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sc f a llridgcat Louis-
One lliirulrcil Men Fall Into
the Kivcr.
VToc I'Mort Ucing Made to
.s.ive the Men.
Railroad Train Runs Into
a Kivcr.
M.ny LN- Lost at McKcgs-
j ort, l a.
,: i. ii i r.. l-c. l.V A largo span
P', -..n anil (.otiisvUIe bridge
r i.r' i'f rml ruction, fell
: ... 1 1 i . ritrr ibis morning.
I n- '! men went down with it.
!n water. Thousand of
V '
t It-.- riti-r bank, ami boat
, n :i ; li Ti'ii effort at rcscne.
,.; : ar.' l.iot and a'lont 70 in-
; '!. nt has protcd the
i: :itrini f tb many
.'. .!i I'll- !rid;r has been
I'.y II nVltik S-" Imitie
-l nut. ti-Tril'Ij mangled.
f ilf' may reach 5.1.
T n '; I-nt was dne to faulty
;,.i:-;ni cf the girders which ge
Tli- ltl Rrpnrfa la Wars.
: u.i.?.. !--. l.i. At noon it
'.; on t' at U' turn are killed in
, . ,-t-idrnt. while many are
Ii pits!.
!'.' ;. tin n huve leen killed in the
..-in : '..n f this bridge on pre.
:; a '.! nt.
I;m tnt. . ttitrr
m. ivi;r. I'., Dec. 15 A
T' nnd Charleston passcn-
n jr.niN-l the trnck near
i'.. at the Hatnfrrl station
rnin. am! the engine ai.d a
:ii train ran into the Mon-rivi-r.
which parallels the
Tin- engine, baggage anii
ti were mhrnorjeil. The
t. rrvman and 10 passengers
V l Minus llir Hair.
o.Des '.3 Whru pretty
:. U";e awoke in tli morning the
. : Ii-.- !.irg p'lL-o tresae missing
:.n . vti eu iff tlnrlug the night by
lit bo:t r;ttu
. -. i nt. piunvi to the btj car.
i ;. t.l- "VU, ucL laut:!ui bair."
; .i. - .ii n' tht it'll are giratly in
. iic.u mt ot Ibe rtrr.l. aud Lriie
: - .-. 'U.i t J.Mloasf on (it jMft of a
, -ii. u:ur.
nrllr tall fur hint HiU.
i.iv.fuN, I,.c. Ii. S?crUry Car-.I-
ii ir.:J If.trt. cnllitia lot tin fr
:.. ,i ;Lj I jUuwihu banieil otliccrs
I' 't 1. .-.Iij-.ttr;;. fUprr.alrD'Irut of tb
' . i'.. , i Ivif.Uia; Ciirl- V. Kimbnll.
: ; I tr..t. Mien : W. II. Atesan
'i rx-yiruf custom. Omiti.a; II. C.
.'ir-;.uf, urT'j ,t ttt cu-tunin, Lincula.
A i . Atiiu .ru tit, Jr.. rurr;or of cu
. C.i.-j;iitnti. Jnho luule, npenriMUf
'-iti.r wt -Tmiii nk Krausv;;lo, luii.
Ulr 9tvmt tot C'hrta CliMi
f i . ta;., lMt. Ii CUria F.vann,
t: iiu rolitvr anj outlaw, na brru
':: k i.l'r 1 1 munirr in tb nrt decree
- . Ii.r M-iw:tj biru at im (TIMID tUCbt fur
i rrata tail.
' V u, Ux. ii 1 iivruu II. IIa
: -i ut tU lao w in tbu city. II
uf th- ia titia rx I'Miaa pr.JO
!. i cc.tt frrnu frntu-MiUe, w4-
Aavraiia. iu lt
n.itntmm InMry ay l ir.
. n i; Il.it. L. I., IX'c Colonel &
T 1: Lri.kfr' mansioB at Uayvul wa
;-'imV.,j PJr e,.. j loM 4, eMiaiaUJ
lull MM
I This Some "Conservative
Conduct of Business?
i vt,n ij .
M. .rt Tha. Mm C,ad . j,,
ITTl"' " tokla,
Oepcw w. ,rfMrfa lhe nian wfco
reprinted the IJon Financial im"
flnucial t,o,,b,e A-
KnglUhman-tbeyoonff man atorraaid
followed an era of conaervatir. eon.
liict of lmiCeM tbat bad not bad it.eo.nal
-for conrratiam-wiibln living memory,
was be tbinkiuR of an.:h littl. deal. the
oe narrated in tbe .'ollow.ug. or did be
bare a mighty poor opinion of the con
enratiam of American buai'ieas. anyhow
If tbert i were two or three dementi in the
rrce that produced the tronl.le. one of
tUem certainly wa the lack cf confidence
of tbe people la th country, financial in
itituUon. I'rr altar and It.Tloa, Way.
And a brn bneb tranaaction as the fol
bowing nt tab. place why .bonldn'ttheyf
For an illustration or tb. peculiar and
Ucvi..u. war. of tinancier. tbe rae ot S.
A. Tolmau . the -.uth Side- S?te bank
et al., which ia on hearing Iwfore Master
in Chancery Jeremiah Learning. one of
absorbing intervt and Talus. It .bow.
how, nailer the Uw. of the atate of 1111
boia.aUnk waaorgauizel in the city of
Chicago Ufa an Oktrn.lble tlOC.000 capi
Ul, but In reality without a cent; how
It. officer, on an out.id. iuvotmrut of
Znwi in promixKiry note, acquired con
trolof a property worth iKMwiblr ll)0,0tl0.
but ensumberrd ft ftS.Oot). on wlieu th'y
flimte.1 aecuntie to tbe face value of t i -ItW.OU);
aud how tbe hank, after a brit'f
exuteace ot Cve month., went into a re
eeleer. hanl. with nothing a. an aet
eteetit the abort tuSated n-curitie. which
kal been .ubalituted for collateral of
reed Ward Wa. m lafaat.
Ferdinand WarJ bad a great deal to
learn when hi. career waa checked. Tbe
.fart of the South Mde State liank wa.
May 1, The moving apirit. in it
Were V. A. I'auiwin, pmident of the Cen
tral Trum and Saving, bank cf this citv;
Aupnt Jcrnli-rg. K lar Adums, aud VV.
U. Unllin. 1'aiilMio, it appeara, was tbe
owner f a bank charter iisued in tha
early 6V to the Vetern Trust and Sav
ings bank of IVuria. He agreed to turn
tbia chatter over to Jem berg unci the oth
ers, have tbe na-iie changed, and attend
to all the, preliminaries iirrpa.-tary to allow
tlieui to rtnrt a hank in Chicago under it.
For thi. lauhxu was to receive fl.G'.Xi.
(Quarters were ecure.l for tbe new bauk
at Thlrty-lirat aud State streets'
A l.ltile liaMcally Jugslery.
May t Paulson, Jernburg. Adams and
Gnfttn met there with Stale ilant Kxaru
iuer George It. llsydcn, tbe latter gentle
man, business beiug to examine tbe capi
tal of the bank and see that it was in cash
or sound arcuritea, such as the law de
mands. I'raiiilent I'aulsou, cf tbe Cen
tral Trust ami Savings hunk, according to
bis own testimony, la-fore going to this
meeting met Jertilier, Adams aud Uridin
at his oan bauk ou Washington street.
l'auls)in put a prtckage containing fU(Ul)
in cash ia bis pocket, and the party, enter
mi a cirringe, was driven to tbe South
S.de hanking house. Arriving there l'aul
a a gave the M'i,tJUU iu cash to ernberg,
receiving in return a pnt-knge said to con
tain commercial paper of an equal value.
Adam, and (Jrifliu had encn 3),0Uj in
cash with tbebi, aud tbese sums were all
lumped together aud handed to the bauk
That Is If I'm Oaljr Have tbe Brqaislte
Mural Uaaltueatioa.
It took Lxauiiuer Ilayden about an honr
to count the mojey, aud then he certified
tbat tbe capital was intact and tbe bank
ready for business. I'uulsnn in the mean
time had been sitting holding tbe pack
age of commercial paper given him by
Jeruberg. He did not want it. does not
know today what it mas worth, if
anything; did not ex. mine any ot the pa
per, but bad simply taken M0.l0 of the
funds of the bank or which be was presi
dent, loaned it, ns a part or the baigain ou
srbicb be sold tbe charter, for bi. private
gain, on security b. did not take the
trouble to acrutiuixe.
A. uon as the bank examiner's work
was done tbe party returned to the city.
First, however. latilsoo got bis r
back I rum Jeruberg and gave tbe latter
tbe bundie of commercial paper. Then
Adania and CriCiu put their eWGO back
in tbelr pockets, and when they got down
town returned it to various institution
from which they bad temporarily borrowed
It. Tbe next day tbe bank opened for
business with (ICD.lM) of paper in IU
vaults, but not a doilsr iu casii. Jeruberg
was tbe president aud Uritlin was the
CI'auToo. while using the funds of his
own bank for bi private gain, dejes not ap
pear to have "divided" fairly, as be testi
flea that he -tnly allowed the bank eVJ
liar the nse of the money.wbich be thonght
pretty good Interest lor a couple of
honrs." President Jernberg's first act
was to lave issued to himself 133.(100
worth ot slock iu the South Side SlaU
bank against tbe paper he bad put In In
the place of cash, bom of this paper wa
gooXud some of tbe class known as "cat
""jon". new blood came Into tbe bank
In the persons of John U. Xordgren. Em.!
Tyden. Andrew Friberg. Neison Chester.
VWKiswhjr. F. C KeU. Ernest
and John Siteu. Xordgren was elected
v,:ir. vice president, and
K cashier. The.. m look stock In
... , -..nine lnDnuer font. Just be-
MM I -
fort this umt s A-
to lend tbe bank money .
to Urge deposit in it.
and also
in bow he comee In the case.
ajaetai IVsae Ttsaa IM.Ms
SybAasW. Tyden, Friberg.
Nordgrcn, la tne early sprini; of lwe, naa
orsaoiied a eonipany known a the Belt
City Improvement aaaociation. Thi asao
ciatioa bad obtained control of a tract of
land in Dupage county. Ills., worth in the
neighborhood of f lUU.UOti, but encumbered
W llb a mortgage of toi.OUX Nordgren'ani?
i i . : . . .
I., " ou lbe
.j- vuiutnunince. ana agreed to pay
U0, for which thrv cave their nronilKsorr
notes. These notes, by the way, have never
li-eu paid.
As soon as this pnrchaso had been ef
fected the association fanned Vinds to the
amonut of &50,0U0npon the lauds and gave
trust deed to seen re tbe bonds, thus mak
ing an aggregate incumbrance apon tb.
binds ot eoST.OSa. But not satisfied with
this, the association then issued stock to
the amount of T5O.C0O. which was divided
among its members. Here was the crea
tion of securities to the amount of fl.OuO,
WO on property that bad not cost these
men a dollar, and in which their interest
was only fXlfiM.
Then Xordgren auj his associate got
control of the South Side State bank. In
July, wheunbe auditor of public accounts
came around to examine the bank's condi
tion, he found among iu atet three notes
for 10,000 each, mat'.s by Tyden, Chester
and K lander. He didn't like that kind of
security, and tol.l the bank officers that it
must be teplaced by better. The bank
officers at once said they would replace it
by stock of tbe licit City Improvement
association, which, they told the auditor,
seas of great value, and tbe auditor con
tenting the transfer was made, Tyden
Chester and lirlander taking tne:r notes
out and pnttiug in the worthless stock as
tecurity for the money obtained.
The operations cf Xordgren ani his
associates did not atop here, however. As
before said, there 'was about iTi.SOOof gsod
commercial paper in tiio bank. This was
removed and Helt City stock put in its
place, tbe stock having a commercial vslu.
possibly of half acvutaponnd. By Ibis
time tbe bank was pretty well gntted. al
though there still rt maiucd a little paper
that was good, but rot at onj negotiable
owing to ihe pauieky tirnca then prevail
ing. So on Aug. 6 tbe directors decided to
go into liquidation, and tbere you are.
Uer Statesmen Have Itea Too free with
A pwruprlatkms.
Fauio, X. D., Dec. 13 Sam: time ago
Judge McCouuell granted an alternative
writ of mnndaaas directed to Art bur W.
Porter, the state auditor, requiring him to
show cause why, he had not issued his
warrants in payment of certain claims of
the agricultural college. The answer of
the state auditor shows that the state will
have to trim its sniis very carefully. There
is uow uo money in the general fund of
the state nod more money has been ap
propriated thau will he received for iwo
years. Th; constitutional debt limit is
also oven ua.
Hi re is no fuud iu the treasury to meet
the expenses of convening tbe legislature
to modify or reienl auy of tbe appropria
tions made, and when tbe 1st day of July
next has lieeu reached it the debt ot the
state shall not huve I "eon reduced below
iu fixed limit of tJOO.ODO additional since
statehood then all claims outstanding
that shall have accrued under the annual
appropriation laws will faU as nullities.
Tbe auditor asks the court for advice as
to what he can do to uphold the credit of
the state.
Point in Illinois and Indiana Given a
Isreided Shake.
ALBION', UK, Dec, 15. A slight earth
quake shock was felt here nt 11.-10 a. m.
yesterday, followed by a much more severe
shock at ISrtH p. m. Again at 1:20 p. m.
a st'il more severe shock occurred. The
disturlianre was preceded and followed
by a heavy rambling tbnt passed as a
wave from the aoutbwei-t to the northeast.
Buildings of every description trembled
violently, crockery and dishes rattled aud
books and looe articles were shaken from
tables. The disturbance is spoken of by
the oldest citizeus as tbe most severe ever
felt here.
KVANSVILLE. lad., Dec 15. Two distinct
shocks of earthquake were felt here, one
just before 1: o'clock aud one just utter 1
o'clock. Ko damage was doue.
Renal, and House la UrieC
Washington', Dec 13. The federal
election law rejieal bill was reported favor
ably to tbe senate and pl-.ced on the
calendar. Voorbee introduced a bill
which Stewart characterices as a "sham
and fraud" to coin the silver seigniorage
fund, al the rate of f i,UW,(i03 a month.'and
when tbat is used up buy more silver
sufficient to coin monthly ?-.-,oot',0CX. A
resolution by peffer to resciud a recent
order closing the chamber to visitors wa
debated and referred. Several nuimportint
bills were passed. 1 uo bill repealing a
pension bill clause that prohibits yment
of peusions to person residing abroad was
passed. An cxecntive session was held.
Adjourned to Monday.
Tbe bouse pasted a bill to change tbe
money Virdor system, and an order setting
time each day for the Arizoua and Xew
Mexico statehood bills to be discussed.
The sergeant-at-arm reported tbat there
was a deficiency ia the mileage fund. An
attempt to begin tbe consideration of tbe
Arizona bill was defeated by the Ilepub
licans filibustering, tbe Democrats having
nc quorum, aud the house adjourned.
Lasidasi ataadard en tlawaii.
Loniiox. Dec. 13. Tbe Standard refer
ring to the Hawaiian situation, says:
"Th knot of merchants, speculators and
office seekers who planued and carried out
tne revolution in Hawaii and constituted
themselves a provisional government, are,
s might be expected, furious at President
Cleveland for having decided that ihe
Coiled States must decline to accept tbs
island, offered a. a result of a nefarious
intrigue by Amf ncau citU?n.M
Choked OaT a Uac ratio's Cessna.
Louisville. Dec 13. A special to Tbe
Post from Barbourville. Xy., says: Th
friends of Bob Morley. th murderer con
demned to be banged at Pinevi'.le today,
concocted plans to liberate him. Officers
discovered tbe plot and arrested one of
alurley's gang here. A newly-made key
was.found upon him fitting the jail at
Pineville, where Morley is confined.,
PHUfcwrg Baak Closed.
Pittsburg, Dec 13. K. Patrick
,.... of M Fifth avonn. h.r. I
. ; " ; , -
their doors. Tbe firm ia on of tbe oldest
private banking bowses in tbe city. Their
iU0.agO-. aWBCta (TO.OOO.
Large Building at Buffalo Wiped
Out by Fire.
With a Vanbir of Stares f Wlileh Ks
Aeeauat ot Value I Giv.a A Fomr
Hoars' Itattla with th Flames wad
at Wholo Block Imperiled Saved by a
Firewall List of ths Losses aad Insar
Kites. '
Bcffalo. Dss. .15. -The Arcade block,
which has stood for more than thirty year
a landmark in the very heart o tbe city,
was entirely destroyed by fire. The fire
also swept away the Verxa building,
which stood on the south of the Arcade,
and did iu work so rapidly and complete
ly that very little of the valuable con
tents ot the buildings were saved. The
lost is estimated at not short of tS00,0C3.
Buffalo has not seen in many years such
a furious blaxe, and It is doubtful if there
is here another structure that seemed so
well adapted to withstand flames as ths
old Arcade. People hal come to lock
upon it as thoroughly Cre-proof. but noth
ing remains now but a smoking pile of
ruin, as the big block burned like tinder,
and at one time the flames threatened a
large section of the business portion ot the
Flames Soon Beyond Control.
Before the fire department had re
sponded to the alarm it was seen that the
tl nines Lad got beyond control. In the
Arcade were W. S. Robinsou's mnsee.
Shea's music hall and a large number of
stores and offices. It extended from
S00 Main street about 23 feet, running
through to Washington street. It was
protected on one sids by the fire wall of
the buiidiug occupied by J. X. Adam ic
Co.'s big dry goods store, and the firemen,
aided by this, managed to aUy the pro
gress of the' flames. Had this not been
done tbe entire block bounded by Main,
Washington, Eagle and Clinton streets
would undoubtedly been destroyed. The
owners of tbe Arcade block were Public
Works Commissioner James Mooney, of
this city: James Brisbane, of Xew York,
and tbe latter', mother, Mrs. George Bris
bane, of Uatavia, X. Y.
Losses Figure Up a Big 6nas.
The Yerx.i building was owned by
George 11. Mathews, a well known miller
of this city, and was occupied by Faxon,
Williams Ac Faxon, grocers, who came
here from Boston several years ago and
established the finest grocery house in
Buffalo, succeeding F. X. Yerxa :u that
building. The Yerxa was five stories; the
Arcade was a four-story brick building
and was valued at f-'lij.OW. Tbe insur
ance is aliout fSJ.oW. l'he Yerxa building
was worth el"o,iitiO and the insurance was
ulioat 3'i,(X.U Faxon, Williams & Fax
on's stock was valued at J1W0.00U and was
insured tor trsy.OiiO. Mr. Robinson's loss
on tbe M usee theater is about (100,000.
Shea and Etwrbardt, tbe owners of the
music ball, suffer a loss of idO.OOO; little
insurance. T. C. Tuuke, jeweler, loses
about tO J.00U with scarcely a third insur
ance. Otto Vlbrlcht lost about 650,000,
lusurauce f3,000.
Other Mores Wiped Oat.
On both tbe Maiu and Washington
street sides of the building there was a
number of stores of various kinds which
were completely wiped out. In less than
four hours the fire had spent its fury. J
.iAi,si- ui iuirw nut iau reuiamea in the
building during tbe night claim to have
beard the exp'oiou by which it is supposed
the fire was originated. Everything about
the buiidiug wai of tbe most infiamable
nature. So far ns cnu be lenrned no one
was seriously injme;!. although many of
tbe firemen bad narrow escapes during the
four hours tbe lira raged most fiercely.
Both police and Gremeu when they first
arrived upon tbesceue luadeatonrtbrougb
the Arcade as far as tbe flumes would per
mit them, owing to tbeexc'.tiag rnmor
that some jieople within were iu danger of
being burned to death.
It Proposes to Issue ,030,000 "Dads
Oollars m Year.
Washington, Dec 15. In addition to
the scheme for coinage of 34,000,000 lC-to-1
silver dollars a year contained in Voor
bees' fiuuoce bill it provides fur tbe retire
ment of paper currency ot less denomina
tion than 10, for tbe retirement of all gold
roius of less denomination than tlO, and
for the appointment of an international
commission. The bill is not received with
any great degree of favor by either the
silver advocates or their oppoueuts. In
regard to tbe iuference in some quarters
that tbe administration favored the bill
Voorbee said: "My bill is not tbe result
of one word of consultation, and 1 certainly
tio not claim to represent tbe administra
tion in introducing iu I do desire, how
ever, to help the treasury out of iu de
ficiency." More Trouble for Vhaeher.
Washixctox. Dec 15. The World's
fair board of awards hat struck a balance
on tbe awards they have made, disclosing
for the first time that the foreign exhibit
or wlil seenre 63 per cent, of tbe prizes,
while the American exhibitors wiil receive
ouiy 37 per cent. Chairman Tbacber. of
the board, says tbis showing will pht an
end to tbe criticisms made by tbe foreign
ers, and tbat the American wili now be
beard from some more.
Stroube Was iu Great Lock.
CnAMDEHLAlx, S. D., Dec 15. -Oliver
McEIroy attempted to murder Postmaster
Slroube by firing five shots at him with a
revolver. Stroubs escaped uninjured.
Tbe attempted murder was tbe result of
tcaudal which bas been brewiug for some
tttm Mui mm Hawaii.
Wasiiikotos, Dec 19. Th president's
message on the Hawaiian question will be
from 8.300 to 3.000 words loug. Tbe presi
dent is himself now. engaged in writing
tbe message. It probably will not go to
congress now before Monday.
aata fcy the Grt
CLEYELaXD. Dec IK Crazed by la
9t-ir.nda C'ai in rktmsLovo mT C a
"""T -.T7
vepMun at sue oig steel steamer J. H.
Wade, and one of tha best known masters
.on the lakes, shot himself. Hewillrmb.
iahiveue. , '
344, 18S3-
Bie Gtore.
All Kinds of Overcoats for all Sorts of People.
Our Greatest Values.
Twenty styles of overcoats, worth $15 -Twenty
styles of overcoats, worth $20
Twelve styles of overcoats, worth $12 -
The largest and chapest line of children's
Ulsters ever placed on sale in Rock Island.
Underselling everybody on everything.
Big Store.
Useful Gifts at Lowest Prices.
Ifa puzzling to know what to buy when con- '
fronted with such multitudinous variety to select
from aa have been placed on sale iu the different
departments. A thoughtful glance down this
column will help you very much to decide intelli
gently as to what to buy.
Towels at 12, 25. 39, 48, 58. 72. 89. 98c, and tl.25.
Napkins, j size, bleached. Sl.19 and SI. 39.
Linen sets, including one dozen napkins $2.15,
t3.9t. Si. -15, 84.69, S4.98, S5.25, SS.58, $9.69, S12.88. "
tl5.48 and S16.75 each.
Silk and linen sets including one dozen napkins,
at l3.2oandtl4.75.
Linen Damask, bleached, at 48. C21, 75, 92c,
11.25 and S1.&8 a Yard
Linen lunch cloths at 1.00, 111
ana vz.za each.
Blankets and Comforts.
All Wool Grav Blankets
All Wool GraV Blankets
All Wool Red Blankets
All Wool Red Blankets
All Wool Red Blankets.
All Wool White Blankets.. ...
All Wool White Blankets ;
Cotton Warp White Blankets
Others and finer grades at S6.75, $7.60,
f9.a-J. $11.69 and $14.48 a pair.
Sateen covered comfortables at.". .'. V. .1. $1 25
Sateen covered comfortables at k 1 48
Snteen covered comfortables cotton filled. .. 1 89
Sateen covered comfortables cotton filled . . 2 25
$2.58 and $2.98 each.
Down Comfortables at 5 25
Down Comfortables (large siz) at. ... 4 19
(with and without ruffles)
Down Comfortables at 6 75
Down Comfortables, silk covered at. 10 89
and 11 95 each.
DAVENPORT, I A. Leaders and Promoters of Low, Prices.
; . -
Shopping at ' the
Davenport, Ia.
25. S1.S3,
.$3 25
. 3 75
. 3 25
. 3 98
. 4 98
. 3 98
. 4 98
. 4 58
Beat makes only,
At ll.V. $1 OS, (1
aadj J.TScscu.
Blue Front.
$ 9
Boston Store,
Jewelry and Fancy Goods Department.
Here is where we have mailt; thousands of la
dies happy. The number of clerks in this buoy
counter has been largely increased, so ast insure
prompt attention. " , h --
A Piece of Muslin Never Goc& jmiss.
50 yards of tine unbleached muslin for $3. 50
yards of tine bleached muslin for $4.
Chenille Table Covers.
Velvet and Velours in all sizes at lowest prices.
Never have we shown such variety at such low
prices. This entire space would not lie sufficient
to do credit to this department. Price ranges 1,
2, 3. 5, C, 8, 10. 15, 25c, and up to $1.50.
We are offering 400 boxes of children' hand
kerchiefs, 1 dozen in a fancy box. at 25c each.
They are sure to please thc'iittlc folks.
Kid Gloves
Are always "just what I wanted." Our stuck is
complete with the best makes and shades. Prices
75c, $1, $1.25, $1.33 and $1.58 a pair.
At 15, 25. 33, 89, 45, 92, 98 and $1.33 each.
at 19c,
5C il, tl Si, $1.W. fi t, HSi aad $3.3
.73 and eich
aUlttel tkirtt, Sl.fl . $1.73,
Books -1.
Of every description, fete thcsi and get rice.
' prices thst will sell them quiikfy. A we do not bsndle tor after
to-houd.yt tt alsrav. bs. ima our poller to uuuie etrsa work of
lliis department. If possible ever mjf muu bs cold, ana .1 be price
will do it v
Miscellaneous. ..
rioak.FaandShawl.toatt your purse. Lsee Curtains thst
w.reueTer cheaper; Portiere. In larg vsrletks; Mlk and Dres
Ooods at price, lower than the losni, iwwa
our Ltup are going fact low prices are eovag H.'
.'v A
T J'"
' - - -
--. '.-
. ... -i
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-TI .t
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