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VOL XL1T. HO. 40.
10 'CZij
Attention !
This is the Hrst issue on the
$6,500 Press, and the most im
portant news is on Page 12; you
miss a treat if you don't take ad-
vantage of it. It is of interest to
every Gentleman, every Lady,
every child, everybody.
Don't forget
Tins Issue.
of "Kris Krinde's Grotto"
Some More Rascality Charged
in trm.Coughlin Trial.
I Saturday and the Week Following Look Out for;
Kris Kringle. Christmas is close at Hand.
the sjdendi'1 assortment; piirprtsrd at the superior
iialities; surprised at the low jiriecs. "c have
new novelties in nice, but itii'Siensivc joods.
We have nicer and more expensive jjoods. ran (ring"
in price an hitfh a vou rare t ri l"OU LITTLE
No cmi is so old, no one is so yonnjj. ,ut what
littin;? and pleasing" pfts may be f.mtid "
dance. Tlie virtue in values: tile Imaut;
chosen ;.'oods; the power in low juices i
ttrc tlie best place todo your Christmas
1 1 . 1
rwwV o have been planning" and arranjr
fir t h i festive iw-ain. No time .r money
tnen saved. ut the arrangement have been
.. ith a Imvtsh hand in rder t make this
.ie of the most attractive ami enjovai.u
. . ..., ..f the tear. In makins our arrange.
rn. tits the children in particular have liecn piven
-I i.d attention, and we hereby extend a most
i.-urty invitation to our little
villi 'their mothers and visit
i.i-h music afternoon and fvenin?.
friends to come
Kris Kriii'le's
VAI.l F.l
will fur-
ri .t I... Iu.n .1luriit.el V decorated
r this occasion, ml now present
;iutv, fresh from the artist' hands.
a howcr of
Our Greeting is Christmas Bargains.
Th. v are manv they are desiraMe they aire
r liable. There is ati me to I.m v-it s now. J here
i- a ptn.-e to buy it' at the Huston Stor. Men
a i cry little money will do wonder in purchasing
present tor your friends.
Come to Our Opening.
You will be pleasantly surprised; surprised at
For tlie Service of a Prominent I-awyer
r tlie Prosecution The Itrioe Indig
nantly Itrjccteil The Testimony ot" One
of the Jurors Now Impeached by the
Helens Farther Frank at Washing
ton. J sole the Slaslier.
ClllcAuo, Pec 2. The latest criminal
sensation connected with the Cronin mur
i.cr ami tho trials of thoso implicated has
an appearance of audacity, if tiie allega
tions are true, that equals anything that
has 'preceded it. in this case remarkable for
plots, bribes and perjury and every thins
se that is "cussed." It is now alleged
that the "iinknowu men whose power
ful influence has been so remarkably
exhibited in every phase of the Cronin
case are endeavoring to buy off the prose
ctitiouaud thus secure the acquittal of
th? ex-detective. It is positively stated
that one of riie men approached was Kick
h Mil Sc.itilaii, the attorney called into tha
ciseforthe prosecution by State Attor
ney Kern.
Ottered 8)10,000 for II is Services.
According to the story given out a well-
ki kn man, an acquaintance of Mr. Sean
li l and a citir.cn whom he had always
c uisidcred above reproach, called at his
b viK-on a recent evening and intimated
ta.it if the attorney would drop out of the
cim; or would so manipulate the conduct
of the trial that the jury would be com
pelled to Osd a verdict of not guilty, ha
would insure him the payment of a coa-
siderable sum of money. Mr. Scar.lan,
aci'inditie; to the story, was curious to f;t;d
ot the exteut of his visitor's instructions,
u:ii askec!:
"How n.urli money is offered?'.
-1 c.-n premise you f Ui.ttm," there
ply. "It will lie deposited in b:mk ill the
inline of a third man, mid as snuu as your
servic.-s 1 ave been perfoumd you cau
di -.v c n it."
Iranian lts IiniM-lf Loose.
"And what am I exiiected touo lor this
K:t her retire from the casp, or what
would be lie;ter buiiiile t he case in such a
way that C'ouiiidin nouid be acquitted cr
t'.te jury disagree,''
"Ho iln I 1.L it that the money is se
cure, thcu?''
ISccause 1 will lie rspr.:i"ib;e f ir it."'
Kindini; it iumiksMble to secure any
fiiitUtr mforiiietioti lruni h;s visitor. Air.
Se uilnu oiitned up n;i hint ii'id the lutttr
1- ft the liouecoiisidet::Wy crest Te lien.
It w:ll be a preat day for the hoai.r of
the Cb;;o courts whia this case is final
ly disposed of. There r.ever was lathe
history of the cetiiity vu-.-h a nest of cor
riritiou deveii;-l in :. case, if tLe truth is J
udL . !
Some More C'L-irrs of Corr?ytion.
For now here c.tnes a lutcU of reports
relit an: t j the filing of the vacancies in
the jury resuiiiiic f;i,m the retirement of
Wilson mid Gate. It is repented that
n:iuthr.ru.ta: closely ii.u:cni-.l it l. I tie
cise fur t:ie pinseeiitioa ha I eta r.p
proaihed uud ollere.l a coniiieraiiie sum
to g 't tno friends of CoitKhoti on the
jury in the place of the two jurors r?
utoved by or.lei of tiie court, and rumors
ol other efforts to curruot the st i"e's oili-
cia.s arenle. It is evident,' say thepeiple
who niftke these statements. "ihat Couh
lm's irieuds were luconiiiiv; desperate and
were ready t'J tnle almost any chaucss to
tiiwatt the ends of justice. Thesa bolj
eJons at biiheiy may leail to some scu
sational anesls ti nt will dwarf any of the
luea wiio huve so far figured in tue caeis
.he murderers of Dr. Cronin.'
lleleusc II js a SelisHinr, Ton.
Tiie defense has sprung a seusation, too.
Jude ins has aske3 tliat Juror Fred C
Iteliui be di.siiiarj;-'d- The attorney gave
as the reason lor tnis MarUim; motiou,
that the defeuse had prool thai Kehm hai
not civeu cornet answers to questions
put to him iur:i r lus examiuat ion. lid
1 mi prepared a st.itcnieat .slmwiu that
Kehm iuid made n wroa staloiueu: as to
his whereabouts at the tune of the Croi;:u
i:ru"der, mi l ot'.ier matter.,, and he read
alli'k!VU' to pnne what he said.
And then to cap the climax there is a
question whether the ten men iiow on the
jury can. with the addition cf two others,
try the case after having been supposed
c inipiete aud later tliprived of two of its
tic lur nn i:xtra Ncut Job l.ernuse It Is
' hank;tvlns;. M
! excelsior and leathers nsca in una, nun
and as filling for several pillows hail liven
lnt.XL'd together aud sc.iiteie.l over tiie
room. The carpet was ripped open in
several places, aud the mats and ruys cut
into sliix-ds. t
A bolt of fifty y.inls of muslin which
ilis. (jorinan was making intu.chiidreu'a
uuderwe.-.r for distribution to the poor at
Calvary Baptist, church on Christmas was
cut intq such small pieces that none of it
cm lie 'used. eSome new shirts for Mr.
(iorman, on which bis irood wife was put-
tiu the finish in touches, were also cut
in ieees. An umbrella was. torn and
broken, and the tails ol an overcoat were
cut off. Tliat robbery was not the motive
is certain, beenne some money which Mrs.
(iorman bail left in a sachet-bag was
thrown oa the ft vir. whiln tlia bac; itself
was cut as if done with a pair of shears.
Wilson Figures It at About
Thirty-five Millions,
John VV. Ci.ppincrr I'nls a tint let In A.
I'iiIUt IUul!;eiV I.ep.
Alton, UN., jx-r. a. a shootin? affray
which is sensational from the prominence
of tlie j.arties concerned has occurred. It
winds up a political turd and the Alton
postofline fitjir. was the direct cause. Hon
John W. Coppinser, presiiient of thp state
F.'iiate and consul to Toronto, did the
shooting, and A. Fuller Kudxers, lino
colonei in the Union army, was the per
sou shot. The story of the snooting, as
ner.rns can ba learned, is that Congress
man Fornian was lioldinit a consultation
with some Democratic leaden regarding
t'.u" posto.lice.
-"opjiinser camp in and a quarrel over an
old Uud was revived as applicable to tho
present contest. The lie passed and Col
onel Uodirers hit N-nator Coppiner over
the head with a heavy cane. A bad sciln
wound was tiie result, t'oppnuter then
drew a revolver anil shot, IIout;eis in the
left leu just IkIdW tlie roin. lioders
was taken to a drm; store and the bull ex
tracted, but Mr. It h14.t-.-s sniTer'vl grest
loss of blood. It is not thought that he is
teriottsly injure.!.
Donlt'.r siilicirte in a I asliinnsliiv C hicago
l'Minily Hotel.
CtltAoo, Dee. 2. A dramatic double
suicide has occurred r.t the Virginia hotel.
,',ri.Y t ntfli:nni t,'i f-'imMv- rptiup. in tl-.rt I
city. ,Tlic dead bodies of Victor Cyrier.
a yount French drur clerk, and Mrs. 1.
V.. Carol), w!fi! of the dnijtyist who cm
plcyed Cyrier at one time, wese found iu
the same room ly the chambermaid. The
wonian, who was several yenrs C'yrier's
senior and a beautiful brunette, died by
Cyrier had shot himself three times and
died stretched across the font of the bed
in v.hieli the woman lay. Mrs. Caroj and
Cyrier had Ix-en at the bote! since Tues
day last, aud were known as Mr. and Mrs.
Cuailes De I.npoint, from tt. I'aul. They
coudueted themselves like persons of re
liueuieut and were apparent iy Very happy
Not Half What Titry Were a Year Asa
Condition of Trade
XtV Yclti;. t-ec. 2. liradstreets says;
Thanksgiving holiday cut into the busi
ness, week harshly when the volume of
penera'. t radii is considered, bank clear
i:ic tor this week agsrecatiii only sTUJ,.
f'Tu.siS, fully i; per cent, less than last
week. . Hid 03 per cent, smaller than tho
t-.tal in the like week one year aio that
lidlowinu Thanksgiving. Hepoits from
some eastern imlust.-ial centers complain
of cheeked operations to await the out
come it the propositiou to enact and put
into operation a new tariff law within
three months. Woolen Roods uaVe I'd
snap and mills tire wording ou orders only.
Higher prices for pig iron at Ciiiciuu.iti,
I Chic.iirn and St. l.ouis are nominal to test
J tuc n:i ket. no sales having been ma le a
tlie amiii'.re. .asiivillo, liow.-vcr, reports j
stiles at improved quotations, wmla at
Vittshuri: pricis arc bused on the tiecessi
tusof buyers and sellers. .Va c.ii.is of
moment in iron an 1 steel nrj likely
precede the new yt-ar. There were 2!
iiuiiness lailures in the United States
this week .".iiaitist "' last wreh, -ti.5 a
year a no. U 6 two years aso and thre
years a;jo.
- The volume -f trade iu woolens, clot h
ine;, shoes an I holiday specialties at Chi
cago has exceeded expect at iotis. "Stock1, o
general merchntidis' in the interior ar-i
smail. There has been an increased re
quest for hardware, shots and lirY goods
from St. l.ouis jobbers and a ciiniu il
AnJ Farsnry lsn't See How Uven That
Cn tie Its Up J tVitlmut u mlividual
Tneome Tax; tVhite llolnian Presents
Three Flxnv One Iteinc Economy,
Wliirh tlie Indiana Mutesmaa Thinks
tlie lcsideratnm t Prrsent.
Washixgtox, De?. 3. The m-tetinijof
the ways mid means committee was brief.
The estimate to be submitted showing
the probable ilifiVrencs in revenue that
would result from the new bill were uut
complete, av.d the conlmittec adjourned un
til Monday to jiive Clerk Talbott and bis
assistants further time. The labor of es
timating the revenue that would 1)5 de
rived under lha new tariff bill is very
(.rear, but it has progressed far enough
to warrant the statement that on the
b-is-js of tlie imports of ls;i the loss of reve
nue resulting from the enactment of the
new hiil and the repeal of the McKinley
would h about ('.l.tU'ViCJ per anuum.
Supposition Tll:tt Is Not Cnneeeded.
Of t nrse this estininte is on the suppo
sition that this imports under the new bill
will bir no greater limn midir tiie present
law, a supposition which t he ieadinii Demo
crat s by tui means concede. It is the con
clusion jf Chiiirniau i ilsou and his
Democratic associates that importations
will be .-o stimulated tinder the new bill
that the loss of revenue, d spite the radi
cal reu act lor. oi duties, will not. Ie over
62j,Ooo.OCi. Tarsuey does i.ot believe tlie
deficit caa b? met except by an individual
income lax. "T don't t i.ink it can be done,"
fcam lie, "witiiout ir.akiug the tax on t.ct
earnings f corporations excessive. Sueh
a tax of 2 per cent, would secure to the
government, not more thai: 4-V.HX.(",0,
whereas the deficiency would be l.early
t-iu.uuii.ovj. i can t see How toiiacco cau
stand anv ttreater tax. If the rata on
wuisK.v is ativaucc l m cents jht izalion
from that senree t hi re will be ab.iut if'l,
tXW.000 more, which is still short cf the
amount required."
The VVy Hotmail Could I;o It.
llepreseniaiive lloiiuati said; "There
are practically three modes by which the
delii'it could be made up: JJy issuing
bonds, and thus increasiu the public
debt; by au income tax, which would re
allzi; from ..";0.C0i.' OiHi to tio,'Jtt).t'j;i, or by
a leduclion cf expcndituies. lu regard to
tiieb ml is.-ue ! do not believe any polit
ical party would su.-vive a material en
largement of the public debt ia tiino of
peace. I hepe that that will not be at
tempted at this time, for lam contiuV-ut
that the sreat masses of our people be
lieve that the cirlianassmetits of our
treasury are attributable not. to iussifH
tietit revenues- but an indefeusiblu uai
lavish expenditure of public moaey.
Cut lluwn tlitt jti?oiiri:itions.
"If t he expenditures of our government
arc kept up to the present late I think the
increased jevenue required should be pro
vided by an income Tax. It is a just and
equitable method of raising revenue. If
the present Democratic congress which is
1iow wholly responsible for the expendi
tures of tiie government, would o earnest
ly to work it would lind no difficulty in
leducim; tlij expenditures oZ ,the Kovcni
meut so that tlie present rate of internal
revenue and proposed reduction ot taritl
taxatioj would luruish ample means to
support the povernment and meet the re
Xuiremeutsof tlie siukinir lull!
l'rineiple ttT the Siiil.iti Fund.
"We cannot with honor nbaudou the
sinkintt fund. It was not intended as a
guarantee to the. holders of public securi
ties, uut a solemn eu;3mcnieut. .i congress
to the wop!e that the public debt should
not be permanent, but should lie extin
guished on the reasonable basis provided
by I he act of 1H J. under which the debt
would be paid oil within . reasonable
period of time. Kxemplion lrom debt is
one of : he guarautees of frugal covers
inent." Voorbees nt tlio Capital City.
W.IM1INGTON, l).-c. st. Yoorhees has re
turned from his home in Indiana. He de
clined to be iutcrvieaeil concerning the
prospects or the merits of the tariff bill.
He said, however, that the bill seems to be
in accordance with the principles tit the
Another Accidect
high Road Thb
Big Fire at Whittbai
Result of the
Mexican Coin to be
Colorado. "' . 0-
WiiiTEnAVES. Pa-.' f;
hi-rh freight in cnrjre . - t
r. w. broke in two here tfcUjL
ins, leaving the tail end "f
of t lie citr. Another trciga.
into it. pushin; 25 car taw f
b-i'ldingf.. with the result V
broke out, and the Hotel p
'.iicliards' store and Cramer
st ible were destroyed. TheeU
missin"; with the exception oT I
engineer. The gneU of tMt
all escaped. - ., '
The Irna Hall PieHloai V -.?;'
I m.i v apolis, Dec Jndga.vTL,
tersct has decided to eontiaaa
Iron Hall receirership to wind jr
th.- affairs 6t the order, and distil,
ut- the assets among the memheff.y
Worn tqr aw. WafM..' :,.':
I I kn v e k, Dec. 2. Got. Wait t
arranged with Presideat Di,:
Mexico, to coin in Colorado Om-t
v : s, s ,i
Object M
F.Mtuo, X. D., I
cliscuuteut that mi
1. Mutteriac
ontia ort:
volt can be heard I aloag tMaMf!
Northern Pacific tl pagfa the li'
snd Dakota divisiot I Tit OjUt;
eral Matiaser KedoVcks aaaoo
ductiou in salaries of from to J. J
to Y-lke effect .Tan. 1, is MealMs.
grace by a majority of the mea.jxr'i
I reuctiasesi riskt ttaet, j Tr ' v
I'Aitts, Dec. U A. duel was tr "
tweeu M. Ktienne, member ot V '
brr of deputies front Oraa aad 12.
aud, the Socialist depaty npn ir"
Seine. Milleraud wm slightly woe
the chest. The duel grhw ontot t
made upon M. Etienne IV L l.
publique by XL Millerand.' 7 .
Deatk at aWe'U SklMrsra lasas
Ckampaigs. Ills., Deo. 1. W. K,-.
son, chairman of the ooaaty lav
supervisors, died at his home ia C
II. Ij. Nicolet, well knows threw
Illinois aud many yean clerk aft.
was fouuil dead ia his bed. .Afi
was the C tuse. . '
Kilted the Kxpert ss Kasy.
Consiaxtisopije, Dec. L A choL J
pert wiio was sent here by tbeFresy
eruuient, at the request ol the
order to combat the spread of the
was attacked with the disease
withiu a few boars. ' . : .
I crease in pr.ees of iron Si, made. Kansas j Uemocra'Ki )iarty. wuettier lucre will U9
I City reports trade act h. , larger vo'.iimis tiny legislation attempted for the iioiue
I lor M;ivemlK-r than last year. Colder i diate relief of the treasury Voorbees said
went her at Omaha has stimulated dealings
iu clotliiiiii, shoes and rubber gools, but
.stormy weather has had e.u opposite eflect
nl Milwaukee.
Dooks, Dooks, Hooks!
Hooks by all the popular authors. Work" by
Hiilwer, l-w 'Wallace. Dickens. Scott. Shake
spcarc. Hawthorne, Ixingfellow. E. I. K-, Drutu
iimnd. Holmes, Lyall, Ck.nt. (lark Twain, 1'ics
cott, llosa M. Cary and Many others. Dooks of
novels, historical, children n story bonks. Christ,
mas cards, and KH'.LKS OF ALL KINDS.
Toys, Toys, Toys!
Iron. wood, tin and rubber toys of every d
arription: Dulls. fani,si hanks, steam eiijrincs.
-drum, horns, blocks, trunks, wajons, sleds,
skates and litindreds ot others, for which epacu
fails us to mention.
Art novelties, basket, metal poods, china, plush
pimU. music, silverware, jewelry, linen M.-H, ta
ble covers, etc., etc.
on the force. Tlie police, rctiecut as usual,
wiil ive no de'uils of the story or even ad
mit, its truthfulness. According to the
tale a cil izeti was wending his way Home
just liefore daylizht when he carromed
aitniust a tree, tue trunk of winch seemed
to be soft. Though a bit bef addle 1 be
braced up and made nu examiti.iiion. To
his amazement he disegvered that he had
struck a policeman wiio was holding this
tree iu loving einorace.
The ciuzeu asked him a question; he
was unable to answer save in a very inar-
Hlopetl iu Ilasti', tt-Mtif nt I etsttre.
Dl-:xvnt, Dee. i Kay tiibiin, aed i!,
of Jl uut in .it on, I 'id., lias ilcserted his
! child wife, wiio was Hose tiarrett. an 1 thu
! little woman is now aw.iitnic; funds from
home before she can return.
j youtfti! lovers elop.il from home recently.
j They were married ill Toledo and tien
came to Denver, wher.' lt-iy tried to set
work, hut failed. He was then compelled
to write to his wealthy parents for money.
and that ended the romance. Oibliu's sire
'he thought would depend larirelv. upon
I the wishes of Secretary Carlisle. He him
self had nothing to propose.
(trip Prevalent at the Capital,
Washington. Dee. 2. Physicians in
Washington report, that the grip is quite
prevalent. The usual symptoms of debil
ity and nev3js aSectiou ara manifest,
but I he nihn. nt seems to fix on the threat
Tho 'with particular viruleucy. It deprives
many patients of their voices and iu soma
cases causes n spasmodic contraction of
.tlie throat with symptoms of strangula
tion veiy alarmm?.
Will Make a Historical Speech.
Washington". Dec. 2. Senator Djlph
announces that whea the new revenue
hiil comes n;i for consideration he will
,i:'.it n liisff.rif.nl fiittlriM f.tr SIia ......
Di:n ki:, Dec. 2. -There is in the custody ! ..ose of bM,vm!r that the United Stat.
ot the police of this city a man who it is .never had iiuy pmsperitT exceut when
in rived nut uuder threat of disinheritance
luuiiecd h.s sun to return with him.
Vtm Grata Is Prrsmia Nun C.rata.
2 ran Cum pany j
St. 1'ai l, Bee. L Tu. LaJte gel-on
couiuany SI IsbpetuiuK, Hiehw
resumed work in which U kaowjsa.,
teen, VM mea being empioyed. ' "
A clogged condition 'of tlie artt:
one symploui of a lire ant
II re j j as good and fdmple a iee?r s
any I know, writes a pbyticfara. .
nice lemon, cut it ia half. Tai '
in a tnmblerful of cold water, T
at liiitht, and the other first C' 1 -morning.
Half n pint of Te?y; J-"
with a squeeze of Lemon of t -s
boforo breakfast is also good. X -ilics
are well vorth triaj.-Lx
Mercury. . .
Mrs. Newed Dick, dear.rti ' "
di n t forget to execute any
you. The other day I toil roat
kiuiu kindling wood, and, yon r
thought of it constantly. x
tlmt night you kept aayiajr tf -' x
"Give me a dollar wottfa cl i.
Music and Drama, -
Two ton3 of KljTuunitef " "
a sunken vcr.sel in New.
get it out of tho way lifted C
atmnt two acres fnllr 908 faraV ' i
claimed is a
The rit !r."u looked closer I 'a
inemlier of
cf Hawaii
the provisional there was a protective tar.ff and t bat from
on bis way to
j ii usuiiijLuii niiu st-viei. ui3.diiua iiu;u
t'renldetit Hole lor J resilient cieveiauu.
t ifii In t.i way
and lound a in the (bp's mouth.
Looking a little further he saw that the i jlis uaiue is Joseuh Vou Grata. On the
cop's wrists were handcuaed together on ! ulher hand, ofl'icers from Sail Iiko City
toe otter side, of the tree and Hint bis i are ucre to extradiliou papers for Von
uuiiorui nau oeen siasneu iro.n i"p to oot- (ira.:. x, ho it is claimed obtained cl.jO'J
worth of household good ill Suit Laka
colonial days fre? trade ha-s meant debase J
Leaders and Promoters of Low Prices.
tout. He took toe tc&3 cut of the p ace
preset ver's mouth aud taking the-keys
out of the officer's picket unlocked the
baudcuffs. The policeman refused to tell
his experience, but that was hardly t.ec
essary. He pledged his liberator to se
crecy and disappeared. The liberator con
sidered the joke too Rood to keep and
though he declines to give the policeman's
number insists that the story is true.
The way in which the slasher works is
learueu iioui
City tiader false pretenses.
Secretary Carlisle's .Sulsrtioa.
Washington, D.-c. 1. Secietary Car
lisle has selected V. P. Johnson of Frank
tort, Ky., to succeed J. J. Crowley as spe
cial ageut iu charge of the Chicago divis
ion of the treasury agents." Mr. Johnson
is one of the most widely known news
paper lien iu the west, and has for many
years been public printer of Kentucky.
Another Kansas Pioneer leail.
TortkA., K.f Dec. 2 J. II. Oliver, ex
represeututive from this county, present
secretary of the Democratic county ceu- 1 Applied for Menace's Extradition. '
tral committee and well known in Dema-I Washington, Dec. 1. The department
cratic circles, died yesterday at his home of state has a uuiied to the authorities iu
! in Silverlake, Ks. near Topeka. He was , Honduras for the extradition of Menace.
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Theroora was nothing short of a wreck , testation nt Loudon, liorn on Astor, at her
when Mr. Gorman and his wife cam 1 'H left ati estate probated at t",OC0,
dawa stairs "next morning. The up-j V0; her sons to have their foil share at
holstered chairs and sofa were slashed j '- rears of age. and the daughters to have
across the coaiectd portions, and the ' ? i?kconies ol their fuares tbroosb lite.
, the else. The department has been in
formed that Menage is now in Iiondura.
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Hkuun, Ux. 1. Toe reicbstag by a vote
of liJ to bio adopted the Centrist's motion
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tions. and tht ; incomes of their saaret through life. I to readmit the Jesuits into Germany. I j 1
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