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J Ctnst, Hew TsfX Dw. a-H
i srrhahgs tolay thereby dia
wuag frcf VKMl nalssaattoas
1 tetter had w attaaaiva tad
saoas recovery tor warty ft
t u una waft wwh w
1 t bonds tbft movement ' waft
r a Irregular, with strength In
1 -vtlaft and foreign government
i m hat villi numerons dosses
t xut th rails. After four con
t ''tlTa days of advance, the re-
r table answlnsT la sterling
4 law was anally ; halted, bat
Lies war stronger and Italian
rosea mora erased the tc lereL
i !he day in. stocks began, with
C M waakneaa In the raila, aom
'.which want down orar a point
these declines 'were the re-
g (-rather obviously of profession
ft aiding rathei than real selling,
t did brine out the tact again
t t there la no authorization or
wtlvs support In the railway sec
. the way there la in maay of
i. w Industrial stocks. Moreover,
sc. jwuch stress haa been laid on the
ier-malntenance of the roads,
itttt heavy outlay which they must
ar V fnw utnlmnanl that ihm in.
vexing . purpose pictures to itself
ravasy more months like October,
' wjere net earclnga will feel the et
M. of swollen operating costs.
hiring the early selling in the
railway list. It was very noticeable
that most Industrials stood their
' ground firmly. If (peculators tor
use decline had the idea that by
saws! am aw n MaHiA a . kno - oeain at
avanMBtfti iiviiu V wa ngaiuBb
th railway stocks a general down
: ward movement could be started,
tbsT were badly disappointed. After'
. the first hour buying was' resumed
lnV8tudebaker, IUldwin Locomo-
: tlfe. Steel common and other lead
ers and the market promptly re-
' spbnded all around. As a rule the
industrials that moved at all got
fthoje their best prices of Thurs
day Talk of more stock dividends
aav more Increases of cash dlvi-
: dends accompanied many of the in
dividual advances, such as those In
v Jpbe motor stocks were epseclally
. stking but for no reason other than
tbjfr advertisement given to the
pqHperlty in the moter industry by
tbVlast extra stock dividend by
. jSygar stocks were' ' taken up
saeiu but likewise there was noth
lqtjnew In their situation. It is
wis understood that the statistical
pdattion In the sugar trade is fa
vorable and that, with the lndlca
,. tions that at least present prices
: will be maintained, these companies
are looking forward to a profitable
eaaon in 1923,
, v 1 , -
Cam.i...... 1
Ourv nmtrr...ty
UeootCvw .......n
ftftsCftV e
t. avr. m
TO0staV see
AtebJsoa m
. u mM a. i AL
Bftldwia LoooeaottTft ........ .114
BitKlmorft V Okto 4S
Bethlehem Steef 3 M4
Cewtral iMther -
Clawdtarjfoton 2
Chesapeake Ohio ......... (5
Cblcaan. MIL ft: Bt. Pftftl SS9i
C. N. W. ,. w4
Cora Products .........1111,.
Crucible Steel , 4
ramovs PlayeTft-LaaaT ...... W
General Asphalt 44
Ganaral Motor 1S
Illinois Central' .. . . ........ .107
Int Mer. Marine prfd. ..61
Kelly-Sprlngfleld Tire-....... 44
Mexican Petrotnun 23?
Midvale Steel 27
New York. Central M
Northern Pactflc..... 75
Pan American Peetroleum ... n
ft ft ftr
People's OftS
Pure Oil
Republic Iron V Steel . .
Royal Dutch, N. T. .....
Sinclair Oil
Southern Pacific ........
Liberty Bonds
Lib. 3s ...
Lib. 3g,' R
Lib. 2d 4s . . ; . . 98.30
Lib. 1st 4Vis r 98.96
Ub. 1st 414s,- R 98.66
Lib. 2d 4s,:R 98J28
Lib. 3d 4143 ... 98.88
Lib. 3d 4S, R. 98.60
Lib. 4th' 4Hs .. 98.74
Lib. 4th 4s, R 98.60
Vic. 4s . . ,
Vic. 4s, R
Blab. Tow Close
; .ioojo 100.34 100.34
98.74 ...... ,
98.82 98.96
98.20 . 98.20
98.26 98.28
98.72 98.80
.98.56 8.60
98.56 , 98.68
98.42 98.60
100.34 .100.80 100.30
Vic. 4is,
.7100.04,100.00 100.00
cuyi;:3 i:oted
Chicago, Deev 8-The preeldent's
aaaaaan was a factor in the wheat
market today. Prices eased off at
the start because of the lower ca
bles. Good commission honaesup
port was uncovered on the dip, and
later, whea it was learned that the
resident was to deliver his mes
sage to congress at noon today,
everyone expected a bullish docu
ment and they governed themselves
'accordingly. There wa heavy buy
ing also credited to Bt. lxmis
trader who was believed to be cov
ering abort wheat. After the mes
sage waa gives oat there was a
little pressure from early buyers,
the document being less bullish
than expected. Cash wheat pre
miums were unchanged. Minne
apolis cash wheat premiums were
unchanged - to lc higher. Export
demand Is slow. .A late estimate
of the world's requirements is 640,
000,000 bushels, or somewhat less
than earlier estimates.
Corn was easy in tone. The
heavy movement of corn, receipts
belnr estimated at 500 cars, caus
ed enough pressure to make bulls
support the market and Weir pow
er was weakened a little thereby.
Cash corn premiums were He low
er and this induced -pressure. The
shipping demand Is slow. . Sales of
300,000 bushels contract corn were
made to go to store. . '
-Oats followed wheat. There was
no particular feature. Shipping de-
mand was slow..
t Provisions . were firm early with
bogs and then eased under com
mission house pressure! -.-
Wheat closed strong, prices m
changed to higher; pec. 1.19
Jay U7; July 1.08
. Corn closed to lower;
Dec. 70; May 6970; July
69. - Oats closed unchanged;
Dec. 44; May 43; July 40.
Lard closed 2 to 5c lower and
ribs unchanged to 2. higher.
CLS3 XatTtrsi
' CUeftgo. Dft. 1-Hofg; reeaiptt,
UJtM; taarkat ateady to atrong;
balk, Y40 to tti ponad averagea,
M0Ut; tt9. i balk paddng
1M91M; desirable pigs.
SjfjL2S; Heavy nogs, sae
atMt mediums, i.2gua; Ugtts,
8ot45; light Iighta. uwu;.
packing sows, smooth, 7.0ei-9;
packing sows, rough, 740 7.6;
killing pigs; 8.00O&40.
Cattle: - receipts 4,000; beef
steers and better grades beef cows
and heifers, strong to 15 cents
Usher: killinc quality plain; best
yearlings early, 11.00; bulk native
beef steers; SMaiQJw; lower
grades beef cows and heifers, can-
oara. enners ana duiii. wow; toi
calves, uneven; choice kind about
steady to shippers; packing bidding
lower; stockers and feeders, slow.
Sheep: receipts 5,500; fat lambs,
opening strong to 16 cents higher;
early top 15.50 to packers; aeau
able 90 nound. clipped fed lambs,
13.50; feeders. Quiet; fed 95 pound
yearlings wethers, 12M; sheep,
steady; aged 124 pound wethers,
8.00. j
- - (By the Consolidated Press.)
V. 8. Yards, Chicago. Dec. S.
Compared with but Friday, light
runs were reported at- the local
yards today. This was cadsed by
the fct that the market was closed
last Thursday, 'However ..ana stock
arriving that day was counted on
for Friday's supply. Few strictly
prime steers have been on the mar
ket daring the present week, with
little selling above $11 outside of
show stuff. Nearly 15,000 hogs were
held over from yesterday, but the
trade was in fair shape.
Receipts were 4,000 cattle, 26,000
hogs, 5,600 sheep and 1,000 calves.
With a light aupply of steers, the 15c M1
ma, fairrr acthn from
start. Some of the deals showed
strength, and taken as a whole It
was a good Friday market: Beat
steers show tally tfssrisM prices
compare, with a week ago, while
good nd medium grades gained in
values during the period. Best
cows and choice heifers were hp
more than five from ft week ago,
but canners aad bulls cloaed weak.
Calves advanced mostly 50c for the
period. Good cattle wen aa much
as 10c to 15c higher late in the
It was a steady to strong market
for hogs from the start. - Choice 225
A -nlA m t 9A whtl tH 38
uwiuuci a owi t .
tn 18.3S was naid for 10 to 240
pound stock later in the day. Most
bogs remained at $8.35, but many
deals were made at $8 to $8.25,
while bulk of packing hogs went at
8730 to $7.80, with good lots at
$7.85 to $7.95. Big packers were
not active buyers. Pigs were fully
steady. . ' : I
Choice fed lambs sold strong to
Other grades were in
at $15.60,
the I fair . demand at ateady
Prime lots went over
with good stock at $15 to $15.25.
eedera were generally steady, while
aged muttons also held without
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tisement) :;i . .';
. on ciTqiis nrx
Camden, Ark, Dec
tha 800.IM barrela of oQ ai
hre when lightning struck a nJ
voir la the Smackover fleU . -i
Madrid, Dec. 8. The
intends to dissolve the
parliament, ft ,
l "Chicago Cash Gram.
'-"' Chicago, Dec. 8. '
Ko.2red, 1.31. -
. lb. 1 hard, 1.22.
Ko.2bard, l.21il.22. -
r ' CORN.
Jb. J mixed, 72 72.
ito.S mixed, 7071.
' Mo. 4 mixed, 6868.
. Wo. 2 yellow, 72 73 . , , ;
No. 3 yellow, 7171.
tto. 4 yellow, 6871. 1
Ko. 2 white, 7214 73.
Ma 3 white, 7171.
4p. 4 white, 6972.
t? OATS.
K. 2 white, 4645.
Mo. 3 white, 4344.
No. 4 white, 42CJ43.
JVe: No. 2. 88,
parley, wtfib.
Timothy seed: 6.006.75. '
Pork: nominal,
lard: 10.87.
- ej Jtyj
I N 1
Chicago Futures
Bone of nlM .. 7S0m S.I
Hrary bntcben 8.0O 8.S0
BMcbm. 1850 260 Iba..... 8.030. 8.16
HniT and mixed packinc.. 7.300 745
Botwh taeaTy padUoc . ... 7.150. 7 Ji
Medium weifhu 7.850 8.05
Iichl bacon. 1RO01BO lb. 7 800 8.15
Selected, 140CJ163 Urn..... 8.100 8.20
Ptr. 700135 1M. ........ o.vo a a.xa
Stats, aubject to dockase . . 8.100 6.60
c- CATfLB. '. -
Prime (teera. 1.20001.600. 1S.1O013JSO
Oood.to choiaa, 1.1000100 8.00013.00
Poor to rood. 80001.400.. 8JW01O.S8
Low trade UiUnc teen ., 4.000 6.36
Balk at beet eteere 80011.50
Yearttna. 700 01.1OO Iba.. 018.80
Vat eowe and ndfen
Canoiat eswa and better. -
Poor to choice bulla
Btockere and .teedera -
Poor to tancr catrea v.
Western ranee ateera ......
BMEBr aw Mtaua
Weetera lambs 14.000155
Native lambs 13.76016.26
Lambs, poor to beet colls.. 10.60012.26
wee. poor to beat 4. 00 7.50
Tearilnts of aU trades
Wether, poor to Best - tjwu o i
Shorn lambs are quotable 91.76 02.00
below ioretoint quotations.
Hots '
Bulk of sales seats! day.
One month ato
' One rear ato ..........
Bulk of sales yesterday
One month ate
One rear afo
Western lambs yesterday
One 'month ato .......
4.000 S.60
3.750 .4l
3.260 7t
4.000 7.26
e.oo 0100
3.760 Mi
Wheat Open. High. tow. Close.
Dec. .... .1.18 1.191.18 1.19
May 1.16 1.17 1.16 1.17
Jily . ... . .1.07 108 1.07 1.98'
Corn v
.70.70 .70
.69 -.70 .69
Dec. ...
May ....
July ....
Dec. ...
May ....
July ....
i Lard
Jan: ...
May . ...
May -. .
The new draped frock has HaJ
dans-am. " It la traoHr if tutt HssHsmA
ed by a master hand. NethTng
shows up so badly the lack of a
practiced hand as the draped sown.
This gray crepe fortunately haa
been designed by a true grf
ine ions; points are in perfect har
mony with the rest of the sows
.69- .69
.44 .43
.43 .42
.40 .40
7.SO0 8J6
7.760 8.60
e.450 0.76
8.000 86
14 00015.35
13.28 014.0
' J!feontInned from First Page.) -
Saturday Specials
Armour's Banquet Breakfast
Bacon, none better, whole
or half, 0Ce
pound e-uC
Extra good. No. 1 eggs,' Spe
cial, per ' . OA,,
down UC
Kohrs Crown Skinned
Shoulders, extra
sweet, no fat, all lean,
whole or half,
pound ..16c
ion the inter-allied proposals which
9.72 be considered partioularly 1 harm-
Peoria Livestock. ..
Peoria, III., Dec. 8. Hogs: re
ceipts 1,500; steady and actire;
top 8.25; lights 7.808.20; med
iums 8.008.25; heavies 8.0085;
packers 7.007.76.
Cattle: receipts 150; steady; top
yeal calves 9.50.
Chicago Provisions.
Chicago, Dec. 8. Butter: High
er; creamery extras, 55; stand
ards 51; extra firsts, 5154;
firsts, 4549; seconds, 4143.
Eggs: - Unsettled; receipts, 2,563
cases; firsts, 4952; ordinary
firsts, 4245; mscellaneous, 46
50; refrigerator firsts, 2738.
Poultry: Alive, lower; fowls, 13
20; springs, 19; roosters, 12;
turkeys, 30; geese, 19.
Chicago Potatoes.
Chicago, Dec. 8. Potatoes: Dull:
reeclpts 58 cars; Wisconsin sacked
Round Whites. 70 80c cwt; Min
nesota and North Dakota, sacked,
Red River Ohios, moitly 75c cwt;
Michigan, bulk and sicked. Round
Cap's Alway. to Blame. BYEDWINA.
l v .-- '. " - : . ' i , ; ' , ' " ..
Armour's Shield Skinned
Hams (the taste tells) try
some, w Basle or half,
per pound ..........
. Fresh Baltimore Oysters,
solid pack, per . 30c
. Try a Prime Rib Roast of
Beef (boned and rolled) for
- Sunday dinner, per
pound faUC .
Fancy Chuck Roasts of Beef
pound ... .: 15c, 121c
Nice tender Boiling Beef,
.Sound 10c, 8C
Prime Round Steak, tender
and delicious, per 9As
pound '....fcVl.
Choice Juicy Sirloin Steak, the
kind you will enjoy, 9A
per pound toWl.
Young native Veal Roast at,
lirdstew 20c' 18c
per pound . Uic 10c
Milk and grain fed, fresh
dressed Chickens, fine foe
either frying or baking, OO -
per pound aaOC
Fresh Pigs Feet, well cleaned,
per 7r
Hearts, Brains, Liver, Neckbones, Spare Ribs, etc., at reasonable
prices. A full line of all kinds of Home made sausages, nono
. . ' All cuts of home killed pigs
American Packing Co.
1513 2nd Avenue I Win. E. Schearer, Prop.
Special Prices;
for Saturday Monday
BORDEN'S MILK-Small size can . . jj"
CRISCO, 1 lb. can
SALT, Morton V free running
PINEAPPLE, Broken slices, large
2 cans . . . ............. 3 cansggc
COFPEE, Yuban, lb.
Spencer Square, lb.
RICE, Fancy Blue Rose, 3 lbs.
HEBE, tall can
POPCORN, yellow 7 1 r MOLASSES, Ginger 911
or white, on ear, lb. .. 2 C - . Cake, large can ...... fcUC
8oostles or Kellogg's 2 C strike anywhere ....... DC
Orders of $5.00 delivered free.
Milan 631 17th St 1325 30th St. 326 20th St
ful to Turkey. Of these the first
was the inclusion of the Sea of
Marmora in the ' definition of the
straits, because . preparations for
defense on the shores of this sea
were necessary for the defense of
Anatolia and Thrace and yet would
not affect the liberty of passage for
vessels. -
Wants Troop KoTements.
Another point he made was that
it was needless to hare a demili
tarized sone around the Bosphorus.
It was sufficient, he considered, to
indicate that there would be no
fortifications, either land or naval
on either shore.
His third point was in connection
with the allied suggestion that in
the demilitarized ' zone. . there
should be no movement of troops.
He thought that such movement
should be permitted because the
zones in question connect the two
parts of the country.'
Pleads for Defense Measures.
Again he contended that in ord
er to defend the shores of the Sea
of Marmora by a Turkish fleet
would have to keep arsenals and
other naval equipment in Constan
tinople and the straits. He thought
also that the limits of demllltarlz
ed zones were too great end con
tended that the four in the straits
should be recognized aa under
Turkish sovereignty.
As to the Qallipoli peninsula, he
thought a minimum means of de
fense ought to be assured to pre
serve it against surprise attack.
After hearing Ismet Pasha's ad
dress, the conference recessed un
til afternoon to give the allies time
to study the Turkish suggestions.
some isuropean delegates ex
pressed the opinion that the points
raised by the Turks should not
make a final accord diScult
During the session Foreign Min
ister Tchitcherin of Russia again
insisted that the straits should be
closed to all except Turkish war-
snips. He believed, he said, that
the setting up of buffer states like
Turkey would prevent future
ciasnes in tne east.
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' ' ,:. 'i
iOmmtitU. MX. tr Basil X SaalSa
Tine Cluafll
the E00U
, A saturnalia of bootlegging seems to be no exaggerated phrase to describe the startling
state of affairs to which the Adniinistration calls the nation's attention. Inspired Wash
ington dispatches tell us that the present Prohibition enforcement methods are "debauching
and debasing the entire country;" that the President is "deeply concerned over a belief that
the moral fiber of the American people is deteriorating thru the open disrespect shown for
the effort to enforce Prohibition ;" and that "the growth of bootlegging, the temerity of rum
runners, and the serious insinuations against Federal enforcement officers have been worry
ing the Administration for some months," until finally "With Prohibition enforcement rec
ognized as on the verge of absolute collapse in four States and in a condition of serious de
moralization elsewhere in the country, President Harding considered today the issuance
of a solemn public appeal to all good citizens to discourage bootlegging as a last resort to ad
minister the law." 1 I
"One way to make Prohibition prohibit," declares the New York Evening Post, "woqd be to
arrest some of the prominent and respectable people who buy what the', bootleggers sell."
The leading article in The Literary' Digest this week takes up the subject of the enforcement of
the Prohibition laws and presents the opinions of leading newspapers as to ways and means.
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of the Russian Peasant
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