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a v -amBs' w -aw.
;1-; PostofTicc the Scene
t f a PouUc Robber'.
live Ihousar.d Last Night,
More this Morning.
w t'ar Peed Were Ac
yi:v r. Thurston and Jones
Talk of Hawaii.
1 V':r,- ;n tho National Senate
and House.
I n:. v.". lVi llt. Last night
,: , I'm ahuVsaie stamp clerk, A.
. I; . r:.n. i the i'bicago poU
.,. u". n in L' private apart
r ,.;. , 'in, tin; up the receipt of the
, .,; a!-., ukin; an inventory of
. . , k i'ii hand, a Mransrr gained
l..:i. . ianee l'V getting OOln the "Ig.
r:,' n ,.. ii the employ r if the office
, .. i i i '.xvmnnU'atinti with each
, ! , - . :,n I t'aZintf lderton, ren-,!.-:
l.'ni UDruliM'iun, secured
a i.' "and escaped. There in
: i i ', w caterer to the robber.
;!,' nrnlng another stranger
,ir. t!n- attention if the stamp
,:.-, in tlir ptal nt- department,
; an armful of stamp., and
Ikr lal !- Makers.
A .iiiM.r, iVc. 13. In the urn
a:, i.i.'.a.. senator Fry kc on the
II ur Hawaiian resolution, lontrast
the ai'llitir of Steven and
I; : T. nn l reflecting seriously on
;'u ...;;er. tleclaring that his report
i!rl ii 't e.n!ain a line of truth.
In the house the bill granting the
Kit .:!. Oklahoma & Southern rail-
tin- right of way through Gala
h - .a a passed. Representative
II .'n.uu offered a resolution torn
n! :r. if collusion existed Ik-t worn
:!," i.:ival contractors and official
r.ar!',n the premiums for vessel
i:i; 4l I'altl Krtnrt-tl.
-:iin;t.n. 1. t'., Dee. 13. A
. riai il latt'e i.4 repnrted to have
:irr-1 iu the harlxir at Kio Jan
tUaatta A fairs
KkA't'i. Ifc-c. 13 Minister
Ti.ur-ton said testerdar that the
II i t',ii!u news wa jnst what he ex
v I. Minister. of Finance Jones
ui !' r the ijtifrn and the provisional
rr.M'Tit. stat- that e-lmni
vit:,. r I'.lount refused 1o hear the
. . '. nn- presented bv the provis-
i il vernni-nt. a it would Iikelv
t l ur rlashed with his preeoncciV'
'1 i l as i.f the situation.
ItrMg Carpvalrra Klllvtl.
riii..!UK. ., !M 13 Three
l':i t ni Tc & Ohi bridge carenters
t. utailv, and three senouslv in
, ! 1 whiir r movinj a companj ice
Ii '.! h fe t'tdsV.
ralnm r nw.liaaary.
Nmv.iimo. 111.. Ivc. II. The mi
ni state .ran;'e. l'atmna of Has
! .r '!ry, iin-t lirn- tlrs mominjr in an-
...I wssinn. Iatid Ward Wood, editor
' ' '.'ir I ariiHTi' Volee. Chicajrn. le-
'. . 1 thr npeninjr addrrsa and the
-niii ;?! on rmlrntlils tlien Jf ot to
" U. The attendance of ttrtetratea is
it., i r an.l it m wndrrstood that the
" 'i'T i r.ot a- trtatperoua as it haa
I t..'.irv hern..
i 11 - - ' .- . . . -
Bterrui Makas .. Ktmrt h. ...
Ara4-ua-kt -tiIihi
the Uaaaa.
?f conjna Senator Morrill in
troduced a bill making provision for a
t -a , SuIcra, eurt.t.nildinfr. It
. . jm.. m lle bas reint.
duced it It call f..r ,1. .i
ton or darcct purchase of the plot of
jrroun 1 bonndM by east Capitol rtrwt
on the south. It strvet on the north,
and Urst and Second stwta on the
cast and Wcu Thi!( won,d
, , t. ui ana equal
in aiw to that octnpiwi bv the
new lihrarr of ri'nn. i i
practicallv extend the capit.! proun.l
me block eaMwanL .The prop..Hl
site la said to contain isn.li, sfjiiare
The prx-sent Snn-vn... j
altoprthrr inndmjuate to the r.nirc
nients of the conrl nn.l .1...
"t a rhan ha, l..np Wn reeofrniztML
.... ir wicexcii i.v .Mr. Morril w.mH
J an idTil one. and thew mvum to lie
little doubt that the erection of a
HUllUmi Which miul.l .nrw.nn.1
court of last nort w ith the acccs
Myiea which its dij-nity demands would
w ua peroral arprovaL
B.a CataMltta lieeldaa ta ravoraMy
liraort th Ultt iieaotatln-M.
WasIIIotoN. IVe, 12. The Iiotiu.
coimittee on foreign a.Tairs this mom
ma ordered a favorable report on
the resolutions intrNluc?d by Mr.
Hitt of Illinois calling on the
lr.-siderit for the corresnond-
enc in the lluTrniiut, niaftn.
including' the instruetions piven Min
ister Willis. The original resolutions
were amended so as to have the data
called for include the correspondence
between Minister Stevens and the
forme rjidiuinUtration.
The committee on Hie jTKl'.ciary,
after a lively discussion, voted to re
port favorably Mr. bailey's bankruptcy
bill. The measure is brief, providinj
for voluntary bankruptcy only, and
was drawn to meet the objectiona
raised iu the houe to the OateV bilk
Few Mraibera on Hand to Listen to the
('aplain'a Tracer.
ffm!Xiit(is, IKc IS. There was
a Mnall attendance f memlH-rs in the
house w hen the chaplain offered prayer
this uiorninc. althonph expectations
had Ix-en raisel that the day would be
liroiilic with intereslinjr incidents
owinjr to the fact that the bill admit
ting ft ah territory as a state had been
niitdc a sjiccia! order after the morning
hour. The annual report of the coast and
-cfsletM! survey, w ith other executive
document, were laid la-fore the house.
Mr. Iterthold, democrat, of Missouri,
made a personal explanation, staling
that bis name had been recordeil aa
absent durlnjr the vole on the bank
ruptcy bill, whereas he had been pres
ent and voted for the bill.
Mr. Oalkoaito Talks Rrcardlos tho
"Itallrnad AemrtHeoieut.
WasiiimhoV. lie.'. IS. The mcmlKTS
of the military affairs committee are
indignant because of the report that
they intentionally incorporated a rail
way advertisement In their Cherokee
strip report. Ilcpreseutative Outh
waite of Ohio. the. chairman of the
committee, said:
This rc"rt came to the house in
response to a resolution asking the
war department for information. It
was printed according1 to the ml of
the house and referred to the commit
tee on military affairs. It was never
sulmiitted to the committee nor to the
clerk of the committee nntil it was in
printed form, so the charge that cither
the committee or its clerk Is responsi
ble for this irTejrularity is entirely
without foundation.'
Bavarian; too Tariff.
Witnir.Tnii. Hec IS. The mormui
session of the ways and means com
mittee to-dav was limited to forty
minute. The sugar schedule waa
the first considered. The republicans
were undecided yesterday whether
tbey should offer amendment
... h silnnr it to be passed
noon without debate. The latter course
... a a- 1 1..t
was adopted, vt ncn me srrcuiiuri
schedule was r?che:l a motion wa
made to restore the df. in the exist
i i ThM motions were made
U " - - .
with special reference to barley, oops
and live animals, ouv rncj '
ccssivcly defeated by strict party
Lm ra law Caao.
,r . i lee. 12. The ease of
. . ..till. Miehimin SuDreme
court against Commissioner Lochren,
la which Is ibvoitcu
r raimmissioner to suspend
rtOWCI vm -
pensions repnlarly allowed, w. Us
i i iw. 22 before Judffe Urad-
lev of the Saprene court of the Dis
trict of Columbia. Frederick A. Baker
. ... ti ,ll nmunt JudffC Lone'a
aide of the case; Ownralssioner Uichrea
wiU be repreaenteu oy -tomey-OcBcraa
Whitney.- Whatever
th decision of tlic lower coert may be,
Uecaae wUl alUmaVcly And IU war
remc court of the L'nitea
A ria( Caaaos Caia.at.
WAsntttflTOK. Dec 15. The Chinese
flag, which floats over the new quart
era of the Chinese legation iu this city.
at causing no little comment andcrit
icisiu io diplomatic circles. It is the
first time that a foreign flag has waved-
eontinuonsly over a legation in Wash
ington. The ministers of other coun
tries hoist their flags on fete days and
the national holidays of their coun
tries, but the Chinese are the first to
raiaa their flag as a regular feature.
Tao Kraatsx.
WAsrtrxc.To, Dec. IS. Mr. Cullora
of Illinois addressed the senate this
morning on the federal election laws,
to repeal which the house bill is on the
order of business. He reviewed the
legal questions involved in a federal
supervision of elections.taking a broad
view of the constitutional power of the
reneral government to regulate elec
tions for federal officer.
IMII of latrrrat to rortmastcrs.
WasiuXrtoN-. Ibv. 1" A bill rluniN
ing the method of bundling postmas
ters certificate of deposit, so as to
send them directly to the sixth auditor
instead of, as now, to the third assist
ant postmaster general, was taken up
and nasse:! in the house. The purpose
of the bill is to expedite the settle
ment of postmasters' accounts.
rros-laioaal Uon-raaient Continue In
Control la Bnwatl.
VAXcorvKo, It. C, Dec. Ii. The
Australian steamer Arawa arrived at
Victoria at a. m. to-day. She brings
news that uccn I.ilioukalani has not
been restored to the Hawaiian throne
and that there has been no trouble in
Honolulu. Since the arrival of the
last reports there have been but two
things of a significant nature. The
annexationists held a mass meeting on
Saturday. Nov. 25, and adopted resolu
tions in effect appealing to the V uited
Ststes congress over the address
of IVcsiileist Cleveland, Secretary
Cresham and Mr. ISlor.nt. On the four,
days preccclingthe sailing of the Arawa
the troops of the provisiona govern
tnent were busy fortifying and
barricading the government house
or the castle, as formerly called. The
worU was leing done with sand
bags principally. As the Arawa sailed
from the harbor troops could lie seen
from the deck of the steamer busily en
Caged in heaping np the breastworks.
. Coal Operators at Wat.
Coi-mura, Ohio, Dec 12. A, singn
1st scheme has been discovered, the
object oi w hich is to prevent the com
petition of the soft coal of eastern
Pennsylvania with the coal of the
Hocking valley. I.ast winter the
Hocking valley trust advanced the
price of coal lAccntsatonatwholesale.
Members of the trust now complain
that they were being undersold by the
Pennsylvania operators, who have
shipped 10.0110 tons to Cleveland alone
last month. The operators, therefore,
decided to make a cut of 10 cents a ton
in wages. The executive Vnicrd of the
National Miners association has takeit
t'nc matter in hand, and an cfiort has
been made to indue; the miners of
Pennsylvania to strike for the same
wajjes as their Ohio brvlhren. An ad
vance of 4 -i cents a ton would put
them on the same footing.
Fadcralloa ot Labor.
C.iica;o, Dec. 12. The time of the
meeting of the Federation of lalor
was almost all taken up to-day by long
and tedious addresses by clergymen
declaring the love the church bore to
the working classes. The following
clergymen addressed the convention:
l.ishop Samuel Fallows, Kev. Dr. IL
W. Thomas, Kev. Arthur Edwards,
Rev. Simeon Oilln-rt, Hev. 11. White,
Kev. lr. Williston and Kal bi llrovviu
President Uompers replied in a
rntler strong speech, in which he said
that too long it had been the custom
of the minister to talk not up to but
down to the laboring tc&n. He was
glad to ss.'c the clerg- inj around,
now that labor seen, mu 10 getting
the best of it.
A Cashier Kills Ulna
dam. HKMr.it, N. V., Dec
12. Albert
ft. Itruman, receiving cashier of the
Kochester Savings bank, committed
suicide by shooting himself at his
home at H o'clock. He had been ill for
three weeks suffering from a severe
attack of grip,, and it is supposed that
despondency prompted the act.
Ulg Kail Works Closo Down.
Ci.rVklasd, Ohio, Dec 12. The II.
P. JS'ail company, one of the largest
manufacturers of nails and wire rods
in the country, will, owing to lack of
orders, close down for an indefinite
period within a few days, and TOO men
will be added to the army of unem
ployed iu this city.
- Aa'Old Landmark to Co.
Old Fort Crawford, once one of the
most important military posts in Colo
rado, will soon be destroyed. The build
ings are advertised for sale and in a few
weeks will be razed. It was in the
neighborhood of this military establish
ment that the Utes, SO years ago, com
mitted some of their bloodiest crimes.
Chief Ouray, "the friend of the whits
man, lived within a stone's throw of
the crumbling barracks, and also within
sight was the home of Colorow, the rene
gade chief. Since their day the valley
has been settled by peaceful farmers and
is now one of the happiest and most
tTapawina spots in tins land K.ha..g.
Valllaaf. Who Tkrew the Dynamtta,
TUItad One ot Hla Victims Last Weak
Tao Mom Trial Beft-aa la Edla
bonch Coaoral Cablegrams.
Paris, Dec 13. While Vaillant was
in America he mixed with an anarchist
named t,raillat, who was afterward
lynched there. Ry a singular coinci
dence alhant last week visited the
Ablic I.e Mvre, who was among the
deputies injured by the explosion cf
alliant s bomb. Ablie I-e Mvre took
Vaillant's name and address and gave
him a few francs. Vaillant almost ad
mits that he drew lots with other an
archists to decide who should under
take the murderous work.
Ten anarchists were with him in the
gallery and they are now in custody.
All of them have spent a portion of
their lives in England, showing that
the anarchists are organized and
eventually will be fonnd to ba sub
sidized by patrons who have been gen
erally regarded as apostles of less
militant doctrines.
Cieat Throne of Spectators at Opening
of the Case.
ElllVm-ROir. TV, t Th lnniu...
. - ---
neefnd trial nf Aiffvwt Jnlin Mm.cn n
tutor, charged with the murder of
iicul. Windsor Dudley Cecil Ilam-
branirh. oiMnH fit th. aliAmlTo
Wfore lArd Kingsbiirgh, lord justice
clerk of Scotland. The trial of Mon
son is of special interest, to the lifn in.
suranee companies and especially to
tne Mutual L.ile Insurance company
us it. had f ten nolinims K-.fl nno ..u
on the lieutenant's life, policies which
are said to have been secured through
Monson. Monson is a short, slim, very
young-iooKing. clean-shaven, gentle
manli.. man. ITe van tlinmnrvlil.. re
posed and wore a long, dark "brown
Mark Sympathy for Hooker.
Home, Dec. 12. Much sympathy i;
felt for Mr. Y. Hooker, the American
partner of the banking house of Ma
quay & Hooker, which has suspended.
After the failure of the Iianca Komana
it was the oldest bank in Home and Mr.
Hooker is the oldest established Ameri
can banker in Europe. The failure
vras brought about by the collapse of
lac t rcuit M obi lie r.
Seized a r reach Ship.
Brr.xos Avni.s, IVc 12. It is re
ported here that Admiral Mcllo, com
mander of the insurgent Brazilian
fleet, has seized the French merchant
steamer Parahyba. a vessel of J,!)SC
tons. She left Harry, England, Oct 5
for liucnos Ayres.
To' Wed the Cur's Daughter.
Vienna, Dec 12. The Montag's
Zeitung says that the Archduke Franz
Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary,
will bhortly be be
trothed to the Orand Duchess Zenia.
eldest daughter of the czar. The
grand duchess was born April 3, 1S75.
Harronrt May Give Consent.
Losnox. Dec 18. The Times says it
Is rumored tbaA. Sir William Vernon
Harcourt, chancellor of the exchequer,
after a long opposition, has consented
to provide for an extensive ship-build-ing
program in lS'.it.
Cholera at feu retcrabarf.
St. PKTKitsju o, Dec. 12. A thaw
has set en here and with it there is a
recrudescence of cholera. Yestenlay
there were thirty-eight cases and fif
teen deaths reported.
Brbel Leaders to Ba Liberated.
Itrr.xos Avkks. Icc 12. Gen. Alctn
and Col. Espina, leaders in the recent
revolutionary movement and who are
now in prison, will be liberated shortly
by order of the Supreme court.
Australian Wheat Crop.
Eoxnox. Dec 12. An estimate nftha
Australian wheat crop for 18J3 places
the yield of Victoria at 13.500,000 and
South Australia at 11,250,000.
Watchman George Frederick
While Fbrhtlaa- the names.
Arnt RN, ind., Dec 12. The factory
of the Auburn Church Furniture com
pany, one of the largest factories here,
burned at 2 o'clock this morning.
Oeorge Frederick, the night watch
man, perished in the flames while
fighting the fire. Loss, 825,000; insur
ance, 9,000.
Aa Old Lady Barns to Death.
Emzabkthtow.v, III., Dec 12.
Grandma Sarah Clair, aged 92 years,
the oldest woman in Hardin county,
was burned to' death yesterday. She
was living with her grandson, Emsly
F.luir, in Itattery Kock precinct. In th
absence ot her grandson and family the
bouse took fire and in her enfeebled
condition she was unable to get oat
of the building, which was totally de
stroyed. It is supposed the fire waa
started by a spark falling from the
old lady's pipe.
Why Ambition la imhwmiiL
"Why do we honor ambition and de
spise avarice, while they axe both but
the desire of nossessiota?' inquired
friend of Richard Brinaley Sheridan,
"Because," anawered he, "the one is
natural, tl otter artiflcul; the one the
sign of mental health. Am other of men
tal decay; tne tam anttite, to other
Big Gtore.
All Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Our Greatest Values.
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $$ -Twenty
styles of overcoats, worth $20 - -Twelve
stvles of overcoats, worth $12
The largest and chapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Effect Monday, and will Remain Until
Cloaks are Sold.
We have purchased, and will place on tale an
assorted lot of Manufacturers1 Samples, consist
ing of the very latest productions in braided
skirts, and tight fitting ladies and misses' jack
ets, ladies capes, and children's gretchen cloaks.
Bought Them at One-Third Less
Than the regular wholesale prfces. This means
a great saving to the retail purchaser, as they
w ill lie marked much less than the regular w hole
sale prices.
A Grand Cut on Cloaks on Hand
To make them correspond in value, to the new
Lot 1 Ladies jackets, assorted styles and .
colors, reduced to f2.97.
Lot 2 Ladies' jackets, plain and fur trimmed,
reduced to $4.77.
Lot 3 Ladies' jackets, two kinds seal edging,
reduced to $6.Si.
Lot 4 Ladies' jackets, assorted styles with
and without fur, reduced to 7.66.
Lot 5 Ladies' jackets, three styles with and
without fur, reduced to (9.45.
Lot 6 Ladies' jackets, fine plain tan garment,
reduced to til. 97.
Lot 7 Ladies' jackets, fine medium brown
Beaver, reduced to f 13.48.
Lot 8 Ladies' jackets, fine St. Bro. Beaver
cape, piped with Black Opossum, f 13.48.
Lot Ladies' jackets. No. 406, verj stvlish,
piped with 6eal edge. $15.75.
Lot 10 Ladies' jackets, No. 410, brown slashed
capes, reducted to 116.50.
"Lot 11 Ladies' jackets. No. .756, Tan Kersey
lined throughout with changeably silk lining,
. formerly f 22.50. reduced to f 14.50.
Lot 12 Tan Kersey jacket, Persian Iamb cape,
formerly 127.50, now marked 1 19.48.
Lot 13 Jacket of best Vcrumbo Beaver, cape
and cuffs, trimmed with Stone Martin, reduced
from fS3 to 25.
Blue Front.
- S9 9J
14 9J
- 7 50
Blue Front.
Ladies' Black' Jackets.
Formerly fl.98 now reduced to f2.97.
A heavy black jacket, sizes up to 44, at 4.69.
No. 670, heavy black jacket, f urcollar. at $6.39.
No. 869, line black jacket with cape, reduced to
A line of tine black diagonals reduced to $8.39.
A line of line black diagonals reduced to $18.69.
Black Beaver cape trimmed with satin folds
and atraken. worth $24. reduced to $18.90.
We now have a complete line of the braided
skirt garments. Prices range $11.50. $12.50.
16.50, $19.y5 and $13 98. They come in black
and colors. Many of these came in the lot pur
chased at one-third "off.
Ladies'- Cloth Capes.
Have made a general reduction. Prices now -range
from $7.98 tn $19.90. This means a reduc
tion of from $3 to $6 a garment.
Misses' Jackets Special Numbers.
10 jackets, assorted styles, reduced to 3.66,
8 jackets, assorted styles, reduced to 8.44.
5 jackets, assorted styles, reduced to 7.88.
No. 9270. Jackets, tan with cape, piped with
seal. $11.88.
No. 409, Jackets, tan mixed, real Beaver piping
reduced from $19 to $13.50.
Special Cut on Fine Furs.
27-inch monkey cape martin collar redaeed to
$24 50. ; .
27-inch tudor cape, monkey, reduced to 39.50.
30-inch La Kinecape, monkey, reduoed to 44.60.
One face martin cape reduced to 35.
Monkey muffs reduced to 2.95. 4.40 and 4.60
Sets Muff and Boas.
One red fox set, formerly 16.50. t 1 60
One gray fox set. formerly 12.60. at 10.50.
10 black hare sets will go mX 2.25 net.
P. S. Have purchased a aeeosMl lot of fine sheet
music. All will go at 6c, or 4 sheets for 25c.

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