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XT' ' V
r 'i i"
p w e.
71 if r
Maya Sukrfv.
-jr "an rntttmt af Taker.
Mavor H. M. Schriver wu sue
-jgjfj g president ot the lower
2pck Iiltnd county tuberculosis
tiirl'it'" hy Dr. R J- Pearce.dt
' ttt annual meeting of that organi
jtton held at toe Bock Island club
(Me afternoon. -
(Other officers chosen are:" '
first vice president Miss Caro
itssJnhl. I gteond vice president Mrs. F.
! g. Bahnsen. ; '
1 lUcretary Mrs. Ct L. Silvts.
Treasurer William Johnston,
ltambers of executive committee
two years Mrs. C. E. Sharp,
!' fjr. Louis Ostrom, - Mrs. H. H.
CUtteland, John W. Potter and
Or. A. i. Miller of Edgington.
; Members of evecutive committee
t lor one year Mrs. C. L. Thomp
I ana. Dr. A. N. Mueller, Ben Jacob-
i joe, Mrs. C. W, Foss and M. H.
J Sanervlsor Talks.
i Miss Anne L. Tillinghast, super-
F nt mirsiti? nervice for tha llli-
m . , i .i I
I dressed the meeting, stressing tne ; ' iuiem oi mm. tuiioerme
f Mien air school room and nurse i Roche will be held tomorrow morn-
Xitation Ung at 10:30 o'clock from the home
I Miss Tillingghast has 60 nurses of her brother, James Powers, 2734
1 ander her supervision Jn Illinois.' Eighth1 avenue, with services .at 11
land is here promoting the tale of . o'clock in Sacred Heart church. Re.
seals for funds wmcn win oe useo,
to' flghting the "white plague."
The gathering this afternoon
iorsed the project of us'ng funds!
I derived from the seal sales to pro
f vide visitation of homes by nurses,
f Has Balance On Hand.
J. Dr. Joseph DeSilva informed the
meeting that he still had about
realired '
SI7W) m nis pusseBBion rouiMB
tirom tne saie o;
. ... i. . a i 1
KU WU.H U15 .......
the time because Moiine claimed a
larger portion of it than be
tKMi.ht tha nltv VIA oil f 1 1 lli tn rp-
cetve. . - I
" He said he was willing to give
j. Rock Island's share of the funds in
his hands to some society which
, would underetake to use it for the
t prevention of tuberculosis in this
i city. Mayor Schriver informea the
i doctor that the difficulty with Mo:
line had been adjusted, that city
now being willing to receive a
mailer amount than at first
churned. I
The minutes" read at the session
showed that although organized
Feb. 14,: 1920, only two special
meetings had ben held, and no an
nual gathering called. Mayor
Schriver had been president of the
association since its organization.
Head f Civfl Service League Makes
Plea That the Administration
,! Tara to Merit Bale. v.
Washington, Dec 8.-An appeal
to the party in power o turn its
back on the ' "Spoils system" and
adopt a thorough-going application
'of the merit principle was made
by Richard H. Dana, Boston," presi
dent of the National Civic Service
Reform league, in an address last
alght before the annual convention
"of the league.
;. "Let me ask the administration,"
laid he, "whether there is any oth
er issue it could now take np which
would so appeal to the public at
.large and so rebound to, its own
credit in the history of the country,
experience has shown that any fla
grant use of patronage always loses
votes for the party responsible."
Mr. Dana said that counting em
ployes of states, counties, munici
palities and townships, the army of
civilian public employes in thof
united States numbers above 3,000,-
WO, or one for every senen fam
ilies. The payroll ot this army is
about $3,000,000,000 a year, of
which $600,000,000 is spent by the
naeral government .
', Big Saving Possible.
." One-quarter ot the total of sal
Ties paid, Mr. Dana charged, is
wasted in supernumerary employes,
Aaaecessary duplication of work.
.adequate management and anti
UMed methods.
v' "Could waste be stopped in the
sblic service," he 'said, "there
would be a saving to our over'-taxed
mntry of 1700.000.000 a vear
."The Civil Service Reform league
imposed two methods of'eliminat
I this waste, Mr. Dana said. First
I ay turning efficiency and employ
' .t experts Into the various de
partments to renlace the inefficient.
ataadardise work, modernise meth
and put promotion on a basis
J merit instead of seniority or po-
,aueai pull. Second, by requiring
aat officials ia tip higher grades,
sponsible for tbe management of
we lower grades, be selected on ac-
wwai or fitness. --
. Mr. Dana appealed to the admin
"anon, to congress and the gen-
! Public to support this pro-
i"We as a country, have let mat
drift on far ton Innr." 1 he
P "We are not only wasting
patrimony, but are continuing
nabita which are becoming
' nnnly fixed.'
V . (Special IIoIIm Bcrrtea.) r "
iMsjror C. P. Skinner ot Molina
Jf today appointed head of a com
wtee to make arrangements for
"W StatA rnnMit(nn. nt th. ICllrK
W spring in Moiine. Mayor Skia
, was appointed by the exalted
lf of the Moiine iUks. r
"fm CWt Mh Mar rlmHilTiSI IS
' aHel. tewsasw tt le aa ad Uluc. tt
J. Jaaoskr. mi Mvm4
died ; eadtaUy last ajg; -'$" fete
aw mm , street. BUvta.
wms the causa jof his
taMMat .:aa' kafd this
anaraooa tn taa QanWson ft Fur
(la tanarat narlore. Kollna.
Mr. Jeaaaky was bin ia Poses,
uarmaay ra 1867. Ha came to the
United Siataa whan be wu a youth
and settled ia New Jeraev.. had
resided In Bllvls with "his wife and
ninny for the last tt years and
worked as a blacksmith in the
81 Iris shops for a number of years.
He was a rennted. Unaniat. hlnr
been able to speak a number of dit
fareat language. Surviving is the
widow, a daus titer, Mrs. Robert Dur
fee, and two grandchildren.
funeral serrtces will be held at
1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon frem
the Danielson A Furgte ,uneral
parlors. Moiine, with services in the
Holy Trinity church at 2 o'clock.
Burial will be in St Mary's ceme
tery, East Moiine. ,
1 Funeral af Mr. Healey. ,
Funeral services for John P.
Healey .. will be held tomorrow
morning at t:16 o'clock in the home
of his daughter. Mrs.' H. C Holt
orf, 1621 Second arenue, with serr
ices at 9:30 O'clock in St Joseph's
uatnoiic church. Rev. P. H. Durkin,
pastor, will conduct the services.
Burial will be in Calvary cemetery.
. ' Fnnaral Af Wra Puth
IUC BUTItCB. ouriMi Wltl UC 1 111
' . .
Funeral of Mr. MIntrer. .
' Funeral services for Rollo L.
Minteer of Moiine were held at 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon in the
i Knox chaoel. Moiine. A firing i
""d 'rom Rock Island arse-
.u . ; i.j.
uai wan at luc Kiave ill luieraiuei
em(rt, . - . -
Chief Reseats Aeensatioa That He
Was Giving Special Considera
tion to Rock Island Prisoner.
Ben De Jaeger, chief of police of
the city of Moiine, today was re
sentful that people of Rock Island
and Moiine should think that Tom
Cox, former chief of police who has
been arrested on a charge of mur
der, is receiving special privileges
while, being imprisoned-Ja the Mo
line city JaiC , Chief De Jaeger said
that It was customary to place ail
persons, from out of town in the
women's department of the Jail, v
Cox has been placed in the wom
en's department of the city Jail and
is held out of communication with
anyone besides his attorney, C. E.
uieiz. i-Mewspaiperinen ana an vis
itors are prohibited from visiting
or holding a conversation of any
kind with him. Only the policemen
who carry his meals to him - are
permitted to enter his presence.
Mr. Cox is in conference with, his
attorney, Mr. Dietz, this afternoon.
Mrs. Catherine A. Laagmaa,
Worthy Matron of Eastern
Star, Bedpfent of GUV
Mrs. Catherine A. Langman,
worthy matron of Rock Island
chapter No. 269, Order of the East
ern Star, was presented with a
beautiful auilt in yellow and
white and on which the emblem of
tbe organisation was 'stitched, by
the staff of officers woo nave co
operated with her daring the past
year, at a meeting held Wednesday
evening. -
A successor to Mrs. Langman
rill be. chosen next Wednesday, ere-
ninr at the annual meeting.
The presentation or tne quiu
which was the handiwork of the
donors, was made' following - the
initiation of six candidates, and the
staging of a unique program par
ticipated in by tne group ot ea,
who received the Eastern Star de
cree in 1922.
Representing a typical .motion
oicture theatre audience, they por
trayed the emotions generally man
ifested by spectators who witness
the screen- production of - wncie
Tom's Cabin."
Frames shook with grief when lit
ti Kva. died, and were convulsed
with merriment over the antics of
Tonw1'.'-. . : - ' - .,-
Nothtnr of the sort waa ever at
tempted before- in Rock Island so
far at known,- aAT the actor audi
ence (s 10 to have scored a tre
mendous niu unuuuw wmuwu
were representative of those seen
in ordinary theatre gatherings, and
are said to have formed one of the
most enjoyable features of the
- (Spatial Moiine SarViec.) "
tmIk ii- n niata of the Moiine
city court indicated that he will
aign a decree for Mrs. Andrew Bet-1
teberg, despite the fact that her
husband insists that he doesnt ,
drink. Mra. 8etteberg cnarges
itranlrennMS in her bllL ' ' . '
The defendant- is said to have
at. wtftt ktfan it i o'dack
thi. morninc. When, aaked - what '
ho wanted said lie was looalaaj
after aomo Aowan. he kad planted
some tjma ago. -.
' Settebanr ia a vetaraa of the Caa
adlioi urmy aad waa dacorajtafl ni
numoUr 'of.QCeaalaja.. -
Prwteetfte AsmeafJ Takas Ac
Jaa to KM District af Careless
v Hasten,
HiilIiI ' Ko'Jm Uwvte.1 - '
The Rock Island County Farm
ers Protective association "will en
deavor to hare enacted by the state
legislature, a law prohibiting, the
shooting 'of jiuall, and ; claasitrfng
the beloved Bob White as a song
bird. - If hunters are pennitted to
kill quail at the rata the birds are
being slaughtered now. ltwill not
be long until the bird is extinct, it
was pointed out by several of the
members yesterday:
The president and secretary' of
the association were authorised "to
draft a, resolution and present 'it
to the representative in legisla
ture from this district with the re
quest that he use his efforts to have
the quail protected by law.
. Hunting in general was con
demned by the farmers who attend
ed "yesterday's meeting. They are
not particularly concerned about
the slaughtering ol other game, bat
they are determined to make the
careless hunter pay for 'his disre
gard . of the' ' farmer's property.
Poisoning of cattle, killing oft do
mestic fowls, horses, cattle and
pigs are some of the crimes which
several of the ' speakers charged
against the hunters. "-.': ; ,
Members of the association pro
pose to wage "a relentless war on
hunters, and in order to make their
work effective they are going to
stage a membership campaign with
the view of enrolling every farm'
er in the county in the association. ; from assault bystnkers, naa notn
The "membership of the association I ins to do. When the shop train
was 600 at one time, hut in the last
several years the affairs of the or-
ganisation have been allowed to
aneatlT ha, f-nen off. . The deou
uift euu
ties were instructed yesterday to
solicit every farmer in the county,
and was voted to pay the deputies
a small fee for every new member
they sign up.
Wallace Souders, game warden
for this district, was present and
offered his cooperation to the as
sociation in enforcing the "law
against trespassing. , "
Ofilcers Elected.
Practically all of the old officers
were elected yesterday: They are:
President Charles A- Uarson,
Sonth Moiine. . "
First vice presidentr Charles
King, South Moiine.
Second vice president Phil
Crockett, Coal Valley.
Third vice president William
Suess, Hampton. ... .
Fourth - vice president Louis
Qlockoff, South Rock Island.
.Fifth vice president Charles
WpiiHo Milan , i
Executive committee Charles A.I
Larson, Charles King, EX G. Jamle
; son, William Lound. John Groth.
Deputies-E. T. Willis, Hampton,
chief deputy; Harry Long,. Coal
Valley; Charles King. South Mo-
line; William Lound, South Moiine;
Chris Dennhardt, Hampton. . -
Canvass of the city for contribu
tions to the work of the Salvation
Army was complete, today but a
tag day will be staged tomorrow,
bringing the movement to a . close.
Young women of Augustana col
lege and about 20 Salvationists will
sell the tags on the streets..- It is
announced by the committee in
charge that other young women
are needed as taggers, and the hope
is expressed that they will volun
teer. All willing to help are re
quested to report either tomorrow
morning or afternoon in the lobby
of , the New Harper where head
quarters have been established.
Those who have not been, so
licited are requested to send their
checks for the cause to W. B. Mc
Intyre, treasurer of the campaign
Solicitors for, the fund have not
as yet turned ia their final report,
but the amount secured will, be
announced early next week. ,
It' is stated that the. amount of
good work to be done for the
needy of the city by the Salvation
Array depends very materially up
on the response made by citisens
to the present efforts being made
to place the organisation -upon-a
better financial footing and meet
obligations incurred.
An Ideal
Christmas Gift
' : ' . .. .
21 1 W. 2ad
; Oppoutw
"i.i'ri ill KU.Ill '
Officers of taw
efek Were wlectad at a
taa aassbera at tha MtoUaa
oar of Couuatrce last night, as fol
lows : --.-:' : -' . i ' j
' President H. S. Baaawn
- Vice president B. 8. Lord.
Secretary L- fi. Wyaaa. -
iTeasuTer George Chasc Jr.
Directors Hit three years, T.
W. Resoe. H. A. DeWolf : for two
years. Dr. A. T. Laipold, T..F.
Vaarton; for one year, W. J. An
dreas. I. R, Blackinaa. . .
The president: will appoint com
mittees on . legislation, memsec
ship, good roads, touring and ear
u Twenty to forty members of the
organization will be secretly nam
ed to act as deputies in enforcing
the traffic laws of the city. The
oolice denartment wUl lie noti
fied of law violations which come
to the observation of the deputies
who will report by numbers of li
cense plates. , . , ' , '
Three leliae ' Foilee Betafled to
,- Meet Silvia Shop T"rain Find
' . Things Quiet.
: ISDecUi XaUne Sarvke.)
" Three Moiine : policemen who
were called to the Hock Island pas
senger station at Thirteenth street
to protect shop workers of Si l vis
pulled into Moiine, the police saw
only two special ieaerai agcum u
the station to meet the workers. Not
a single striker nor any of their
svmnathizers was resent.
-The special agents are' said to
have appealed to the police for aid
because they feared violence when
the shop train reached Moiine last
njght. Strikers, it is said, have
threatened several of their number
who are reported to have returned
to work. Report that a large num
ber of strikers had returned to
work was denied today by both
union officials and men in charge
of the shop.
The deputies who summoned the
police had no explanation to offer
for failure of tbe riot to materialize.
"There wasn't a person at the
station when the shop train pulled
in, except two . deputy marshals,"
said Policeman Charles Gallagher,
one ot the thTee men detailed to
"come to the rescue" of the non
union men. . . - -
Party of Jiew Tork and Detroit
. Sperteaea to Sail for Pole pa ..
Hunting Expedition. :
Detroit, Dec. 6 In a giant sea
plane, a party of Detroit and New
York sportsmen will invade the
great wastes of the Arctic next
summer on what is regarded as- a
most unusual hunting trip, if pres
ent plans are carried out Memr
bers of tbe party intend to so com
pletely outfit the plane that it will
match the modern parlor car for
convenience and comfort '
The trip will have as its objec
tive the land which heretofore has
been .known only to the dog train. .
Included in the party will be In-
glis M. Vppercu and Charles F.
Redden of New York, Howard E.
Coffin, Harold H. Emmons, William
E. Metzger and Dr. James W. Inches
of Detroit, men prominent In the '
airplane and motor worlds. -' I
The plane, which now is bsing
especially constructed at Keyport,
N. J., will take an all-water ,'rouie
to tbe far northern buy. It is plan
ned to leave New York about July
1, thence to Montreal and Moose
Factory. The Hudson bay terri
tory will be entered from' the lat
ter station.' -
The equipment ot the plane will
include compa-tment aleeping quar
ters, with an observation room for
ward, an electrically v equipped
kitchenet, an armory, a galley and
large storage rooms. . It is an
nounced ' that arrangements, have
been made with the Hudson Bsv
company 4 for gasoline -and other
supplies. .- ., . ,;
; -. . T. .v.' ' ' . ; '.; .... ,,
masting af
St, DaTavport. ;
CAR; nf.ri8TED
Fraak 5vak,
Tarsagk WbWahlcU-Wm B
Tried for Taktag lute;
Frank Novak, '414 Thirteeuth
street, Moiine, ran a borrowed an-j
tomobile into a street car at Fifth 1
avenue add Thirty -fifth street. Rock.
and was painfully injured, as a re
sult of being hurled through the
windshield. -
. This morning he was arrested on
a charge of taking a motor vehicle
without the owner's consent. The
owner is Axel Hindrichson, 1866
Thirteenth avenue, Moiine. The
machine was parked at Third ave
nue and Twenty-fourth street, Mo
iine: Novak says that he saw the car
and as it was raining he decided
to use it to get some umbrellas for
the boys at tbe Moiine Body cor
poration, where Hindrickson is em
ployed, and come right back. He
did not say why he had' gone to
Rock Island. ' 1
After the accident he was taken ;
to his home by Jim Slavtn, Rock
Island taxi operator.
Hindrichson, in the meantime,
had notified the police of the loss
of his machinne, which was found
at Fourth street and Fifth avenne,
where it had been abandoned by
Novak; - '," ..-
Novak was penitent this morning,
and said he. would try to make ar
rangements to have the machine
repaired. The case was to be heard
this afternoon, by Magistrate Frank
Gustafson. , ... .
(Special Moiuie Serrlee.l
Frank P. Styvaert was today
named assistant supervisor from
Moiine township to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation ot Oscar
Toungren, now deputy sheriff un
der C. L. Edwards.
Styvaert's : election was unani
mous, all members ot the Moiine
town board voting for him. Those
who voted are Supervisor L. C.
First. Justices F. C. Entrikin, Wil
liam Carstens, George Regenberg
and Otto Anderson and O. T. Nel
son, town clerk.
Styvaert formerly was a member
of the board of supervisors.
Order your "HOME PACKAGE'
of Christmas Candies from. Toung
McCombs tomorrow. (Adver
tisement) , ,
to Make Is This.
When you walk in
to my store to get an
overcoat, you can
leave five or ten dol
lars at home because
although these coats
look the part they
are only priced at
$20, $25 to $35. :
Every " man can
wear a coat at my
prices. ; - ;
4nd as for Suits'
Why pay more
than $20, $25 or $35
when you don't have
to? .: f - . .
,;iV- ' " " '
Slip your arms in
to one of these coats,
cry on the trousers
and give yourself e
close once over. r
- Some clothes. .
Genuine Beaver Hats
o natdi ': the ooer
coata I seU at only
$17-519 Fifteenth Street
V r ) Ml
Df ) :
d) '
f A
o V
All Purchases in
Christmas Boxes.
Fine Tailoring
' and -Men's
D In the .1800 Block
Rock Island
u i .
i mm
commencing xomorrow, DecemBer 9,- at 7:00 a.
at this sale are absolutely unexcelled in quality of song, and just previous to the sale were selling
at $14.00. These birds we have imported from Germany,, where Canary raising and training !,
science, Bach and every one is tested for song by ourselves and must come up to our-usual high
standard before it ia placed on sale. The trade stamp under the right wing is your assurance that
the bird has passed the test and is a good singer. ; -
The song itself would be described as a low, soft roll, gradually riafag and increasing, and termi
nating with beautiful variations. Tou will never tire listening to the sonss of these talented little
composers. -'lf - , ;.
SPECIAL SALE PRICE, genuine imported guaranteed
-V.C Singers $7.60 each.
This Price Conditional. Read Further.
We want to sell not less than 200 BIRDS at this sale. If we reach this goal we agree t;
REFUND ONE DOLLAR in cash to the purchaser of each bird, making the ACTUAL COST ONLY
$6.60. We believe we can do it. We tried this plan last year and went over the top. We can do it
again. '. ' '
Announcement of the total number of birds sold will be made in this paper at the conclu
sion of the sale, and purchaser may receive the dollar by calling at the store. (In case of mail
orders, a rebate check will be mailed to your address.)
we will give away at the end of the sale a beautiful, imported bird case. This cage is solid
brass, vith glass seed guards, and drawer base. Very handsome, and regularly sells at 120.00.
Apply at store for further particlars.
With every singer we furnish a written guarantee. The bird must sing or you may return it in
exchange for another. This is important for many canaries never sing a note and are practically
worthless. Dont take chances we protect you.
No gift so well accords with the Christmas spirit as a beautiful s;nsing canary. It is truly a
gift that Jives. Its song is the symbol of joy and happiness. Not even the long, dreary winter
can silence the cheerful - song of this willing little feathered songster. It is a delightful entertainer
and friend in the home of the rich or the poor. If you don't know what to give, make it a canary.
Everyone enjoys it father, mother, brother, sister, a relative, a friend, and all the rest.
With the gift-giving season near at hand you should not fail to take advantage of this special
sale. . The prices of imported canaries are advancing and will, likely be considerably higher just
before Christmas. -You will not only make a substantial saving but avoid being disappointed, for
good singers will likely be off the market later cn. ........
Remember, we are headquarters for cages, stands, accessories, and supplies of nil kinds. We
have cages in a wide range of styles, including some very handsome importe numbers, our prices
can't be duplicated. Special 5 discount on. combined" outfit of bird, case afcd stand. ."
wUl receive nor special and prompt attention.- We guarantee
point in the S. No extra charge for shipping cage. You have
A written guarantee will be mailed to your address. Also the
required number are sold.
Announcement Will Be Made in this Paper Each Day of the
Number of Birds Sold on the Previous Day. Watch forif.
(Pet Shop Dept.) "For Gifts That Live"
401 Wi Second St. Davenport, Iowa
Buying a c
Man's Gift
Is Not a .
If You
December 16, at 9 p. m.
Make g
safe arrival by express to any
our promise of good selection.
rebate check for $1.00 if the
m., and ending Saturday, V -.) I H 1
a r
1 1 a y
' t
, ' . '-, - '. . - -, Is . . '

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