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II i
i to Eeat Tm M BraCeri
;1pe vtal steian from the oiBees
ft Dr. Harry Iter aad Dr. Ell
' rrilor. Saterday night, wen
UM tale awraiag with the exces
Um of the morphine rial, la tM
rur of toe office of the Empire Cml
aa lot compear, 21S Twentieth
r - r-v -A-i-ilu.
WUrt lis 3rd JUrw : .FTKar.
' i n cop was found by on of tne
- snDtons and reported to toe poUee.
Ir. Bradford identified the tiarco
Ice at the sUUon and said tost the
tfope mUeing wee rained at about
S. On ol theaaak books fro the
office that was also contained In the
, yaekas was found, but another
'was still minting. . Dr. Bradford
alio aaid . that sereral YalnablS
papers were.sttll missing, but that
ine paters wouia ne 01 no vain w
anyone besides him. i
v R was er Went -that the 1Meea
Sere dope addict because all Of the
orphlbe and cocaine, which was
a small amount, was remitted from
the package and drugs trhlctt would
be of bo usT to thf addicts was
' lefU This moraine OAoef Harry
FlUaimmons, who was looklhg over
the ground where the dope - ws
found behind the coal office, found
two more of the small Tin Is and
brought them to the police station.
s Whisky Permit Theft.
The Saturday night theft at the
Bradford and Frey office Was the
second time that the office had been
. : entered and '. searched. Sereral
weeks Igo a -book ot permits of the
type issued by physicians for
whisky to be used for sickness was
taken from the office. Only one per
mit had been nsed from the book
' and 9 were contained in the pad,
(which was stolen. Tbe.pewmts rep
resent no lots to the physicians,
jbniy that each physician Is allotsd
certain amount each month and
toould not bp able to obtain any
- tagain Until the nest tints ot issu.
jBr. Bradford said this morning; that
t was probable that the Whisky
permit thieves took the permits to
(Chicago or some other, city and
Used fictitious physicians' names.
?fhis theft Vas not reported to the
aolice. It Is not believed that the
nam persons who took thek dope
- were responsible for the whisky
bermit loss.
ff Rock Island came into promi
nence in - dope activities when a
argo valued at more than 410)000
teas found in a quantity 61 army
,lelts at the home of A, D. Harris,
404 Fortieth street. Harris claimed
that he had purchased the belts at
, a legitimate auction at Camp Grant
and did not know that the dopewas
In the belts. Friday Harris Was
bound over to the federal grand
Jury udder a bond of $2,000 at a
, Bearing before United States Coita
tnisaioner Thomas P. Sinnett
Safe Balded.
i The safe in the offices of the in
ternal revenue collector in the
Hock Island federal building was
also entered last week by parties in
search of the Harris dope' supply
which Was believed to have been
placed there before being sent to
the federal authorities. Police be-1
Jleve that the same - persons who
openedthe safe at the Internal rev
. tmue office are responsible for the
theft at the physicians' offices, in
the Best building. ,
(Special Mollne Service.!
if Mollne police are looking tor the
. burglars who .ransacked the resi
dence ot Carl K. Hlorne. 2133 Third
street, Saturday night, and carried
fcway.war savings stamps valued at
20. Members of the family were
anopping. wnen ine burglary was
nbmmitted. The house was en
tered through a window.
Er. Carrts 4s s of tie charter
of Enreka loase, No. ff.
kJ W. ft; at aftef the ro waen
fee roorgsalsatfoa of the. toSg was
started after being aataende for
about tea years. -
The lollowiax l:San people tt
Urtained at family iri yestef
day, Or. and Mrs. O. A. Vfcfiaaj Mr.
and Mrs, Robert Kate, Mr. and Mrs;
Harry Deck. Mr. and Mrs. Ira
Zafea, fcr. Mary Oobea, Mrs. Map.
tare Crtswell and Mrs. Ida Oobea,
- rsnsetal CotreSDondenee.)
Milan, Doe. tl.-A sacred pro
gram wt gtven at the Presbyteri-
u esnreh . MnnSav oUtht bv the
Choir, Miss Blla 2ahn of Bock Is
land ptoasM witn organ numoers.
; Christmas party was given in
the Presbyterian thstch basement
tor the Suaday school children.
Oanes war played and a fine
trtat war enjoyed. The Methodist
program was given Saturday night
after which: Banta Claus cameCnd
presents were distributed.
' deheral No. Ml.
Notice Is hereby kiten to all per
sons Interested that the council of
the Bit of flock lalaiffl. lit. hav
ing ordered the resurfacing of
Fourth avenue from a point 10 feet
West ot the west tins ot Second
street to the east line of Fifteenth
street (etceptinf the right of way
of the Trl-City Railway company),
and the ordinance or the same be
ing on file in the office of the city
clerk ot said city, and said city
having applied to the county Court
of Bock Island county, Illinois, for
an assessment or the cost of said
I .movement according to front
age, said assessment being payable
in 10 Installments, eacn bearing in
terest at the rate ot per cent per
annum, and an assessment therefor
having been made and returned to
said court, the hearing thereon will
be had on the 8th day of January,
A. D. 1022, at the hour of 9 o'clock
a, m., or ah soon thereafter as the
business bf the court will permit.
All persons desiring may Ale ob
jections in said court before saiu
dy, and atay appear on the hear
lag and make their defense.
Dated at Rock Island, III., Dec.
10, A 0. 1122. ' r ,
, 1 C. (X CUSHMAK,
Officer Appointed to Make Assess
ment (Advertisement, -
4 .. : W
Iforel Contest to 4w Waged Af Pie
tan Theatre Between Bhewi
. TeaietTew Efeaiac. .
'v ' " n .
An annsnal attiactlon is an
notated at the Spenser square
theatre tomorrow evening in the
farm fit m. local bathing girt cob
test to be offered in conjunction
with Olotia gwahson'a latest pic
ture, "The Impossible Mrs. BeUew."
Already a number of Rock Island
iri have indicated their intention
of entering the content. Mr. Blen-
ker, : who is directing ine ieaiuro,
States-that if applicants for en
trance contipde coming In -there
will be mord girls than can be ac-
commodated on the spencer square
stage at one time. No entrants are
to be accepted after ( 6'clock this
evening. - -'.
K Two; cash - prises are to be
awaruea on me. oasis oi oscibiuub
by the audiencesThe plan is to in
troduce all of the girls as a group.
Then there will be a series of spec-
Miri-w aka.tm-itaat. ar- jut vtl
be dexared the t latere. - " -
Tke bathing (VI contest is to ne
bold at 9 o'clock Wednesday even
rag between the nrst and aeooad
ahowtaga of "The Bnpoaalhte Mrs.
BeOew." The bathing girt contest
wtli; ha, for pne erenimg oaly. r
Anroocter vll on
Arthar Bdmtl, Del Oleaharet
ooort, alosoBrettler OCRock Is
laU, woo WU stftekat with paral
ysis Oct. is, Is reotrering rapidly
and has- beea able,to leava he
bonoe. Mr. BurfsJJ & been a
ef1Ms condition tar h iotg while.
Ha was oat distrihatlnc Christatas
haakets Btthday And la eonhtfeat
that ,h will fully recover within a
short tane. - j ' , .?
PoUce End FIgat at Fortj-slxth aaf
Seveath Avenee Ars to Hate
Hearing ToaterreW. '
Joan H hstt tUtisrtk at
ine, JoUae; XJeetvO--s 4
a We tt Vi Cxx "-i
aaaaa BAZ5aaa KJawJ
Jsrt TaTrafv fcl ll i.1 l-.A
avaane, Jo'ae, aai -Mayl(ar
aer, e3 uttav aiaane, hoU .Is
laH. -1 .' '.
AheSaua Atl tarkad hoadrf
1 t arpear ia to- ooart be
fore Juitiee X. P. Kelly tobaorftr
morning at t o'clock. They will be
charged with disorderly conduct
The cause ot the Stat is hot kaowh
to ttie police. -
C liMTt iteA both Unillies were
All .members pf Jojia Btford
post, Q. A; B-, are, requested to
meet at the Knox cnapei tomorrow
horning at 10 o'clock Id participate
A four cornered light as pro
gressing in. fine shape last nfght
at 7:25 o'clock when police officers
orHvad m thA vrpttA and nnt atartdS)
to further nnrilistic acUvities. The at the funeral ot Adam Kramer.
participants, arrested at orty-J By order of post commander, '.p
Sixth street andvSeventh avenahV v ; ANDfUW BIlU
x fllAKKlWSCECi(
The Bpauldlng A. C. (iauitef,
' Alpbonee Romhant will be ar
raisaed oit a charge of disorderly
eoaduct in police eoaft tomorrow
De Qreeoa, i. Bereath avenue, !der tte management ot Steve it.
aear hf home early BtfEday morn- i ler, will open its official schetf
j mis evening at me nrabkltg iek
W WVb. tkm, ...ll, .
j mtj win mett it,
Mn. De Oreeon claim ; that, she '
neara s sunse- id ui rai ra mti
wsJ arrested on com-
Brown's Basinesj collets flva
Miller has taken over th
home at ltls o'clock. Sunday morn- aetment of the rluh ki.. .
ing. ; Bhe went out t the house to eludes the entire sauut tik.
! inveptlgate and. Romhant, who she Boosters. Many of the Booitttr
VIIIIO wvb-w.wum ww.m -w ' ... pyinru Hi LtlO UllfUU. I'K
nrnca ner. i uui u Deiieoni iu iraui win uon us new Unlrop
have developed from a dispute over emerald green and white ht
the ownership W a soft drink bar night's game. " "j'
ffi A7Jee Fmmify Stmpfy g
a of Cough Romotfy H
K aMltr tetter thaa Mtr4l 5j
nl caak wrap, aat SS. ru
a MjuOt aaS aatekly -MsanS. M
If you combine! the euratire prop
erties of every known "ready-made"
cough Ttrnedy, you probably could 1
not set as mueh real curative power
as there is in this simple home-made
cough syrup. Which is easily prepared
is a few minutes.
- Oct from any druggist iVt ounces
ot Pines, pourlit Into a pint bottle
and fill the bottle with syrtap, using
either plain granulated sugar Syrup,
clarified molasses, honey, or corn
?vnip. as desired. The result is a
till pint of really better cough syrup
than you could buy ready-made for
three limes the motaeyt Tastes' pleas
ant and never -spoils.
This Pinez and Byrun preparation
trri rioht St the cause of a eoueh and
ives almost immediate renei. . it
Christmas ; Bavings club now
open.., Rock. Island Savings Bank.
TrMJity Towel Supply companyi
Davenport 934.
Christmas : Savings club now
open. ; Rock Island Savings Bank,
rl i w
,. 1 loosens the phlegm, stops the nasty
inroat iicicie ana neais. ine sore, irri
tated membranes so gently and easily
that it is really astonishing:
- -A day's use will usually overcome
the ordinary cough and for bronchitis,
croyp. hoarseness and bronchial asth
ma, there is nothing better.
Pinez is a most valuable concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, and has been used for
generation! to break severe coughs.
, To avoid dissppointment, ask your
druggist for ennres of Pines"
with full directions, snd don't accept
anything else. Gimranteed to give
absolute satisfaction or money
n tnrwmas Havings club now
, open. Rock Island Savings Bank
Building Bone
I Is equally as important as f
building desh. Foods that
assist Nature, tut lime in the I
bones and teeth are essential.
Scott's Emulsion
comparhnenf sleeping car
- direct lo
'Where; ihe mountains
meet the tea
A service rheetJng all the ezpetation1 of
seasoned travelers to this beautiful city.
Ton travel vm the low-altitude, warm
- weather route on that train famous for
twenty years, the Rock Wand Lines ;
. v Golden State Limited
The short, interesting way to.Los Angeles
and San Diego. . '
Leaves Back Island 10SS"p. m. daily.
Arrives Santa Barbara 6.-00 p. m. 3rd day.
Newest all-steel Pullmans. Club observation-compartment
sleeping cars, and dining
car meals the "Best on Wheels.' ' ..
Ftt M SiAmmHm mni WoMt M k cmUtr aSs '
r. a TtM, Ticfcrt Aim. Rck UUmi Lnes
Rack bluS, UUmU
Ti 7
Everybody that1 needs Shoes
watch tomorroart tMipcr
for Special Eyent
' Official Weather Forecast
for Rock Island: ' .
' Unsettled weather tonight, w&
. uruuauiT niun vv cuneinsv w
L. S. McCabe & Co Rock Island. 1)1 '.) cold
Store Hours 8 :30 A. M. to 5 :30 P. M.
New Years Cards Stationery Section
S and
. nr i n in 1 1 j in i -
Silks of the best at lowest prices. Silks m weaves
for the simple dress to those of the rich brocades
Prices Quoted Are for Two Days Only, Wednesday and Thursday
One ot the season's extreme novelties
used for the new Coatee, Blouse, or
T- Ci 1 IT" 1 Til 1
ureas, oeai, iNavy or ciacK.
40 inches wide. Our entire line of reg
ular S.tS quality, in shades of Navyr
' Broyjj Silver, Taupe, Honeydew, Rose
and Sapphire. v ' - -
Special Sale Price '
. KRINKLE KNIT Corticelli Satin ' PAISLEY
. We offer- you Banned CANTONS
quality of this much fa- A wonderful quality This is one of our newest
voredknitted silk fabric, and makes . charming Paisley prints of all kinds
Blacklahd Navy only. new frockss ' are popular, but 'printed
: Spe6iMPrice-Yrd . SpecSly PrlcedfW two - cantonare.verynew. y
$2,98 . 'tsr; $3198. Itlf :,; $3o49
Price yard .
Excellent quality shades are Copfeh, Grey,. A hew, silk with brocade effect, in many
Taupe, Brown, Plum and Fuchsia ; also charming color combinations to choose
fancy stripes
yard ...... .
Imported Japanese
a- Pongee Silk
Heavy quality 16 mo.-
$1.89 wdoiy- 3.49
jm.fm. . . . .
Silk and Fibre
Kimono and Lining
Extra quality. The popu- 86 -inch, good v range of
lar pin stripes in different patterns; special
- 40-inch (not all shades),
, yard .....
shades. Yard
price yard
QQ A Very special quality for the price, 40-inch; in Navy, I1 QQ
Brown and Black Yard . . , . . . . , . ... . . . ... 1 . vle70
Very close pile, 36 inches wide. Navy, 38 and 40-inch. Navy, Taupe, Green or
Brown or Black. Specially fl0 QO Plum,-Two days i CA Several good colors, 18 inches $1 00
priced-yard . yard .... . S.y.-. .... .; 3.pU wide; yard ... v ........... AVY
i si
of pure vitaminelearing S ' I
Ji& forrrratioTo!! c3 Q B -
ttrongbones and $ound teeth e'lTiisV whftZs 1
ir.ir.......-r.i !' ! ri2;.
I fTfrtim imi s KLi-ixTll fi t
its vaeataMe ssertest) tasea w I.. You faww it if .you have ever ridden' in a - f
' tbX y ZZhIZ 7t iT I Jnett. And, in addition to the greater per-
; j mine mt mUmtntvmm. "tmjW. " forming ability and comfort of smooth, over-
U- akJSl lapping power, impulses, you gain a.posttiva
'w 5-ivlI , cconomy factor. Decreased vibration meahs 1
' . ' decreased wear and teat. ' That'l good( j
I lFlJfijr' I ' . msduuHi.s and common sense. ; : . , . .
Wsk23ffi A -- -
Broadcloths and Velours, large assortment, yard ..... .$2.98 .
New Tweeds for Knickers and Sport Skirts, yd. $1.75 & $225
Tricot Flannel, aU wool, 54 inch, yard v. . . ; ... ... " . . .$249
Astrakhan, Very ntuch used, Mack or grey . . .$4.75 and $6.50
Eponge, all wool, 42 inch, yard . ..... ; . . . . . . ......$1.98
- Chinchilla Coating,' Red, Green and Brown, 54 in., yard $3.98
Tricotine and Poiret Twill, heavy" quality, yard $3.98
Henrietta, all wool, Black, White and colors, yard $1-89
Skirting, fancy stripes and plaids, 54-inch, yard . .$2.50
Wool Challies, a feVgObd- patterns, yard 50c
The Special Ready-to-Wear Sale ContinuesThrough
Styles and sizes for
women or Uhil- .
drenl Regular '
! . . . I
prices were low DUl
, now all of them
m u awr li
--Two More Days of Unusual Opportunies
Three Group of Wonderful Val
ues at Popular Prices
You would expect to pay more for each,
one of them. . See these specially priced
Coats tomorrow- r '
$13.98 $19.98 $27.98
Bi Redaction ?n all better Coat
Tailored Suits-
; Black and navy, plain tailored models
that art always wony- v
; 1-3
Your choice of the en
tire stock of Wool, Silk
or Lace. All new. One
garment of a kind. A
splendid assortment
'2J2MEi"522?'M,,- I 1 S ' -. -N -

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