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VOL XUX. HO. 41.
Bon't forget
is is for You.
Do you want to save 20 cents on every Dol
lar s worth of Suits and Overcoats? We give
you a discount of 20 per cent, on a suit or over
coat, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
1-5 Off. 1-5 Off. 1-5 Off.
This is about 40 per cent less
than any Clothier will sell 'em.
Think of it, 20 per cent discount
in December, the largest and
best stock to select from.
Fifty-Third Congress
Ready for Business.
GtHMl Attendance of Members In Roth
Chambers President's ituee Ready,
and a I.ons One I'oiut from the An
nual ISrport of Comptroller licket
Condition of the National Banks What
la Thoeshl at I he Treasury of tiovciaor
Wuite's Latest Scheme for Silver.
Washington, Dec 4. The regular cs
RiOD of the Fifty-third congress, which
opened todny at noon, will proliably be
come historical by its legislation. The
extra session, which lasted from Aug. 7
to Nov. 3; was only an interlude n dress j
rehear. Now the actual piny will be- j
gin. There was no preliminary woik :o
delay business, no speaker to c house, no
committees to nppuint. The rartaiu inn 5
ap it once for business. For the first
time since 1S63 the bouse cm resume the
consideration of unfinished business im
mediately upon meeting. Up to and iu
eluding the secuud sessiou of the last
congress (the 1'ifty-secoml) the rules of
t'.o liouse provided that six days tnitst
elapse lx-fore the unfinished business cf
the previous session rou!d I mi taken up.
1'iltbuater 1'roves Vselu!. '
The rule was an old on?, and its incon
sistency was brought to light at the be
ginning of the session of the lust congress
by Kilgore, of Texas. The liouse tried to
take up au unfinished treasure, but Kil
gore made the point that six days must
eiapse before the matter conl! coma
u,- under the rules. lie carried
his point, but the committee on rules the
uext day reported a resolution which was
.ioi!-M, rciieiding the six-day clause.
Tne present rules of the bouse were ac
c irdingly frimed so as to allow business
10 go ahead ::s if no recess or adjournment
had taken place.
ftMitine Proceedings Sonn Over,
i ne galleries of bath chambers were
well tilled when the presiding officers took
their places 10 c.-.ll the two houses to or
d.'i; so were the seats of members. For
iiu hour or more the floors of both cham
lrs had liecn occupied I y groups of mem
burs renewing acquaintance ntid discus
sing the important ijuestioiis that would
came up fur HC.ion. A-i the clacks it)
b th houses pointed to noon the rap of
the (ravel sounded and the bum of cau
sation ceased.
leauy to Listen to tUc Message.
The chaplain'. prayers wcr? read, the
roils c.iilcd,;aim with toe swearing iu of
two new tnemlwrs llr.ndy of Ohio, losuc-c.-vd
Enririiis and Cirif.iu of Michigan, U
succeed Cbipmnn. the first a Kepuhlican
and the second a Democrat -the Louse was
r.ndy for business.
Opening .proceedings concluded in both
houses. Tli usual committees were ap
pointed to tail on the president and an
nounce that congress was ready to bear
from hit.i. The message was rculy Satur
day eight. It loug from ly.UJO to VJ,
Oj'J word.
Opening of "Kriss Kringles Grotto7
I;odsers Not Badly Hint ami Will Xot
ALTON, Ills., Dec. 4. Tut! Affray between
t'uited Stales Consul John W. Coppincet
mid Colomd A. I Ilodgcrs is greatly de
plored by the friends of each. Coppinger'a
statement has been obtawiel and is to the
effect that he did not come here by ap
point ruent with Congressman Fornian ou
business concerning tiie postofiice cimii
t'.ntes, bat to attend to some private af
fair, lie did not even kuow Furman w::t
coming nntil be heard lie Vas in the city,
and when he went into Doran's saloon
the idea of a couferonce being iu prorest
there hud not entered his head.
Though bis argument with Colonel
Ilodgers was heated be had no idea ol
trouble until Colonel Uodgcr struck him
w ith Lis cane and attempted to strike t he
second blow. With the blood streaming
down and blinding bi?:i and dazed lion:
the force cf the blow received he with the
Until ml instinct of self-preservation drew
his revolver and fired iu self-defense, Cop
piuger slept none that night r.nd sufiertt!
ninth from the wound on his bead.
Ilodgers rested easily and is about his
home. News has been received from
Itodgcrs to the cfl'vct that he will not pros
ccute Coppinger.
Ylic,UI Tow a Keportsa 1:1 axe That Costs
ItALTiMOKK, Dec. 4. Tiie lleiscn
building, 31 and r South l'asa street, oc
cupied by D. Langfc-ld & Co.. cloak Man
ufacturers; thn Deutsche Lithographing
& Printing Company; Ma., John Cory,
drapers aud overalls, an I diaries ileisen.
shoe manufacturer, was destroyed by fire.
The fire spread to August MutikciiV. To
bacco I.enfuud CiKarC imiiaio-.the dissect,
ini; bnil.iini; of the Maryland I. niversity
tit Medicine, M. S. Levy, straw hat manu
facturer; the Jewish sy:ia;.;;;i j at I'aci
and G.-riijanf stretts, mid K CobK-u'i
stublcs. Sixteen 'subjects" were "in
pickle" iu the disserting- rooi-i and al.
were consumed. Tha loss is about ti0-V
000; fully insured.
Dl'LVTi!, Minn , Dec 4. A firj broke
out iu the warehouse of the Uaioa doct
on Lake avcune. It enveloped thi mlj lin
ing waiehouse and both were destroyed
They were owned by illiani Dunn, o.
OillC-tgO. JXISS, IlO,lC().
Declines the Office of Ambassa
dor to Italy.
of the
This Week. Christmas is Close at Hand.
For wrfla wc hate Im-oii jdanninj; ami arranjj
U,"i fr this fnstirc ucraninn. No tinu; r nitmry
has Infti savtil, but the arrangement have Im-ch
nimJp mrith m lavish liaittl in order to make this
t'lx-ninjj one of the most attractive ami enjoyable
occasions of the yt ar. In making our arranpe
nirnts the children in particular have.hern jrivi-n
si'ial attention, anil wo hereby cxteml a most
hearty invitation to nnr little frii-mU to c mt;
with their mm her ami visit -Krit Kriiiln!
The entire store has Wen elalorate1y ileeorateil
for this occasion, and now presents a bower of
bratitr, fresh from the artist's hands.
Our Greeting is Christmas Bargains.
They are man they arc desirable they are
reliable. There i' a time to buy it' now. There
Is a pines to buy it' at the Itoston Store. K en
a very little money will do wonder in purchasing
present for your friends.
Come to Our Opening.
rill bo pleasantly nrprliicd; surprised at
the splendid assortment: Furpriscd at the superior
titaUtits; surprised at the low prices.". We have
new noteltien in nice, but inrxjK-nsi vc goods.
We have nicer and more expensive goods, ranging
in price as high as vou eare to go FOIt LIT'i'LK
No one is po old, no one is) so voting., but what
fitting ami pleasing gifts may be found in abun
dance. The virtue in values; the beauty in well
chosen goods; the power in low prices make or1
store the bjst place todo yourCbxistmas shipping.
Books, Books. Books!
r,ooks by all the popular authors.? Works by
Ilttlwer, Lew Wallace, Dickens. .Scott, Miake
Seare, Hawthorne. Ixingfellow. K. I. Hoc. Ilrntii
niond. Holmes. Lvall. Cooper, Mark Twain. Pics,
eolt. Kosa M. Cary ami Many others. Books of
novels, historical, children's storv liooks, Christ,
mas cards, and BIBLES OF ALL KINDS.
lie Considers tho Catme
I Great llui.i:cs lk,-pressitn.
WAsliiNCTtiX, IVc. 4 The annual re
port of the comptroller of the currency,
to cor.ress will iie more brief tli.ni the
i repoit tisiiidly made by that officer. It
diffeis from former reports ia that 110
! tables appt.-:r iu the btsly of the text. It
shows 3,7.10 national banks to have b.-ea
iu operation tA the rlov of the report
year, with a capital stock of JOMa,!-);,!-t,
represtnteJ ly 7.13l,0M shares, held bv
3tm,UO shnreholders. At the last report of
condition the total resources of the bauLs
then iu oN'ratioii was t3,KM,.ib':,SS1.3u.
The total amount of circulation Was
Oct. 31, 8"9 MLIVJ. a net increase tl,nriUK
the year of :i,tM-.7i During the year
llObaubs were ore tniz.-d in thirty-two
states and territories with a cnpitr.l stock
of fn.23''.(X0.
Within the nae period 18" liuiks st:-
rx-mled, ith a cupit.d stock of 445 l,3K0;iO.
Ktl nils li.lliioi-r, nj, , v.itn.ii ui
tlS,'Jnr.,iMK), have resumed and d p.-s-ed
into the hands of receivers, with a camt.-u
st'jck of M0,es5,ti00. At. the close of the
year seven remained in the charge cf ex
aminers pending resumption.
The comptroller reasons that the busi
ness depression cf the past mouths was
occasioned by the action of depositors
withdrawing so much money from the
lutnks. wnicu caused a sudden contraction
in the volume of money nr-eded or em
ployed for business wants by the banks,
and they being compelled to call in lonus
aCiLjpiscounls to c;t et the demr.uds of tie
psitors prcveuU-r the makinc of new
loans and ri-uiert lit hazardous on the
part of bauks to grunt renewals of credit
or exteusious. "
Toys, Toj's, Toys! .
Iron, wood, tin and rubber toys of every de
scription: Dolls, games, banks, steam engines,
drnms, horns, blocks, trunks, wajrons. sleds,
skates and hundred of others, for which space
fails us to mention.
Art novelties, basket, metal goods, china, plush
goods, music, silverware, jewelry, linen sets, ta
ble covers, etc., etc.
Leaders and Promoters of Low Prices.
Few DiGi-
He Leaves It llimsrlf ia the liiwucut o;
m Mouse,
CittCACO, Nov. 4. The finding in s
basement at Willr.ette, a Chicago sub
urb, of a razor with blood and hair 011 it
aud some bloody garments, together witt
the discovery that some cue had made th
liasement an striding place for some lime,
living cn the family cuiiccd t,ods wliicl
were stored there, has fcivea the police
clue to the other man implicated iu the
murder of Mrs. Cron some week- nga. Tl.o
hair on t he razor is the same color as M rs.
Crun's and the trarmeuts were stolen fiotii
the bouse of Mr. Wheeler wherj Mrs.
Cron lived. The murderer is said to be a
mail known to the police as Jack Norton.
The other mt-rdeitr was Paul F Ixignn,
who Wiis killed by Mr. Wueuler while es
caping troiii the house. While Mr.
Wheeler was chasing Norton as is lion
supposed the house bun:ed down, the
robbers having tct it, on lire to cuuceal lb
Democrats and republicans Name Can
uitlatck tlcalti at a oi.vhi;oii.
CntCAlto, Dec 4. Ueorgi D. Switt was
uomiuated for mayor by ucclamation in
the llepubiicnn convention iu North Sji-.lt
Ttiruer ball. The chairman appointed
Alderman W. 1). Kent, F. U. Cook and
Chniles Ki rminski a committee lo brini
Mr. Swift to the platform. Mr. Kos-
it.inski bad just made a little speech
wheu hesaddculy stajrgeied aud dropped
tlead ia front of the chairman's t;.bie.
Dentil was due to iieart disease. The con
vention immediately adjourned.
The Democratic convention nominated i pertonal acquaintance with me enabled
And tiie Editorial Comment Tlirrrnpon
Cause I ho K'tnile Istaii.l Millionaire to
Throw I'p the UfSex That lias (;,ven the
l'resiileut, Senate ami lite I'ress "Heap
of Trouble' What the Ac-used Slau
Saj About the Matter.
New Yoi:k. Dec. 4. The following crr
rcspondence lielween the Hon. J.J. Van
Aleu ami the president ami department
of state is made public ami is self-explanatory.
It is dated at Newport. K. I., Nov.
2 , 1(3, and addressed to the Hon. Walter
Q. tin-sham, secretary of state:
"itrc I have the bot.or to acknowledge
receipt of your letter of t he S.'Sth of Oito.
her iu which you officially notify tue that
the presiileut, by and wit It the advice and
consent cf the senate, has appointed me
ambassador to Italy.
".Since tho receipt of your letter I have
given the matter my most serious and
careful alt?ntion and ns the result of my
rt'llectii-as have concluded to ask you to
c::press to the president my decision ne t
to accept the oflice tendered me.
No l.sek of Apprermtioli.
"I mnst be? that vou will not infer from
this actlou any la -k of appreciation tin my
part of the honor conferred. On the con
trary I fully comprehend the dignity, im-
po:tance and responsibility of the position,
and having this realization I may frankly
add that the nomination was extremely
gratifying to me not in a personal sense
merely, but more particulaily because of
the opportunity afforded me of represent
ing my country in sstcli a manner ns I
hoped might be satisfactory to the Ameri
can people and creditable to the adminis
tration. Among the comments upou my
110111 ilia'. ioc nhicli apienred in the public
press one charge only merits ntteiu, or..
not becausro it. was true, hat l)ecau-e it
.was aud I suppose still is believed by
many persons unfamiliar with the tudi
vidmtls concerned and the facts essential
to the formation of an accurate judgment.
A llecial Vt Itlior.t ftnalilication.
"The charge was that 1 received the an-
pomtmeut 111 return for a contribution of
"'(lMo t lie Democtatic national cam
paign fund. While 1:17 nomination was
liending in the senate it did not an lil
ting ami proper for me to otler uure than
an explicit tieuiat. I was aware that
an interested party my statement would
liHvc little t.Tect beyond the limits of my
personal acquaintances. Now, however.
when my notion cannot bs fairly attrib
uted to purely selfish motives it seems to
me that 11 repetition of that denial, which
I make without tita!itieation, sLould be
suliicknt for miy honorable man.
Contribute:! a Large Sunt.
"I have never denied and do not now
deny that 1 contribute! to the campaign
fuuu not t,0iA but yt a considerable
sum of money, sincerely believing, as 1
tliii, that a continuation of Kepublicau
supremacy would be not only a bitideraiice
to national progress but iu time a positive
menace to the success cf popular govern
ment and having large interests at stake
I was impelled by both patriotic aud sel
fish reasons to aid the Democratic cause.
Ntrver Thought of Au Obligation.
"So far from attaciiiug undue import
ance to it 1 was fully aware that the con
tribution meant far less to me than the
time aud effort devoted by thousands of
unselfish citiz.'tis 10 the same campaign.
Nor did I lielieve that it should entitle
me to a.iy more consideration. On the
contrary 1 have not otily ndmitted. but
have jiosirively insisted at all times that
it created no obligation to me whatever,
and I feel confident that the president,
who, iu fact, was kind enough to sav to
the Democrats of Khode Island that, his
The Conveninj
The President' U
ceiVed and
An Insane Father L
Children and Sul.
Wasuihotoh, !. C'
weather Is seTcre, jwi-A '
for the lack of the amtC.
tercst at the asaembte; c!
grcss. The galleries wet t
'y tilled. The senate wai.(
order promptly at boob. 4- .
Senators McPhereoa e4 i
were appointed "comBU
on the president eedreccl.
nitidications 1 he mlghV;- ,
recess was taken for an kc
reassembling the senate r.
communleation. ; : , i '-v.'y.
The house . assembled
after 12. The chaplia I '
referred to the deati"
gressmaq O'Seill.". ; XT1
West Virginia, Ositl.
Ohio, and Barrows, of j 1
were appointed a commit! :
11 lon the president, aad r.
mcssage. Mr. Hires oZz.l
1 til ion providing that tho
be apjiointed to InvestlaO
high strike. . Recess was t
1 :23, when the message ttX
dent was read.'.-.-.'.' -'' . ::'.:';'
John P. Hopkins for mayor,
occurs D. la.
The election
Mantis of Kiitt-aubee Su.;ieut!etl thinks.
JIlLWAfKEC, Dec. 4. la a circular is
sued bv Washingtfi-j Hjck.T, r?c;ivjr of
tho Mitcaell bank, the billowing terms
are proposed: Ten per cent, iu cash on
tlemand after the bank opens. IU per cent,
iu six mouths from Jan. I, 1M, and tin:
balance in four ejual payn:euis iu teu.
eighteen, twenty-four, and thirty moutiis
from Jan. 1, with interest- nt the rate of a
per cent, from July 15, lt;J. Under the
proposition for the reopening of the
l'iankintou bank, each depositor is guar
anteed libs money within two years, with
interest at 3 per cent. Judge Juhuson, of
the circuit court, who is familiar with the
affairs of all the suspended banks, says
the Plaukiutou bunk could be opened im
mediately wi-li safety to the creditors, the
Milcucll next, cud the Commercial ith:u
six mouths.
Treasute Ofiicialitj Ikoilit Out
rtiltics for IU
WasT.IncTos, Dec 4. Iti'gardiag the
Denver dispatch saying that Governor
Waite has arranged for tiie coinage of a
hybrid silver coin upon which is to appear
the Mexican mark as well as the Colorado
I coat of arms, officials of the treasury de
partment express the opinion that the
I plan is not feasible, as it is not believed
t(r!Fttie president nf the Mexican govern
ment would enter into any such arrange-
j nient with state govor-initut as that
' ..ill 1 1 Im n mnlanihluluui
It is also pointed out t' at the coins
would have fluctuating value, nobody
would take them except for their bulliou
j value, aud that they would not have any
'circulation outside of the state 1 of Colo
I rado. Ttiev would cot bj legal tenders.
j the United States government would not
receive them aud the banks would throw
them out as they do MeVcan dollars.
Epwortlt Suite CoaveatioB.
jACEbONVlLLK, I K, Dec 4. The second
day of tha Kpwortii state convention
opened with an iucreased attendance.
J'resiiieut Worker of the l.lluois Female
college read an interesting aud able paper,
a did C N. Cary of Chicago
A hidden electric light snddenly un
snaokea"tn it'oncy. Ills., hall revealed
jtra.T.W.Titoe(Moii,a medium masquer-
adiac Ut etas am a spirit with her
rave Charges Acaiutt a Studeut.
OUEULIS, O , Dec 4. J. ' H. riiaith, a
fctudent in the commercisl department at
Oberliu coliegs, wts convicted before
Judg3 iiicks iu the federal court for
carrying on au illegitimate liquor tralliu
by u hica means ha was paying bis way
through college. He obt.-.uted the liquor
from North Carolina iu thtee-gallon lots,
Btid operated ou the North Carolina sys
tem. Smith tried to evade arrest and got
into North Carolina, but was located aud
arrested by United States Mjr911.1l Has
kcdl, who brought bint back lo Oberliu.
The sentence ol the judge imposes a fine
of IU0 and thiitT days in the workhouse.
K aniM I'cople Ara ia Want. .
- Tcfeka, K is., Dec 4. As a tetult of
l.iui to consider my can!idacy solely upon
its mtiiu, will Liar me cut iu tLi . asser
tion. Oti the ot'iu-r lia-.id. I fraukly a liuit that
tint il utter the appoint nient had Ik-c-u made
it never once occurred to my mind that
my contribution could be used to my in
jury. It therefore seems to me suilicicnt
to udd that self-respect compels tne to
adopt the only alternative and to decline
tne high oflice to which 1 have beca ap
! have the Loaor to be, sir, your ubedi
ent servant,
.-sigueci J. J. Vas Ales."
i:ut the Ibode Islander lias Had KnaufSt
of Practical Polities.
To this letter Prestdeut Cleveland re
plied. Hastening "to express my wish
that you will reconsider this conclusion,
Tho statements contained ia your letter
do credit to your conscience and Ameri
canism, but you must allow me to dissent
from their application in this case. I did
Dot select yeu for comiuatiun to the
Italian mission without satisfying myself
of your entire fitness for the place. I am
now lxXer couviuccd of your fitness than
ever. Vou know, and I know, that all the
malignant criticism that has been in
dulged iu regarding this appointment has
no justification and that the decent peo
ple who have doubted its propriety have
been misled, or have missed the actual
considerations Uioii which it rests.
"We should riot yield to the noise and
clamor which have arisen from those con
ditions. My personal preferment should
enter very slightly into your final deter
t - 1.... . M , ,
j uiiuuiK'u, out. bu iiir as a nave sucu prei-
MantereS ChtUrea a4 f
Kijik. Pa.. Dee. i 4. lit!
while under the laflaeaeSx
killed his two cbildteato
suicided. : 1." - -" ''-
He l aoad taa Oas That k
CiiicAiio, Dec. i-Frtl 1
plumber, aceompanied kr.l
W. S. Kit.k, undertook to t I -r
in the flat building at 14 Ias
He found it. but not on at k.
a good enough uoes to know ts
the air in dangerous qaaat
lighted match - that foatnt t'4
an explosion that patatnLj
three. s. -'.rT.'c- i.'-.;
The State EpWSttls
jAciisosvitxe, Uls Dec, a,
day of the state Kpworta Istc
tioa was devoted to rdhjlows
clu&ively aa early pea as
morning, asecooa mtetlrx I
noon and a wan morlin In 1
Tiie following offioera ha 1
President, C E. Piper. CLr
prtkident, F. M. CamBt! Kj'j.
treasurer, A. C Aortarao, kar "
A Caaa a Tore ataM f
Dauiex. Ga.,Oee.4.CUi
colored, mortally staitbed Ca'
aud he died in lea atfantea.
jury lound an imlirtnarat t'i
lor murder. The wothaa v. t
turee days later andtae J t"y I
verdict of wiltfnl saanler
the death sentence was ptwaoef
Cedar Haalae is AU fc '
CeuAU UArius,ta..Dec4. Taa ;
tiou of Mayor Daniels will bS
disastrously to tha city as ''
bended. The police foroa w."
bauded. the fire departateat 1
lericred -with, and taa tr
electric tight contract win a
. Casimlr-rartar tar
Paeis. Dec , . After r
Casimir-Periar, who tefBt
accept the respoadbility
way to President Carot a '
constructed a cabinet, o( t
premier and ia. wkicJl tax
of new men. ., -: .. v
Two Tiny aaealasosstrf I
Galesa, I!K DaS. 4,.7
born to Mrs. Frank 'CaV. .
aud oue-qnartcr and tar
lively. Alth-mjih So tii
perfectly healthy 4 i't
the recent cold weather and storms people ereuce it is emphatically that you accept
living oa the piairies tu Wichita, Lane the honorable offl-e conferred upon you
and Ureelry counties are appealing tor aid I and vindicate by the discharge of its
with which to buy fuel. At many cf the duties the wisdom and propriety of ;our
rauruau iaituiis buc-re o.-ts i tiie coal lor '
Under date of Nov. 25 Mr. Van Alen re
plied thaukiug the president for the kind
sentiments expressed in his letter, but
declaring ll at the purpose announced iu
his first letter had been "reached only after
long and serious consideration of the sub
ject," for which reason bejel I "that 1 cannot
accept tb e high office to which I hare been
tlcttcn 1 A .l- 1 i "'J "smiu luaucue
' -7 - ; ioa. which I must beg you to consider as
cured a letter .roin a U tuted Slates offi- final( that It is contrary to tha personal
cer at Palomas, ilex., in which be states j preference which you so kindly express.
that uc .evolutionists near there ara dis I Hut I cannot think it would bo adviaabla
;1 banding and returning to their bomaa. j f or m to invite further mUrepnaentatioaa
j Meaioan tieiw ara aUU Kaaldh-t fe eaa-by tiaX -Tatae of yo- --.
sale and this Las been bought by mer
chants and people in the towns, while
many families living oa the bleak plains
will Ireeze unless help is secured a once.
If the snow storm continues railroad
trallic will be blocked aud ia that eveut
great suffering will follow.
Keaieaa Revolutionist Uisbaadlag.
C a
.!- M

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