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jaami?: 7,
,aaaoal .
. aft , Bat tlt W ia-
i a'.hDtdlBt'-th '
i eat heedless forces of r
a aaacht ths prMir 'liWi
. war wrong.." : -f
railroad strifc aoceateates
lout? 01 IN AMnfH iariu-
"fas artt distress of resdjast-
fa the lartaaf. aha .11
v k. a readies Unt fit, to
J ha 1 rtti Thajsts-
uht to tor tanner docs
4 kim aloae- Agricultural
Ui national .til-tartan, j
Stress already baa Jakes
tt of the mlilortf ne which
it delation brought to
S agriculture. Year )eae
- -jaUet and the redaction ot
isl reserve discount rate
JUjr aavea (ne cpanry from
d disaster. The very
helpfulness already rlen
& strongest argument for the
2M&t establishment of widen
i Mill, heretofore temporarily
iM tbrouai. Uie war , taance
Hi farm, loan bureau, , which
Salt ,ha proven its usefulness
(l the federal Jand' banks,
fifell hare. its powers enlarge-to
provide ample farm pro-
credits .as well as enlarged
jf 441ts. It is entirely nracti
ll to Steele a division in the f ed
it! M. has Kb .to deal, with pror
ictfca credits, with the limitations
I Asm so adjusted to the fam
iwr as the federal reserve irs-
m stotldes tor the turnover in.
fc anafacturing and mercantile
-r rs.tt.tvtt '
Oar taste osmsk
Wye Bctoa I the tf" -t-tvi 1
fm a WUt f t A
ir. tilL taar. Kaasvt-a
at to adopt tat sasxesttoa.
ue Boruouai , saftaetloa too
eusat ta Be left hy the htzher
laiiuea aaa to utue to taaaartaa
mot toaMfo sUtns jaost Jmstly
tor rum.
Railwars are not exoeeted to
renter the seoet isesarlat earnests
fair return oa capital Invested, hot
the go i at iisit kas gomm so far in
tt tagalatloa of rata sad ralas ot
it has the nimuI.
MlKy ot pcdnU&c the way to te re
aasat freight ass U so, essential to
rear aauooal welfare.
fftnM Pttrfcta Owsatakta.
-"Government operattea does not
word the ear Clearly the
era re without that inter-carrier,
oaoperativw reiarkmshrf sa hicbly
essential to the best and . most
economical operation. They' coald
not function in harmony when the
strike threatened the paratystt ot
all railway transsartatioav -'
"I remind yon that Congrats pro-vtdeff-n
joint connniselon ot-nxri-cultural
inanirr wkiek ad u
fiaostivs invesUgatioa ot ear service
Ad trans portatioa and unanlmoos
ly recommended in Its report of Oct
16 IBJ1, the pooltag ot freigbt ears
under a central agency. The re
port well deserves your serious
r- lahor Beard a Faflare.
. "In a previous address to the
congTess I called your attention to
the insufficiency of nower to en
rorce tne aectsions or tne ranroaa
i woor poara. cwrnere nave ignore
rua oecuions on tne one nana, rail
way workmen have challenged its
decisions day a strike, on- the other
"The labor board Rself is not so
constituted a8 best to sefte the nub
ile interest with six fiaftlsall mem
hers on a board of nine, three -partlH
sans nominated . by tne employes,
and three by the railway managers,
it is inevitable that the partisan
Lvlew point Is maintained throughout
nearmgs . ana in aecisions nanaea
down. -
"I am well convinced that the
functions of this tribunal could be
much better ' carried on here in
Washington. Even were It to be
continued as a separate tribunal.
r-at m is rrr$rrai
is o
teat of the Mwer t ji
lariA Special provision must be
tt for livestock production cred
it taa the 1aut ot land loans may
i nftly enlarged. Various meas-
s are pending before you. aad there ought, to he contact with the
it test Judgment of congress
Sfkt to be expressed in a prompt
jsctment at the present session.
Ii Isra Credit Facilities Heeded.
"Sat Amerlc&fl agriculture needs
wrs uan auoea . creaii nciuues.
it credits will help to solve the
Mating problems growing out of
r-laflated land values v and the
tutic deflation of three years ago,
permanenr and deserved agrt
lltare good fortune depends on
Iter and cheaper transportation.
a is an outstanding problem de
nuding the aost rigorous consid
suloa of the owgress and the
.hmtry. : k i ?V W. : -1
"In the last half of the year now
Silng the railways, broken in car
Jing capacity because of motive
frwer and rolling stock out of or
er, though insistently declaring to-
) contrary, eiubargped. his saip-J
bib, or aenieo mm -cars wnen
Stunate markets were calling.
M freqnently transportation fall-
t while perishable products were'
ling from possible profits to
lee, counted in tens of millions.
1 know of no problem exceeding
I Importance this one of transpor-
lnterstate commerce commission.
plan Labor Division.
"The substitution of a labor di
vision in .the . interstate.conunerce
commission made np from its mem
aoat s .n'jtrt
leu.sw iwsfare.
raiiacs f he teejfd ay heth
as hi a
f the
to either railway workmen or raU-
way maaarera. - :
"No nana can he denied his right
to labor when aad how he e
or cease to lahor vfesmJs so
bat, siaee the governssent siiesiil
to sateguard hb bMsreat white esa-
oloved m any ssssatlsl Mhue ser-
viee, the secerity ot society ttsett
demands his retirement from
service shall not he timed set re
lated as to street the asatrncttoa
ot that service. . -
- law It rgfswsiL '
omstitntioaal arohibrUom
been adopted by the aatioa.' it is
the sasresae tew of tne land. In
plain speaking there are conditions
relating to its enforcement wmcn
savor of nationwide scandal, ft U
the most demoraUalng factor in ear
public life. 3
-Most of our people atosstoi taat
the adopUon of ' the Eighteenth
amendment saaant the elimination
of the question from our poliUcs.
On the contrary U hat bach ao in-
tenslflea as an isaae tnat many
voters are-disposed to make all po
litical differences with reference to
this single question. It Is distract
ing the pablic mind and prejudicing
te electorate.
The day is unlikely to come
when the Klghteent h amendment
will be repealed. The fact may as
Well be recognised and our course
aaapiea accoruugiy. . ,u uie ama
tory provisions tor its enforcement
are contrary to aeuneraie puoiic
obinioni wtlcnl do hot believe, the
frigorodr and- literal .:- enforcement
Will concentrate pablic attention on
any required modification, such a
conrse conforms with the law and
saves the humiliation of the gov
ernment and the humiliation- of our
people before the world, and chal
lenges the de&tructive forces en
gaged In widespread violation, of
ficial corruption, and individual de
moralization. . ir. "p. . . " " ,
. Itqasr Law EtisTocsseaU
"The Elshteenth amendment in-
i volves. the concurrent authority of
state and federal governments xor
the enforcement of the policy it de
fines. . A certain lack of definlte
ness, through division Ot responsi
bility, la thus Introduced. In order
ot the
gradaally extend-
tec thesr Iwnata to-Davenport Jst
prior to the aveotlgatloo which re-
salted la lhaeleaa-ot ot the
Chtehtatpiav JtkMtsslPotetoos and jravy CragbOrrir
Cako aad Costs, . -
. Eiatjutsa Wt
bership to hear and decide dispute. . lii
relating to wages axd working j 9VIpZto invite the governors of
conditions which have failed of ad-' .77" nA t.e4tM . a
justment -by proper committees I jjy opportunity, to a conference
li lLt,i thi federal executive authori-
employea, offers a more effective tlM, - n,w nt th fl. frM, p.
iVCtfcs which they vera nstng
to acenstom Davenport authorities
to their presence and the influence
aad aceasar which Rock bland
pollcekauthortttes ot that time lent
to give them pHvilegea in Daven
port wore reveaua tooay mm uav-
W - - - "
under uianes soeucner, tne tor
Ster oolioe cniet. Connor Looney
had. trequaatly appeared In pubUc
places armed as a police officer.
Policemen knew that he was arm
ed, bnt never questioned his right
to carry a revolver after their first
clash with htaL It was claimed
that the former chief id Davenport
acnaiaacea to LooneVs rich to
carry a tan. ' He was as fully arm-:
ed in Davenport as in Kock isiana.
Negroes, associated In the Looney
enterprises, appeared in Davenport ;
armedt too.-. On. one occasion, the
Davenport police took 'two of them
to the station after they were ar
rested, on suspicion. '
', One of tne negroes carried a re
volver, a sap, of the kind Issued
to police, wore a Rock Island po-;
lice star and was incidentally carry
ing h bulky roll of money. Ques
tioned by Davenport police as to. his
possession or the gun and star, he
told them that he was a Rock Island
. The Davenport police immediate
ly got into communication with
Thomas Cox, chief of police. Cox
is reported to have answered their
query. "Well, we dont - interfere
with your, police over here, do we?"
The negro was released, bnt warned
to keen in a territory where his
right to. carry weapons and a( star
iwonia not oe quesuoueu. .-
Rabbi J. I Baron will, give the
second of a series of lectures on
immigration In the Temple Em
mannel church, Davenport, tonight
at 8 o'clock. Rabbi Baron's sub
ject will he "la .There Room for
More? The church choir will ren
der a number of Jewish hymns.
Pasteurised Milk
"Ton earn now hat a await ar
hit ot at mOk, rvrfeeily ras
starhaui U the Banlarht Pteat
delivered te' year home In any
part ot the city.
Qoarts WnKw-m
PinU ,i .,.7..,i .- ..Sc
Coffee Creaxa
We hare sweet fastenrlxed "skim
milk" for sal at the factory for
10c per gallon. Bring your
plan. 1
"This suggested substitution will
involve a necessary increase in
siderations which - will thus . be
brought about there will emerge a
more adequate comprehension of
; Coordinate TranHpertaUoa.
Hsnlfestly we have need to be-
on plans to coordinate all traa-
artatton facilities. We should
sn effectively connect up Our
HI lines with our carriers by sea.
ft onrht to reap some benefit trcn
a kandreds ot millions expended
I Island waterways, providing our
Wselty to nulls ss Well as ei
saV We ought to turn the tnotorw
nek Into a railway feeder and
htributor Instead ot a destroying
1 1 "This transportation . problem
I "at not be waived aside. ? The de-
Macts and basic -Materials can J''
St be ignored. Rates horlsontal
tiBcreased to meet Increased ware
Lhtttrs during the war inflation are
sternly reduced.
IWhen some very moderate wage
tactions were effected last sum-
ft there was a horlsontel reduo-
rates. I sought at that
a very informal way. to
the railway managers so ba
the interstate commerce com-
memDersnip or me commission, thfl whole nroblea. and definite
probablyjoor i.to ; constitute jthe of aatlonal and state eo-
moor oiTision. u me sugBon operatlott to administering the
well to Bpeclfy that the labor di
vision shall be constituted of rep
resentatives of the four rate-making
territories, thereby assuring a
tribunal conversant with taw- ooft-i
dltiebs which obtain In the differ
ent rate-making sections ot the
Premtlra of Strikes.
"I wish I could bring to you the
precise recommendation for
ventioa of. strikes which threaten
the welfare of the people and men
ace public safety. It is an impo
tent civilisation and an inadequate
government which lacks the genius
and the eourage to guard against
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mark against his record in 24 years
of service. Under the commission
law Schroeder is to dratf a pen
sion, regardless ot bis suspension, j
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