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k 6rfcmc to rrMw
Zam Undratto't troabta ppr
alr Imcw hcm Jury in
i ebcoft' eotai grutoi his wife.
, , 1, a- civore,
Zzm bunt tiled the littl mat-
; ? flC IJSO attorney faes, and trav
1 nyaiM ud the $S a week
jnj dlrtctad bf Judge NeU Al
.non. pending fall settlement of
tunllv account, baa not been
rth coming. , The court gave Sam
: atejri to settle that biU and yes
Hny vaa the tenth day.
. 4H. A. Weld, who appeared for
Vn. Landretto, wag before the
' tJCrt this morning to get an order
r latest the First Trust and Sav
1 fa -bank, Chicago, to produce all
ijoords of the Landretto checking
f "wonnt, tines September, 1916.
' hia record will go before the maa
t W-in-chancery for division of the
T Toperty rights and settlement of
. t jo financial partnership. About to
!, the court room, Mr. Weld re
, fJlad that Sam hadn't paid any at
- ( tttion to the order for payment
U the attorney's fees nor the ali
Kmy, so he petitioned the court to
'.. have Landretto cited to show cause
Why he was not in contempt for
failure to comply with the court's
:' Orders.
, & It seems probable . that unless
; (am effected a settlement or some
" sort of agreement today with Liz
, ale's attorney he fapea a prospect of
A few days In jail.
.? Meantime an order will be nerved
On the Chicago bank to produce
- Within 10 days full record of the
deposits, withdrawals and transfers
of funds' held either in individual
or separate accounts. It is charged
that at one time the Landretto ac
count ran as high as $7,000, placed
to the Chicago bank lest any of
: Sam's Rock Island underworld ov
erlords should learn of his finan
cial prosperity and force him to
: share it. Lizzie believes that there
Is $4,000 available in cash and Lib
erty bonds now and she wants her
share. Division of this money will
feat with the maater-in-chancery,
- to whom settlement of the finances
' has been referred.
i A record of the Landretto bank
.transactions, it is said, will show
that a Joint account was held until
a few days before tbe first o( the
: current year. Then Sam, acting
. Within his rights in the joint ac
count, withdrew everything. A few
days -tat er he redeposited the fund,
tut in bis own name.
1 t This transpired at the time Sam
ad Lte kad agree that they
had reached the partttg ot ue
ways and Liule wss preparing to
tile her divorce petition.
Tbe divorce caso, which was
heard thro weeks ago, was an. in
teresting one, involving a story ot
underworld operations in Rock Is
land, and the story of how Lttzle
was brought to this city an inno
cent girl, trained and forced into
a life of immorality. She named
several persons in whose places
the was inmat and concluded by
stating that she was forced to-entertain
men in her . husband's
brothsL ' ' - '
It V saw s sa iimivbi
Contfaued Grewth in Business ef
Eighth Federal District Feature
ef Xontnlv Beporb '
8V, Louis, Mo, Nor. 29. Contjn'
ned growth in business in the
ele-hth federal reserve district is
noted in the- monthly report of the
St. Louis Federal Reserve bank,
issued today. While nrices were
advanced In many lines, buying has
been on a greater scale.
- Apprehension is felt, however,
the report stated, that this
buying activity will decrease if
nrlces continue to rise. .
Increased prices of farm prod
ucts were reported.
1MB ;
Xaa Whs Beamed R C Geese and
Party Alter fianel Harder Com
pletes Werk fer State.
Washhtgrten, Hot. 21. Bos
om E. C Andrews was desig
nated today by FrohihIUen
Coautlssioner Haynes, to be
acting prohibition director ef
Illinois, effective Saturday. He
will ssccecd Charles A. Greg
ory, who announced seme time
age he would retire.
An Associated Press dispatch
from Chicago today announces the
resignation of Guy W. Ginders, chief
held agent for the Illinois prohibi
tion director's office, uinaers neaa
ed the rescue squad of prohibition
agents that hurried to Rock Island
by automobile wnen Agent it- u
Oosse and his associates were men
aced br the crowd that was at
tempting to hush up evidence that
had been given to tbe government
br William GabeL whose muraer
had occurred a few nights previous'
ly. . Gosse and his associates had
received intimations that they were
to be waylaid. They had been fur
nished police protection, but feared
ver Fox dan will be tbe hounds
and will be in charge of H. L. Best,
boys' work secretary, while ; the
American Bagiea. wao wui oe ioe
hares, will bo led by Albert HUL
After the chase the boys will re
turn to the Y and bars tourna
ments in ping-pong nnd 600. . .
The newsboys, junior At and
junior B's, and the intermediate
classes of tbo boy's department
will take a bike to Rock river to.
morrow morning. They will leave
the Y at 7:30 o'clock and will re
turn at noon. They will bs in
charge -of Chester Hallaox, assist
ant physical director.
Open house wiu oe neia.nx ue
T tonight H. L. Best will give a
tag." A comedy entitled rGive
Him Air," will be shown. An
nouncement will also bo made of
the hikes tomorrow morning and
the membership prises which will
be given the members of the boys'
department next month for every
new member they succeed in secur
ing or for each renewal of mem
Rev. W. A. Tillberg was nominat
ed for president of the Moline Kl-
wanis club at tne regular menus
yesterday. Others nominated are:
' Vice, president Ben DeJaeger.
; Treasurer T. W. Reaoe. '
Secretary Bruce Campbell; ,
Directors Leo Dolkart. C. L.
Kelson. C V. Johnson. T. B. Rod
erick, SA. J. DuQuaino, Dr. A. T.
IiDolfl and Daniel Hansen. '
Further nominations wui useiy
he Ttresented at the meeting next
talk on "The Spirit of Thanks giv-j week by the nominating committee
comnosed of C. P. Skinner. W, B.
Whiteside, C. E. Hubert, Dr. A. T.
Lelpold and Daniel Hansen.
''Officers Will be elected at next
Tuesday's meeting.
DTO enter:
rresMeat of School Board Says Be
W01 Set Sidestep Daly
. If People Want Bias.
(Special XeUoe Serrtet.l
Wilson P. Hunt, back from his ! line Tool Co.
that r. Hunt Is one of the few lieved
men in jsonns wno is strong one wno nas made derinit.
enough to defeat-' Mayor Skinner, nouncement of his intention t
"I am , not . seeking th office,"
Mr. Hunt said. "If I become mayor
of Moline it will mean a big sacri
fice to me in a business way. but
if the majority ot the people want
me as mayor I will not sidestep my
duty. -
"But if I am a candidate It will
be as an independent. . I will not ; in business, in social lift. th.
Mayor Skinner is the Li.
10 has marfn h.... w'
Is a good tor the office. All of th. ni...
say it la up to the peonle.
Once a rarity, is now to be observ.
ed and admired upon every ha,,
Indeed, no other woman . it?
ish long in the midst of this aZ'
era. complicated life. In th. wl
be tied to no one. I will not be (an who is serene
bound by any preelection promises
to any party or any group." ,
Mr. Hunt is nresldent of the Mo
und president of the j aepenaent
and rv-intt .
win -.Ml. V"St
individual wastes her talents 2
mnnw hnnt in-the wilds of Canada, i Moline board of education.
announced this, morning that he essentially the "business
Poise i
uPon sound
(SDMisl Molin Serrice.1
- Fines collected by the police
magistrate of Moline in November
amounted to $348, and costs totaled
136.90making a total of 1384.90.
Of this amount $150 was collected
after the raid on the novelty store
of Mrs. August Roeglers, where
nine negroes, two white girls and
Mrs. Hosiers were arrested. The
this would not be sufficient in the negroes were fined for gambling
For Mantt,
Invalids A
The Original Food-Drink for An Ages
Quick Lunch it Home.Ofiice&Fountains.
RkhMUlc, MaltedGrain Extract in Pow-derkTabletfonns.Naariabinr-Nacookias,
Avoid Imitations and Substitutes
a . 1 lalfcll m
Ji X r
Chester Rahn, 569 Twenty-fifth
avenue, Rock Island, and Fred
Strominger, Peru, 111., have pur
chased the Sedanette Top company
ot Wabash, Ind. S. E. Marsh, the
former owner ot the company, will
be identified with the new manage
ment in a sales capacity.
Mr. Rahn is now employed as a
trimmer in the Smith Auto shop,
event that the crowd that was after
them decided to carry out their ru
mored plans. Ginders and his
party reached Rock Island at noon
and Gosse and his associates were
driven back to Chicago under arm
ed guard.
With the report of Ginders resig
nation also comes announcement
thaV Illinois Prohibition Director
Charles W. Gregory is to retire.
Director Gregory's resignation was
submitted to Washington .some
time ago. Mr. Ginders' resignation
presented to be effective un
1712 Fourth avenue. Mr. Stromin mediately, but he will remain until
ger nas also nau experience 111 me
auto top business. The Sedanette
Top company has been operating in
Wabash for the past six years and
under the new management the
company will continue the manu
facture of Sedanette tops, as well
as California and coach tops.
(Special Moline Berries.)
Mayor C. P. Skinner today bought
the first Christmas seal sold in
Moline. Miss Betty Hoffman,
daughter ot S. S. Hoffman, 2322
Twelfth street. Moline, had tbe dis
tinction of making the sale.
Rufus Walker Is general chair
man of the seal-selling campaign
in Moline, which formally opens
Dec.,1. By purchasing the seals
Moline residents will make possible
the availability of funds for this
community needed in checking the
spread of tuberculosis and caring
for those afflicted. with the disease.
The work will 'be carried on by
tbe Moline public health and nurs
ing service, sponsored by tbe Mo
line Relief , association, the Red
i Cross and the King's Daughters'
'New York, Nov. 29. Kenyon L.
Butterfield was reelected president
of the American Country Life association.
Jan. 1 at tbe request of Washing.
ton officials, it was announced here
Mr. Gregory, whose home is in
Lovington, 111., will remain a few
days in closing up the current ac
counts of the prohibition office, and
expects to leave Dec. 5 with the
Illinois waterways commission for
Washington for a series ot conferences.
Special Program for Both Men's
and Boys' Departments Have
Been Planned.
Thanksgiving day will be cele
brated at the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow
morning by both the men's and
boys' departments. A program
will be given by the men's depart
ment in the gymnasium, featuring
volley ball games and a number of
exhibitions. The hare and hound
chase which will be taken by mem
bers of the Silver Fox and Ameri
can Eagles clubs, will be' tbe fea
ture of the boys' department
The Silver Fox and American
Eagles will leave tbe Y. M. C. A.
at 8 o'clock. Members of the Sil-
and Mrs. Roeglers was fined for op
erating a disorderly bouse. Earl
ier in the month the police magis
trate collected $100 from August
Roegiers for selling liquor.
Jack Nolan, Joe ' Murphy and
Frank Kelly, arrested yesterday
afternoon on a charge of disorder
ly conduct were placed under
bonds of $300 each this morning
when arraigned before Magistrate
D. J. Cleland in police court. Their
case was continued for ten days
They were taken to the county jail
to await trial.
The three men were all drunk
and were having a hilarious time
in a room at 1210 Third avenue
when officers entered the house
and took them to the station. A
small quantity of hooch was also
found in 'their possession. -
I Licensed to Wed
o o
Martin E. Hull gren Cambridge
Miss Lillian Nelson... '.Moline
EarlW.. Bell .-. Ffeoria
Miss Sarah J. Mendenhall, Peoria
James H. Neeley. .Ida Grove, Iowa
Miss Velma F. Ferguson '
: Ida Grove, Iowa
The 20 delegates who will attend
the Oldex Boys' conference in Peoria
which begins Friday to continue
for three days, will hold a confer
ence in the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow
afternoon at 4.30 o'clock to com
plete plans for the trip.
At a meeting held by the dele
gates Monday evening it was
planned to leave the Y at 6
o'clock Friday morning in J. H.
Hauberg's truck. The delegation
will take the route through Gales-
burg and should reach Peoria by
2 o'clock the same afternoon.
Gus Johnson, 3154 Tenth street,
arrested Saturday night by Officer
Holland S. Berry in an automobile
accident at Twenty-fourth street
and Third avenue, was fined. $&0
this morning when he was ar
raigned before Magistrate D. J. Cle
land in police court. '
Johnson was arrested on a
charge of driving a car while in
toxicated and pleaded guilty to the
charge. The other cars involved
in the accident were slightly dam
aged. No one was injured.
would not sidestep his duty if the
majority of the people of Moline
want him as mayor;
Mr. Hunt's name has been men
tioned persistently in connection
with speculative talk' concerning
the spring election. Mr. Hunt's
election, many of his friends con
tend, would mean an ideal business
administration. As many declare
Me is neaiin ana sieaay nervm if-.
man's ; feel that you are being sent bin,
,tDt. j 111 thi VBT Whv Mn .
wnica was
candidate, capaoie oi aamiuisier- " uj noi mm to th.
i ... i ,. :.. M ! arrant vnmiii'. n. .
economical oasis.
Should Mr. Hunt decide to enter
the race, the election contest will
be between he and Skinner, many
declare. C. W. Sandstrom, Louis C.
First, John Swan son and other
probable candidates 'would be elim
inated at tbe primary, it ts be-
Vegetable Componai
manufactnrnt f
thorough understanding of the nert
ous system of women. (Advert!
ment.) f
All the News All the Tims-Tt.
Argus 4T.
Lolrer It; bt
g relief is ottea brougbt by
Ota 17 MiOhnJan U-J Vcofe
Bilious Attacks
Are Usually Due to
Constipation .
When you ar constipated,
not enough of Nature's
lubricating liquid is pro
duced in the bowel to keep
the food waste soft snd
moving. Doctors prescribe
Kujol because it acts like
this natural lubricant and
thus replaces it.
Tbe stove
keeps tbe cost
f a vine dVmaw
If tt Isn't right,
taltna. We'll
tt right.
Thanksgiving Day,
This Store will Be
Closed All Day.
' We are glad to join in this day of
national thanksgiving from coast to
coast to offer our sincere gratitude
to God for health, food, clothing,
prosperity .and the countless other
blessings we, the Fisk and Loosley
store, as well as this favored Amer-
ican nation as a people, enjoy, today. .
Moline, Illinois,
November 29, 1922.
Kimmmnuim mmmmni.i-n.mi mniuimimnnTinr.iumiiiiiMiiimi..
jpc impurities wiih
"jar comjtipatitM
Contractors sad builders. Vaaujaa
turns ot Sash. Doort. Blind ud
SUlr Interior finisk ot oil kind.
Bardiood remer flooring and deal
era ic (laaa. SSI and 333 EigbUeotk
Candy Specials
Candy is really a most important part of
Thanksgiving Day. As a Gift, as a dessert, aft
er the big dinner or as a sweemeat for the day
nothing can surpass it '
Hankie's Butter Coating
Chocolates, 39c
Milk Chocolates, 60c' value
ST 39c
Bunte's assorted fancy 7Q
chocolates, $1 value..
Peanut Clusters, Chocolate
Coated; 50c QQ
value, lb. OSC
Lady Helen Liquid Chocolate
Cherries; $1 FTfl-
value 4 U
-Hoarhound per
lb m m
39c m
Rock Island
How abocl a garac e right cow (or the
little car
What's that? You can't afford it? You bet
you can. Why, you can buy a PRp-SLATE
garage Ford size, complete for-
Yon cannot afford to let your car stand ont-
doors, nor pay rent for storage in a garage not
your own when you can build onfe for such a 'small
The above price Includes everything necessary for
the garage, ready to set up.
A Pro-Slate garage can be set tip by two men in
a day. You can do it yourself with one man to help
For full mfarmatlaD call oar Bearcat office
Tri-City Yards
I Thanksgiving Ball
and Dance
g NOV. 30TH..AT
3 x Rock Island
Music Furnished by the Five Acej.
Lots of Fun and More Fun. Come and Have Fuik
Hal Ha! Well Be There.
Team Work in
the Tri-Cities
Tomorrow we have another demonstration of the fact
that the Tri-Cities form a wonderful working unit. The
football game at Browning Field in the afternoon be
tween the Moline and Davenport High Schools is the
Both teams are earnest and eager and "just rarin' to
go." They have been "pepped up" by not only their
respective schools, but also by their respective towns
people. ' r
Yet there is no animus no hatred nor will there be
whichever way the game goes. .
Both schools have shown time and time again that they
are "game losers." They have shown, each of them,
many more times that they are "gjood winners." As
the schools are, so is the community and so will it be.
When our schools produce game losers as well as good
winners, we are safe.
Our opinion is that tomorrow's game will be one of the
cleanest, best played exhibitions of high school football
we have ever had the opportunity to see. Let's go
with the"crowd! The game starts at 2:30 p. m. at
Browning Field. Take .any street car and transfer, if
necessary fare 5c with an Identification Card. The
street cars will also be waiting for you when "time is
Your Street Car System
Affords You
Safety, Convenience and Economy
December Identification Cards
Now on Sale at the Usual Places

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