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hip riH
First Pan.)
t jt u customary (or tha pro
jgt t ha referred to the mas-
h chancery ot the coanty in
-tha defendant resides -Th
the amminta, tf j-both
i. if the oacisira la against
. aefeoiant hia nam la stricken
v tha records u a Ucaased at-
W ta laaLx ta. af
V kit tastily aa4 fclanda
tW Bwrm 1avra or ala or aar
taatily e? astna ona Ja aaUwiMj at
aia or ar reqaast imh m tan
of aaM riaaeadaat.- That
HWfcll Kht tb.
yaara tea anat pnhllsfcsd a4
lata or eavaed to ba drcalatad aa
af oreaaM ta aa fcy laid Boat U
Und Nawa iaaaawraato artldia of
ua character aforesaid in parties
lareaaaa afecttet aMy of tba rael
deata ot aatd Bock Ialaad aad ad
joiainx cUIm aa towaa, which aaid
article wsra false, scaadaleaa, nn
Juatifled or eiauceatad, and by
means of the foreaoiaa- the aaid re
pondent throoch tha fear of Mag
thna written oa -la aaid newspaper
secured domination over almost the
entire private aad, official life of
aatd city or Reck Jalaad and of the
oltlxens, residents ' and offlcials
thereof. That particular specifica
tions' of each offense of the char
acter aforesaid, committed bjr re
spondent during the period afore
said would be burdensome to the
court if act oat hareta, and are un
necessary for the information of re
spondent as every weekly Issue of
said Rock Island News contained
one or more and" sometimes many
articles of such character amfpur
pose. That said newspaper, by rea
son- of tb matter and things afore
said, waa on or about Jan. 1, 1921,
barred from the United States mails
by the officials of .tne-United States
w as ai4r aad
- i. f .c us cai m jaa
tioa a astasia and niing,
aad te tuwUt tha aaat aasaraad
tmm ac the legal arnfuiaHa; that
Ikr in imIiiii' 111 Hi ilnl.
ad tear of the
mtm at IZtaoia,
eat has aaaa tharefar aaUtr ot
IB ha
of thia
aa aa aUor-l rasaectrally
"Tor which raaaoaa year relator
aahattta that the H-
sm af aaji Jafca R Lnaaay as
afbaaaald abamld be letokad I
roll of attor
ney of this honorable ceart; that
ha atosH
to easrdae the. oAeo ; ot attoraey
and iiiaasiilui of the state at nu
ance, aad to that end year relator
araya that a rale may isaa oat of
taie coart, retaraabte oa the drat
day off the aeat term thereof, re
eairiag aaid John P. Looney. re-
apoa the
set oat, ai
ewer this
failure of
to show caaae, if aay he
hta aaaee ahaaM not be
from the ran ot attorneys
iafonsatloa aereta before
td to that ead that he an
iafonnattOB. and oa Jha
said John P. Looney to
show sack cause, that aa er-r feT
ntered herein revwhla aadjrta
ealling bis license, and atriktat ;hln
name from the roll of attot a,
and that each farther or otha.', or
der be entered herein aa to Sueur
honors shall seem meet" 5-
h laformatlon against Looney
drawn by Join L Fogle, attor
wfpr the Chicago Bar associa
and an expert in disbarment
aatters. The action ia directed by
tiareer-General Brundage. Die
washt matters can be instituted
h state's attorney or by the
Zr association of the county in
ahtea the defendant attorney prac-g-a
M well as by the attorney-
pajraL ' The . attorney-general 8
ugs follow: ... .;. .',-.,
How comes BMward J. Brundage,
awy-teneral of ue Btte of i'"
fjoB) on behalf of the people of
as stste of Illinois, and gives this
fcaarabie court to understand and
H Informed: :
MPht John V. Ioner waa bv this
Mrt on or about the 2th day of postofflce and has since been eircu
laaorsble court, and his name en
and on the roll of attorneys as an
Utorney and counselor at law of
at state of Illinois, and that until
ttry shortly previous to the preeen
Utica of this petition said John P.
looney for many years re9iden' ami
isged in bus. nets in the city of
Bock Islanc, in.
"Thst for approximately twenty
jun prior to the 11th day . of No-
A. D. 1S89, admitted and lli"Mu OJ respuuurui iuiuusu lat-
as an attorney and coun-! tiers. ' -S , iTi
jiiorat law of the state of Illinois,! SECOJfD COTST.
mUt tiie then existing rules of this . "That the domination ot such
private and official life of the' citi
xens ot, said city of Rock. Island
gained by aaid respondent by the
means aforesaid as set out ia the
first count of this information was'
used by said respondent for ulte
rior motives and for enriching him
self. That by means thereof the'
t respondent-forced the owners and
proprietors of houses or prostitu
tion, rambling resorts and places
where intoxicating liquors were un
lawfully sold to make rerUlar
itmber, A. D. 1 922, said respondent ; weekly or monthly payments - of i
tss the principal owner and so'emoney gaij respondent, some-'
alitor and publisher of a weekly
Stespsper uf general , circulation
times under the guise of payments
for advertisements, aa in case of
known a 'the Hock Island News'.! ,v, hj ft j-i-b m,iim in
. i U1E pmtUtCU Wll ui .u ywur.H
That for many years last past said wt,icj, intoxicating liquors were un
Kwspaper has been printed, pub-j lawfully sold, or directly aa - in
Ushed snd circulated by the re-j cage, 0 owners ot houses of prostl
tpoadent in the said city of Rock i tun. xhat during the year pre
Ulsnd and circulated in adjoining vjou. to Nov. 11. 1922. said re-
dties and towns. That said paper 8pondent unlawfully and fraudu
hring all of said time has been a iectly collected many thousands of
mrveyor . of scandal. That the d0iiarg in this method and convert:
method followed by said respondent! ea tne 8ame to his own use.
la publishing said paper has been
to pry int3 the personal secrets of
the residents of Rock Island, to un
cover the skeletons in Mb neigh
bors' closets, to discover some little
false step, error or mistake made
either in the present or the past by
such residents, thereupon to mag
nify the same into the most, hor
rible form the distorted brain of
the respondent could contrive and
Invent. .- It was then the habit of
respondent to call the same to the
attention of the persons Involved
Chew a few Pleasant Tablets,
- Instant Stomach Relief v
lastant relief from sourness,
pan or acidity of stomach; from
bticestion, flatulence, palpitation,
kudache or any stomach distress.
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Tspe's D'apepsin" . tablets your
aosjach feels fine.
Correct your digestion for a few
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trsi store. -(Advertisement).
"That by the means aforesaid and
througlfpurchase by money secured
aa aforesaid and through the publi
cation and circulation of said al
leged newspaper said respondent
secured a proprietary interest in
and during the year 1921, 'as the
j owner or part owner of two- certain
nouses in saia city or uock isiana
known as the Rex hotel and the
Sherman hotel, respectively: .- That '
said houses were known as dis
orderly houses and tor the knowl
edge and consent of respondent
were . frequented and tenanted by
lewd women, who openly and
brazenly carried oa their trade or'
occupation under the protection of
said respondent," and that sal(f re
spondent from time to time collect
ed and was paid a percentage of
the earnings of the said lewd wom
en occupying and frequently said,
houses. ' - . . ' ' i
" That ail the foregoing and other,
matters have been fully disclosed
and brought out .by overwhelming;
testimony before a special grand
Jury now sitting in Reck Island
county and that said grand Jury,
has returned indictments against
said respondent charging said re
spondent with the following specific
offenses against the laws of the1,
state of Illinois, to-wit: Conspiring
to violate the laws oa gambling,,
conspiracy to commit muiier, re
ceiving stolen property, conspiracy
to- violate the prohibition laws of '
the 'state and United States. That'
said respondent waa also Indicted;
In the federal court' at Peoria on j
Oct 24, 1922, for receiving stolen;
property, but that said Indictments i
only partially cover the offenses
committed by respondent demon
strating his unfitness to retain his '
license from this honorable court !
"That the actions of the respond- j
ent in the .matters as aforesaid
were and are unprofessional, dis-i
honorable ind criminal; that they
and each of them denote a lack of :
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