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ol xtn CO 43.
, n -ni!- I-ai!oc1cs With Fa
' u 1 i'f lt This Morningv
T, Ki!l l in the Chamber
f IVputies.
inuiM ;in to the Willis Ha
w.iiian Policy.
jrin,r Men Diowncd Near
New Orleans.
Pki. I 9 Alynamllo lmruh
,,.ihr"'i in the hall of the cham
.r n ili pntu this morning, the ex-
ri iihiii iiiki.iii
cif I.mhIi' IV Villcrs, a socialist
j, r,v imi ?in attendant, while many
,,'r k'Mnl- The incident created
(I,, ni,i-t ir.t'tte excitement.
I.l.iit.ra-a I mpmt late.
l.nMiiiN. IVr. "9. Gladstone's
i, i 'h i ri 'rl'tl a. improving.
.i:iM.r. I. C, Ice. 9. U is
Vii-vfl tli;it Minister Willis rcoom
ji. n.!;i!i"i ti the cabinet favors of a
aj. iii tarv runsidcratiiin a. a solace to
V Hawaiian (jneen. A lialf million
t'mir Wra liraa-tinl.
M KA. IVc. 9. George
,..,;. Walter Kill. William Ed
anil August Cuorway were
tr.m'l in the Mississippi this
S'lrjiin. I'V flio cap-'iziiig of a Imat.
a, Hrr ilMili'lHS A.iarlallnn Opinion.
f;:i.r.,.i.u.I;i..I",p. P. Attorney Ueu
r.. J!' ney b rrudrre.l rn opinion thai
.,i;r ui.iy a in tiu'i of aeries of shares
;j i .in and bmlilui association In Mild
it.V'T Nil d r it iiikt in future he law
ti. 'i il f the remaining shares to
tsv ti" u or persons willing to sub--tr.
l-r tl i-in and .ay all lirt Inatail
:. :tnl ituer amounts to makeup tba
p-tot mirth of the shares.
ml r i a Mnumi. m nr.
UlCTims. I"c. I. A dispatch from
liijn.iro. tun nipit.il of Matabcleiand,
tK. 3. aiitiotiiues tbat quirt prevails
tine. m,ii that It is rxpecred everything
lr ttle.1 shorty. Tbe police aie pa
tr.,;.rf Tlic ridintry to the southeast of
t.i. i.ii, nlM-rr tba bat i Tea ara dia
id uhiulttiug to tbc conipat;'a
Tan kililrra I alally no-Mil,
Ki ..- C :tv. I.c.l At J o'clock a. ra.
IN i. h N:ctniU locked brr twolittU
.1 r. trri.dtr. ritri 8 J run, and Min
fci.Ji-l U jiarv in a iihmu wbiia aba went
tnwii. Inirinn lit al-riica tbe
.ir'j p.nvpl witb tlir tn and were
t i. y liiiriinl, tbc b-xly of tt:a bjy Imiuu
(h..i. i h rnj.
Mil Imp In) tlraMMtag Wt,
ilt. tlTV. N. J., lc. 9. Tbi oW
r.;;, y i,t tha IxbiKb Valley lluiiway
iii), nlio (.u out on a atrikt?, are
ptiu.iiivlK-.nit takrn lark to Work. A
J in. in r of mnitt-r, Brruitn and
.hni, -tlin -rent out ara now back in
titil liil (il.ice-t.
Wwwi MlMn Atrravtl.
l' Sli.iM. U, IX. 9 Tba Doa
S ii.incri tut-re not ta-rn able toaKTM
tl riki nrilervd. What are knowa
at i i,: nilnca arc all iu oprrailoo,
Jlt'i- ii, lu r-i ruioloye i tbere ay tbry
.(,., I Wlfh a m-nn-oiootuly pay day
!i.';.i-ii d.iyV inT kept back,
tit.ir.i I l-m.4 -V I Hmtlt rr.
'1-viu.h. Ky., lrc. Tbn new
uili mill Cinriunati steamer was
'i..-n-. at liimard'a yanli In Jrfferaoo-
'" I' ii claini-J aha will be tbe fiiateat
""ti tiic ntrr and will coat between
J ' '" MH .i'io. Mia baa brttn named
I.- i ry (if Ijiui.rllle."
krrrlver .-alatnl.
.-A receiTer ra ap
;.!". r..r the Oiuo Cbrmical company,
ti 'i.i it.y Ii;., Uinte an linmenae bnsl
i. i.vcr the country aeiltnit ao-cnlleu
"' u"bl lableta fur drunkennesa
1 til-, tiiintco bubil.
Mrice of other brands.
0,0 in cans. only.
The Missouri Man Slays the
Bankruptcy Bill.
O-'frr Llarcu,..
niU-XatiMai MMn.
fha l!i M,W",II"W "nexpcctllly b
tbe hou Ju-t aa tb. coc.id.ringof thi
tdlnnderu,. fl,eminut. ,ulewi,bot
I?.?"'" Co,0nr, te- H.cban,Monof
ho"a.avr:b"J ,I'C,ine,,
Im. 1 rrovidins
rLr y B J".fry ayatemor bank
.r.ty,wbereapn Bland precipitated the
ntlr. qneatlnn by worinK to atrike out
tbe enactinj- c!aoe of tbe bill. Vainly tbe
adeocaica oftbe n.ea.,ure protwtid that it
waa unfair to reject tbe bill lfre tb.
boo-w bad a cbnuce to per.Vct it by amend
menu Tbm pKadinga were nn-miliUK.
Tbe rote waa deciaive. It war. carried by
a majonty rf 1 to HI. JUje Torrey of
t. iiuia, the autlior .f tbe nieaaure. wbo
... nen tor tea years proinotiiii- tbe
latere, of tbe bill, sat diaconaolately in
The Nay Tote In Detail
Tha rote waa nut .tri, f ...... nu .
. -J JU
aniilyai, abow that 115 Ut-uiocratH. 18 Re
publican and 0 IopulUta voted to alrike
out tbe enacting clause, and tbat Ct Hi-
ruuucnn. ana t. Uouio;rats voted against
It. Followi:;ir are the tAi ah..... hi
Hen.. Babcotk. Ikerof X. H.. llalilwin.
rne. iiii or Tex., Wair. Eoalner,
Uontelle, Drodi-rick, Ilrosiu- Unmly.
Caldwell, CampUll. Cannon of I.L.ChihK
loUbiilMn r,. ..n t- i. .
... " viniiuin, l (toper OI
w la.. Invert, CuiunuiiKs, Cnrtia of Hun.,
vunia or .v York, Dnlzell,
Ilavey of Iow.t, Dunjiliy, limuley,
Doolittle, Durborow, Knlman. Kver
ett, KU-icli.r. Funk, Oiudncr, tirar,
"T. tJoldzier, Grillin, Ilmiitr.
Hall of - Miuiicit.i TiMi-n.-.
IlaUKen. llicka, Hitt, llimker of X. Y
Houkfifd llnli.l. L'.-r..-. t
-i - "Ji . in, uinxwi,
J Jijton, looter. LorkmiKxl. I.tiud, .Mnrshall,
...m.., inrviu oi a-w lork, .McAlecr,
McCall. ilcClrnry of Minueaota. JfclJear
mijn, ililHmill, McKMrick, Mcikli-Jnbn,
il'racr, Milliken, Mome, North wny.um.-a,
O'Xeil of It!aanclUaettit,(lutliwaite, J'ase,
I'ayn. lVrkin,. lhilli. I'isott, I'nce,
t in i ... ... .
""'""I lu'juum, i.icnuruMui oi leunes
aee. liirliuril.1111 nf ii(.lil(.;.. l..i.t. .......
lVtinarlvauia. Kuswll of Connecticut,
ii)u, r-iniiii, lerry, siepnen MeveD.s,
C W. Stone, St rail, tStorer. Slrous, Tara
ney, Tawuey. Trarey, lleirrff. Van
VoorliN o( New York, Van Voortis of
Ohio, WaiUworih. A'alker. Wairncr. War-
tier, Weailnck, Wilsou of Ohio, Will on of
Valilticflnt, lViU.li ..f l.t V......i..
Wootner, WriKht uf .MnMicUUM'tt4.
A arart,lnl I tlilm.lrr.
An .M.n...i ,.. .lrir (h. I. .11 ... ..I-
mimion of L'mli as a state through' tle
nouae ouriux me moruini; nour van tie-
f..-t...t l.v . .I.t ...Ii.nl..l 4l,lil.ti-,u 1 I l.H
Iii.glev, aup;iorted by altuoat tbc entire
ti......i.i.n.... ...I. ni nr ,i ii...
.Viwiiir.iiH i7, .wcbiiuiac w IUK J..U-
pnblieann furesliadnwa their ptdicy tKn
tbe liriiiorriiic territoriea of New- Mexico
aou Arizoaia, 0111a tor wuica nave ai-
tea.t. I . fn.'.ir'.l.ld Min.iM.il l. 1 1. a m... .
mittee ou terriioriex Diimlt-jr, iu cx-
piaillins inn lllliwui4.'l, vkiiu iiio .uiiurnv ot
tbe Kepub'.icana trni due partly to op
position to too cutmideratinu of aucb au
Imrtiirtunt bill duriuit the morning bour
and partly to opposition to the bill itself.
rrac-wu tu in tbn Una.
IDC (iu . iu.'iiii,i. vir uuuv u.u nrrn i u
at r ike out tbc enacting rlaUM of tbe Tor
rey bankrcplvv bill and tliuiLill it, by the
decisive Vote of 14'itolll, the allinnutive
Vote lieins conilKmrd of 115 Iutii(icrat-j, IS
Keptiblican, and V lVmiliit. I'ulena tbe
lllll 1 Will. i i-i fin in i ' " '
It wdl nevrr I benrd of acain. Adjourned
to iluudajr.
Kaaalier "I f huusea Made, Howie of
Them of Imparlance.
w i.mvrtii. llW. D. Tbere have liecn
many rnmora about tbe Capitol concerning
I'ue revised tariff which t he majority itipm
berKoftuecoliilliitteebaveaboalcouiplfted ... . Ml
and which will soon oe npnuieu. i m-n
liave lieen a number of cbansra, relating
mainly to the wording of tbe bill, typo-
craphicr.l error mid phraeol"Ky; out is
well known tbat other chanirea have lieen
made, ino Tio(iic -
cflnniced from K wr cent, ad Valorem to
1 1-3 cents er pom'l aet:illc duty. Tbo
ad vah.rmen rnte was iutem.td to make a
diitv of nliont ren I" rH""
J . .mtmi ni
A memoer oi uaraiuui"" --i
by this ebanpe wai mad- says tbat tne
trarioua conumer. of tin plat requeated
It. Under an ad valorem duty tbe lm
. i. , I. to liuv oa chean-
Miner wiraiii - - . '
ly becauaaonlerfor tin plate w ere at
least three mon.nx .. ...
price ahonld lie cent.a pouud wait, order
1 . . . .- .i.iniM-d it would lie
ei ami a mn-i
fJund tbat tbe ad Valo.-e.i duty would
work Injuaiire to tue importer, while un
der a siirctfic duty tbe imK.rtc r would
M 1 .. I.,.. I i imr when
know exactly u. ------
"be order was iveo. This same tue.ber
Md there bad lu other chaiiKcs of the
cba-acter where tbe lnterp.tsof the
nrnmer "w,.uid I ,mble , injury b,
iTu" tuatVn of tb. pric-f under tu. ad v.lo
'rCb.u-in rate, bare beea made, bow
m-norbow (treat Is hard to aaccrtain.
"here baveen change, in pearl buttons
piano key. and s.lk thread. Just what
5 18wT.Notb.nB s d.linilely known as to
Wb the Mil will come up m the bouae.
J.n Wilson bones to report the bill
aritM? three from the time it is pre
tJKnMdercd by tbe full comm.t
tee et Monday.
Bather Than That UH' ""
" Italt-n OTr Thesa.
WamwnS, lic .-Mii.ister Thurs
JJlaZTle.vln.J I-e Honolulu d
JjTlh7t tha rl b"J
23 upon by tba gov.rn.nent.nd would
be carried ooi. -t ne provisional govern
ment baa 1,100 men under arms wbo are
Jady to respond at tbc aignal of the bell.
This force will not be permitted to fire on
tbo United Slate marines if tbey are
landed. Neither will tbe provisional gov
ernment lay down its arms and leave tin
government building upon a request of
aaiaiarer n Ulia. even after tbe marines ara
landed. The provisional government will
remain until iu members are arrested and
taken out.
It will resist any interference by any
-n me armed force of tbe United
State. With ita military force at com
mand It, will not allow il..
the queen to enter the palace or dint orb tbe
i"--"1- iiunoioio. tuat is tne prof-ramme
as out lined by Minister Thurston to bis
frieuds la-fore departing for Honolulu. It
Is also noaitirelr fuuurti.il hat Mi- Tl.n-
ston i goinR to Honolulu, whatever may
u.o ueeu saia recardiux his visit to CUi
cauo anil Sun FrmiciM-o.
It is likely to be aeveral days before tba
whole biauiry of tbe Hawaiian matter is
wid before tbe senate. The navy depart
ment is having copied all the aorreanond
euce reWtiui? to naval mnit wrv i is 14 -a.
vra'.inn waters s:nee lssu. This will occu
py some lime. The exhibit to be offered
to the senate will be complete. The fail
'ir to aecure exact advices as to Minister
V illia' cour-ie leads to some embarrant-
ment aa to the transmisaion of tlin 11a.
w-aiian correa(Mindence to consn-s, as tbe
tenor uf tbe uieiuui.e arcoinpanyinit tbe
papers will necessarily lie influenced, bv
tbe condition of nCiir in Huwnii at tha
tm;c of writ iuz.
Indications So-nrsrhat lm Satisfactory
Than a Week Ar;n.
New York, Dec 9. K. G. Dno & Co.'s
weekly review of trade says: Trade of all
kinds ia waiting. There is no visible im
provement, and nn tbe whole the ii.dk-n-tious
are a lit lie less Mttisfuctory than tbey
were a week ago. The volume of business
measured by cdenriag bouse returns out
side New York fchow a decrease of only 12
prrcetiL compared witb insr. year, which
is encourai-ig, but as the statement cov
ers the payments for the firs: of the month
it may not correctly incniure the volume
of new transactions. The reports from
other cities show a hoi; mint? trade almost
everywuere, witb a decided di-.Ksition to
wail until rmisress lias ncted on the turiiT
question. Hence the delay and uncertainty
are likely to hot for some weeks.
The cottcn manufacture dues lietter
than otbt-r branches at present, and yet
it baa not a very healthy appcamnre. The
demand is n il t.ronit-, ami prices o! goods
are barely maintained. In woolcu poods
the sctiic o( iliwiiMiititiiit'iit is very clear,
and then; aueuis no reu-.ua to exneci any
decided reiwery ontil conjirexs has acted
on t!ie tariff question, l-a-veral works ha-e
stopped production duriut; t'.ie past week,
and c:t'ers are mnniug only to till orders
Which will :toou be exhausted.
la tbc iion and ateel manufacture tbere
are symptoms of improvement. Tbe east
ern markets, however, are waiting. There
i a fueling tbat the new steel rail coui
b.ne will result iu a decidedly decreased
demnud for rails and also for pit; iron, and
at rhiiadelpUia and Pitt.iburg no im
provement in prices is seeu.
Tbe failures for the week numlier 36 in
the United SStates against 1!71 for t he cor
responding week last year and 42 in Can
ada auainst 'M last year. For the previous
week the number of failures was only Ul'.t.
A ciasaitied statement of the liabilities uf,
tbe llrms failing the last two weeks of No
vember shows a remarkable decrease in
tbe aggregate and cL-o iu the amnuut in
each section of tbe country, ;tbe decrease
being about a third in manufacturing
concerns and about 4U per cent, iu liabili
ties of tradiuu firms. Manufacturing Ii.t
bilitieswere tliT5,H.7. against f-M'-.-l.t'Si
the previous week, and trading liabilities-
ti.s cl,2i,ll'J ngaiust e2.S)2.W.
The Ireland 1'lan in Ohio.
CoLl Jint i, O., Dec ".State School
Coiutiiissioucr Corson bas received a re-
H-,rt fruui I. H. Daniels, apiioiuted to in
vestigate, to the effect that iu sub-district
one, Marion township. Mercer countv, tbe
Koman Catholic nat ionnl series of books
are in Use in the publi.-? schools, but were
not adonied by the township board of edu
cation, and that ou certaiudays tbe parish
priest listens to recitations from tbe cate
chism. The investigation was started be
cause of charges I lint, the law waa beiug
violated. Mr. Daniels says the investiga
tion shows that the charges have beeu sustained.
TbeColoradn l-rison Case.'
DESVfcU, 1cc V. -Penitentiary Commis
sioner Hoet tcher.ha re:urned from Canon
City where be has been attending the an
nual meeting of tbo I ward of ieuitcnliary
commissioners. Mr. Doettc'.er said that
the board unanimously adopted a resolu
tion condemning the proceedings of Toy
and llrnce. and recommending that the
United States grand jury at Canon City
indict them for inciting a riot. Toy and
liruce (The governor's ,son-iu-law) recently
seized tbe poison uuuer a commission
from tbe governor, but were anbequent
ly dispossessed.
KenaatiiM for i'rrnch Nenatora.
I'AltlS, Dec. V. An exciting scene took
place in the Bute room of tbe senate.
While the room was thronged with people
one of tbe mesaeugers of tbe senate, after
an altercation witb a waitress, drew a re
volver aud fired at the woman. Several
spectators rushed UKtn tbe messenger in
order to seize hi;n before be could fire
again, but be succeeded in firing two more
abuts at the gtrl, who fell aerioostl
wounded. Tbe wunld-be murderer waa
thereupon seized aud turned over to tbe
rmaytarUus tM-miaarMa.
nrrencue. Pa., Dec The Presby
terian general assembly committee, which
bas been considering tbe church aeiiii
naries, bas adjourned after proposing that
tbe seminary charters be changed so tbat
tbe ftiiats may be declared In favor of the
general assembly in case of ceasing to
exist.and to give tba assembly tbe right to
con Ii rni the trustees before tbey enter
upon their duties.
Sale Ida of a Traveling Man.
Wahsaw. lad.. Dec . A. A. Boecen-
a ha user, a traveling anleainau for a Cui-
cago wholesale jewelry house, committed
auicide at the Hotel Hays in this city by
taking poison. He left a letter giving di
rect ioua as to tbe disposition of his body,
and stating tbat be waa victim of cir-
And Those Who Bought It Got
tne urunrtDS. ta-vg
Night eee In tha City Ball at Chlea
Chare has Scheming to Ilonaa the Hon--less
Poor A Bed Kaeh aad Tin Meals
a Day for ISO Jadtelal Approval r
Go. L-rellinr,' Tramp Proelamatioa
Hard Time Nntea.
Chicago, .Dec 8. The sight of sand
wiches ia the city ball nearly caused a
riot among the homeless who used the
corridor, of the municipal bnilding for a
place of lodging. For a moment it looked
as if tbe VM men who olistructed tbe main
hallway and stairs in the north end of the
building would engage in an encounter,
bat the appearance of the police officers
prevented serious trouble Tb: men were
hungry, and when a few of them entered
the place with sandwiches there was a
rush for the food, . and those who bad
bought it were orry they did not cat
their supper outside. They lost all tbey
had, and that was what caused the trouble.
The sandwiches were passed from one
hand to another. In an instant there were
SIX) meuiu their feet aud blows were
struck iu all directions. No one knew
against whom be bad a grievance, and
when oHicera commanded the men to re
main. quiet they obeyed, and again took
their places oa tbe cold stone floor to
H angry Men All Aroand.
There was a small amount of money
among a few of those in the end of the
hall. While s;in3 could not have bought
a single sand-vici, the entire amount was
enouuh to purchase three or four dozen. A
collection whs taken tip and soon twenty
had combined their money for the pur
pose of buying food. While two went out
to make the purchase the others cleared
away a place large enough to accommo
date them aud spread clean papers on tbe
floor where they intended to eat their
meal. All around them, however, were
hungry men, and when they beard their
companions talk of sandwiches tbey were
even more hungry. When the two ar
rived with the food each carried a well
filled box. They bad no sooner placed it
on tne floor in front uf their companions
when others rushed in and seized t he food.
There was scarcely a crumb left for those
who had furnished the inuncy to pur
chase it.
Clinrrfies to the Itesene.
Those north side churches are not to be
made hospices for the homeless. The
cushioned pew is not to lie made a couch
for the homeless victim of hard times.
That much is settled. This does not menu
that tbe homeless a;e not. to lie cared for.
It is not a esse of less Christian charity
but of more applied Chri-iitiu business
sense. Tbo suggestion to throw open the
churches as a place of warmt h and sbeiter
was made ou;tlie pur of tbe moment,
without, due consideration. An arrange
ment has been made with the Halsted
street police stat.on by which a room
there, large enough to hold 2M cots, is to
be used, and those who come are to be
given a sandwich nnd a cup of coffee
night aud morning. Kacb of the uiue
churches is to take lurjs of a week at pro
viding tbe tiecessnr-f sandwiches and cof
fee, aud the distribution is to be iu tbc
bauds of a committee.
Letters Cangratnlaliug Hint, for the Stand
lie lias Taken.
TnrEKA. Kan., Dec U. Governor Lew
elliug's "tramp" circular to the iiolice
commissioners of tbe state bas evoked
mauy letter from all over thecouutry
congratulating bim for the stand be bas
taken. Judge Myers of the Ix-aveuwortli
district court has written the governor
telling bim his tiauip circular was a hu
mane deed and that it would uieet with
the approval of the best Citizens of the
state. A. S. Frost, judge of the superior
court of Denver, also sends his congratu
lations, as does Police Commissioner
Cochran of Atchison. John Bryan of Cin
cinnati, uud citizens of a large number of
cities and town of this state Thomas
Morris, judge of tbe four courts of &t,
Louis, iu a letter asks the governor to
mail bim a copy of the circular, aud says:
"It is in my opinion, judging from what
is published, tbe true deliuitiou of iu
niieuable rights of a citizen uuder our con
stitution. It is no crime to be poor, yetiu
almost all our large cities aud throughout
our several states poverty is published
Willi greater vigor than embezzlement."
T be four nt Uaabnry, Conn.
Damh uv, Dec 9. At -the meeting of
the town select men f."0 'tKTO n-.is annmnri.
a ted to provide employment, and other
wise relieve the poor of this community.
i ue coy nan wnere ine meeting was held
Mh iuvLmI tcttlifl. I ..1 ... I A,, ..nu
Who took possession of the meeting, wbicb
l. ....I . . I .. ... .i . n-i
w-wu uiiij ii, ? ill I u u Lea. lurre 11 SO 111 e-
tulug like to.UUU in the town treasury.
May Cad in Ulaadshed.
Tcc-os, A. T., Dec . The order of tbe
Southern Pacific railroad that no tramps
will be allowed to ride oa freight trains
may result in bloodshed. There are l'Ji
trams camped at Lords burg wbo threaten
to derail passsuger truins it tbe order is
American frelr rattan of Labor.
Chicago, Dec . The thirteenth annual
convention of the American Federatiou of
Labor will meet io Chicago Monday, re
maining iu aecsiou until Saturday uight,
possibly longer. It will be an assemblage
for tbe purpose of transacting a lot of
routine business, but the meeting will be
enlivened by a series of struggles for
supremacy between tbe east aud west.
Kver since tbe organisation of labor tbe
real power has remained in the east, and
now the workingmen of the west demand
Cma a 1-1 la msm-m,
1 Df-PRAM, Mass., Dec . The jury in tbe
ease of August Laugner, charged witb tbe
murder of Miss Mary Emerson, a woman
u years old, for whom he worked as a
farmhand iu West Dedbam. reatdered a
verdict of murder in tba second degree.
Langner waa sentenced to ianpriaouturut
for life. In an interna later .he main.
taioed his inauceoott of the crime, reiter
ating but statement that 1st bad ucvar in
Jurvd Miss Ktuersou ia any amy. --
Big Store
Blue Front.
AH Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Our Greatest Values. .
Twenty styles of- overcoats, worth $S - - - $99Jl
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $20 - - - - 14 9 )
Twelve styles of overcoats, worth $12, - - - - 7 SO
The largest and cheapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
f m J y
Blue Front.
Early Holiday Sale in Jewelry Department
From our extensive purchase of desirable and attractive jewelry we have se
lected the following for j-our consideration. These goods are of the choicest
production at about one-third to one-half less than the usual prices:
Solid Gold Rings.
Children's rins at "5c rach.
Children's Fili-;rcc band riu;s at 3.re each.
Children's Octagon band rin-rs at !5e each.
Children's Hard Enameled rinjrs at 6'Jc each.
Children's Hard Enameled, diamond setting
ring's at Doe each. .
Ladies' band rinjis at 95c each. V .
Ladies1 solid jrold stone settinjr rinjjs at 50c eaeh.
Ladies' solid eluster setting rins at 5'c each.
Ladies' solid fluster selting rins at eaeh.
Ladies' solid cluster setting rings at tl.&'i each.
tients' solid jjold tijer or Onyx rings al f I. is
(tents' Eolid gold Onyx Intaglio rings at tV)-T5
ttcnts' solid cold carlmnklc rings at $3.75 each.
(ients' rinps, Tiger and Onyx, at 2.2o eaeh.
Gents' gold-plated 'J'iga?r at 75c each.
Stick Pins.
Gold stick pins. 93c each.
Columbian sword stick ins. 22c each.
Initial stick pins, 10c each.
Ladies' chains, with pendents, at 25c each.
Ladros' and Misses', with three; stones at 75c
each. i" . . '
Ladies' and Misses', with heart, at 58c eaeh.
Ladies' and Misses' and Children's gold neck
laces, assorted etyles, at $1.69 each. .
Attractions for Saturday. ,
Schillingcr's Orchestra and Piano afternoon and
Souvenirs wilt 13 given away from 9 to 12, or
until all are given out.
P. t. We trust that those who have already se
cured one will not take advantage of onr liberali
ty, and thus deprive others who have not secured
any. ;'
Gents' Sterling Silver Sleeve Buttons.
Link buttons at tl per pair. Link buttons at
1.19 per pair. Link and Enameled at f 1.39.
Attractions for Saturday.
Owing to the inclement weather last Saturday,
many t our patrons and friends were unable to
attend the tirst day of our opening, and failed to
secure a souveuir: we, therefore, decided to gire :
you another opportunity to enjoy the music pro.
vided, and secure a souvenir, which ia point of
intrinsic value anil artistic beauty, has never be- .,
fore lieen equaled in the three cities, and sur-.
passed nowhere.
Sterling Silver. ,
Isabella ri:irs4at 45c each. Isabella Filigree
rings at 75c each. Silver rings, with stone set- .
ting at 75c each. Silver stick pins at 25o eack. ?
Silver stick pins at 8c each. Silver, lace pins at
22c each. Silver lace pins at 8c each.
Stick pins, stone scttincs, 5c eaeh.
Lace pins, assorted styles, 25c each.
Band rings, with live years guarantee, 2ceach.
Sterling Silver Match Safes.
Sterling silver match sates at 95e each-- 8tr.
lingsilvcr book marks at 95c each. rSterUag sti
ver hair pins at 48c each. Sterling silver oranire
spoons at 1.5H each. Sterling silver aojrar
strains at tl.58. Sterling silver "-nrna led aAooas
at tl.58 each. Sterling silver Columbian, -nmmim '
at f 1.58 each. Sterling silver Souvenir spoons at
$1.15 each. Sterling silver Liteiary spoons at
1.58 each. .
All of above spoons are extra weight, aad 990
line in Koman gold or polished bowls. ,
Miscellaneous. -; v . -
Brazilian Onvx lace pint at S5e esch ' White
ctliuloid hair 'pins, assorted ,tTw, M prfees.1
Infants' gold buttons on chains at 75e each la-'
fants' gold pins at 69c and tl eaeh. ChUrea'a
silver mugs at 25c each. . . . .;

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