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T,Tn t: rxr,
- Y'
I r C3
rar W.f Hates, sgad resident
'a. who was ssrstshT
X Tower tau straet or Sus-
cnKiBft Cat at 4:4 o'clock
-jrSmr iirwi fa St
.-s fimi m raoalt of th
- aci lajaries receive In Jtas:
Mr. narea mil jws-
1 consciousness after tbeacddeert
Physteiaae state that although
'"ft Pierce sustained broken col
: i bone, two fractured lib and a
.-amber of scalp woaads. death ap
yarentfr canst from the shock that
he receives. Jtr, Pierce vaaMtaek
t the street car at the latersacUoa
jot Eleventh itreet and Nineteenth
'fcvtaae, Bock Island, Sunday eve-
' rs at 8:15 o'clock. F. A.-Qraby.
4..I Forty-third street, who was op
erating the car. is not held respon
Bible for the accMent by witnesses.
" -The car waa making a trip from
fella Into Rock Island and was
i proceeding at a normal rate.; of
peel' Mr. Graby waa driving the
oar toward ' the intersection at
Nineteenth avenue when suddenly
; he saw the form of Mr. Piercs
abeaal on the .' track.-. Operator
Oro by immediately applied the
k brakes and threw the motor into
reverse, but not before the fender
truck Mr. Pierce and hurled him
into the roadway. He was "removed
to. St. Anthony's hospital.
. It is believed that Mr. Pierce was
standing at a point where he was
hidden by tbeahadow of a tele
phone post or some other object
It is evident that he did not hear
tfie approach of the car or if he
aid hear It coming was unable to
reach safety quick enough to avoid
the accident on account of his ad
vanced age.
f,' Former School Teacher. .
Mr. pierce was born in Independ
ence. Iowa, Oct 25, 1854. He
taught school in Andalusia and
Cable for a number of years. He
' worked for the Daily Union in Rock
Island for a short time about eight
years ago. He was united in mar
riage with Mrs. Mary E. Solander
In February, 1914. He had been a
resident in Milan 22 years.
Surviving are the widow, Mrs.
Mary E. Pierce , and two sons,
Charles Pierce, Nebraska, and
Harry Piece, Columbus, Ohio.
t An Inquest will be held by Cor
oner F. Maberrv at 7 o'clock this
.evening In the Knox mortuary.
7 v
- a. i .
ii it x - .c u 3k. n una
V 0
.. -7
KCart af Ukt Onrtgy
is Arrested on
i Amerlean eyes, next year, may have the opportunity of feasting upon th
lilaiity of Her Royal Highness, the Maharanee of Takari. shown above,
wife of the Maharaja of Takafi. The Maharanee; who waa selected -reoentl)
as India a meat beautiful woman, expecta to visit this country. , -
President ef KaUeualist CeatTess
Says Berolutlen by Ferae la Fu
tile Favors Peaceful Methois.
. (Sped) MoUm aeWlea.)
E. 3. Russell, aged 23. who left
ilollne about the time that .his
roommate, Andrew Hanson, 610
Sixteenth street missed a 8300 dia-
' mond pin and other articles valued
at $100, has been arrested at Dan
ville, 111. A member of the Mollne
police department will go to Dan
ville tonight to get Russell, who
will probably be arraigned in Mo
llne police court, tomorrow.
Hanson in his complaint charged
Russell with the theft of the arti
cles: Russell was traced to Chi
cago by the Moline police, and from
there to Danville, where be - was
' attested last night Other articles
in. addition to the pin said to have
been atolen by Russell were wear
lag apparel. ' '
Gaya, Bengal, British India,: Dec.
27.--By the Associated Press.)
In his Inaugural address to the All
India Nationalist congress yester
day, C. R. Das, president of the
congress, x declared ' that swaraj
(self-rule) was the most important
question of the day, and the only.
method for securing it was by non
violent non-cooperation.
He pointed out that History re
peatedly had proved the futility of
revolution engineered by violence
which only defeated the cause-of
freedom. He emphasised the im
portance of India's participatioon
in a great Asiatic federation, which
he said would r enlace the Pan-
Islamic movement and constitute
a union of Asia's oppressed nation
S j (SpmUI HeliM Serrtea.t
.-Heads of departments of Mollne
factories will have the opportunity
t hear Cameron Beck, personnel
worker ot New Vork city, who will
h a guest of the Y. M. C. A. on Jan.
14 and 15.
. ,-Mr. Beck is director of the-ner
sonnel department of the New York
slock exchange and president of
t he President-Directors' associa
tlon of New York city. He has
bin-n. actively engaged in personnel
work for 15 years, and-has prob
ably helped more young men and
boys to successful careers than any
te man in the country. His topic
i$:baseiion a closer relationship
tMitween employer and employe. He
neneves in inculcating a more nu
man element in business. '
Urbana. 111. The last statistics
leathered relative to the use of
mules' and locomotives in under
ground mine haulage show that in
1921 mules hauled less tnan one-
tenth as much coal over main lines
as did locomotives, according to a
study made at theengineering ex
periment station of the university
of Illinois. The investigators were
H. H. Stoeck, J. R. Fleming, and A.
J. Hoskin.
"The superiority of locomotives
over mules for main haulage be
came fully evident to Illinois coal
operators about 15 years ago," they
said. "Mules bandied their maxi
mum annual tonnage ' on main
roada in 1907. Since that year,
there has been a general diminu
tion of this mure haulage with a
'simultaneous increase in the an
nual tonnage handled on main
roads bV locomotives. Data indi
cate that mule haulage is nearly
3.5 times as dangerous as locomo
tive haulagev when computed from
the standpoint of tonnage handled.
Two Connies Under Arrest Accused
of $97,000 Holdup of Messengers
at Kuans City.
: ; (Sordil MolUw tente.1 ' v
i unuert ncvausiana, proprietor ot
the Annex, a soft drink bar, at 309
Sixteenth street pleaded not guilty
when arraigned in police court yes
terday afternoon. Matt Zummer,
his bartender, also denied that they
liave violated the city liquor ord
inance. They were granted a con
tinuance until Friday afternoon.
A '..-
' VAtaa A'em vrnrnt
p (Spwial MeUiw- Serrtot.t
r Oliver Carry, colored, who was
atfrested in Eaat Mollne Sundav on
; a charge of disorderly conduct andl
malicious miscnier, paid 810 plus
' oheta In East Moline police court
yesterday afternoon. The complain
ant waa Cat Smith, also colored,
- who declared that Carry broke a
number windows la Smith's
tense, . .
i - - .-;
- . tLXa AODITIOini TO r
. ChlcaKo. Deo, 27. Federal engl-
i n.rs fraow Washington were. 1
uciwio louay to test the postofflce
indatkMw for the contemplated
N r aoaeillmg or the present atrne
- tv to O stories la heifht
riittVt tor IliOOI MO to :-it
. w aoel the structure ta peadtnc
w-u wn approsnauoas
New Orleans, La.,' Dee. 27. Four
persons, two men and two wom
en, were held py police .today in
connection with the holdup and
robbery of live messengers of the
Drovers' National bank ol Kansas
City, Mo., on Dec. 12. in which the
highwaymen are reported to have
obtained $97,000. ' -
The men gave their names as
George Wilson and ""Jim Coverty,
and said the women were their
wives. '
A handbag containing $8,800, be
lieved to be part of the holdup loot,
was found in a room occupied by
one 'of the couples. Sdme cf the
packages of money, the police stat
ed, were sealed and bore stamps of
the Federal Reserve bank ot Kan
sas City. A large amount of loose
notes was bundled up in a page of
a Kansas City newspaper.
Coverty declared he was tending
bar in a Kansas City saloon at the
time of the robbery and came to
New Orleans on Dec 15, to play the
races. The four, polios said, have
been spending freely in local cabarets.-
. , .
Life Boat Belonging to Missing; Tug
Found to Contain Body of
Freien Member of Crew. -
Chicago: Doc 27. Thousauda of
willing workers are declared to bo
solo in otateenont socially circu
lated by the Ultaoto State iwn
of iMor jo asawar to onus-
saeata, alleginc tabor shortage.
brnuwufactsviac group woo
soek the repeal of the three per
cent restrictive section of the t
mirratloa act The reply la frc
Thomas F. HcManon ' oreaiaent 01
th . United Textile . Woxkara ot
America, and follows:
Anv falr-aalndad nerson can very
easily lae.ni too trath of this atato
ment if they investigate conditions
in our large Indus anal centers.
"There axe .tens of twraauodo of
strong men walking the streets In
some of our cities and towns seek
ing employment Too whole Intent
of tbi& propaganda la to bring about
a codflition similar to 1912, whoa
we had a surplus of labor and the
lowest wage on record in the wool
en industry, though we had ute
highest tariff on the products of
th mills up to that time.
"We note by advertisements' in
the public press that textile work
ers are wanted, but when our peo
ple apply tor work tny ara not
hired because ot th system of
blacklist and 'gentlemen's agree
ments' carried out by many mill
managers who require net' only
your name and place of birth, but
also the church of which you are
a communicant"
..?. '-' Ta:
f loan I I owo aonrio. .
lour lC o rr'a WanjsMl. v
r-niig oirgnun uooos.
lOses Mary and Francos
William - Thorp.
Piaao ainnfopsnlsnsnt by Miss Gor-
trud Ctana. - . . . ; ,
Zv4phane olo-eyd Bergesosw
nriOMpanlort by orchaotra. - '
Song Mais Dorothy Btran.
Piaao sots Miss Virginia SmKh.
Dance Misses Fraattea and Mary
Tocal nolo Mia Louise McLean.
Readtna Mr. WlUtaa . Thorp,
with, piano accompannmeat by .MU
Oertrode Chuna. .
. A Christmu tree has been placed
in th ball uaoa which gifts of
every description have been hung
for distribution among the guests.
After the entertainment there, will
be dancing.
1, .-
Fbaes. An Denrt dnt tn fotteo
, Coartt Tkose lrto Coin.
- bxased Marry HeUday.
Bchoesof Chrlsttaaa cheer and
hoppinea wore dtapo d 'of this
morning In polioa court, when a
number of men who wr plckod
up over the week end 'with an ex
cess load ot hooch, were given a
hearing. The 'men were relaaaed
from the station after they had
Sbered up and gave bonds of $10
appear for a hearing Chia morn
ing. f Charles Brick son was fined $10
by Justice Joseph P. Kelly in police
court this morning, and Henry W.
Gens' was fined $5 on a charge ot
drunkenness. Crickson ' was ar-
canstac a aUubaato.
- Alphoaa RoasbaaU who Is clafav-
od to km. cansod a disturtaaos
early s)nday moraine and struok
Mrs. iulius Ds 'Grwoo, CO 8r
nth avenue, whan ah cam out fit
th yard back of her home to see
what th aois waa all about was
Hned-tS on a charg ef nsotderty
conduct . ' s-- --,; .
A number ot castl of tao sanM
character as those held in poUe
court this no ruing are schodulod
for this ovaning before Justlcb Kel
ly in poaco court -
SpringQld,;IlL, Dm. $7. There
were 921.3M votes cast against the
proposed new 'constitution, sand
only 18538 votes (or It unofficial
totals compiled by tao secretary of
state snowed today. The official
'canvass wiH be held as soon as the
governor returns to Springfield.
Th case of Kmort Rjrow MoiisT
OB 'a ftW rorogntiane uobJI an.r'-
mwwwwc uno a eap
driven by W. T. Larkln, Ut ew.
Ueth street at th mtemctie?ef
Filth avenue and ThlilySiS
street was continued until fin!
i , w.. . j m muv, wveeaa o
I Kelly in polio court thla um..
. inn uv uuc -waa nijunt at
the crash the accident might atZ
ended seriously. Larkin's car was
cupaata were pinned beneath. St
- " mien unv
ing. It ia expected that a seUk.
car will be, made before tfcI
t t. a . "n
A:, th news au
Arcus .
ta tUao-t
Rock dsland lodge. No. 18. TJcal
lodge. No, 603, and Eudora Rebekah
lodge No. 73. Odd Fellows, give a
Christmas program and danco this
evening at 8 o'clock ia Odd Fel
lows' hall on Fourth avenue lor the
members ot these lodges and their
Cleveland, Ohio, Dec, 27. Al
though practically no hope is held
out for the safety of the tug Cor
nell, search of Lake Erie in an ef
fort to solve the mystery of the ves
sel's disappearance was continued
today. Finding of a life boat con
taining the frozen body of one of
the eight men in the crew dispelled
any belief that the Cornell is safe.
The yawl and its contents were
picked up yesterday by a tug.
Dixon, 111., Dec. 27.-Mtfrs. C. M.
Walter, wife- of the pastor of St.
John's Lutheran church of this city,
died last night fallowing an operation.
Whin one of its
members is an in
ebriate or.a drug user.
. , This need not continue.
, Ashorttimeat Dwight
inthe proper surround
ings,. with specialized
treatment for these dis
orders, and the craving
: is removed. There are
. . no unpleasant experi
ences, nor harmful ef
fects from the Keeley
Treatment. It has re-
- stored thousrnds oi
users of drugs and liquor
to usefulness and health.
Write for our confi
dential bocklet, "Th
Keeley Treatment" -
Thieves who had the idea thai
they wanted to 'Steal something.
even though it wasn't very much,
last night broke into the peanut
container attached to the McCar
thy Bros, grocery store, 416 Twen-ty-thlfff
street vThe peanuts were
taken and a number of pennies
wnicn naa been puxn the machine.
in return for a small quantity ot
peanuts, formed parrot th loot
A theft which occurred Saturday
night, bat which was not reported
to the Rock Island nolle until yes
terday afternoon, caused a toss of
about $14 to Mrs. Krneat Brunswig.
08 Twnty-Srst avenue. The arti
cles were taken from the Brans
wig auto and consisted ot a num
ber of linen household furnisatnga.
Among th thlags atotep were a
coaternteoa, a acarf. several piliow
eaaea and other aaaU articlea.
From tlVM3 FEadt
" ' ;
TX7B know some folks who ' bL- -Vlook
upon it as a regular . . , iV. ,
wvcitt ior men- nena to stop tayirM '
daring the winter. Justwben kks are
worth the moat, their flock aren't pro.
stocux cnoogh to ay the feed bill. ,
fog cam get eat right thcoagh the
winter if you feed right. You mast give
utu ui wo rtrramta mat make '
use runna rleo Cbow ami
' eo tne poatttv guarantee of
w Eg olmy Eck
eggaV dr-9
Chickea " -K-iT
I McMrsseiif Bam ' 1 V
, j- oisrrntoureitav V.
Av Rock UxskL rWati I
tn. Davoasort Rook Island. KMm aad tat lmxmv.
The atofe that
keeps the
cost of living
. down.
DERwmrzriT stcre
If It iBn't right
tell us.
Well make
it right.
Thursday Steppers Will Find Uore end Better Lots Joining the Ranks of n
ths "In-Detwcon Sals" liargams, ucrc at ins nsn u Lyosisy
rre fUrvairtmrnr lute tKem the wincUiTD of the Christmas buvinsr. left lot after
lot, some too. small to mention here. ' Now if prices will do it, we'll move all these left
overs. ; Read ion. See for yourself. Come in tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday.
TTie sooner the better. Get your good share. . 4
Movmg Out Small Lots and Mtiny Big Lots at Kg
Savings, in, the Women's Ready-toWear Dept;
For Example:
Just about a'doxen knitted wool
aad Angora scarf and cap sets
for girls ever eight years eld:
we make these neady a dollar
cheaper, Thnrsday, QQ
fiere's a "bigh-licht" for Thurs-,
day: About two doien genuine
band made blouses, lace trim
med hand-drawn ; a trifle mass
ed; siseS 34 and 3C, were
cheap at $2.50: now, d AA
take your. pick ..... I.VI
Piled high oa another teble are
ladies'' naanelette - slip-over
ntgbtgowns, and seme with v
shaped necks; net extra heavy,
but a nice weight for furnace
heated bedrooms: 79c aad 89c
' nightgowns at 60c, . . r a
yes, apiece .... ...... OU4
Here's a little lot ef good-sised
plsid brushed wool tana and a
few warm stocking caps ' with
1.2$ and $1.49 price tags on j
these go en sale at AO -apiece
On another table are about a
-doxen big wooly Angora scarfs,'
wide, some asnewert
these ? have been to S4J9S.
Cheiee of any, Thnrs
day, each ...
One lot. ladies' $25.00 eosts
sport coats, far trimmed inn
coats about as many differest
styles as there are coats (sever
al $35.00 values, selling speeitl
at $25.00 among
them) : choice. . .
With moderate days
often, the ladies' fur triamei
suits and long cost ttilord
suits here at HALF PRICE art
doubly important
Hosiery and Underwear
.Bargains: r '
Ladies' $2.50 full fashioned thread
silk; hose,-4rregtilars: black, brown
and colors : Thursday, two. pairs to
each af 98c Pair.
"close-out," ladies' union suits;
fleeced and medium weights: choice
of two styles, nearly every size : hatf e
been to $1.50; Thursday only, 69c
suit. : - '
Clearing out, a little lot, girls' un
ion suits, sizes 6 to 8 only: worth to
75c; choice 39c. 1 - '
Fresh new 27-inch dress ging
hams, in a big assortment, of
light and dark checks and.
plaids. All full pieces, sent direct
from the mille to us. A short
time ago ginghams like these
sold for 2Sc: how we're going to
sell these ginghams at not 19c or
15c, but Wzc yard. '
'Boys' all wool mackinaws, in
big plaid patterns: worth $5.98:
a few left to go at $4.39 each.
Boys' (8 to 15) gray flan
nelette blouses, a good thing for
the school boy, have been 69c,
choice 4c apiece. :
. One rack packed full of ladies' winter dresses serges, tricotines,
Poiret twills, and Canton crepes: 'most every style conceivable, in
cluding the new full skirted Matelasse basque-effects: would be ex
tra good bargains at $17.50 and $19.75: now choice of any dress in
the lot, $15.00. " . "
Two racks, girls (8 to 14 years) all wool serge and pretty , vel
veteen dresses, made up in so many different styles it's hard to say
which is prettiest; marked close at $4.98 and $5.98; Thursday, out
they go, $4.48 each. r
Beginning Thursday, Sale of
Pure Aluminum Cooking
Housewives who have been add
ing aluminum, piece by piece to
. their kitchenware, will see at a
glance how very much cheaper
this senuine Electric finish alumi
num can be bought for here during this sale.
. Genuine aluminum -coffee
percolators, 9-cup, 98c size for
69c: 10-cup $1.19 size, 89c.
Pure aluminum self-basting
roasters (see -cut), not the
small size but the good $1.49
roaster: (will hofd a good
large chicken), ,$1.19.
, 10-inch pure aluminum
round roasters, ordinarily 89c;
to go during this sale at 69c
-Pure aluminum double boiI
IV, -quart size for 69c; 2
quart size 95c
3-piece aluminum sauce pan
set: two, three and four quart
sizes. Complete set for $139.
2-quart pure aluminum pud
ding pans, ordinarily 45c, for
And so on. Preserving
kettles, water pails, convex'
covered kettles, etc., etc--a
fine array of kitchen utensils,
at big savings. I
Remnants, Wool Drew Goods, One-Third Less
: The Dress Goods Department has' gathered together a lotr
remnants of Wool dress goods serges, jerseys, velours, skirtinf
checks and stripes lengths from 1 to 4 yards of the wool ma
terials that sold out so fast before Christmas. Now, Thursday
customers may .choose from a good full assortment at about one.
v third off the 'regular prices. For instance: 4
A lV2-yard remnant of pretty wool skirting worth $2.50 for
$1.50. And so on. For children's winter dresses, for a skirt for
yourself, or a jumper, these remnants are just the thing.
Some of the Bargains jon the Third Floors
Thursday, big assortment, 36-inch
eartaia . eretonaea, Jig ht or J dark
agured patteraa. also aarsery de-
. i . . .
signs; aa unasoany good bargaia
at 2Se; tea yards or less
te each at yard
Twenty-fonr large Siae (82x92)
crocket bed spreads, plain , hem
seed , very goad quality (so dreas
iag) at $3i5; aew to eloae them
All weal khaki army blankets, the
64x86 sise; ew eaes like these
are hard to act at $3.08: these,
just aa geet, ,
.: $2.85"
One lot of genuine Beacoa com
:fertaUea; slxe(Mx00: such as,
wbea'aouad with ' silk sell 1 at
S1O.00; these, without the bind
ing, plaia hemmed, reduced ' for
"Seconds'of 59c dark green wa
iter color doth window roller
shades : 6x30 ; Thurs-. AQt
day, each .............
"Seconds". 0x12 Concoleum rags:
light imperfections In the print
not ia the quality. (First quality
rugs like these sell for: S16.00).
These go sot at
SU.9S or $12.98
Groceries, Thursday: v v
Granulated Sugar, 12 lb, for 89c icith other Gro
ceries ocer f I j00.
Best Storage Eggs: all you want at WVic dozen,
with other Groceries over $1M (not Sugar). .
Farbest Butterini, equal to the best on the market,
25c lb. V
Best Northern Early Ohio Potatoes, 25c peck.
Fresh home-made Link Pork Sausage, 21c lb.
. M Elf mm mm, I
ereavia rtour, 4) bock.
Extra Head Coffee, SSe lb.
- Jap Rose Toilet Soap, S cakes
for sse. -
Rye Flour, 10-B). bag for 45c .-,
Fresh Rutabagas, 4c H. .
- Powdered Ammonia. S pkgs. for
Sue. - , . ''. .,.
California Asparagus Cuts, large
can Sac. -. .
large California Prunes. ISc lb.
Spice Nut Cookies', 2Se BK
tl ... . mm -
It uiu riesies, ai
Dried .Beef, sliced, haU pouas
far 29c
Wesson's Salad Oil, quart eas
SSe. ' ' ' '
New To foil Cream Sandwich
Cheese. 410 lb.
- Blue Ribbon Tomatoes,, larre
can., 3 for SSe.
Wax and Ureen Beans. ISe can.
Pure ' Pineapple Preserve. 3Sc
Jar. " "
Htiaa Baked Beans, 9 cans tor
. :
i - t, :

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