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Richest of Ail a LcavcsJag PorerLatcst U. S. Gov't Report.
rnMkl fait- ami weekly at mi
AMf, Mock Ma4 tit.
J. W. Irrsa. PCBUtma.
TKHM Ual. teae-ate ar vara. Weeky;
) 14 pf tin; Hi 4a. 1 tK
All rnmmukMlmwat crfrlcal af aft-MSSata-lira
tfcea.te. pnimtal a n'ltfiaM, anal aa
fel same alrh-4 tor saMleatkiak Ha park
art rlM will arlat-4 a- f UMnm s'faatar-s
rarin """ KiUdt- frvea eaary twaaaia
la Rnrk ('ami a imy
!ATl t.T. IhtCtMBKR IS. 1893.
Thk race U not always to the
iwift." as the accidental 'raaror of
t'aleaj-n will learn to his aorrow aett
Tadar. JDn T. liopklas will win
In a ranter.
Tmk A. r. A.'alt i alciTara wa;;
Inj thlr nefarious raethml of war
tare aatnut Joka P. Ilopklas. A
tho organisation la a auxiliary of
tlie republican part, aowevrr. It la
not to U wondered at tkat they are
attj'jo.rtlnff Swift.
r.x-H.v. Kt MKLiof Maa-araoaetf,
it I said, kaa la-ea tendered the ml
oion t Rome and tke roller torskip of
the port rf Il-ta. an.l kaa rierliard
iH.th. tt ta needles to any tkat f Jot.
l(u--ell la n democrat. No one erer
heard of. a rrpntdieaa. aVenalag aar
thing. ' -
Tmk special mavoraUr eon teat in
Chlrajro Is attrarttaj considerable
interest thmnphout tbe state. B
the elertton of Swift tke repnhliran
e the nnljr pllle rhanrenf rarrt
nx the stats next Nil. ami they are
reaortlntf to de-prrat tnenoarea to
defeat llt'pkin. It ia n slender
thread t rlinjf to, lut tlruwnin; men
will elutch at etrawa.
SKI'KCTART I'AKl.tM.t kaa Call.'.! for
the resignation of "4 rrptildlran ofll
dat ennneeted with tke Internal ret.
ntiie -errle-, nnl other Itranrhe.i nn.
tlrr hi control. Ofnnre, the re.
Iffnatin- wilt lie forthcoming at
nnon, a no republican officeholder
- would Ihj trull ty of staying wberti he
,.. I not wanted. By the way, we pri
aunie the collector of the Koek Inland
port has sifjnlfied his willingness to
retire at any time.
TliK Inter-OeeaD accuses Hon. Bon
T. Cabin with damping n lot of
money Into the political rnnldron at
Chicago. Thla la the earn wail the
Union raised here when Mr. Cable
licked the republicans out of their
b iota Mn Somehow or otbe.-
the republican papers aeem to get
nerrona when Mr. Cable intereata
hlmaelf in n campaign, nnd we don't
blame them. Their past experience
with him ia decidedly unpleasant.
Tmk Chicago paper of today av
nounce through their Washington
correspondent that the appointment
of Frank Lawler a United States
marshal for tbe Northern district of
Illinois la naanrtd,,nnd will probably
bt made. Mondar. while J. C. Don
nelly I to be rewarded with the ap-
pralaerahip. The failnre of T. S.
Silvia. Bock Island' candidate, to
sfcnre the marshaUblp, will be re
' teived with feelings of deep regret
kern, which will not by nny means
. be eonnned to the ranks of the de
mocraey In which Mr. Mlrls has al
ways proved n valiant leader. Pen-
pie, regardless of poli .ica. were for
their distinguished nnd popular fl
low eltlaen nnd their best wishes at
tended his candidacy. An nnnanal
combination of events which ronld
not be tngored hns confronted the
president just at this time. Tan spec
ial election In Chicago ande it ne
esenry for party intertsx to aelact
Chicago mas. nnd the pressure
brongut to boar la Mr. Lawyer a bw
half, not tn least of vkVeh waa taw
petition of Cuicngo citiacas
fnvorlng his enndidncy for postmns
ter, impressed th prtsMnat with
the duty of firing hla th ant beat
thing, the marshalship. Had tke
eontoat been Merely between (Mlria
and Donnelly, with Chicago out of
the question, the Hock Island cuadi
datn would have wow overwhelm
I M'
Tww ntaotnU at tbe Cbrvoma Ar:
Lnol a tTasbini-toa fas whom tkw
x Mtate pntU pride sfruen whoa
t t sTaTseh H sspertad are Man) Daia
I. - . rtm tt CkMend Borntio KaBj.
Tea sat ant ralaa li aide aru1
I r ra I ha Ihlasa -4 head ami heart.
The feral of that luTtirr 4aoe.
AVbere anal draw near lis soaree agalai
Far aaa, tba anrdij etreei and aurt.
Tanrrhoire ha tonml "ilai better aart,
A ad, Mnrtba-like, I leel tke smart.
And oft eobtrrut, mtxk aerret pain.
Your path and roloa!
Pot Vet two tnrli nuty depart
On different tarks. ret by una chart
Direct their runrw armas Uia main.
To -ore 3 far pnrt. ami so tbew twain
Itajr fiatsh ctener than titer start,
Ymir path aid mior!
f. II. Uolaa; la tuarucr Fallow.
Lo, Mag."
"That you. Dick?"
"Aye. it's mo. Magrfc hoooro yer
"I'm brawly." said Mag. a littloau
dly. It 's a fine nirht."
"Aye, there's nartbinj WTans vri'
tie fctcht.'
Tine nicht r a trallc, Maggie."
"If that's sar, boo daa ye imi gae an
Uh yrr wlk, said Mnjr. ronttn?.
Dirk bak-d rantlotihly Into Maff't
eyra ana strnknl bis chin. "I board ye
vrrrr- walkin wi Bob Hiwldin." be said
"Di.1 re. ?
"An that yon na him vrcro tso xnak'
n match o't."
"Did ye. tbo'J"
"1s t tmo, Masrfe?"
Hpcrr r-ae qnrsttona. Diet, na III
tell ye twe Icrs,"
Dirk strokml his rbia again, lookel
tip ami down the rond and changed the
leg on which he had Iwcn rrstinff.
"It it s no true. MasT-ic." Im said.
"Ill stop too stories that aro gain tbe
"I'm tuarh nblecirrd tao ye. Dick
Lang," said Mag, ginng h. r bead a
"It'll ! nao battHTat a. Ycken
mo laHtcr than that, Mnififie."
"Dae I tho'7 A ad what a)Mot ycr
sef. ha kens nutrv cboot ino than ken
1 hitm If f
"An ye say it's no tmo nco dinnn
tbraw iih, a?Ki bnt jnin: rtp aa out
wi' tbo troth, au I I"
Mat was staring at bim. and Dick's
tohirne lnnir t) th roof of bis mouth.
"Hi mi's JUry McDonial i" abe thkod.
"I ba-aA r- n h-r in sax months tao
speak tre Mnry Mt Dutigal micbtv."
"IMdyo cast not l"
"There was casting not alot it,
MacKe- Tlrtro wrs hrvrt onything
atwit a as. 1'tc knit tho lassio a' my
tiara an pai d vi' 'cr at cn atitcria timo
jnist for frii-ndidiipa sake. Uh, no,
Manric, yer clean aff there "
"N yo soy, Int movlw I've been
nrarin stri"s alxiot yon."
. ""ba-what did rehear?"
"Ob, never mind."
" Wetd. there u duun ricLt lees, cTPry
"rWcy as stuv'u ucolb, na I'll believe
" At rare's death."
"Ye km what ycr a sayin. Dick?"
"I ilae, if I should dec thij minit."
" Wb pnt ru yer tio for yo, Dick
micbty, it's jnist like a hcrrau i-loot
thrown round ycr neck. Como 'ere, nn
Dick smiled affectionately, took n
step toward Mag, plnced his arms
akimbo aad be Id tip Lil head.
"There, now'unid Mag. nftcr hav
ing taki n tiff Lis tio and readjusted it
a la inoil.
"tlot ytr wark a tlone. Uasgio?"
"Ony nye laiig sine."
"Lat a tak a walk."
Magraa into tho bottw to"saode"
herself tip a bit, and Dick walked Bp
and down in front, humming. We're
a John Tamsan's Duirns." Mien Mag
einenred. a tartan shawl was thrown
over br r shoulder, oih! n small iNHinet
adiarird her heaL Her cheeks were
ruddy as tho rose, and br haxil tes
aparkkd with tbe haptiinean she felt.
" Whaar'll we gae. Dick fsheauked,
tonkins; htm in the face.
" Wbaur dae ye think?" naked Dick,
returning tbo luuk with compound ia
tcrrat. "tmy wbaur yo like. Dick."
"I tbiak we'll gje dsm try tbo Lorn
aa along by tho trees, whaur wo used
tae mte, Maacie?. yo ken."
It was akdigbt.'nl evening in tbe fall
of tbo year, and Dick Long was never
happier in his life, with Mam-ie Wuth
ersptsss, tbe prtttknt girl ia tbe village,
by his side. lint Mag waa a aaury girl
at times, for abe knew her cbarma, aa
every pretty girl tfca-t, and when abe
waa la the round abe loved to tease those
whose admiratkm or affections sho had
won. Nearly every yonng man in tbo
Village had made advances to her. and
with one racrptioc abe had tnrncu tbcta
all against her oa account of her aaury,
coquettish ways, which tbe young men
failed to understand, and invariably
sent tbrm off in a buff. The one excep
tion was Pick Lang, wnuse love for
Mag waa a posniun. He bad beiron by
eying her at a distance and gradually
getting neCrcr. At first sho treated him
with ind1S.Tencr, and in his preaenco
always seemed to think more of
one else than of him. BubHpald-
tag wan atrapping yonng fellow and
to all airpearanots made tbe most prog-
in bis advances, ur course Jaatr
tad an much as dented that there was
anything between her and Bob, but ahs
necessary to have it In hlack ana wnire.
The fear that Dob would cany off Mag
made Dick all the mere anxious to wia
her before it waa too late. And tho op
portunity ho was. now civen was all
Lbat he wanted. It was a common ray
ing about tbe vinaga tbat Lnck wca
ratbtr long beaded ccd knew a good
thing wheu ho saw it. He know a lit
tle of human nature, (aid below all
Mag's nonsense ho conld discera a true
and warn heart. At fill even's. Dick
was determined to have bcr if ho conld.
They had walked neat ly a mile with
out aayirtg innch, beyoud talking about
tbo weather, for Dit-k was making tip
bis taind what to say una trying to get
courage at tho sumo timo to say it.
Wheu thty reached a dump of trees
not far f m the lurn, Mag snggrsted
thrt thvy ait down, reinarktng that they
had h id a big washing at the house,
ard rhi felt a liitlo tired.
"I tiiicbt a thockt o' that afore, Mag
gie, i? ye'd only tolt roe," said Dick
repentantly, "Let lat's tit doon coo."
"It's a too ooou tiio nicht, timt it,
Dick?" aau-ed Mas, lookin;- up into
"What did yo say. UagKieJ"
"I asked yo if it was tao a foo'
tat-nn man, whar's ytr lupi?"
"Oh ah I 'ta thinkin it is. " Then
Dick stroked bis chin and toro np tho,
cod with his heels. "It's n fine thing,
ntnoon. Maggie, isn't it?" Dick at last
found words to say, in order to bseak
the UKRHitony and gaiu time, hot with
or.t 1 cing able to explain v.-hy ho had
caid ro.
"IToo is't a fiod thing?" asked Mag,
looking tt hitu with the tails cf hex
"Wet 1 a I I've heerd it said
that tho Tuoon, ye kon, was a ude
thing for a-kirnin milk cn prroervin
chw," Dick raid. looking vct7 guilty,
tmiC l.y aur means satisfied in hU own
mind that he had nuswrivd the question
in the ri;xht way ir had inlly txnnpre
bendetl it. his thoughts at tho moment
hrin;i ia aa entirely diiferent direction.
Thorn was a merry l.mh ia Mag's eyes,
lmt ihn restrained its vocal expression.
Fho merely shook for a moment v Ith
tho emotiou and then tried to cpier
"Maggi." said Dick ct length, rtill
di.Tjng np tho earth with hi:i heel,
"yer no casscd, arc ye, tao oay body?"
' En,Tagcd ? michty . '
"Weel I waa juL CTwcrin, yo
"An vhef mak'a yc spocr a rticjtiaa
litolhit, Iicki"
"W 1 tae till ye the honest God's
trr.th, Margie. I want ttj Lo engaged
tao ye invsel"."
"Dick 1-JUjg."
"Aye, 'at's me that's Rpeakin, Mag
ie, aa nooithr. Mas, lassie. If yconly
kebt lioo tiuckla I loo ye. I hona hsd
a tiicht's sleep thiukia abcoi yo fur tho
last foniicht."
"Thr-t's no mnekle,"
"Cut that's no a', Maggie. I was
thinkin about Dob Spaldin. It vras tho
thuckt n him takin yo froo me. That
was it, laie tliat was it. I'vo been'
thiukia Uxxt yo for years."
M-g lis.ked ucrota tho fields ct the
red tiall of fire that formed a frrect semi
circle m top of a purple hill that Lcund
cd the far tjde of the distant glen.
"Will ye baa me, MagtiV" asked
Dirk iinploringly.
"No, I v inna," came prociiT itsa
her lips. .
" Yo winna O Maggie, think again,
fcr an answer like that gaes bamo liko
tho fctab v a kuife. Is't poKsihlc that
ye uinna ken I've never looed oay hotly
but yersel ? I 've hiI nae heart tae gio
tae anybody nin I kent ye years laug
gauo by. I'm no sae gnde hsikin as
Bub Siwldia, im I diuna carry my haid
sae high, an tnaytie that stands i ' my
wi noo. But. Maggie, I've a heart here
that's yours as thor.gh it had never bc
langed tao mo. Whan my granny dees,
I get Yr bigfein, 'cr coo an a' 'er chat
tels that 's la 'er will, Maggie. Tho
hoos wad lo oor aia, aa proud wad I
bo tae Hi at' yo its queen. But abune
a that. Maggie, I loo yo sairly, an I'll
never loo uidtbcr. Think again afore
yo answer toe will yc hoc me. Mag
gie?" Dick tock Mag's baud ia his, and she
pressed it. Sho said nothing, but sim
ply ctuiled. II or silence was accep
tance. Detroit Tree Press. .
Berlaaawr Caahaier).
Eikety woodca houBes. tacny etoriea
high, seemed to lean all round us in
every isawible direction, oach unlike
its neighbor ia odor and height, though
ncarl.7 all with beautifully carved shut
ters, hanging in picturesque angles
from windows, innocent of all other
protection. In tbo warm sunlight, the
brown and white touea riprnsd into
rich shades of yellow and red, and here
and there a pale pink house, with em
erald green window frames, threw in
a strong dash ot color, and over its
neighbor 'a dark carved shutters would
hanrr strings of red tomatoes drying
in tho hot sun.
Mit of tho bouses seemed full of
people who looked, out listlessly from
behind their many colored draperies as
we passed. Others,, more curious,
enrwded tu-?tbrr on overhanging ver
andas, wl'.ui d absolutely "no visi
ble meanstii !," but whose inse
curity sceun d ia no way to affect tho
lartghing, r haltering group of people
upon them. Every Into cud there the
irregular li oe of bonaos was broken by
a narrow stieet, winding away into al
most hjat k darkness, eo sharp waa the
contrast between it end its aanay sur
roundings. 8t rinagur has six 1 -ridges crossing tbe
Jbelunt at varions intervals, and be
tween twoof tbtse all fishing ia prohib
ited by tbo ntaharajah who nominally
governs tho land, tho reason given be
ing that tbe soul of a late maharajah
has passed Sato a fish, who resides in
this part of tao rirerl CornhiU Mag
azine. It appear front a
that titers ase IM60 glO.aoo bills. 11306
Mata Crlsto CaaUa.
Tho castle and park of Monte Cristo
aro advertised for sale at a judiciarv
auction in the Palais do Justice of
Paris. Tbo castle was built by tbe
elder Alexandre Dumas in the village
of Port Marly, along the road to St.
Oehnain, and named after his famous
novel. There is in the park a minia
ture Chateau d'If. in the middle of n
little pond, and recalling to mind tho
Mediterranean prison ia which lived
Edmond Dantex, tho hero tf the novel,
who became. Comto de Monte Cristo.
Tho legal advertisement states that the
whole domain will bo offered at auc
tion upon a first bid of fSO.000. Paris
The lMata narat.
A bursting not emery wheel, boiler
or dynamite bomb, but a plain and or
dinarily ambitious potato may cost a
Camden (X. J. ) woman her sight. Pota
toes were baked for supper, and in tbe
attempt to take hem from tho oven one
blew up, burning her eyo so severely
that the chances are it will become
blind. The kitchen was powdered with
bits of tbe flying potato, which went to
pieces with a vcngeau-c. To bcko po
tatoes, however, may still be regarded
ts a fairly safe cperation in these days
of football and trolleys. Camden Correspondent.
Hood's Cures
AT r. a. A. Stearns
Purifies the Blood
"I was attached with a painful ItcUInj and
sweUins. EeU blotches came out oa tny body.
I cou U karilljr se. Words 'cannot express my
aiffcrtns. When I had taken tlx bottles of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
all trace o! Use disease hail disappeared, and I
aa now perfectly TreU." C. X. Steaos,
Gravity. lows. T tare to pet Hood'a.
HOOO'S P.LL8 core til Liver lib. Bilious
ness, Jaundice. liMUfiesUoa. Sic. "--VK
Harper's Theatre,
J. E- Montrcse. Maniger.
Monday, Bee. 18th,
"Sweet Singer1
Chas. Aa-i2a.-cli.er,
' (-KAKI) .
In 111 i New Comedy Drim i.
I5y Jas U. Garey and Dr. E. A. Wood.
New Sonjjs!
Xew Scenery!
Xew Cost times!
at every performance
Sale of rent a' B rnrr H jne pharmacy Dec
16th. Price -3. to aid -Si
Harpefs Theater,
J. E- Moairosa. Vaaacer
Wednesday Night, Dec. 20
Ike Fntnet of Oaioie:iar.. EZRA
KENDALL ta bi Uie.t
comirdr caceef s.
The Substitute,
Soppsrteil hy a ap"en-id rmp n tf i,lav
eta lnjiB. ins Ih fa ou. litllj
cum dlan,
Of "Tin a1dter."' "OTaU' Silp- ar." -AH Vr
mi iob uTi-a ia mun nl tieea"ut
"MLbd nme. nnd the charm
ing 1 Ule euab'aite.
In th-lrl tat and fWH eiarw'tee rre-llon.
John Hart of tro web ra"n l i.nJntn "u.
Vaic.Ctartea IS dfae llorrr Knt.b. Bunrr
Ja'dke, Mtr Joaerfia Cmaill, MII4 ed Mic-rne
' mrr w arowa I.v-TIU-- . IKiu't BUM Ar
ttur Ihi s let-alio if rVleicaakr auS C-mi-teU
ka dance wl a iibB Hart.
Ttaaarnnf aaj olds' an.
Pr eea-TS.Su aad 4J-
s at o. nie a Harder Ilor-e Pharmacy,
Vvauar, nee. IS '
CLgar Btora and Billiard Parlor,
alwa-aaahaadtaa aaeet braada or duaiaatfc
sat tapsrad ehrara. All heaada jf tohaooa.
Tkaiearaaf all taa ball saraas wDlsa nmread
Sr. Wat i siaadaaaa
Tii.auuin i.araai im. mca aca.aais
;rfK3, .!)
i-Tcf Walt(''i Celr1ntt-d Ocoed Oa
Dr. TT:u Mrditml CVn ETl.Wt, IM
- Tim trTl remomhor the eonilitlnn t mm m f ts)
yK- a . Lf n I wae fcihirtod IUi a onaMna
iiua of dimts. awt ii,i'Uu-l t ;hcrca- ma Hrie
raa ire I Wed mi ki:i ! mv.lrlr,e-.nd mrcni
oiex.r.cnt physiivaut.. !y iior-.ucreprnsirated,
pmlurinc dii:i? n. Lena ti' i.lle r.tut all tbe tils
that siUta lifts znuctaule. 1 cuuracacod to taka
and in throe enntn l w.i errrecTvy euar.
,iiriT tmvclseuch year-vliuu 1 the thouMiiidj
Of phyatcal wreck-. Buffering frm nervou pro-
n traiion. tnklne praenptkmi Iron
P3 II phkianxT.'ho have no know t
s ixlm . tbeirease. and whnse death
ts crrUa, I feel like iming to them and saying.
cct oa. stitxa- Ntamt aaa as euaeo.- In
my ttrctottinn.
nhere there
flercra froia
I'.lint'la.lJVII I ,
tmn a-nl uemona ethanstlon. Dimtcht on by the
ctmric'cr of ILa ptaincw casaged in, I would
a a ttuccarofcTsa a;Ciwl:ia; ttaa thaas canns
Jaaa K. Wana.
Sold am m Puaitlvai Caarantee.
Oa. MILES' PILLS 600osu25Cts.
twvrwork.racn'' s itav tl, praatnv
Offer. '
WE mOPOSE to boom our
trade from now until Christmas
bvo(TerinT unusual inducements,
viz: With every order for a
dozen cabinet photo, we shall
rive an extra photo in the new
Vienna panel size, and in addi
tion your choice of three beauti
ful souvenirs. In crayon work
we are offering an exceptional "
bargain a 10x2) crayon Mrtrait
in a beautiful gold frame at
4. 03, regular price $5.5 J.
Visitors are alwavs welcome.
1725 Second Avo.
louis Eirox.xrjy
(Sneccseor o U. WBXDT.)
Merchant -:- Tailor,
119 Eihteeulh StrreU
ttaVFit aad Workmanship Guar
anteed the Uent -
0 ai ing ud Repairing Done.
O s
VaaJ r 3
H s S
H M 0
Washes crvery thing from s ftnc
ilk nsjidkerchier to a draw
tent; Laos corUios a spedaltj.
STo. 1724 leiUD AVB
' Tttphcn Do. IH
Open Evenings.
Our store will be open evenings this week
Endless variety of useful articles, suit ib!e for
Xmas presents.
-Hug, Hasler, Schwentser.
217 and 217 1-2 W. Second St., DAVENPORT
The Battle Above the Clouds.
I have a large consignment of Napkin
Rings, Ink Wells, Pen Rarks, call bills,
etc.. made of materials taken from
Lookout Mountain; they will make
presents which the Old Settlers will
prize very highly. We have them on
sale for a few days only.
A car load of handsome bed room suits going
at the following prices.
Suits worth 15 00 go at
2) OJ
25 00
27 5)
S. 00
35 00
4'J 00 "
Remember we have only one car load to dis
pose of at the above manufacturer's prices.
1526 and 1637
Second Avtsnua.
Geo. H. Kingsbury,
f 12 5.)
15 if j
IS lllj
IM 00
- U i
27 .V I
- (K
Ii4 126 and V2H
Sixtet-ntk Street
At Hair Trice.
Now is the
l 'v. - t ' i
time to buy
your Christmas
presents. '
no tali ox ran at Qaasataai laortHr
t3rbasaad 4741 in cir-
V- '-J-. .
saaaa-.i awafWtf

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