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Ant Thomas Marshall, Chicago
Amy in charge of the .grand
f' probe returned to Rock is
Tuesday and the grit jury
tilrened. , the) current pohce
t docket was found rePosing
the other records.
' At investigators admit that
story attachesoto the reappear-11
Of the docket it is stated bY
that the docket was not to be
:ad when wanted last week, yet
1,-was back in place when it be
lls necessary to submit certain
egad discrepancies to the grand
: ,
)''Ssifft doliirot No. Id has
7;1 i The aspitery Of Its
'saes Ira, thy dread kill'
proh104 doNasOlred, al
oZolahl oohs's of the
state q.J.,they eve sot
stoberressed, In preset
' the gread mattert of
sourt record as desired. "
It No. LI iris reporteAsug;
At ?Mar by Mete Jo
AINthat thus the docket was
4 to check up a claim of Rett- recal year for his department, str.
!abowits that Ito was improp- Haynes told the committee that if a
faked in police court ' Beare !similar amotint was allowed for
it rand Jury room disclosed !prohibition enforcement for nye or
the docket was not among the I six years, a reduction then. ought
t Wards Seised from Police to be possible but that the critical
Anis D. J.. Cleillfid's office. period for enforcement was now at
ad told-the inveeftators that hand. , '' , ' - ',
iid not 'had the docket in his The prohibition 4 commissioner
WOWS since the day of the told the committee he was grad
. . .. .
i, , Cramer Complains. ,
i Rd Cramer. proprietor of a bar at ,
?MOH; street and Eighth avenue,
'a the latest to appear before the ;
orrestigators with a story of ken
! rano court practices and naming
:i himself as a victim. Cramer told 1
r, the investigators this morning that ,
he Was arrested mix or eight times
,I sad always heavily fined. Exam
il 'nation of the dockets disclosed his
1 name only once as paying a fine.
That was for $300 on a charge of
;' disorderly conduct Cramer was
r, arrested numerous times on liquor
li chimes and always fined $300, but
it Is said that none of these cases
41 appears on the records. He tells
1 of one day, when -he was arrested
twice and fined S300 each time.
! "That," he said, "broke me for some
, The grand jury, It is understood,
will be turned over to State's At
tOrney Ben S. Bell Friday for tith
. purpose - of consideOng criminal
(matters not having to do with the
:, vice probe. Tbe state officials are
0, expected to conclude their week's
u,t,,work with tbe jury tomorrowx -
:i It was announced by Assistant
Attorney General George Dixon t0-
day that extradition papers for
Helen Van Dale, arrested yester
day afternoon by federal authori
ties and lodged in the Scott comity
jail to await hearing on white slay
tory charges, have been prepared
,i end forwarded to Governor Kendall
of Iowa. Helen was indicted to
1 l, day by 'the Rock Island county
1,, grand jury on a charge of harbor
: ing it,girl under ill years of age in
" a bodie of pmstitution. Her bond
on this side of the river'is $3.000.
If she succeeds in furnishing M.-
I, 00Q bonds on the federal charges.
I, the extraditien process prepares,
Ithe way for Illinois authorities Is
bringing her to Rock Island to an-1
i eller fto the state charge.- - 1
..., - Investigate Car.
z Witnesses hitherto uncalled in
11 connection with the vice probe were
examined by : state investigators
, tithi morning. Their testimony, it
,' is understood. concerned the ap
,, peerance of a large touring car, be
l'' Roved to have been of Lincoln
' Woke, about the John Looney prem.
I late in the summer. The Lin
' coin: cea.is said to have been ob
I ' tabled by Looney and Pedigo 'by
,,i means of a foreclosure on Mra
S, Harty Stromberg of Davenport.
LOOney is said to have purchased
( the mortgage tor $200 and then to
t have foreclosed. The car was sold
. on a writ of attachment to Law
! . ' wince Pedigo. It was seen by var
, lees persons. particularly residentd
0 in the vicinity of the LooneY Place
. est Sixteenth avenue, a number of
' times, but it diseppeared two
' Menthe ago. State investigators of
I rno comment as to the nature of
investigation of the automobile,
but it is believed to have bearing
tat one ot4he important matters of
,the probe. .
gliH1111111M111111111111111111111111111111H1111H11111111111111111111H1111111111111111111111 I
. 4 -
- , , . LI., 1
1 4 .
- "i , , i . , -
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,..! , , , ,,, ,
IA L. Hance vas elected chair-1
nth of the high school, parent.:1
teacner's association at the meet-1
trig held last night at the Allanual
Arts building. Mr. Mance Alla the
'office formerly held by C. X John
son. resighed. Mrs. Fred DeLong
Ims named vice chairman to fM
Ile vacancy caused bY the minim
tim of Miss Georgia ?Ira. N.
The speaker for the evening was
It Cyril Grahain of Augustana inn
s tvatory. who gave an interesting
i-Jk on "Musical Appreciation." At
1. to next meeting, Jan. e. A. or.'
!Ewes will be in chants and win
Ire an explanatory exhibit of work
t manual art.r This nrogram
remises to be out of the ordinarl.
rents of eighth grade students
Po Invited to the meeting. 1
timbers of the ways and means
r --lunitte appointed at last night's
efts were: Mrs. X A. Hollinge
ith. Mrs.. W. H. McConochie.
1. W. L. Dickman. 'him 'L. D.
..osball and Mrs. George Heuer
- -
.4 4-
ties as:hedged hot yam, le
periled-- he the 111$41114
, treeeery sip bin reported
by the shgreptiothas tosidt,..
today-6,01s Muse. ,
Weettlestee, Dee. 4.---The crisis
in the federal prohibition enforce
prObibition law. Acquittals numbered-
4,625, cases dropped 3,217,1
and civil cases disposed of, 544." 1
"These figures,". he said, "did -not
include cases in state courts."
Fines in federal courts he placed at
$199,090 for Buying Evidence?
Mr. Haynes asked for 6150,000
for "buying evidence," and told tile
committee $139,000s had been spent
in that way during the last year.
The prohibition commissioner
was examined by Representative
Gallivan. Democrat, of - Massachu
sdtts, about the method of handling
the department's publicity. Mr.
Authorities' Find No
Trace of Ham
mer Killer.
)1111 MOH
1 1 - New York: Dee. 6.SterlIng ex- la
' change established another new IlE
, high record today. demand bills be- ti
Inc quOted at $4.66, or lii cents .
above yesterday's top price. 3
i - - -
- an
Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 6. wi
Search for Mrs. Clara Phillips, con- ,
victed of beating Mrs. Albert Tre- ev
maine Meadows to death with a th,
hammer and who escaped early yes- a
terday from the Los Angeles county
jail, was in active progress today '
throughout southern - California
and lower California. ' - he
Despite various "tips" and clues, ws
sheriff's deputies held to their origt
co nal belief that the hammer mur- w,
deress had lied across the border Ail
into Mexico and plans were made rw'',
to extend the search for her as far t .
south as Ensenada. abeut SO miles "'Bh
south of San Diego, today. They ..
were not overlooking other direc- 7.:
tions, however, and had asked San cw
Francisco authorities to join in the be
hunt. ,
lr Meantime the border between the
California, from Tijuana, near Sas yo
Diego, te the Arizona line, and es- p',!,
1 venially at Calexico, Calif., and its w1";
1 kwer Ca Monde neighbor, Mexicala,
was being closely watched., --
llusbuld h Ie Id:
Armonr Lee Phillips, the convict
ed woman's husband upon whose
story of his movements the 24
hours preceding his wife's escape
"some tibubt" had been cast, accord
ing to sheriff's deputies, wu still
in technical custody early today. ,
Although not placed in jall he wasl
in charge of a deputy sheriff.
iThe exact whereabouts of Mrs.
Peggy Caffee, former chum of Mrs.
Phillips when they were members
of the chorus of the same musical
comedy company and later star
witness for the state at Mrs. Phil
lips' trial, were unknovrn to the au- i
o n
n o
,A Tip Ft-oill Your
Lfacal Tailor
raitagtost Ds& 41,--fliee Ga Ilya referred to what ha tertn-I
111 iis ist askrooment ed M-.441417 adalnendldr Mates i
1 mental be laid emanate& from than
el Pret!Zeld et 304" l'"? buns, one of 'which fur said cred,!
Oms alighetleed inell SW, 111 Red Mr. HUMS with assertint Meal
guesting- few the ; 1110-19114 10.000.090 Americans had Pips on 1
ihotremerret. linii bin ' rePsaadauladt. To 4.4tVolewtalZa"a:ti.ncehlrlalletamenti
...e - 1,111141.al ' denim' knowledge of the Mate- a
tee toddy te beam , ment f ,, ) N ,, . I
. - ----, a ',,,, ii Me Haynes admitted inereagnd a
wellidaldee meu w----'mll ""-- armlets under the weak law du'''. a
the t lei Prdaittitip, entree- I th la Ile al b t ttribu 1
- -, ne 8 it C Year, U it -
n..6 W.. simo, gaoma mow inoqmos
meat tight bas been reached in the , ted it to the "Increased efficiency"
opinion ot Commissioner Haynes, ft i
, ot the narcotic division. and not to
wile disclosed te3daY rePertn inr the ohibition laws.
recent hearings before a house aR- 7- .
propriatione subamunittee. , Diregrat taw
In asking $9,000.000 for. the nest? , Representative-- Magee, - Republi
scat year for his department, Mr.1 can, of New York, asked ff the com
Haynes told gia committee that if a miesioner ."dld not realize there is
similar amotint was allowed for widespread disrespect, deSaace and
prohibition enforcement for Sve or violation of the laws?"
six years. a reduction theaought , "That is twe of all law," replied
tn h flositittle but that the critical Mr. Haynes. Udine that a sub-com
, ,
to be eosin's but that the eritlea,1 I Mr. Haynes. lidding that a sub-opm- --
period for enforcement was now Atrttee of the American tar swan
hand. , '' , ' - , elation had made a statement that '
The prohibition 4 commissioner i disrespect for all law was at a max
told the committee he was "grati-1 imam as a natural sequence ei thp :'
fled" with the preent functioning , war. .
of ltis enforcement machinery. andi Mr. Magee said there - was no
that the department was securing t such condition- a few years ago and '
"fine eqtiperation" km states imd I Mr. Gallivan insisted that the pro- -
counties in the Mani. Courts were : hibition law has "caused disrespect
becoming ,"more sympathetic," he I for all laws." - , , ... . ,
asserted. and jail sentences and . , Whisky Supply Vanishes -, --"-----:..,
lines were becoming heavier. , Washington, Dec. 6.--There were -
"There is a general disposition to 38,826,195 taxable gallons of liquors
tighten up," headded. "In the fa- in distilleries and bonded ware- , 4.'
cal year ended June 80. 1922," the ,
, houses when .the last count was '
prohibition commissioner said, i made June 40, last, according to a .
"there ivere 20,483 convictions in . table tiled with the house appropria- ,
federal courts for violations of the , tion committee by the bureau of In-prObibition
law. Acquittals num-1 .
b.-....A.- A 119t A ..,......A , 9,7 ternat revenue, and made public to
To show how it Is disappearing,
the amount under government con
trol and guards,'was 3,433,204
lOns less than on the POMO date in
1921. ,
Here's bow much there is:
Whisky, 36,588,567 gallons; rum,
384,011; gin, 987,884; high vrines,
1,073; ;alcohol, 543,347. '
Dr. J. M. Doran, chief of the bn
reau's industrial alcohol division,
, told the committee there were about
800,000 barrels of whisky in 292
bonded warehouses, 170 of these
warehouses being In Kentucky.
thorities. They said they were In
terested in learning where she was
merely because they wanted to be
assured of her safety. Various
rumors were current about danger
surrounding Mrs. Caffee after Mrs.
Phillips' escaped, but officials said
they were discounted by,the discov
ery she had sent a telegram from
Los Angeles to her husband at Long
Beach, 20 miles from here, long
after they were set in circulation.
This telegram stated she was o. k.
and promised she "would be home
within an hour."
This promise was not kept, how
ever, according to the officers but
they expressed no fears for her
safety. ,
, Feigned Illness.
Relatives of Mrs. Phillips ex
pressed surprise when informed of
her escape which, it was reported,
was planned during a telephone
conversation Monday afternoon
when she was permitted to use a
direct line from thejail without
interference from the authorities.
Later that night, it wu declared
she feigned illness to assure her
self of as much privacy as possible
in tiling through the bars of her
cell window with files smuggled to
her in some way. '
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t fate en Christmas if be wonid 'find a beautiful suit of 5
a - clothes, made to Ms measure, all ready to ;amp into. Now
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- i t -, - --
z Asa bast us bb beet &dog salt and we'll take the' T 5-:
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E ,.., days before Christmas- tor a 117.4M6 a Be vtlik be nem ' , , 5-
Ikea pleased. , ---, N, , r.
1 ' Third, Foozth-Ave or Ehn Street --
t, t , 4.
' - Caro WM Bring You to Ow Store - - ---- -
. ,
, C
a. - ' -. ' . , -; , : . , .
L i'l C r se Moines woman ete sue
'.---;...i'''':-;"'..--- - '19....- ' -13-.41Zi- ThS in - - ..-..:' is is-tw- - Dula- nail Rai Island
it, not hi mtody. i'' . . , under carotid 'Revd.', plidell" the
a ...a odtb sae ' With Schneelock. known in the time she has bees agpearbia, before
- ' - . , "- ' Rock talsad underworld as' Edith the grand RIM libit I llasi 4In Aka
0 C. . -11. , Evans, a lityearold gilt is the . charge ot ths Davenpor! polloi !inv.
witimia the -van .,- -- --,,' ! ,, ,t -4. -, , , . t
L a
, , - mita end Lawrence women. tL. It Conviction upon a. charge et bar
- , .
, -" ' .. 40. int, a jederal listreatigalor, is boring a woman under age -in- a
4 named as s witness taboth indict- house ot prostitution carries a pen
. a i al L meats, tad 'in ihe Vali Dale true alty ot from one to live years in the
kin Saha T- Rialisfaa a Teerchant. neldtendary. ,
kobni lima Dal Sand Paul iswrenoo
betted for harboring Girls
.; Room 0.111 Pane. :
Helen Van Dale, tonne?' keeper
ot a resort at 2327 Fourth avenue.
but no in the Scott county 'jail
under -.412,000 bond on a federal
ebarge'of violation of the federal
lwhite slavery act,was indicted by
the Rock Island county grand jury
1 thismorning for "harboring in a
house of prostitution a female
under the age of 18 years." The
only other indictment returned at
the fourth partial report of ',the
grand jury charged Pearl Lmvrence,
Ikeeper of the Market Square hotel,
217 Seventeenth street, with a
similar offense. Bonds were axed
. , . . . ... ... , . . ,
1711Mirth fichnev.dock known. In thel time site has been appearing, before
Reck !shad underworld as' Edith the grand Iticr, dm !low ,, nt -lb
Emit, a lit-year-old ghl, is the. charge of the Davenport police ma--
principal witness against the Van tete. -4' -,' --4 i-:- ,,, -- -. 7-4. i'''' 1 f l'';
Dile end Lawrence women. AL. It Conviction upon a, charge of liar
10,t, a Jedersi linvestigallor,- is boring. a --woman under - age -1W-a
-embed as a witness bt both indict- house of prostituttot carries a pen
tnents, and in the Van. Deli -true alty of from cos to live years in the i
bill John L.' Stager,- a- merchant pezdtentiary, -,-,' ' :: -,,,,-, '4, ,,, , '..- ,-:: I
policeman, is also. a witness. ,--1 - - --,...,
,- The tichileelock gin is now ix tin 1 WOODCOCICGIVM, -.- ..I
lime nt the annd SnePtierd in Du- I '' IIIGII OFFICE olt i
beget Iowa j It is- claimed she , .
cam t the A-ri"citiaa trm Mar- I '''''' REGIONALICAP33!
shalitown, Iowa, and- was led into 1 - . (Special Mame Cervical - - - i
a life of bkmorality in houses of 1 E. w. wo9deock, president of the r
prostlifluon IN this - citý- ' She iv Moline Boy, Scout council, Will; i
Said to have been an inmate ot sev- elected a member of ,the regional
eral of the places during the months executive board at the meeting of 1
r she wee here. ' . ., ' Scout ,' commissioners - in Chicago
- When -the Crusade- 'against Mee I yesterday, being designated as one 1.
conditions in this city was launched of the three highest Scout execu-1
limit sommeithe girl wall taken out tives in Illinois. Mr. Woodcock and !
of the city and appeared a short Rev. w. J. geary of East mouse ,
lime later in Dubuque. She was were delegates to the convention.
' caught in a raid there and a judge - -..,
I committed her to the house of Or- -- SNAIL ROOF- FIR& ' '
rection tor two years. - ' - spar from a chimney caused a
She has since been a witness be- small fire in the home of Jos- ,
fore Abe Rock Island county grind eph glemaqp 1309 Fourteenth, i
jury and because of ber knowledge' street. at 11;25 'o'clock this morn- I
of underdworld conditions traveled ing. , The damage was $25. ; ..
:, LUT FOL,,,,'"OACT
one 111TAILT
lag. 'Rae Aamage was sza. , - , , v--p.
Thermometer!, this morning reg
istered 18 degrees ItiOre,Serro' at 7
o'clock, titrqe degree higher than it
stood at the same time yesterday
morning. ' ,At o'clock yesterday
afternoon the mercury 'climbed -to
:4 degrees above., the highest tellit
perature duriptg the day. .
At o'clock yesterday atkernot4
the weather began to show at
becoming'colder4 rind from the
on the drop, was noticeable until
the mertury WS morning at 7
o'clock rested at 18 degrees. Prom
then on the teurperature showed
signs of rising -and at noon ft had
jumped ;to 32 degrees above. The
mercury will not go highij than 35
degrees' this afternoon, Andrew
Hamrick, meteorologist, paid to
The Itemperatures for the fo'llow
ling cities at 7 o'clock this morning
were: Chicago, -28; Peoria, 22;
Keokuk, 22; Dubuque, 14; Charles
City, 14: Sioux City, 12, and Dee
Moines, 16.
, . , ,
I- t? The baransetei is Ming 'it; -4.-
lova the great plantLeastes as 1,1. '3.:
;diddles aro that a ellsrliabal424 . 4,
velop within tbo next 24 , lit;,,, 1
, is also predicted that anent win -
'toll ha all et these states loins
leen 24 beam, ,Therwis a ir 1, i
ibility of a same la 'this vichdti4) p - ,
Alle forecast.le. mostly, deIt
and unsettled tor tonight 'pig. ,
' znomsv4 ink a 'dewy rids' .
pperature. ' I .
I: FOR IrÅkvnta Lig
la 4,
Henry rename, a negro. le.'
rested two nights ago bY rediail --
Prohibition Agent Joe Prendertaak
I was arraigned before 'Judge Gail , 4,
!Diets in county court this mote.
ling and fined 2100 and wan' !for
I transporting liquor. A pint bottle ' i
; of hooch was found in the car-be -.
I was driving. He Plead guilty', to
ithe charge.. .- , ,
t pi
New. classes are forming,' at ''l
Bmwtes Business college tale week -
i piny new students are enrolling. .
IYou can get information and: be
ready to begin Ilionday.--(Ad!et. ,
tisement) . , ,
i Il
I el
- "II1
4 WI
1 11
'1 1
I Mil
Mt tl
I 111'. 1
Igit 1
I tThe
Ilk I
' Mr.
1 ;. Tht
, OM.
- -- .- --,---. - --.. -,,.,.. - - .: ir'..i-7---- ?,-.7 -:!-..-.7. .,-,-.;7-,:,. -... -tin- .....-:. , ----1-;;-..
, , ' , , gi - 1 wit - i I
' ..è A.. - .....,0 Le Nue ,,a,..ii win) loge L.0 , - 11'1,
- , , - --,.. . , -11- IP , ig ,. . oz. , 1
fl- I ...olio
j F "1( .-.--- La' 2:7fc-c-m".-t
. ,, N..........,....) 4 ye. ' in....ii . - ill
--. '- 4 ':
-,ii ,1 ....... loa
r,,,;. cir L
of... stztit..3 :, cy it
a,-,-...-d,-;,-- -1 , : radidgliest Doe. :46-4112e tGellivan referred to,what ha feria- '. ". . -!,, t
4., , .7 (7. 7- , - . A - a .ftmb ammim.amea,MMÒ Ad 'wild& extravagedr states .,-;.'.. w.... ,,,,
Mk ,
IMP1 t
I NIIIIL illittlAI
h .
, , THE
Il . . WAY '
- -
1 ,
r- , ,

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