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TTra Colorado Governor's Ideas
t -of State Coinage, i
Ca salaal siass-nas-Bt aastagCaaaasl
Cala DimTs IssMara I b Xwm
turn tasssssNsw Brasxl
wu.1 II Ita timii
wis risna rrn.
BSaLtPA. Colx. Duo. .-Onty tl.hteea
AtlcgNtv rrprwntii)4 to aiiaiagcampa
war prsscat at tha opsnlnst o( tha mintr'
, ton vent in ntllfl ljr Gatrrrnor Walt to
' tonsliler hl proposition foe a special sea
7 aton of Hi h'til'lHtnr to taka sotna action
la behalf of ilr. Many of tb cona
paales nitntiuued la tba govarnor'a call
moI no iluleiritcs. Tfa convention or
fanisnl with J. M. NcMichaeJ, of Aspen,
ehalrnvui, ami J. W. Swisher, of Hreck-lar-iil.".
sreistary. JiiJK C. V. McCoy
iaan aiMresof welcome said that if lb
" eon lit urns favorfil calling an extra aislu
'ta povsruor should rsvouinictid lb en
actment ef a law auiliorulnu tba secre
tarjr o.' stnt to purchase artvrr bullion
and Issue Uiorelor silver rcr;illrates and
to pine tli bullion parcltad upon tb
market; also a luw for oia;;' of Colo,
tailo bullion iu Mexico, Tub) Mexican
coin to In legal ttmlt-r In tli stat for all
lut, rulilic nl private.
Halt OallliMf Ilia t'lalam.
Governor Wait delivered an address of
t,of) sir. Is. outlining his Views as to th
silver crisis, ami suuurstlnn toxica to b
tooklilvrrd by the legl'tatus. Tb s toa
tioa Iti thie elate, he s.ticl, hti'l improved
oinewlmt sine- the darkest hour laat
summer, but not over s.OOU oat of tb
CM miner thrown ont of employment
bi reumeI work. "The rinrht of con
lirrss to rota money U enncetleil ami that
rluht is rxrlnsiv-, aa long aa th- Ticlit U
exerci-e(!,w the governor said. "Tkia
tluut win given to theceneralKovernment
by the sfntes as a trust this truat caltina;
for continuous coinage, la default oftli
xereis- of lb coinage tight the trnat re.
verta to tb etate or to the people. Iiy
the pnaane of the enactments rmttmz tn
enl to the fro coiling of silver t be Ken
rut pnrernireot defaulter! in its truat.
Thw Ussasay ffe anM Apply.
"Competent leual am bority uoMs tknt
the richt of tb people tn lb fee cninai:
of silver hail never been taken away. The
extra session of tb legislature sbcuM
take anion to compel an ailjinltratu.n l,y
the l"nlted States aaprem ennrt of this
next Ion. Tb richt of a aut to n.ak
iilil anil ailver coin a tender In payment
of all ileltts collertiM within that stale
ran not b rtenieil." the snvernnr asserted,
lie then afllrmed that this right applies to
foreign sold and silver coin a as well aa to
than of ta I'nited Mtates. l'b renmly,'
he anltt. "la for eath at at to enact that aii
Ver dollar of tli Vhited mates and North
and rnntb America coD'mniujt not less
than t:i.:. grains fin silver shall be n
Jeuitt tender by tal or at 11 tent ewh
for all debts, public and private, C3 legi
ble within that state."
AaMtltaMtal KeeassmetMlatKBO.
In addition to Lie silver coinng acbem
Oovrnor Wait said he would nuike th
followina recommendations: Thnt stat
and eotiuty warrants for th payment of
whh h titer is no money.ln th pr.ier fond
at th tint f iaaunnse be excoabtceitbl
for stat rtiUcatea of amall denoiuiun
tiouatbat would doubtless pnasas cur
rency among busines men; tba. interest
and penalllon JuAKiuerts Inmla sold
lor taxes, etc., b revluceil; that a stat
Unukrur.t law be vnacted; that wrr
ratee of Irrigation conipttnie b rrgo
sated. CeiiavcoliM Take rrnarH Aetlnaw
Th governor said iu conclusion that be
would alibi by the action of :li conven
tion in reganl to tbeapn UI session of tb
legislature. lira Vote of lutoStli con
Ventiou decided in Nvor of an extra ses
sion. A proposition tn submit the ques
tion of th right of th etate tn coin r'ld
and silver to tb supreme court of Color
ado was defeated lylO vutes to". Tin-
governor announced thnt he would call
th legislature tocether early ib January.
two trtal mt taterest Mow Oolae; on at
C ti:CA(o, Dec. T Juilg Tntbill decuteil
tb question of adrutsaion of Mrs. I'ov'a
testimony in tL Coushliti tr:.il only r.o far
a refers to tb men tion rf It in tfa open
ing speeches. Urn en id it luiitb be men
tioned without giving names that tb
counsel mil; hi state what they expected to
prove. A to its final admission be re
served bis decision. Th prosecntion then
began th statement of th caae. Mrs.
Foy' tatrunU ar n it Iwlieved ty those
who ar involved. 1'luerry latths at
1'retMlergast, th assassin of Mayor Ifiir
rison, was brought into Jnd llrentano's
court fur trial and tiw joii of obtaiaiuir a
jury was begun. It promlaps to be Ume,
aa nine ont of tan of the Veniremen Us
clar tbev kav nwinion thnt it noild re
qulr proof to ta contrary to remove.
Tbsr wns nothing dun all day but to
examine vvnireoseu.
Minor tolas Btetks. i , ' U
Cast 111 Muiata, lJc. 7. Cue tbonsand
miners tniployed In eleven coal mines In
tbia district nav nUl n luaaa meeting
nd naanintonsiy dcokWd to order a gi-n-ml
strike nula oparatur revoke tuelr
Wclsion to wUbliold two weeks pay In
Mead of cite, and demanding pity every
two wueks insteuvd of one a Montn. Tn
Teamsters' union i hld a ruooting alea and
rolvU Uatand.bv th uunen. , tievcml
natntors went Intertaiwed and tuey d
aarstt they rM ataH bhsm Jo tb Wt
land of the witters.
freakM Aasral In Ansertaaa 0g.
COSLm, Unt., Dec t.-At tn Uoeaiaion
KZ.MimklX MsThrai hseeiiai ebVvial
asawuer derMMtaerd Ik practice of eianga-'
rlnif American bogs tn Canada and sbip
rjrag taewfto ilngUnd a Canmiian pork.
A fWolwUem was passed protesting aaine
to Item ta ion gevernma ndntttUng
jot lato Canada In bond for
IfHUpaemaod lor x port U Great
I Analail its
CX TVU Xhra. 7.-A Lhilatb apsaial to
says th fatMoa HuUtt
nam deeidetl aniaat Mrs.
t, EaMtt s ktraaakseper. who
,nti iM wif Maltats by
-. ' - s t-rs-iHs-a. Tb sut was
-n wiUga toiba)
Botk tt4m Mah O-ssoeeslon nasi fuMh aa
lICTiiLtnvil. Pa.. IVc great
atrik on th Ublgb Valley toad baa been
declared off, both aide making conces
sions. This act ion was ths result of a con
ference between a joint nmmith.
posed of member of tbe boards of arbitra
tion of New York ami New Jersey on tbo
on band and ln-sitlent AVilbue r th.
la high Valliy road on tlio tl..' rt.
conference, which lasted three day, era
also rtKripatd in by th Chkfsof th
ncl and national wrannixanonaUiich
l,k parTIn tbe strike,- w'. sti
The state board of arbliMtlon wrota to
President K. P. Wilbur of the company,
asking if tlio strike was tWl.a.1 nr
whether or not the old men could resume
Ti w . nl ,,rpJndic" distlactlon.
. ,iU,r nllirmativ reply,
an., me nr.it was luimcdintely ordered
(.tad the Milk la Ended.
Jt r-t;r City, X. J.. Dec. J.-Tbe officials
of iu Ltbtgb Valley Kailway company
at thta place have received word that tb
strike has; Iteen i tiled. FreigUt'Kgcnt
Kumitr received a nuuilsr of the old men
back Into the service, and a number of
oia employes among tlio engineers and
taken bnck. Tun
of tbt-iu have nsed tip moat of their sv
ing- ami tint' they utt lt n taken back,
I bey would have bad a bard winter, as
the ebnuces for tbem to obtain work wer
lb Tsss of Vlrrqu. tlk, SulTrr In
other rrvrsi Lass.
limvtA. Dec. 7. Judge William K
mtr turn tracks at . on UUlr
i lueempioveai xi
Who h.tve lMrii .mt f. w hM.i. . . . . i- ! "
,.i.i ..:. .-. . , , , " France,
"- tK moht u cnueu aa moat.
Tcrliuuf, the pioneer lawyer of Vernon a complete Koman pottery ct.tab'.i-.hnient
county, ajeUTJ years, was found dead in wn discovered.
bis lnl at bia resilience. Judge Trrbnne ! 1'" longest inn railwabrlilge in Ger
settlvd her in IS31. comius: from New ' many km jii.t U-en opcnetl f or t raffia. It
York. 11 was aaociutcd with General .' Pn tbe Vistula ls-tvreen Forilon nnd
I l.uxk and ntber pioneers in all tb mate- j Culmee iu West Prnssia, and has occu
j rial matters of Vcruon county in early l'i,,J two sl J oue-baif years lu cocstrnc
, days. Urn boa held tbe oitice of clerk of j tion. . . .
I tbe court, memltsr t tbe legislature, rog-1 II. K. S. O Mclveny, formerly a judge
, later f dta-ils, district attorney and county , on the Illinois bench, and at one time
; Judge, besidps many miuor local positions, prominent in state politics, died nt Los
i For the lat fifteen years be bad lived n ! Angeles, CU , where be, bad resided since
very ret.rra lit, i he Jadg was a bril-
jiant anti polisbetl man.
Cls Call for tils Life.
Ill LOIT, Wis., Dec t. Oney Davin, a
young man en ployed by a tinner, bad a
rerribl exiwrieuce. II was twenty feet
up iustti of an iron tui twenty ii,rhe in ! bridge, M;is., and astoaisued the audience
diameter wbii-b hnrg in tbe nir. lie car- j by s.iyiug be was a moderate drinker bir.i
ried a candle and was painting the tuba ' so'.f and did not Iwlieve iu prohibition at
with raphlha paint, wbcu the bucket took ! ail. Au 1 thvu be asked "what be was
Bre. lie nianugpd to push the burning hi re for."
mass out or the tnbe and worked bis way
out. His clothing was afire at the time. ;
11 fell exhausted and other Workmen ;
put th fir out in time to save tb man'
lire. --
(ies-T-sU tm Test Ihm f tank Tax Law.
FT. I.HS, Dec. 7 A special to The Re
public f.vm AllauU, Ga., snyst Tire
Georgia hous by n Vote of ljl to 13 !
passed a bill providing for the Usue of i
currencv notes liv stnti. lioi.L. mn.l if tl.a !
tmsenl iutention
heevsil. tl- Mt.t. mill
provide means and method for testing the
constitutionality of tbe lu per cent, tax
on sthte bsuk i-rue. Iiut three Demo
crats voted agaiust the bilk the opposition
coming from thj-d portyites and lpub
. .... -
t'.lreted a Itesswratie Matsr.
FALL IUvr.lt, Masv, lt. T.-John w.
Conghlln, Itemnerar, was re-elected
toayor, ilefeating the Ib-miblican candi-
ilate, William r. (.rrrlir, l.v &11 majoritr.
Tbe eamjmign was a Intter one from the
lart that tu A. I. A. movement was a
factor in it and opposed Ctraghlin. The
vf was the brrgest ever cast here in any
election. The city goes lor license by
2.!"Jl, reversing last yenr'a verdict when
th city voted no lict-us by alsiut 'i,lM.
Cnormoaa Salaries Itenied.
OJIAIIA, Dec V.-In th United Slates
district court Judo Iluuiiy denied th
application of tbe receivers .f the Union
I'aciflcforan order fisinc their sa'aries
at !,... each ,r annum. The Jutl.e
7 i ST. 7 . ,l"V" , ,
to depo.lt funds only in t mted States de-
imsitoncs. They were instructed to turn
over to tb treasury of the roatl sufficient
f unIs to ojternte the ori'rat ion.
Mieltiasn letle-ailma mt labor.
IlATTLC ClUiCK, Ljc. 7. The sixth an
nual convention of the Michigan Federa
tion of Labor is in scvinn here. In Presi
dent FlannuaiiV address lie recamuieudt-d
thnt t lie union make an effort to secure
tbe pnssaK of an ciejit-honr law by the
next legislature, a constitutional amend
ment submitted to th eole providin
for woman snffrnt-e and (or the taxation
vi church property.
Ilia llaal hf data lllowers.
iMiIASOLA. to.. LKrc 7. Safe blowers en
tered llntler tk Miller's jewelry stcr by
prying open a renr window. They drilled
tbe sale door nnd broke tbe locks and se
cured about t.Vw worth of watches and
jo well y and .i-0 iu lath. 1 hey left no
trace and there is no clew. .
Th-ey Waal ta Ses Hm llaa-gias.
llAUMsm IM, I 'a., Ilec 7. About tbrea
bandred tickets of oti mission to tbe exe-'
etttxin oC lldt Tanas bar been issued.
Tickets were sent to Mr. and Mrs. Wriirht,
tb parents of Teunis' young victim, who
will com lo JIarriauurg expressly to s
th hantof.
llliaols Cealral Ckaasjes Its Caaa.
ltlLLlU, Ills., Ifcrc I. Tbe Illinois
Central railroad ia preparing to change Its
d' vision runs between Frerport and Ccn
Iralkt. Tb company has laid ont a new
town, Midway, fivi miles north of La
rjullt. a:l ibis will fa? niad'e the tlivisioa
sin ln:at f Aruboy. Lafji repair shop
art tb be built. -
Iowa tsstilHrrs assl tMiloes atatsaassat.
Ica MoiST.s, la., Dec 7. Tu Soldier
and sailora , ni'nuruent coiansaioawrra
kara let the contract tor tbe granite work
lo dprcj.ler lt Itodler, of Lis veo port, for
tHM- Contracts tor Lb other work
wr ttvfeired.
ItUlesI by Cavotaw
GBVXM CkTCR. Ia , lire. 7. A turn
nansed Tall was cleaning out a well wbca
It raved la on bin. II wns suffocatad
bsfor rvllsf caate. II wasaa old aoi
dwr and leaves a wif and avtal amaU
Hml Ctsr atatwa siaraia.
OAlXaa, Tex.. Dec 7. The stable ant
barns of tb Consolidated tMraet Traction'
Hallway compaay, totretber with thirty:
saia aaaf sutty uia war Uutssd Issra. (
' - . .
Ihm atr.kcot eoal miners In England,
which was recently settled, cost in general
Frank Tinsey, rrlorjd, who is wanted in
Dayton, K., tor alleged complicity In tb
brtital mnr.lcr of two ex-soldiers, was ar
rested at Chicago,
Tit report of the crvdftors committee
of tbe new Oriental Isink, London, abows
the losses to be S. 130,X Four directors
bono wed iSO.WW from th bank andonlv
ao a' tliVln lo1ct snflitient scenrity so
t"1" tbe advance
UI Alassacltuselts citus stbtch beid elec
tions D.-c. 5, Tauntou. Uolyoke. Marlboro,
Sonu-n-in aud Gloacmcr cbosoKcpub
lican mayors, and license Wis very gen
erally voted. lioston and other cities bold
i their elections IX. Ji
I John II. Miller. on of William, the
i propnet, who founded the Second Advent
sect 1 tig tuown as "Millciites," many of
whom have pupated to asnend Txxltlr to
lit-nvcn at vnrious times died recently at
Whitehall, X. aged 7L
One thousai.d girls emiilove.1 in a to
luicro factory at St. Ionis were lined up
nl mtrched In fore the doctors tn be vac-
I Juilge Hind
f Fort twvl . l
man in tbe circoi'. conrt at
la., fined .Turor A. Spt-rick
.Milam diibnrgcd biro from the paml for
' drinkiug au occasional glass of b-jer while
Dupur, late prime minuter of
was elected reiaent of t he chain-
ler of deputies, in the ulace ol Jl. Catimir-
I'erlcr, who has become prime minister.
The Vcrw aerts, tbe official organ of tbe
German Social Democrats, pu blishc a
iocuuieiit frim -t. Ietertnir, purport
ing to lie a prot of the ltilssan students
a-iust tbe Fiaucoliassiau rapproche
A remarkable nrch.-e.ilotcal discovery is
annomtrrd from Troves, lu excavating
tbe old Kontnn walls close U the Moselle
Work on tbe midwinter fair buildings
nt San Francisco is rapidly progressing.
It is thought they will all be rea-Jy by
Jau. 1.
lresidrnt Eliott, of Harvard college, was
a spanker at a proimuiton uieet ing at I aim
; Charles Aflsit was LilJcd b7 a rnnawav
ter.m at ITnntini.ton, ln.l.
It is rfp.irted atCinciunalithat the"U"g
Four" lias an ; lkn oa tbe Chicago and
tjvxtcru i.linoiv
. . f.i .l
ew Vork s'iaaaeiwklf!.'. '
Xi:w Yobk. D.-c. a.
MoOi V no rail easy. HQ.ireJ at I 'A1 is-r
! ' r"n Tauiu-i px.,.T .,1, pt?r
; CTllT-
M'TUUJ eictunce strung vritta actual
; k-iimi in uutkotK' I ill at H- il-fc, tue
' ilnnun l uti'l M -.tlM lur sixty uuyK
OKtmi rttM jiti.'-T's- CounuircjU hil
,t-.,.-4. t
Silwr w!t;flest. bid; im sslet: Uir sil
i v-r. w- .Mi-XM-nn i!;L.rs .Hi'.'
I nttLsl M-itrs hctid-, 4 . roiulAf. lit si i s
cuutsina, lUV lio i"s u.' I'utiac 6 ut "wi, lul i
" '. ew York tirais) and lrsilore.
. . .' Xxw Votis. Iiec- a.
Whuit- Mav, 7".li-P'sic; January. i-iai"S-ui
J Ry Nou.iuaL f.irn . S. dull hut M.-sdy.
-nunry . -li"-HV, .Mr. tr'-(-. tisis
-Ncx. s, dull hut alauuarr. tHi: tiuuk trlnt i
tnl akuUt : ixatrk while -.t-Tii. aitv4ii..
1 vr inill:, Dew iuts tl.. '"t l i i'. taiitilf.
SltiArrr. it.: thort (Ur, tir.lrt m.m. irj
- Dull; riuie srrstrii steam. t.'.U boaiittaU".
t hit uks Llse Slark. '
t'lf icaoo. Or 6.
Live htisk: TLo prh-as at., the fuion
M.s-k YsrUs tojjy ran.ed at fnll'ss:
t sltie-IIiXT.pt Tor the la . IT.O't. li.t ladiu','
l.iot Texui.s; market sli.w and sresk: Cliri-t-
( ''"'v' ." iJS B"-l toih
84 -:; nteuiurn. SL-tM.3.: e
rttiMl to ihoMe steer.
etininii.u Ut
I ll..-s-U.-eel.ts Ut th ihiv 8!..l: maritet
'.,.,,. ,.,,,LrT. r,)U1J1M .,, ' ' ,f
.ra. .:' "t.ttl; rkiu and bi;.i.tiii
bull:. ;.VI'..,j 1.".: Imuin. i"i..ij.t."..n; u,,i
iujt.' balk of sort,, i".4 . lii;lit, ti.ii
Mtcfi and Itmlts Itto ijits fit- tn - day.
l.t,in market dull and weak; ta.illnU.2j Vn
iiest sliocvaod ;l-.i.i,H.l lor Iicm htuib.
Chirasu (.rain aud I'rodut e.
I'm. j;lo, Ilcc C
I'lilloaiu? wjr.- Ih i t.u .t .tiam oa the
llcstrd of Trade today: V'tittLKjrcnilcr,
ou-d Colnc ciuted fHin-i JnEa tiy, oprued
I " e, t laiawl r; .May. u;s ud tV; .1um1
j n.j, urn ltecviniH-r. o n-itcJ S-V, iwJ
j 3IHc: Jatmarj". ..nnl :;c. closed
1 Slav. .k-:m-U 4 "se. (M 4tt-. Hats Uo-
teuila-r. !. ued a'c. lots-1 itjs'.-: Junuury,
t-ned fl' -, clu-t-d a-1 ; Jl.ty, uiien'Kl 3lw
cloted 34C I'nrk-Jj'.ua'y. oieii.d iljlt.
rbausl. t--- -Mr. t,-n:-a clisH-d
tir.Ti'1. Lord-Jauna y, opened clustsl
I'TiKlttce: llutt.-r Kiucy c.-enmary. 2TJ
"'c w Ih: (an'.-y diiry. puiilaic
sttak. f . lgjt-f'reiU Lud. 2lr p.-r
ckoAm: Ice ii.m, sr...i ,-. Prmul Poultry
Chickoas,sVi-sc irliii turseys. v:v'uMic;
alacMM, 8'tl(-: r'e. l'otatov 11U7-
bsiiks. iu-" r busix-i; Ib.-bruns. M.Vic;
roize.1 t.t. 4n.J0c. Mtot I'uiatnes llli
rk tCHM-loip r harrrL - Craiinerrisa Cais
t..4. rui.uilji r tsrrul. .AppUn-aUMst
sasi tAjr urni, ,.
rteserttens From th Kavy.
Ottrin? the 12 months just ended there
were 1.2.VJ desertions from the navy, VJ9
men and 220 boys. Of this number 776
men and 3J3 uoystlesfrted at borne porta
and ICS men and 17 boy at foreign
porta. Tho number of enlistments was
about 7.000 out of near! twice that
many appUcaata.
' Tt
w seat- ma
rsra-Sts. frt.
..Sfiiira W .0; -ta,
etrss.ai. -
Hatterfate m caotca, tic; ctMratry, Ctc.
Bcr r-rs-lt. sue- ,
rxsite-icaa. 'reasert. Be; tsr eye. rcM
ed. 10c3Uc ssca .drF-STXl.lMc; gsesi', lOc
rat aa vaasmata
Asla--4 sta$4 SO jaw b '
futatsM aaatas.
oaiu SKe as b
Tanilas tcsavba.
Cattle aiHtae-i nay (or. era ta
a oa kalfsta -.t y Is
Hoes- 4trse
abttp-aMoitSsc . m .
' a i..
'rd--Boft. tte; tawvtam
aaan . iarJ, 13
Fit Photograph rraviston and th Deelte
ration Concerning Merchants. ,,,
Tlio oonato of tlio United States on tlio
flay bnfore its n-ljonramcnt passed the
act for the araeatlaieht of tlte Geary cx
t-lasion law preciifly an it carp.? from
tli" house. In view of this decision nnd
af the overwhelming majority which tho
measure had rrcoived in tlio koasc, it
mnst stand ns tlic maaro:l cxpressitm of
tho jndtnent of the roprcsttiiativcs of
the Amcricnn rxplo as n who!. "
. It is l athur uotev. ortby lliut whili I he
periotl of extt .-.sioy granted to the Chi
tjoso for registration is tiis months after
the onwtrnont of thin nw law, the time
will expire luri:i-f t-hc first week of uext
May, or almost exactly. one yoar nfter
thopcrititl fuc(l..iit tbo orisinal Geary
act, That year will have tanght lunch
to our Mongolian follow resilents, nn:l
they may bo csrsTtc 1 ta avail theniaelvcs
almoft to a tv.auof: the privilego nuw ac
CoTdcd by contjress.
Tho new law requires of the upplicact
A fIiotogr:;xh, nnd thin provision has
Honu tiinea la-en hti.piializiNl as import
ing rogues' gallery .lactho'ls into its ex
ecution. : Thin critivialu is not sound.
Many railr-xifla. cs wr.s pointed ont in
the honso tlebato. in giviu; their most
favored customers tho irivilse owhtvt
aro known cs 1.000 milo tic kets for a low
er price than ordinary taileoso rat, re
quire thnt uinm nt-h n ticket shall lie
placed not only the I'.nrchasor's n;uao,
hut his jitioiogrsiih, ia order that no
Kxly c-lse tuny nso it. Most of tha-e
js-rsous who had reason tickets of free
ailinisficn to tho Chirac fair wore ia
liko manner obliged to attach their pho
togr.ijihs to tho tiekotH. In these nnd
similar casen tho i 'itrposc is not Imrr.ilLi
tion, ljtit iJcntiScntion. to that jiriviliys
praiited t:ar not misus;d ly persons
who como wrongly into ioi s'u:n i
thrm. That ib esacl'.y tba caswith thr
Ciu:cse, Jind tiiere in iiothin. elsa i:i tic
Rsiuirmat cf a ii'iotosniphfor tne cer
tificate if i.rotwtion. . )
Another ia-.portai.t now feature ,f tl e
aincwltrent art is th;it which defines the
word "merchant. ns us;-d in the tieary
ltiw. Xo one can qur'.-:ti !ti t lint it is b:r
tr to hr.vo a poii. denrripTion of what
is iiiK'i.ucd 1t this term lium that it
should Ikj left t'. c nuj etnr;.l imfTj.rcO
tion oatrit'e of lue LiwruaViti: wer.
A merchaut is r.ow d. clared to be. fr
tho purjiose cf this net. "a piTsuti en
gnged in lryii!;4 sud lKus Kierch.it; Ji. c
ot n fised pisrc of bu-i::i-s, which bm i
ti.ss is comlncte-1 i:i 1 a .ia:i:o. c:id who.
ilnring the time lie t!::i:i? to b? eiva.jt d
rs a lnercfc-wt. tlis: s uct tiii-apre in Jk
fs-rfiiraittncc ft tiny manual labic. cs
sadi as is ijccofNary in th-j conduct
of his birsiuess as rrcii uk rchaut." This
di!H not appear toboannujus u.'Stiiti.Hi,
or re ntidnly t rained f.irttiepTirprsfcot
exc1nilnr p rK:' from tha cf
ni"rrl:tit wlw are fmrly :ititT l To it.
Bat' howUrer thnt may Ik, thr- w-rJs
thus used ia the aiUir.d'.il a't are direct
ly drawn from fiiuiktr defittitious. titht r
iu prerediuit Chinese esrlnsion actacr
in esi:-tin.? treasury tler-'sioas intfrir':
ii;;x these tuts and criablishi-ip rr.le3 for
their cxecntfon. X?w York fcsa.
It hxs bera coir.pnted taat in a si.iia
cubic foot of th" et r which fills ull
jiico f lu-re are Tf.'iV'ced 'up J,03J fo-.t
tons if energy y-hie'.i na3-4Iiftuet?o" w
capM notice. T'tuiloet fhw KmnJJess
store r.nd subdue it to the'seni;-eof :u:ui
is a task that awaits the electrician cf
the future. . -. . .
...11 - ul.J s.' ;i' .. . ..
: : i'.- r : . , :
Wls-n Bal y Vis alt V, vrs parr m ? t wlrirli.
TTbrt. Wi3 c CiZX the trio,l r.r C.i iria.
V.ltfTi nhr- btx-srjc- Xiifs lte cic, t Cuiria.
WN:n sh had CI Circa, tie rvethom Castor m
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Lane's Family Medicine moves thi
bowt Is each day. Most people need
to u: e it.
Pitcher's Cast?ra.
Cotijhinj leads to consumption.
Kemp's Lalsam will stop the cough
nt once
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
, , .. Is not complete
withont an ideal '
Combines ever element pf
besmtyand parity. Itisbeatttix.
ing, twothing, healing, beklth
ful, and ' harmless, and chen
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable prptectioh
to the face in this climated -
s -
Xaslitttpoahatlaf the fmln.
8 rr a fat gAu CTarnraatt.
raMsMda-b7Saul aSeaBata-lM-.
fas hi a;snl mm
Tbe Hacia Electrical Forces!
How .They Contnil the Organs
" of the Body. .
- The clectrlesl force of the hnra-.n body, as
tlie nerve fluid tnay be termed, i t an espe
cially attractive department of scionco, u It
everts so marked nn influence on the licaltb
fat ttiu itiiiiin. ftt Uin rxidv. NitrTo f i .i. .. Ik
pro-tu.f 1 by tho brain and ronveyeit by
rmMtts nt the nerves to tlio vurtmis ortritns of
tiie iHsly, tbussuiiplylng the latter with the
vi.u.r.y neeessnry lo m
nr LhUr.twnlL!!. Xho..
liioiitutc:L.str:o ocrve.
sthism liet , may ba salfl
ti tw t4iu lu.tst imtiurlaut
oftbL-enilro nervy tys
tuot. ;ut Ik :uppliei tlio
heart., b:n"s slnmaeh,
aAi-ls. with lite
ioi'o furHt ue.ttwuiy lo
ki-eit llK-m a-tivii und
healthy. Ax will t- stt-n
by tlie em t Uo bins nervo
deM-cndin? from the
b.ne of tin) brain ttud
t. l niltintiiiirjn IliR Ixtw-
etf-Kthi.- utruntoastrie,
wiine I lit- iminumus lit
t!u rraim!i4-!i Kunnlv iIm
hertrt. Itin-H uud ktom-
a.-h srilh m-rvssary vi-
uniy. nncii tlio Drain
berimes in any av dis
or.leied l.y irrlianility
orxhauitl'.)n. tho nerve
for wliieii It supplies
hi le-vti-no.1. and ilto or
paus re.vivins tho dl
oiiaUhea utttil v arc roa
M'iik ttllv -cjkenrtl.
rliys"-t:i.ns pem-r3!'y fsll to riirnlae.
tito lHiHnin-n f this fart, but trent the
ur.jau lisvlf instead of the eau-o of the tl .lublc
Tie uirtvd spe;-ia!it, Traitklin Mih-s.M.11,
L.U K.. uas Kiven ilto cr-ittfr pnrt of b!s life
uj mi- ...i nuy tt ti.is suitie.i. ami me priocipai
Uivtivi-rtesi-i-tiiTriiln-r it an ihietohl-eirc.rt.
Ir. Mi'.i-s' Ites(rali- Kervine. the unri
vijtvi braliianti nerve fiavl. inicinritio:itlK
rrliv-Iple that, n't nervous and many otliei
il'U.-ui;K-s originate frtirt tiiMS-tlent of the
iiu.-v.M-i-iners. Its n-on.lerfil su'CCs-liiC irliir
ti-e tisril-r. 1-1 il.ed lo by tuousandi Iti
every pjrt o. tlie laa.i.
Kt-.ioraiivo N-niiie cures sleenlespne?
nervous r-nvtr-tt ion. fii-xIiH-ss, hysteria. cx
u;il il.-hilily. Si. Vitus i!.tnn. epilepsy, etc. i
it live fr;:ii opiates tr rtaiicerou arazs. I
Usol.l on a ivi-iitva irunrtntii; by all dr:li
Blt. or- :tt tlir.-r-t by tin- r. M'.bv Merit -a.
Co., Ikliirt, tnd., na nveipt of pri.'i. tfl oer
OulUn i.t i.:inNi.,r4 eprjM r-reiMld
Are You Well?
How h m pv J oa voa'd lie entlld t nn m;rr in
tbenffi-ui:tii.v. retli-tw you bavcheen a riiO'cr
vr fur a fir.time, slid n-ive ofira miuci relief,
orly t met fa lii-c. s-m1 yon are e it q 'cn:b
li-er.iir-i.eil. Wit ill SJ o l Lave tried trcry
til:if, auj ftrjlwlt, but
HAVE you;
P.i not lit previor fjilnn s tli'cinra e von.
Ss-k re'.ii-r an J enre liy isl irg uj-ca or wnt:g Ui
MM and Soigical Institute
Pcrrnanentlr Lncited ic ths Ujan ttloc r. Oneaer
,.tcocl and r.raly streets Davcaoort, lown.
The kild ih-' 'circs s-e -radast. s of the
v-..(te m";eil CiiIN-ucf. svii have so YKAHS
tlP-KlsNC IA TltiATl.
, Catarrh.
. .' 1 rost at d T crp, ,
'" TVeetivei'r.ri 11, ;
Klai-ey an1 Cr.niiry Ttoablrt.
ervouti tl'i'scef, )
Ttr s if Wemee.
illoof1 sad Via I'l-ei'v,
Tara y.s srd lloria:tie-, ce.
to eon nit thee en lnm- pavsician Pan be
cun ulti-d coa.d, utialiy by Utter nr uutem ise,
. d !reM
D!t j. ANMER -OX Jj ROK.'
i:ysa J.cci, Davrnjiort, Totro.
Whclcsalc Des'.er nd Im rter of
Wines and Liquors
.1616 and 1613 Third Ate
last? "
rP-rA -4iJr?J
( Cigar Store and BllUard Parlor.
'. Always on lutadae,nttest Vtacc'o'f bfni
and UnpbrUdcik-arcl All biacSs"' rf' tobscco
The score of all tito ball camet wi'l be rccelrsc
way- .
1 1S0S Second Asenne.
Car. Cichiaa it aad ecacos St CHiCaca.
Visaapuoa rssTsucTtost. cm car acaanas. '
tlirsarosfbut'diry ' . ,
: wiabivncaAKaa
3 I
I f
Sustain Home Industrj
Calling for
The Best Beer Made,
On Tap everywhere.
I 1 ' ' s ' " -' .
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery I
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stents
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, his one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bott-ed at the brewery and
delivered to any part cf the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices o- Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
Now Open
with a repjetc stock of Fall
and Winter Suitings at No.
1707 Second avenue, in the
store formerly occupied lie
H. 1). Folsom.
" Wat. Ulli.
Imported and
rornestic Su.tin;r8
Columbian CrouLds
Valuable 'Real Estate.
To all Persons interested:
Orr Saturday tire leth-dar of Decani.
her next at the hour of 2:30 p. ni. at
that certain dwelling house on Mo
line avenue, known as the Brook's
Homestead, the undersigned will of
fer for sale at public auction, the
whole of that tract M , land at the
east end of the citv of KocK Island
known as
The Columbian Lands,
om rlns; abont i7 scrrs, mate or lc. subject
to ail nc a'tl taxet snd asec. sments.
Tat 8 or SiLE: C-f h. ncTesj sr.y person msy
desire tt rnke aueffer of pnrchsse on other U rm
of psTrccn', stbtch thty mntt mats known at the
lime of their offer.
The onilomirn-.d rcstrvc the r"ght to rejvetan
The central liration of the premires an their
lonticaity to all svenn.'a f trauPp. rttion to
snd from the city cf Kwk Jsl-ni, rnakes Ihem
-r oe-lrslile formdene snd hnvimns cor tv.
ses, commti liliit ths b-st ptic for Uiih such
proinrty is sold in tl c mirss . .
Bock I-Iand, tit,, Nor. 16, l.SJ.
6. U. VELIC.
Metropolitan HoteL
Broadway, Cor. Prince St.. Saw York City.
Refitted sad renovstad under new miasceracnl
ra tac KutoHo ila.
Konra rates f 1 s day ard npwnrd.
Kestaiiraut equal lo ibo best ia Uw city at raod
ra'e rate.
Mreet esrs from sTl ft. Tl. ststlnns and ateaa
fM aad ferry landtag pass Uie dour.
1 Pir
i. ti
Waahet every thlmt fro a a fine
tilk haadLwrchier to a circnaf
tent; Laoe enrtaina a specialty.
No. 17S4 TBIttD AYS
A. tt. & I. J. PARKZR.
lelepbou-t Bo. 1214
1 "Atct . m J
i r, A-ssii
Rock Island
Co., Beer.
The I.att t
Ami M.ii S;v:;-.b
mm e the m.
Convincing Kvidenee C I" R F. It
is the Verdict.
161C Kockinham Koatl. Ilavenjmrt.
. . 17 State . street. Peoria. IU.
Pulmonarr Consuniptim:.
Statements of these Itnlies i'l I
Riven in a few davs too Imsv t. a'--tetitl
to it now.
Specialties: Cittnn, bron.hiii. a-thm-
all diseases of the eye, er, ilmu! sni 1ui?n
Stomach and bowel ; skin ar. bioctl ili-t irr
ecscrca. hive, likitches, pimpk-s, icn: riv--worm,
tetter, salt rfaeam; kidney, bW.rai!
r ctal tronklcs diitbctea. B ifUt'e gravel, pi'e".
tUsar. drtula. ihei.rnitlrm. ncanlgia. !un.lu.
tcrofult. dytpe; sis. chronic diarrhoea, d?'5.
oonsamption, dtopey. liver compl i nt. juiflire.
glaadniar tnrcora and at chronic dis4. J s.
1 ,iiTI8tbTT
Medical Institute.
221 Bradj street, Davenport, Ia-
Oveb Amebic ah ExpbessCo.
OFFICE HOURS: 9 to 11 a. ni.. 2
to 4 p. in.. 7 to 8 p. m.
. On Sunday the office will be open
from 9 a. nr. to 12, 2 to 4 p. m.
w. I - - . - '

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