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rnitn tT... : : ..
urnv IATI5ST
rwrov a Furnitura Factory,
an, I i!':rn tllc Watchman.
I i ,vitn 1 U t r.
JjKIfM iHHI VJ.ijifr.v-v. .v. .J nil
' t l' rih in the Flames.
flu- I.-iti'-t News From the
ll.iwait.in Islands.
The lLv Committee Acts
, , t! f Hill Resolution.
i i .: i.v. tr..!.. Icc. 12.-iThc far.
,,.,,.! is- Aiit'tim Church t'urni
, .imishv was burned this.morn
j., . I , whoUwnd and gng-
., It'ip' wr.tchntan. tieorge Krrdcr
:r I'- 't lit m ! jxTis-h in Iho
.',11, .. w hurried to death.
I : ' J
Vi. '
' .i!;.'
1! ,
t -i
; vi-:
I t be Itltl llesotnll.il..
.i"M.r". IVr. IS. The house
v i.u f. rt in relation has
,1 :. famrable rrport on the re
i,. ; 1 1 1 r. liiri'il by Hi!!. f III!.
y.'.'.n' iijvti the president lor
:r " ti'li'iii-o in the Hawaiian
- the correspondence of
ir :ii'n and tlip previous
. r;iti"n.
:ille' ll.nkrapl Itlll.
!ip..r is. Ihv. is. The jttdl
tnniitti'p voted favorably on
'- l..uil.riit hill.
V I rum Honolulu.
"i.iv. JVC. ?2. TIip C'ancdinn
r. A iv way. arrived today Ironi
.!u. riii iitn-pn has not Ix-cn
.1. nn.l tluTp is tiu change in
nation. tppjt the provisional
!:hi nt irru,3'!in:j the guv
nt rViildings.
K.rrl.rr rr the tarnu Tank C ompany.
Aki: (.. lec. 12. J. A. Long
. i .. i .. :. . . i
,." 'i Tank company, whose assets
j-. ?T '. t. with liabilities two-t..'l-
Ui:it amount. .
Jul -r J. !:. II; k, a ioucer ef Xebras
:. i.il Ji'.-ULA J. CfrTT, at 1'ortage,
w .
Ijan.ll it. I:k proniinrnt buai-
t In :;i c! I'rilur JiuN. la. ,
l.A' . 1.. M.Zt:n, rx minltrr to Cen-
I."'. ,l!ir! , , Hi itnLlII. I'uL
I'i iW. .Mh:i;ilu. tU Laowa cJi-
I ...i. v. i. r, ut wr Vurk.
I lililf Hlf af 1 vt.iit.ktl ft
(.'.-; '.. - 1,'l-- li-Wnin.lil lrml
ti i.nrui of tliw I'lacr, hiw Wn
w iiU tTjiluiil lrt-r lor mm
!-. Iitir'jr tmocn hare lm n rrHrted.
:.e t.rru lutnlitjr In Just uci-urrrtl.
I HT uTr MTiOU'lf .Mol rntml. I'iljriti.
i ...! ..rtiil.utr tie tiiuw to the iniuntj
i: ...f jtrr diirinit the late caret: J.
t'Mni la m t titrg llolak
i:i' iKc. la. A lire that started in
1. 1- t l.rn of tiriit Nurtlicrn hotel
..'1 r. in 5 ilnmnura, CllrU the
l i - i u l.nlf Urrxt d pi.l hnnriiift tbc;
'i ':) . 1 livrr w iiuite a ihiuio for a
I .' 'i.'M. I.ut tue lira was mxiii out aotl
' c-i.i.umI to tlic kitctien ventilator.
t.xprrldiHHM t l..alnro.
U I ., Ike li rix niaLrd mea
' r wu bt ohn Krwtlrr, a
r " ' i r f ri:i. r in linxikflrld thi county,
. l ".r.iij hii'I nH K.-eler uU
n1 laruilj. Tt. liurvUrs tlirn
" -.' k-i l boiler, bnl arcurnl only a
ii ti-. Tli rxNTtrt tt..a of(dU,UU.
I ura-1 anj II iiiffni llrritaif.
1 ' l tk". li .Mr. Kruncia Uleaaon,
C -r ':..! aUrtiipt to rotnuiit Miiciile,
! I l.rrrinthe In krrmrtie and aftrr
ilirm hniijrj lierwif. Hue vn
"i. I i.iii i, u lil not la? r-Tird. Ikf
nuLim j.roLabiy Irtl Ler to the
' i m i iI: rt r.KTa in tiw Cakinurf
1 -t.iin ilwarln in Africa; tho larg
l'at:u miattn.
-r POUHDS.20t -fc.
Problem Which Confronts All
the Larger Cities.
- I
T QattM. a Mow , c.ra ror tk. How- '
M ImniihH unI IVal itk tba 1)1
a-raetleal tark 4aa Mill-
""" Ss"i-Ci.trbBHoiia for
IXwtilat at llartey, W fc
.rw or.K. Dec l2Jrt-at the be
gmnln of . fc.rt nter Xew Yfflrfc u
sonfr..nted w.th the diflicnlt problem of
bow to ear. for an arn.r .f honeat nnem-
ployed, and bow to -deal with another'
irtny eonaitinK of the hi ad deolnte, I
Seldom befora in tk. i.:.. - I
bara the anthor.tle, Un-n ao disturbed as
Ley are right now. With all the charita
ble Inatitutiona doins their utmoat to car
rortbebnne.t pxir. Kannt bunwr Malta
the atrecta by ninht and by day. And in
the face of a'.lthia there are other bun
Sreds of men who are never idle from
slioice each day bci,,K throwjont of em
ployment. What the aitmtion will ba
one month later a person can only con
H?tnre. Ai the other end of the bridge
l.rooklya la without tiie vicions elasa than
-rer threatens New York, bin it baa not
lea tl.an aerenty fivtr thouaaud uuem
ployed to care for. It I as much to be
p.tied. though less to be blamed, as the
rrifhtrard lata Crrngnltlaa.
There hn been a studied effort on the
pan nt the fres ( tui!l cit. to iKllnre the
awful roiitlition of the Kior. lint the
rniewhenttntcanbedouehns pone by.
rjie cottnt.t inrreaw ot the thousands
who now dftimud work and who tumor
row may make a peremptory d.-matid for
tiread has at lat frihtetied all into a rec-9.-nition
of the esUtinR conditions. Xow
erery paper has something to say. though
by no means is the whole truth ever told.
One tif the big SundnT dailies gives a four
column illustration of "An Ir.cidetit of
the bard times in Xew York,"whlc'i is
explains as follow: 'Every morning there
is at the tnrrance of the J'.rooklrn bridge
an eager crowd of searchers for emplov
nient. Not content to wait for dawn, they
rnsh to the newspaper ofticcs to pet the
first editions of the morning papers in or
der to lie among the earliest to answer ad
vertisements offering work. This is a
pitiful aud astonishing sight."
I'ignrceoa the VarmplorrU.
PpenkiiiR of the unemployed 1 he Fca
dny Ircs gives the following: "lousiness
is much slacker thau ever Iwf ore. and it is
the belitf of tvety uniin tiRic-.al with
whom tba reporter talked that 110.IIMI
would he a low figure to give ns an esti
mats of the total nuuila-r that are low
idle. Other estimates by men w ho appear
to be conservative in their methods of
thought make estimates ranging from
lli.nrj to H i.im ThMS dio.4 rss:mi.tic
in their figuring plate the number at
IjO.tVt, ITj.M', ami SW.tW. but these
figures are probal ly iu excess of the real
Society formed for I'rnrtleal I'hilan
tlijr ie M urk.
CmcACO. Die li The practical work
of the Civic J'ederation, Chicago's new
philanthropic sucity, was formally in
augurated at the meeting of the executive
committee at the I'nlmer House. There
was a full attendance of the rommitte:'.
Mrs. J. M. Fiowcr, a mrmlier of the com
mittee, snitl: "There is no doubt that at
eat tl.WXy " will lie r cjuired, unless, as
would be n-.tieh better, manufacturer
cn hide to give poor men employment.
In some I laces (treat fartories. which had
shut clown, have started up .".gain tor the
special purpose of frrui-Uii:g employment
to their former operatives. Where they
ennaot cmpioy lueir w noie lorce. a g'xiu
w.iy I for them to empio.- part of it
for bait the tlav at:U p:irt for the other
half. Some say that work c innot be done
this way, but ot tiers, I believe, have found
it practicable.
"Xow, this Ktml ox rcliei, as u preserves
the lndeindetice aud aclt-respect of the
i. ai.. I t relief iniairiniilile: and Ull
i...'ihi, i..ti.il he il..ne. then 1 snv tl.s'.-
miu will not be enough to do what
should lie done for the uneiu.lo-ed poor
of Chicago this winter. The money cnu
bi raiseth 1 have (aith enough in the
e'laritable feelings of the Chicago people
to believe that they will contribute tl.tKXI,
U(r)es soon as. he matter is properly lmd
before them. First we should linish ur
plans. To ask lor this money beforu 1 is
d finitely ataUd what is to be done with
it would I a mistake and prove a failure.
My opinion is that tne money ohkui. iu ihj
.i . i.. ..i... vitnttlM aorieties them-
raiseti oj .i.c ---- .
wlve, according to au agreed plau, and in
such a W W as uol io uiiuimwb. -
CoatribntluBS llelns Keeelved tar the Iea
tiinte mnera.
MlLWat ktE, Dec 1 i-Contribut ions for
i. .,.:..r at Hurley aud vicinity
Hie- uv 'j - .
. 1. receivrd at relief headuunr-
ters iu the t niou detH)t. not only from the
city and diuVeeut arts oi me swtve,
aiao from the surrounding stales. Cloth
ing aud proviaions were received from
s . t. ... Mntvitilllintl
,S: "tAnt n Minnesota. General Otto
J. Kalk l-ln receipt of letter frmthe
chairman of . the -
Marsbfie d. wis.,"' 7 ,
. .7 . ..n read to shin a carload
of ,.roviau,ns and clotbin to Hurley .
lrw tK-.flifm in chance of
JW.lwaukee beadtjuartera in regard to
the proper MV. .
laiT pv, was shipped frctn that
t for Hurley. The president . h.
Woman's Relief cor,-. o U
at tui '"".. , ia UI(,. needed at present
' Ossast at Tale.
ToIpo. D. f-TLe "
SJOQ neooie deuendeat on chrity To-
ledo.'bul X heir watts are being looked aft
er in the most thorough possible manner.
An organisation of associated clarities
was recently effected and a commiUee of
thirty set to work to raise t25.U0U in cash,
la three days' time nearly tVOJ has been
contributed and over 43, UM worth of pro
viMomare ready for distribution. The
idle w!U he given employment on public
works and a movement is on foot to ob
tain authority from the state legislature
ta issue bonds for park improvements to
the end that greater opportunities for
work may be offered the destitute.
The Man Who Threw the llama la Paris Ia
Vnaler A rrest.
PARIS. Dee, 1 1 After a day of great ex
citement following the erplosion of the
bomb in the chamlier of deputies, the
authorities announce that they have the
bomb thrower in custody. The miscreant
is named Vail Inn t. tie' Is an anarchist
and has madea full confession. Vaillant,
it appears, was among the injured persons
taken to the Hotel Dieu. lie soon fell
nmler the suspicion of the authorities,
and pressed hy the urefect of police, he
decided to make a full confession, and did
so glorying iu bis infernal crime. He
"I waited for more than an hour before
throw ing the lauub in the hope that a fa
ToraMp chance would present itself to
cast it in t he spot 1 had picked out. At
length, thinking that an opportune time
had arrived, I arose from my sent in the
gallery aud hurled the bamb, aiming it
nt 1 'resilient Dnpuv'a table. As I did so
a woman who was xcted in front of me
resented my leaning over and pushed me
backward. 1 was tbus prevented from
thawing the bomb exnetiy ns I intended.
1 did not intend to kill any one. Vnil
l.mt calmly and coolly mined, "but ou!y
to wnuud a hundred and fifty or two
hundred of the deputies. I was cspeciallv
anxiunathnt M. Cusimir-IVrier should Li
among tho-e injured by the rsploMou."
In a test vote oi: a motion for .mm-diate
consideration cf a t: -asure for the sup
pression if anarchy in the chamber of
iiep.it if the covert' men t, which sup
Krted tiie inot'on, was f.istniued by a
vote of 31) to I."i0. thus showing how great
ly the government has been strengthen by
tue rtcent dynamite outrage.
Ir. 1'aikhar.t 1 hreatened.
XcwYi.UK. lK-c. li Dr. I'arkhurst's
crusade iu the Teuderluiu district is blar
ing B ore than one kind of fruit. While it
has stjrred tbe police of the precinct up
to heroic outbursts of virtue, it has also
placed the aggressive lender of the Society
for the 1'reveution of Vii in great danger
or assassination, if the threats be has re
ceived iu the pitst two days are any indi
cation. Nineteen ersons have written
the doctor iu that period, warniug him to
di-sist tu bis work of extermination on
lin of never se'.ug another Christmas
day. A'lne of tnom were from the wo
men themselves driven out iuto the
streets by the operations of the society.
Set t ire to a C'lanreh.
STASFOKD. Conn., Dec. li While ths
services were in progress in tueM. IC
church here fire was discovered in the
basement ami tbe pastor was interrupted
while delivering his sermon and dismissed
the congregation, ilefore the church was
cleared clouds of smoke began rolling out
of tire staircasa leading to tbe! basement..
Contusion followed and several ladies'
fuiuted. After the fire had been extin
guished a second bhizc was discovered in
-another parrot, tiie church. A strange
mansn seen ii.tb room where the sec
ond f re occurred and itts tbotiybt be was
rcs(H)Ubible for both fires.
Lake rstanmrr on tbe Coeka.
Milwaukee, Dec li In a blinding
snow biortu aud a terrific easterly tulc
the passenpT and freight steamer F. and
P. AI. X'o. S, of tiie Fiiut and IVre Alar
(tette line, was driven oa the rocky shore
of White Fish bay nt an early hour iu the
morning. The steamer lay exposed to the
full force of the gale aud was momentarily
swept by seas nud spray. The lite saviug
crew took off two women, but ns the ves
sel was lu no danger of immediately break
ing up they put off the rescue cf the men
ou buird till later iu tiie dny.
MoUiean Coinjr to liwnolula.
SAX Fuascisco, Dec. li The United
States steamer MoLicau came cH tbe
Mare islnud dry dock and wi'l begin coal
ing. The vessel ia irmler oniein to lie
ready loraeaontbe lOih inst. Her desti
nation is Honolulu. It is twlievtd she is
to relieve the I'htladclphia, tow at Hono
lulu. The Mohican will be able to coal
in from three to ft.nr days. Commander
Chirk lately arrived from an Asiatic sta
tion and Kxecu'.ive Officer Wadhnm, late
ly from Washington, wiil command her.
Mrs. eiultu lid Very Well.
StLUA. Ahu, Dec li At Kichiuond,
twenty miles from Seliua, Mrs. W. Smith
killed a negro who had entered ber bed
room. She screamed aud be caught her
by the throat, pulling a knife. Mrs.
isuiitu secured her husband's revolver
from under Iter pillow and fired itscon
teu'aiuto the negro's body.killiug him.
It is said the negro had three accomplices
who pave beeu arrested. Unless I bey
prove their fuuocence they will doubtless
be lynched.
Separate 1 rial for adge Jenkins.
MlLWAVKEE. Dec Is. Judge Johnson
bas granted tue niotiou for a separate
trial in the case of Judge J. G. Jeukius,
iudicted as one of the directors of the de
fnuc. Flankinton bank, whereupon Dia
trictf Attorney Hammel asked tbat the
casewgatust Mr. Jenkins be uolled. His
request was granted. Mr. Hammel did
not want to risk thn case against the ot h
er directors by allowing Air. Jenkins' case
to go. on.
Still rrasMllas Away at Rio.
New Yobk. Dec li A dispatch from
Montevideo says that the Peixoto and
Mello guns at Kio de Janeiro are still fir
ing at each other erery day. Peixoto'a
fleet, when joined by the ships bought at
Xew York, will begin a campaign against
Mello's at sea. Tbe government forces at
tempted to capture Fort Vallogaiguoa
with a rush, but were repulsed will heavy
Doings of the Solons in the Sen
ate and House.
Alexander banaerson ana Oeorue an;'
lor. merchants ot Terre Haute, Ind.. who
have been using coins for advertising pur
poses, have been indicted for couut erf eit
ina. Tbe .principal object iu indicting
loem is o uic a test case .
near latrodaces a Resolatloa Calling
I'poa the President for Farther Informa
tion II Make a Few Kemarks oa the
Occaaioa and Is Iter lied ta hjr Oray
Tim When the Tariff Kill Is ta Ga tut
F.OVet Extended by the Comraittee.
Wasiiingtox, Dec li The second week
ef tbe session was opened in the senate
with a fair attendance of senators and
with few nu litori ia the galleries. In the
absence ot the vice president Harris, pro
tern., presided ever the senate. Among
the petitions and memorials presented
were several relating to items iu the pro
posed tariff bill. The bouse joint resolu
tion for tbe protection of persons who
have heretofore been allowed to make en
tries for land within the former Miile Ljic
Indian reservation ia Minnesota was
II jar introduced a resolution citllii g
niou the president for further iaforma
tiou as to his actions on Hawaiian af
fairs. The resolution by imputation at
tacks the president's appointment of a
commissioner withoat thuCponsent and ad
vice of the seunle. ; lloaf in the course
of his remarks ou ihe resolution said if
it were true that the president (the senate
being in session) authorized an officer to
exercise paramount diplomatic authority
iu auother country with whlcli the Unit
ed States was at peace, authorized him
to employ at his discretion tiie naval force
of the L nit si States and had givi n bint
the title, w hich was numerated as one of
the diplomatic officers in t ue net of con
gress, he nas stand'nfi upon very slippery
ground and he li.nl li ttjr step cm to terra
liruia rapidly aud at one.;. .l.juguUT J
Nut Fit rireeJeula.
"The ostrich jmiliis head iu tiie sand."
said Hoar, "aud'tiiiiks hs will not be
seen. Tbe rhinocrs&s hites in bis mud
puddle aud breathe throat li bis nose aud
thinks he will not pe seelk but neither of
these are fit or su't.-fljle precedents for the
resident of the United States. The eo
ple will know the truth of the matter."
Gray said Hoar had scolded through the
previous adiuinistrntiou of Mr. Cleveland
end bad scolded Mr. Cleveland in the
White House again. In she course of bis
remarks Gray said he believed tbe policy
of Mr. Cleveland was not only that ot jus
tice and maguamity, but one of
nou - interfi rente. Hoar commented
upon the fact that the information
communicated by the president to certain
senators under the seal of confidence bad
been freely given out to the representa
tives oi four newspapers, knoien to be
zealous and thoroughgoing h-t had al
most said unscrupulous supporters of
the ndm tuistrat ion. t luc of the ullegat ions
was that the president ou Ma th 7, !;,
the seuate being then in .-session, commis
sioned a iKTson to go to Hawaii, accredit
ing him by letter as a commissioner from
this government, and sa'd iu the letter of
instructions that he was to be paramouut
us a repieseutaiive of the United States in
the Hawaiian islands.
Iluuse Proceeding,
In the house . when the morning hour
arrived Kilgore was about to call up the
mil tor the tMlinissiou of L tab, wheu Ding- ;
ley, on behalf of tne Kepublicau side,
made a statement declariug that the bill
was of too much importance to be con
sidered dm iug the morning hour, but no
objection would be uiade.J rora his side if
ample opportunity was al'.owed for debate
and umeudiiient. Thereupon Wheeler
esked unanimous consent that Tuesday
and WeanesJay, after the troruiug hour,
lie set aside for its consideration. With
out objection this order Leas made. It is
understood that a delegation of Kepublic
ans from L'tab WHs-iuMi sjmeyuil in induc
ing the Uepub'icani,Iei.ders to recede from
their opposition to the bftl.".
Uepnbltcan. Claim It Kid N..t Receive
Proper l'njideration
Wasuisoton. Dec li While not mak
ing the charge in so tnun words, some of
the Republican senators intimate strongly
that the report made by the senate judic
iary committee upon Senator Hill's bill for
the reeal of the federal election inns was
secured by methods not entirely to their
liking. Seuntor Hoar, w ho is a memlier
of both the committee on judiciary and
privileges and elections, contends tnut the
bill should have -en releried origiuaily
to the first named con in it lee.
Senator I'iatl, w ho is also a member of
the judiciary committee, complains that
the bdl never bad due coa-ideratiou and
that the committee meeting which au
thorize a Invotable report uon the bill
was attended by only one of the five Ke
publicau members of the committee.
They claim that if these members had
beeu preseut when the bill was taken up
in committee the subjecl won id have
bad fuller consideration aud tbat there
would have bjen at least a minority pro
test against it, aud au effort at that time
to have the bill referred to t he committee
on elections. The Democratic members ot
the judiciary committee say that if the
Republican members of the committee
were not present when the bill was under
considertiou the fault was their owu and
they consider this an invalid excuse for
criiicisiug the action of t he committee.
Es-Concressiu an Murphy bead.
Washington, Dec. li Fx-Congress-man
Jeremiah H. Alurphy of Iowa died
suddenly in this city, aged S8 years. Mr.
Murphy was one tif tbe best known and
most popular nieu in the United States.
He devoted years to the Peiiueptu canal
project. He has been in failing health for
same time and bis death was not unex-p.-cted.
; -
Extruded the Time.
Wasuinoton, Dec li The ways and
means committee liavepnuauged the time
when he tariff bnl wjtjtf go iuto effect
from March 1 to J tie Iff?..
Masked Kooe ra Ge t Lift.'
ST. CUAllLts, III.'; Dec 12 Four masked
men entered the Chicago Great Western
depot, and having bound, gagged, blind
folded and securely tied in chairs Kight
Operator Foster aud b s friend "Brick"
MattesoD, proceeded to biowoa;u the safe,
from w hicu they obtained f 1.10 and unit
checks Mid uutvs. .
Bit; Store-
Blue Frcnj.
All Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Our Greatest Values.
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth StJ
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $20
Twelve stvles of overcoats, worth $12
; 9 9
14 9?
7 50
The largest and chapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Blue Front.
Effect Monday, and will Remain Until
Cloaks are Sold.
We have purchased, and will place on pale an
assorted lot of Manufacturers' Samples, consis't
in; of the very latest productions in braided
skirts, and tiht iittin;' ladies' and misses' jack
ets, ladies' capes, and children's gretohcu cloaks.
Bought Them at One-Third Less
Than the regular wholesale prices. This rneans
a prcat caving; to the retail purchaser, as they
w ill be marked much less than the tegular whole
sale prices.
A Grand Cut on Cloaks on Hand
To make them correspond in value to the new
Lot 1 Ladies' jackets, assorted styles and
colors, reduced to f2.97.
Lot 2 Ladies' jackets, plain and fur trimmed,
redtictd to $4.77.
Lot 3 Ladies' jackets, two kinds seal edging,
reduced to ifG.Sa.
Lot 4 Ladies' jackets, assorted styles with
and without fur, reduced to 7. CO.
Lot 5 Ladies' jackets, three styles with and
without fur, reduced to $9.45.
Lot C Ladies' jaekets, fine plain tan garment,
reduced to f 11.97. ,
Lot 7 Ladies1 jackets, fine medium brown
Beaver, reduced to $13.48.
- Lot 8 Ladies' jackets, fine St. Bro. Bearer
cape, piped with Black Opossum, $13.44.
Ixt Ladies' jackets, Xo. . 406, very stylish,
piped with seal edrc. $1..75.
Lot 10 Ladies' jackets, Xo. 410, brown clashed
capes, red uc ted to $16.50.
Lot 1 1 Ladies' jackets. No. 756, Tan Kersey
lined throughout with changeably silk lining,
formerly $22.50, reduced to $14.50.
I A)t 12 Tan Kersey jacket, Persian lamb cape,
formerly $27.50. now" marked $19.48.
Lot 13 Jacket of best Veruiubo Beaver, cape
and cuffs, trimmed with Stone Martin, reduced
from $33 to $25.
Ladies' Black Jackets.
Formerly $4.!iS now reduced to $2.97.
A heavy black jacket, sizes up to 44, at $4.69.
Xo. C75, heavy black jacket, fur collar, at $6.39.
Xo. 9, line black jacket with cape, reduced to
A line of line black diagonals reduced to $8.39.
A line of line black diagonals reduced to $18.69.
Black Beaver cape trimmed with satin folda
and astraken. worth $24. reduced to $18.90.
We now have a complete line of the braided
skirt garments. Trices rango $11.50, $12.50,
$1C."0, $19.9. and $1:1.98. They come in black
and colors. Many of these came in the lot pur
chased at one-third off. ;. - . v
Ladies' Cloth.Capes. ' V
Have made a general reduction. Prices now
range from $7.98 to $19.90. This means a rcduo
tion of from $3 to $6 a garment. n
Misses' Jackets Special Numbers.
. 10 jackets, assorted styles, reduced to $3.66,
8 jaekets, assorted styles, reduced to $8.44.
5 jackets, assorted styles, reduced to $7.88.
Xo. 0270. Jackets, tan "with cape, piped with,
seal. $11.88.
Xo. 409, Jackets, tan mixed, real Beaver pipinz
reduced from $19 to $13.50. r
. Special Cut on .Fine Furs.
H 27-inch monkey caire martin collar reduced to
- 27-inch tndor cape, monkey, reduced to $39.60.
i - 30-inch La Rinecape, monkey, reduced to$44!o0.
'One face martin cape red need to $35. V
Monkey muffs reduced to $2.95, $4.40 and $4.60
Sets Muff and Boas.
One red fox set, formerly $16.50. at $12.60.
One gray fox set, formerly $13.60, at $10.50.
10 black hare sets will go at $2.26 a act.
P. S. Have purchased a second Ut of fine sheet
music. All will go at 5c,. qr 6 sheets for 25c
' -9
re i
i-f r-

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