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, ana iiznr c;ur. ct
ClCEPTlONAL 8hirta at this prfct! Id of
the funoaft imported Eng1ih Braeddoth and . .
perfect in every respect, from the geawDUi cot to
Collar attached,: collar to match ajid neckband
styles These shirts are by far i the most popular -
season; known and admired by every man for they are "
X as sax; out; several umes aa auraoie ana utoroasjniy
, -Mum1!. Matai
;iostic Knit jackets
'.j the most serviceable ana appreciated.
" for a man is an Elastic Knit Knock
t Can be worn under the coat. Comes
. Heather, Green Heather and Seal
Sports style, with two or four pockets.
J&50 and $7.50. PtenB Mala toot
Joii Know Hovk Important it is to Buy
Men's Christmas Ties Early r
jDREDS of new ties just recefved will be brought forward
morrow for your choosing.: Many beautiful patterns in cut
ocadedatin, and silk knitted.' Every one a desirable gift y
ke for $1.00. ' -r.tan.aM. Xala ot.
i- j ' : ' " ". . ' ,
Save on Ypur Work Mitts and Gloves
ffLETE showing of warm, lined gloves and mittens for work;
tasthat will withstand the strains incident to the work for
(they are intended. Our unusual buying facilities direct from '
Lined Glovea of split latUmr; split
back and pigskin palm with knitted
wrist, at 79c... " . , .
Vltts of heavy split leather.
luk. protected seams and
i teed, at 4.k n
I Gloves "and MRU of full horesids back and palm; either gauntlat or knit
I ud SSc. rutmrfc Mala utr.
I '
1 v.'
Cordova- Leather Gifts
THERE iS' BO' finer gift than a CordOT hand
tooled purse or hand bag. These, goods are.
made from Spanish steer hide,' Russian calf or gen- '
uine seal The lacings, are genuine African goat
They are made entirely by hand and each article is
one of rare beauty and individuality. A life-time
gift Priced at $20 to S35. ' ,
. Cordovan hand-modeled Leather Bill Folds are
greatly appreciated as gifts by the men. Priced aft
$3.98 to $15. -kamrt, a aj
. :v -
THE vogue , for Pearls this '
season has created a desire
in nearly every feminine heart .
to .possess a lovely strand of
pearls and a Christmas Gift of
an Indestructible Pearl Necklace
will be enthusiastically received.
Attractively boxed in a white , -
silk-lmed case. .
These are the genuine Eaaba
Pearls and are a superior repro
duction of Oriental Pearls reflecting their beauty in
luster, texture and tints. They are indestructible
and are guaranteed not to peel, discolor or break,
even in hot or cold water.
. - In graduated strands 18 to 36 inch length; with
white gold clasps at $2.95 to $5.65.
rtmuft. nam
x Fur-Top Mittens
Will Keep Boys' and Girls'
Fingers Warm
THE kiddies won't want to put their hands way
down in 'their pockets, and thereby, get the coat
pockets all stretched outnot when they have good
looking' mittens on. Their fingers will stay, warm
and the mittens will stay on for they're in' the strap
wrist style." - - ( i, , ( :
Children's Gauntlet style Gloves and Mittens;
also Elastic Wrist Mittens priced at 85c to $125. '
Other styles in fine quality Kid Gloves and Mittens
at, $1.50 to $245. -rrtama. m. rtoa.
1WH Find Wonderful GUI Suggestion, in
Wie Gurty Gifts
rPO savetime and energy in your gift shopping
i. come first to the popular "Court of Gifts"
which we have, prepared on the Main Floor. x "
Here are booths and tables, each having a group of
gifts at one price. . -
The gifts have been selected from everv m-rimn
of the store. Gifts for men, women, girls, boys and
children. AIT remarkable values, good quality and '
priced astonishingly low.
Special Booths for Saturday Are:
BaanUfiU Plctores, copies of old mas
tars, at SSJS.
Assortment ot Gut Glass, at SJjM,
A wonderful Una at Bead Necklaces.
tStSS. -
CaOdran's Books at all kinds, at We,
HsOlgma's DaUeloas Cbocolatm, at (So
rtn QMUttr Btattonary la attractive
boxes at Me Had 11.
Pjraz Cssa.ro las with oval or roond
framea - of solid coppar, trlpla
nlckle plate, tor SSJS.
A 0c box of Christmas Carda, con
taining aa assortment of IS cards.
aka "
Hory wrdi Extra lMritmerits
of Quality
EVEN though Hosiery does
.'make a splendid gift ordi-"
narily, the new styles now shown
' here make another reason why
you should give Hosiery,
" They are a fascinating exhibit
of day and evening styles. The
extra beauty of the texture andv
the distinctive, touches of em
: broidery, make them quite out of
he ordinary. ' . r
We have a one assortment of Fancy Hose for eith
Ver personal use or gift purposes. Both ribbed and
glove silk hose in drop stitch pattern ; those with lace
inserts, embroidered and drawn clocking all fine
.quality hose and in the -desirable shades.
Specially priced at
$1.95 $3.95d$5.?5
v. Full fashionedV fully reinforced at all points of
wear; colors of Black, Cordovan, Nut Brown, Polo,
Grey and White. ' Very reasonably priced at $1.75
pair. $ pairs for $5. .
of tJie finest quality in both Pointex and square
heels; black and cordovan all sizes. Also the
Tailored Seam style in blacVenly, at $25 pair.
Comfortable, extra stretch rib top Hose of unusual
, wearing qualities. Colors of black, cordovan, golden
' brown, navy and white, attractively priced at $1.65
pair. 3 pairs for $4.75. -retenea's. Vala Saar.
- .
Underwear Specials for Saturday
CHILDREN'S bleached ribbed
fleeced Union Suits with
high neck, long sleeves and an
kle length ; drop seat style. Sizes
2 to 12 years, at 50c
Women's bleached ribbed
fleeced Union Suits in all styles.
Sizes 36 to 44, at 85c
Women's wool and woorinixed
Union Suits in several high
.grade makes. Practically all
sizes, special at $2.65.
See our stock of Munsingwear for all the family.
m m J
at-5 " I
en and
Beauty Are Combined
Silk Petticoats
SILK Jersey, Radium Silk and
Satin are favored for petti
coat materials in, of course, the
straightline models. Some have
plain, hemstitched hems, while
others' have more elaborate
flounces, either wide or narrow,
in two-tone apphaue desitrns. '
Navy and Red, . Taupe and Henna; anbS plenty of
blacks, navys, etc Regular and extra large sizes
through the hips. ,
$4.95 d $5.95
Finished Models
of Hand Embroidery
Half Price
Bcarfs, Lonch Cloths, Bad
Spreads, Gowns. Children's
Dresses, etc, all at halt price,
retanea? Art Sept, Sad fleer
: : : - " i
Dry-Well Towels
39c 3 for $1jOO
TeUrwa'i Art Sept tad Vim
retorMB's. Talrd Soar.
36-inch. Percales
at 15c yd.
retenea!. Hah Sear.
Qur Season-End Clearance Sales of
Women's and Misses'
The very unusual savings together with the smartness oi
the apparel has. made this sale a value giving event ' '
January prices now!
25 to tSS
Every Dreis in Our . Stock Reduced
t&M to $45
. .fssAUett :
$53 to $65
-FeerMas. MaJa Soar, E
$6.50 1
Velvets, yd..
The demand for velvets
has almost exceeded the
supply, but wa still hare a
limited stock of Black, Brown,
Navjr, Jap Bine, Grey, etc.; In
a splendid quality.
rteneaa, Kala Seer.
: J6c? Xl
as GUIs
" Conveniently compact,
with drawers, inverted
hat box, htundry bag,
shoe box and hangers.
Indestructo Trunks are
an investment. Their
sturdiness insures a life
time of service and their
fittings make them a
constant pleasure.
There are several
sizes, at very attractive
prices, i Let us show
them to you today
Hundreds of leather
novelties to choose from
as gifts. Prices from 50c
up. '
The Home of Better
We Do Repairing
Wksi IstossCs Wit Fttst
HtMrs hi BtJi gcassla, Hew
STart Batti OaHstt CI.
Davenport hih school bors' t-
clamatorr team defeated the hove' '
declamatory team ot Uw Bock U-
land, high school vesterda after-, .
noon la two contests, one la eat:h
school. 62 to (S. the lowest score
wlnalnc. Although Davenport woa v
the meet. Bock Island had the hon
or to win the two Brat places la the
Jacob Vlner, with the Mlectlan -"The
Reprial," won tha Judsea' de
cln)on in Davennort. and Marion
i Waits, with "The Defense or Abner
Barrow," was given first place in
Rock Islandi
As the score shows, the contest
was close. At Davenport, the Rock
Islanders lost by the score of SI '
to 33, and in this, city the hone
team was aaaia defeated, this time
31 to 32. The Rock Island tesra
and their selections la Davenport
Jacob Vlner "The Reprisal."
Frank Gcdient "The Deserter."
Chester Battles "A Retriever
Reformation." "
The participants In the Rock Is
land contest, their selections and
ranking follows: c , '
, Marion Waite The Defense of -Abner
Max Weiner "JeaS Valjean."
Victor' Schmidt "The Black
Horse and His Rider."
Keith Anderson "The Gadfly."
Frederick Hetter "Madame X."
Frank Hodgson "The Man With .
One Talent"
none Saveapert SOM
Two Doors West of
Family Theater
I Operation of a motor bus line be
tween Davenport and DeWitt was
i commenced yesterday and prom
r ises to be an important link Joining
! the two towns. The bus leaves Us
Davenport station at Hotel Black
i hawk at 7 and at 10 o'clock in the
! morning, while it leaves DeWitt on
: its return Journey at 8:30 o'clock
1 in the morning, at 1 and 4 :30 o'clock
! in the afternoon.
The 22-mile run is made la an
hour and 15 minutes. Two busses
are now running between Daven
port and Geaeseo.
FAMOUS Records
' As Good as the Best .
Carolina in the Morning (Duet)
3161( Charles' Harrison and E. Clark
(My Buddy (Tenor Solo) Charles Harrison
(The Girl I Kissed on the Stairs (Musical Monologue) . .
3167( Axel Christensen
(Teasing the Classics (Rag-Jazz Piano Solo)
( Axel Christensen
3164 (Love's Lament (Waltz) Metropolitan Dance Flayers
(Japanese Moon (Fox Trot) The Badgers
(Homesick (Fox J rot) Earl Randolph's Orchestra
3162(Are You Playing Fair (Fox Trot)
( Earl Randolph's Oa??stra
(Tomorrow (Fox Trot) (Vocal Chorus Arthur Hall)....
3160 ( . . A . . . . .-r.. ' Joe Samuels and Orchestra
(You Gave MeYour Heart (Fox Trot) (Vocal Chorus
( Arthur Hall Joe Samuels and Orchestra
3163 (Toot Toot Tootsie (Fox Trot)
(Silver Sjwanee (Fox Trot) ..
3165(Lovin' Sam (Fox Trot) Frisco Syncopators
(Suez (Fox Trot) The Badgers
Earl Randolph's Orch.
.Broadway Melody Makers
(In My Old Plantation Home (Fox Trot)
3166( Earl Randolph's Orchestra
(Two Little Wooden Shoes (Fox Trot) ..Earl Randolph's Or.
Christmas Records.
5092 (Rock of Ages . Cardinal Quartet
(Hark, the Heralded Angela Sing Cardinal Quartet
(Nazareth- (Quartet with Orchestra accompaniment)
S060( Criterion Quartet
(The First Xowell (Quartet with Orchestra Acc.)
( , Criterion Quartet
(Holy Night (Violin-Cello-Piano) Hackel-Berge Trio
5034(Silent Night, Holy Night (Violin-Cello-Piano)
i ( Hackel-Berge Trio
(Adeste Fidel eg (Mixed Quartet) Cardinal Quartet
S032(Chri8tmas Chimes (Sop.-Alto Duet, Orch. Acc.)
( Barbour-Lennox
5033 (Joy to the World (Mixed Quartet) ....... .Cardinal Quartet
: . (Adeste Fideles (Piano Solo) Clifford Murray
- Oh, Come All Ye Faithful (Mixed Quarteg ..T... ......
5035 ( ...1 Reed Miller Quartet
(Voice of the Chimes (Mixed Quartet) Reed Miller Qt.
: Records make Ideal Christmas Gifts. Why not let
your old records help you procure new. We allow
25 cents for an old record in trade for a new one. ;
' Bobolink's Song Books and Records for
t the Children! -
,. We have a splendid assortment ot records for the kiddles,
such as:
THE BOBOLIXK BOOK, 8 x 11 inches, with beautiful illustra
tions. Two Double-Faced Records prepared especially for chil
dren with child songs and sayings, so clearly enunciated that
children do not have the usual difficulty to understanding them.
Price $1.00.
TALKI5G GAXES is a 'thirty-two page book In two colors, ' Two
Double-Faced five-inch Records. This attractive book -contains
games that have been played by children for years. Price 75c
THE 8AXTA CLAl'S BOOK is one the kiddies will sure like.
Price 75c. . . , ... . ....
THE W.UTHEK BOOK Telia thevetorj of Old Mother
uoote ana tales of Fairy Land. Price 75c
- Each outflt is packed in a folding cardboard container, beau
tifully printed in colors, from a design drawn especUlly for It
by Maud Klska Petersham.
Come in and look them over - . ,
You will not be asked to buy.
The Cable Music House
1716 Third Arenue JTsono R. L 431
J - RocklslandHL
Order your "HOME PACKAGE"
of Christmas Candies from Young
t& McCombs tomorrow. (Advertisement)
1 1
, r .
& -

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