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li .
, 4.1-;. UrriV
wt, ...
-y Wr Hil
-Qt east -& ft;
will "shop"
IncrmM. la tW
- . MMitM of life FYU&at Cdssr Cayfeu. , , "
-' ' ft - A., tf'Ur
' . 4 BY MELTOU SXOrm.' ' jV ',' V
"is. ERLIN, i Dec; 19 There - is . a fra look of
f V fraiitf ot despair; ot tfndernonrishnient
f I ) ...about tike greater mass of Germans today.
' ,v I I U-U one aimply examined a table indicatrno-
i- -. the Howard trend of vara. hwnnM K t.
1 dined to think: workmen should be com
fortably well off. ,v i 1 1".
But take as an example the wages of
coai miners, oecause irr many respects
thejr are' the most' important workmen in
Germany, , ! -' 7 -.."'!- V:f i'
If the miner falls down on.hii job, Get
many is "kaput" done. .. i r , ,
'In' JahnaiV:!,i1921 'the tninArB in
' tluhr Valley got 63.90 marks per shjft.of
- By February of 1922 they were getting 123 M, hj May,
7.12. and by July, 258.38. ( .- i'1' 75
(When I was la Hwen, the me- j .-..
ipolls of the Ruhr, the other day.r . ,
frioia.me.Tne isiett agares lor
wri were 1255.80 per shift; in I
JlttoQ to 40 marks per day if the;
jner had a .wife and another 40 1
rkt pr,dar for each child. " -
He also got, nil coal for a very
iw figure:
f But liaten . now prices lumped
Irom their pre-war standard:
; Beans which cost 22 . pfennigs
1 pound there are .100 pfennigs
h a mark cost 60 marks la Octo-
ktr. much more .homt. n
Peas which cost 22 .'pfennigs,
coat 6S marks in October.
Lard, formerly 75 pfennigs per
pound, in October cost 380 marks.
1 Eggs wnicn usea to M seven
tfennlgs each, " cost 26 marks
irben you could get them. -,
. The Average Family. '
Let us peep behind the scenes in
He ' four-room - flat of Johau
Icbmidt and wife of Berlin.' John
ay bet a mechanic drawing 8600
marks. per week, or a carpenter,
IWV marks, woodworker. . 000;
krewer, 9000; shoemaker, 9400:
mher-tJBlU;, .builder., 240. pef :
nui ui' ui a j wrivct, inv. x , ;
i Schmidt has finished his break
list of two slices of -dark, bread
with dripping, and cup of coffee
without a real coffee bean in it.
Ho has wrapped his lunch of two
slices of black bread with a piece
of sausage and a gnarled apple and
itarted away early, so be can walk
to work. The shortest car rides
sow cost 30 marks. ' v
Mrs:' Schmidt, market basket 'on
her arm, walks down town" to' one
it the -big department stores. ' ' ;
There is ever-present in Mrs. j
Schmidt's mind the fact that her i
kusband Is earning between 100 and !
1R00 murk per -day; - Judge her '
frame of mind when she beholds
tee prices for the. day4 -':
i . io.-M, Marks'. I
-Leas bacon. lb)i.'. . 1169 j
PaUbacon lb.),3w...v.. 1320 .
li BauBage. tin.) .-, .fr '
Wienerworst (lb.)... 600 j
Soft cheese (lb.) . ...100 to 4Zt
Butter (lb.) t 150
Margarine (lb.) ........ 600
ApUpot Jam .(lb.) . ': 206
Prunes. (lb.) ....... 360
, Dried peaa . , ... ...... 200 to 350
Coffee (poor quality ) .....zkou
Canned fruit ....... .200 to 400
ftit h?' thinks she
ler 'weemaa; ssr. " '
. Cksiia rrwhCfve. ,
The ahow wiadowa oftan do ant
tfapUjr prieee, cwtag to the-nnc-tuttott
in tkr snark. S6 vom co in
and say thatj wfaaowMo. 14 yoa
mmw mm no- jm laajw yN iiaea. am
then yoi get the prte for that day.
Ura. Scheldt note the following
prices.- j' , ,- . -
hfen-i overooaU.. 44.0M rnarka
Man's avibj ...j.. 50,000 marls"
Men's gloves from fC500 to 9500
Men'a ahiHa ."..iJ, 2250jnark
Socks 700 to 1000 toarka
In the women's department the
can get a blonae for 1750; an arti
ficial silk dress for 1J.500; a wool-
Cent Allows
. r Banker Xor
East XeUne
t& ortM trial. U ia taet
iiarr that hie o-isaranas la
IcotMltoe. u for oalra fwx.aria
roamltM n tncnpaofl fkyslcal
, TBo,!:" cefaaMj attomaya rgwai
Oat tao taw avacltcmUy hoMa that
wkta sof mbw4s graataa.
m nroiMiaa Mt araat call ta a
laUov aiasahsr of the eiremit saca
tha drcalt eawt la which the
caa ia aahjMt to trtaL Bar Jadge
DtattIaVtbat as yodge of the Jao
Ilna citv court W. haa - morrnt
t-dictlon with tha drcait coart
in. criminal natters. :
The embesslement caa against
W. L Taxe, former East . htolise
banker, will . rest until Thursday
morning'. By agreement between
counsel for the defendant and
State's Attorney Ben & BelL the
motion to quash " the indictment
en dress for 23.500; shoes at any- j will be heard at that time. The
when from (500 to 7,900; stockings
from 874 to 10,504; and handker
chief from 526 to 625. .', .
. Mrs. Schmidt aees several things
she woald like, but the coal' bin
is empty and briquettes, nude, out
of coal dust, now cost. 487 marks
for 200 pounds, and she jnust buy
coaL a;-' . .
T010&K0W: - Mare problems
ralsNJrythe UHtmg iaark. - -
Maxda Xmaa tree outfits, 4256;
curlers, $2.50; toasters, $2; radio
sets, f 5. H. E. Gelhart & Co.', opr
posite postoffice. (Advertisement)
agreement was reached yesterday
arternoon alter Judge a. u. mea
of the Moline city coart overruled
the objections of the defense to his
right to ait in the circuit court dur
ing the trial of Taze. A motion for
continuance to the next term, of
court was then presented, but it
was decided to set this aside until
after the hearing Thursday on the
matter of quashing the indictment
In. pleading for a continuance of
the next term, W. C. Allen and
Robert W. Reynolds, counsel for
the defendant,' argued that Tase Is
still physically unable to undergo
aw . .
itacnei weastrom was granted a
divorce by Judge O. O. Detts, from
John Bren Strom, who recently
pleaded guilty of operating a con
naence game. Brenstrom was
charged with non-support and with
Minjj haDituauy drunk. He is now
Decrees were also granted to
Kate Sims, who charged Jess Sims
with a statutory offense, and to
Rose Jarber. who accused Walter
rTurber with cruelty. . .
Mary Hearn filed a divorce biu
against Edward . Hearn, charging
cruetty and habitual drunkenness.
Mazda Xmaa tree outfits, $2.50;
curlers, $2.50; "toasters, $2; radio
sets, fg. H. E. Gelhart ft Co., op
posite postoffice. (Advertisement)
bvestigatsrs Bat Betherlas; Abaat
the Kystery ef Hla Wher. .
It was reported by thei state In
vestigators today that the where
about of Police Magistrate D. J.
Clelaad Is still a mystery to them.
However, they aay it eaa remain
mystery, at least for the present
The investigators say they have
been assured by Cleland's friends
that the missing magistrate will
return if he is wanted.
The detiarture of Cleland flrs
became known Friday when the in
vestigators merely desired to Jog
his memory about a police court re
sort which Cleland bad been asked
to prepare for the inspection of the
state s soecial accountant, it was
then learned that Cleland had left
for a "sanitarium." and would be
rone for two or three weeks. -
Cleland's report can wait, the
investigators say.
Christmas Savings crab now
open. Rock Island Havings Bank
Dried herring, each . .... 62
Potatoes (lb.) .... .v. 8 ;
Carrots (lb.) 13
Cabbage (lb.) 20 .
Onions. (Ib.) 28
Chicken (1U.I . ., , , 500
Veal (lb.) . ',!. "400
Beet (Door quality) (lb.)...
.;:..v, ,.400 to 700
Pork (lb.) '..',.... V.. 500 td 700
Sugar Ub ) 115
and soon to be rationed
at three pounds ' per
head per month at 180 .
Esga (each) 68-'
Bread (lb.) '....... .M..V. .165
Mrs. Cchmidt doesn't buy any
Beg inning Wednesday
' the store hours will
'''.; ' '' be from..? . -
".I'M.'.- ,1.,
T''" 9 a m. to 9 p. na
L. S. McCabe & C&Rock Island, III
PHONE R. 1. 344
U. S. Weather Bureau
official weather forecast
for Rock Island! Mostly
Cloudy Tonight and
n Wednesday,
Store Hours 6 :30 arm. to 5 :80 p. m.
Only Four More Shopping Days Till Christmas
"IXTITH only-four shopping days he itmay
Y dawn upon ybu thatfyoii have neglected two or three
or more of your Christmas gifts. This store is prepared to
meet rnis conamon wira many emiiicuuy ucauauic iiiuigo
it you haven t.yet seen.
'A' good 'arm Sweater will
. make any boy happy that is"
f fortunate enough to fincl one
- among his 5 gifts Christmas
morning.. -We are showing
an , .unusual . assortment.'
priced from
to $5.25
Popular copyrights. We have
just received by express "anoth
' er big shipment of all the P9pu-
lar tijtlel. So .that a) I may be
' accomodated. ; Come i tomor
row and get' your fav- 7(SI
orite books for"; V. . , C
We have kept this stock up in
order that the late shop
per may yet" have, a
good selection.
We are showing this season a
greater variety and larger as
sortment than ever before.
Come tomorrow;
.-- , .......
your selection
ments are good
and make
while assort-
For the man with a desk, could
you give anything nicer? We
have them in brass, bronze and
art tapestry, that range from
$9.00 to $14.00 in price, but
till Christmas we will sell them
Jewelry Section.
A nice comfortable robe made
of Beacon robing, attractive
patterns and serviceable col
ors. An excellent gift.
Price range from
$7.25 to $13.50
Don t Forget the -MERCHANDISE
JZan be had at the Cashier s Desk for any amount and
the recipient can buy what she wants,
umen sne warns it.
Putlip.lin; beautiful,
packages a large
assortment ;
. c
Meadowbrook Milk ':
Chocolates .' ; '
' rtoaae Circle ,--,
L Bittenweets
Faniilj Packages,
' v.Etc .,-
' "a
rev aatlar kaaa't get what
MaS. CALL. VS We wttl
t2 TOV where to nt Is. ,
' -iipilSi-ilttehle' the discriminating
lihouselcpiethah Beautiful linen. Our showing of fine
'Imensaieiyears: 'g
LmeW Pattcptths, each i : . . . -i.S0 to $18.00
,JaiJsissiIl to $4,198
Linen Rasasato maB.ciotns or aamaiiK - " ,; i
dozen i..v'.':;? - I - : . V . s . skdo to $18,40
Martex Towels sind TojaVel Seta popular for gifts
Powder Puffs and
Hair Receivers
The ' regular price
is $2.50. While
they last, each
GOAT for
For the wife or daughter who is in
needof-a'Coat what could be bet
,ter?f We are making a special pre
,,'Christmast offer for the remainder
of the week of any coat in stock,
'.including high : priced garments
and specially priced sale coats
X, Your choice of the stock
' '
The best part of a merry day The Christmas Dinner.
' That is wiiat will make your Christmas the most suc
cessful. ,v ; . ,
. . We have on display in the "Gift Suggetion" window, 2nd
Ave., a. Christmas basket. What could be a more accepta
ble gift? . V ..
The salespeople at the Delicatessen counter will be pleased
. to take your order and to give you all the information re
garding these baskets.. ' '
Most women will be
disappointed if they fail
to find one or more pairs
of Silk Hose among
their presents.
We' can accomodate every need and our stock is
sufficient to take care of late shoppers. All the best
'makes are represented, but our big special is
"v.''p" . $1.93
AH silk, pair ......i.I... $2.85
r ; - They Please and Satisfy
i . , !
Victor Records
For Christmas Gifts
There is no more welcome gift than new records for
the home that contains a talking machine. Come to this
store where you have a big stock to choose from.
For the Children:
18953 (Santa Claus Tells of Mother Goose Land ..Girard
75c (Santa Claus Tells ot Mother Goose Land ..Girard
35418 (The Night Before Christmas
il.25 (Gingerbread Boy
35679 (Santa Clans Gives Away His Toys Girard
$1.25(Santa Clans Tells About His Toy Shop ....Girard
35324 (In a Clock Store Victor Orch.
J 1.25 (A Hunt in the Black Forest
35711 (Santa Claus Visits the Children
11.25 (Santa Clans Visits the Children
For Mother:
Victor Orch.
18961 (Trail to Long Ago James-Shaw
75c (When Yon Long for a Pal James
45145(Silent Night, Holy Night Trinity Choir
$1.00 (Holy Night Marsh and Quartet
66048-rSerenade (Violin) Elman
64566 Nightingale Song Gluck
$1.25 .
74476 Dreaming of Home and Mother
For Dad:
18954 (Toot, Toot, Tootsie ! . ,
75c (Do I? J.....
18952 (Chimes of Liherty March ........
(Sagamore March
. . Benson Orch.
.. Benson Orch.
. Goldman Band
Goldman Band
lS781(ril Take You Home Again, Kathleen
( Burr and Quartet
75c (When the Corn Is Waving, Annie Dear
( Burr and Quartet
66092 Old Polks at Home Galli-Curci
744331 Want to See the Old Home . . .'
$1.75 Whitehill and Quartet
For Sister:
18963 (Homesick
75c (All Over Nothing at All
18960 (Blowing Bubbles All Day Long
75c (Just As Long As You Have Me.
Whiteman Orch.
White Way Orch.
.Whiteman Orch.
Whiteman Orch.
66109 Three O'clock in the Morning
66058 Minnet Philadelphia Symphony Orch.
88376 Dreams of Long Ago Caruso
For Brother:
18965(1 Wish I Could Shimmy Virginian Orch.
75c (Gee! But I Hate to Go Home Alone ..Virg. Orch.
189S3 (Crinoline Days Whiteman Orch.
7 5c (Pack Up Your Sins Whiteman Orch.
18967(AU for the Love of Mike ..... Patricola
75c (Hot Lips ..I Patricola
64744 Prelude from Lohengrin ..Boston Symph. Orch.
66080 Wonderful World of Romance McConnack
For Friends:
18950 (Two Little Ruby Rings
75c (I Found a Four Leaf Clover
Whiteman Orch.
.Whiteman Orch.
18908 (Old Kentucky Moonlight
75c (Rock Me in My Swanee Cradle
... Sterling Trio
.... Peerless Qt.
18958 (Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
( Trinity Male Choir
75c (Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn...
( Trinity Male Choir
35712 (Christmas Hymns and Carols .... Trinity than
$1.25(Christmas Hymns and Carols Trinity Choir
64825 Roses of Picardy McCormack
66081 Secret of Suzanne Overture Toacanini Orch.
87321 A Dream Caruso
87544 Silent Night, Holy Night Gluck-Reimers
74724 Alice Wrhere Art Thou (Violin) Elmaa
74534 Farewell to Thee Gluck & Quartet
74777 The Maiden's Wish (Piano) Paderewski
$1.75 i
74608 Lo, Here the Gentle Lurk, Galli-Curci
74719 Nazareth Werrenrath
$1.75 V
' 89018 Home to Our Mountains (Trovatore) '
$2.00 Caruso-Homer
96200 Sextette from Lucia
Caruso-Sembrich-Scotti, etc.
Select your records during the
evening and avoid the rush.
Open Evenings Until Christmas
Pheae B. L 5560. Keck Islaaa, 1IL

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