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The Evidence of Mrs. Foy in
the Cronin Case.
The Official Account of the
Chicago Election.
A Fine Residence Block in
Chicago Destroyed.
A llij? Strike Declared off at
fin. vk, Ik. 22. Judge Tntbill
in : Iip circuit court thin morning
vrrruled the nhjiftion of the de
frne in thr Cronin rac, to the tes
timony of Mrs. Foy, admitting it in
t hlt-nre.
T t'hl Mararal Klertlaw.
( iiii ak, iVc. 22. According to
the iHiriaI rnnnt of the vote cast
Tuesday, began ami completed yes
tHrituv, John J. Hopkins ha been 1e
r!nrvd mayor o( Chicago by the fol
io in rote:
..;.kin. dtm itttw
w? - in Ma
fr . ctalit labor ........ 5,04
'ikljr Muo' film.. ...... ....
ll.;1.la- itlarslltj... jttO
It lil not take tho canvassing
hoard long to linish the count. In
f.i' t. despite the closeness of the
vote nml the great interest mani
fitfit in the fiat' proceedings, it
ma i the shortest count on record. It
iM'nn at 0 o'clock and was finished,
practical! r at 1.
Ilrav t ttr la Cfclraffo.
Ciifr., Dec. 22. Fire residences
nn Sixtieth and Ada streets were
burned early this morning, a lamp
exploding in one of them and occa
sioning many narrow escapes.
ntrtav Uvelarra o.
I'i:riir.xcE. IVc. 22. Tho big
strkr at the Geneva mills has been
ili i larcd a(I. The mills started up
n.':iin tmlar.
1n; Rvclaa Aaat Maticaliy aaettnea,
Vma. 3. Valllnnt, tha anarchist
who threw tb bomb in the chamber of
bputi rerntlr, has ronfewed that he
:ralrd ta making this bomb bran
at rnmtdte. It Is hvlievcd that this aecom
iir I. no other than the roung civil en-iii-r
Itrrln, nephew of Ilrclua, the writ.
kn n French fn-nRraibiral writer.
1 oiitut Iti-tlustn any cum;, hns been shown
tn lutve Ixtvn la communication with Vail
tmt. flump. l ) St tlaprfaL
fT. Lorn, lac, 22. Concern in ff the re
rrnt ainxMntment of a committee by tha
l'r.em km of Lnhnr with a like committee
bf the Khiuhts of Labor relative to ntra
tiri hmklitit toward the amalgamation of
the two Unlit, Mr. Uompers said: "We
shall nrei the Knights of I .ahor commit
t at mir earliest ennvenienre. Init 1 hnva
hn- that an abauluta amalgamation
tun he nrranie-t."
4 l.alltT. aa NatterafCanna.
liviu.l'loliic. The jury In tha
r- if Colonel V. J. llnmnan, char-ted
it it b"iui( the trader of the mob which, in
July, hrntallr Irnched the Italian Dan
nt44. ha reudernt a verdict of not anilt v,
sftrr havitiK been oat eiKhteeo hour. The
ulue told them the onlr verdict they
fitilil reiHter under tti law was murder in
tur Crst (kfiree.
will l.m4ny Half taa !! M CaliaJa,
Dkxvcu, DwcZL The Coloraiio Fuel and
1im enmpany will be ready to start their
1 Vrroef s'.eel works nn the contra rt of the
t bion 1'actllr for ,rt tuns of steel rails
mi Man-It L The wia-k on this on peon tract
will last four months, and will employ
wen, or alsiut cuc-UoU tha unem
tiloywl in the stntc.
i Mast tie Ites la Kalltv
trmxiiriELO. 111., Dec. Si Arcordinsrto
an ioiuo reudered by Attorney Uenen.1
Mtdnney the reconls and by-laws of build
init and loan aociatiira must bu kept in
theLnglish laiiguagis. " " "
Am Ktaee-sKatteaaatlieDaaeaaftfca
Xtw Tons. TW m tk. ui
.miwiiuwuii nv
ties i haa been posted on the doors of tha
Xichotas bank, which ta a sUt bank,
t Broad street and Fj-cbange place:
"Thbbankit closed, pending examina
tion. CltABLES XI Pnrsmw a n
This notice was posted on the'donrs be-
ORI the ofllclnlA k nl b 1 s .
lint res, who arrived at the bank shortly
after the lasting of tha notice, said;
"This Is a hiKh-baudcd proceeding. I don't
nnderstand It. I supposed this bank was
Tht St. Nicholas bank acted as the clear
ing bouse agent for thesuspended Madison
NIMM k.kk .... .1 . ...
r ; iw examination beins
made by Ilaok tsnperintendent Preston is
due to the connection of the St. Xicbohis
with the Madison Square bank. Vpon the
Nicholas hank withdrew from that institu-
tuiA tMii, S-"J nno m..,.
V -vr ui aec-uicics in or
TrC?rfJtlt- nut' nnderstood
that theSt.yiclw.la bank' affairs have
been unsettled since that time. A member
of the clearing bouse said: "The closing of
the St. Nicholas bank does not surprise
any of us. Some time ago the bank had
to reduce its capital and since the failure
, t-iiT uiiik n nas oeen
known to be In a weak condition. I be-
1IMM .1 i . . !. 1 . V 1 . ...
wos win make a
fair showing of condition and that deposit
ors trill h Mill 4n f..tl
' - .U IUU.
natch Will 5ot lalradaea It CatU After
the Holiday.
TVAsnrxcTox. Dec 88. Senator Wash
burnofMinnesota, who pressed the anti-op.
tlon bill in the lost congress, will not in
troduce the measure in the senate, because
the bill on its face is to raise revenue and
must originate in the house. Senator
Washburn has been discussing with con
stitutional lnwvers a hill
directly prohibit the dealing in options, as
ne wanted, u possible, to present a bill of
that kind which wnnlil nm tha,
of many senators who do not believe in u-
"s " uuwg power io prevent aeaung in
He has concluded that such a bill cannot
be raeccsHfnlty maintained and that an
anti-opttou bill must be based upon -o-hibitionor
restriction by taxation. ' ds
bcimr the rn thm bill ,,, Cki t .ul
by the house. Chairman Hatch of he
BKncaiiurai committee says that be ill
nut attempt to Introduce the bill uutil
after the hoi if In va. i it. Im hami
very decidedly that there must lie a quo-
. i i . . . . . . . ...
rum u wo noiue lavoranie to tne bill
present before it can be referred to this
mnimittpe. Tk. m lui lirr nf , lu. vw.i.i r.f tan
quorum on the rcfereuce of the pure food
1. : i .1 . . t . . .
nu Miima uim nut ue couiu not pmceea
without the friends of the bill being in at
And Then Skipped with a Largs Ai
f llrr Moary.
&M rsjawawyan Pi. S3. Lincoln
ter, a yu'ng man who has been conducting
a saloon here for rvend months, he been
arrested and will lie taken back to L
Crosse. Yb to answer to the charges of
grand larceny and cmbealenicnt. About
a year ago 1 "otter was a railroad brake-
man, and Tnuuii the aoiniantance of Mrs.
Marie WntVlns, a wealthy widow of La
CroMC, Wis., and they were married. The
wife gave her young husband 5.0UO and he
atarted for New York to buy a stock of
geneml mcrcknndie4 This the hist Mrs.
1 "otter saw of her husband. Then she
kxtrned be had run oft with another wom
an. She offered fJ for his arrest. Potter
was known here as William Day until de
tectives diMovered hl. identity. The wife's
money was used to purchase the saloon
W 111 Mluus with II In Frind.
ST. Iiris, Dec. S3. A siecial to The Re
public from VnlmraiM,lnd.,snyH: Mathiu
llrenwrand tVilliam Drake of this city
will equally share a fortune estimated at
(KMI.U4I. lSrcmcr has just been advised
that his claim as an heir of au estate in
New York c.ty has been established. The
clnlniant is a wmslsawyer and but for the
aid of Drake, who mortgaged bis little
home to secure the money to prosecute, tho
claim would bnve been nusnecesstul in
tracing hi heirship. Urenicr will reward
his friend with half his fortune.
;ies ThMBt Msty Han tm lirform.
FrniMiKIELD, Ills., Ic S. Auditor
tiore bns given notice to the present officers
of the American Uuilding. Loan and In
vestment society of Chicago that unless
they made good within sixty day the as
sets of the company sufficient to justify
continuance in business and correct their
uusa(e and illegal manner of doing busi
ness, he should report the society to the
attorney general to be proceeded against.
Will Pat Xeedjr People tm Catting Wood.
Arut'sTA, Dec. 22. The Order of the
Hcd Cross has hit upon a novel and prac
tical wav of aiding the destitute of the sea
Ulanda of South Carolina. The society
iirouunes to put all able men - to work in
the larger timber tracks near them and
the people of Angnsta and other cities and
towns about here an asked to buy the
Pled Mhrieklaw and Car-lag.
Baltimoue, Dec. S3. Old Anton Baltz,
the miser of Alice-Ann street, died shriek'
ing and cursing In bis death agonies be
cause he could not carry with him his
bank book, which he clutched in his dcat-
irrio. The bank book showed that the . .-
man had in the bank, but be died of
starvation. -
He Mard-red HU
ArALAcHK-oLA, , FIa Dec, S3. John
Tbarp, white, was hanged in the jail yard
for the murder of hi son-in-law George
Knight, some eighteen months since. He
walked upon the scaffold bravely and bad
but little to say. Several hundred people
witnssied the hanging-
That Bapiirlwentat Wall sen
MAcotTAII, Ills., Dec. The balloon
that left St. Louis Monday night and waa
reported to have been sighted at Spring-
aVM by the weather bureau, waa found ta
a cocntteld near bra. -.
. atarrlaa- a a "Way-Dp" a -
CitACUma, Mich., Dec a. Hon. Hugh
McCardy, of Corunna, Mich.jpraad master
of the Knight Templars of- the United
Mates, ynterday marrted Miss Jbua J.
Cdri, of phi
Indictment of Indianapolis Na
tional Officers.
eaopad by the Graad Jary with
Pth Wha Pr led hy nt mi
a-awat ( C wn B. , r.IM-ea,
a Director. laeladed. Althowgh H Bad
Mettled His Debt- Baaghey Charged
with I? Breaehes af Law.
1SDIA5APOU9, Dec, S3. The federal
grand jury has finished iu Inrrstigation of
the Indianapolis National bank failure
and returned seven indictment. They
arc against 'ineoaore F Haughey, pre!-
ut-nv oi me inuutnapolis National bank;
E. E. Rcxford, cashier of the bank: R. B.
F. Peirce, a director of the bank; Schuyler
C. Haughey, president of the Indianapolis
Glue company and of the Indianapolis
Curled Hair works; Francis A. Coffin,
president of the Indianapolis Cabinet cora-
pany; I'crcJval B. Coffin, secretary of the
Indianapolis Cabinet company; A. S. Reed,
treasurer of the Indianapolis Cabinet com
Paying Cp Did Kot Kara Pelrea,
Of those named E. E. Rexford and It Tl
F. Peirce had not previously been arrested.
They were speedily brought into court and
gave bond in the sum of $5,000 each. Mr.
It cx ford has. since the failure of the bank,
been in the emplov of Receiver Hawkin
straightening out the bank's affuirs. His
imiuf nient is something of a surprise. Mr.
Icrce has just settled his indebtedness to
the bank, amounting to ;S,0(I0, by turning
over all his property to the receiver. He is
indicted for attesting the false statements
made by the bnnk to the comptroller.
l-retty Tough on rrmlilent Haughey.
The indictment acaiust the elder Ilancev
makes a book of 403 typewritten
pages. It contains M7 couuts. It is charged
in the indictment that he misappropriated
the funds of the bank and that he made
false entries and false rejKirts to the con
trollcr of the currency. It is averred that
he worked in collusion with the Coffins,
Schuyler C. Haughey and A. S. Reed, in
applying wrongfully the hinds of the bank.
1 be Collins, bchujier C. Haughey and A.
S. Reed it is averred aided and abetted
Mr. nnughey in misappropriating the
iunus oi the banK.
fltvrm a II Mary for Ten Trars.
The indictments set out in detail the his
tory of the bunk for the last ten reals. In
the several counts instances are cited ol
where the fuuds of the bank were misap
plied and the notes of concerns and per
sons that did not have an v financial stand
ing were put in the bunk to cover un the
shortage. The Coflius are each indicted
on fifty counts, covering their various
transactions as ulso U Schuyler C.
Haughey. The other indictments coutaiu
Icwcr counts.
Xrw Bands Required Jan. 15.
After the Jury had left the courtroonxl
.T. .. 1. . i . i . . , . i
-T3TI(Tgi' Tlnk
er announced that the persons
under bond would not be required to give
a new band until Jan. 13. He announced
that all those indicted in the bank case
would be required to appear before him on
that date and plead. On that date, he an
nounced, the cases would be set down for
triaL Two indictment were also found in
connection with the failure of the Vln
ceunes National bank, but the names are
withheld until arrests are made.
Masonic Temple Burned.
Adiuas, Mich., Dec. 2i The Masonic
temple, built in 1S65 at a cost of (85,000,
was burned at an early hour in the morn-
iug. It was occupied hv all the Masonic
lodges in the city who retained the third
and fourth floors, the second being occu
pied by attorneys and the ground lloor by
the Lenawee County livings hank, the
I niteu states txpress company and AIc
Connell's dry goods house. The latter
loses tJm.ono with au insurance of 18,oio.
The building was insured for 20,000. Oth
er lows will iucreac the aggregate con
siderably. He Isn't Like Enoch Arden.
PrrrsBt-UU, Dec 22. Charles Patterson,
the "Enoch Arden" of Allegheny, re
turned on Thanksgiving day after an ab
sence of twenty-six years, to find his wife
married to his brother. Lnlike Enoch'
he was not content after gazing in ou the
domestic peace of his wife, on the con
trary, he is tilled with a spirit of revenge.
not for the possession of his wife, but for
a portiou of his patrimony that hns been
diiccd of during his long years of ab
sence, and will sue for it.
Ka Law Against Flying a False Flag.
New Your, Dec 22. Captuiu Boynton,
who was arrested soon after his arrival
here from Brazil where he attempted to
blow up Admiral Mello's flagship, the
Aquidnlwn, has been released by order of
Secretary of War Herbert on the ground
that be was an American citizen and bad
violated no law. Boyntou, acting for the
Peixoto government, attempted to blow
up the rebel ship while flying (he British
Hag on the tug he commanded.
Ka Vansoal Methods I'sed.
Richmond, Va., Dec. 82. The senatorial
Investigation committee presented its re
port to the legislature. In substance it
states that no unusual methods were used
to elect members to the legislature last
fall, and that no fraud or improper means
were used to nominate candidates for
United States senator before the Demo
cratic caucus. The report, which was
signed by the entire committee, was unan
uaously adopted.
iten in rim
CrsclXSATl.Dec 83. Mm. A. V. Peebles,
the first deaconness to receive the i ordina
tion in the southern diocese of Ohio,
Protestant Episcopal church, was conse
crated at the Church of Our Savior, Mt.
Auburn, by Bishop Vincent, assisted by a
large number of rectorsof adjacent parishes.
Deaconness Peebles will will do parish work
under the direction of the bishop.
Moth and Child Fatally Banea.
AsPES, Com., Dec 22. A lamp exploded
in the residence of Thomas Uevote,
plumber, and fatally burned Mrs. Devon
and an Infant.
4mm C7l BakM a Match.
Ksw Yubk, Dec 22. Joe ChoynskJ, the
San Francisco boxer, and Steve O'Don
nrlLof Kew 7caland, have Sheen matci
tm Scut ta anisb at catch weigTita,
Wants ta Onan Ftrc m Hawaii, bat Is
Held Down.
WashisgtoS, Dec, 22. The Hawaiian
matter figured prominently In the last ses
sion of the house before the holiday recess.
Ikm telle and Blair each offered resolutions,
the former calling on the secretary of the
navy for instruction wheneby the admiral
in charge of the naval forces at Honolulu
was placed under the command of Com
missioner Blount and the warrant tbare
for; the latter instructing the . foreign af
fairs committee to investigate the questions
of fact relative to the Hawaiian revolution.
The substitute for the Hitt and II outella
resolutions was also presented by the chair
man of the foreign affairs committee.
The speaker insisted that Boutelle's reso
lution should go to the naval committee,
while Boutelle insisted on the right to dis
cuss it. The speaker said discussion could
only proceed under unanimous consent,
and Boutelle asked that consent, only to
meet with prompt objection from a Mary
land member. Then Blair took a hand
with his resolution, and the Democrats
were again on their feet, and Talbott in
sisted on it going to committee. Reed
came in nt this point. "The gentleman
teems to be very shy about the truth in
his matter," ejaculated he. ou won't
And us shy when the proper time comes,"
retorted Talbott.
Next came ti foreign a flairs committee's
substitute on Hawaii, and, McCreary,
chairman, wanted to make a statement.
tvluth the sneaker sat down upon. Mc
Creary asked for unanimous consent, but
was cut off by Blair who declared, "I will
object to everything." And the speaker, in
spite of Boutelle's protests (for here was
he chance Boutelle was anxious for, to
gut the subject up), insisted that nothing
was in order but the call of committee. The
ipeakcr also decided thata resolution from
the foreign affairs commitVee by going to
be calendar lost its privileges.
This was hotly opposed by Boutelle. "If
an impeachment resolution was reported
in this manner," said he, "if the theory of
the sneaker it correct, by the action of the
speaker referring it, it wonld lose its priv
ileged characier. The speaker's interposi
tion would deprive the house of its highest
prerogative." While Boutelle was pro
ceeding with a great deal of force and some
display of temper the speaker again cut
him short by directing the clerk to con
tinue the call of committees. Then Spring
er wanted to go into committee of the
whole on the New Mexico statehood bill
by unanimons consent, but Blair objected
and that about ended business far the day.
It Takes Partiaan I'orat fader These Twe
Washington, Dec. . The house com
mittee on foreign affairs has decided to re
port a sulistitute for the Hitt and Boutelle
Hawaiian resolutions. The following is
the substitute: "Whereas, It appear
from executive communications sent to
the house of representatives, that the
Cuited States minUter and the T'nited
States naval forces at Honolulu exceeded
. ,
their authority in January, 1KB, and illeg.
ally aided in overthrowing the constitu
tional government of Hawaii and setting
up in its place a provisional government
not Republican in fom and in opposition
to the will of a majority of the people of
nawmi; therefore
"Resolved, that it Is the sense of this
house that such intervention by the gov-
ernment of the United States, its repre
sentatives or armed forces, was contrary to
the policy and traditions of our republic
and the spirit of our constitution and
should be and is emphatically cou-
Storer offered a substitute which em
bodies the views of the minority: "Where
as, executive communications to congress
disclose that the executive department has
been furnishing to a minister plenipoteuti'
ary of the United States secret instructions
to conspire with the representatives and
agents of a deposed and discarded mon
archy for tlie overthrow of a friendly re
publican government, duly recognised by
all the civilized nations to which said min
ister' was accredited, and to which his pub
lie instructions pledged th good fuijb and
sympathy of the president, the govern
ment and the peopte of thl United States;
Resolved. That it is UK sense of this
house that any such intelk-ention by the
executive of the United Sthtes, its civil or
military representatives or officers, with
out authority of congress is a dangerous
and unwarranted invasion of the rights
and dignities of the congress of the United
htatcs, and a violation of the law of na
tions; and further, that the manner of such
attempted intervention by the executive
and methods used are unworthy of the ex
ecutive department of the United States
while the confessed intent of such inter
vention is contrary to the policy and tradi
tions of the republic and the spirit of the
- Stanton Oets a Chatee Job,
Washington', Dec 23. Commodore
Stanton has been restored to duty by the
secretary of war and ordered to the com- J
mand of the North Atlantic squadron,,one
of the best posts in the nary. He was the j
officer who was superseded for saluting
the flag of Admiral Mello, the Brazilian
rebel, ...
The Women Soaped the Ball.
Wn-KKSBABUK, Pa., Dec 82. During the
late strike on the Lehigh Volley railroad
the tracks were soaped and soup was placed
inthetanksof locomotives, which caused
the boilers to burn out. In, this way great
damage was done to the company's prop
erty. Railroad detectives working in dis
guise are now about to mfke arrests by
the wholesale. .At least tarenty women
are implioated. . One woman, Mrs.
Millet, who "squealed" toftdetective .we
challenged by Mrs. Kearney o fight. The;
Xf 111.. Lil.J' , , - -
in;, mii.ii ii uuMS vwu fcw
eral rounds of hard fighting . .
Bard tlLThat ,'
Topeka, Ka., Dec' .-or six weeks
Mrs. Frank Roadso&;f Abilene, bad lived
with a six-penny nail .in her skull. She
drove it in herself with the purposa of sui
cide. It has bee removed, fut to late to
save her life. - It waa not natil fje doctor
cnt off her hair that tha. nail was discov
ered. - ' - -j-'''
Haatinataa Owaa Da-nrit Cos. '
Detroit, Dec - An 'ajternoon paper
announce that C P. Unutiugton, the
proiuiuent railway man, ha aeoured con
trol of the Detroit 6 enmpany, having
bought a majority of the wart from the
McMillan syndjuat. " ." ;
, 1S33
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Sleds prices from 49c to $1.98 each. '
Skates prices from 45c to $2.33 m pair.
Magic lantern from 26c to $4.48 each.
Wheelbarrows, unbreakable, at 72oeaeh. "
Pocket knifes at 15 and 25c, with pearl korm
and tortoise handle. '
Triple plate mugs for children at 25c each.
Visit our candy department.
Promoters of Low Prices.
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