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Thorn u V great deal being written these
y about overcoming pessimism In thl coun
try. There is only one way to do it. Tnst is
ly not being, a pessimist .
The Ku Klux Klan may hare its virtues, but
lit it has nothing that it is attempting to bide it
Should not be-necessary for its members to
cover their face, with masks when they visit
a church, a was done Sunday evening in Dr-
enport . v . .
Your Christmas will be ths ' merrier and
happier if yon ars one o( those contributing to
the Argus Santa Clsus fond, an undertaking
ijbolly in the Interest of the poor children ef
Jftock Island. .
' ' : - '
Visit the Rock Island business district these
evenings and observe the handsomely illum
inated and decorated stores of your home
merchants. There are lust s one stores and
Jnst as good merchandise in Rock Island as
there are in any city is the country the U of
Rock Island.
i. If you want your city to grow and prosper
you must lend your support to projects that
aim in that direction. One of the most im
portant proposals that will be before thi people
at.: tea t'tmsi tcftXLoi LZ'ii JT-y. U
oar "UICsm." compare r"-iT
- Do yo lata wiBier? ira aspee.y. .i"-
per J. Artaar Thomson, ta his OXZZ
ct.-t- siy-&.vmji1'nmzY
VHr, JtPitKtdee, coenes after the great a
ft -3sr by tfcelaw thatsffsl mast
tttrr.'ii - K3tt hunmnn do their pest;wprk
H tx fart resting. That's becaasa
.mgpii aafiatraay--ave gradually uitt up
fpvera V aaaHs BS to -carry on regardless
T seasons. cUMta r weather. If we lived
more aataraUy, wftmn would take better care
of as. TeaaiWy dissasa gems and epidemics
at flatwrt iruf fWUhlng us for straying
from kjp foil,.
Wa defy wtttar, yet 4pring it ara conscious
Of repeated attacks of languor and "out of
sorts" feelings and woods that we cannot
aidsriUBd. All thesa art uf Inheritanco of
the saera ustural lives of our ancestors
iaaxorsbls laws of nature stirring in our
blood and brains. "Winter," writes Thomson,
"la a time of sifting the time of severest
elimination. The rest and sleep of winter are
oftsa the necessary conditions of the vigor of
another spring, but in a deeper, war . it is
through the sifting, winnowing, pruning or
ellpaiaatipp of age of winters that thsyp has
been spring after spring of progressive evolu
tion. kefs see: It would be perfectly nat
ural for us to toil in summer and autumn, ac
cumulating surplus food; fuel, clothing and
Shelter for winter. Then, from October to
April we could enjoy ourselves at ease, play
ing, Visiting, thinking, with occasional sports
sqeh as Ashing through the ice or hunting.
Would you prefer that kind of life? 'Alas!. It
might be natural, but nother would get the raw
end of the dealf Her work would ga on
cooking, cleaning, mending and directing.
Nature usually is kindliest to the male.
Conviets in England will no longer wear the
broad arrow which has hitherto stamped prison
garb, their hair will be cut as in ordinary lite,
and they can see visitors in' rooms having no
bars or wires. These new rulings by the,
British prison commission meet some of the
criticisms galiently advanced by the prison
Inquiry committee in its recent 70-page report
on English Jails. . . ,
Thus a reform Introduced some years ago
in the most advanced American prisons, but
unfortunately not yet general, is adopted in
Great Britain. Thomas Mott Osborne went be
yond the mere abolition of the striped suit,
allowing each prisoner a few personal gar
ments, such as a sweater and white collar. In
Nebraska in 1917 Sunday suits of blue serge
K 3 I i I' ll t " ' . .' -r .i
,at 13n1r falsnrl v1a sWitnlHar VaUlP will has flUth
orisation of a bond IssuTto defrsy the J--Ii.",Tt
of widening of Twenty-fourth street from Third
tjo fifth avenues. If you want to see your city
Step forward vote yes on that proposition.
John 1-ooney and Herbert D. Blakemore, one
pf the reporters for bis blackmailing news
paper, sre both facing disbarment before the
supreme court of Illinois. It is rather an in
teresting coincidence that both also are suing
The Argus In the local circuit court for $50,000
vi for the people of Illinois, appears to have dis-
covered that Looaey and Blakemore bave dis
graced the profession wiib which they have
jbeen Wen tl ned and should, in the interest of
View and order, be debarred from the privilege
! S. of further practicing it
i- . r
5 It is no surprise to those who have been
following the scandals of movledom that 176
prominent persons IdentiPed with that industry
as performers and directors sre to be dropped
from the rolls because of their moral transgres
sions. The murder of William Taylor, the dis
tinguished director, was the climax that forced
organized action by the producing Interests
: with their millions of invested capital to pre
vent the complete demoralization and discred
iting by the public of an institution that must
have universal confidence and support it it is
to survive.
t It would be unjust to say that there are not
good men and women identified with the mov
ing picture business. But the efforts of those
who have striven to maintain it on a high plane
have been weakened by the unsavory exhibi
tions of the minority Indifferent to public opin
ion. Screen performers are in a sense public
idols. They build a following by their personal
appeal in the various characters they portray.
They can't pose as good men and women and
. then allow themselves to - privately conduct
themselves as dissolute characters, indulging
la vices that make lies of their public preten-
sions. - , . v ,
The moving picture industry has been dam
aged inestimably by the scandalous disclosures
at Hollywood. It was inevitable that there
should be a bursting of the bubble. The pub-
lie had been ted up on stories that would not
stand the test of time. One after another star
fell by the wayside. The public wants the mov
ing picture to live as a permanent form of
healthy entertainment But it will only con
tinue as such by Insistence that those who ap
pear as the entertainers be worthy the respect
aad confidence of those by whom they are ac-
claimed aad patronised. - ( f - '
1 The moving picture will not lose perma
nently by reason of the elimination process at
, Hollywood. It wiU profit by It, not alone
' through the dlsappearaac of present offenders,
bat by the raising of the moral standards that
will surround the industry la the future.
Tom Sims-Says
of the prison commissioners shows also that in
increasing the educational opportunities of
convicts and the contacts with the outside world
Great Britain is applying the doctrines Osborne
preached' in Amertea,
Prison reforms in England are permanent
and cover the whole country; in America each
state must he carried separately, and a change
of political administration, may destroy reform
over night' " -
i Far north la the yukon and eastward to
Hudson's Bay, the thermometer has dropped
to CO below sero and heavy winter snows aer
foiling. Behold nature working mysterious
magic: The ptarmigcn bird's colored plumage
has suddenly turned rhlte. This Meads lata
the backgroand of snow, mt'ns the ptarmigan
invisible when tonsrht by preying foxes, and
wolves. No man could thiak oat a better pre
tention. In the sa-ui couutry the brown stoat
t't weasel also tataa v.uiu,. yielding the expen
sive far, ei mine. Tliis l.ule animal does not
neil protaciioa as much ts ih plump ptsrmi
gtu. Wjy tiiejrhite? Nature provides it be
cause white fur is an iimuUtur. prevents the
escape of bodily heat Tropical people work
the rule backward, wear whila because it ab-
The best Christmas gift is the gift of know
ing what others want.
Frank chance will manage the Boston Red
Sox nest year, giVMK this team t least M
Reader asks if a couple married pear Christ
mas are yaletide. Yes.
General Pershing is worried about our army
The Daily Short Story
n r.ui .1 n -
.- i
ioirriga Astaor.
"Si't 4 V '
' nireedtptrtl eflWr, '
Before wa uncork this medieins
I want to have It distinctly under
stooi thsa srrUiemtfaa; the
most solemn aasaraaca of sv niaa
Ucal nurse or the, worn' of your
aant or sTaadmother. I toot iba
lUajee or taUmaU that tweet spirit
sK nitre' will eura auyuunp. al
though I tuna it is a line taing io
have ta tba modictoe cupboard, if
for oo other reaaon, because it will
help to prevent doping the children
wnen tneyre suing. - - -"For
satan finds some mischief still
For idle hands to do,". . '
aa that wonderfully prolific author,
Ibid, wrote.
Sweet spirit of nitre. It a mixt
ure of spirit (alcohol), water and
ethyl nitrite, and it is on ethyl's
shoulders that most of the twspon
ttblllty for the mediclntl effect
rests. Ethyl nitrite is a very vol
atUe, nighty thing and will soon
get sway if the cork-1 not very
tight Indeed, much of the sweet
spirit ot nitre sold tn groceries and
general' stores is only the spirit
and of no medicinal value.
Sweet spirit of nitre is sedative
or soothing to the excited, nervous
system in feverish states, ana
soothing to the excited circulation
It- tends, to. .lower bipod pressure
and diminish congestion or Inflam
mation. It Increases the flow of
urine snd tavors gentle perspira
tion. It practically never does any
harm when used ae a household
remedy. It is an excellent medl
cine to give a child. who Is feverish
with any acute Illness,, especially
when tb urine is concentrated and
high-colored, as In acute coryia or
acute sore throat or acute bron
chitis. It has a gentle, harmless,
calmative Influence on the nervous
excitement generally present In
such Illnesses. -
Ot . course . it must be a fresh
preparation, not an old one that
has stood long In the bottle and
lost most or. aU of its ethyl nitrite.
For a young child a teaspoonful
every hour of a solution of one tea
spoonful Of sweet spirit of nitre in
a half tpmblerfnl of water is the
right dosage. -Adults should take
frwa half to en tesapeonreof tat
ymi w aure, in com
water, every hour or to u
da any harm. r w'i
W0M Wtriu smells like ttvm'
ana wine, and If your ..1.1.1
of nitre does not wnen 0f aeDta,'
ana vine tnere is no nitr k.:
only the alcohol and water.
Do you believe eaneer
eured by such methods ss Zjui
iimiwu, lire Aui.uiB mviOOQ Or
tbiog else besides onerntian
true that X-rsy often aim iM
fill luiriia . Ifiaa r
Answer Yes, csaear afvah -.
of surface la often cured byX t
of the X-ray, before the aocaj
measurement of dosage sal t-
discovered, burns snmetlnws n
curred. but this Is a vera far
danger nowadays if the Xray k
mm aanoa 01 a pujsicisu. aj t ti
X-ray or radium treata)eat ktej
value In the prevention o r.
reace after surgical removal at au
car. and sometimes in ImUsg a
operable cases. , t ,
Water Threagh Lead Plm,
Is there any risk of lead Paint
ing from drinking water watt
flows through iron pipes If Um
threads of the pipes are" taM
with wbtte lead before they m
Joined? How about the use ot ea
ten, water for washing face sal
bands, the water flowing throw
about 20 feet ot lead pipe?'
v Mrs. J: R. I
Answer The use of lead es 0a
threads of the pipe would scarab;
contaminate the water, put wtta
flowing through lead pipe BIT In
come . contaminated with mltstt
amounts of lead and cause aelsja
ing If used for drinking, notf tnl
only tor washing.
The Home Work Heaad, "'
I am s sophomore In high scam
six hours a day. My teachers a
sist I should study three hem
every night. MADBUNE
Answer A girl who ettesii
school six hours should net stttf
at mgnt - ,,4 ,
By Isabel Eosre.
(Copyright, 1IM, by Wheeler Syn
dicate, Inc.)
Pitter-pitter-pat-drip! I'nceas-
inaiy ieu me rain ouieioe toe oars. ! x mnuuiiit. ah ,t,.
and it might be better if tho general's views j cheerless office window whose ) irradiated Kennard's features while
you, if you're not disgusted with
my failure on this ' blooming
Christmas stuff. , . . ' Soon as
I can get there. . . . . ,"by!"
Pitter-patter-pat-drio! asserted
the outside elements. The effect
were general. - murky view disclosed only the sog-
The hard thing about skating is to, keep.sT njgnt wun nere ana tnere uim.
Now the attention of the public is called
to a new and grave peril. The candy cigar,
hitherto supposed to be about as innocuous an
article as could well be conceived, is pointed
out as the first step in a well defined road to
perdition. The discoverer of this awful men
ace to American youth is Chicago's superin
tendent of compulsory education, who gravely
set forth his idea3 before the Boys' Anti-Cig-aret
league of that city. Here is the modern
rake's progress, as described by the authority
in question: "The candy cigar, the cubeb, the
real cigaret the cigar but, the niekel cigar, a
pale and dizzy condition, the cigaret again.
After that comes the Juvenile court"
And inevitably, we suppose, the prison and .
the gallows or the electric chair. All of which
furnishes another example ot how completely
silly an ordinary well balanced and intelligent
person can become on occasion, .It is an ex
cellent thing to keep, the boys from smoking
cigarets. It is a habit that certainly is harm
fui in adolescent years, altbought few will be
lieve that it leads inevitably to the juvenile'
court Personal recolectlon brings up many
examples of men who smoked cigarets in their
high school days and now, 40 or 50 years after,
.are estimable citizens who never were arrested
and are in' no present danger of being hanged.
Brilliance in conversation Is the ideal toward
which we all aspire. Most of us deep down in
our hearts confess to ourselves that we possess
that quality of brilliance, though our record up
to date may be 100 per cent stumble. Conver
sation certainly is a noble art, and as long as
we are on the subject. Dr. Fairbank B. Stock
dale, of Bay Side, Long Island, has discovered
the paragon ot conversationalists. After long
study, the doctor has identified 21 distinct
noises commonly used' by the domestic chicken,
coop species. And the doctor confesses that ho
has not plumbed the depths of poultry talk.
There la stirring eloquence to the r cotter's
crow and a mother's lullaby to the duck of the
hen. - U
Delicious Irony and profound logic cackle
forth to the chicken vocabulary. From the
wild warning of the hawk, to the- mouth
watering cry. here cornea the corn, the hen Is
always ready with a remark. Dr. Stockdale's
study should be continued. If self of help to
human conversation wUoubtless be learned
from a thorough knowledge of hen talk. The
fact that we have always felt that chickens
have no brains will not discourage us in the
realisation of our conversational ambitions. It
should rather give us renewed hope.
f. Every once la so ofteV with the regularity of
L a time piece almost, a nature-faking tale that
would put Baron Munchausen to shame used
to eome out 0 Wtnsted, Conn." Here was the
town par excellence where frogs made unbe
lievable jumps, rabbits could sing, cows play
rtnaxers ao tms
doing it standing up.
When the modern girl has no complexion
she will make up for it -If
you are Just looking out fey Number One
this Christmas, remember it is the smallest
number. ,
' The only hunter who trails race tracks is a
fortune hunter, -
Boston's mayor wants coal gongers Jailed.
Locking them np in the ice plant would be
better. . , ; . - " .
It is estimated that ten millian barefooted
men stumble over toys in the dark every
Mexican fans beat up a player for hitting
an nmplre, showing Mexicans know nothing
about baseball.
The size of the box of candy you should
give a girl depends upon how many brothers
she has. . .
They use glycerine for tears in the movies
because movie star; can think of nothing to
cry about .
A Texae man says he killed a-Heer with
his knife, and we say prohibition isn't enforced,
in Texas.
Kansas girl of 19 was elected judge and
says it is a joke. Elections often are, which
is no joke. , .
One effective form of autosuggestion is when
your wife suggests you should buy an auto.
Advertisements speak well of many inemorv
courses, but what we need is a course in bow
to forget, " .. V .
Every Christmas three-fourths of the fat
people get fatter.
listening to the voice over the
ii.i... .!.. . I . . -
"""" "" ""-I returning cioude. He set the tele-
other dripping buildings, or the phone back into its dusky corner
muddy street. I aotj ,g8iB became deluged with his
Gr-r-t! Gr-r-t! Persistently disappointment concerning the un
rat gnawed behind the mopboard; 'completed copy whose success he
evidently backof. that .staring crack; b,a , denUy prognosticsted to
where impaired 'plastering otfered-pDorothy. Gloomily1 he got into his
hope to the relentless rodent overcoat and haf, switched off the
Pitter -pitter-pat-drip! Gr-r-t!,; solitary light, and went out into
The wierd duet continued. "Oh-; the wet hMTy B,eht air
hang!; exclaimed Bruce Kennard. As Bruc, OTared tne Tnlmant.
springing from his 1 creaky ewivel. residence be saw through the un
cbair and striding back and forth 'lh.Mt . hi.
over the few feet of shadowy floor acrogs tna gUstening sidewalk, drop
space in the dimly lighted office. . th ..j .hut w .h-
"It's unendurable!" he fiercely de- opening to man-hole beneath toe
walls. "Rats and rain for an In
spiration!' Suddenly Kennard remembered:
The stuff must be ready for the
curb. Kennard brightened a little.
"Good omen!" he declared to him
self. "Twss a rat making itself
evident at that Jonesome office just
betece Dorothy's glad little tele-
. . , . erf e.'-.'B kvawaj B
rTrTi.j'r ".poa call Jingled In." His step
" "'. quickened perceptibly, and beneath
.uuuwc.u.s v. his breath ho began to hum:
ten sprawlingty with pencil, and in
to the chair he fiung himself, grim
resolution his attitude.
Pitter-pitter-pat-drip! The rain
"It's not raining rain to
It's raining violets. -
And sweeter than violets;
drixzled into hissom as he scowled Oth7,looked to Kennard whence
I.I. Ait-aatiafiniinn at th. 1UM ' IV 4W.H.1U "
,"rf,o m rW t toanA himself in jwr presence. "I
1. . blf0I1hlmi:.G.r:! i have something Vaplendid to tell
a, Z17 .-T4T.1. you." she began at once, "in spite
fu f ?aV,b tn-Lf diuppoinlment about the
the last . shreds of Kennards need- Cnristmail ar6i j alaB.t BenUou
ed Inspiration, for the impatient gooi newa OTe 'piKne.
young man Kt U for a surpAe when you
and ..f".6 Kot bere. Dad's got back from Chi
hair with the nervous hand that kn, h. tM tHmt rtirl.
propped hi distracted bead, -the mmtmmA rnftnn'- th
elbow weighting a Jwjh of , m mt) mi
scrawled-ove, pages, vM his oth- , y mr ne
the stubborn pencUs expression Of . Bhoad to rjail. and he wants
Daily Poem
You ask me why I ever roam " '
Upon the roads unraveling, .
Why dont I stay content at home
And rest awhile from traveling? -Well,
there's a vagrant streak in me;
The fates somehow decree it In
The world there's such a lot to see,
So little time to see It In! 1
Why do I Join each sport that's gay
And jump in lightly, merrily.
Whenever there's a chance to play? .
It's plain enough, yea verily; 1
Life is a Ore that swiftly flames.
Its days you cant delay them in
Their flight There are so many games.
So little time to play them in!
Why do I snatch at every ihance .
To join life's conflicts clamorous,'
Why am I avid of romance
And of adventure glamorous?
I five great seal to play or strife " .
Because the years to give it in
Flee fast There's so much Joy in life.
So little time to live It ta!.. ,
two-headed calf, would appear and reappear
with startling- rapidity. : V c
Now, however, -the- glory that was Winsted's
stands a chance of being overcome by a sister
city tn the Connecticut state: . Dowp in Black
Hill, they are now telling of a fox that has
played fast and loose with scores of hunters
for over II years coming out the victor again
in n long chase. This precocious and not to
say wily old rascal is said to have been ahot
at over 100 times, been hit a halloa hundred
times and carries so much shot la his carcass
that he Waddles sideways yet still lives aad Is
a terrorto ell poultry raisers for utiles 'around.
Thar story would nave gotten by except far
the "carrying the load of k tart of it That,
a la Sam Welter, is "coming- it a bit too strong,
as the stage driver said when the aaow stena
overtook hfm." But the Black Hill correspon
dent i no worse than hi contemporary in Win-
something worth while.
"Believe me, . Kenn
lee of seribblings, "Ive simply got ... h a .
aewreg worrn you to write some others tor, the
S-nSSf .h'n"!)trade paper, ot hi. friends-manu-
ki-L. u.a ' A4fk.. aH
ought to go into m.U Jnl.ht!?t m ww Ind.fi.ita-
its no go:- ne siumpea, - M 4
1 m.- - j
I - II .1 . M J
can't ' kflanni uuidutbl uu you
wnrri realise, Dorothy, our marriage isn't
such a far-away event, after all?'
"I know it, Bruce!" she softly
answered, rose color flooding'' her
face and throat
Argus Information Bureau
es Berne. sMarte 4. Ub. Dam. VhUAh, i, ft iH east art
T7ii 1 1 eaS ir i r Itml xow far ruars aoeue. a artel, ail nsnrnt m
SMntST STrS tale m n e each mirvMiwI. atleMM A M
gery can be undertaken at slaw,
any time of the year when sap It
not runninc too actively snd tat
weather is not top cold to trem
cement. if this is beins ued.
most trees the sap will interim
wUh the work only while tht Mi
and leaves are expanding is 1st
Ma ie s rswm MMrs-l
Q. What is a pi line in printing?
. -. a , . C. C. (J.
A. Type which Is mixed and hss
no meaning is called pie. Such
lines appear in print by error.
Q. Give simple "directions for
buildine a camntire, B. T. ,
A In miktn camn fire. cath I
er small dry twigs or with a pock- spring. Cement work will be rtlf
et knife shave pieces around and ed if it is frozen before it it ex.1
over it This will ignite readily and I It is no likely to be injured Ir
make a quick fire. Always use
bard wood when available, a3 xnis
will make good coals. !
Q. Name the territorial posses'
sions of the United States?
.. u. K.
The outlying possessions ot
the United States are . Aiassa,
American Samoa, Guam, - Hawaii,
Panama Canal Zone, Porto Rico,
Philippine Islands and the Virgin
Q. When does a man lift his hat
to other men? - P. R. J.
A. In recognizing clergymen or
distinguished or elderly men ot his
acquaintance.. . , .
Q. How many members compos
ad the Roman senate? ( F. C. N.
A. There were 300 in the senate
of Rome, representing the heads ot
the 100 clans which,, according to
prehistoric tradition, were merged
into the cantons that formed the
Roman republic.
Q. What is the proper time of
year to attempt tree surgery?
M. A.
A. As a general rule, tree sur-
frost after setting for a few dm
Q. How many rooms nre 0
tained in tbe Vatican at Rome?
A.' The Vatican is said to km
1,100 rooms. ,
Q. Do many people from Ui
Unit id States tour .Canada in Ml
mobiles? E E. H.
A. According to tbe Canadlu
customs department over 600,W
cars from thi3 country enteral
Canada for this purpose last yur.
Q. What states have a larf
proportion of white femalts (tun
white males? I. J. M.
A. According to the last cenw
report this was the case in Massa
chusetts. Rhode Island, New Yort
and Washington, D. C.
Q. Did the batter ever have fov
strikes In baseball? N. P.
A. In 1887 the batter was alios-
ed four strikes. This lasted sw
ana vear. when three strikes be
came the rule.
Q. How many planes are in tht
nir mail MrTire? n- H.
A. There are 80 planes in Hill
and that chickens
were bora with whole flocks of legs and pos-ilsead,".lt must be a wcaderful country down
lhiy an arm or to and the old standby, Um there. ....
or else It s no go
dejectedly bsck in the chair.
he added, despairingly;
think of another ' blamed word
that'll do for Christmas cheer dope.
Skies too gloomy, and rats too rest
less!" '
But Dorothy what would she
think? He'd been sb sure ot put
ting over this Christmas article at
a price that would bring bim other
orders and incidentally . warrant
his asking Dorothy to name the
day. And now another postpone
ment of their marriage plans an
other deferment in winning the re
spect of Dorothy Truman's father.
Gad! How fata did rub It In some
times! He swung about In bis chair with
half-formed resolution. He'd tele-
Vaaar 'that hi atrMtrlea with the
Christmas article had been futile,
He grasped the instrument, quickly
but Immediately an expression of;
indecision puckered bis brows
while simultaneously bis other
hand pressed down the telephone
hook which he had but just releas
ed. Thus he sat. for a tease, inde
terminate number of seconds, fore
head contracted; 'receiver to his
ear, bis right hand shutting off the
signal to tbe operator. ""
Then Kennard's month drew it
self into a straight line, while he
determinedly, placed the telephone
receiver upon its hook: and gave a
shrug of - pretended tadlfference.
Back to his desk he whirled, swept
the numerous papers Into a drawer,
and rose to his dignified, desolate
height ..
, Ting-a-ling-lina! '-
Back to the telepkonena spraag
with eager agility , 1 1 '
"Helloyear Tou, .' Dorothy?
Why, I almost called yot a minute
ago. Uh-huh, I've been vrying. to
imrna it. aut JUM can t.
Pitter-Ditter-nat-driD! chorused
taeralndrops an hour later, as
Kennardiblithely splashed through
little paddles' on . his . way home
ward, humming , beneath . his
breath:" -
"It is not raining ram
to me, . . -It's
raining orange blossoms!"
Adventures of the Twins
The Stolen Letter
' mtmr- 4W I mm
'-.-lPhejijia little boy or girl writes
a note pj Santa Claus and pats it up
the chimney (or lays it out on the
window-sill when he hasn't a chim
tsev) why. that'd all there Is to it
4 for him pr forTwr: i;
i -They have Bothinx mere to worry
ahoat' after thev out the nen and ink
Though a tew people stifjlaeisti aad note paper away.' T-
ijsut mat isnt an were is to it ny
that the typewriter is tor tatrcees
Only and insulting when used so
cially, today's custom permits typa-i
wmcen letters tor nearly, au.oe-
ch sions
cotTespondence. a
should be left at top, bottom and
u axies 01 tae pare, ana tse atg
ttature, either to a business or 'so
cial letter, should be tn Pm-wci
tak. .. -; -f y
the names, rub things out, snd
everything they snoumu 1. . .
'Nancy and Nick bad a dreadtsl
time of it t , . ...J
iOne. evening, just alat..dBi,
they came to Billy Bolton s hossi
and were Just shout to light on M
roof like two little birds. wM
a figure popped up out of the cnior
... .uj l.r, n,m u-ater-SDOUt, M
aar means no indeedle I
awnebody haa to collect those;
notes and take them; safc'.y to banta 1 thing
U.i ' AmuHmm tUrn allil.. hlvHa! nfu.lrA
hi,iiiih.. th
v-y "" . Tk.',i
mm.iI mmA 4lcanneared.
- .u h.H snied some1
white sticking i -
ns. However. eommaisml psClM J . o hll
ehonld not be , asaa Par ' socOTcarry them to she North Pole; some- "It's Tweeksnose, and w "
and chtmney-swiru get them and i stolen Billys note:
some times tne Fairy queen s neip-1 -we n nave to go u " wti
mm .m rnwrn m . a m. mt a mmm, . . m t m ml 1 t H flW Wlf
ers. Silver Wisg and Nimble Toes
and Twinkle Pen and Flippety flop
got them; and eneftlmes it's some,
body else like Nancy and Nick in
their magical aresn nnoss.
v But that's not all! There
agatlr: Wtie nines sometime.'.
Reno. v' Deer 1. Thomas
Russell was found guilty at Elko,-) like Tweeksnose for Instance I'.v
Nev In connection, with the -death ltttle--aome-4hat waken th
M tfaaiia lakm laa fall ui au hahiaat akn lava m maka frnnhla.
9 k At 1
H.Daca, ior r . niiM!
santa ciaus ever nr" t
wants foriChristmair ' LJ
, Wolf , they started- But beWt
they reached the hole they met p
re'the Brownie t ' iria.
fHere's Billy's note,", sam --j-
3J! . l.m "I lUSt SW
. j .a. ikam ,t inn
n ism fi i vi ar .iicsaj. .
Tajeekanosejsndmade binulT
me. Tonli give It to 8sn&.
... 1
a 1
, .1
t ;
Ji.waw m rvi arer jsi say ssaieaoaa ! at aa man atv-

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