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THE AltttUB, MONDAY, lifiCEMlJER . 1813.
JzA of all Leavcttag Tovtr.
m w mm mm m an aaasaaaaaaa. aaaw
Li i jasca u
Latest U. S. Govt Report.
tut: ahgus.
ftnaa4 taltv ami Wrk: a MM rttvis
Await. Unci Wit I ftl.
J. W. Tirrr.i:.
MtAV. lKKtlBCft 4. 189S.
Ttfc-tM Ira rare s-r a-ret, Witt y
t (0 1 waaaatt la It l
lilt miakwtumi f fttiaratetarjsmeara..
tare fhara tf. l.tr. al a rVlrsaa, ai.et baa
tu aaiM ttk-4 tnt !( it km a aech
ft t'eaW'3 bo rt!tl tl-l'triH'nri
Aaayaema eoenaai Irtikiae lot aetlceS.
rirrranalK M.llrl:4 fma every twirLi
Hi tto. a ItiaiMl const. ,
Tut Chicago Tribune give Hun
tan T. Cable the credit of decided
Wantons over Got. Altre'd la the
mntft lor the United States senator
Tut Cbicajjo democracy bat chosen
wise! in the nomination of Jobs P,
Ilpkln for the may oral t v. Hon.
lU'a T. Cable, who attended the con
rrntioa and rrUralnarses la the ia-
tcrrsU of Mr. Hopkins, aad who re
lumed from Chicago Satarflav nirht.
was mach gratified over Mr. Hopkins
nomination, and says ha ! a winner
from the Mart. He la n)endid It
equipped for the da tie of mar or of
the prcat city whose democracy has
thus honored him.
A Load Trleptaaea.
An English pa jar describes A telephoae
wkk-h will talk brad eaoatsU for n person
in any part of a hirers room to hear and
understand. Mr. Uraiuuu. the larcntof .
has nccecded nut to mncb ly aa tut
prorotnnt on the esistiajr tcl'-phe us
by hi method of nrranins the circuit
and brinin It rer.hit.vice aa I m
possible. To this end the asnal indnc
tion roil I discarded, and the two iastrr..
urnta, rr.mruiuer and receiver. n di
rectly eonncrted t:i r limit wit j tn line
fefejt ttae luiffa.ee Thf. t:intitrr.i itf
win w eu" urn niuuirtim i . kwr
Ctircr at tbo other end. aad two a para:
Haea aro etnpbiyed having a rotaiiaoa re
tarn w lr j. Twoeorrespoadcuta ran thus
talk quite freely witti each other, and as
the rect'irrra peal: ont ao as to be lav.rd
ta any fart of a mora mc vernation ran
l carrird a by each pen-on ritual j
fpeakiaj to his transmitter.
The apporutaa U attaclwd Ut CjJdi.le
coudnctur and I hu ll in t'je knL To
ojen a ravrrs.ittrn It li aafBctcnt to
Iric'j ap tbo pcrtnUe tr.utsmitter and
j resa a button in ita catiu. so as to es
tablish tlio circuit. The receiver at the
other end acta a Its own call bell by the
kiadaes of Ita vuit-e, aad the rrsnt&sn
riiiJly nrompt anl load. The
has therefore no need to listen care-
fatly with i me or two recti v r held n;i
tohiaaead. All La Una to do U to apeak
tata hia truauii;:i.r and kxp his eara
Tll hut a Jnat ICaMe M4 Ire f ( Iteeeasea a
allasrHtat Vacarjr.
Yonna Iiuyau, the luidshlnman. who
Went dorm with Admiral Tryon on the
Victoria, wes a sent luwi::d lwL "Yon
had better jcuip. cried tbo admiral to
too Tiny.
Td rnthrr stry v.ith yon." vraa the
tni'lnliintLjtu's replv.
The b-n'a loyalty t the aiTmiral waa
patht'tic, bnt it was a barren dixtday of
aCtv.i a. Tho admiral wa rihf. The
lad onht to luivo jnuiprNl and tnudo a
rrsolntc ( Sort to rave Lis I:o. 'I be ad
miral hr.d weighty rovons for prefi-rring
to 6t v ut bis U Tho i:i:.lM)ipnwn
life wr. Cnns ntrcy from sUtvr exircss of
Cinully w asterrl and nc jnntifiablc waa
tho end of a .Trw Jcrscr rrorkmun. who
lUteuel t r. Li ly's fciutic appeal for the
rrrcn of her do, which waa flounder
ir. in n point. :;i far.cil that Iter pet
was iu extreme ibmcT. The worfctuan
p'.nn-d into the water aud tvrata out to
tho do,;. Tltcre he was s nddenly attached
with crr.mp and was ilrowncd befure the
lady's ey a. Tlte dog swin nshore and
lnr:ed fr.ia thn Itunk at the rvcucT,
whotx intentions had been fniwndir
ctoiv.l. It was tnoTu thr.n foolish for a
man tr rik his life for a hysterical l.iy's
pet djr.
Another worhtnr.n in Broofc'yn placed
a bettrr v;rt. A cry t "Il.-rse run
a way r vas RtiMil while he was chatting
with a frii nd. A frightmcl horse wns
tearing r.(t the strvet with a wagon lw
hind Um. tmt r.i drivtr. Dim-ily in
his track wr.s a lwby carriage with a
a!et'piti4 cad i. The nnrse. whnltatl vT.
whevliii th') carriage across t'.ie ttm-t,
bl Ki-ii frightened by the outcries f
bystan l rr.. and dincrting Iht charge
1 fiol t toe sidewalk.
The v i.rkmnn did not hesitate. Spring
in forward. 1 caught tin? anitual by
the bridle and stopped the horse barely
in ti.ue to save tho child's life. The
hot', rrvidtlng a.cainst captare. rean-d
and Mil lc a plnngu fr Llerty. 'The bri
die btokf ta the workn;an' lian Is. and
he fell nnd r the Lux. 'a fivt. In a mo
CM Sit bo Was train pled to dettth.
Ttils workman )md a wifo end children
depmletit njn Lii.u II- nndcrtuok a
tU't luxurdons foitt in attotcjliag to
stop the hi rse by the Imdls ends in front
of the btliy CT.rri.ij,-r. Ur.t altboagh lie
Ut his life and brrht calstuity trfon
.U le.n'Ui.lJ h? i xl.i'uit.-d sin'xnlar on
r'12shnes and f.Ctitndo. The sight of
tucalcLping cliil l t xpmwtl toahjrrfLle
ilcuth set bis wsrut hart boating, and
generously and iuiptibtivrly be did the
only thing that could liave bren done fur
the cUld'a rcscse.
TU.it waa bitter than a a-!s sacrifice
of life fr a pnppy. It waa nobir than
voluntary anicidc with the admiral, who
feared a court marshal a probable brand
of mcrdmr more than he feared death.
Valfsa self arrifi?c have adnate tao
tive and jciitillcati m for the risks, it be
comra m sentimental vagary Involving
aenst lcM waste of life. Youth's Com
nisssrls lte4la.
Tb bcactifol Margaret of Kavarrs
mm devoted to her brother, rraiuia 1.
TThca he ua apparently tlytn.t at Hi
trad, ska found ber way to him thrrngh
ftiratioQ and dun;cr and saeceednl ta
Tecttng hlJ ikjlivorauce. Wbcn he waa
Q at a ilistance from her. she wett every
clay and aat Uwn on a atoue la t'.ie tu Id
Ale of the road to eatcb t!w first glimpse
f a uieasenger afar off. And sho said:
Aht whoever shall cm-jo to annonnce
the nearer,? of tlw (i-)T. car brother,
tbongh ta be tirud. jaded, aoilol. di-rVvt'l-d,
1 will kiaa him aad vmbrace
V iu llaKtste ho ware tha Caeat gentle
t n In tho tiagdotn." . :
i Mliua) ho died, ah aoemcd Qtcridly
lartbroken. and abo did not lang cor
tre him. Yooth'a Ctnanion.
y i i 1 1 i. - '
Tks tasaal la law rM.
Within alht of tb station at Athcr
atoao. oa the- Loodoa awt Kortbwea:crn
railway, there Is to be seen an mnroiona
earthenware Jflr. tho largest ta the
world. This c.-.paciooa article was maa
nfautnred nt the IVtteries. Chnn h Urea
Iry, over ft) years agn. Ita holding ca
pacity, trliiti fnll. to I'd) qrarta, and it is
ao larco that a man can aft tnside it. It
aw resta over the froat door of a china.
.. vbwa and eartbeawar waxeboosc. a
- rtuMfafs I aWWlHl sal '' r
Tho fate of rraakBa, fh Wpkrer.'
; ria ttawittinvly preOgsrsd. aad oa the
-of his starting oa bat last lorage. at
1 baals of his owa devoted wife. Aa
1 "lay doting oa a'aoia Lady Fraakua
w kiute-Jucg over hto fast, oa which
?akc hi cisa-teruatloa. aaytagi "Why,
J a flag throwa over.aset Doot
tJwwthat they Lay tbaaaioo jack
2 aatyser-UaaVai TK-Ctta.
2taat with falsa tsetb aad fate
1 flianaLa.tbrartsiaa
ag eytCaaBM aaa W ob
armmaHi wal, TVy
'wafat iii-i, wbtcb hi
Cattle Uayai fai
TTtiy a Travetlag Man Cave lp rtaylag
rfcr TTllh Rtnuasera.
I don't play cards with f-t rangers,"
said a rnict looking man on the Pnllmaa
inrcspunso to na invitation from the
drnmmer to join them in a little game
of poker. The u ramme r Unshed ap ana
was ntxnt tr say aoinething.
"Hold on, mnarketl tho rjnict tnnn,
"and 111 explain. Sit down here a tnia
at or two and let mo toll yoa."
1 Tt drnmmcr l.Hnj cn oblins f rraoa
aat Viwa. ' i
"Abont five yean ajo." beaa the
qniet mar, "I was oat in tho west conn
try at a wild town, and oao night, being
fond of r.-jds and a pretty fair player, I
asied fonr ct five cowboya at tho tuTCrn
where I was stopping ta pky cards witlt
tno. I didn't know them, and they didn't
know tne, bat they took it for granted
I was all right, and they went to my
room, vvhero I had two or threa decks of
criK We started the gntnc at a qnar
tr tho ante with a (3 limit, and it
wasn't long nntil I was winning nicely;
for, as I acid liefore, I was a good player.
After some tune vro tooi another deck
of cardd, and as nsn.il I bad a good baud.
My wSlnings- batl iualo my new
found aeqnaintiinrcs rather raspiciona,
bat as I was perfectly honest I Mint pay
much attention to that. I remember
very ditir.rtly I bad cn r.ce of diamonds
in lay l:asd.and when it came around to
show down I knew the pot was tuino,
bnt just aa I laid down my band the man
opposite me whipped out his revolver
and jabbtd it into my face, and on the
i intact ont came all the other men's
guns, r.nd I was accred almost to death.
I couldn't say a word, for I thought my
time had cou:e, but nobody shot.
'Look hercrcjtculAed the man who
bad first pulled his gun, apply U'g screval
disagreeablo epfthets in addition, aud he
took an ace of diamonds ont of Lis
hand. This restored my cor.sriou.oesi
somewliat, and aftrr waiting until each
man hai exprvsat-il Ins opinion of tne.
and the final deriion had Ixvn reached
that I waa to g ve up nil I had won and
jro'.Mibly be shot l".tt-r. I got in a word.
Oenthi.ien, I said, 'appearances are
ngaint tne, bnt I nra bonc-4. I don't
know liow that extra ace grit in the pack.
but ir yon will looi: in mv valise there
yoa will find a pack exactly like tUtone
lyirg lw in it. anl the cards taat
hare rot misel in thvro. I'm sare I
didn't do it. One of the men took tho
cards out if the valise and ran them
over, and the ceo was missing. That
uinch was ia ray favor, but it did not
restore confidence.
" 'tend down sta:rs.' I taid next, to
t!iech-rk r.nd have Lira coiuo up. llo
was playing hero this afteraoaa.
"Ihm they sent tor the ckrk. and he
said that he and a party of -friccda kail
played w:th ttotc canis Cnriag tho aft-
tniuin, r.nd f.'.rt'at r, that they had r.sej
two icl;s to lo some tncks with. , He
also rtoo-1 boad for S;y hoaestv, and tit
er aa boar or to of terrific strain oa lao
c:y fnetids corcludc-d I was all right,
TL.- ii. t. cistabhili gocd fellowship firm
ly, I lusted on their tauig Ui ir moui y
tat it. i in y act rp thetintts aU around.
tr.d I l- !t them at lat-t v i:h a solemn
vow f!;UTt A tV.t whra I played poker
OpOin 1 must ka-iw tveryLjdy in the
game, and vr r;. bojy must know xno.
O m't yoa think oao cxjuTicaco like that
is enough I.-T an bontvt laaa of quiet
temis rauH-at to c througlw' Detroit
t ree iTees.
She ro:!ovet m 11.
Tucrc vrcrsi i ruts cuon'ii f j? tZl cxep:t
ceo youny tnaa, whoec rsr7 fJf "lT-
pairs aat ".ow.i near the "oor. It waa
I'm Ligli spiriUi .f this group doubtk?B
that i romptod tho suggestion by one of
tlteui tiiat tbo rtanuint young tur.n
should sit in tho lap hisyonng wcnan
for greater comfort, Thia bo promptly
!ld, and not Lcing reiulsel aat there
with pvcat conlc-ul to hiaitelf.
At Eeai'.o fctrctt a ysr.cg Irish ,-rl
boardtd the car. It was tvl.'.cut to ev
ery one that sue waa recct-tly landed,
well intentioned and little informed.
Sho stood at tho door a minute and
looked Iwwildered npand down tbeClled
seats. Then Imt eye fell upon a young
man sitting at rac in a young woman's
lap. She darted forward, and before any
oao Lad the sliglilfct idea of her inten
tion sho rented bereclf respectfully but
firmly on the lap of the other youug man.
It was hard to tell which was tho f an
aicst. tho agitation of the young man. the
calm of tho young woman or tho hyster
ical laughter of tbo colored girl m tao
corner, who explained to the passenger
between her peals:
"Sue finks deni as comes fust Gits on
de scats, cn dem as cotaes next sits on de
Which was evidently jast what the
did think until tlie conductor came to
t lis rescue. New York Recorder. ,
. ASiaMlvl
There was an etching hanging in the
window of a I2roal way Ft ore, and in
fnmt there was a young woman lookin;
at it admiring'y. Eyand bytdiewent
in and asked tbo clerk who seemed to to
in charge of tho 4etnro department to
show it to ber.
-Do yon want to buy it? inquired
that gentlvman, idutrpcainj a pencil aa
be spoke.
"I want to sec it." replied tbo young
woman with surprise, but coinnicudaUo
"WeH,' drawled the clerk, shutting
bis pocketknife and favoring t!ie cus
tomer with hia undivided and somewhat
insolent attention. lf yon want t? bny
it, I'm willing to tako it ont of tiasjsrin
dow. As for neeing it. yoa cau ace it
perfectly wvU f.-om tbo street, 1 La vent
it in stock, and it's a great u?at too much
trouble tt get it ont if you ain't going to
buy it. If yon are, l ai willing to take it
down. It s tl.
Tbo young woman wad ntab with
aurprise. Then ube raid ia sof : and po
lite tones:
Yon aro too kin L I will not tronldo
And in the xaind of tlie witnesses there
arose a nnestioa as to jnst what the prov
ince of an attendant in a store was.
New York World.
Itooms Crowded. Everybody
Satisfied, . and Many
, 1 ' 1'iaisin Him.
mr. xx i a v - t
- i.i you.- whole
eyvti m, jwhapi
ia the liver, if
Uu.t d"ii't do
its n ic k ti pnn
fv tag the blood,
mum troubles
Aciiaii froia it
" . th-in yen van re-
Dr. Tkrc,B Col lca Kc lieal Piseovcry acts
upon this weak r.p-H ia H'uLins c!so van. It
rousts it on to !- a!: ay. t:i tan.1 ccUon. By
tbornuhly paiuiag tiH Ll.c-d, it ivurbcs.
Liulds ujs an J iavioratoi cvury part ot the
For ell dl;a5ra th.-.t depend 011 tie liver
or ti:4 blond Uyp-iM, i.Ii potion. Uiliraa
asas ; every foi-a vf K itrfvilo, cvcii Con
somption (or Lar.--siTnriJn ia its carliar
stascs : aad tiv most Mut.Vni iUiii and
IVslp DixcdivK. tho tlircovary" U the omj
reacdr ae ca'iloi ad tTeetivo til it can
be ffvarmi.L
If Udoccat Lnc3t or care, you have your
auaacy lawk.
Oa tbeae trrns, IVu aa iasalt to voar ia
tcUiKcnce to l:vo aoiaeUiLig else offa-cd as
"Jast as go-jd."
A raJlvc Jl.a.
As pond an example as can be given of
the Jokes played oa new students Ij the
ancient "lYmpe of W incneeter college.
Oa the first appearance of a boy in the
acbotd a companion will ask him with a
kiavavairtf la baa 4 book caflkd "IVmps
Mornii 11otTtri(m-k rW "Sead tha
fool fartlier"), without which it will be
impossible to proiwly get thmngh Us
work.. Of coma be will say "So," and
tbca be will bo sent on a wild goose
ebon fram one buy to another ia the
btTc of obtaining a copy. The game is 1
kept ap with great spirit aatil the older
boys are tired of tbe fun, and then the
gmo lad is referred to one of tbo mas
ters, who, instead of giving him a vol
ajae, aa be cxrcts. cads bis trooblo by
explaining to bias tbe Joke of "Petnpe."
Lwdaa TtBita. - .
Bridget, what was that load noise I
yuar roaaa last aignxr uta
tmmmanmmmlUammtn. Ts
I'm r.inu of t:.e orat.
Thero U a beautiful littlo storv told
about the opal, that delicate stone which
you have no Uotii.t seen ia rings and
bracelets. The Ktcry U that the oiial
vraa lonri ego promised to anybody who
could discover it. It lay bidden away,
r J the old fortune tellers used to sav. at
the place "where tho eanliht and the
cioonlight iomcd each othtr. and who
ever could find that c;ot would l-c re
warded by a quauaty of large, beautiful
opuls. After a long search for the place
where the raalight and moonlight
joined" each other, the jdace was found
by a Fpanih traveler, who followed up
the rays of the retting sun, and when he
bad reached the end of the last ray be
waited until the uioonbeauis shone upon
the earth, cad t Litre he found the opals.
They arc said to be very lnc!:y stones
for those who are born in the fall of the
year and very unlucky for those born in
the spring. Of course it is only a' say
ing that these are lucky or unlucky, but
the rest of the rtory is true, as yoa will
believe if you look hi tho heart of an
opal and see the pink tints of the sun
and the blue rays of tbe moon nestling in
tbe middle of it. Cincinnati Enquirer.
... mmm ...
' Ttees la Japan Barred to the Coda.
Near every temple. ia Japan are cer
tain trees which arc supposed to bo pe
culiarly loved by the gods and to be sa
cred to thetn. Any one injuring or caus
ing to to injured one of them will bring
down the wrath of the launi" or god
whose particular property it is. If the
trees to injured in the nainc of any one,
the kami avmiges himself on tliat person
instead, fyi. when a girl .finds that a
swain's love has cooled, and she thinks
rcvengo' would be sweet, she makes a
straw manikin and calls it by bis name.
If she is very vengeful, sho may also
make ooe of ber bated rivaL At t
o'clock at aigbt (called the hoar of tbo
ball) she rises, and clad ia a white trighi-v
dress only, with high elugs oa ber UsA,
ber hair banging looso and crowned
with aa iron tripod, tat which , throe
lighted candles atb stuck, aha paooaeds
to tbe sfcriac of tbe patron god cs tbe
family. ban Francijro Chronicle. , . '
F. rnoroSE m Loom our
trade from now until Christmas
by offering unusual inducements.
iz: With every ort'er for a
duxen cabinet photos we shall
give an extra photo in the new
Vienna panel size, and in addi
tion your choice of three beauti
ful souvenirs. In crnvon work
we arc offering an cxV'jWohat
liargain a 16x-.0 crayon portrait
in a beautiful fold frame at
t4-W. regular price $5.5.
Visitors arc alwavs welcome.
1725 Stcond Ave.
and how to attain it.
't I wl a ate 'tea' wnrfc that tel t ie raner.
VsTihra Ma -ffe s-ria tbe tciardr. Thm
W -ci.-a: '.call, ttu m vaioabio. artlH.ea.ly
l oio f kvautiral aieJIcal buk tlua Sa a
praitnl fif ar; a; rrr pge beartag
a b lf lntw I Innra-loo In tint. Soe of ti
UhjcltraalcdafKXnr.nM ItKbilit. Impo
taocy. Ste imjr. Dyvlpaawiit . Varicocele
bo lla-h n '.,Tbo; in'civdluc Manlaecrte.
Xwtf nil wa m mli kau grad iratbf,
ta . '! ta, ibe mil ms-t ir, soil uc nc
ls-o-fcof aicd'cd scene, aa aii!td to
rarr) d lit, -fc w aH sum-1 1 r fal'.lca
a-Ml aoM future ltf;i vannU wr tc forihla
w i4a-fnl 'lU'e took, tt m bo scat flee
.auikr-ea! Addreaa Ba sb tcTm-
ft M- "joi' u . -affao. 1 1
r -
DR. D. D. REA.
Surg: on and Specialist
Whota trrntcA ru h sona'ton In ar.a rtonn1
i h cajro b c-itlra "l--n- thai alnxwt bjfllM
tbe irtlr .1 fmi.mi I the o untrr. and tty th.
m i-4 uf mtujr trieud auJ alicut, lie has dt
clwtd to vit
Hock Island
At tha Harper House,
& ilD lY. DZC. 39th.
Returning cverv month during the
year, to remain a day.
lr R ha Wn ernnrctrd with the U-erst
Bl; t1 ta th r,onr, m.M lia to ijivnor la
..awv'ni't l ir'tliif - Iom- nd ?t fj-m-ti.i
tie will civr J.vi tnr nt ruse be raLT-ot u II
thr 1l-rfw. ih! ahrre kuim in ffve mimic,
lie iU rv'nro to Hack IrUtnd every month to tc
main m day.
Trt-ats u cnr-D:e ron'icai and anrsical d:
a. a. ate and chronic cu.rrh, . rea-t- of the
".W i.4l aw. th nal an I. 1 gr. d.Bpeia,
ItHjtif dl-r. t.bt-tr-. Miin-y.. Hrir. blad
der, hrcrir f mat-- and aeaua- mragi-. 1 t.i-p-
vr n tare i yu- lute arai.ue.
Vaaa aad atiatle-Aae1 area
ttc-a f mm rprtmatmrtoea rd inpotener a
ihe r- s t of -li-abui iu vmjIIi fir eai-o in ma-tnr,-
Tra-a. aid ntnr cauiH-a. ruducluit iiuc .if
ih'i.i'loivi e fTeci. t- envi-riofi-, l utrhrvr ile
tillt.. rtv-t.-iM-.. irziieK. v.Nit.-i.-o w itieas.
mr- on tif hty. dt rrtl tuenmry atd reioal
-Ttajlii.!u m hlcli un: t lllr viriltn fiir bn-tic
or miwrp, aTe pima"iei.ry cured by iviuedice
not lujsr.ous.
. Blaad aad ka silaeaaea.
"yplii.lia and camolicattct a, mi aore t'.rost.
TalliiHi nt the hair, pa n In inn l-onc-. are
perfetlverrfUictd .iiMt-.t naiDir imtvunr or
ihfr luiuri-a criii m nrho.-. n'et-t, a-ric-
late- ana an umtry ami iiiir tmni.Ki. i.tcri.
Iv rami be trt-atmaiit ll.al k w pever failed Ue
andilkea aa o.cnrble raaeav but carv-a thou,
anft iv,-ii cntoit-av Htanvatber the date and
enoi earl, a h.a taonta arv alaajt crowded
Kacieecr ee sus.
.. " cONrtTJTIoN 1 REZ.
O nvetatixk-nrr s licl -d and e-ntdentt d.
ddresaUr. 1). U. Kj, a I'.a lua Slrwt
Seeing is Believing.
How many people know
what an endless variety of mcr-
chandise is required to carry on a dry
goods business complete in every department2
ncujicsdj. uui ic. vowing to ine uistance
from the market and advantages in buvinir tronik in i .
direct from the mariufacturers'arid importers, it has Wr"'
a necessity to carry a tremendous large stock, lim .p.r "
stated almvo, direct from lieadtjiiarters means saving the priiiluo-'h!. "S
paid to a middle man. or fo enlle.1 jobber. The saini; of 'd,.! j 'iT' -profit
is a great advantage to the retail customers, as it enables hi'n V
cheaper frm a Louse littvinr their goods direct from he:i.1.,Tiajri '-r. i
roiii one iiiyini i mm jonncrs. in order to have those t h . o,. :,
n ii ice .-oik, ifs no Mis, iinaK, uranerv uooii. i-anev
iin.i,... I . : : . . -1 . . if 1 1-. . i - .
-"-.. . . tiiiiiii-., .iiinrB. linthl?ri lllfl. 1 I'-ili...
ine anil I auie l. mens, Corsets and thousands of other r.rt!
ii-aaimtiin i iii no nu renervo mock is reqnireil to ri-t i n -I,
I t " - . 1 ,! . . . 1 t .... .1
mini in inn itcian ivimrimeni. oaiiy, we most coniiall v uui;,. .
on us, and we shall take great pleasure in showinff them tin- 1 ,, -,.
f seasonable merchandise stored on each floor of the fonr-.-? u
o ted at 217, 5171 West Second street and occupied by the
The undersigned firm employs almost a half hundred pi- ,'..
their salesladies and salcs-men arc all experienced ami nti'i
those w ho hnye not yet favored us with a call we wish to vn : n-;,
and do so now, and convineo yourself of the above st:ii-uu-i t- " s(.
ing is believing. Thanking the public for past favors, we are
Yours very truly,
Klug, Hasler, Schwentskr
217 and 217 1-2 West Second St.. DAYENTOin.
WaMbu vt-ry thing from a flu-
ilk haU dtterchlef to a circur
ent; L oec irtainn a epcialty
No. 172: 1HIJ AYE
... . .. . 1 ten
. '.. Al; M. & La.'
Ssl?fbo.ie No. laJU
A rtetty Den atie Seewe.
Tbe bight watchman ia a Cheataat
street bonk isn't happy unless be dan
dles bis 3-months-old baby for awhilo
each evening. He cannot set out, nor
can mamma get In, bat every fair night
she paases baby ia between tbe big iroa
ban of tbe froat window. . Papa watch
man receives tbe youn.prfer.and passers
by witness tbo chnraiiTig family picture
of mrtrma'a smiling face watching bc
twaaa tbe ban end papa rompiux witb
baby ia tbe bxtfatiy lictotad iatarforot
e '
,0. .0.
Hair Death
; l'aa'la Kami m-4 f.-e- drtro-Ti nb - -O
Jent-ajaMr bar laa--r annii the ban-is.
nnvanear arti, a'I'mi at ueawad-aa
aeaaJitrytnttwaaMaldellcalealila. Iv was 0
. s-a rirr v Taa Tea a-c:T raiirunr !
' a-ars a liana arkrak- g4 T O
O rlama aa the hayhe-t aa-h.an'e and it- ;
I aa-e eaitneait deeaia caV-tat a t d hair -ar ai- q
O MHIfcat teMee. Saanarbl-iarHratr erar-
; t.c of a lie-t amooajUar nhlit. aad ax- '
O adncrary of laran- br im-afnhadrtbi- rr- .
Ceo fa-ee, tw V all. ca-W packed -;
ajnaawcaa eS. ratal . ew eS-rata O
''f.araaaa.aw. Addroaa Ibi -ROtHCr1
aaaor HAINMT4CU. Dent. K-. O
9 -oath bta aa.aaav, Xe luL g
0 "o"''o"aco
First Class Limited Rate,
Round Trip, . -
- 18.00
393 Robert St. - 127 ThTfd St. So.
(Hotel Ryan) (Guaranty Bid)
St. Paul. Minneapolis.
or union iJenots.
' ex
Sa ...
'-r I,.,
1 :
t, ,. ..
The Battle Above the Clouds.
I 2
a as
I have a large consignment of Napkin
Rings, Ink Wells, Pen Racks, call bills,
etc., made of materials taken from
Lookout Mountain; they will make
presents which the Old . Settlers will
prize very highly. We have them on
sale for a few days only.
Geo. H. Kingsl)ury,
A car load of handsome bed room suits going
at the following prices. 1 ,
Suits worth
(15 00
20 00
26 OJ
27 50
SO 0v
85 00
40 00
go at
$12 51
! (Ill
2-) 01
15 '
27 50
-Remember we have only one car lead to dis
pose of at the above manufacturers prices.
1525 and U27
: Second Ano
If4el26 anJ 1
Siztaonth 8tr-it
Giati d Sweeping Sale
I- Cloaks and Millinery !
Fcr the Next 10 Davs
, ti w.aeoonaata.xiaTenport. j.
MX ii
j 1118 w iu cc tne greatest ana bcFliiarjarn ne
ever held in the Tri-citics. Everything in our
tore a genuine bargain. This sale will save cverv
Ladr, pa t chasing a Cloak or Hat, 25 per cent. Do
net fail to attend this great sale befoie vou buy. as
. enr entire ttotlt of Ckaks and Mill'.nciy must be

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