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10 G
Don't Forget
is for You.
After the Late Struggle Mem
bers Return Looking Fresh.
Do you want to save 20 cents on every Dol
lar s worth of Suits and Overcoats? We nve
you a discount of 20 per cent, on a suit or over
coat, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
1-5 Off. 1-5 Off. 1-5 Off.
This is about 40 per cent less
than any Clothier will sell 'em.
Think of it, 20 per cent discount
in December, the largest and
best stock to select from.
Opening of "Kriss Kringle's Grotto"
This Week. Christmas is Close at Hand.
A das trine Friend, of Senators Testify
Their Eoteena be Coverlnc 1 heir Df.k
With Fragrant Flower. The I'resident
Message "Received anil Read Many
Spectators Present la the House la Wit
neM the Scenes and Opening Incident.
Wasiiisctox. Dec. 5. Tbe first senate
session of the pifty-third congress con
vened at high noon pursuant to the consti
tutional provisions. "The inaudible and
noiseless foot of time" had apparently
tripped sightly through tbe lives cf sen
ators during the brief vacation period nud
brighter facts greeted one another than
when thirty odd days ago, tired and show
ing signs of a parliamentary strupgle un-
rquallcd in the history of the government.
the representatives ot the state left the
national capital. All traces cf that mem
orable battle seemed effaced and the greet-
in;: amongst senators bore the evidence pf
warm fraternal friendship and personal
regard. '
Chances Made In tlie Chamber.
The chamber presented a handsome ap
pearance arrare I in its winter apparel. A
Brussels carpet, pleasing to the eye and
soft to the touch, had supplanted the light
waite curt llurrows. urltton, the sncce
or of the late Mr. Chipmanof D. troit was
sworn in, and following this various it
portn ot bureau officers were taken from
the speaker's table aud formally laid bj
fore ths house. At 1.33 the coiuiiiittec ap-
tvtintml itv t.lu ltrtiitu. wh.Ml (inwn th
isle and faced Wilson, the chairniau, ami
announced that they bad discharged their
duty, and that the president had said that
he would immediately communicate a
message in writing.
At IdB n. m. Mr. Pruden, tliB White
House executive clerk, appeared with tbo
president's message and Speaker Crisp im
mediately laid it before the house. Cleric
Kerr read it in a clear voice. The galleries
remained silent aud the members, lcauing
forward in their chairs, listened attentive
ly to Mr. Cleveland's views as they fell
from the lips of the clerk of the house.
Schema Frnpotsd by the LlfchthouM
Board In IU Report.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6. The lighthouse
board iu its annual report just made pub
lie gives interesting information respect
hii; telephonic communication between
ligbt he use ships aud the shore. The ob
ject is to more effectually bticcor vessels
ia distress. It is proposed ns an experi
ment to first connect Mnnomoy Point
L'ghthouse.Mass., with Pollock Hip light!
sh.p, which are some four miles apart.
Having done this the board proposes a
cable between Sandy Hook light ship and
the Hook Deacon ou Mainly Hook, whirls
aae eight miles npart. And this i-ouid bj
followed inter by lading a cable fiont aii
kr.ty Head lighthouse, Nantucket island,
to .autuckct New South hhoais light-
straight out
New Counsel Will Appear in
the Coughlin Trial.
torwrels we have lw planning anil arrang
ing for this festive occasion. No time or money
lias t-n saved, but the arrangements Lave lieen
tiia.Je ilb a lavish hand in order to make this
lining one of tho most attractive and enjoyable
i easions of the year. In mnkingvour arrange
ment the children in particular have been given
special attention, and wo hereby extend a most
In-art r invitation to our little friends to eonic
illi "their mother ami visit -Kri Kringle's
Th.. entire store ba In-en elaborately decorated
f .r this occasion, and now present a bower of
In-autv, fresh from the artist's hands.
I Our Greeting is-Christmas Bargains.
3 Th.vnre many they are desirable ther are
r.liabfe. There is a time to buy it now. J lie re
is a place to buy it' at tho Boston Store. Lycti
a very little money will do wonder in purchasing
present for your friends.
Come to Our Opening.
Von will be plotMaotly surprised; surprised at
the splendid assortment; snrprised at the superior
itialilics; surprised at the low prices. We have
new novelties in nice, but inexpensive goode.
We have nicer and more expensive goods. ranirin-r
in priee us high as vou eare to go t'Oli LITTLK
No one is so old, no one is so young, but what
lilting and pleasing gifts may be found in abun
dance. The virtue in values: the beauty in well
chosen goods; the owcr in low prices make of
store the best place todo J'our Christmas shipping.
Books, Books, Books!
Hook by all the popular authors. Work by
Puluer, Lew Wallace, Dickens. Neott, Shake
speare, Hawthorne, Longfellow. E. P. Roe, Drutn
tuond. Holmes. Lyall, Cooper, Mark Twain, Pres.
eott, Rosa M. Cary and Many others. Books of
novels, historical, children's story Imoks, Christ
ina cards, and lilULKS OK ALL KINDS.
into the Atlantic ocean
This light ship is the n-.o-t distant from
oar coast front any in the services and is
on the track of all the coasting vessels go
ing outside of Nantucket and vessels
iug to and from Ku rope, it is an exceed
ingly important post and telephonic torn
iLUnicatiuu with the shore would be of
immense value to commerce. One hu:i
dred and flity tLousand dollars will be
asked to start the svstem.
china mattiua whicii covehe floorjLg lUlr,T lujle9 on'tu and
uunng (lie rrceui cxiraorarxiary session. J
UigU.y pol:sned desks anu:t:airs awaitcU
senatorial use, while til ' happy ownei-s of
sixteen smiling little-faces sit on the
steps of each side of t he Tics president's
ris tram eager to carry out tho wishes of
i li : senator. Ob some of the desks were
floral designs, and flowers whose fragrance
sweetened the atmosphere and lent au ad
ditional charm to tne scene.
l: mniihc red n ith fragrant Flowers.
On the desk of the vice president reposed
a basket of roses while a handsome floral
horse shoe awaited S&nator Voohees, the
gift, of admiring Iudiaua friends, who also
remembered his colleague, senator 'i'ur-
pie. liunchtsof roses ly ou the desk of
ivu.'itor Uj'.pU and the duug'ity champiou
cf the white uietitl. Sei ator Sienart, was
the recipient ef a bisket of Mareclial Ned
roses. seuators Harris, Berry, Proctor,
llniisbrough aud others were fuvcrvd wiih
!l weis. lu thf galaries a large crowd
had gathered to witness the opening of
the session aud the bright colors in the
Lid us' town aud bonnets were the more
conspicuous because of the somber housed
Lackjrojnd. As the massive clock over
the main eutrauce announced the biur of
12 o'clock, the bliud chapla-n was led up
to the vice ptesidenl's disk nud after an
eloquent prayer,while all senators preseut
iu i lie chamber remained standing. Vice
l'rwideut Stevenson called the senate to
Business Opens.
At the sojgesi iou cf Sherman the roll
of the senate was tailed and fifty-six sen
ators responded., 'the usual resolutions
notifying the house of representatives of
the meeting of the senate and the resolu
tion for a committee of two senators to
join a sfnTuur committee of the house to
wait upon the president cf the United
States and inform him that congress had
assembled and was ready to receive any
communication be may desire to make,
were offered and agreed to. The chair
man appointed McPuersuu and blieruiau
as the committee ou the part of the sen
ate. After a resolution had been adopted
that the hour of dully meeting of the sen
ate shall be 1- o'clock m.. oa vhe motion
of Harris, a reces- at 12:10 was taken for
one hour to enable the committee to wait
ou the president.
Heard tlie Message Head.
At the expiration of the recess at 1:10 p.
m. the senile resumed us session antlii
message from the house of representatives
informed the senate that a quorum of the
house was prseat aud of ti;e appointment
of a committee to join a similar commit
tee of t.i.e senate previously appoiuted
to wait upou the president. Then another
recess ot twenty mioutes was taken upou
the motion of llatris. Promptly at 10
senate resumed i'.s session, nud McPher
son of the coiuniiilec to wait upou the
president, appeared ut t he bar cf the sen1
ate aud announced that the presi
dent would immediately conimuni
cate with the liouse m writing.
Secretary Pruden at once stepped forward
aud delivered the message, and it was laid
before the Semite by the vice president,
who directed its reading.
Toys, Toys, Toys!
Iron, wood, tin and rubber toy of cverv de
scription: Dolls, game, banks, steam engines,
drnins, horn, blocks, trunks,- wagons, sleds,
skates and hundred of other, for which space
fail us to mention.
Art novelties, basket, metal goods, china, p!ush
jmmmIs! music, silverware, jewelry, linen sets, ta
Lle covers, tc, etc. - -
Leaders and Promoters of Low Prices.
The Galleries Crowded to Overflowing
with Spectators.
The encirciins galirries of the house,
except those reserved for the president
aud diplomatic corps, which looked
i I g.ooiuy aim Taenia, neio ui.eu iu uver
'4 llowiui: wit a eaiter aud expectant persons
j when Sieaker Crisp, digoilled and stat
rj lr. ascended the rostrum at high noon
anu riiiiru ..in i,uun eviuh w iuc
r'ilty-lirst congress to order. Fully three
hundred members were iu .taeir seats.
Conspicuous uikiu the floor were the two
vacant chairs of Representative O'Neill
of Pennsylvania, the father of
the house, aud hi colleague,
Lilly, the representative nt large from the
Keystoue state. Their desks were draped
iu iihick aud covered with floral tributes.
Among tlie distinguished visitors ou the
floor when the house convened was ex
Postmustcr General Don M. Dickiusou, of
MichiKan."" Kev. Bajtbrrta bis invocation,
reft r.td feelingly totoe drath of "Father"
O'Neill aud Mr. Lilly. According to the
rule at. the, upeninr of the session the
speaker then directed the clerk to call the
roll in order to' officially ascertain the
i presence of a quorum. i he roll call
' sliowe I '.'10 members present.
j Urcsvruor, of tluio, then escorted IL S.
I uuuuy, oi vuio, eiecieu w sueeeeu mic mie
lienresenianvB cuocus, iu uin uh oi
llbe louse and the speaker with np
i lifted bund auutiuiatered the oath of oflive
t-1 ; to him. The formal resoiexious necessary
4 to set the wheels of the legislative machine
W : in order were adopted, tbe first by isayers,
H notify ing the senate that quorum was
P ; present in the bouse and tbu it was ready
R ; to proceed to busiue&s, and tbe secoud bj
H I Wilson for the appointment of a comaiit
U tee of three to joia ak committee of the
H ' senate aud inform ts- rrsp ident that con-
ax i i . ....i-
', ircve swiwtv Mnmuj wiiiiimiir
! extUin Le had to uiuke. -
I The ckr aHNMte4 Wilsfim, Oothr
What is a "Line" of Cailr.i?
WasiuxgToS, Dec 5. The most import
ant1 subject discussed in the report of the
interstate commerce commission is that
referring to ino quest iou: "What is a
line" of railway? The courts have de
cided that a "line" is one railway, while
the commissioner has decided uuiformily
that a line" is the whole route over
rhich goods are billed from poiut oi
shipment to ullimute destination. The
commissioner asks congress to decide this
point ana mak.es a number ul other re com
One Whole I'amily of Five Tenons Killed
or Fatally Hnru
BlTTE. Mont., Dec. 5. Hecla, Mon, a
email mining camp fifty miles southwest
of this city, was the scene of two suow
slide wilhiu the last two days, w hich re-
suited iu the instant death cf six persoue,
two others being fatally hart. ud manv
more or less fatally hurt. The first slide
that came down tbe mountain side de
molished two cabins, killing William
Sparks and Robert Kask, miners, and
Chinese cook. . ..
jext nigut another immense suae a
short distance from tho first avalanche
fell, burying nml crushing three houses.
One ot these was occupied bv Nicholas
Uergman, his wife and three children, all
of whom were asleep at the time. Uerg
Uiaii and two children, aged 12 and 10,
were killed. Mrs. l'ergnmn and her babe
were rescued alive, bat cannot live.
Flisailfisal Due to Mrs. Lease.
Olathe, Kas., Dec. 5. Warfare that has
been goiugou among the bead officers of
thedeaf and dumb institution oi this city
for two months, has r suited in tbe dis
charge by the board cf charities cf Stew
ard T. L. Dixon and his wife, tbe matron.
Judge. Dixon denounces Mi's. Lease iu
connection with his dismiss d and in au
Intel view said he would soon "'exrose her
doings." "When I get through exposing
her," he vehemently declared, "uo political
party will claim her." Dixon is high ia
tLe councils of the Populist party.
Kansas leotlc Are la. Waut.
TcTECA, Kas., Dec. 5. As a lesult of
the recent cold weather and storms people
living oa the piairies iu Wichita, Ia!:e
ami Ureeley counties ure apealiug lor aid
with which to buy fuel. At many of the
railroad stations there was little coal for
sale aud this has been bought, by mer
chants and people in the towns, while
many families liviug on the bleak plains
will freeze unless help is secured at once.
If the snow storm continues railroad
trallic will be blocked ntid ia that event
treat suffering will follow.
French Ministry Dec'arcs Its Fnliry.
l'AKiS, Dec. 5. The declaration of the
policy cf the uew ministry was read iu
the chamber of deputies and iu the sen
ate. The declaration says that France,
never more strongly demanded the main
tenance of order and the defense of princi
ples which the trench revolution gave
as the basis of modem society; namely, in
dividual liberty and the rights of prop
erty. 1 he declaration of policy says the
government will oppose socialist doc
Train liobltera Failed.
PEDFlEtD, b. D , Dec. 5 An attempt
was made Suturday night to hold up the
westbound train ou the Chicago aud
Northwestern totd at a small station
thirty miles east of the Missouri. In the
struggle between the train orew and rob
bers two robliers were knocked senseless
with lanterns by the crew aud one of
them pushed from the platform of the
moving tram. 1 he robbers are thought to
be local residents. No arrest have been
made yet.
The rrnmtnent Chicago Criminal Lawyer
Will V Ills Legal Knowledge in Itehalf
cf the rrianner. Accord ins to the I'rose
enlion Tlie Chance the State Holds Out
Cor a Confession Trial of Mayor Har
rison's Slayer Again l'ostpoued.
CniCACO, Dec. 5. It has come to the
knowledge of the state that A. S. Trude is
practically in charge of Dan Coughlin'
defense, nnd that every move made on be-
Itnlf of the prisoner has been done at the
suggestion or by direction of that promi
nent attorney. Mr. Trude lias not ap
peared openly in the rase as yet, but it is
said that when the hearing reaches the
stage where the evidence is to bs pre
sented he will take his seat at the table ot
counsel for the defense. It is known to
the state, so it is said, that the different
moves of the defense ever since Coughlin's
return from Ji.liet prisou were made only
after the plans l.ad been submitted to Mr.
Trude and approved by him. His valuable
counsel h is hceu sought at every point,
and great hones have been fostered in the
breasts of Coughlin's frietrls because of
the understand,:!;; that Mr. Trude would
help the defcii?.
Coiiutlttn Star Cor.tess.
Coughlin ool-s not enjoy the isolated
nasi' ion in which lie finds himscif. con
demned to bear alone iu this trial tne mv-
f ul consequences of Vr. Cream's murder.
cougtiiiu may nialoe up his mind at any
moment to accept the terms the state
is teady and willing to offer liini ireedum
for the truth. There is a chance tLat he
may. He is not nearly so hopeful now as
he was during the lirst trial. Three years
m the penitentiary has almost broken his
spirit, and his extierience in the stoneyard
at Joliet imbued hitu with so great a hor
ror of piisou that he sj'i.l to a reporter
recently that he won id rather be hangi
than sent back to Joliet, and he added: "If
1 knew nnv story that could buy by lib
erty Id only bu too glad to tell it."
Defense in Sore atraits.
The defense not Pan Coughliu alone,
but those, also, whose association with the
crime is felt rather than known has des
perate need just now of such a man. The
fabric of conspiracy, lyiug, .perjury and
murder that houstd them from the public
gazs is going to pieces fast aud may cjiue
tumbling down about their ears like a
house of cards at any moment.
Money tor the Defense.
Where the money rtquired to pay tka
great expense of the ileiense in this trial
came from was a puzzle to the prosecution
until &u investigation was set ou foot
which discovered the source of revenue.
In the last trial the "camps" of the Clan
na-(lael which remained loyal to the anti
Crouiu faction voluntarily assessed
themselves to pay the cost of
defending men who had ouly killed
"spv," which they did not regard mur
der. Now, however, tbe coutrol of the
Clan-na-Gael has passed absolutely from
the hands of the murder eud of the orgau
izatjon. Besides that, a number of tho
leading Irishmen of Chicago, men w hose
names have never been mentioned in
connection with the factional rights of
the clan, nave tabeu the matter up am
have declared that no money raised to aid
the Irish iu Ireland shall be applied to
the. defense of Coughliu. It is said that
funds for the defense in the present triil
came from local politicians of loth par
The Trial of Mayor Harrison's Assassin
l'ostpoued Again.
CHICAGO, Dec. 5. Patrick Engcne Pren
dergast will not be placed on trial for tho
assassination of Mayor Harrisou tiytil
Wednesday morning. The case was called
before Judge lirentaao iu the criminal
court, but both State's Attorney Kern aud
Attorney Kssex, one of Prenrtei gast s law.
yers, announced that they still had sohio
preliminaries to arrange tuat would
hastcu tne case when it came to trial and
asked for a continuance till Wednesday.
'There will be uo delays auer that
time, will there? asked Judge Ilreu
"I think not," said the state's attorney
nud Mr. ivscx announced, the same oniu
- Prendergsst was not brought into court.
H is presence was not necessary to a con
t inuaice of the case. Neither wt ri auv o
Prendergast's relat ives or friends preseh
nor auy of the relatives of the murdered
mayor. A good many people tried to get
into the dingy courtroom to get a glimp-e
of the prisoner, but the corridors were so
do cly guarded by policemen an 1 UiiliTs
that uo oue who did not hp.ve actual bus
ness inside was admitted.
The Interview Vi-
Hawaii Piscrec..-
Mount Vernon. Iowa,
Mercy of the ru
BaBaaaaBswewssassesaiB '
Revenue Cutter Saib
San Francisco.-
WismvnTox. D. C Pee,
generally believed io Octal t
here that' the Wilson tariff c.
will pass the hoose witk UK
sition. It meets with; th t;
f all member of the lower
f the national law-maldBjt tr .
Lehigh strikers More Hopeful.
New Yoi:K. Dec. 4. The Lehigh strik
ers are showing more hopeful faces and
express the belief that the daily occur
reuce of accidents and the destruction of
engines through the inexperience of the
Lehigh's present hands will cause a back
down on the part of the cotupauy. The
fight grows daily more bitter aud it look
as though it would spread to the Jersey
Central auu other roaas.
-Receiver E. Ellery Anderson has left
New Xork for the west to make a towr of
inspection of the Vaioo Pacific system.
The Ilawatlaa aaers.'V
Washington, V. C. Deev ;
the senate today. Senator Ca:
troduccd a resolution eailirT J
the president for copies pijs
tructions to Minuter wiu.s t
tuiral Irwin touching Hawt ; .
resolution went over m tne.aw-
Senator Morgan. . , ''
Hornbtewer Mm Vtmttmmtmt,
Washisgtoh, d. c, Dec. 6. J
dent Cleveland today re-nonw
Horn blower for justice of ti-t"
prcme court of the United
Ilornblowcr's nomination was r
ted bv the senate at its last sec
" Uiscredtt the IsAaeeiaw. ;.--. i .
Washington, D. C. Dec.
cials connected with the "str"
partmcnt discredit tne' .t.'
with Minister Willis : to I
brought over by the Kliekitai. -' )
Bltler. Pa.. Dec 6Un.C
ler and her daugnter, : Utsa .
Martin, were . murdered at (
home here this morning. C
Whitmore who is suspected 'il,
crime, has escaped. , .. '
San Fkancisco, Dec 6 TIj
en ue cntter Carwin sailed todzY
it is tielievea carries tnstrnetiw
Minister Willis t Tkopol';
destination is s secret. ' --Ji'.
Mount Veraoa, Iowa,
Cedar Bapids, Dec .--Tis
of Mount Vernon is banting; r
reportea tne town wUI;t
plctely destroyed.
been solicited.
I.roken iu hy the Snow.
Chicago, Dec. 5. The rcof of the Manu.
factures building on the fair grounds has
broken in several places by the weight of
the snow. General Manager Graham gave
orders to have all exhibits on the west side
of the building transferred to another sec
tion. "it will lie cheaper," said Mr. Gra
ham, ":o let the avalanches of snow crash
through tne glass roof than to employ
workmen to beep tne roof clear. The
snow has fallen from the center ridge of
the roof aud lies piled up at the western
edge, about teu feet deep. It would re
quire several thousand dollars to keep tbe
rout five duriug ti e winter. There will
be no danger from the avalanches aud the
only cost will be iu puttiug iu the glas
ou the roof.
"Had Jimmy" Coauortoa Dead.
CHICAGO, Dec. 5. James W. Connorton,
a Chicago character bo was well known
under the sobriquet of "Bad Jimmy,"
died at his home, 143 Seminary avenue, of
consumption. Couuorton's most cele
brated exploit was the killing of "Doc"
Haggarty, a gambler, in Lansing & Mc
Ganxle's saloon ou Clark street Sept. SpJ,
La Grippe Frevaleat in Colorado.
Df.kveb, Dec. 5. La grippe Las again
visited Colorado, Denver aud many other
towns throughout the state are suffering
severely from the disease. Typhoid fever
and typhoid pneumonia is reported at
Cripple Creek aud other mining camps. !
At Cripple Creek tbe number of deaths
"per day Is reported at Ave to six. .
Another Jorac i
Chicago, Dec. 5. Juror T
the Coughlin trial was excnUi ,-
morning;. " -. -' .
T'irtima of MeiphJas riaaaV V
Edie, Pa.. Dec. 5. Edward CasT j. I
bi3 two children and pot a .ballet ,t
own brain. The victims were a I
gitl, aged 0 and 8. Cady Was a, g
lienil and seemed to labor nndar 1
pressiuu that bis family air-"
would become hopelessly insane i.
to live. - r-'' : '
The Navy Beats. Mm nt;,
ASSAPol.ts. Dec. &. In the aanr '
navy football game here" Use-1
beat tbe soldiers to 4. - Nt.
made in the first half, bat
reached a coal in the second, wt
Point could ole ueta louchdawa.
New Turk Marti em Flieliesi
giso Stsa, N. Dee. S.
John Delflso, the Italian barber.
cessfully electrocuted ia tbe atats
here for the murder of Caroline
lirnoklvn eleven month ago, , ; -.
Abe Moore, colored, wfc t t
record for himself aplittiam 1 -with
his head, tried Aba t,i ,
often and fractured ais

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