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An lixprcss Train Goes
Through a Trcsscl.
Several Killed and Others
A Hotel Destroyed at At
chison, Kan.
Latest Advices From Hono
lulu. pi Akia. X. Y.. lVc. 16. Anx
p train on th Western New York
;lr,i Pennsylvania roat went through
a ir..f! over Ifevrirk creek last
ni.-lit. atnl the engineer, conductor
and nuiiltr of passengers were
;;:!.'. I. while others wore injured.
A.ftl-f-s I'rMt tlannhila.
1'k.w !. Icc. 16. The Au
:r:i.ian nrrivrd from !Inoluln thin
m .riling. t iVo. 9 there km Uttle
rh'inrr in thi situation there. The
ti' n'lherrnts nrr secretly arm
r". an'l the government in growing
;r r.''T rvrry day.
Ilirtrl lieslrnved.
Ari!i;. Kan.. lVe. !. Tie
ti...,r h't-l wa destroyed th'a
r.i i'nir. The gni'sts all escaped.
miwm at .nrftwRllllff.
J. k.u:iii, l li., It H Jinn- J.
I . ik-' , r-.itu;ioa pugilist il tbe world,
Li. mt: veil lu lb.. Kit J. A tremendous
t: i a, is at the urpol wbeu Corbet t'a
tri.r. mme In, acd the ciwtmpivu waa
p -tf. wiu tlierr. No attempt was
!'. 1 1- t" a; rest tinui It afd lli art)r tuuk
( irr .r' f ll.t Were driven to Ilia St.
' 'i . i.otrk At the hotel I'orltrll waa
.-vti a iv trropoiMtenl ami talked
tn-r.y i' AliUkrtl. ami ILe coining prise
A W Hale lam if) Disapprara,
( : ui.k. i. T Ik-c 16 -Tlie whole
f.1!:. y i! ;..; .Vrrrirk, of Cass Iod
iu: t'luuty, ha ilia;merd and dii
i .i ut hii-u it, failed to Lute tbem.
i l..y i. niinf ted.
I . axlj Tr.aai r satred.
N..r.uvt. Ind.. lire 16 -The Jury la
t.. A 'it. i tun,; trial afu-r briug out ail
r.t.t rrtB'ttml vrrdxt of gu.lty and
f iil tl. p:ti.i.niurb; o CVuoijr T;caarvr
Arni.;rib(( at vb r la tue pvtilteo
utr;, Inane Mlatolrr Mmm.U HiHM-lt
New Vouk, live. 10 Tba Vernon
1!. o.j (.MOt Uirtl by Ma own band In a
r in tit tba miiienca ut Lis fatarr, lhb-
.t .v. o.ji'Uuui. ill was a rresb) tvriou
n.initer. miiiI tba cauna t( auiciila ia aaid
in u ,LiHutT ffitn tir-r tmlr.
MHkma II II uf r-T KaJ.
r.w::s. Uc. M Tba chamtier of dVpn-
t.i i n atotml th xjilosiTe bill ana
t'K- awci-:iotn bill, bulb antlnMuurchl
8ivurr , bjr w pma nin j-rriTita
YokK, lrc. 1C The fifth match
p:.ir.it iu i be turce cornered billiard
o.jir.i, rr.ultrd aa fulluwas Scaaefcr,
Dumri ui eiunreswa, kings -n
"ti. writ" tu eacb other as brother
".' i.tiT. Ui icriing and dokeaalao
r: j r thia Irlvil. i when add a-itlg
knu'. Imt auvcri'icna not iKMaemitig roy
ii..tiur are d(.ni atel aa cousin.
V.'i knI, hke vimiU rinir to be shrunk
I- f t- w for ntanufiu-turing ntirpoaes.
J 'it -li jiiun liams will shrink in thick-
ti- frnm 1 ini'ht t l1. anrnc- fmm
itu hrs to f, white iino from ISincbca
t lit. yellow pine a triflu K-sa.
I is ri'porteil fnnii Jat-n that a ay n
ih.-.it ' i,f Anniirana lina a Tinij'trt on
f"t f ir tlie entitlilt'linH ut of u gigantic
r!' k iind w.itria lu -.uttfactorr in Toku.
lin ti l to employ over Ki.UMiwurknKii.
Uln'r U'init " flyf in Jatyin
Th.' origin vt UUe-py llotluw ia crea
ii"l t' Wanhingtoti Irving. It ipm na-sl
I v li:tu u, Imlicnic. i: nuiv In a.tpixisJd,
Uo'kwnl:iesa ami snpirvufsa of thm
i''l--).it.int- of tho UUtrict bo dvicU.
Dreadful Fte of the Carl in
- Party's Cock.
Cbaran Ka4a hy m Trapper Who Waa
WU- the Urn Pan.-Th. -aa4MMt
lMelara4 hy thm Sarvl-w. Xr - fr
Ika Piewr-atlaa of Other, mm Ike Clr-.-.l.a.
1 -,; Masaalaa ArU.
la b V.t Carl I a.
Xkw Voek. Dec. 18. -The World aayss
A. I. A. IlimmelwriRht, one of the five
survivor- of the Carlin hunting party
(riven upas lost ia the
Clearwater. Montana, slipped quietly into
New York. A reporter sought him ont
with a view to ascertaining what explan
ation be miyht uffer in behalf of bit
companions tor having abandoned George
Colvate, oue of the p:irty. in the wilds of
the Ditter Root n-onnUina. In reK-rd to
the assertion of lWn Keelev. the trmnnr
who agisted the party to evcape from the
Clearwater country, that the abandon
tnent of Colgate waa a cowardly deser
tion, liiniinflwiiKUt preferred to say
nothing at all beyond putting forward the
claim that it was necex.ary tor the prescr.
tation of other member of the party.
The Abaadoaairat el Celeste.
Illmn.elwriuht'aacconnt ol tlmt-t t
of the part v differs but little from that ot
v auu tue (Hnrrnas given In iokane.
A Jetttr received by Attorney William H.
Sage of this city epitomises the bixtory of
the resene and Mie scrouols f;iven by the
rarty of ihrir exierivuces, and ?- in rc
liard lo the aimndouiiieiit of Colgate:
The facts nlittt-d to ice by Ibc party
miKht be condi-Dned aa (oiluws: Tiny
brouKbt bim alown the river on a raft as
far as the river could be uaviuated. There
was a canyon about eight miles long that
uv ran or uoai couM live tbrimch. The
walls were prrpeudicul-r ruck 2,000 feet
high in places ami the iwrtv snent davs in
clauil-ring up the mountain ami down
the other aide, going parallel to tr.e river I
.1 i . . . . 1
-u. u i uwirnuwi ii, u haj wntle get
ting around tLia pluce that the cjot was
Uacgered A tin the I'arty.
They claimed to have fitted him ont
with a blanket, matches, salt, etc.. but tba
last seen ot the poor leduw was a view of
him ataggeriug bliudlv after the nartr.
He was out ol bis head and may have
wandend anywhere. Ten davs after ther
hit bim behind they were met by the gov
ernment rescuing party.,; This, with some
elnt-oraliuus, would al-o lie the story of
the. rescue as told by Iiimmelwr!gbt, but
the desertion was another story that ha
declined to dUcuss otfbaud. Ha must
have time to pretiare au account of it.
This be intends to do. It is learned from
Himuielw right that young Carlin did not
come any further east than Washington.
Carlin has wrtrten a statement of the de
sert too of Colgate which Himmelwright
reserves lor use in a iiingasiue article.
It '
In tbe main regrets tue fiexeriioa wilhout
explaining the reason of it.
Milwaukee family Looked After
t'lve !. et Chat-ties.
MlLWAl kl.K. Dec 1 C In the course of
their investigation this week representa
tives of the associated cbarit ies found a
family that was being supported by a cer-'
tain church. A little later it was learned
that another church waa supporting tbe
same family iu complete ignorance of tho
fact that the household was receiving as
sistance from anyother source. One dis
covery followed mother until it finally
tamed out that this particular family
waa on the lelief list of no less than five
churches, each of which was contributing
in money and supplies an amount sup
posed to be sufficient to prevent tbe pov
erty stricken s-ople from suffering.
The queerest fact brought out in con
nection with the matter, however, was
that tbe children had been taken around
from one of the five churches '.o another,
and baptized in eacb of tbem for tbe pur
pose, it is supposed, of establishing tiea
that would make the family a special ob
ject of interest to each congregation. As
eacb church paid tlie rcut of tbe house oc
cupied by the family, or ratlin: furnished
tbe money to pay for it, it required seme
little ingenuity so make the rent days fol
low each other in prrrr succession.
WHO WANTS $50,000 T
A Chaace
fnr Ham Inventive Gealna ta
siaka That A meant.
Xtw oi:K, Dec lC.-The Metropolitan
Traction company sent a letter to the
board of railroad comn issioners in No
vember last ofTerlag a prixe of (31.000 for
tbe inventor of a system of street railroad
propulsion superior to tbe cable and the
trolley. In this letter the officers of tba
comimny say: "On tbe streets where the
lines are straight ami tue unsiuesa is
Leavr tba eible system is tbe most econ
omical jet invented. For ge neml ttso in
a eiiv winding aliout throusb the street
following toe routea 01 mm "
public wish to pursue, it is impracticable.
We wiU therefore net aside tbe sum of
ISO (DO lobe awarded as a prise to any
person w ho enaii. oenn n:. . .
submit to yonr honorable lawnl aa acinal
working svstem ot motive power for
street lailway cars demonstrated to he
superior to I be overhead trolley .
t'Ire at Xew Vara.
NEW YoUK, Dec. 16. One of the largest
Area thia ei'y baa had for a year broke out
at the corner of Foriynlnth atrcet and
Third avenue and burned for two hours
before It was gotten noder control. It
spread in all directions with remarkable
aored. The streets were jumped by tbe
flame,, so that all four corners were dam
aged and ine Third aveone elevated road
maetnre was aaved with d.fBou Ity. Lo
to buildings and good, was Ui.ed at
JV.UU0; partially manred.
- ibaazht la He
tkaros Dee- 18 -Toe two bundled ton
aclo MagarrlA. McGregor. Capta.n
!SeW IromCaps Uavuen. Hayti. is
Sd-yrd-. wHUst-ongUt to
riahU Ual at Kew
Xew Oi-SAs. Dec l.-The Jury to the
AI . .T: ..... Olvmnie elnb re-
Twa Xegraea aod m White Waa Taj turn
Est reaaltjr.
Sedaua, Mo., Dtc. 10. Dick Robinaon
was banged at 11:11 a. m. In e!ght min
utes after the trap fell life wus extinct.
Robinson marched to the rcaffold without
betraying tbe least fear, and met death in
a stoical way. lie made a brief apecch on
religiontothe spect ators.
The dead body of a young vromnn was
found lying in a cluster of ra-4 weeds, in
the southern au burba of Sedal. a, just be
fore daylight on the morning of Oct. 24,
1M2. A small atab woun't in the neck
told bow tbe girl bad met her death, the
carotide artery having been severed by a
single stroke of some sharp instrument.
An autopsy disclosed that the woman ha4
been outraged before she was killed and
that her unoorn child bad alo been mur
dered. The body was identified as that of
Johanna Schoil man, aged 24. unmarried
and a servant girl. Dick Hobinson was
immediately arrested for t he murder and
two days later confessed his guilt. He
was convicted at the following April term
of the criminal court.
ts Kiegre Murderers llaaged.
Pi:tCKss Axs, Md., Dec. lh The ne
groes Courtney and Taylor, were hanged
at 11:10 a. in. The murder for which they
were banged was committed on June 11
la-t. Tbe murdered man was Captain
Cooper of a small vessel plying on tbe
C'hegiieske, nud the murderers were his
crew. On the night of June 11 the three
men retired as usual, but when the cap
tain had lalleu asleep, Couriuey nud Tay
lor arose, and oae M-curing a sounding
lead and tlie ol ber a "lilsck jack," tuey
murdered the captaiu and robbed bim of
bis money and v l liable.
! Cars t l.mimur tu rhal:pne the
;peror .Ml I. Lurked t'p.
Xew Vouk, lec. Itt. I'rofessor Kichanl
Goerileler, who has achieved considerable
notoriety frou- iii- declared intention to
challenge tbe K;n;ieror of Uvruiany to
figbl a duel, has arriveJ and been taken
by his wife to their temporary residence
in this city. The rofcs.or was exceed
ingly anxious to talk to newspaper men,
but his wife would nut permit it. bhe
will seek indemnity for i.er husband's iu
carceraiiou. He claims that he 1-jst an
oflicial iiositiou in liermauy throrch Bis-
mark nud apiiealed to the emperor, who
ignored him. He threatened to challenge
the emjK-ror and went to Germany from
this country to do so, but was arrested on
arrival, examined, declared insane and
lacked rp. His ieleue v.as secured by
l'rrsideut Clevelaml.
Allcrd Munlerrr fsieea Another
Chance fnr His Life.
CUICAUO, Dec. 10. inraige n. Painter
wus not banged Friday. Sheriff Gilbert
received a telegram from Governor Alt
geld announcing that a reprieve had been
granted until Jan. li The action was the
resnit of tlie discovery of new and start
ling evidence which, it is claimed by
fainter s attorneys, wiu snow the inno
cence of their client and which may
lead to tbe conviction tf the real mur
o strange and sensational ore the de
velopments that they read like a chapter
from "Gaboriau." The new link iu the
chain comes iu tlie form of a letter from a
town in Texas. In the opinion of Major
liiackburn and Theodore Case this letter,
atrotiirlv tends to sl.onr Lhst the real miir-
1 irr .if llirii Ulnr'tin f 1 1 ...- ...1
Dick Edwards, who was a former lover of
the murdered gi: 1, and who killed another
woman in Texas May 17, ItHU, the anniver
sary of the Chicago crime.
Duel Xarrowly Averted.
UIXUAKD J.Abfc, JlCU.t UeC. 10. it it
told here, wit b a good deal of circumstan
tiality, that a dnel with carbines at ten
rods was narrowly averted at the Jdichi
gan Military academy. Tbe story is that
Instructor Campbell and Cadet Bur
roughs quarreled on several occasions re
cently, resulting in Campbell demanding
aatisfnetion on tbe bloody field of honor.
Five o'clock in the afternoon was the time
and tbe shores of Cana lake the place.
Twenty-five soldier friends repaired to the
lake lo see the shoo; lug. Burroughs
showed up but CampMI did not, and au
investigation revealed that the faculty
hearing of the matter arrested or at least
detained Camp lie 1L
lMVttiaa la Kebraska.
Ojf AtlA, Dec. 16. There It great suffer
ing among the farmers in Northwestern
Nebraska on account of the laiiure of
i crop. during tne pas. three yean. Un-
precedented destitution prevails in that
section and an aptieai Las been made to
Omaha for help. Ciotbing aud provisions
are especially needed, biarvatiou threat
ens mauy farmers, separated by many
miles on the broad prairies.
Strike la Ht. Lonu I'arktag Warks.
ST. Lolls, Dec ia The Nelson Morris
dressed beef works aud the Swift packing
house at the Ntlional Stock yards
duced the pay of the butchers from 45 to
40 cent au hour and the butchers em'
ployed by Aelaon Morris Ac Co. bare quit
work anl were followed by those of Swift
4c Co., making aliout 150 butchers on
strike. This will iu a short time result in
tbe idleness of two men.
J'atal t all tram a W iadaw.
SFBtS.riELO, Ills., Dec 16. William
Vaunclow, messenger and clerk in tbe
office of the superintendent of public in
slructior., while stauding In a secoud
story wiudow of tbestntebouse, slipped on
tbe Icy ledge and Xell to tbe street, thirty
feet below, and was killed, lie was a
well kuown politician atuoug tbe Ger
man. He leaves a widow and eight chil
dren. .
llllaula stale Vraage Adjeoraa.
ErciXcriEU), Dec 16 The state Grange
has at! jo u rued sins die. Oliver Wilson, of
Magnolia, was elected worthy master, maX
Thomas Keady, of Dunlap, secretary.
Kcsolutious were adopted demanding a 3-cent-a-mile-rail
way -fare law and prohibi
tion of pauses to public officials and ed
itors. Trirhlam la Ai
BksuX, Dec lt. It is announced that
ont of 190 tailed American hams exaui-
acilasd ia the Central market of this city
oas was found on Dec t tail U Uichiaat
taab-n s
White Metal Men Surprised at
Voorhees Statement.
And Expected Vsorkees Wessurs (a Have
Cleveland' Keeogaltiaa, Whick It Has
Mot A Hint, However. That tke Eseca
tive Is Oissessbling a little Carlisle
Likely ta adars e Part af tke Voorhees
Bill Welcomed by tke Silver Mea.
Washington, Dec 16. Voorhees' denial
that tbe financial bill introduced in the
senate ay himself has the sanction of Pres
ident Cleveland's administration has cre
ated soma surprise among some senators
and otbers-wbo have kept informed upon
the financial question. The silver men say
they were led to suppose from what Voor
hees said during the debate on the silver
repeal question iu the extra session that
with that bill out of the way the adminis
tration would propoe e a measure for the
substantial recognition of silver as money.
and they had therefore expected that when
Voorhees should bring in a bill it would
come with the sanction of the president
and tbe secretary of the treasury. They
admit, however, that neither Cleveland
nor Carlisle has given out any utterance
to justify this expectation, and accept this
as confirmation ot Voorhees' assurance
that the biil is entirely his own.
Might Hide Its Sentiments.
There is a well grounded suspicion also
that it the administration should really
feel friendly to the bill the fact wou'd be
suppressed liecause of its supposed desire
to have foreign governments understand
that this country is committed to the gold
standard. It is asserted by the supporters
of the administration who are not antago
nistic to silver that it is the policy of the
presideut aud especially of the secretary
ot the treasury to thus force England,
Germany and other European uatious to
themselves seek a reuewl of tbe interna
tional uegnUatioos tor a more liberal use
of silver. This is in accord with assurances
made at the Brussels conference upon
Cleveland's behalf.
Another View of tbe (Situation.
If this is .correct the administration
would cettainly not commit itself to a
measure j.ro iding for the further pur
chase of silver evcu at a time as ren ote
in the future as that proposed by the
oorhees lull. It is also asserted that for
the same reason the administration would
not lie Jikely lo Aug'4rst legislation look
ing lo the revival cf the international con
ference. There are others not so friendly
to Cleveland who hold that be is on princi
ple opposed to any recognition of silver
whatever, and that without regard to
international co operation be would Cut
lend his sanction to tiny measure in tbe
inurest of that metal. This view does
not correspond, however, with the assur
ances given cut by his adherents while
the reeiil bill was under discussion.
Just What Carlisle Was Waitine for.
There is little room for doubt that Sec
retary Carlisle will indorse tbe first sec
tion of the Voorliees bill providing for tbe
coinage of the seigniorage He has been
anxious to fiud authority for such coinage
ever since the treasury deficit began to
make itself painfully manifest, aud soon
iter the adjournment of the extra ses
sion he undoubtedly had undercontempla-
tion the coinage ot this silver without fur
ther authority from couiiresx, believing
that the unrepealed portion ot tbe Sher
man act afforded that authority, lie
seems, however, to have changed bis mind
as to the wisdom of this pioeeeding, and
is now presumably wailing upon congress
to provide explicit legislation for it.
Tbe silver men welcome the measure as
basis fur tbe revival ol the silver discus
sion at the proper time, but say that ii It
should ever be passed it would be mater
ially amended.
They Hold a Secret feraveutlua with All
the Chiefs aa Hand.
The possinililies of a uew political party
with free silver coinage as the sole plank
of its platform was among the develop
ments of the day's tecret session of the
silver leaders, all thi promiuent men
nearly being present. There were Warner
and Weaver aud Field and Stewart and
Kolb aud Morton Frcwea tbe British
biuietallist; also. Sovereign, the new K. of
1 osier wurkuian. The day was devoted
to expression of opinion of representatives
of tne different states. They were uni
formity to the effect that the working peo
ple aud famse.-H were dissatisfied with tbe
course ot congress in repealing the pur
chase clauie ot the Sherman act. Jones
and Stewart, of Nevada; Master Workman
Sovereign, aud National Lecturer White
head., ot tbe Grange, were among tbe
Duriug the address of Senator Joues an
interesting colloquy occurred between
him and Master Workman Sovereign.
The latter tug.csU-d that when the labor
rauks bad assisted toward securing free
silver there should be reciprocity by which
the silver leaders would assist iu securing
labor reforms. Senator Joues contended
that all labor questions were merged in
the money question and that its solution
would settle them all. Sovereign and tbe
senator at last met o.l common ground in
ngreeiug that tbe silver quesWon should
be made the araiuount issue of all labor
aud industrial organixatioas.
Haass Adsslls Arisooa.
Washington, Dec 16. T. e bill admit
ting Arizona to tbe union was passed un
der an order from the rules committee in
tbe bouse, and if a wranglu bad not arisen
as to what would be done about Okla
homa. New Mexico would also bve gal
loped in as far as tue bouse could let her.
Duriug tbe busiuess of admitting states
the KepublicaLS did not vote, requiriug
tbe Democrats to produce a auaruui.
which I hey bad some trouble doiug, but
finally succeeded.
Trial at tbe C raiser ol) uapia.
Saxta Baubaca. Cat, Dc. ML The
new cruiser Ciyniuia on a trial teat ia tbe
channel did not equal what the builders
had been kd to expact fronts' previous
acbievments, but stiu far exceeded re
quiremeuw. A record efabsatSLnf knots
an boar was established. fer
eprsa tecsuniMea atzxoa. ' . ,
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I or-"r rr'rr
rciyfyy Blue Front.
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2, 3, 5, C, 8. 10. 15, 25c, and up to f 1.50.
We are offering 4XI boxes of children's hand
kerchiefs, dozen in a fancy box. at 25c each.
They are sure to please the 'little folks.
Kid Gloves
Are always "just what I wanted." Our stock is
complete with the best makes and shade. Prices
75c, f 1, fl.25. f 1.33 and f 1.58 a pair.
Aprons. .. .
At 15, 25, S3, 89. 45, 92, 98 and $1.33 each.
Corsets. -
at I9e, ?3r, IL, tl U, 1M, ft.n, ft aad fl.V
Skirts, . - .
AtSi..tl L5,$i.73ana2.l8ea. .ahtea skirt-, tl.tl t,tt.1S.
ion. 8ce the aid get price.
Tovs ,
At rlre that will sell tbem quickly. A" we do art kaaale tae after
th'nolidnjraitaiwavsaastH boot pUtcy tmm-m el aa wen of
11 pawn v7 u asset as sste, ana tee fnnt
Miscellaneous. '
Fhawis to taH veer un Iset Calls that
1 rwuc ra fans vansurat Pllka m Da as
tower than the lowest.
going tad low prices en ca
: v.
. -' 1

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