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A Lot of It Laid Out by the Late
Am4 im riM r r.MMU t. rass
a Is HMiwirf K.m slMlrr. mm!
sIMj h rrralitoot Aa Oatllao mt tmm
Mvkvmo KiTummMiitril Tws twin
7 tiaaa "a. Koftk asal
i tit. INlM-r hi t ftmrtfc.
tTAmxr.TV Tr. K A. J. W.rrxf, tha
w atilrtit T tli ramfrrvnrr of tb T7inrtaJ
1( Laatfitr whd h hit. la arlin brra,
fur arwal iliir. na arWra ont a state
meat of th artlun of the ennfrmwe. The
Itieettmt of theeimfotwirtlmve twrawr-U
attsrakxl, numls-r nf puMle me ia
consna irmlinit It thrlr ahl ly bring pres
ent Tlf liH'tiKle rVnator !trwart ami
Junta of Nrvaila, IVffor Piiwrr. A Urn
ml lliui-linmKh. ami llcpfrarntatlm
IVtter ami Ih'll nt ViArmif atimpaon of
Karia, nimI sitey of IVnnyWanlw, Tle
followlux I rnlUBt Wamcr'a Ute
awttt: Klrnt. tlmt the morwy qnextUw I and
Will mnttnti1 to tie the paramount tsatM
till It I wttlnl. ami n-ttle.t rlithtty awl o
eurnl nriiM'llv. and that It can be die
inl hy nnnthrr.
The tarty tJnrMImm l mlwlili,
W..n.. thl the nrt hnttle k foe the
Iwit minrra. Think that ti nrhk-Te rr-
milt the ailrer men mnl not wtily stay
liret tiwtt artrr they rear ronmreaa.
hut fhejr mttt there nulte, ami nt
tinn .liver a'.ire portjr wr lmemnt
It tn armtnpU-th the ojeet f which they
were elwteii
A niimlier of iMeirate were In favor of
twtiiitinit a new party out ami out. with
the tlti'liiratln Ma mmle on tlie tmittey
juration a the aole rne, ami Ivarlntf the
way onen for the altilintlon of mrf only the
IVupli'. party. Imt of t he ,ii,i w Un re-
fiianl tn viae at all at the late elertiiin: Imt
tneeiiniirnce wan m rniuii tur mm-h a
tirra .ml a majority of the delegate
pmenl hfllevnl the emirae finally atfverl
it;j to le the lttrf policy In the coming
fiilitfremlonai elertHm.
The MM Ta IW ! mm fini.fi .a.
Tlie eotitereiH-e rtH-iimnienWil that the
jilmetallla Ienttie nmently snirtfeat to
frlemlot.llTer ererywhere In all parti.-
that thvy .npport ri tlie I tfry-fimrth rtm-
ItreM only m h eamlltlate. a will pletlue
tiiein-lve in mmilmttlntc ronrenthina ami
openly ami pul.lli It in tlieir ranae Ut
elerthm to the following act Urn la raeof
their election: That they will enter Into
no party runrti. thnt will html or restrain
them f-'rtn toting or artimi ia the r'ifrr
fourth eiingrrw a given in their pleili'i-,
to the people before their rkTtb!. lint
that ther will nnlte with othrr. who are In
favor of the restoration of the titmrtalllc
Ptirmliiril of BMinrv bv the free ami nnre
trh'tel rnlnwge of Iw.th gnld ami .ilver on
the mtlo of lit to I, a liefore the art of
TU a if I I lie imitn hy the grneral govern'
ment nt the pnper rnrrrm-y without the
Intervention of hank ami agnlnt the
Iwim of ImmU tn buy gotil.;
leiialMlHa aoal t:rtaoatHM.
pMifknlitrly in thl unity of m-titwi ttnr.il
In the nrgnniition of the hnue anil In lUp
vote Uf preiilen In raw eleetliwi by th.
people .hod Id tail. To thi rml the ronfi-r-
tiin rrronintemln that ailvrr h-ngue e
everywhere oru:nll ami the work of eilti
ration be rarrleil on thnmuhont the ronn-
try, ami thai In addition to thi. work
thianngh orgatiUatlon Iw elTertrtl In ntate.
mt ilitrU't. where .ueh work will he mt
effective In the elect km nf members of
eongrew and of ntnte leKlnlotntv.
Tw. C'ewveatlwa. ttena.Mtemli4
It wa atHodeclihMl to rerotnnwmj that
there be held during the prevent wlntrr
tro ronvrntlona, one aoniewbere In the
aiaith and one at lh Moineo, la. A com
mittee it three on the union of the re
pnhlUw of America and other oilvrr rtaml
anl twit ion of the worll. with thepreni
lent nf of the flimctallic league no chair
man, wa appointrtl a. follow: tieneral
King, of IsHtixuma: r ! ftark. of Ottio,
nd Judge K Mieldon. of Connecticut.
.mp ISilMt. That feme l AgalaM the
attnie--raa't aprah I allfrl ntmtr.
WAinr;ttTiX. Iho. H There ta alremly
nnehleralile littrreot nmnifrat to kixiw
What will lie the annr- of the arnatn with
H'ference tn the territorial hill, which ara
coming fmm the hoiie of reprevntativra.
There are prolmlily Mime rot k. ahead, for
there are M-veral objection that xcmifur
will Hrge ngtiint one or other of the bill.
Ine ronMlratlnn, howrver. will hnv.
mawethitig toilo with the matter ami make
It anmewhiit dillkult for antl-eilver Iiemw
crnta tn dcchle.
All the aenntor from the new ntnfe ex
rent prolmblv tlktalHinut wmild be Drmo
rml, hut all. Including ttkluhonut. would
be silver ne-n. Eight new ailver aenntor
The proliicnt wouhl have thi to look at.
ton, when the hill came tn him. Another
objection tn New Mexico I that the people
there talk PpnnLh principally, nml thnt
oven In the IcglNlatttrr It would he new
nary ! luive en Interpreter. It I one
pfnuneltlnn that t'tah ami Nevada la
Joined one aUte.
The frcfetvat Will Tahe that frMltiai la
Mia .Hn'iHgr- the aakiret.
WAKMIMiTo, Ih. a. It ran be ataterl
tipna the highet anthotity that the prei
letit'a mrwiago lranmittlng the Ilnwailn
rnerepotH l tice will Kbow that the admtn
M rat ion nan doa all la Ha piwer by the
aid of diplomacy to tic la the wrong--from
it ' .tanilpoint -dme the Ilawalhta mon
archy, and thnt the altnntUin in now one
for the Murrrr of the t'aitrd !tate to
deal with. In other wonla that diphanary
has failed to feature the conditiona exiting
petur to the reviduthm. and enngrea mnat
tMiw dechle whether other mean are to be
employed. The nMNavige will ahe reaerve
the Uat dnnht about a ilagreemet be
tweaa the prealdent ami hia rawretary of
rill It will .how that Cleveland and
Wwntary firehan bar been la t borough
I Root the nrb
WAMtKATox, IbM. 1. The attempt to
atanwa a onraninrd nwlxtaaca to the tar
tl htil hy the dixgruntlctl taembcra of the
hjaaao appaari U ha v. failed, ami they aow
laak forward to the eruato a their only
to eotaia any aroe art menu to iao
WAtaUMTOITt thrc IS. The
Hal anal j by a want. cVbata am the
af apeciai
fullv TMtiiL the nim f tka JTh
n appropriation of no.mo for that par
poe. Tba appmprl-aion was petMUng at
aijonrnrtect. Cannon very vigorcuijy
rtticirl the pewtofi policy of the gov.
wuicn wiw aa vignroiiHly defend-
"J Miioe ana other 1 trmoci ate.
tTill Rclnre the Taa aa riaylag Canto.
WAJUiXuTfH. IVe. IK Tk. ..k . t
the way ami meana committee with but
one exception hehiw meeting at the treas
ury department to further conahler tbeun-
.o..m-w. portion o the Internal revenue
fcatnre of the tariff bill. Miller, the com-
nt. The only fliuil nction taken warn that
larnanniuieeovctihttto place a tax of 0
cent per srk on playing rarda Inatead of
IV cent per pack hitherto pniMa-rd.
Cegre. to Adjaora Tbarwlay.
WAKHI'dlTOV. IW. 1 tt I. tk ..nann
Intention of the power that be In congr
to ailjtnirn for the holiday reresa next
TIiIICwIaV fltittl .Inn A U .
The tariff di lmte, which the Democratic
immht had hoped to enter upon More tlie
ad ioiirnnif oi Mt.ttrf mawI....m ...n -f.
the recc, although the bill will he re-
tibi mint iMitiac either ou Tueday r
.-- a .
And tweeted fee Iter Twelfth Time Chief ml
the t'ederatiow.
ClltCAOo, Dec. a.-simncl G 4 tn per ha
oeen re-electel pre Aleut of the American
rrhTntlinof Ijtbic for the twelfth con
fecTttire time. The movement to lring the
peenlilency wet fnial when the mattrr
waa nbmitteil to a vote. John Mcltrlde,
the wetern camliLitr, arruring t.?3 vote
to (banper 1.4U. During tlie afternoon
lreitlctit toaiipi-r wn given an otiimr-
tnnlty lo defend himelf ami the officer of
the executive ronm il againt the cliarvc
linMik'hr eacerning the receiptaof the pnb
Prat ton rwu.il in the inlcreM id the ortliT.
The oiitnme wa a rroruti.ia rompMely
xoncraf ing ittanpcr ami hi colleiuruea.
taher oilwv r were elcctnl a follow:
First vice president. 1. J. Met. n ire, I'hiU
ih l;ti!n: aeoNel vice president , C I- Drutn
moml. fiat Wayne, ImL: tbinl vice presi
dent. Jamca I'rettcU llttalntrg: fourth
Vice prcHidetit. William II. Mnr.lt n. lhav
ton; wcretar;-. Cbri Kvnn. New York;
treannrer. .1. r. W uniMt. New ork.
A romtiinnlcntioii ea mvirrd from
firacd Mtcr Wnrkmnn J. It. iwniign,
tit the Knichta of t-ntioT. urging cI.hit
rymnnthy l-twerii tlmt onh-ramlihc fed
rration. The motion to move hcaliiar-
tor to Jndinimuoli wa Iie4. It wn
moveil to rrtnm-e the headquarter from
New Via k. Thi wan lunt by a Vote of VKC
aoeerelga a I ree Trailer.
Wa1IIM.T()X, Dec. 11 Master Wort
maa hovrreia I In Waauingtonto attend
the conijrra. of aileer aenator.
I am a.ninat atrikca," laid he. "I
bar been connected with labor organiz.r
tvoD. for year and have never yet been in
a atrik.. The ballot l much more effectv
ive !n rnlrvantng wrong than strikes or
arbitration. I am an out aid out free
trader." Miid Mr. Sovereign. "1 believe in
tin makeshifts or partial reduction of tar
ill taxation." Mr. oven-ini added that
the tariff nod all other q urinous would
be sevoodnry to the money imue.
I'IwmI la ItaMitb HalTaln.
til t ALO, N. V.. Dec IS South Buf
falo b.ts been visited by a uiotrous flood,
A large section of that part of t ho city ha
been covered with water to the depth of
several fret. It is estimated that I. WW
people liav. been driven from their homes
on account of the flood. The beaey rains,
melting now and high lake winds have
caue Dultalo river and Crzeiiova ere k ro
overflow tholr banks. A total area of bee
square miles launder water, and the money
lea w ill be very heavy.
Mehaeter Make, a Nee Record.
2?EW YoUK. Dec, 1. Tlie aixtb hillinrd
m.ttch wa. lartweeu rchnefer and Ivea. At
the com-IuMon the game at.Mxl: Scbacfcr,
; lve, 60. rVhiicfcr nuulc a run of .Vifi,
brenkiiig the la-at prcviott run of 4M.
rV huetpr'a average I the higlicst on record
al. lading !, tnc former reenrd la-lng T5
by Yignnux, tlie French expert. The
am'hor iiure did It and commilted suicide
thcreSy. The gnme (,-ivin btliaefcr Ltil
hotHir fur tlie touruatncuL
Chleagti Uirl Commit, aaiciile. ,
CniCAOti, IKX. JB. Mercedes 1'lows, of
Clitcago, It is rportril. dieil lo a convent
In this city, hue was but IS years of age
and was the daughter of Mm. Olivia
I'lows and a sinter of Kdward 1'lows, a
randy manufacturer of Oiicasu. It Is
stated that the frirl committed scicide.
The girl had tw.ee la-fore attempted to
kill keraclf. once with her tutct Ola at
the Lelaud hotel, Chicago.
(Twher liefesxla Taaaaaaay.
Nt.w Yot;K, Dec 1. In an interview
Iliclinnl Crokvr, chief aachcin of Tam
many, Invite an investigation by the leg
lelature of hi pt.blic art, dcrlnna be has
m4 a tlollar that wna not hfmctly nitwit-,
debnel Tammany Iphii the innumerable
charge nuule against thnt in-guuiauition,
and says be will under no ritcumatauccs
Withdraw I rum It hailrTliip.
A New Way tm lialae Iteveaae.
M ANKATtt,' K., Hi:. II. The city coun
cil, to Increase the th-plctcil fund in the
city treaattcy, ba pacil unntiiiiiously an
onlitusnce waking It a nuiauce fir any
prrwsx num. woman tar child, to hereafter
wuitlcnrstmr -Alter tlie Hull" between
the hour of a a. hi. anil 10 p. m. The of
ten I puulthaldc with a Hue of fill cents
for each performance
fire at Slew Haven. Ceaa,
Niw IIavcx. Dec IS. Ta. Diair build
ing on Oratigj street was burned. The
ttrcnlng Leader plant, with tbo excep
tioaaf tbo press and stereotyiw ue part
men t, wa destroyed. The total loss is es
timated at over tHO.tMJ. The owner of
the bnlkling la the heavwet loser.
a nerd to Isralb While Being Heera.d.
HT. JuaF.ril, Mo., Dec 18. The reaidence
of John Andrew waa burned. Mrs. Jane
Ilatole, bin nmthcr-iu-luw, was in the top
etiary of the bulhllngand wa carried down
a ladder. While ao doing ber clothing
caught lire and sue waa burned to death.
i Alaeai at at Peoria.
rtontA. 111.. Dec IH. The Central City
Brick and Till company baa assigned
with liabilities of tti,W0. The asaeta,
whkh Inclutle aixty-arvea acreanf ground,
Will wore than cover the Indelrtedncaa.
Terrta. Maihartllag ,
Sew Yohk, Dee. 18,-The World's spe
cial dispatch from Vacuo Ayre of tbo
lath says: Terrific bombardinxis npotV
ed ia lbs harbor o. liki da Jaeiro. AUsy
mwa aiiiad.
F.mrteen inches of snow la reported r.t
Indian Hirer, Michigan, with all t rains twe
to cifcht hours bite.
T.aa ka police authorities are diarcsard-
Ins tJovemor IjCwcI line's recent tramp cir
cular and the IV.imli.-t police board baa
alKii:,wl the reck pile and boll pen at the
city prm.
The national civil service commiaaion
fca recomnieudcd the proaccution of F. W.
KlrkeiibntiKli, of Tolwlo, ., for soliciting
political contribution of the poatofitre
rppbiyc the.-r: alio J. C. Hike, secretary
f tlw hoard of exumlners. Both men deny
"I ' charat.
W. It. t-tchtll. a Kntifa City horse
'hocr. lint lawn fined et5 for working on
und:iy. The case wa apitealcd.
K 11. It'll, ft twenty -live year aecrrt.iry
of the (irnnd Uix of tMd Fellows in
Wj.-n-or.sin. in dewi. agiil 70 year. r Is
Jiiiuea Illack, a prominent lroliibltion
len.h-rid Ijincaxti r, Pa., and first candi
date of that imrty for president.
Henry .1. Keiser, who was shot by bl
tnitn-sv Mr. IiudiuiT. nt (hnului, is dead
after a long atrugirle with the wound Ho
l.-ft the woni.ii bit life iuMiiancc iSlie
will iion- lie heltl fur murder.
J. M:iUilm KorlK", of Bt.ton, owmr of
Xnttty IZmik. says the little flyer tin la-en
withdraw a fnan the turf and uiay never
race agtdu.
Mr. Sirah Van Xotrand. Idj yenr of
age. tlie ohle-t wmu.'in In New Jcri-y, Is
diiid. r.t Knt Milton thnt atnte.
It I rep-irtcil ht Milwaukee thnt Cnr
negic ia atratui::g every m-rvetiet poe
ab.u of ot'f acaaon'a iHitput of the IVn:il.ic
mine. It I reported clewhcre that t"ar-m-gic
ia not dt iriK' anvtliiiig of the kiud.
Mr. V. V. I'rii-e. of Wnoketcin: Mr. J.
(. Strong, of Kvfiii;in. an unknown man
iinl an utiktiown woman were injured by
the f ill of an elevator in M.ir-liail Field Jt
Co.' tofv nt t'bh-atfo.
Ill n-iairtc.1 tlmt that there are SO.OfiO
i.llc meu at lSufTblo, with .",nni depend
Strong charge of briU-ry ere made
ngniti'.t t he f riend of Thoma S Mr.rt in,
recently elect el a aenntor lrom Vircinia.
Thtwlt.re HU hnnlson. an heir to the es
tate of N. li. Hielianlson, lute of (iulcnn,
111., w.i m! -ion and could tug la nc
eomitcd for until tt itnoiiy w pmteutc.l
showing tliat lie waa a victim of t'.ic explo
sion on the ateamer Vulcan in Im'A. v. bile
on hi way home fmm a rela-1 prison.
The l'Unkii.ton Kink nt Milwaukee v-lll
reopen ia r short lime umler a new name
and with iMcre.lit re-established.
Sicinlit ttitil to run a meeting nf t lie
UTM'ni.loyisl nt Korlietor, N. V., and tlie
g:u lieriinx broke tip in n row.
Five masked men roMied Frank Ather
ton of .aini' Colorado SprinicH. They se
cnreil entrance to hi room by sayimr they
hnil a telegrnm for him.
The story that .lack Hennnii'y, a rofor-in-.iHthng.
Imd attempted to kill -Hilly"
I'iiikcrton at Ktn Frnncisrti. and been
nnMatl in t he iiudertnking. I thi'lnretl
wi;h.mt foundation, the only truth being
thnt a iiiiin wa nrresttal. Hi nunic, how
ever, i t 'linrle ( . Sorjiert, who roblatl a
sjife iu Mi-isii.i.
The four rounii glove contest la-twecn
George Dixon, champion of tlie world, and
Austnilinn Hilly Murphy, at Pnteraon, N".
J., cnd'il in M:irj.l.y la-inn knocked out in
the third round.
Moliocracy Trouble lu Alabama.
Birmingham, Ala.. Dec la Kace trouble
is tbreateneil ia St. Cliur county. Two of
ficers went lo levy an assessment on
a mule of Juke Adnm, colored, nccordiuj
to a writ of execution iu favor of G. F.
Carterberry. Tbey got tbe mule and
were returning to Asbevillc when twenty
five armed negroes who are known
stopped them and at tbe points
of guns compelled them to give up
the mule. Warrants have been
sworn out for tbe negroc. who defy ar
rest and say that auy attempt to take
tliem will la met with bloodshed. An
armed posse that left Asheville to serve
tti warrant bus not lawn beard from yet.
Cobbed by Masked Men.
VllH.INIA, Ii!v, Dec. 18. Another dar
ing tud successful rob'arry was committed
in the northern part of Cass county. John
Kelso and Michael Fiuuepitu, living on
tbe Thompson farm, were aroused from
sleep by loud knocking at tbe door. Go
ing t3 the door they opened it ami asked
what wa wnntcd. Three masked men
stepped inside. Confronting Keiso and
Finnrgan with drawn revolver, they or
dered thrui to stand and deliver. The
house waa ransacked anil .V) in cash atid
other valuables secured. The tobiars are
supposed to be tbe same ping tuat held
up John Kershaw, a prominent farmer
residing near Cuandlervillc, two weeks
ago, relieving him of Ins available money.
Kept the Tea Party Anniversary.
Boston, Dec l Boston's cradle of lib
erty wa rocked with true American
speeches tm tlie ta-cislon of the IStth unni
versury of the Boston Tea tmrtr. Tlie his
toric "Home of Free Speech" waa raiily at-
ttreil wlln streamer ot bunting ami a
MimlaT of American flag. Colonel T. W.
IIiuuinst.il presided anil sa?echea were
ainde by (toverfior-Klect Urecnhalge. Mr.
Julia Ward llnwr. Mrs. Caroline Chup-
mau, UUam tjoyil Uurrisou uud uthcis.
Thfows SOO Men tint of Work.
CirvtLASli, O.. Dec. IS. The plnnt of
the National Cnriion company, on Will-
son avenue near the Ijike Shore ruilnHtd,
has la-en Ucatroyctl tiy lire. The Iw is lav
tween tl.Vi.iUM ami cl.U,UKi. two-thirds of
which is on machinery. Tlie insurance is
between t.'ai.mu and JHO.llUi. Two hundred
men are thrown out of employment.
Bobbed of S3.0O0.
I'lEbMOXT. W.Va., Dec 18. P. E. Il&ldc
man of this city, sua.-riuieudeut of tbe
Franklio Con I totupnuy, was randlinuued
and robbed of abaci HH. JUO at Fraukliu, a
suburb ot Westerupuru
Th fcasal
' Seat-Don
Caia New. K33SC.
Use i-nueUie. tU; aplaad, SSftSlO; aloasa.
sse. ; iu.
Bitter fatr to choice, He; etsaawry, tt.
Km rtash.le
HavHry CTdOi'OS. i tm id. te; taitevs. Press
ed, ISc; sacs. , dreswd. BaVlect gssee, gg)lc
ram mi eaaatasts
ArTiss 9 tnrts ao ymt se
era nay far
aaa aaUoM
aaUeia, ! careal
Ceal-Htoft. lOttlle; ban. fAns.
wosaW!arta4.tat sawa4,3 00.
Dut if Afflicted it Costs You Xothinj;
to Consult the Eminent Thy
sicians and Specialists,
LIcdical and Surgical Institute
Permanently Lneatc.1 le the Ryan Hlnct. Comer
8rrnad and Braoy Streets llsvennnrt, luwa. -
Al' the Affl'reflsre "1rrma. Ir. Jtniloroii
A tat ir - jr-rdnir of tlie l-ii1nc sietlieml nA
tr& a t.f lliis rt-nilry. and wilta yets exper
ttaire In lit.- treatment f chrtmic dij-ms.nr;
eeafil jr trt at "iittr:h,1 hnmt am l.iinT, iIIm-hsi-
of ita- dire-tive oroana. dyfe-pois. llvt r tioublt a.
Co at i !. er i. iliaih-
K'llNRY AMI t it NAKY tmnMt-s fpocdily
NKhVOR nstTASKS The mot sc.Tawte.1
cava fe ao-e'ly tid j.rr.i s-cltly cote I by o jr
n'W me bod of tre.'mont.
LA 11 SS AKKI-.tTKIl-fp. ri.l altantton c'ren
to all diaeanei. ptntiar o wtiirea. Kvrty facility
srd sdvatitaze t the treatment anl Sjeedy le
nwvsi of lha Has. of .li-trn-a
llK... AMI eKIN lnaKASKS AH t-onWe
artnf; rr.an Impure nlooi, acrufn'a, ecx cs, let
ter, tusior. blccia. etc
Kloctricitv lis Scientific Applica
tion. Fsrl.1 blcnii!ii a. m,lr, rnpeiflnon hair,
arltfe marka, tumorr, wen etc., removed ly elec
tn.lysla. Iaa be po'rjulfeil eoitfl.ter.itv hv tetter or o'r.ee-
te. n mi i ct-tit for q'ical on l.lark. Addrra
MS. ASDKItauN ltjun bit, Duven-
ort, lows.
American Catarrh Cure.
Tlie American Catarrh Cnre Is the rearilt of a
yeara stney and trutmimt of ihe diMn. O-aj
t oiile eonvlncef. the nit-t kcptlra'. It 1. atwnys
rady f'T uac. nt-edlne eelllier"to 'her'Uor alora
iser. It reia -rna the hearinc. cures the htakinf.
csnh a -d expei.iratr, removeit the headtche
an 1 uos hlcntin?., tner aaea the sntwt te. pro
dace, aonad aleep. Inviaormtea ihe ah ile estem
and inrrea e the vila ity. rr.'pnnai .mly "it W.
It Jmrea, W. i... Ni orli Kh-v. rtu street,
rhilailelphla, or mailud any wUcre tor SI
Forratiliy all drj-l-t. Tt.-irta A "ahnaen,
abolemleascnl-.S-tiiDasai Muetciiuth r-treel,
lu ck lalitnu.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Broadway, Cor. Prince St., New York City.
RcStted and renovat and ?r new mansprmetiL
OTJ the fCiiii.peari I-S.
Frtom rso-s S' aHlay and upward.
Kiwtaiirant equal lo thu heat In the city at mod
stale rate.
atreut ear from all K. R. atritlmia and steals
host and ferry laudlnca paw the d.air.
OOO. .O. .O. .O. .O. .0. .O. .0. .O .000
Inatantlv rcmnvea atid for?Tr dctrova ob"
jueiamatile ha r. whether npon the bancs,
tare, itrtn. or nee.l, -ithoal di-colorstiiaa
or injury lo the mot dulirute Mn. It was
P. a ritTT TeAaa tdk atcar.TrRt-LA or '.
Kba l Wii.sna. acknna let'ircd l-y pl.y-i- O
rton aa thif hi?bet atiihta-i.y lind tbe
mtiat eminent ttcnua'tilogist and hair .e 'is- q
ltt that evur lived. Iiiiriiic hi-i.r'vnte prac-
tire of a lite-ttm--amonttieToHlityamlur- ".
IritKtraey of Komp he praenlad "thia re- r
cpe. laicr, ft y r all. a-ciirely packed.
t'orreantajideuce eMnflrcntia1. hole Arenta O
liw Anierh-a. Aihlrcw 1 HE eKOtlKUM'C
tHiT It AI It Mho Ktftl. lK-pu K.,6? O
boath fits avenue. XcV Yurk. g
o o""o'o"o""oo" ooo
and how to attain tt.
At last medical vork that tells tbe eaaars,
desciibcs the effe nt, point the remedy. This
I scieatitcaliT the in net valuable, artistically
the awn beautirnl medical book that has ap
peared for yean; S3 pae'every pag bearing
a hilf-tooe tllaatratloa In tint. Mors of the
Objects treated are Hcrvaus Debility, Impo
teucy. stetility, Dsruloseracnt. Varicocele,
The Hatbsn I, Thost m'cudinc Msrrlsg,ete,
Xvery saaa who srmld know tha grind trnthr,
the p aln fa-.t. the eld e-ta, .sad to. new
diacoveileaof medical seenci ss applied to
Pant d Ufa, ah w mil atone f a- past follies
and ayold futnre pitfall shoald write lor this
w mderful little bene. It win be Rent free
andersesl. Address the pnb'Iston.
fj M'liica! f o . buffalo. J
119 SCN ONTHt. Uttle caoital W
Osaay hesranipUed by nor speeulaUns aya-
teas. We are expert judges of the snarkct M
is .".
Vpae iJ
Osad roereirul operators. Book with fall
inSarmatiou and luatiokaaiak of oor many Q
Owasera roailed free. W. A. FMUMm A
Csimi isnsis taaj , ctwciaa. tUL 0
J. F. LEE, Disit. Pass. A-cnt,
2S2 S. Clark St., Chicago.
First Class Limited Rate, - $5.00
Sccomi " .... 18.00
Rouml Trip to Puget Sound
ana isorlh t act lie coast -points,
- - - - C.5.50
San Francisco, First Class, - 80.00
Second Class, ... 23.00
SOS Robert St. ' 127 Third St. So.,
(Hold Ryan) (Guaranty Rid)
St. Paul. Minneapolis,
or Union Depots.
The largest line of Fancy Goods,
Decorated China and. Toys at
3S13. 13 OTliird Ave.
. Wholesale Dealer ant Importer of
Wines and Liquors.
1616 and 1618 Third Ave
Jo tin Volk. 5c Co,
Mannfsctcrcn ot
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Siding, Flooring
And all kinds of wood work for b!ldra.
KiRhteemh St. be'.Th'rd sad Fo arth svennea.
Is act complete
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, healthful,-
and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
dtlicate and desirable protection
to the face in this rlima,fp.
Insist npoa haTiaj tha gesulM.
rrafrasAu vmnrnmooL I A
fssya BBsarfasiattir, aaav
easiia nagfc n lvM Book. 11
SO h MM lismi.haiarsMiU.wlns
rug, ear asaa:le wamsay
10c a Week!
Served every evening at the
Supper Table hot from
the Press.
Local, TelegraDhic and General News Presented
in Entertaining style, and Supplemented
with Serials, Miscellany and Hu
morous Matter.
The Argus is essentially a paper for the home
and should be a regular visitor into every household
in Rock Island.
It is a fearless advocate of everything tending to
promote the interests of the city and its people. It
cannot be controlled by cliques and selfish corpora
tions as has been frequently demonstrated.
The reduction in price to ten cents a week has
had thj effect of bringing in an average of 20 new
subscribers a day since the announcement was made.
Leave your prder at the office.
Rock Island Buggy Go,
Phaetons, Surrie,
Buggies, Spring and
Farm Wagons
It will
Pay you to
Call and get our
Low prices before b"ytng.
Factory and
BUtecath street bets-eta
First sad SscoodsTesse.
stall trass ssardillr oUc'f

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