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;KM tMr contributions to
.. .Argaa. Baata Claas rand to
atvrtfa CatlstaaM rfta. and
' for tta feoor L.Jra of
tr whoiM Hiriiwniiii
t mk aa to aaa unlikely
r woald ha lake aart of by
xaarenu at catiaeara US'
Paaanon -TPaaaJe pttttHttT
: Steadfast elrcla of King's
'titers, S; Chapter B, K. of taa
.11 0., 16; Read? to Help circle
' King's Daughter!, $19. There
also a Bomber of tMlrldaal
irlbutors, on business man
flag a $:0 bill with the Injunc
M, "In case that isn't enough, tell
I, and 111 double or triple It.
l'ra doing wonderful work In
Argus Baata kum land. I
-pen to know of aooraa of eases
t bare been looked after by yttot
-amlttee. Just let me know. It
happen to run short on funds,
I IH be glad to give more."
I The Santa Claaa committee ls-nl-
i 1 II f i '-
jiaX t Lv-- t-iUajr
r- . 1 a
fir -1 )t It by taa
u' : :. aas re-
i t v. t-U lU t-jra-aa to
prortted for, bseaaaa of aafaTor
akta hoaaa ooaCtteas, due to atek
nese. lack of aatbaomeat, ate. The
eoauRtttee la glad to racatva lator
sTtttM from iNTMim that will
tf l ft aa rttatt1 naaaa. of poor
hUraaV itHlUv of any Maft
of uegiarleJl yoanistare yoa ara
arged to notttr The Argaa Baste
Claus conunlMao WBBoat aemy.
Bgg Your Pardon
The Cartataeas party ta be given
Neighbors Will ke Held oa Wednes
day, DM. it, instead or Saturday.
Dad. . Stt a announced In last
bights Argus.
: Klectric Carting Irons. (2 each.
See our ad on page 14. H. E. Gal-
hart A Co., Inc., 1S1 Second ava
nua. ( Advertisement. )
- -. '' " "
Order yOar "HOltE PACKAGE
of Christmas Candles tram YOaag
A afcCoUba tomorrow. - (Adver-
Rock island's Greatest Caadjr
saie mnrnnr at loung oc mc
Corn be. (Advertisement)
at Laedi f; atCn Ea
af Bay. s
War sartaka stamps, series .of
1MI, payable on Jan. 1, IMa, at-
SA car aaea aaaa, are oeiaa; ire
seated at tab Roek lakaM MMaUce
at am averagt aawaafaf ti,at per
day. - - .
. ConuBentlnc en tha sttsation tne
FTtmatT- stated, wbila tka re
anonaa ta tha rawtaat at th pent-
oSice aaaarnaaat that owners of
tha graen iHt sramaavtegs ataaaaa
present thatr stamps tor payment
Discount Ort
SaI Ettda Sat, Dae- !
1609 2nd Ave.
t'v bvi c - k. L'
i it ins - r aaw fc
In - rtrUti at;. i
1 2tii tU aAka.
waiuh aw W aste a a oraflaaJ
tia XJial7 ,! tha r iallar
kasuar ua. - anc r aeat
tU thaat fc LUUt e ttaatA.
I woald aaja,arifa that tha ataampa.
tha fedarat reserve bank at Cht-
caco. which institution win for
ward cheek on Jan. 1, 1P23, at $S
for evarr atamo presented. Many
bo Id era of tha maximum amount of
tlMt aft exchaixing tha ttamps
for wham thef naM.ttoM fazt aj
Pi W warta ac tmsntr
fWlaat pSSmm "latavkv
gtructed to arrest two men who are
touring te country and- aalling a
certain style tf lensee for head
Ughte of aatomobnes, to garages In
varioaa cities.
Tha lenses are beiaf fcpreaentea
with tha kaUomu .automobile
if V
O -
u '
!1 11 ;
Baoo' Music Shop
trt-CititV League Victrola Store
Radio Sets
: htc!udKii-4yUl receiving set; 100 ft
m-eriai vrire; patr2000 Ohm Frost Phones,
2 insulhJtorh,
- Crystal receivlag et -.s-. ...$10
e 2000 Ohm Fros Phones ....$5
3000 Ohm Frost Phones ....ft
100 ft; aerial wire ........ 76c
Insulators . . . . .... .. . . ... Me
.Lightning arresters )..'. ...8
Varnished Cambiie Spaghetti
tubing, S ft ...,.......26e
Tub sockets i . .S0a
Magaet Wire, green or en am- ,
t talem, per spool ....tta
S in. dials tea
rested Galena Crystal, '
( per bofc U
Varlo coupler, with dial
Phonograph attachment ....4
Next to Fort Armstrong .Theatre
Phone R.L33S0, Rock Island, III
f& .
ft 1 . - J
i .. I ' Jth
- II I M J
V I .. - vs 1
. i , .
. I .f v I
.. I-
G( 7a Cannot
Be Forgotten
Because it is the gift superb;
Because it is proof of
e J greatest irenerositv and
Because it will Ion recall the
memory of the giver and long
delight the heart of the recip
ient. '
Furs Will Always
The Gift That
Cannot Be
Forgotten ,
Fur Coats, Scarf ; Chokers, Capes,
All our own make, made from
whole skins only, and every gar
ment guaranteed
t Look for the Bear ,
210-221 Vest Seccadi ZU
I Davespcrl, Iowa .
J. Lambros
Grocery and Meat Market
Phone R. L 4135 We Deliver.
Gold Medal Flour, d1 QC
49 lb. sack . .. sDXeiTeJ
Goldrlm Floor, . P1 QQ
lb. sack ,...,. ePLiJO
Pancake Flow, OQ
6 lb. Mtek i7C
pkga. .....
Sweet Cora.
'8 canr
, Lima Beans, .
2 lbs .
Fancy Blue Rosa
Rtee, I lbs
rolla .
s aaaa
E-Z Stove Polish,
2 cans
White Rose Syrup,
10 lb. pail .........
i lbs.
No. 1 Storage ga,
Snider's Catsup, ,
large bottle .........
Large can Tomatoes,
2 tor .
-' Mince Meat,
2 packages .........
S glasses for
' Morshmallow Cream,
2 pint Jar
Apricots, choice, .
Campbell's Soap,
Red Onions,
10 lbs. v....'..
Pap. 4 10c
Beat Santos raaaarry
Coffee, I tha.
Pnre .QaUl Coffee. OOg
ner lb. vUf
10 aara Paoste
Bona ...............
10 bar Whlas
Laandry Boap .
6 bars Sweet Heart OR 4
Soap : fi OK,
Baltimore Oysters, RKf
quart ............... OtIU
Boneless Codfish, Ofio
1 lb. ... ........ :.,ftO'
Lean Pork Shoulder " Cn
' Roast, lb. . XUl
Fresh Skinned Ham )On
Roast ....
Small Lean Pork Loin 1 Q
Roast, lb.- ....... -LiH
Veal Cheps, 25C
Veal Shoulder 1 5
' Roast, lb J-Ol
l.T:...., 12c
Tender Rib Beet ' Oft
Roast, lb. .... AJr
Tender Beef Pot
Roast, lb.
Fresh Lean Spars
Ribs, lb ..
Picnic Ham,
ftaf lb.
Bacon Squares,
Spring Cbickens, per
23c "d 28c
laws. TheMe- covers tha apyer
UK dt Ua txt. a kr pal
iM tftvathar ajraaa. Thar aa not
fnnly.wUhh nVtor vehicle lawa
am the torn ara wanbaiby tha ahar
Iff of iToodforicoanty on m war
rant charging obtaining mc w
Read Tonnt dfc MoOomba Chrtet-
ae "Ad"
Keek ishmh Craateat r
.v -r .al
V .
.... ... j. i - " . .... .
Gift Shop j
A pair of glasses or a new frame
make alendid gifts and are appre
ciated. We are offering special in
ducements for tomorrow. . Come in
and let us explain our plan.
Bowl and Bulb Sets values to
- $1.75, special $1.25
Hand carved stand, picture
' frames, values to $5. . . .20' off
, 7 1
Genuine imported Japanese (
hanging baskets and wall y
Vases, values to $3...;. 10 off
"- 1 ' ' .... ' '
All 50c incense burners on
sale tomorrow at, each ..... 35c J
Hand, painted baskets and
' sweet grass baskets, values
to $3.50, in one big assort
ment" at, each
Come in and Bee our new line
of imported Holland ware
--vases, Candle' sticks,
bowls, -etc. They are beau
tiful. N
Your choice of ' decorated
waste and ' scrap baskets r"
valued to $2.00. Special Sat
urday ....... .......$1.25
Eaton, - Crane's stationery in
gift boxes, makes a won
derful Christmas gift and
we have an unusually large as-
sortment. (
Boxed novelties are herein great
abundance. - You will find useful
gifts at very low prices.
SYou Can Do Better at KleinVSS
The Season's Most Fashionable Women's and Misses' Coats
and Wraps at the Most Pronounced Savings of the Season
mi Wrap
Values you cannot duplicate for sheer beautv. nunlitv. tnilorinir at Mtvinm of 1-5. 1-4. 1-3 and more.
; A prle concession granted us through our six store buying power is passed along to you and we
can promise you in this sale the greatest coat values the Tri-Citles has ever, known.
Only af termqnths bf. preparation were we able VallHN in this Inf lin (n $8S
to assemble such WONDERFUL assortments and VIIIC! ,n 'V1 UP w w
VALUES ! The materials are the finest obtainable
and the tailoring and finish the work of experts;
the silkNlining is truly gorgeous.
Wolf, Caracul, Beaver,
Squirrel, Opossum, Skunk,
Nutria, Raccoon..
Delysia, Mariana, Norman
dy, Beautiful Salts Plush
es, Panvelaine, Cordalure,
etc. , t '
a .
All sizes Every .new style effect in vogue See them
to appreciate the unusual qualities offered.
fib 1 n sn wOv
KLEIN'S, First Floor.
150 Higher-Priced Coals of Fines! Qualities vf,tft
Ultra fashionably models for women, or misses. Coats of an exclusive character; mostly one-pf-a-kind
models, Women who enjoy a distinctive coat will allow nothing to keep them away from
$59.50, $79,50 to $99.50
i?IiKlels devedkln' finest materials,, such as Marvella. Panvelaine, Lustrosa and Duvet de Laine.
AH fur tnmmeoTuthers havo both colars and cuffs aiad, in some instances, smart bands of fur
'fitxT avf etremely 1arSe pilars of exceptional qualities. These Coats not only represent the
KLEIN standard of merchandising,, but comefrom the highest-grade coat manufacturers in A
menca. . - . ...
Fur Trimmed Winter Coats
Sizes for W6men, Misses, Juniors and Stylish Stouts
:. . .'. Values to $55.00
Trimmed in the popular Squirrel, Wolf, Fox, Fitch,
Opossum and Raccoon. The maker assured us that this
was the last Jot we could secure to sell at this remarkably
low price, of $28.85.... - v
This price will convince you beyond a doubt that no
where else is it possible to' secure such assortmentsand
values for so reasonable a price. , .
'Another Lot
Fine Winter Coats
61Dt far-trimmed Vslonra, imported Camel's Hale Sport
Coats. AU-Wool BoUvia Sport CoaU (full silk lined,
Suedine Velotfra'and Riybli Coats with fur collars.'
Choke ot tha newest shades and styles. Sizes from 14
to 44. Worth coming miles to secure.'
Formerly $29.85 and $24.85. Now
-Kleia's Third rioor
Fur Trimmed
r ValaM to $39.50
A Really Phenomenal Purchase again demonstrating
the Price Advantage we enjoy as a result of our enor
mous combined Six Store Buying Power.
Hundreds of Garments to choYJS from. Pashioned In the
season s most rarored materials; trimmed with rich, ae
. pendable furs. A collection that will appeal to every
woman and miss. Big, warm, roomy. Coats beautifully
m. lined, with satin, peau de cygne and i
Uacy colored silks; all interlined..
it- -
Wr2nd Street
Davenport :
119 W. 2nd Street
' .
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