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.Ni:m!T of Criminals Pay
l inal Tcnalty.
Vn-:r ti-ncral McCabc Found
, II ' l'' in 1'uffalo This
M ittnN .ctea upon in the
I'nitci! -States Senate.
Pk.xikx .1 i t:. Oat.. Ic. 14
I i,:,r!'. l.iH'kiT. h mnriioresi Ms
.(,,.,-, in-. itir and tcj-niotlier,
. .1 I...... ,1.1, ..... I...
i h ill.1 ii' i'' !- ni"i
'::r-i:: I at. II. Anc-Io Zap.
tin- murderer of frank llilinstrt-
I 1 I : - :
t.'T. N:l- ecni-ti in-ri- till morning.
Ikr wt ltirrnNi.lil,
U t.iiiv. t. D. C. iVr. II. In
i. . n it.- the a-nmrnlttisn on prii
, . nii'l election decided by a party
.:r t" rcp-al tin federal election
Tin- minority will report a
;-i . ;-jmiti.n. A bill was intfiv.
, I It tli" coin.;;" of silver dol.
i-. -: tin seninragr rale of $.'..).
i" : innli. ami to recall the pa-
I' r K.t '"il stnail denomination
tirmi lira: iiiirr.iu.
i it wo. I;u. 14. TLc Arcade
i.m .! n.-. n Main. 1 Union ami
tti-'i r.-t n streits. tirtlnT with
'U.i .;n.n" muaeo, Slu'an music
inii ,m ! ii-rU's ;r.Trr, and a Dinn
er if store., offices anl dwelling
t-i-i 'ii.-'i i wrr ieiroyrii ny lire
li . ii .niin. entailing a lo- of $!,
frr tatitettipt fiM'nart.
II ;...k,n., Ibf. It John (i. Mi-
k,i: tiir Omev !Und magistrate.
sentenced to 3.1 days. Sn jail ami
I., tv i tin. a.f k. ft Ihi. tlliif-n n I
j rntfmjit of Juilp Barnard's
t 'iiri.
!:: trtr Ian Klllrd.
h:in ii Ih'c. 11. Duvid Woti-
-tu.ui. an electrician, win shocked
t death tin niormnrr lr a live wire
t u orlkin? with.
tlr.r leavral .WrCabr L'vpirr.
.H.N..M kit, i;. i., ikt. 14.
Vi.'i- di tiiTrftl MeCalie was found
"i. i'! ti.n niomiDL'.
Indorsed l.t-STrllln-.'sl Ireular.
.:.;.i. K.i. Dm. It. Ara un-ctiiiR of
... r iii:i.i club, fully -ji) prr-ut,a risu
.;. n m i Klo;itil l tlirfT-ct Ihnf'to
1 t'l'.r in t (.time; tint' an boimt work
.. ii.ii: mnjr ut any time lirconie nneiii
' owiii tu iiuiuittiral cunili:inn
r.u.;.l uruunil It a M)I Ttrlii of
ii' . rtc. He.; ami Unit tiorrrnor
w'v.imiii'4 . riKlit tn liw cirrul ir of tu-
r i i..ii.. to tlir police IkmiiI. f the tilt
: m r :ti, ot KiinK ml that it meets
r bfiirry intiorwiiiFiit.''
-. i.;m.ku:j, l.K, Iec. 14. tinTemor
A.: ii.M matle tlie foIiowitiK appoint
n.. it.; I'.t I m. .limult, Chicago, nieiu
Kt "f tiirotnte toanl of pharniarjr; John
A J.irtm, pruln lnrtor at Miehton;
'li. iim t.iil, of lWUrvt.lr, tub warden
..li.oiiu routi'y; Willuint C Murelainl,
An. t. (I'llil e stiitnlinn for Union cuuntjr.
?-. ar I. Zlla AIT
Ni Vot:k. Ut la The lnwjrr of
II. . ll.i Ni nLiu deny the report that
i.m itU.!rjwn her suit for 14 ',WJO
i ;: (i-nrK ti iui.1 and ff -il to EunM-;
lli'-i f ili J I, (inlnirjr. American
t. in). hit mt iie lii iit sail on
t ." NiiMi.innU puttittvely rTorlril iu
I N. w ii.k llerniU, anl lteotr tiotiltl
-joiirre brrn no coniproiutM or ar
r.i,-u .u rtli-rteti.
A in.m with a l:irr thntub i4:onl't
r-r i i; rry a wor::an with a iimiUr
.r.w'ieri.tii'. Thwwill iu auch case
l .i t'Mtxtunt tmtn.-If fur trw ruantrrr.
wmEsr AM BIST.
When the New Tariff Bill Shall
Be Reported.
- I
wk; L"? ,",'n,,l,
,1 . t.Crerth OeBeit
-1 he Vesed e.ll..a af laea-aa Tma Btl
tterk-N. Coa,Mratl t.tlI An
Iha Maliu.,, rrbl,lsa. Impartaat
Itallire. oa I'rk.iou..
AsmscTos. Dec. -4.-TU9 wars and
means commutes hs, onlered the new
tariff bill to be roportel to the house nest
inewiir. At the meeting on Tnesday
mornm,- th majority will submit to tbs
Kepnbl.can members of tbe committee
eopies of Us report oa the tariff bill. The
bill wlich bns licea completed is tbe cus
toms portico orlr. The time of !u con
sideration in the hon-e has not been de
IcrralneJ np-wi, bt the probabilities
eero to be that it rannot possibly be
reached l-eforo the holidays. Tbe post
ponement of a Democratic caucus on the
ground that Iho internal revenue bill was
it couiplcted iudiuttes that the customs
bill -i;i not he t Akin np nutil the inter
nal revenue bill is reported to the house.
It is sold by the Democratic members that
the snli committee on internal revenue
wiil Ki t work on this portion of the bill
until after Ctiatnmtn Wilson finishes bis
Tha Inrxinar tnx lWtn r(a.
The internal rvvcuue f, nl ures are now
In uth hnpe fiat thektiUcnniniittpe does
not ra-e to proceed ami it U heceMsry for
tbe majority niemlMTs to cotui Jit ;br bill
before fun her prore-uican lie made. That
It, the majority must determine whether
tbe interne tax must be ipecial or frenera!
before miuh further pro-re-j-can tie made.
The ripirette x-hcdulc of the customs bill
was intrraned tor tbe purpose of allowing
an increase of interruil revenue taxes on
clR.irrttes. It K thought that the increano
will yield alinut tt.wn.ooo revenue from
thissonrce. Sir.ic changes were made in
the bill as follows: Common soap, made
dutiable at Sii per cent.; flax ncttimr. made
dutiable at 30 percent. sU; stili wines
in casks, hot changed as to rates, but a
proviso added that no such wines shall pay
mure t iinn U.t per cent.
Tbe Vlcarrtte rteml Will Howl.
The internal revenue tax on cigarettes is
raised from IkJ cents to tl.iW per mnnd on
cigarettes in paprr wrapper-i, to take effect
after the 1st d:y of July, istn. Alnmimum
is raisril from 1 to 2i per cent. Tiie wire
scheilule, clusitied, is changed so as to
make it include certain drill rods and
needle rods, w iiicli w ill raise their rale
f roiu StoU per cent.
RafesajBK tbe tirantiaa nf aaf J llj.il 1 1 s
linn fur 1'ea.lfins.
Washington. IVc. It Asuistnut Secre
tary of the Interior Ilcynolds has mnde
four important pension rulings, lie hits
decided that the net of congress prohibit
ing the payment of jiensinn after July,
IMKi, to a iioa-resideul of the Cnired States,
except for actual service disabilities, ap
plies to widows who are non-resident
aliens; that where a soldier dies leaving
a lvt;al!y divorce. I wile and niiuor chil
dren over 10 years old. his mother occu
pies a licnsmnaliie status and can apply
tor and receive a pviision as denilunt
mother of sutholuiur upon making neces
sary proof.
lie also decided that where an invalid
pensioner dies leavintj no increase or
reraliiiK clAim pending at the bureau, but
bad accepted the rate of pension then
received wi'.hout uvniurriiii;, the widow
cannot tile an oaigiual chum for rerstiiiK
ofbrrdead bustmnd's pension. It is also
decided that the commissioner of -tensions
has no authority to change terms of con
tract for pension attorneys' fees where the
contract with the claimant was iu accord
ance with the law, nor call he refuse to
issue a pension to a claimant because the
allowance is instifliuieiit to pay tbe fee
contracted for. Certificate should issue
irrrspTvliva of the amount due,
Java f:. Illark's llan(Mer Married.
Washington. I. 14. The marriage of
Misa Grace Mildred lliack, sianghter of
lli nresentative and Mrs. John C. Black,
to the Itev. Frank Itufliiigton roomun,
took place at St, John's Kncotl church
in the presence of a large number of ie
ple well known iu the social world here
and at Chicago ami Itoston.
bilver leader, la Meet.
WjstlINnN. Icc. 14 The prominent
silver leaders of the country will meet in
Washington tomorrow for a two days'
-onrrrvm-e It is iirotwsed to raise a birge
fund and devise means for electing a sil
ver msjorityiuthenityjourxn congress.
Yaeaiaatttm Nat aa tUprriasent.
rruiS;Fti:t.li. His., Dec 14 The state
board of heultli has issued acirculnrto
school directors In w hich the latter arc
told relative to the complainis against
vaccination on various grounds that the
time for discussion is past; that the re
nnirement for vaccination of school chil
dren is law and that the directors have
no discretion in the matter and are not au
thorised to set aside the law. Statistics
are given showing thai inUermauy In 181
there were but lifty-ei;,-Ut cases iu tbe
vear ami. to answer the objection that
vaccination is dangerous It is stated that
oat of .4.-..41 . persons vaccinated in Ger
many In 1" ' bere mn "in,e 1 .
oHe Tbe board promises lo stand he
tweca school directors and damages.
rail W a UrMge.
, Drc 14. S. Kose and
Uaisley left Hnversiraw wren a
. . i.ia hour. On the return noma
bhsd to cro-a ra.lroad bridge. When
rl "chd the structure it was very
lUd hoTh men awlhow.sf.il off to
lEL EX Tbe tu -U animal, were
.iius I'aad Myslery.
CTDiui. Ills.. Dec 14.-Tbe coroner'.
j .1.. McClelland pond n;
tbe coroner and toe T.
7" taken to Salem, where new
rtaat TMnpatca Sot Mtulng fYaia
Ilia feltate DapartraeaU
WABHtXGTOx, Dec 14. The statement of
i a Democratic member of the boo&e foreign
affairs committee that two important di
records 1 denied at the state department,
It is ascertained at the department that
the story rirolwbly originate'! from infor
mation given to a congressman that letters
from Minister Stevens to the secretary had
for some time fornbadowed a probable
outbreak at Honolulu. One in November,
IWJ, detailed the manner iu which the
outbreak would probably oocar, and fore
told the t'harae'erof tbe revolution in a
way which was verified by the events of
January, it is said, in minute particulars.
To all this information from Minister
Stevens it is said that there is no response
from toe secretary of tlje state in the rec
ords of the department and had not been
at any time. The inference to be made is
that Minister Stevens understood what
was desired for him to do and did not need
further written instructions. It isclaiiued,
also, that these dispatches from Stevens
are to lie relied iixm to show that he bad
nu understanding with the lenders of the
provisional government as to the action
I hey were go to lake many months before
the revolution.
Itaaliae ltsii:es Takes Vp the Mesaiaa
Tu. Irlr-atn Knlibrd.
Ciiic.uki, Ik-c. 14. At the session of tbe
American ldcraiion ol Ijdior the pro
ceedings were entirely of a routine nature.
The introduction of resolutions to lie sub
mitted to the different Kinnding commit
tees was rot. tinned. In the main thy con
sisted of local grievances throughout the
coutitiy, willed the unions have expe
rienced and oa winch they desired to lisv?
t he convention take action. Various reso
lution wrre introduced for the amalgama
tion of local nnious for the goot' of the
federation. A protest wasentered against
the sale of gomis niaile by contract convict
i.ibur iu the peual institutions of Ohio.
It is cxni tc.il that tiic election of oRicrrs
will take place tomorrow and there is
considerable talk among the delegates
concerning the future occupant of the
president's chair. Many are in favor of
rcsricTting I 'resident Ufimpers as an ex
pression of appreciation of his good work
and services. Stcretarr Chris Kvans
will doubtless he re-elected.
Delegates, lYilliaui Hughes, of Muncic,
lud.nndS. K. l:os,.of lied ford. Mass..
were robls-il of tV; and f 4J resis?ctively
while alocp in tlieir room at the liris
Trjper lirrlrjr lias a Story.
MlsxiiLA, Mout., Dec. 14. Hen. Kceley,
the t rapper w ho assisted the Carlin party to
etcape from theClenrwnterc:iiintry,claims
that the nliandonnient of Colua.e was a
cowardly desertion, young Carlin having
even refused to let Col.-ate have any food,
although lie was at the time able to walk
slowly. Keeley'a whole story is very
derogatory to you us Carlin, Jhmuiel
wright aud 1'ierce. lie is suing General
Carlin for the reward, ff- ' TrF
freaUergast and Cauglilin.
CntCAdo, Dec 14. The jury in the Pren
dergast tiiul having been secuied the law
yers began their opening statements to
the jury, tbe state bMng represented by
Assistant State Attorney Todd nnd the
defense by Attorney Wade, At tbe Cro
tiin trial the identification of exhibits
shown at the former trial tfas continued
and Dr. Cronin's clothes nnd surgical in
struments were scauned nnd ideuti!:ed.
V Law for Ueiief ISontls.
Lansinu, Mich., Dec 14. In the case uf
the board of supervisors of Dickinsou
county against the chairman of tbe board,
a writ of m.inuanius to compel him to
sign W.OOT) of bonds for the relief of the
destitute there, tbe writ has been denied
by the supreme court. The canrt holds
t hat t he loar.l bad no authority to vole
the relief bonds.
Kcheic Admits Mis tlascality.
Ml!CXEAPt)Lls.Dec 14. Philip M. tfchcig,
the alnconUing teller of tbe Eunk of Jkliu
benpolis surprised every one by pleading
guilty in the district court, lie did this
without co-mulling any attorney and as
soon as be was arraigned. It is believed
tbat au agreement bns liren made with the
, bank and that this plea is part of toe
lie r'raaee Gets a Habeas Corpus.
LanMNU, Mich., Dec 14. The supreme
court has granted a writ of halieas corpus
in the De fiance case aud he will be
brought here uud the arguments for bis
tis-:harge upon tbe ground of excessive
bail conflicting with the state constitution
will be beard before the full bench.
Qairk Lawmaking la (-'ranee.
pAkls, Die 14. The minister of the in
terior aud tbe minister of justice con
ferred regarding the application of the
new press law, which will be enforced to
day. AU incitements to commit dynamite
outrages aud nil glorifications I crime
will be rigorously prosecuted.
(urge I'alntar Mast Haug.
Sl'iaNuKttLD, Ills., Dec 1A Governor
Altgeld heard tbe application for re
prieve of Ucorge Painter, aenteuced to be
hanged tomorrow at Chicago, for the
murder of bis mistress, Alice MarUu, April
1J, lV.'l. by alrangulation. Tbe governor
dediued to giaut tbe reprieve
Vreat acottt Uvctar ItepeW. '.
LaiMkin, Dec 14. Tbe Financial Tinges
priiiat au interview with Chauncey M. De
pew in which, explaining tbe American
depression, Depew said: "Uusiness before
the panic of 1MK! was ueiug conducted in
the most conservative way within liviug
Alliaaoe flans a Campaign,
Ht'UOS, & D., Dac 14. President J. R.
Lowe and a uuiuber of leading Alliance
men net at the office of President Loucks
at Huron and arranged a aeries of. meet
ings to cover every county is the state.
Their design is to make schooluouae
Shot a W.sus aad Hlamsslf.
Dekykk, Dec 14. An unknown man
Who came here a abort time ago from Bos
ton, ataae., alio aou auieu a woman iu
rooea 16, Ixmg block, Kightee atn and
C bam pa atreeta. The asaa Uaw ahot biav
aUa-wwUldie, ...
The Honoluluan Writes Gresh
an a Salty Letter.
:t Waald Seesa That There Is a Kather
Kobast Liar aa Om ita sr the Other
The Mate fteeretary Criticised for Ills
Uealiags with tbe Anae&atioa Kavoy
Aa Abrupt Uepartara Motea. aad borne
Cegrets MeaUoaed.
Sax Feaxcisco, Dec 14. The mail from
Honolulu brings an open letter to Secre
iary Gresham from tbe Hon. Charles Ls
Carter, who came to the United States
shortly after the revolution of Jan. IS as
special commis Joaor of the provisional
government of Hawaii. The letter is in
reply to Secretary Gresham'a communica
tion to President Cleft-eland, upon which
the acts of Minister Snevens were repudi
ated by the United , States government,
and takes up each 'paragraph or propo
sition of the secretary's communication
seriatim, denying tbe allegations of fact
aud disputing ths premises of tbat docu
ment. At the outset Mr. Carter gives tbe
revolutionist version of the queen's at
tempt to. proclaim a new constitution.
There is nothing new in this portion.
No Delay in lUsrognitiua.
He acijuila Minister Stevens of any inter
ference and of the rbargc of being in the
"plot" lo oven brow thequeenand continu
ing the narrative of events shows bow the
provisional government received prompt
recognition, and he says: "The queen's
protest was a quibbling trick, which now
makes clear :o many of ns what we then
lonsidi red hej- cowardly surrender. Mar
hal Wilson assured n:e in an interview in
May last, ami told me he had given Com
missioner Dlount the same assurance,
that ha knew, while in charge of the
ttatiou-house on that day, that the Ameri
can troops would not and could not inter
fere; that be had this knowledge from
Captain Wilt-sv; that he urged an immedi
ate attack upon the revolutionary gov
ernment and demanded to lie put in con
trol or the cuecti s lorces, iuit that her
ex I i net were paralyzed by fear of their
ieronal safety aud dccliued to allow it."
(r .ham Charged with Evasion.
Carter snjs the open candor with which
the late secretaiy of slate, John W. Foster.
conducted his share iu negotiations for"an-
nexattnn is in marked contrast to the reti
cence th a, iias prevailed for the past few
mouths, and he com inues: "Yon Gresham
speak of H-cial commissioners sent to
Washiiigtou to nagotiate a treaty of an
nexation, and you Kay: 'Their statem ents
arc utterly at variance with evidence doc
umentary and oral contained in Mr.
mount's report.' Those commissioners
haj no opportunity from yon to make any
statements. Von absolutely and persist
ently evaded any- opportunity for that
purp ic .
TafsT SsslB..- Carter a MVarinf
fcGom4is Wilder and Marshea
were tbTjlate to leave Washington, which
they H4 alsant tbi time of the inaugura
tion. Mr. Castle stayed but a few days
longer, bavins slut one interview with
you, in which yon declined to say wheth
er not you cared to have the commission
ers as a body remain in Washington.
When Mr. Cxth4e:l Mr. Thurston went
to Chicago and I trns aione in Washing
ton, where I remaned for two mouths.
Von constantly declined to allow me an
interview for the purpose ot making a
statement for the commissioners or on be
half of t he provisional government. At
interviews which we did have you point
edly evaded all attempts which I made
at giving yon a statement, once going so
far us to interrupt me by rising from your
seat, excusing yourself aud abruptly leav
ing the room.
Intention to Cestore Lilk
"The day that news readied Washing
ton of t:ie lowering of the fl-ig I called
npon yon and asked you if the report were
I true You stated th.-.t you had no official
information on the subject, but assumed
that newspaper dispatches were correct,
and asked me whether, in my opinion, the
course followed by Mr. liiouut would bo
likely to lead to blood shed or violence in
Honolulu. I replied that the provisional
government w us amply able to take care
of itself, and that there would be no dan
ger nnless the lowering of the flag were
he first step toward a restoration of the
nuecu. Yon stated positively that there
was no intention of restoring the queen; a
statement which you repeated at oue of
my hist interviews wilb you, at the same
time that yon told mo that you cxneclej
Oumuiissi'.uier 111 ount to return to Wash
ington in June.-'
Ilrlirves llimsrlf a Good Witness.
In conclusion Curler sovs: ' I regret ex-
wedinly tbat neither you nor Mr. Blouut
ever listened to any statement from me of
the events from Jan. 14 to 17. My own
I tart in the revolution was inconspicuous,
ut I was fortunate iu being present at
almost every step that led to the establish
ment of the provisional government, anil
feel amply qualified to give accurate
accounts of then." Caitcr, sjieaking of
the question of n vote on auuexation, says
that a "count of noses" would be against
that scheme because of tbe bad white men
who are nil on tbe queen's side, but if tbe
brains aud intelltgeuce arc to rule annexa
tion would cary by a large majority.
Tramps t locking la Chicago.
Cuicauo, Dec 14. It has gone abroad
that Cu.cago has Waked up to the destitu
tion iu her midst and gone to work to
relieve it. and the result is a ierfecl irrup
tion of tramps to the city. The police say
they are coming- by trainluaus rreight
traiuloads. And they have been instructed
to ship them away astasias i-oasible. as
this city has all she cau attend to wilb the
want aniuug her bona Ode residents.
Death al Bishop Lyman,
RALEICuVN. C Dec 14. Right Rev.
T. B. Lymau, Proiesiant lipiscapal bishop
f North Carolina, died at his home here
from bean failure. Bishop Lyman served
asaprieaf in Marylaud; Pittsburg, Pa,;
itome, taiy; aim San r ruc.sco.
'-- Marie' aa Assignment.
' Raleigh, X. C, Dec 14. B. I Duke,
member ot the firm of Duke Sods & Co.,
ot Durham, has made au individual as
signment) i. F. Wiley aad V. Ballard of
D'Jaaf Assets estimated at tfT0u.M0;
Die: Store-
AU Kinds of
styles of
styles of
stvles of
The largest and chapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Useful Gifts at Lowest Prices.
It's pnzeling to know what to buy when con
fronted with such multitudinous variety to select
from as have been placed on sale in the different
departments. A thoughtful glance down this
column will help .vou very much to decide intelli
gent! v as to what to buv.
Towels at 12, 25. 3'J, 48, 53. 72. M, SlSc.and l-25.
Napkins, size, bleached. $1.13 and $1.39.
Linen sets, including one dozen napkins $2.15.
$3.9P, $4.45,$4.C9, $1.98, $5.25, $3.58, $9.C9,$12.S8.
$15.48 aud $16.75 each.
Silk and linen sets including one dozen nankins,
at $13.25 and $14.75.
Linen Damask, bleached, at 48. 621, 75, 92c,
$1.25 and $1.58 a yard.
Linen hinch cloths at $1.00, $1.25. $1.33, $1.98
and $2.25 eaoh.
Blankets anJ Comforts.
All Wool Grav Blankets, $3 25
All Wool ;raV Blankets 3 75
,AH Wool Red Blankets .' 3 25
All Wool Red Blankets 3 !:
All Wool Red Blankets 4 93
Al! Wool White Blankets 3 98
All Wool White Blankets 4 98
Cotton Warp White Blankets. . 4 58
JJOthers and liner grades at $6.75, $7.50, $3.75,
fS.OU, ii.t9 and $14.43 a pair.
Sateen covered comfortables at $1 25
Sateen covered comfortables at 1 48
Sateen covered comfortables cotton filled . .. 1 89
Sateen covered comfortables cotton filled. .. 2 25
s $2.58 and $2.88 each.
Down Comfortables at 3 25
Down Comfortables (large size) at 4 19
(with and without rufljes)
Down Comfortables at ...... 6 75
Down Comfortables, silk covered at 10 89
and 11 95 each.
DAVENPORT, IA. Leaders and Promoters cf Low Priccrj
Oyercoats for all
Greatest Values.
overcoats, worth SI J
overcoats, worth $20
overcoats, worth SI 2
Shopping at the
Davenport, la.
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ana 2..3escD.
Of every dccnpiioa. St. UHmasd get (ticsa.
wiiiHn ii
Our Lsaim a-,
Blue Front.
Sorts of People.
I 9 91
14 9
7 SO
Blue Front.
Boston Store,
Jewelry and Fancy Goods Department.
Here is where we have made thousands ot la
dies happy. The number of clerks in -this busy
counter has been largely increased, so as to insure
prompt attention. ' -
A Piece of Muslin Never Goes Amiss.
50 yards of fine unbleached muslin for $3. 50
yards of tin bleached muslin for $4.
Chenille Table Covers.
Velvet and Velours in all sizes at lowest prices.
Never have we shown such variety at such low
prices. This entire space would not be sufficient
to do credit to this department. Price ranges 1,
2, 3. 5. 6, 8. 10. 15, 25c, and up to $1.50.
We are offering 400 boxes of children's hand
kerchiefs, 1 dozen in a fancy box, at 25c each.
They are sure to please the'little folks.
Kid Gloves
Are always "just what I wanted." Onr stock is
complete with the best makes and shades. Prices
75c. $1, $1.25. $1.33 and $1.58 a pair.
At 15, 25, 33, 39, 45. 92. 93 and f 1.33 each.
st We, tic,
tl n $1JW, ll.Tj. aad 9 IB
Skirts, - -
.13 sad $i .48 cmch.
TnlUel skirt , tl.Bl M.S1-TS,
At Mice, that will sell them quick!,. A we So tot basil. .ft.
tbbulid.ysitalsshasieaoor policy to mm i lsfTjq ""all t. J
sew, aad whs prica
loan, r are siwi enawi to salt sear parse. Lam Cartai
were never cheaper; Portieres ia larri leaitetka: aalkVaaanaZZ
tlmtm U Irra U.mtfr- than ik. 1 M BBSl
going fact law prtces are fa. aft.
' 'Mi
3 .i
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4 1
-t will be Imp-ucH. and the
'.;L'Af, -----

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