! Coxey. who sained fame as leader Representative William J.
the spinal column: yet the of "Coxev's Armv." was enroute to (Graham of Aledo. who may be a
home today, minus $15 j candidate for Republican floor
when he was ar- leader, will not vote for the meas-
yesterday for , ure unless it is radically amended,
1 he announced today. He opposes
This is the sort of a home that will be cheerless unless members of The Argus Santa Claus com
mittee visits them. It is a too-frequent story of adversity; the breadwinner dead or sick, the wife try
ing to eke out an existence for her hungry brood. These kiddies be lieve in Santa. Thev must not be
allowed to suffer disillusionment.
ma the sBtpn mm wmmi r the
turn and jkiSiHl
the BBhaldy given private owners
rkeBtt BliiBilM board deems it
flit gins the
randstafcaNe Swim; ef Bewnetate
Meson b a Sarpri-
"TfcJn bill at
liljialat beard,
salaried political
lute direction
to be
"It allows the
vp of high
granted private
board to dfcaoae of
hi pawpaw on hand to whomever iu
they mny decide epon. The
Is also permlUed at iu own
tion to discriminate between pri
vate companies in the amount of
subsidy granted. These are feat
ures which can result in nothing
but criticism and dissatisfaction."
Because he wanted to be a chiro
practor, R. C. M. Searby. a news
paperman in New Zealand, traveled
3,000 miles to Davenport with his
family, consisting of his wife, and
three children. Bluebell, aged ?,
Gayer, 2. and Michael, an infant
In order to reach the goal of
their desires, 2.500 miles of the
long journey were covered afoot.
Mr. and Mrs. Searby will both en
roll as students.
Undergraduates of the school
welcomed the family yesterday,
staging a parade which stopped
The Searbys left Australia two
years ago. On one occasion, in
Requa, Cal., a track in which they
were riding went over a precipice
and fell 105 feet, the baby. Gayer,
being injured.
Chicago. Nov. 25. Thomas Edi
son was voted the greatest man in
history by approximately 700,000
young people of the Methodist
Episcopal church, it was announc
ed. Shakespeare was rated after
Theodore Roosevelt, tbe second
name on tbe list. Volstead outrat
ed Napoleon.
Prnlse mtretmen WeriL
1 h
ce of the opening of the
stretch of concrete highway
between Moline and OiDesio Is em
phasised in current road report of
the Mississippi Motor club. The road
opens new outlet for all east, south
east and northeast traflc out of
Moline. Some suggested routes to
avail oneself of these highway and
road condition reports follows:
Moline to Kewanee, via Geneseo
23 miles of concrete and IS miles
of oiled road.
Kewanee to Albany 37 miles, all
oiled road.
Henry to Peoria -42 miles con
crete. By this route the Moline
Peoria highway is half paved and
the remainder oiled.
Moline to Galesburg via Geneseo
By this route a third of the dis
tance is paved .and the remainder
oiled highway. This route is 18
miles longer than the KnexrtUe
road out of Rock Island. The Knox
ville road, however, is rough but
passable and is being worked upon
by patrolmen. The Galesburg road
east is closed to Atkinson and 'the
detour though oiled is rough.
Geneseo to Propbetstown Rough
but passable.
Moline to Hillsdale Rather
rough. Detour between Hillsdale
its to Lyndon
Moline to Pulton via
This khrhwsv to constantly I
tec saw iff patrolmen put tti
the dirt rend in vicinity of
ton the highway will beja
shape through to Fulton.
rood to Fatten is in better shot
than It has been tor tour yean.
A program of unusual interest
will be riven Sunday evening at
7:38 at the First Methodist church, f j
by the choir, end the club ot ASr-.r.t.
rustana college, under ine snena
tion of J. W. Johnston. Mine Beanie :
v-nfiikir the nmnlst and erimsS
have a part in the program. Vol-
lowing is the program u oe given:
Organ prelude. "Allegro Jubi
lante" (Milligan) Miss Noftaker.
Hymn No. 717.
Prayer with response, "List to j
the Lark" ( Dickinson t Mrs. L. H.
Ewing and choir.
Scripture and announcements.
Responsive song. "O Worship
the King" ( Maunder! Choir and
Organ solo. "Fanfare" (Lam- A'-
monsi Miss Regina Holmen.
Anthem, "Hark! Hark! My
Soul" Ambrose.
Offertory, ;'An Autumn Sketch"
(Brewer) Miss Bessie Noftoker.
Talk Dr. J. A Chapman.
Violin solo. "Sarabande" (Bohm)
Le Roy Stark.
Anthem. "Praise the Lord, O My
Soul" (Smart).
Organ solo, "Toccata" (Mai
ling) Eugene Nordgrcn.
Anthem, "Great and Marvelous"
Benediction and Amen.
toads, hearing interest at 4 per
cent, with one percent for amortiz
ation. Such bonds have been is
sjed by levee districts heretofore,
bat have born interest at 5 and 6
should such a state of vice be per-!its Profits can be singled out from
mitted to exist in any city at anyitne decent citizens ana run out of
time?' Ube community. Don't forget the
"No one stands for vice. Nobody 1 Question before the house. It is
sits un niehta tn nmtoct tt n. ! not vice as vice, but vice the nro-
.rul,- jiTciii'd.. M hb --- I. i ducpr. tha H fill i r nnt i if '
. jLy,ti.Y-? apuiugibrn 1U1 11. ! i ." mw v.
If vice were not a producer of:Tice and the fight is won."
profits there would be no difficulty' . ROCK ISLANDER.
hn suppressing it. The real center
the vice question is not vice! On ( hamrlnir (,'orernmeii(.
Rock Island, III., Nov. 24. Editor
The Argus: In 1911 the city adopteU
the commission form of govern
ment. Our present mavor was
. . . It has never been a question
of vice, ... It is a question of
dollars, profits, revenue. Vice.'
alone, is a subject that is men-j
am-ipfv and tha ,h i, nnl i elected to head that commission. In
in the vocabulary of those having!
access to the inner circle. Those
who think the meat of the vice
quest on is vice, are fooling them
selves, and those who think the ef-j , ,nn i
fective way to rid a locality of vice! t" lau Paeui mayor was
is to fight vice are wasting their ! returnei bv 80 large a vote it looked
W. C A., will bring to a close the anu money. , hi, OT jm ; : :,",, '
nicture exhibit of the Black Hawk1 The individuals who furnish the T?tC?ZL T" '..I
Itereoptlcon Talk Will Conclude l
Annual Displuy of Black Hawk I
Hiking "Snaps.'
" h - 1
A Biereopticon program, begin-'
BiDK at 8 o'clock tonight in the Y
1916 the late William McConochie
was elected mayor. In those two
! elections there seemed to be little
j objection to the form of goveru
! ment.
1 1 ed as the local member of the
i National Selected Morticians,
Hiking club. An informal get-: euecuve upposuion to Cleaning up ' mavor is 0" vufnerabTe The cliarlr"
togetHer will celebrate the end of care nothing for 'ESS..S
g exhibit, which has been the j they would fight it themselves.; TttXmZ.
most uiccassfnl ever undertaken alK "".e'emeu iu me prunts oi
by the club. ' j vice 'be revenue it produces. The
Everv dav a large number of peo- 1 man- in tne cit' referred to above,
pie have viewed the many photo- j wtlu Paitl Per month for the
piphs taken of the creeks, rivers, ; Protection Of his soft drink parlor
hills, woods and other spots of ! was s!lot down iu the street when
beauty in Rock Island and vicinity. ! business became so dull he could
ni. , .l i i I not makp A navmpnt Thn hiorho,.
ricLuie ii i.ae many pmces uiai "-e"1-- OrQt in thin laMlihf
tore been exnlnrcl bv the hikers P who sent the collector backs " P? 'rr!:?.
wd especially those taken on the with instructions to get the money
"big hike" last summer will be probably had never seen the par
lor, wok jan wantsa was ine
that at this time a useless expense
should be assumed. It is possible
many signatures to th petitions
now on file in the city clerk's office
were obtained only after an argu
ment. Who knows iu whose inter
est? Rock Island has always been
in every en
terprise for the upbuilding of the
community. But if we go back to
Established 1852
We count it an honor in
deed th'at we have been select
ed as the local member of the
National Selected Morticians,
a national organization of the
country's most representative
funeral directors.
The Symbol of the Pyra
mid is recognized as the sign
of Superior Service.
ihown by the stereopticon tonight.
The club is considering a jour
aey to Colorado next summer and
tie Lake Superior country has
been suggested also. J. H. Hau
Wrg, president, will show views
from both of these regions this
the old form, then we cannot fornm-
y . ..),..r..n GM. 1-,.., XJl, I
money. When the revnue stopped ! ! lc. a x ",i.. a , -
there was a shooting. Dead men I lanQ- tLllii-N hABt'
tell no tales. Don't lose sight of
the fact that vice makes dollars. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING.
Dollars make votes. Dollars buy The annual meeting of the stock
drinks. Dollars pay. all kinds of , holders of the Central Trust and
bills. Dollars will also make bonds Savings bank of Rock Island, 111.,
and provide legal protection for j will be held at their banking house,
those in trouble. The Lord only j Monday , Dec. 4, 1922. at 3:30 o'clock
Knows wnat aoiiars wonT ao in
this country.
Controversy between the sheriff's
office In Scott countv. and attach, s
of the bankruptcy division of the S oldest profession."
federal court over possession of
Pool room tables and fixtures valued
t U,o64.97 belonging to Norvin A.
drey, formerly proprietor of a pool
room a: 322 Brady street, DaVen
Port, has been reopened.
William H. Claussen, trustee In
kukruptcy, filed a motion in, dis
trict court to dissolve the temporary
Ptj of injunction giving the
Property into the possession of the
kerilTs office on a writ of attacb
ent and judgment entered in the
j of Louise Mason, owner of the
Wilding against the Cary tenant.
The motion demands surrender of
property to officers of the bank
Uptcy court. Dissolution of tbe
"Junction is asked for on tbe
Pound that Carv was adjudged
okrupt Nov. 4. and therefore the
true tees jn bankruptcy is entitled
W Possession ot the assets.
"What a snap it would be to
clean up our cities if the fight were
with vice; but it is not. It is with
vice commercialized. Vice has long
been commercialized and one phase
of it is often referred to as "the
Any sort of ac
p. m. tor the election ot aireeiors
and the transaction of such other
ousiness as may properly come
before them.
L. M. CASTEEL, Cashier.
M. S. HEAGY, President.
tivity commercialized is exceeding
ly difficult to handle, because it in-
Scott county and Davenport of
IWl are investigating a myster
l0Us automobile accident which oc
curred near lowana farms, two
Bes east of Bettendorf yesterday
raiu8 in which a person is be
ved to have been seriously in
jured. Jerry s. Green, sergeant-at-arms
mmt Palmer school, noticed a bat
wrtl Ford coupe lying In a mead w
Jthe side of the road while dri- -l
into Davenport, and says he saw
men, one of them a negro and
other ostensibly a poUcemtu
utag up articles strewn along
PI road. They made vague replies,
claims, to his inquiries. Police
e been unable to obtain any in
"hation of the supposed crash md
"tabors are unable to supply any
eta furnishing n clue.
Nervous and Dizzy, Every
thing Seemed toWorry Me.
How I Got Well
Larwffl, Indiana. "My back' was
so bad I could not do my washing. I
was always ureu
out and had no
ambition, was ner
vous and dizzy
and everything
seemed to worry
me and I had aw
ful pains in my
risht side. I felt
badly about four
years and coma
not do my work as
it should have i
Ihoon Ham. I sat
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- j
pound aaveruaea bo mum uh
so many people good that ( began to
take it myself. I am feeling fine now
and every one'teUe me they never saw
me looking so wen. l live on a iarm,
do all my work, and have three little
girls to take care of. I am recom
mending this medicine to my friends
fl knnw it will helrj them if thev
use it like I do." Mrs. Herbert ;
Long, R. R. 3,Bo 7,Lsrwill. Indiana.
Many women keep about then- work
when it is a great effort They are
always tired oat and have aeambi
tion. When you are in this condition
give it prompt attention.
Take Lydia E. Pinkham 'sVegetable
Compound, for it U especially adapt
ed to correct such tnobfes.
I..... .....U.....I
I IlllllilUilllll
How To Sleep
YES, it CAN be done but not
like this.
The trouble is. most people go
to bed with "something" on the
The answer is, no matter what
the day has brought forth to up
set your mind and digestive or
gans, take Beecaam's Pills when
you retire.
Though in no sense s "sleeping
potion, this 80-years -famous
household medicine so harmon
ises the system that you can sleep
in quiet and perfect rest, even in
two feet of bed
Beecham's Pais are as efficient
and harmless for children as for
adults saw li Hhg the stomach,
invigorating digestion and stirring
liver and bowels to natural activity.
At AH Druggists-25c sad 50c
as it Sweeps
as it Cleans
You can have a lot to be thankful for
You will have something to be thankful for the year around when
The Hoover comes into your home to dr your cleaning electrically.
You will be thankful that you have no more dusty, dirty carpets to
I sweep by hand, taxing your strength to the utmost.
You will be thankful that you have found a way to keep your rugs
and floor coverings beaten, swept and air-cleaned the whole year
through and to make them wear years longer.
And you will be thankful that wkh The Hoover it can be done so
quickly,' with sp little effort, and with no dust.
Buy your Hoover today on easy payments if you wish. Give Thanks
giving Day a real significance this year.
Have a free home demonstration
NEwiso Passenger sedan 1885
At $1885 It Establishes
a New Economy Record
ENDURING steel paneling covers a sturdy
frame work of selected hardwood, braced
with drop forgings and fitted to foil the ravages
of time and travel.
The body exterior is pleasingly attractive,
The dignity of straight lines from front to rear
is preserved; but the introduction of quiet
curves serves to prevent any suggestion of
Inherent good taste prevails in the low-hung
body, in the disc steel wheels, in the modish ly
fashioned headlights and innumerable other
marks of refinement.
Inside is seen a true example of how eye-pleasing
and body-resting comfort are completely
embodied when master coachbuilUers do their
The floor-deep seat cushions and form-fitting
backs are unstinted in their use of coiled
springs, curled hair and wadding.
Body longevity is definitely promoted through
the shock-absorbing design of the double
framed chassis.
Through an eagerly responsive, silently func
tioning 6-cylinder 50 h.p. engine is obtained an
abundance of speed and stamina for highway or
Colors: hood and body finished in Cuban pray,
Reo blue or Burgundy. Price $1885 f . o. b. Lan
sing, plus Federal Tax. "
1 70S-810 Fourth Ave. Rock Island, IU.
The direct way
Fewer miles "Shorter time
and on the way see Carriso
Qorqe Imperial Valley
lower Califorma(Mexko
It is now easy to reach this Southernmost
California City if you take the Rock Island's
All the attractions of ocean, mountain and
bay at the very gates of a city this, beauti
ful San Diego offers you.
It is a trip entirely different; a trip of satis
fying meals and luxurious ease with mild,
sunny weather meeting you half way. The
"Seaeniy Years low altitude route. Direst through service to
eSereicf" Los Angeles and Santa Barbara as well as to
ban Lhega
Ieave Rock Island 10:55 p. m l;i:!y;
arrive San Uiego. 1 : St p. in. ; js An
geles 1:10 p. m. third day.
olden Side Limited
m it
Complete travel informatkm. retervations and
ilhwtrated booklets en apthlicatioa to
r. 8. TWawaTfcht Ammttih lissej 1 in a

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