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Tvcnty-fivcj.ajLj,fc ,
thousand dollars
worth of Books, Sta
tionery, Wall Paper, Pic- '
ture Frames, Holiday Goods,
Toys, Games, Pocket Books,
Gold Pensetc, to be sold at a
areat sacrifice in- order to ef
fect a speedy removal of our
stock by our customers. We
have determined on discount
ing our present low prices all
the way from 20 to 50 per cent.
Come and see us and be con
vinced. Our store is full of beautiful goods, selected
with great care, for this season's trade. No
liner stock can be found in the state suitable
for Christmas and New Year's gifts for young
or old, rich or poor, than can be obtained from
our stock.
1725 Second Avenue, Reck Isancl.
Cracker Bakery, .ZZ-
utcx tiLin
T- tb w-.art lt Hon slrc t lhl Stko-J ! mrJ tiy mm than H dlBerent PeH.lc
Ming tbrlr SudcBta
112 and 114 East Second Stm-t, DAVENPORT, IOWA.
Ten Per Cent Discount on All Dress Goods.
An niWunr. nf in rr cent discount on our already low prices on dress
ASS beforefhe pubc a Forty houd DoHar Stodc
of Dress Godos at about the manufacturers prices, hvery piece ot our
dress gooS included in this sale. Can you afford to miss it?
Our store will be open evenings dui ing the week.
Pork Gil more' pork.
Uw Best on Record flour.
Try Wald'a medicated aoap.
Have you tried White Hose cream
cry? Get your slippers cheap at the
Mm street shoe store.
If you try Best on Record flour,
you will have no other.
An enillcK variety of tree orna
ments at Krell & Math's.
Taffy and caranuda that melt in
your mouth at Krell Math's.
A line line or slippers at the Elm
street Ihm store. Call and fee them.
Mat Maroncv, of Peoria, spent
Sunday with relatives U Kock Isl
and. Indies1 trover rdippcrs at N. F.
Petcrnon & Co' Elm street shoe
Bi slipper sale until Dec. 24 at
the Famous, 222 Brady street, Dav
enport. Try our shaved nougat and jelly
roll candy, something new and de
licious, at Krell & Math's.
t'all at the Elm street shoe store,
and sec their jrrand display of ladies'
and gentlemen's slipers, suitable
for Christmas gifts.
If you are cold, step in to Krell &
Math's anl pot a cup of hut coffee,
choealate or tea. Every cup made
to order in a moment's time.
Men's fine slippers at C9, 79 and 9S
cent a preat variety of them at
the Famous holiday slipper sale, 222
Brady street, lavenmrt. G. L.
Wynes fi Co.
An endless variety of pen! Ionian's
fine slippers to lie sl until Dec. 2t
at less than other -dealers pay for
them, at the Famous, 222 Brady
street. Davenport.
The regular nirptintr nf tlin V f
T, U. will be held tomorrow after
noon at 3 o clock in the V. M. C. A.
building. All ladies interested in
temperance work arc invited to be
The Adva t'tmg
Of Hood's Sarsaparilla is always
within the bound of reason because
it is true; it always appeals to the
nlier. common sense of thinking
people la-cause it is true; and it is
always fully substantiated ly en
dorsements which, in the financiul
worhl would 1ms accepted without a
moment's hesitation.
Hoods "pills cure liver i-Is, consti
pation, biliousness, jaundice, sick
headache, iudipesliun.
R l'dr Xxeamon.
For Christmas and New Year's
holidays the C, M. & St. P. will sell
excursion tickets at one fare and one
third for round trip within adistance
of 2i( miles. Ticket- on sale Dec.
23. 21, 25, SO, 31 and Jan. 1; pood to
return up to and ineludinp Jan. 3.
E. D. V. HuLMEs, Apent.
Civ the ClrU a Chance.
The Town Improvement society of
Riverside, N. Y., has jmrchasetl a quan
tity of broken stone for macadamizing
the roads of the village, and has appoint
ed veomen as road insjKttors to see that
the work shall be done properly. . The
qnestiou whether itijiectors inspect
would soon be determined affirmatively
if the Riverside example should be fol
lowed by other, communities. Philadel
phia Record.
A Hippy Saairg.
Ottekmli.k. Va For lifteen years
I was a prcat sufferer from dyspep.
sia, and nothinp relieved me- until I
tried Simmons' Liver Regulator.
This is the Itest medicine in the
World. I am now in pood health.
Mrs. X. J. Collins. Your druggist
sells it in powder or liquid. The
powder to lie taken drv or made into
Claims Made fcy tha Territory's Oe
nor sad Ukdlhend m IUAdnMk
The Oklahoma statehood convention
assembled in Kingfisher will appeal to
congress at the opening of the session
for tho admission of tho territory into
the Union as a state. The governor of
the territory furnished the convention
with statistics to justify the claim for
statehood. He estimates tho population
of the territory, including tho Chero
fceo strip, at 231,000, and he sustains
this estimate in a way which is not
wholly nnsatifactory. The value of the
taxable property of the territory is giv
en as $U,0(0,(iO( nnd the territorial
government is five from debt. There
are several hundred churches in the ter
ritory; there are SO banks; there are
public schools, and there have been
2,372.000 acres of farming land taken
up. Tho various kinds of grain grow
there and the ordinary kinds of fruit
Cotton also can be grown. "Oklahoma,"
says Governor Renfrow, "possesses vast
resources and. with its genuine Ameri
can inhabitants, it will make a state
cjoal to any other in tho Union."
If tho governor's estimate of the pop
ulation of the territory is correct, Okla
homa ia entitled to admission into the
Union as a state. In his estimate, how
ever, the people who settled upontke
Cherokee strip a few months ego areip,
eluded, and tho strip is not a part or
tho territory of Oklahoma. It belongs
properly to the territory, and it mnst iie
united therewith brbre the bill for Hie
admission of Oklahoma can be passed
through congress.
We observe that Secretary Smith of
tho interior depiirttnent snakes no refer
ence to this fact in his report, when ex
pressing the hope that "Oklahoma may
speedily nssnmo the responsibilities of
statehood." It will undoubtedly, how
ever, bo brought to the notice of con
gress. Kew York Sun.
Maine Kleptomaniac.
A tradesman in a Maine village had
missed articles from his stock from
time to time, and at length the clerks
saw a woman take things she did not
buy and pay for. This furnished tho
desired opportunity. An advertisement
in tho paper ver tho merchant's signa
ture said he had positive proof that
"some of the best ladies" of the town
had taken articles from his store, and
if matters were not fixed up there wotrid
bo a rumpus. This was only three weeks
ago, and so far four vonien hare lieen
ia to"6i'ttlo up," with possibly more
to follow. One woman came from au
adjoining town to admit that she took
up an article one day with the thought
of stealing it, but repented and put it
back again. LewLston Journal.
Gcaraitsa Care.
We authorize our advertised drug
gist to sell lr. King's Xew Discovery
for consumption, coughs and colds,
upon this condition. If you are af
flicted with a cough, cold or anv lung,
throat or chest trouble, and will use
this remedy as directed, giving' it a
fair trial, and experience no iienelit.
you may return the Imttle and have
your money refunded. We could not
make this offer did we not know that
Dr. King's Sew Discovery -could lie
relied on. . It never tlisappoints.
Triallmt ties free at Hart a & t'lle
meyer's drug store. Large size 50c
ami $1.
Since its first introduction Electric
Bitters has gain-d rapidly in jpular
favor, until now it is clearly in the
lead among pure medicinal tonics
and alteratives containing nothing
which jtcrmits its use as leverage
tr intoxicant, it is recognized as the
In-st and purest medicine for all ail
ments of stomach, liver or kidneys.
It will cure sick headache, indiges
tion, constipation, and drive malaria
fiom the svstem. Satisfaction guar
anteed with each bottle or the monev
rill be refunded. Price onlySttc per
'ttlc. Sold bv Hart z & I'ilemcyer.
"The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers salt rheum
Fever sores, tetter, caapped hands,
chilblains, corns, and all skin crup,
tions, and positively cures piles or
no pay required. It is guaranteed
to pive perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Pric j 25 cents ' per box.
For sale by Hartz ft Ullcmeyer
Cbrirmu and Baw Tear Holidsj Xatas
For the above occasion the Bur
lington, Cedar Rapids & Northern
railway will sell excursion tickets at
all stations to points on its line with
in a ixdius 20 T miles, at a very low
rate for the round trip.
Tickets on sale Dec. 23, 24. 25, SO
and 81. 1893, and Jan. 1. 1S94, pood
to return until and including Jan.
3f 1894.
For rates, tickets, time of trains
and other information, call on or ad
dress any agent of this company.
J. E. Hakneuak,
Gen. Tkt & Pass. Apt.
Brooklyn Tanking Philadelphia.
Brooklyn has now the same number of
women lawyers as Philadelphia has. Ia
that city Miss Catherine Hogan recently
passed the second highest examination in
a class of SO law students and will open
a law office in Xew York, where she
hopes to work up a practice among wo
men who need assistance in managing
their property. She is the aeoondjWom
an to be admitted to the bar in Brook
lyn and is a graduate of the New York
public schools.
Has found that her little oncs.are
improved more br the nlesssnt laxa
tive. Syrup of Figs, wh ;n in need of
me nuuve euect oi a gentio rcmcoy
than any other, and fiat is more ac
ceptable to them. Children enjov it
and it benefits them. The true rem
edy. Strap of Figs, is manufactured
by the California Fig Syrup company
I a Wot M'a Fair Photrx r.ir One IKnte.
The Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Paul railway has made an arrange,
nient with a lirst-class publishing
house to furnish a scries of beautiful
World's Fair pictures, of a large size,
at the nominal cost to the purchaser
of only 10 cents for a portfolio ot
16 illustrations.'1 Nothing so hand
some in reference to the World's
Fair has before been published. The
series would Iks worth at least $12 if
the pictures were not published in
such large quantities, and we arc
therefore aide to furnish these works
of art for only HI cents. They will
make a handsome holiday gift.
Hand in your money to the nearest
station ticket, agent of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, ami
he will furnish the pictures and
tell yon more about the scheme.
Oki::k II. llr.AKVoito.
Ganeral Passenger Agent, Chicago.
Tot dver rif y Teari.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing syrup has
been used for children teething. It
siothes the child, softens the minis.
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-live cents a bottle
TVIion T.ihy Ttr. fcW, tro pa tlr- caKlnrU.
When rlm was a. KilM, iZic vrl IV r C-tUoria.
When r!o tMcanic ?TLss, eIw eluu V) Castnria.
V.l-cn Ui? had (TiMivn, sho eaveUiem Oastotia
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoua. .
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
buwcls each day. Most people need
to use it.
C.niiCen Cryfor
Pitcher's Oastfrria.
Coughing leads to consumption.
Kemp's Ralsani will stop the cough
it once
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castona,
Ilis Rooms Crowded. Everybody
isatislied, and Many
Praising Him.
DR. D. D. USA,
Surgeon and Specialist
Who l:a crostct ntrh a sona'iin in nr.d oroniic
i'oioko lvr-intr litwu-v. tlial lm.t I(Im
the nit-dlcal liwwni-y r the c nntry. and by th
n-qiL-t r inunj r.-.mJ, ami pjt:e it, be has k
ciavd to Vipit
Rock Island
At the Harper Honsa,
FRIDAY, DEC. 29th.
Returning every month during the
year, to remain a day.
IT Rrahaa been c tin'et with tl larreat
hosp tal in Hie colliery, atl has tw tiiperinr in
d a.tvwitu' ar in-atini; irv tntl d.tonna
tina .e will irirr tor anirtafic he raMxX U-D
tbedlraar. ant wlM-re lr-raii in eve mit.uirn.
tie will re urn to Kuck ltlafai every month to re
main o,. day.
Treats all ctriWe me,! leal and ar.r-riral Aim.
eaaea. ai iileaittl chnmic camrrb, . !.-. ite
re. tit a u nna,-. Mi ..at n' l'lrjr-.H'njH-iria,
Hrighl'a li-rnw 01 stx-le-. ki!iieve. Itwr. blaa
'ler. I hionic Umale and aettiai a'rave. t tlctc
tf or t cured 1 A jio- ilive guarantt a!
Hmut.m a ailitillr-axr1 Meat
tntTcms f om aprnaaterThoca and iropatericy
ihe ra:i:t tf oli-aliie in fiuth or ptnM tn ma.
tnr r atid otter cauaea, inxliie1n aome f
Ihr fo leal ifocta, aa en aion. b alrhr. de-
Oiiti.i'. ne vnartie, dlzr.tiva, oiHit-.i n ot iiK as.
fcVtrainn nf nctetr. defective aaenvira ..in.
rxtiauattnt, which unat the viciima fur bnaitiaa
ur nma', are pctmaoeutljr cured by icamlK
not lajarions.
Blaatl mm mW-m itlaeaaeaV
Svphlllfs and emnllntlnra, a aore thtnat,
faliinaof the hair, ttvn tn ihe bonce, tic, ate
rrfe tl eradicated it'Mit nin; merrnry or
other liifnri-aa t mica OtMeMrhoia. tr"e U e.rc
Imea aul ail urinr and kidney tronlilea eLeerl
lr raced hr treatment tbat hta ncrer filled. Ue
andertakea pot t.euratle cares, but enrva Ihona
anda given aptodie. Keaiewber tbe date and
coma eirlr. a h roouia are alaraia crowded
wberetter be atopa.
Corrcapondenee licl ed snd cnfidentla).
tddreaaUr. 1. D. Hit a, tu 1-aaiua Btreet
its EasiTssa si, t
I nmmmm
lrtfisr piANHooa
m .,.BB
Stylish Dresser
uaru wuuus, uy aiwnva
artificers. No hurried, knocked-torether-with-hammer-and
naus worK. i hey re honest. You 11 say so when you exam
ine them. All-suiting prices. Enduring Furniture of all
kinds. . ,
10,:?, lOfl, 107 E. Sfcond Street, DAVENPORT, I A.
Telepfaone 41S
Grand Slipper Sale all week.
Twenty per cent discount.
Men's Leather Slippers, - '
Men's Embroidered Slippers,
Ladies' Bronze Slippers,
Ladies Suede Slippers.
Gray, black and tan colors.
Turkish and Boudior Slippers.
Twenty per cent discount cn every pair of
A.en's. ladies, or children's slippers in the house.
162 Second Ave.. Under Rock Island House.
A Ice Pair of Slippers. :
Practical Christmas Present
For Gentlemen.
This department, as usual, is stocked with innumera
ble pretty styles, from the cheapest to the very best, in
all the popular materis and colors.
uoods and Prices
v-ommencing Monday
out the week, we will give to every one calling at our
store an pWant
Open evenings until Jan.
Cor. Second and Harrison Sts.
How Open.
with a replete stock of Fall
and Winter Suitings at No.
1707 Second avenne. in the
store formerly occupied by
M. D. Folsom.
Imported and
Domeatie Su.tinga
Original with us. Our U
lustration inadequate to tell
their worth. Ornamental
anywhere; drtistic and sub
stantial. Your bedroom in
complete without one. 'If a
thing of beauty is a joy for-
who possess our dressers.
How about wearing quali
ties? Uncqualcd. Manu
factured from choice selec
ted hard woods, by skilled
to Suit the Times.
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