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"jek ( Steers st East:
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w iaa la feaaa a
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"3 lo finance th But Molina
jet of ? Cramerce ; was - the
1 topic of dliteuMloa at th an
1 swmberaMp seating lt
tthe city need an orxitoin
1 1 function In behalf of the
-Htial interesta the members
i ureed, but doubt was ex
wai as fo the financial ability
je chamber to continue under
intent system. A Ions Met of
jsaent members glres founds
l far this doubt; "
Jut while many of the individuals
m not lived up to the obligations
f lncarred when the- chamber
jered into : contract- with the
jerican City bureau, the business
id professional men who dis-
ssed the club's affairs last night
ipressed , their - determination to
litharge honorably -the obligation
je organisation assumed.
.$ vTlthont Fends.
.the chamber at present is facing
si second annual payment to the
yreau. and It Is practically witb
at twids. The original agreement
mtersd into with the bureau at the
lime tee membership campaign was
inducted a year ago . callei for.
flw payment to tbe bureau of 17
sircent of the. membership fees
Mh year for three years. On that
tails the chamber still , awes the
bsreau approximately 11.200.
President James ' Westphal last
Sight appointed a committee ot
three to enter into negotiations
with officers of the bureau in an
effort to effect a compromise.
8kould tbe committee, be success
ful in having the chamber released
from the original contract, it is
likely that the reorganisation of
He commercial bqdy to function in
fcpendently will, be effected.
-Tbe Mothers' club, organised un
(er the ; auspices of the King's
Daughters' union, had a Christmas
ssrty at the regular meeting yester
fey afternoon at the Rescue Mis
sion, instead of the usual program
SMBton. Margaret Giles circle had
charge of the plans. There was a
program including songs by the
mothers, violin number by Miss
Frances Rhoads, vocal solos by
Miss Marjorie Sala accompanied by
v TTf 1,
Br. u LEHO lis '
Tares Crease WW Ceasete In Baa.
ketell Teanaawatt JasJers
, ' j. Play Wart at Casses. . ,
safe atftk ordimsace for the satire
SimUt AfieneM Pregruns EU
Jaateir Jtoek Islas4 te Hear
The first concert by the Tri-Cltr
Symphony orchestra In Rock Is
land will be given Tuesday eve
ning, Jan. 9. In Augusta na gymna
sium. . Announcement ot the con
cert dates was made today and
tickets were placed on sale for the
season's series. The orchestra, "is
again under the direction ot Lud
wig Becker . , V ,
This year there are to be bat
four concerts In each city, instead
of sis. They will be given here
Tuesday evenings, five weeks apart.
There will be no Sunday afternoon
concerts as in tbe last two seasons.
but the Davenport concerts are to
be given hi the Coliseum the Mon
day preceding those at Augus
tana. Soloists will be provided tor
the various concerts, and it is plan
ned to have Arvtd Sarouelson, Au-
rustana college, at one. Miss Kath
rine Gest has charge of the ticket
sale in Rock Island and a group of
workers is assisting her. , Tickets
are also available at local music
t houses, i ,f
i ne secona concerts win De given
Feb. 12-13, the third March 19-20,
and tbe last April 23-24.
"StatteUes show," Dr. Bawllan
amid. 'nhat a Tery large amber of
all the bnhtee bora in this eonatry
are dependent upon t he cow for
npport freak btathJaad that prac
tically lea per cent of tfcesa con
sume milk daring yoetk. We know
that while milk la most necessary,
it la also more easily contaminated
with disease germs than any other
"article of food. What assurance
have you that the milk supply of
your town la what it should be? Is
there an adequate milk ordinance
being enforced t .Do the city offi-
s I a la tf bmiv rAM 1 s s 1 1 si 1 9Patf ttlsk
DeflniU plana for the operJng of i mllk being sold withia the city lim
its be from healthy cows or that n
is clean and has been pasteurised
in a manner which will kill the disease-producing
bacteria that may
be contained therein?
"There is nothing of greater im
portance which demands the atten
tion of city officials than the safe
guarding of Infant life. A copy of
the model milk ordinance which
many, other cities have passed has
been sent to mayors sndi will be
aent to citizens upon request,"
the 8unday school basketball leagues
and the schedule of games were
made at a meeting of the Sunday
school basketball committee last
I night in toe T. If. C. A. ,
in wiuauuee couauis ui r.uuer
Ostermann, chairman; H. L. Best,
W. H.Wood and L. R. Mapes. The
league will be divided Into three
divisions: - seniors, intermediates
and Juniors. The seniors will be
gin the season next Tuesday ee
ning, the Juniors Friday of the same
week . and the intermediates , will
probably, begin their season the
following Wednesday, Jan. 3.
The senior league will play Tues
day and Friday evenings and will
play two games each night. The
Juniors will play Friday and Satur
day afternoons and the intermedi
ates will play their games Wednes
day evening. .- -
The churches that will be repre
sented in the basketball league are
as follows:
Senior league Central Presby
terian, First Lutheran, First Meth
odist, Spencer Memorial, Ddgewood
Baptist. Fifteenth Avenue Christian
and the Memorial Christian.
Intermediate league South Park
Presbyterian, Cleland Presbyterian,
Milan Presbyterian, First Method
ist and the Central Presbyterian.
Junior league First Lutheran,
Central Presbyterian, First Meth
odist, Spencer Memorial, Fifteenth
Avenue Christian, Memorial Chris
tian, Cleland Presbyterian and
South' Park Presbyterian.
j2LTi"JI:S7B -
Dealers Creettag
Caaal Bail Work to Begta
Dr.' 1 W. G. Edwards, recently
graduated from the Needles Insti
tute, Kansas City, asrived last eve
ning with his wife and family, and
will be associated with his father.
Dr. Henry Edwards, optometrist.
1804 third avenue.
He left Rbck Island last April
to take up a course of study, now
completed, in Kansas City. He was
formerly employed by the' Deere
Wagon company, and the Mollne
Plow company as an accountant :
Majority of American Babies
Raised on Bottles .
Springfield, 111. Keeping milk
nnre in nf the iitmnat imnnrtance in
HAKDLNH A LLmBEHJLAN. safeeuardine Infant life. Dr. Isaac
Marlon, Ohio, Dec. 19. President D. Rawllnes. director of the state
Harding was reelected a director of i department of health, declared to
a lumber company. ; - day in making a plea for a uniform
Tear's Educational Effort Lauaeaee
by Directors f Rock Island
Mollne Divisioas.
Arthur T. Huesing, president of
the Rock Island division of the Mis
sissippi Motor club, was asked by
the directors of that body last eve?
nlng to name a committee of five to
cooperate , with a similar Moline
group to prepare plans for a year's
campaign for the prevention of ac
cidents by observing' the rules of
the road, courtesy and traffic laws.
- J. J. Burgess was appointed chair
man of a committee on legislation,
and Elbert G. Don, chairman of the
service committee.
Mr. Huesing and C. P". Skinner
have been nominated for office in
the state organisation, and will
receive, the acting support of the
club. .
Approval was given to the plan of
establishing an arterial highway
along Seventh . avenue east from
Twentieth street to the city limits.
The purchase of boulevard stop
signs was also approved.
Delegates will be named to at
tend the convention of the Illinois
Automobile association in Chicago,
Jan. 29 and 30.
Angora, Dec. 19. The Kemalist
government decided to lift the em
bargo on the departure of Christians
from Anaolia.
The ice harvest on the Hennepin
canal will be started soon after
Christmas, dealers and store-house
men claim. The cold weather has
frozen the water to a thickness of
nine inches.
Already the banks of the canal
are beginning to take on the ap
pearance of the ice "camps." Plat
forms and chutes are being erected
by several' companies and it is ex
pected that the others will follow
within a very short time. No Rock
Island companies have prepared
for the harvest but several Milan
companies are already on the job
and ready to start operations.
The weather today was consider
ably milder than that ot the last
few days but not mild enough to
cause any thawing. It is not ex
pected that the temperature will
go high enough to delay the oper
ations which are already planned.
The thick coating ot ice this win
ter came much earlier than last
when no activities were under way
until the first ot January. With
only a few days of real cold weath
er not many realisea tnai me ice
had frozen to a 9-inch thickness. It
was generally believed that tbe
thickness would notiexceed five or
six inches.
Skaters Busy.
For the last week skaters have
been enjoying themselves on the
canal which last year afforded such
excellent skating. Children have
been gliding over the ice on small
ponds in the parks and low places
for several weeks.
New York, Dec. 19. Actors and
irinxus unable to entertain oth
ers because they have no work,
will be entertained Christmas day
at the Stage Door inn. Plans are
being made for a festive program
from 4 p. m. to 1 a. m., with a
Christmas tree, turkey dinner, and
gifts for all who attend.
"Mother." Allen, who is past 70,
and has helped more than 5,000
girls, most ot them actresses, will
chaperone the party. The organ
ization is headed by Ethel Barry
more, honorary president, and
Margaret Allen, executive presi
dent. '
TruU Silk Shirts
With Collar to Match
THE decided fashion this season for solid color shirts
with collar to match makes this item one of the best
chosen gifts you can make to man. These are in soft color
tones of azure, apricot, tan and plain white in a very rich
looking and good wearing fabric and are splendid values
at $8.50.
Plain White Silk Jersey Shirts $5.00.
Aberdeen Broadcloth Shirts, another
very refined fabric in plain colors.
These are most durable and wash fine.
They are in shades of lavendar, tan
and white the colored shirts with
collars to match at $4.00.
White Oxford Shirts of plain white
zephyr weight weaves, made by Man
hattan and have the laundered cuffs.
There is no more durable texture than
these oxford weaves and they make
good shirts for dress or sport pur
poses at $3.00.
Manhattan and Other Standard Makes of Shirts, a wonderful
holiday variety in all fabrics and all manner of pattern effects
including fibre stripes, neat checks and figured patterns at
$1.50 to $5.
Rock Island, I1L
You have often wished for
money at Christmas time, .
haven't you?
Well, next Christmas f you
can have money."
i v
UHow? , 7'i , -i
By joining ' our - Christmas
Club now. Under this plan you '
deposit a specified sum regu
larly for 50 weeks. You then '
- have the money next Christmas."
There is a Club to suit you. , .
Join today. ,
ow wth Jj
Jpin our Christmas Club and
have money next Christmas. ,
We offer you this systematic
plan of accumulating money for
any future purpose.
Now, while your earnings are
good, deposit some money regu
larly each week.
Decide on the amount you
wish to deposit each week and
' You can start with 1 c, 2c, 5c, 1 Oc and increase your deposit the same amount each week, or you can start
with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or more and put in the same amount each week.
' lc CLUB PAYS $12.75
2c - CLUB PAYS - $25.50
5c - V CLUB PAYS - $63.75
10c - CLUB PAYS - - $127.50
You can begin with the largest deposit and decrease
your deposits each week A very popular , plan. '
25c CLUB PAYS $12.50
50c CLUB PAYS $25.00
$1.00 CLUB PAYS $50.00
$2.00 CLUB PAYS $100.00
$5.00 - CLUB PAYS - $250.00
$10.00 - - CLUB PAYS - - $500.00
$20.00 J CLUB PAYS - $1000.00
American f list & Savings Bank
You Can Earn a Brand
New Dollar
For Your Christmas Money
You know the quality and richness of Sturtevant-Baker Com
pany's Pasteurized Milk and how popular it is with the people
who want a good, wholesome product. Our milk is richer than
most milk and besides it is produced under the most rigid sanitary
conditions. ,
With this in mind, boys and girls, go out now and secure us
only three new customers. Have them give you $ 1 .00 (one dol
lar) a piece for the purchase of $ 1 .00 worth of tickets. -When
you have the $3.00, bring it into our office and we will give you a
brand new dollar bill. We then give you $3.00 worth of tickets
and you deliver them to the persons who gave you the money
then if you can get another three new customers we will give an
other new dollar.
It is easy to do and your friends know the quality of our milk.
"We Deliver to Your Door"
i"V 'O .

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