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Philippine Lingerie
The Gift of Good Taste
Dainty Philippine gowns and envelope
chemis tbat are band sewn and em
broidered in beautiful eyelet, solid and
Calada designs, finished in scallops: They
are ribbon drawn and are of One ma
terials. A most attractive and intimate
gift, rriced from $2.50 to $3.95.
Second Floor.
A Sample Line of
Madeira Linen Centers
$V65 , $0.95
a, ana .J ea.
A special purchase of real Madeira cen
ter pieces and napkins. Each is very
beautifully embroidered and there are
several .different patterns. They are
all of a fine quality linen, and include a
28 inch center piece at $3.95; a 24 inch
center piece at $245 each.
Fine Madeira Linen
Handkerchief Cases 75c
M cCallum Silk Hose
In All Desired Styles
$1.95 -p
Offering a variety of new1 designs and
weaves including fancy lace and lovely
clocked styles. These McCallum hose
are of finest quality Including the
new congo, turtle, creole, almond, and
biscuit shades. Sizes from 8V4 to 19,
priced from $1.95 to $8.50.
Main Floor
j. i
Real Kiddie Kars
with Rubber Tires
$3.00 p
Real Kiddie Kara with" robber tire
wheels that will enable the children to
ride noiselessly right in the house. They
are neatly finished, and brightly painted.
A gift every child expects at Christmas
. time. Priced from $3X0 up.
Pioneer Tot Bikes
"Pioneer" Tot Bike Just the thing for
MtUe tots. They are "slung low- so
that there is absolutely no chance for
them to tip over. Made with, pedals
with specially designed handles and
wheels that are finished with an extra
quality, highly glossed red enamel, strip
ed with brilliant yellow and fitted with a
bell. Priced only S2J5.
tThird Floor
ffOERVICE" is the motto of the Christmas Season and the Christmas Store. Service in assisting you'
with your problems service in arranging appropriate gifts for your selection service in the small
things that help so much to make the arduous task of Christmas shopping a pleasure. We are ready
to serve you in every way. Won't you give us Jhe opportunity?
Come and See What Santa Has Brot to Toyland
Dolls for Little Mothers
Toys and Games for Kiddies
After all, Christmas belongs to the child more than any
one else and here are toys to make this season unforgettable.
Things inexpensive, but clever. 'Dolls and games and mechani
catoys. You better see them and tell Santa what you want.
The Famous "Toonerville TroUey"-95c
An exact model of the well-known Toonerville trolley with the
old "Skipper" himself! The way it wobbles from side to side will
make the. boys and girls laugh! Priced at 95c' 1
"Dandy Jim" the Jifc&er45c
'Dandy Jim, the dancer, stands right on fop of the old
cabin, banjo in hand, and does a real jig! This toy is the
most popular one and will make a delightful Christmas gift.
Priced at 45c. , -
Mechanical Kiddie Kar 45c
These mechanical Kiddie Kars are equipped with
spring and can really r?ce! The driver is dressed in
regular outfit, brightly painted. Boys like these toys!
Priced at45c.
' Toy Waffle Irons50c .
Miniature waffle irons that really can cook
waffles like mother, makes! They are a prac
tical and useful toy that will make inexpensive
and appropriate Holiday gifts. Priced at 50c each, -
Real China Tea Sets-$2.95
Tea sets of fine handpainted China in many
beautiful patterns. These dishes are large
enough so that children can actually serve tea.
They include cups, saucers, tea pot, sugar and
creamer. Priced at $2.95.
Blue Bird Tea Sets$1.45
Blue Bird tea sets for little girls. There is
a large tea pot with the Bine Bird pattern in .
the center and a dainty pink edge. These '
dishes are priced at $1.45 a set.
Toy Jap Tea Sets-special 45c
Toy tea sets of daintily decorated Japanese
China, containing enough dishes to serve three
children. These tea sets come in green, blue
and pink. They ' are specially priced at
45c a wt
J Sfe
iuvM -r .
What a, fairyland for a youngster! Dolls, big and little
baby dolls and grown-up ones. Dolls in American clothes and
dolls in foreign costumes. What little girl wouldn't be thrilled
at the idea of owning one of them? She'd love any one of
them. We know it.
Bi 21-m. Lifelike, Jointed Dolls$2.95
With sleeping eyes, eyelashes and sewed wig, "these Zl-inch
high, full jointed dolls are real favorites with small girls. They
are dressed in pretty white slips neatly finished and wear
shoes and stockings. It is easy to make new clothes tor these
dolls because they are so flexible. Priced at $2.95. ,
Lifelike Madame Hendren Dolls
That Walk and Talk$2.95 up
f r
The famous Madame Hendren dolls are known everywhere
because children have found them to be the most natural of
all dolls. They can actually take steps with their tiny mis
tress and say "Mamma." They have hard composition heads.
Little Character Dolls$1.95
, The famous "Horseman'" character dolls with
jointed bodies, composition heads and painted eyes
and hair. They are each individually costumed and
will be more than an ordinary doll to the children.
Priced at $1.95.
Mary Mix-up Dolls--$1.95
Mary Mixup dolls that are small enough for
even tiny girls and yet large enough to please
, even larger ones. In fact, these dolls are the
kind that children keep for a long time. Daintily
dressed. Priced at $1.95.
"Kiki" Trick Dolls-$1.25
Watch "Kiki" do acrobatic stunts. He is
the kind of doll that dances and does all sorts
of funny things, even standing on his head or
toes! Kiki dolls are favorites with boys as
well as girls. Priced at $1.25.
"Roly-Poly" Raft DolIs65c
Roly Poly dolls with celluloid heads and
Turkish towel bodies the kind the baby can
play with while in the tub. Roly Poly dolls
float! They are priced from 65c up.
Second Floor
Smart New Styles in ,
Fancy Kid Gauntlets
at $6.00 Pr-
Very new and smart are these fancy
kid gauntlets with elaborately trimmed
contrasting colored cuffs. They are strap
wrist style with hand embroidered backs
In beautiful designs. There are three
color combinations, black and gray; tan
and brown, and brown and tan. Priced
at $6.00 a pair.
Knit-Lined Cape Gauntlets
A practical heavy knit lined cape
gauntlet especially intended for driving
or for outdoor sports. They are made
with strap at the wrist and are attrac
tively finished. In black or brown. Priced
at $3.95. Main Floor.
Greers' Fine Chocolates
for Christmas Gifts -85c
A box of these Promenade assorted
chocolate creams will delight someone it
' home. They are packed in attractive
boxes and can be sent away tor Christ
mas gifts. Specially priced at 85c a lb.
Main Floor.
Kr the Home
Make Yours a Practical Gift This Year
Why not a gift that will perform some real service for you
the whole year 'round a practical gift that will add to your
daily enjoyment of life ? This year more' than ever all of us are
trying to give such gifts. For example :
, Manning-Bowman Electric Grills $12.50 ea.
There are the Manning-Bowman grills
equipped with four different utensils, in
cluding toasting rack, egg poacher and two
deep pans. , These utensils can be used for
broiling, frying or cooking. This grill is of
heavy nickel and is guaranteed. Priced at
Star Turnover Toaster$5
The "Star" toaster is made so that yon
can turn the bread without touching it. It
toasts the whole slice uniformly. This
toaster, nickeled, in upright style, is priced
at $5.00.
Mannin J-BowraanElectricPercolator
"Special$7.50 Complete
Here's a way to improve the taste of your coffee!
For no matter how good it is,cooking it in a Manning-Bowman
percolator is bound to improve it This
percolator is a full six-cup size, with seamless pot, of
fine quality aluminum. The electrical part of the per
colator is guaranteed. Especially for the Holidays it
has been priced at $730.
Sta& Handle Carving Sets$3.95
: You can enjoy Christmas dinner a great deal
more if you do not have to struggle to carve the Holi
day roast. A full carving set, such as these, now
displayed in our House Furnishings department, con
taining knife, fork and steel, with stag handles and
silver ferrules, is what you need. They are priced
t $3.95 a set.
1 qt. Pyrez Casserole in Nickeled Frame
A nickeled casserole frame fitted with an 8-inch
round or oval Pyrex casserole inset, pierced with an
attractive design. Special for Saturday, at $2.65.
Pyrex Pie Dish with nickel plated brass frame $1.85
Pyrex Oblong Biscuit Pans .85c up
Pyrex Round Cake Dish 75e
Pyrex Tea Pots . .$2.50 up-m3t
Fine Silk, Rain-or-Shine .
Umbrellas$4.95 up
An ever welcome Gift is the silk um
brella. There is a splendid assortment
in our Umbrella department Some have
strap or ring handles, novel "tear drop"
straps, with fancy tips and ferrules to
match. They come in grey, navy, red,
black, green and purple. Priced from
$4.S5 to $15.00.
Children's Umbrellas
$1.65 to $2.50
Children's rain umbrellas with 18. 20,
and 22-inch frames. They are attractive
ly made with strap or ring handles just
like those for women. Priced from $1.65
:o $2.50. '
--Main Floor
Warm Beacon Blankets
Are Welcome Gifts
Sensible gift selection prompts one to
purchase Beacon blankets, for they are
the warmest, wash easiest, shrink les,
and yet .offer a large variety of colors
and patterns. '
Extra Heavy 72x84-in. Plaid
Blankets'".. .$10.50 pr.
Heavy C6i80-in. Plaid Blankets 8.50 pr.
Medium 72xS4-in. Plaid Blankets 7X0 pr.
Medium 6x80-in. Plaid BlankeU 5.50 pr.
Silk Envelope Chemise
For Christmas Gifts
$0.95 ,$0.95
4 and J .
Envelope Chemise of crepe de chine,
radium or trousseau silk in tailored styles
finished with tacks and hemstitching or
elaborately trimmed with lace and medaL
.lions. Priced at $2.95 and $3.95.
Silk or Lace Confiners
Silk Lajere, brocade and al 11 ace con
finers, back fastening, in white, pink and
flesh, sires 32 to 40. These confiners
are especially attractive for gifts. Priced
at $1.95.
Second Floor
1 - - -
Narcissus Bulbs in
Fancy Pottery Bowls
75c np
Why not give a Christmas present that
will grow throughout the year? Such a
gift is a bowl of narcissus bulbs. The
bulbs are set in moss instead of stones.
The selection inclndes:
Green and Brown Bowls, $ bulbs 75c
Green Bowls, 3 bulbs 95c
Six Bulbs in Large Bowl $1.45
Larger Bowls with Bulbs $2.65
Black Base $2.66
5 Bulbs in Blue Glass Dish with
A Christmas Sale of
Fancy Art Work
at Greatly Reduced Prices
French Artcraft Is a welcome solution
of the gift problem at Christmas time.
It offers a pleasing variety of dainty
novelties that every woman will wel
come. Our selection Includes:
Artcraft Waste Baskets $3.95 '
Gold Laced Telephone Screens.. U5 up
Dresden Doll Telephone Screens. $4.95
Artcraft Powder Boxes ..$145 up
Artcraft Hair Pin Boxes 75c up
Artcraft Work Baskets $2-25
Artcraft Perfume Bottles 65e up
Artcraft Glove Boies $25 up
Third Floor
The Factory Demonstration of
Duplex Fireless Cooker
Ends Tomorrow Night
It .nn am f.t.M.tul I ..!.. ........
meat bills and- your fuel bills as well as
your time spent over a stove, you shonld
take advantage of this demonstration and
special selling.
Tomorrow, Mrs. Hadley will cook pork
roast, sweet potatoes and baked apples.
Come in and sample them. r
S pedal Reduced Prices
One-Well Model No. 25........ $11.50
Two-Well Model Ho. 30 $21.50
Third Flow
Third Floors
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