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if 4.
f.:r run: fi rl nl improvement and
A, , n,-rMt enjoyment wlea
vTlf n 'l. T';' many, who lire bet
ri'ifiln ithT and enjoy life more, wf Ji
L. rv,n'i,,,:rr "o P"m,PtlT
', .,.'. tin world's lt product to
5 , nV..N . f phydeul hrinir. will Bitot
t-f t iIiu health l tl.e pure liquid
principle 'ubrucnl in the
rf ihTT ft ln to l' prrsentin
. ji, f.irm TiKft flfTptnlifi and pleas
lY t . tin' tit the rcfn-4iinnnd truly
S-, ti, i il properties of a perfect Ux
j. , t!i tn illy cleansing the system,
J ... ;';inr pi's headaches and feven
,,., tM fiinru nt!r rtirinjr rn-tiwtion.
"rs.fii "i antiifaction ir. million mm
h t'l" approval f the nvdical
-p,f, i.in, l mu-e it act on the Kid-I.iv.-r
tn.l I'irtsi'U vitlit'Rt wrnk-tli'-m
nnd it l perfectly free from
r .-v nlivi'TMWil'h sultiince.
v:rt:f f Ei-- i fr sale by all drop
in .":' nti'l J 1 bottles, but ! man
.iU. urr'1 by t!e lulifnrnia r ig Syrup
i.n!v, !!' name is printed on every
mi ti---'. :i' tin mime. Syrup f Furs
iti.l kinif ''U informed, yuu mill Hot
ar: ""'J- -''Mt'tutc ottered.
j HilDT.
t.b. Bsurr.
Seal Estate-
H1. pn Mil r.aiWF ""' M
w U'lr.ry. (n Irct taat,alaa carry a Hm of teat
e i- m.uranca enauaat), balMraff lota lor
tt. ali aJ Cemnt adaitlnaa. Cc mUia-1
jwarej la all art at taa cltj.
Itnt t. Mttcnrtl A LTa batldtaf. Tosaa
ldr. ta ft v t M llcWD Lrsea baaa.
Afams fall Paper Co
IWt you want
a pleasant home?
Y u certainly do; and
t satisfy your wishes me
have a fine line of Window
Shades Wall Tapers, and
:.!'vcall, I'icturcsand Picture
Frames. These are all neces
sary requisites to make your
I'.omc homelike. Come and
convince yourself that our
prices arc the lowest in the
ciry. and that wc have the fin
selection from which to
make your choice. .
S10, 31S and sf
: ' - t '
Mis Agatha dson Wedded to
Ensign Lloyd (Chandler.
the csmyosY at ranriTT chtjuch
ttm laamilM vlc mu4 . tMUimmt mm4
-lara-Tk. UrUM Atlrfa...
-Tfc. aWptfe. t tk atafanl Mm4o
llmd .f KlliUrBh fttr.rt.Th
A Itock Manrl r.rideIia. itot cn
icrcd the holj e at under more au
Mdcona an brilliant cirenmatance.
than tboe Vioh attended liins
A-atha H. rloti in her marring to
Kn.Kn J;d II. Chandler, of the
Iniled State navy. JS!.t wnine.
1 rimt j church, wherein tho beauti
ful and imrMve ci-reruonv
eharaeU-riatic of the Epiaeojwl
ritual m performe,!. preaenteil
iorelr apjearanco in nup
tial holiday decoration 0t hollv and
palm. rrohaldr the Inrgegt and
meat ditingnih.r asKembla'e of
IM'.iple that ha ever rongregatwl in
the edifice tiwaiu.,1 the event toward
which UU-ity BtM-ietT has lieen loii!;
ing with eajrer anticipation for man?
month. Intermingled with this
gathering were many prominent peo
ple from vnrio.M parts of the coun
try, nnd from abroad, relatives and
friends of the young couple who
were to be thus snctedly united.
Krery esoeutial dc'tail of the
arrangements had lieen provided for
with a degree of perfection rarelv
attained. The transformation of the
interior of the church into a bower
of brightest licauty seemed to offer
a mute welcome (iotUpned and
blessing to those who were to seek
the benediction of the church on
their happy alliance.
The llrlual fartjr Dotm.
The approach of tlie bridal party
at ":3'J, was heralded by the familiar
strains of Ibcngrin'srand wedding
march from the pipe organ within
the chancel. Emerging from the
robing room came the bride's escort,
headed by Miss Anno ltuford, maid
of honor, followed by the bride
maids. Min-os Mabel Kunnells and
Josephine t able, of Chicago. Mises
Lucia Mackenzie and Lucia Connel
ly, of KiM-k I.-land, and Misses Mar.
got 1'ostlewaite, of St. Louis, and
Hope Curtis, of ltock Island, and
proceeding down the center aisle met
the bride and attendants at the south
entrance to the church. The pro
cession, preceded !r the ush
ers, Lieut. Joseph T. Crabhs,
I. S. army, anil Messrs. John
V. Ijowi and Charles Iluford,
of Chicago. Nicholas Dunn, of St.
I'aul, ami Otto lluln-r and F. J. Kin
ney, of Uock Island, moved forward
to the altar rail. Tho six bride
maids came immediately after the
ushers: next the maid of honor, and
then the bride. Mrs. S. It. Ed son.
mother of the bride, attended by V.
P. Chandler, of Concord. N." II.,
brother of the groom, walked last.
The groom, aceomjtanied by his liest
man and former class-male. Ensign
Carlo It. Krittain. of the navy, await
ed the bride at the chancel step, the
rector receiving the bridal couple at
the attar rail, while the attendants
grouped themselves in a manner that
presented a graceful and imposing
Tkv C'ereakraajr.
The bride was richly robed in a
gown of white satin duchesse. trim
med with lilies of the valley, of
which delicate flower she carried an
cx'piisite cluster. The maid of
honor and brMcmnids were attired
in white satin and chiffrnn. and car
ried bouquets of jaitjueminot roses.
Mrs. Olson's dress was of black
satin jet. and diamonds. The
groom ami Iwst man apjM-ared in
full naval uniform. Lieut. Crabbs in
the dress uniform of the regular
army, and the other ushers in even
ing dress.
The service was conducted by Dr.
Sweet, the organ playing in under,
tone during the ceremony. The
itcanliful bride was given in mar
riage bv her mother. The organ
struck up Mciidlcssohn's march as a
reccsaiou. the bridal jarty returning
down the br.iad centre aisle, and
taking carriages to the home of the
The HrTt :on.
The reception which followed at
the home if the bride, tho linford
mansion at the head of Eighteenth
street, was one of the most elaborate
afTairs that has ever graced tri-city
aocictv: rich and magnificent in all
its apiwdntmcnts. it proved an event
in the cial history of the com
munity. . . '
In the house decorations, palm
predominated. In the parlors.
American In-auties, and Duchess of
At ban v roses were interwoven with
smilax'tpink and white chrysanthe
mums were seen in the library, while
i - rr.m-. roses, hyacinth and
t.L.nV hair frnJunUributtaLUiei
beauty In the appearance of
hie in the dining room, nillin
eer'm orchestra discoursed delightful
music during tho evening.
Congratulation came ,by letter,
and by wire from 'aH rt-ol- the
country, and conspicuous among
those wa a note from Octave
Thanet. Mi Alice French, of Daven
port, with an illustrated copy of her
western sketche. and a greeting
from Trince Isenburg. nephew of
King I"H'''of AH9tria- . . .
"Wis. Edson met the prince in
Washington l.rt winter, nnd he be
ing unable to fKk .lhe..E"5i'
tontine, and she understanding ami
conversing" hi. language. ta
,t friendship M f-rwed. and last
night, under the coat of arm. of the
bonte nt Austria, the
kl. . . . . . J
vonraiuiauons to bis accom
plished American friend in ber bap
pine..' Tax Tn auata.
The array of bridal gift, was elab
orate and gorgeous including a
display of article, of ralne, use and
ornamentation, such as has not been
seen before on a similar occasion in
this city; tributes of affection and
esteem from admiring friends here
and in various other parts of the
country. .
Th H.ppT C"iap.
The bride, who Is a daughter of
the late Maj. Theodore Kdson. U.' S.
army, and a descendant of one of the
oldest and most prominent families
In western Illinois, was born, educat
ed andVrearcd in Rock Island, and
through th loveliness of her nature,
her womanly grace and lieauty, her
attainments and culture, she has won
a host of admirers, who. wirdiing
her every joy that life affords, will
regret deeply her departure from.
Uock Island. The groom, who
is a son of Senator Chand
ler, of Xew Hampshire, is a graduate
of Annapolis t Naval .academy,' ami
now an ensign la "the Uniled States
navy, where he has already achieved
a reputation. He Is talented ami
well educated, and has traveled ex
tendi vJy, as has his bride." ' ' -
Ensign and Mrs. Chandler departed
on the midnight train last night
for the east, their ultimate destina
tion iH-ing Boston, where the groom's
ship is now stationed. Ho has just
completed six years' service at sea,
anil Jan. 1 will enter upon three
years' land duty.
The Toitata.
The toilets worn by the ladies con
stituted a notable 'feature of the
event at the ltuford mansion. Tho
most prominent ones arc enumerated:
Mrs. T. V. ltarler. Carroll, Iowa,
lack and white silk and pearls.
Miss Lucy Buford, grey satin and
Mrs. Louis ltuford. black laec?
Miss Itlancbc ltuford, lavender
satin, black lace aud pearls.
Miss Charlotte Bufurd. black satin
lace and diamonds.
Mrs. Mary 1. Buford, Chicago,
black satin and diamonds.
Mrs. Phil Mitchell, decollete pink
satin, white lace, embroidered ia
pearls, diamonds and opals.
' Mrs. Ben T. Cable, decollete, blue
satin, jewel lace, diamonds and
Mrs. .1. K. Kimball, decollete pink
and white brocaded point lace and
Mrs. Eil. Gjiyer, decollete pink
satin, houitnn lace and diamonds.
Mrs. Morris Uoscnlicld, decollete
blue and pink brocaded satin, jewel
trimmings and diamonds. '
Mrs. Blackburn, pearl aud white
Mrs. Frank Mister, decollete blue
s.tin, point luco and diamonds.
Mrs. J. Connors, black bilk lace
and diamond.
Miss Hiibcr, yellow satin, black
lace and diamonds.
Mrs. J. W. Potter, decollete white
satin and pearl. , ,
Mrs. S. S. Davis.' decollete bine
satin, white laee and diamonds.
Mrs. Denkmann. blue satin, white
laee and diamonds.
Mrs. T. B. Davis, yellow change,
able silk, white lace and diamonds.
Mrs. . I rlyster, decollete pink
satin and point lace.
Mrs. Adair Pleasants, black and
pink silk.
Mrs. William Thompson, decol
lete, bine satin and pearls.
Mrs. ien. Hoffmann, pearl and
black satin and diamonds.
Mrs. Iteury Curtis, black silk and
Mrs. W. T. Call, dcollcte. laven
der and black silk.
Mrs.-V. W. Kggleston, black silk
and diamonds.
Mrs. Ij n . Judson. decollete, pink
brocaded satin, chittron and fiearls.
Miss Comegys. decollete, pink
Mrs. Lieut. J. T. Thompson, pink
and pcarl'silk.
Xlrs. Stuart Harper, decollete In
dia mull, spangled lace, pink roses
and diamonds.
Miss Amy Swctney, decollete blue
brocaded satin and blue swan's down
Mrs. George Babcock, decollete
white satin.
Mrs. E. U. Frazcr. pink and mauve
silk and white lace.
Mr. Putnam. Davenport, black
s'lk and Aiamands. , ..
Miss Putnam. Davenport, decol
lete white moire.
Miss Preston, Davenport, decollete
pink silk, chiffron and diamond.
Miss Kimball, ' Davenport, black
Mrs. C. H. Deere. Moline, decol
lete green brocaded satin, point lace,
diamonds and emeralds.
Mrs. Butterworth, Moline, decol
lete yellow and black moire, black
laee and diamonds.
Mrs. S. H. Velie, Moline, black
silk lace and diamouds.
Mi. Mabel Cady. Moline. decol
lete, bine satin, chiffron and dia
monds. ' -if
Miss Miry Carter, decollete, pearl
colored crepe and chiffron.
Mrs.Dr.C.C. Carter, black lace,
gredl satin and diamonds.
Mrs. E. W. Hurst, decollete, bine
satin and black lace. .
Miss Kunnells, Chicago, blue and
pink brocaded silk, blue chiffron
and accordian waist,
Mrs. Orion, Indianapolis, black
and green silk. . -
Mis. Clay, Kentucky, decollete,
white and pink chiffron and pearls.
Miss Dundcrdale, Kentucky,, decol
lete, white chiffron and pink satin.
Miss Fannie Cable, Chicago, de
collete, blue moire and blue chiffron.
. Mrs. S. A. Lynde. Chicago, decol
lete, black and pink silk and dia
monds. Mrs. G. A. Castleman, St. Louis,
decollete, blue and pink moire, black
lack embroidered in gold and ltetlle
wings and diamonds..
Miss Grant, Kentucky, black lace
and diamonds.
Th Oaitlacr the Pa para aal Dtsrareiaas
ftra the Caty Inatitata,
Milan. Dec. 14. The first subject
on the programme before thecnunty
farmers' institute held at tan town
hall here this week; was ''Rotation
of Crops." and -brought out an ani
mated discussion. The treneral opin
ion was that seeding to clover forund
the basis of rotation, and is an abso
lute necessity to continued fertility
of the land that manuring should be
done on the sod without regard to
the season of the year.
At the first session on Wednesday,
the most interesting question on the
program, 'Souric of Profit on the
Farm," was discussed at great
length, .and by a lare numlier of
speakers, and a fund of information
valuable to all classes of farmers
alike, and the instruction given by
practical farmers would alone have
well paid the agriculturist to have
spent the time, had there not been
another session held. In the" after
noon, "Spraying Frnit Trees" and
"Corn Culture" were talked on, and
a committee was appointed to exper
iment with the spraying of all kinds
of fruit and vines, and report at the
first meeting of the institute next
An loatanre Cited.
One instance of the value of spray
ing a plum tree, one-half treing
sprayed and the ether half not, the
result was the part snraved had a
good crop of plums, the other part
not one.
The institute adjourned to meet at
Barstow Jan. 5, 1X94.
The Xlnerra and rtrllmi letter tit t'lt
, tilth School.
The Minerva and Belles Letters so
cieties of the High school each elect
ed officers yesterday afternoon as
Presiden t Theodore J en n i ngs.
Vice-President Oedrge Sears.
Secretary Adda Hemcnway.
'' Detles I-cttrtn."
President Bertha Williams.
Vice-President Ben Payne.
Secretary Robert Boggess. .
llrrretive Kldrwmltes Acmln.
Rock Island. Dee. 15. Editor
AltGt s: As a taxpayer of the city I
wish to complain of" the disgraceful
mudholc supposed to do duty as a
sidewalk on the east side of Seven
teenth street, between Fourth and
Fifth avenues. Why don't -the eity
officials enforce the law and compel
the property owners to lay projK-r
walks there, or else put them down
and charge the expense to the abut
ting property? Such walks as those
in question might be to"crated In a
village, but should . not lie counte
nanced in a city where public im
provement has been so marked in
the last few years. , Let the crusade
against defective walks be taken up
in all portions of the city, until
this crying evil is corrected.
fat to Ial.
Tlie fflnflrnl sjrvinis nt tl.n l.itn
Hon. J. H. Murphy were held yes
terday from the" Sacred Heart
Cathedral, Davenport. , ' Rt. Kev.
uisnop i,osgrovconiciating. J he in
tenment was at St. Marguerite's
cemetery. The following is a list of
the pall Iw'arers:
John A. flrfwtn Ktnnn I'll, Tsw .
J. C. Bills. Davenport ; W. M. Des
mond, Clinton; Roliert Krause, Dav
enport: Capt. W. L. Clark, Buffalo,
Mn.l S I Ik M 1 !..:.! I t.
4m . a .rii', viianvs iKMueroecae
and F. H. Griggs of Davcnjtort.
'I'll n cnrtirn tt frtntiitd .nil nn
riages was among the largest ever
seen in isavenporc.
A!ani Kluts.
Catholic book atnrf nnmr KnrA-a
devotional, Christmas cribs, was;
infants, angels, Christmas tree orna
ments.. Christmas cards, almanacs,
one-half pound Christmas wax can
dles, patent wax Christmas tree
V Toy 53per cent belew retail prices.
So. Fourth arcane. Rock Isl
and. :
. Ketnotal Sale. '
Twenty-fire thousand-dollars worth
of bufks-stationery.- wall paper, pic
ture, frames, holiday goods, toys,
games, poeket books, gold pens, etc.,
to be sold at a great sacrifice in order
to effect a B-ecdy removal of our
stock by our customers. .We have de
termined .on discounting our present
low prices all the way from 20 to 60
per cent. Come and see ns and be
convinced. . .
Our store is full of beautiful goods,
selected .with. graV'cafc'. forjthis
season's trade." "So finer" stock can be
found in the state suitable for Christ
mas and New Year's gifti for vonng
or old, jrfeH' or poor1, than can be ou
fainod from'our stock. ;
. 1725 Second avenue. Rock Island.
.An authority on weather declares that
tornadoes are most frequent between
noon and 6 o'clock, nnd that the rainiest
hour of the day is 4 o'clock in the after
noon. This is the report of a meteor
olugic&i expert, not a weather prophet.
The Eaki.io Bulletin is the only jour
nal publisbeu within the arctic circle. It
is printed at Cape Prince of Wales, Alas
ka, and is issued only ooo a year.
Indulged in (ay Two Colored
Men This Morning.
"Tohe Alexaader PayaToo taTaeh Attra.
tloa ta -FeaCt nra'l Wife, CaaaiBg
Wot-Aleun;aavlatija to tr lbt.
adltaKeaalU -
. An unhappy terminafion of a lull
in police business, rs1t:d tkis
morning at abowt tiZi 'cIock . in - a.
shooting affray.-which occurred "on
First avenue, near Nineteenth street.
Few people in Rock Island have failed
to notice during the last ''three or
four months, an eccentric looking
darkey going around ' the street
wearing a silk hat and carrying with
him a box highly ornamented with
brass, having much the appearance
of a large kodak. In his hat he wore
a card with the inscription, "Prof.
Brown," in great large letters. This
individual claimed to be a fortune
teller and was noticeable tor the un
usual combination of a strong Ger
man accent to his colored dialect.
Jle moved his family from Daven-
porfsome time ago, and took np his
abode in Rock Island at the place
mentioned above! In the house at
that time were two families, one
named Scott, and the other Flinch.
About the same .time "Tobe" Alex
ander returned ' to tho city, after
spending several years in the twni-
pentiary- for larceny of a seal cloak
from Mrs. 1. or ken. in this city.
Then it was that Brown's troubles
began. He avers that dining the
time that has ensued, Alexander has
continually been . making advances
toward his (Brown's) wife, and in
consequence of this, the two have of
ten had words over it, and this
morning, without any apparent
cause. Alexander ipvited Browu out
side the door to fight.
Brown Areepta the ChnUeace.
' Brosvn, who was washing his face
at the time, wiped it and went out
with Tobe. Then it was that Brown
claims Alexander drew a knife and
threatened his life Brown drew a
S2-calibre' revolver, and told Alex
ander to -put up that knife and go
in the house," but instead of comply
ing, he made for him. and bang! went
the pistol almost in his face. Alexan
der turned ami went down to Dr. Kin
yon's residence, and had the wout d
examined and dressed. - The doctor
found that the ball had entered the
right breast, and had lodsred in the
lutiff. Probins for the lall was use
less, and it was left where it was.
and the results, of course, are donbt
fil. Tlie Pollre Notified.
The police were notified, and Offi
cers Brennan ami Et.el were detailed
upon the ease, and going to the house,
Hillis Brown, the professor's son.
was arrested and brought to the sta
tion, where ho told the above story.
Alexander claims that when he and
Brown were in the yard fighting Wil
lis struck him on" the head with a
large clnbj but Willis claims he was
in bed when he heard the shot fired,
and came down to see what was the
trouble, and did not 6cc the fight and
had no hand in it. -
Alexander's Rei'otatlon.
Alexander bears a .bad reputation,
and is not at all popular among his
associates, they claiming that he is
very abusive and quarrelsome. Im
mediately after the trouble Prof,
Brown disappeared, and has not as
yet been fonnd. although the police
of the three cities arc on the lookout
for him.
Crash. Baac, fiamah!
A bold attempt was made about 2
o'clock this morning to rob the jew
elry store of M. E. Nabstedt, 406
West Second street, Davenport, but
the burglars were foiled: first, be
cause of the great noise they made,
and secondly, because of the sweet
soprano screams of two women living
upstairs over the store. The women
say that at "about 2 o'clock they
heard something strike a window,
and the crash of broken glass, and
suspecting that an attempt was be
inj; made to rob the store, of course,
the women screamed. Evidently,
this frightened the men, for they de
sisted, leaving only a great large
hole in the -"Window to mark their
pathway. ;
FOR; Two Cents (a
stamp) any reader of
have a sample copy
of The New England
Magalne by droping.
a card to its publisher
, ; at five Park Square,
..jj jtr. '.''!,
Boston.and can obtain
a club rate on the
magazine and this pa
per by addressing the
publisher of
.Greater Bargains.
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V K b an noo
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E "
o vv
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wonders these days and stacks of new Overcoats
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fi n ft
Art n
Ladies'.and Gentlemen's
seen in this part of the
a few of the different
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ed Cork Sole Oxfords, just
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Gaiters. ,
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different styles, all of which
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to E, and all styles of Rub
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CASH STORE, 1712 Second Avenue
' ' i-
' i. M
: ' ''
.f it,

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