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XUI. 00 44.
Ow-r's Jury Renders Its
t;ic i ynuau v-asc.
Senators Reauest a v:w
Those Papers.
Th--1 1
,n r f Wales 1 1 on ore J
.".n-ilanJ Masons.
.vr.ri.in I'ark Lost With
AH n IJoard.
Karrssws Hlamli a Tlcwms
an CritlrU. ,1,. Ad.l.u
! Aeta ta Will. boldly t...
Mains M.tt.r.
n.aM hy par. LalM. -
! "IcalBaMt Cental
Wa11IM;toX, Dec, 7. The
uot-uon bobbed up la tut
i. ' :
(f tn hi
j, mi4'''
". The coroner'
, t.nliet in Hip Tyndall
tint lh defeased died
n r.l"w of chloral, taken
lr fcnw ! Wei. II a
l.,.i.-i. lv. ". The prince
. i . i
1 iV ; ('"I. nominniru as j;rnnn
ri( i In' Mifrlish I rt'o MiNinn.
I Iftrra lrmwn4.
.m.li!. Ntan.i. sj
.. I ifiri'U were drowned.
this morn-
W.estMt lla-a ttm
1,xi..iv !. 7. The Xorwi-gian
lars. P J nan. ! nrr ruurs crew,
it n thi morning.
t VI.Mli'rcr Hanged.
II UlM-i: Pa.. D.T. 7. lW-n j-
t - I ....... . f i
S n ri-rn-. jiiui i i ri miu
Wri.lit. a
hanged hero this
hiss Alliance ta a uat11a.
T. ri.K.v. ".The session hereof
tt,- r .ii ' Alliance ami Industrial
t i.tiu i .! a wcri t nnf. It is learned,
...it 'vcr. th:it forty drlrgatc were pres-
-,;. .i:il tii.it a lively 11 tit U on. One fac-
t .0 wint to In n t tie alliance aloof from
p , !..--. th" other faction, which is the
-i-i.t .11. a beaded hy !. II. Scott, state
k i-i.v 1. rtiirrr. wants an alliance
.j u f M-ninl to disseminate Populist lit.
toi very school district auil kam-
iilriil Mf aa Iwwa Merrtiaat.
Sa-i". I ;Tt. IK. 7. K. Sirceant, bani
ii t. m- r l :rt if fiarnrr, contmitted ui
I m. i.t h!i;mi. II n fouml in I
Ir:':. huiiilititf nt tha rear of hi tora hy
i.t . Ilu buJy was yet warm, but life
I wjfcxtia.:'.
A a laaaMaa blaa.
Wtn;N niv. Ie. ". Th attortieT
ir. rt! U rrceieil anil accrteU tbe tea
ti i' "ii nt Lfwia Milea, l ulled rMatea
f:.-t at-.iirarr (ut the oataarn Uiatrict
nt4rl a aa t akaaaa CUnt.
til mi: UArits,la..Iec. ". JiAin Keney.
i.ir u r :vm aer IHtata. liardio cood
jw.s.liot anal kilieJ by aa Abknown
r tjjtr, K ewapeil.
A.lrM aj IrtMi liaU HMMtkf.
2'.L:;iui IVce. . Supreme lreS-
i:.: uiumhr, of tbe I run IialU aiiilrvwwd
i' i' I ii nieuilT ot the onlcr brra ura
. rr'irK.in.jttxin fir the purpose of
: -n.:ii thr fun l if tbe aociety out of tbe
v.t;w . bjtuirs. o art am waa lakes.
w tkey May lla Aaaevktal.
r.;-. Ik-c '.Tbe Bi'vertioietit haadc
t. i ltn.:in I itnre fureisners even niaa
i.:';' r u( a few nxiutb In 'rattce
: -!! purpuee ntust declara tucnf
. to iu police.
t able Trata CalliatMk
' :i:i CaWe traina collided
M...itkteaetia arul IlivMoo atrcet
! tn'.tiiitii t,x rerwiin, John tirn
,,",t "r.oiit.y, t ut otltrra eery severely.
iw.! Liiu, A. htna.aert May lose bia
A til," a! Uuiuitn Cmrt. which
i '!'! in l.!'.-. i Ulii Twl to l tlw
m tlw wuriil. Ita Itranche i
'r!.j.f'if S.JUNHwt. Ituao
li.iiH ni-wunl of 2,M boacltca vt
H auiiiMily.
ir. ti
" '. knf mill imtea fur fir yean
" I. iiik 4 Kn'IaiKl In almnt 7i.i.
m Mimto r. and thor fill 13.4U0
v-iiu h. if jihioed aiU by aiOo,
,wn'b:t miW
At A;. U.ClwpTi"ll there ew-
tvr nn-w.itii fimmled by OacaT TOO
Fr' Vi.l.rk, which contaiM file of
V' iii"t: .f more than 17,000 different
Cbl MM
t3" HALF.
aenato asaia
look tin nearlr ih. i
Mill of New York makini? a i.
faeor of lloar'a reMlutin nakine fee the
papers in tbe raae. Hill said he aeldom
arrd with Hoar, but Le did in thi case.
i louaoiy bbtrman made tba most im.
rtant speech of the amnion. 1I al
favored tbe mudotiun. lla:i .r.A
H intend now to sura. Wold in renrd
to the condition ot aHairs Which existed
in Hawaii a year ae.. Tbe difliculty was
that the president and the newsimncra say
uat ipere ta a put-jose to restore the
queen, to renew the statu quo. to set
aside what Waa reffarded l.v the adminU.
ration aa an unlawful act. Thn. nr.
!l matters of ccmtroerr.y.
m Ikins That Is Plata.
Hut there waa one thing which appeared
to him to lie very plain, ami that was that
tbe congress of tbe United States had not
been treated in tbe open and fair wav in
hich an a-JniinistJntion a part of the
Kvertimrntof the Vnitcd States should
treat congress. U wns certain that the
doubts about the condition of affairs which
tainted in Hawaii a vrar azo were in th
mind ot the president when congress met
In extraordinary session. It was certain
that a ccutlvnian of highest standing no
doubt, a former nicmlier of the house, had
been sent to Hawaii for the purpose of
r;uirtnit iuiorniation. It was u!m certain
tbitt tbe administration bad formed a cer
tain definite li'ea of its duties and it bsd
been staled, prnrticnlly, that it was tbe
purpose of tbe administration to restore
bo status that existed before tbe revolu
tion, to pnt thv queen in power asain, aud
cousress had Uol been informed of iu
tservea ?hotlee ea C'levetand.
The presMent of the United States and
the executive ollii-ors I the government
uiiplit as well understand that I lie people
n tbe Lniteil Mates dul not like tuts.
That was a feature of the controversy
which in'pressed itself upon the minds
f tl.e plainest people of tbe couutry,
Wiiatever mlcht lie the ideas or the in
formatinn of the president oucbt to be
onvryel to tbe public at lurt not only
to congress, hut also to the icople. There
aa no rrsMou in the world for seererr. All
the facts ought lo be contmuuicated to
caiiia.il tliertnan anid HI!rT"it 4-he de
sired fo say on tl.e present ocrasion was
that if it was the purpjse of the president
by tbe use of the military lone to restore
In qnren iu Hawaii it would lie a fatal
act of public piliry, a cnent ir justice to
the people of lue I nitcd Sunte and almost
an insult to enmrress.
II teal ta lieetara War.
Tbe eon cress was the law-ruakins power.
The president had no right to derlare war.
cr to do an act of war or to precipitate
tbe country into controversy of this
kind. It aeecied to him. said Sherman,
that not only the it. formation called tor
by the resolution, but all the iiifortiia-
tmu available si uuld have been commuii
irated to coticrrss at its hist session.
Then congress might have acted and the
public might have been prepared lor the
present condition of affairs. If there bad
Ir-en lessrecrrcy auu more open-handed and
fair dealing tbe result wonld have been
leas suspicions and less trouble."
a JastlUcattna lor Inlrnre sow,
If it should happen that in pursuance of
the authority ol tbe executive American
troops should be landed in Hawaii aud
bliHid should tie shed ami a single nic inst
it would be by an unlawful act. Whatever
view was takeu of tbe action of a year ago
three would lie no doubt about tbe view
that would be taken liy the people ot tue
t niixl Ktstps of an V act bow which in
volved violeiice, or even the appearauce of
violence or threats or aty act whatever
i. i. dntie bv the executive authority
without the couacut or the k.uowicuBc oi
s Has Hawk ia Preparation Contala-
iaat a CnO-tas" Import
WaslllNUTON. Dec J. IVIIer. chairman
th sub-coiuniittee ot tbe committee ou
agriculture which under authority Iroiu
aingrcss has been Investigating the causes
nfthe di nression in prices oi
liva stock. ba4 concinded the preparation
f tl,a mater nart of his report. He has
jM.ird to an A-sociated l'ress reporter
a aummary of the results of his investiga-
tiBu. He said: appear, .ro ,
that there has been a general
depression, f peaking in a general way
concerning the buMU-s. of tarm.ng it is
safe to say there has been depression tu all
wruot toe country. Under the bead of
in one
in other parts.
temporarily raise or
i -1 - am
!- .,,,., ,, l
ers as ilise;ie. v.un-u ......
deoiics. which rcituce me "-
i nr reuiOU. anurv
uart or increased yield
which operate to
'"h-Pgeral eaase. operate all through
. r .!... .i..rv ,1m.
.1.. -I,.nnrla Of Wane, i
partment of productive industry
t Jin n.-ntiun only two.
i tare-tatio.i boards of trade
atock -l-nB Ihe -nt
trading lo futures ocisr ---
tlie people the idea that tuere .. -um
iri there la In fact.
c?WB'rL .u- -.t nacking establish.
MSIBCW 7. -"sT . -::', . .mMtilioO
time, interest ueanug ounas, payaoie in
coin. Then we abolished oue of our coins
and put the country ou a gold basis.
lrices have accommodated themselves to
this change ia policy. The narrowing ot
the money basis foives a do award treud
of prices ot all farm products."
lVffcr says the committee will make re
eommendatiooa aa to remedies tor toe ex
isting evils, bnt be ia not prepared to say
wtt these recommendations will be until
the report can In submitted to the full
Committee, which will be done soon after
tbe Christmas holidays. The report when
published will make a book of about CX
Speeches bjr Kprlacer. Itlsrk and Others
Ilaaqnet at Might.
WasmxfiTGX, H -c. 7. The exercises at
the nuveiling of the statue to General
Shields were attended by nearly t be whole
house and many senators. Speeches were
made by ;?prinser. General Rlack. Gov
ernor Alt guld and others, all highly eulo
gistic ot Oeneral Shields as t-Uitesnmn.
soldier and patriot. At the conclusion of
tile speeches Miss Kathcrine J. Shields
the unughterof the general, drew aside
the white drapery that veiled the statue
and iu heroic lirurz-; tiie form and figuie
t-f the general stood revealed. The prin
cipal oration of thedny was delivered by
Governor A'ttgeld. Keprcscnt alive Tars
ney, tit Missouri, followed w;ib an elo
quent speech which evi ked iV ;-.t enthusi
asm and appli use. Senator 'i urnie. of I u-
diana, clost-U the exercises.
Last night a batiuucl was ziven at the
Nat ioual hotel to the Iiromiueut men who
had taken part iu the exercises, nt which
licprcscnuu.vj Xausur acted as toast-
master. The toasts were eiirlit in num
ber. The fii-st was "The Stale of Illinois, "
resonded to by Governor Altgeld. The
other seven were to Gcnernl Suit-Ids his
career in Illinois SeuaUir 1 'aimer; us seu-
ator from Minnesota; as senator
rem Missouri, Senator Vest; as
an Insb-Aim-rican, Patrick Ilonokue;
General Shield's sword. Colonel Maiisur;
in the Mexiuin war. Colonel . I. ood.
and iu the civil war, C.iptaiu Haycock. .
Th. Caral t ree Deliverv.
W'AsniNGTos.Djc. 7. The farmer states
men of congress are considerably ugilated
over those features of tbe resident's
message aud the postmaster general's re-
tiort winch discourage rural tree delivery.
but there is a lack of uur.uiniitv among
them. Ileuderson ot North Carolina
who is chairman of the postolBce commit
tee, says that the scheme was ahead of
time anyhow aud would cost too much.
while Caldwell ot Ohio declared that to
drop it would be a step liackaard that the
result of the t-X(H?ritueuls by uo means
Itolngs la Itoth Houses.
Washington, Dec. 7. The senate spent
most of the session discussing Hoar's reso
lution askiug for the papers in tbe Hawaii
matter. 1 he resolut ion was adopted. H ill,
Sherman, and others advocating it and
there being little opposition. MiUsand
Vilas acre the chief opponents. An cxecu
live session was held.
In the bouse Grosvenor offered a resolu
tion asking why ),UtW Ohio pennoueis
were suspended; referred. A few bills
and resolutions of ho general interest
were assed axid the bouse adjourned to
take part iu the uuvcilius of bhields
Ia Pall Aceard with th. Platform Plank
lie awrd Oat.
CoLri!lirs,0.,Di.,c.7. Lawrence T. Neal,
the author ot the plank in the Democratic
platform to tbe effect that a protective
tariff is unconstitutional, says ot the Wil
sou tariff bill: I bare not exaanned iu
deU.il tbe provisions of the bill, but the
bill as a whole, with the exception of the
provision relating to tbe bouuty on sugar.
meets with my hearty approval.
"iloyou consider the bul in nccordwita
the tariff piauk of the Chicago platform,
written by yourself?" "I do, with the ex
ception I have named."
Neal said it was absurd to claim that
Ohio at the late election eudorsed the Mc
Kinley law. Tbe people were controlled
in Iheir final action hy other questions.
Ninety-live per cent, of ail changes iu
voles from tlio Democratic to the Repub
lican lurty enn he charged lo the .irusiou
(liiestion, and for this the administration
at Washington was directly responsible.
The action of the eusion department iu
the matter of suspeusious was utterly In
"The Democratic party to regain the con
fidence of the old soldiers and peusiouers
must do that which ought to have been
done years ago, pass a service peusiou law
giving a pensiou to every honorably dis
charged U nion soldier. Sucli a law will
fnrever take the peusiou queslioa out of
politics. Tbe soouei it is passed tbe bet
ler. '
Will Fallow Lew.lling's busscsUobs.
Kansas C'ITT, Dec, 7. The Star's Fort
Scott, Kas., special says: The police au
thorities here express their intention of
following the suggestions of the circular
issued by Governor Lewelling in refer
ence to a certain class ot tramps. The
l'opulist police judge has depart.d from
the old method of disposing of tramps
who are arraigned before him by oideriug
the release of three Kansas City tramps
arrested iu a Memphis box car.
Out of a Ship's Crew of Twenty.
. Six Men.
ta results to taiuitnUing
among buyers.
"The other 8rDr,en
financial iR"-j
VZd wita well uadersteo rules ea
fr We f aodsd ear paper. iaA9 hM
results from
lo our paper
fcurgrstl. Pacts from Michigan.
IeiiS Mol'NTAIS, Mich., Dec. I. Last
year there were sixty. two saloons in tb:s
town and all did a good business. They
neid S0.Ul for rent and license and with
what tbey profited, all of which practical
lv came out ot the pockets of the .men
who witb their families are on toe Drink
ot starvation, tbe aggregate would be
bnndant to relieve all the distress in the
place duruig the winter.
Baraed la tbe Uulns.
BinuiscnAM. JUa., Dec 7. Tbe real
deuce of Mrs. Lucy Wright, iu Bessemer,
a suburb of this city, was destroyed ujr
fire. Tbe body of Mrs. Wright was
found in the ruins. She was supposed to
bnve bad a considerable amount of money,
and it is believed she was murdered
and tbe bouse set oa fire to conceal tbe
cuius. -
Caswtmlearjr Tarclaatloa.
SruiXoriELO, IIU., Dec 7. iu an opin
ion rendered t he attorney general holds
that school directors or trustee cannot
held liable to-damagca for suspendlac pu
pils from school attriKlaoce for failina;
cesBBlr with a rate of Las state hoard
She Goes Asliare 1a a Storss OsT Easthasa,
Nss, aad Her Cmr Is Ssrest A wav
Before tha Life Savers Caa I Aaythlag
t Help The Owe Sarvlvor Has a Ctasa
Call Par Death His Brief Story.
H it; nx and Light. Mass., Dec. 7. The
r.ritislt ship Jason. Captain McMillan,
Calcutta for Boston, went ashore off East-
bam. When daylight came on it was seen
that the Jason bad broken in two mid-
hips. Her maiu and miczea masts are
gone aud every man of bcr crew on board.
numbering twenty-six, were washed into
the sea and lost, with one exception. At
3 o'clock the previous afternoon the Jason
made the hind off Cape Cod, aud for tbe
rest of the afternoon she struggled vali
antly to weather the point. The captain
had lost his bearings iu the blinding
storm, aud when land was sighted he was
so near that it became apparent that the
ship was lost.
Lite Savers t. the Reseat.
Men on shore had seen tbe vessel otrno
gling i sUlie tremendous sea, and the life
saving crews from Point Kiver station
and the Highlands station were notified.
These two crews were soon joined bv the
crews of the I'amet station and all hands
hurried the life-saving apparatus over the
yielding sands to a point opposithe the
stranded shin. It was after 8 o'clock
Ix-fore the men were in readiness with
their guns, boats and lifelines. At that
time pieces of boats, spars and other
wreckage were coming ashore, una by the
lights carried by the patrolmen tbe great
white-crested surges could be seen break
ing ail over the shin. With the wreckage
was uiscovered a human body aud when it
came up on the beach life savers quickly
sprang forward and rescued it before the
suck of I he .receding waves could take it
uack to me sea.
Story of the Survivor.
The usual efforts practiced in cases of
drowning persons were resorted to, and in
halt an hour signs of life were apparent.
Stimulants were administered, and in an
other half hour Samuel Evaus was able to
talk. According to his store, as soon as
the officers saw that all hope was gone the
crew were ordered to the rigging. The
ship struck iu the changing sea.i of East-
nam ai.a i ne sea uegan rolling all over
her. l-.vans was cling to the lea rail when
she struck, but ln-fore be could reach a
place ot saiety in the rigging he was
swept array. The life savers, after several
unsuccessful attempts, succeeded in shoot
ing a life Hue over the doomed ship, but
the sailors did not seem to be able to se
cure it.
Discussion as to flow They Will Tote on
tbe New Measure.
v AMiiNUTON, uec t. i Here is some
discussion among the members of con
gress about the probable action of the
Populists ou tbe tariff bill. In tbe bouse
it is likeiy that they will all vote for the
bill, aud would, if possible, vote for
more swecprag measure. In the senate
tbe vole of the Populists becomes a iLat-
ter of considerable importance, in view of
tbe fact that there iias iieen same talk of a
few Democrats who will not support the
measure nuless some material modifica
tions are made in the bilk
menus ot Hutu ivvie and Allen say
they would vote for even a greater cut
than made in the Wiisou bill, and that
I'etTer will also join them. The action of
the Populists may lie an important feat
ure in passing the bill. Some of the
Democrats of tbe hou-e hnve been in
formed that there has been outlined a
policy for the Popalisls which iucludes
the rejection of the tariff bill in order that
the Uext campaign may be made up o!
the money question, and if it was possible
for fie PopuliMs to defeat the bill they
woul-i do so. This nppreiicn-ioo does not
seem to lie well founded as the Potmlists
have declared their intention of support
ing a radical tariff bill aud tbe highest
possible income-tax.
Will go to prison.
A Bad Man Who Is Wautcd iu Several
Large Cities.
Empouia, Kan., Dec 7. A. D. Tread-
well, who is wanted in Philadelphia, New
York, and several other large cities for
bold and cuuuiug robberies, has been con
victed of attempting to rob the Emiioria
postollice last June am! will be sentenced
to the Kairas penitentiary. Some time
ago he was sentenced to the Kentucky
penitent:ary. toon -after bis incarcera
tion he sawed through the bars aud es
caped. When arrested he was living in
fine style, and was profusely adorued with
valuable diamonds aud jewelry. Tread
well has a fine education and is a man of
bright intellect,
Wisconsin's HullUiug Sold.
CulCAbo, Dec 7. The Wisconsin state
building on the fair grounds was put up
at auction and sold to the highest bidder.
Dr. C. J. Willoughby, for fl.610. The
building was oue ot t he finest ou the fair
groupds. Altuogelbcr it cost .3,000, but
only 36.0u0 was expended on it by the
state commissioners, as a good deal of tbe
material used iu its construction wes do
nated by public spirited citisen. Dr.
Wiliougbby will beep the building intact
and will remove it to his ptterty at
fcixty-Seveuth sirtet .and Stony Island
Fir. In a Pennsylvania Mine.
UAZLEroftT. Dec 7. A fire broke out
in the Crystal Uidge slope, operated by
Pardee & Co., situated about mile west
of tbtscity. Four men were closed in.
Tbey were found by a rescuing party and
conducted iu safety to tbe surface through
the Cranberry opening. The &re is now
raging furiously and the destruction of
tua colliery seems inevitable.
Iaaictmeau Were flaashe
Jacksonville, "'- p T TasVpi Fp
ler. ia the circuit courtnxuasbed tbe in
dictments against President L. W. Brown.
W. K Velleh, cashier, anal A. .C Wads-
worth, & K. Cappa, V. & ttaJisvdsoo and
Mary Brock, aiisvlsaa ot too tkntrai HU-
nos tsavmgs bank, which fsUaatae 2Sta
ofAevoat. , . - ... .
Bin? Gtore.
Blue Front.
All Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Our Greatest Values.
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $15
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $20
Twelve styles of overcoats, worth $12,
; 9
The largest and cheapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Blue Front.
1 RiP . -
Early Holiday Sale in Jewelry Department.
From our extensive purchase of desirable and attractive jewelry we have se
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production at about one-third to one-half less than the usual prices:
Solid Gold Rings.
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- Attractions for Saturday.
Sehillinger's Orchestra and i'iano afternoon and
evening. , ; - - -
Souvenirs will be given away from 9 to 12, or
until all are given out.
P. h. We trust that those who have already se
cured one will not take advantage of our liberali
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Gents' Sterling Silver Sleeve Buttons.
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Attractions for Saturday.
Owing to the inclement weather last Saturday,
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secure a souvenir: we, therefore, decided to give
you another opportunity to enjoy the music pro
vided, and secure a souvenir, which in point of
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ting at 75c each.' Silver stick pins at 25c each.
Silver stick pins at 8c each. Silver lace pint t
22c each. Silver lace pins at 8c each. ; . '
Miscellaneous. " '''X
Stick pins, stone sett inrs, 5c each. V.,
" Lace pins, assorted styles, 25c each.
Band rings, with live years guarantee, Soeeaeh.
St, rling Silver Match Safes. : "
Sterling silver match safes at 95e each. 8 ter.
ling silver book marks at 95c each. Sterling aUV'
ver hair pins at 48c each. Sterling silver' ar j
spoons at fl.58 each. Sterling ' ttiltitf-gz'Jji'
spoons at fl.58. Sterling silver enameled spoons
at 1.58 each. . Sterling silver" Columbian -swoons
at fl.58 each. Sterling silver Souvenir apoosu at
91.15 each. Sterling silver Literarr . tr-M&s
1.58 each. x.
All of above spoons are extra weight, nad $39
tine in Roman gold or polished bowls, ; ... ;.V; 1 .
Miscellaneous. V
M - -
Hnzilian Onyx lace pins nt 26c each,
celluloid hair 'pins, assorted Style, ail
Infants goiu tuitions on chains at 76a
fants gold pins at 69c and fl
silver mugs at 25c each.
IU prtcea.
each. Ia-
Al V

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